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Hollowed quotes by Christina M. Ward
#1. paint the pony I will ride
soft hues that gather childhood
and thrust forward, to nowhere

back again, we turn
to plunking calliope tune
loud, round notes, we lift higher

hollowed ponies with painted ribbons
between our thighs,
laughter in her eyes

-- from 'Paint the Dancing Pony' (a poem) #Quote by Christina M. Ward
Hollowed quotes by Rutger Bregman
#2. Whether it's the growth of the economy, audience shares, publications – slowly but surely, quality is being replaced by quantity. ... And driving it all is a force sometimes called "liberalism," an ideology that has been all but hollowed out. ... Freedom may be our highest ideal, but ours has become an empty freedom. Our fear of moralizing in any form has made morality a taboo in the public debate. The public arena should be "neutral," after all – yet never before has it been so paternalistic. On every street corner we're baited to booze, binge, borrow, buy, toil, stress, and swindle. Whatever we may tell ourselves about freedom of speech, our values are suspiciously close to those touted by precisely the companies that can pay for prime-time advertising. #Quote by Rutger Bregman
Hollowed quotes by Tillie Cole
#3. Poppy's breathing hollowed and I leaned forward, knowing this was it. I pressed my forehead to hers, just one last time. Poppy lifted her soft hand to my hair. "I love you," she whispered.

"I love you too, Poppymin."

As I pulled back, Poppy looked into my eyes and said, "I'll see you in your dreams."

Trying to hold back my emotions, I rasped back, "I'll see you in my dreams. #Quote by Tillie Cole
Hollowed quotes by Eva Stachniak
#4. I was a tongue, a gazette. The bearer of "the truth of the whispers."
I knew of hollowed books, trunks with false bottoms, and the meanders of secret corridors. I knew how to open hidden drawers in your escritoire, how to unseal your letter and make you think no one had touched it. If I had been in your room, I left the hair around your lock the way you had tied it. If you trusted the silence of the night, I had overheard your secrets. #Quote by Eva Stachniak
Hollowed quotes by Anthony Trollope
#5. When he entered the drawing-room she was sitting alone, in a large, low chair, made without arms, so as to admit the full expansion of her dress, but hollowed and rounded at the back, so as to afford her the support that was necessary to her. She had barely spoke three words since she had left the dining-room, but the time had not passed heavily with her. #Quote by Anthony Trollope
Hollowed quotes by Thomas Ligotti
#6. This, then, is the ultimate, that is only, consolation: simply that someone shares some of your own feelings and has made of these a work of art which you have the insight, sensitivity, and - like it or not - peculiar set of experiences to appreciate. Amazing thing to say, the consolation of horror in art is that it actually intensifies our panic, loudens it on the sounding-board of our horror-hollowed hearts, turns terror up full blast, all the while reaching for that perfect and deafening amplitude at which we may dance to the bizarre music of our own misery. #Quote by Thomas Ligotti
Hollowed quotes by Robert J. Crane
#7. Sometimes life is not about desire, or belief. Sometimes it's about crossing the void between big moments, about putting one foot before the other as you navigate in a blighted heart. The only thing I can do for now is to keep going, to hold to my duty of fighting the battles placed before me, seeing to the tasks appointed me. You want me to believe? You want me to hope? This is hardly the first time in my life that I've been hollowed out, not the first by far that I've lost hope. In those moments, I've learned to keep walking,to keep going, to hold not to hope, but to whatever I can. I won't be the same man I was before, but I won't be like this forever, either, I doubt. The thought that I would ... doesn't bear consideration. #Quote by Robert J. Crane
Hollowed quotes by Holly Black
#8. Down a path worn into the woods, past a stream and a hollowed-out log full of pill bugs and termites, was a glass coffin. It rested right on the ground, and in it slept a boy with horns on his head and ears as pointed as knives. #Quote by Holly Black
Hollowed quotes by Ally Condie
#9. And I realize that I can never stay in these hollowed-out places in the earth for long before I have to come up for air. #Quote by Ally Condie
Hollowed quotes by Virginia Woolf
#10. He was not afraid. At every moment Nature signified by some laughing hint like that gold spot which went round the wall
there, there, there
her determination to show, by brandishing her plumes, shaking her tresses, flinging her mantle this way and that, beautifully, always beautifully, and standing close up to breathe through her hollowed hands Shakespeare's words, her meaning. #Quote by Virginia Woolf
Hollowed quotes by Knut Hamsun
#11. My head was emptying and emptying, and in the end it sat light and void on my shoulders. I percieved this gaping emptiness in my head with my whole body, I felt hollowed out from top to toe. #Quote by Knut Hamsun
Hollowed quotes by Alice Munro
#12. I looked at the rusty-bottomed bread tin swiped too often by the dishcloth, and the pots sitting on the stove, washed but not put away, and the motto supplied by Fairholme Dairy: The Lord is the Heart of Our House. All these things stupidly waiting for the day to begin and not knowing that it had been hollowed out by catastrophe. #Quote by Alice Munro
Hollowed quotes by Robert McKee
#13. A culture cannot evolve without honest, powerful storytelling. When a society repeatedly experiences glossy, hollowed-out, pseudo-stories, it degenerates. We need true satires and tragedies, dramas and comedies that shine a clean light into the dingy corners of the human psyche and society. #Quote by Robert McKee
Hollowed quotes by Gerard Way
#14. I hollowed out, stopped listening to music, never picked up a pencil, started slipping into old habits. All of the vibrancy I used to see became de-saturated. Lost Slowly, once I had done enough damage to myself, I began to climb out of the hole. Clean. When I made it out, the only thing left inside was the voice, and for the second time in my life, I no longer ignored it - because it was my own. #Quote by Gerard Way
Hollowed quotes by J. Sterling
#15. Without you, I'd be a shell of a man. A hollowed-out, empty, lifeless carcass. And I know that because I've been there. I lived through it. I lived through losing you due to my own stupidity, and I can never explain to you what that felt like #Quote by J. Sterling
Hollowed quotes by Carolyn Jewel
#16. Her smile hollowed out his chest. She'd changed since last he saw her. She was brighter. More vibrant. Happiness suited her. #Quote by Carolyn Jewel
Hollowed quotes by Rem Koolhaas
#17. The people from the suburbs are bringing along their suburban values: cleanliness, orderliness, safety - dullness, in other words. As a result, urban areas are being hollowed out. Just look at Times Square in New York. No more sex shops, no drugs, no homeless people. The area is clinically clean and incredibly dull. #Quote by Rem Koolhaas
Hollowed quotes by Elizabeth Scott
#18. Little Alice, all hollowed out, so easy to smash into a million little pieces. #Quote by Elizabeth Scott
Hollowed quotes by Grass Gunter
#19. I saw and heard all sorts of things in my fever; I was riding a merry-go-round, I wanted to get off but I couldn't. I was one of many little children sitting in fire engines and hollowed-out swans, on dogs, cats, pigs, and stags, riding round and round. I wanted to get off but I wasn't allowed to. All the little children were crying, like me they wanted to get out of the fire engines and hollowed-out swans, down from the backs of the cats, dogs, pigs, and stags, they didn't want to ride on the merry-go-round any more, but they weren't allowed to get off. The Heavenly Father was standing beside the merry-go-round and every time it stopped, he paid for another turn. And we prayed: "Oh, our Father who art in heaven, we know you have lots of loose change, we know you like to treat us to rides on the merry-go-round, we know you like to prove to us that this world is round. Please put your pocket-book away, say stop, finished, fertig, basta, stoi, closing time - we poor little children are dizzy, they've brought us, four thousand of us, to K"asemark on the Vistula, but we can't get across, because your merry-go-round, your merry-go-round…"
But God our Father, the merry-go-round owner, smiled in his most benevolent manner and another coin came sailing out of his purse to make the merry-go-round keep on turning, carrying four thousand children with Oskar in their midst, in fire engines and hollowed-out swans, on cats, dogs, pigs, and stags, round and round in a ring, and every t #Quote by Grass Gunter
Hollowed quotes by Vinnie Paul
#20. With all his greatness and accomplishments on the guitar, Dime will be missed more for his giving personality, charisma, caring for others, love and most of all his HEART!! Twice as big as the state of TEXAS!!!!!!!!!!!! Dime gave it all every day to each and every one of us and our lives have forever been hollowed without him ... Thanks to all of you for reaching out to us in this time of our immeasurable loss. REST IN PEACE BROTHER DIME!!!!!! #Quote by Vinnie Paul
Hollowed quotes by Tara Westover
#21. This moment would define my memory of that night, and of the many nights like it, for a decade. In it I saw myself as unbreakable, as tender as stone. At first I merely believed this, until one day it became the truth. Then I was able to tell myself, without lying, that it didn't affect me, that he didn't affect me, because nothing affected me. I didn't understand how morbidly right I was. How I had hollowed myself out. For all my obsessing over the consequences of that night, I had misunderstood the vital truth: that its not affecting me, that was its effect. #Quote by Tara Westover
Hollowed quotes by Beverley Hollowed
#22. What happened?"
"You did." She whispered, her eyes locking onto his. "You're making me fall for you, and I know I'm going to be hurt in the end. #Quote by Beverley Hollowed
Hollowed quotes by Mackenzi Lee
#23. Maybe everyone has hunger like this - impossible, insatiable, but all-consuming in spite of it all. Maybe the desert dreams of spilling rivers, valleys of a view. Maybe that hunger will one day pass. But if it does, I will be left shelled and halved and hollowed. #Quote by Mackenzi Lee
Hollowed quotes by Marisha Pessl
#24. ... deep-diving love, a love that excavates you. It's something you have to have before you die in order to have lived. #Quote by Marisha Pessl
Hollowed quotes by Anne Marie Gazzolo
#25. The hobbit is hallowed for his terrible and grace-filled journey and hollowed out by it. His body seems too small for all that he endures but not so his heart. Fear, fatigue, cold, hunger, and thirst torment him, but he continues out of love. Frodo's struggle shows that there are, in fact, two quests going on: his to destroy the Ring and the Ring's to dominate and destroy him. Despite the despair that it causes, which both fills and empties him, the Ring-bearer remains as intent upon saving everyone as Denethor is not. Frodo's torn heart still beats, and it pushes past terror and hopelessness because of Sam's blessed aid and his own battered and bleeding will to do so. Both hobbits teach us the great value of redemptive suffering. #Quote by Anne Marie Gazzolo
Hollowed quotes by Lesley Nneka Arimah
#26. When Enebeli Okwara sent his girl out in the world, he did not know what the world did to daughters. He did not know how quickly it would wick the dew off her, how she would be returned to him hollowed out, relieved of her better parts. #Quote by Lesley Nneka Arimah
Hollowed quotes by Robert McKee
#27. When society repeatedly experiences glossy, hollowed-out, pseudo-stories, it degenerates. #Quote by Robert McKee
Hollowed quotes by Arctic Monkey's
#28. Secret Door"

Fools on parade cavort and carry on
For waiting eyes
That you would rather be beside than in front of
But she's never been the kind to be hollowed by the stares

She swam out of tonight's phantasm
Grabbed my hand and made it very clear
There's absolutely nothing for us here
It's a magnolia celebration
To be attempted on a Wednesday night
It's better than to get a reputation
As a miserable little tyke
At least that's the conclusion
She came to in this overture

The secret door swings behind us
She's saying nothing
She's just giggling along

Her arms were folded most indignant
Not looking like she was soon to leave
I had to squint in order to believe
And then like a butler pushing on a bookshelf
I'm unveiling the unexpected
I, who was earlier reluctant, was suddenly embarrassed and corrected
How could such a creature
Survive in such a habitat

The secret door swings behind us
She's saying nothing
She's just giggling along
And even if they were to find us
I wouldn't notice, I'm completely occupied

At all the fools on parade
Cavort and carry on for waiting eyes
That you would rather be beside than in front of
But she's never been the kind
To be hollowed by the stares
Fools on parade
Frolic and fuck about to make her gaze
Turn to a scribble on a page by a #Quote by Arctic Monkey's
Hollowed quotes by Caitlin Kittredge
#29. Sometimes, there was no getting over it. Sometimes, you lived with the empty place inside of you until you imploded on it, loss as singularity, or until the empty place expanded and hollowed out the rest of you so thoroughly you became the walking dead, a ghost in your own life. #Quote by Caitlin Kittredge
Hollowed quotes by Knut Hamsun
#30. A swarm of tiny noxious animals had bored a way into my inner man and hollowed me out. #Quote by Knut Hamsun
Hollowed quotes by Kellie Elmore
#31. What happens when you return
and find nothing
but a hollowed shell,
shingles and floor,
walls and echoes
and the light that lead you here
has now burned out
and the ones who built it
have traveled afar
and you cant go to them,
no matter what shoes you wear. #Quote by Kellie Elmore
Hollowed quotes by J.K. Rowling
#32. It's so difficult to describe depression to someone who's never been there, because it's not sadness. I know sadness. Sadness is to cry and to feel. But it's that cold absence of feeling - that really hollowed-out feeling. #Quote by J.K. Rowling
Hollowed quotes by Li-Young Lee
#33. The moon from any window is one part
whoever's looking.

The part I can't see
is everything my sister keeps to herself.

One part my dead brother's sleepless brow,

the other part the time I waste, the time
I won't have.

But which is the lion
killed for the sake of the honey inside him,

and which the wine, stranded
in a valley, unredeemed?

And don't forget the curtains. Don't forget the wind
in the trees, or my mother's voice saying things
that will take my whole life to come true.

One part earnest child grown tall
in his mother's doorway, and one a last look
over the shoulder before leaving.

And never forget it answers to no address,
but calls wave after wave
to a path or thirst. Never forget

the candle climbing down
without glancing back.

And what about the heart
counting alone, out loud, in that game
in which the many hide from the one?

Never forget the cry
completely hollowed of the dying one
who cried it.

Only in such pure outpouring
is there room for all this night. #Quote by Li-Young Lee
Hollowed quotes by David Wong
#34. I keep the gun in a hollowed out copy of the Koran. And there the big book was, tossed on the bed, open and gunless. Nothing else disturbed. I mean, they actually checked my Koran to see if there was a gun inside. I knew I was dealing with a sick son of a bitch. #Quote by David Wong
Hollowed quotes by Kahlil Gibran
#35. And is not the lute that soothes your spirit the very wood that was hollowed with knives? #Quote by Kahlil Gibran
Hollowed quotes by Brittany Cavallaro
#36. I brought her food, but it stayed untouched on the plate no matter how I tried to cajole her into eating. When I caught her taking twenty minutes to eat a single almond, I began wondering if there was some kind of Watsonian guide for the care and keeping of Holmeses.
When I sent my father an email to that effect (subject line I Need Your Help, postscript Still haven't forgiven you and won't). he responded that, yes, over the years he'd written down an informal series of suggestions in his journal; he'd do his best to adapt and type them up for me.
When the list arrived the next day, it was twelve pages long, single-spaced.
The suggestions ran from the obvious (8.
On the whole, coaxing works rather better than straightforward demands) to the irrelevant (39. Under all circumstances, do not allow Holmes to cook your dinner unless you have a taste for cold unseasoned broth) to the absurd (87. Hide all firearms before throwing Holes a surprise birthday party) to, finally, the useful (1. Search often for opiates and dispose of as needed; retaliation will not come often, though is swift and exacting when it does - do not grow attached to one's mirrors or drinking glasses; 2. During your search, always begin with the hollowed-out heels of Holmes's boots; 102. Have no compunctions about drugging Holmes's tea if he hasn't slept; 41. Be prepared to receive compliments once every two to three years;
74.) (underlined twice) (Whatever happens, remember it is not #Quote by Brittany Cavallaro
Hollowed quotes by Beverley Hollowed
#37. It's never too late to become the person you thought you'd be x #Quote by Beverley Hollowed
Hollowed quotes by Sam Harris
#38. There is never a moment where I find Trump persuasive. When I look at him I see a man without any inner life. I see the most superficial person on Earth. This is a guy who has been totally hollowed out by greed and self regard and delusion. If I caught some sort of brain virus and I started talking about myself the way Trump talks about himself, I would throw myself out a fucking window. That barely overstates it. Do you remember that scene at the end of The Exorcist where the priest is driving out the devil from Linda Blair and the devil comes into him and he just hurls himself out the window to end all the madness? Well, it would be like that. #Quote by Sam Harris
Hollowed quotes by Lang Leav
#39. Now I knew why I had been hollowed out, why my insides were chipped away with a chisel and mallet. It was to make room for this new feeling, this love that was so vast, so expansive it could not have fit into the vessel I once was. #Quote by Lang Leav
Hollowed quotes by Virginia Woolf
#40. As a cloud crosses the sun, silence falls on London; and falls on the mind. Effort ceases. Time flaps on the mast. There we stop; there we stand. Rigid, the skeleton of habit alone upholds the human frame. Where there is nothing, Peter Walsh said to himself; feeling hollowed out, utterly empty within. Clarissa refused me, he thought. He stood there thinking, Clarissa refused me. #Quote by Virginia Woolf
Hollowed quotes by Annie Proulx
#41. It was as if his eye were an ear and a crackle went through it each time he shot a look at the accordion ...
The notes fell, biting and sharp; it seemed the tooth that bit was hollowed with pain. #Quote by Annie Proulx
Hollowed quotes by Nancy Gibbs
#42. Photographer James Nachtwey has spent his professional life in the places people most want to avoid: war zones and refugee camps, the city flattened by an earthquake, the village swallowed by a flood, the farm hollowed out by famine. #Quote by Nancy Gibbs
Hollowed quotes by Amy Sedaris
#43. I have a lot of fake food in my apartment, but I'm picky about it. Old plaster food, like from the '50s is really nice, hollowed out paper-mache food from old plays - the new stuff just looks too good. #Quote by Amy Sedaris
Hollowed quotes by David Sedaris
#44. The thing about Hawaii, at least the part that is geared toward tourists, is that it's exactly what it promises to be. Step off the plane, and someone places a lei around your neck, as if it were something you had earned - an Olympic medal for sitting on your ass. Raise a hand above your shoulder and, no matter where you are, a drink will appear: something served in a hollowed-out pineapple, or perhaps in a coconut that's been sawed in half. Just like in the time before glasses! you think. #Quote by David Sedaris
Hollowed quotes by Victor Hugo
#45. His universal compassion was due less to natural instinct, than to a profound conviction, a sum of thoughts that in the course of living had filtered through to his heart: for in the nature of man, as in rock, there may be channels hollowed by the dropping of water, and these can never be destroyed. #Quote by Victor Hugo
Hollowed quotes by Arundhati Roy
#46. Democracy no longer means what it was meant to. It has been taken back into the workshop. Each of its institutions has been hollowed out, and it has been returned to us as a vehicle for the free market, of the corporations. For the corporations, by the corporations. #Quote by Arundhati Roy
Hollowed quotes by Pankaj Mishra
#47. Minorities within nation-states frayed by global capitalism are naturally more resentful of hollowed-out but still heavily centralised systems of political and economic domination. #Quote by Pankaj Mishra
Hollowed quotes by Cassandra Clare
#48. The Angel blade burns you, just as God's name chokes you," said Valentine, his cool voice sharp as crystal. "They say that those who die upon its point will achieve the gates of heaven. In which case, revenant, I am doing you a favor." He lowered the blade so that the tip touched Simon's throat. Valentine's eyes were the color of black water and there was nothing in them: no anger, no compassion, not even any hate. They were empty as a hollowed-out grave. "Any last words?"
Simon knew what he was supposed to say. Sh'ma Yisrael, adonai elohanu, adonai echod. Hear, oh Israel, the Lord our God, the Lord is One. He tried to speak the words, but a searing pain burned his throat.
"Clary," he whispered instead. #Quote by Cassandra Clare
Hollowed quotes by Skye Warren
#49. They knew there was no innocence left to corrupt - just a hollowed out space where my soul should have been. I #Quote by Skye Warren
Hollowed quotes by Jens Peter Jacobsen
#50. So Niels grows up, and all the influences of his childhood work on the plastic clay. Everything helps to shape it; everything is significant, the real and the dreamed, what is known and what is foreshadowed - all add their touch, lightly but surely, to that tracery of lines which is destined to be first hollowed out and deepened and afterwards flattened out and smoothed away. #Quote by Jens Peter Jacobsen
Hollowed quotes by Anne Ursu
#51. This was not [him]. It was a thing, with all the [him]-ness gone from it. Death takes the person and leaves his shell behind, like a hollowed-out tree. #Quote by Anne Ursu
Hollowed quotes by Kylie Ladd
#52. I literally felt gutted, as if someone had hollowed me out, removed my core. Patients in the final stage of dementia revert to an almost neonatal state, their brains so atrophied they can only breathe and digest, suck and pout. That was how I felt. I continued to function, but only at the most basic level, my existence little more than a collection of primitive reflexes. #Quote by Kylie Ladd
Hollowed quotes by George R. Stewart
#53. In this also we are men, that we think of the dead. Once it was not so, and when one of us died, he lay where he lay by the cave-mouth and we ran in and out there, not standing quite upright as we ran. Now we stand upright, and now also we think of the dead.

So, when the comrade lies there, we do not let him lie where he died. And we do not take him by the legs carelessly, and drag him into the forest for the foxes and woodrats to gnaw on. We do not cast him into the river carelessly for the stream to float him away.

No, but rather we lay him where the ground is hollowed out a little and there cover him with leaves and branches. So he shall return to the earth, whence all things came.

Or else we lay him to rest among the tree-branches, and give him to the air. Then, if the black birds come streaming from far to pluck at him, that too is right, for they are the creatures of the air.

Or else we give him to the bright and hot cleanliness of fire.

Then we go about our life as before, and soon we forget, like the beasts. But this at least we have done, and when we shall no longer do it, then we shall no longer be men. #Quote by George R. Stewart
Hollowed quotes by Ovid
#54. What is harder than stone?
What more soft than water?
Nevertheless hard though the rock be, it is hollowed by the wave. #Quote by Ovid
Hollowed quotes by Jill Alexander Essbaum
#55. When the Kingdom Comes

Your mother is not your mother,
she is something else, a bird nesting in the heart
of a hollowed out tree, a saint whose skin is cool
and soft as apple-flesh, the will of God.

And your brothers are not your brothers,
they are the ash that is all of us,
scattered in its periphery,
unfortunate multitude.

Your sister, your lover, your friend
none of these are yours.
The stone belongs only to the river
which bled it smooth.

What you call your face, that canvas of mercy
which smiles with grief at even November's
drizzle and chill, is the face of someone else,
someone to come, good tidings,

the Christ child in a stable,
cooing as Mary tends such tiny hands.
It is her face that seems so familiar,
the answer to everything whetting the tip of your tongue.

The hairs on your head, they belong only
to themselves, and when they are done
with such a manner of belonging,
they offer themselves to stars

which outnumber them galacticly.
Everything you think is yours is not.
A father had two sons, and one of them
was heavy with desire. Friend - what's lost is found,

forever. You will wear the very best robe.
You will wear rings on every finger
of each hand. And they are not your hands.
They are God's hands

and She formed you with them Herself
turning #Quote by Jill Alexander Essbaum
Hollowed quotes by Leon Panetta
#56. After every major conflict - World War I, World War II, Korea, Vietnam, the fall of the Soviet Union - what happened was that we ultimately hollowed out the force, largely by doing deep across-the-board cuts. #Quote by Leon Panetta
Hollowed quotes by Cassandra Clare
#57. And in that moment Cristina yearned toward him more than she ever had, for she knew that feeling, to be so hollowed out by loss that you felt as if the wind could blow through you. #Quote by Cassandra Clare
Hollowed quotes by Bill Bryson
#58. Part of the power of travel is that you stand a good chance of being hollowed out by it. #Quote by Bill Bryson
Hollowed quotes by Jim Clifton
#59. I hear all the time that 'unemployment is greatly reduced, but the people aren't feeling it.' When the media, talking heads, the White House and Wall Street start reporting the truth - the percent of Americans in good jobs; jobs that are full time and real - then we will quit wondering why Americans aren't 'feeling' something that doesn't remotely reflect the reality in their lives. And we will also quit wondering what hollowed out the middle class. #Quote by Jim Clifton
Hollowed quotes by Vladimir Nabokov
#60. She was an extravagantly slender girl. Her ribs showed. The conspicuous knobs of her hipbones framed a hollowed abdomen, so flat as to belie the notion of "belly." Her exquisite bone structure immediately slipped into a novel - became in fact the secret structure of that novel, besides supporting a number of poems. #Quote by Vladimir Nabokov
Hollowed quotes by Jennifer Niven
#61. Our teachers remind us there are just five more weeks of school, and I should be happy, but instead I feel nothing. I feel a lot of nothing these days. I've cried a few times, but mostly I'm empty, as if whatever makes me feel and hurt and laugh and love has been surgically removed, leaving me hollowed out like a shell. I #Quote by Jennifer Niven
Hollowed quotes by John Muir
#62. One learns that the world, though made, is yet being made; that this is still the morning of creation; that mountains long conceived are now being born, channels traced for coming rivers, basins hollowed for lakes ... #Quote by John Muir
Hollowed quotes by Ocean Vuong
#63. It's more like the sound
a doe makes
when the arrowhead
replaces the day
with an answer
to the rib's hollowed
hum. #Quote by Ocean Vuong
Hollowed quotes by Catherine Anderson
#64. Matthew told to Eden what: she sneaked into my heart and went to work, chipping away, day in and day out, until she hollowed out a corner all for herself, and then, as if that wasn't enough, she went and carved her name on it. #Quote by Catherine Anderson
Hollowed quotes by Anne Perry
#65. Some kinds of beauty did not heal, but hollowed the pain even deeper. #Quote by Anne Perry
Hollowed quotes by Dorothy Gilman
#66. When a gourd is hollowed out it becomes empty and is of great use to the world because of its emptiness. #Quote by Dorothy Gilman
Hollowed quotes by Mackenzi Lee
#67. Theo looked away first, turning back to the tea-kettle. The firelight pocked and hollowed his face. 'Do you have a preference? Between men and women?'
'I feel equally comfortable as either.'
'No, I don't mean . . . not all of us can change our gender at will.'
'I don't change my gender. I exist as both.'
'You're not . . . That doesn't make sense.'
'It does to me. #Quote by Mackenzi Lee
Hollowed quotes by Richard Francis Burton
#68. Starting in a hollowed log of wood - some thousand miles up a river, with an infinitesimal prospect of returning! I ask myself 'Why?' and the only echo is 'damned fool!... the Devil drives. #Quote by Richard Francis Burton
Hollowed quotes by Ocean Vuong
#69. Eurydice"

It's more like the sound
a doe makes
when the arrowhead
replaces the day
with an answer to the rib's
hollowed hum. We saw it coming
but kept walking through the hole
in the garden. Because the leaves
were bright green & the fire
only a pink brushstroke
in the distance. It's not
about the light - but how dark
it makes you depending
on where you stand.
Depending on where you stand
his name can appear like moonlight
shredded in a dead dog's fur.
His name changed when touched
by gravity. Gravity breaking
our kneecaps just to show us
the sky. We kept saying Yes -
even with all those birds.
Who would believe us
now? My voice cracking
like bones inside the radio.
Silly me. I thought love was real
& the body imaginary.
But here we are - standing
in the cold field, him calling
for the girl. The girl
beside him. Frosted grass
snapping beneath her hooves. #Quote by Ocean Vuong
Hollowed quotes by Terry Pratchett
#70. A dollar for a human bought a loaf of bread that was eaten in a few bites. The same dollar for Wee Mad Arthur bought the same-sized loaf, but it was food for a week and could then be further hollowed out and used as a bedroom. #Quote by Terry Pratchett
Hollowed quotes by Sebastian Faulks
#71. He saw a picture in his mind of a terrible piling up of the dead. It came from his contemplation of the church, but it had its own clarity: the row on row, the deep rotting earth hollowed out to hold them, while the efforts of the living, with all their works and wars and great buildings, were no more than the beat of a wing against the weight of time. #Quote by Sebastian Faulks
Hollowed quotes by Tao Lin
#72. Though she'd begun to get a bit fat that winter, it was in February, around when her father found a toy poodle (sitting there, in the side yard, watchful and waiting as a person), and adopted it, that a weightlessness entered into Chelsea's blood - an inside ventilation, like a bacteria of ghosts - and it was sometime in the fall, before her 23rd birthday, that her heart, her small and weary core, neglected now for years, vanished a little, from the center out, took on the strange and hollowed heaviness of a weakly inflated balloon. #Quote by Tao Lin
Hollowed quotes by Gillian Flynn
#73. I felt hollowed out. My mom's death was not useful. I felt a shot of rage at her, and then imagined those last bloody moments in the house, when she realized it had gone wrong, when Debby lay dying, and it was all over, her unsterling life.
My anger gave way to a strange tenderness, what a mother might feel for her child, and I thought, At least she tried. She tried, on that final day, as hard as anyone could have tried.
And I would try to find peace in that. #Quote by Gillian Flynn
Hollowed quotes by Lang Leav
#74. I can't believe how hard it is. The pain is indescribable. It's like I've been turned into sandstone and my insides are being slowly hollowed out by a chisel and mallet. #Quote by Lang Leav
Hollowed quotes by Anne Tyler
#75. Abby had a little trick that she used any time Red acted like a cranky old codger. She reminded herself of the day she had fallen in love with him. "It was a beautiful, breezy, yellow-and-green afternoon," she'd begin, and it would all come back to her - the newness of it, the whole new world magically opening before her at the moment when she first realized that this person that she'd barely noticed all these years was, in fact, a treasure. He was perfect, was how she'd put it to herself. And then that clear-eyed, calm-faced boy would shine forth from Red's sags and wrinkles, from his crumpled eyelids and hollowed cheeks and the two deep crevices bracketing his mouth and just his general obtuseness, his stubbornness, his infuriating belief that simple cold logic could solve all of life's problems, and she would feel unspeakably lucky to have ended up with him. #Quote by Anne Tyler
Hollowed quotes by Tania De Rozario
#76. Platitudes are poor substitutes for emotions, this negative space hollowed out and without words. I know the shape of you and it has no name. I know the sound of you and the smell of you and the touch and sight and taste of you. But language departed the same day you did, leaving my mouth empty. #Quote by Tania De Rozario
Hollowed quotes by Craig Childs
#77. But on the voluptuous stone of the Colorado Plateau nothing is ever as it appears. There is constant potential. The desert is not dried up and empty as if it might blow away like the seeds of brittle grass. It is the bones of the earth brought to daylight, half stuck out of the ground so that winds and flash floods constantly reveal more. Just as it is beneath our flesh, the bones are the sturdiest, most lasting parts. With their hollowed sockets and deliberate lines, they set a foundation upon which the flesh of forests, mountains, and oceans might accumulate. Only here, the flesh is gone, the last of it turned to dune sand. #Quote by Craig Childs
Hollowed quotes by Morten A. Strøksnes
#78. The deep, salty, black sea rolls toward us, cold and indifferent, lacking all empathy. Detached, merely itself. This is what the ocean does every day. It doesn't need us for anything. It doesn't care about our hopes and fears, not does it give a damn about our descriptions. The dark weight of the sea is a superior power. Many have been in this situation every since some of our overconfident ancestors set a hollowed out tree trunk in the water and paddled off on languid waves, only to venture out too far where the currents were stronger than their arms or paddles. Or maybe like us, they were surprised by a storm. All of them must have felt the same cold shiver when they realized the sea is truly without sentimentality or memory. Whatever it swallows is gone, becoming food for the fish, crabs and annelid worms. For the lamprey, hag fish, flat worms, ring worms, and all the parasites of the deep. To be drowned and embraced by the eternal, indeterminate all. #Quote by Morten A. Strøksnes
Hollowed quotes by Kevin A. Carson
#79. In short, capitalism depends on ever-growing amounts of state intervention in the market for its survival, and the system is hitting the point where the teat runs dry.

The result is a system in which governments and corporations are increasingly hollowed out. And meanwhile, growing up within this corporate capitalist "integument," things like open source software and culture, open-source industrial design, permaculture and low-overhead garage micromanufacturing eat the corporate-state economy alive. An ever-growing share of labor and production are disappearing into relocalized resilient economies, self-employment, worker cooperatives and the informal and household economy. In the end, they will skeletonize the corporate dinosaurs like a swarm of piranha. #Quote by Kevin A. Carson
Hollowed quotes by Cora Carmack
#80. I love her, and I love Mom, and I would do just about anything for them. But when you think stuff like that ... you think of grand, heroic gestures. Pushing someone out of the way of a moving vehicle. Standing between them and danger. Sacrificing something important. But it's not like that. Not at all. It's not one big moment, it's a thousand. It's every day. And you don't sacrifice just one important thing, you sacrifice a little more and a little more until you start to feel hollowed out. It's not the sacrifice that hurts so much as the thought that it will never end. That you're stuck in your fate, and nothing and no one can change it. You'll just keep giving and giving until you don't even know who you are. #Quote by Cora Carmack
Hollowed quotes by Tillie Cole
#81. But she didn't know who she was without her faith... Funny 'cause I didn't know who the fuck I was without her. The bitch had changed me. Took me from not giving a fuck about women, not one iota, to worshiping the damn hollowed ground she walked on. #Quote by Tillie Cole
Hollowed quotes by Meredith Hall
#82. Mourning with no end, and a sense that I had lost everything - my child, my mother's love and protection, my father's love and protection, the life I had once imagined for myself - hollowed me out. I floated every day alone and disconnected, and could not find comfort or release. I understood clearly that my history had harmed me, had cut me off from the normal connections between people. Every day for five years I had been afraid of this disconnection, feeling the possibility of perfect detachment within my reach, like a river running alongside, inviting me to step into its current. #Quote by Meredith Hall
Hollowed quotes by Beverley Hollowed
#83. Melanie O'Leary" he said as he kissed her lips softly. "I love you so much."
"I love you too, Sam Cooper." Melanie replied and smiled.
"Forever and always?" He asked.
"Forever and always." She replied. #Quote by Beverley Hollowed
Hollowed quotes by Anne Rice
#84. Paris was a universe whole and entire unto herself, hollowed and fashioned by history; so she seemed in this age of Napoleon III with her towering buildings, her massive cathedrals, her grand boulevards and ancient winding medieval streets
as vast and indestructible as nature itself. All was embraced by her, by her volatile and enchanted populace thronging the galleries, the theaters, the cafes, giving birth over and over to genius and sanctity, philosophy and war, frivolity and the finest art; so it seemed that if all the world outside her were to sink into darkness, what was fine, what was beautiful, what was essential might there still come to its finest flower. Even the majestic trees that graced and sheltered her streets were attuned to her
and the waters of the Seine, contained and beautiful as they wound through her heart; so that the earth on that spot, so shaped by blood and consciousness, had ceased to be the earth and had become Paris. #Quote by Anne Rice
Hollowed quotes by Julianna Deering
#85. Dash it all, there should be more clues. There should be just acres of suspects and something like a hollowed-out table leg or uneaten biscuit that's the key to the whole thing. And there should be a mysterious Russian or a man with a false beard."
Nick sighed. "Not even a sinister Chinaman to suspect, more's the pity. #Quote by Julianna Deering
Hollowed quotes by Laozi
#86. Thirty spokes meet in the hub. Where a wheel isn't is where it's useful. Hollowed out, clay makes a pot. Where the pots not is where it's useful. Cut doors and windows to make a room. Where the room isn't, there's room for you. So the profit in what is, is in the use of what isn't. #Quote by Laozi
Hollowed quotes by Virginia Woolf
#87. What people had shed and left
a pair of shoes, a shooting cap, some faded skirts and coats in wardrobes
those alone kept the human shape and in the emptiness indicated how once they were filled and animated; how once hands were busy with hooks and buttons; how once the looking-glass had held a face; had held a world hollowed out in which a figure turned, a hand flashed, the door opened, in came children rushing and tumbling; and went out again. #Quote by Virginia Woolf
Hollowed quotes by Rabbi Akiva
#88. If a rock, though extremely hard, can be hollowed out by water, how much more so should it be possible for The Light, which is compared to water, to change my heart. I will begin to study it, and try to become a scholar of The Light. #Quote by Rabbi Akiva
Hollowed quotes by Jennifer Niven
#89. I should be happy, but instead I feel nothing. I feel a lot of nothing these days. I've cried a few times, but mostly I'm empty, as if whatever makes me feel and hurt and laugh and love has been surgically removed, leaving me hollowed out like a shell. #Quote by Jennifer Niven
Hollowed quotes by Helene Cixous
#90. If ever again we happened to lose our balance, just when sleepwalking through the same dream on the brink of hell's valley, if ever the magical mare (whom I ride through the night air hollowed out into caverns and caves where wild animals live) in a crazy fit of anger over some word I might have said without the perfect sweetness that works on her like a charm, if ever the magic Mare looks over her shoulder and whinnies: "So! You don't love me!" and bucks me off, sends me flying to the hyenas, if ever the paper ladder that I climb so easily to go pick stars for Promethea - at the very instant that I reach out my hand and it smells like fresh new moon, so good, it makes you believe in god's genius - if ever at that very instant my ladder catches fire - because it is so fragile, all it would take is someone's brushing against it tactlessly and all that would be left is ashes - if ever I had the dreadful luck again to find myself falling screaming down into the cruel guts of separation, and emptying all my being of hope, down to the last milligram of hope, until I am able to melt into the pure blackness of the abyss and be no more than night and a death rattle,

I would really rather not be tumbling around without my pencil and paper. #Quote by Helene Cixous
Hollowed quotes by Beverley Hollowed
#91. Love is always complicated, my dear. But when you find the one, you must hold on with both hands and never let it slip away. #Quote by Beverley Hollowed
Hollowed quotes by Veronica Roth
#92. He slides his hand over my cheek, one finger anchored behind my ear. Then he tilts his head down and kisses me, sending a warm ache through my body. I wrap my hands around his arm, holding him there as long as I can. When he touches me, the hollowed-out feeling in my chest and stomach is not as noticeable. #Quote by Veronica Roth
Hollowed quotes by Dallin H. Oaks
#93. From the perspective of the plan of salvation, one of the most serious abuses of children is to deny them birth. This is a worldwide trend. The national birthrate in the United States is the lowest in 25 years,2 and the birthrates in most European and Asian countries have been below replacement levels for many years. This is not just a religious issue. As rising generations diminish in numbers, cultures and even nations are hollowed out and eventually disappear.
One cause of the diminishing birthrate is the practice of abortion. Worldwide, there are estimated to be more than 40 million abortions per year.3 Many laws permit or even promote abortion, but to us this is a great evil. #Quote by Dallin H. Oaks
Hollowed quotes by Beverley Hollowed
#94. I tried staying away from you because I knew if I walked to you I would lose my heart forever. #Quote by Beverley Hollowed
Hollowed quotes by Bijou Hunter
#95. What the fuck was that about?" Vaughn said, standing over me.
"I pissed him off."
Dark blue eyes flicking to the restroom, Vaughn reached back and scratched at his shoulder. "All I know is when Judd came back from Texas, he was all hollowed out. Like a ghost, I guess. This morning before his bitch fit, he looked alive again. Whatever you said or did, can't be that big a deal compared to the shit mood he's been in lately."
Glancing at the restroom, I wanted to go back to before I said the words. My honesty ruined our happy morning.
"You can't take it personally," Vaughn added when I just stared at the restroom. "You know how moody Judd is. Always crying and bitching about something. A freaking drama queen."
Grinning, I looked up at him. "Thank you."
"Men like us aren't used to pretty girls looking at them like you look at Judd. He's not sure what to do with you and you're just gonna have to be patient while he figures shit out."
"Okay," I said, studied him. Whereas Judd hid a deep sorrow and iced heart behind his walls, I sensed Vaughn concealed a barely contained rage. He smiled easily enough, but it was a ruse. Just like Judd who acted like the world didn't touch him, Vaughn faked his exterior to avoid showing anything to the world.
"Why do they call you Outlaw?" I asked.
Vaughn sighed. "Because it's better than calling me dead man walking."
"I don't understand."
"You don't need to, darlin. The drama queen ret #Quote by Bijou Hunter
Hollowed quotes by Karen Marie Moning
#96. God the horror of watching yourself from the outside as everything you know about yourself gets stripped away and demolished. Not just the loss of power over your body, but power over your mind. Rape in the deepest, most hellish sense of the word. But wait, there's a spark. Inside that hollowed out woman there's a place they can't touch. There's more to me than I thought there was. Something that no one and nothing can take away from me. They can't break me. I won't cease. I'm strong, and I am never going to go away until I've gotten what I came for. I might have been lost for awhile but I was never gone. WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU? With an explosive inhalation I snap upright in bed, and my eyes fly open like coming alive after being dead and interred in a coffin. I AM Mac and I am BACK! #Quote by Karen Marie Moning
Hollowed quotes by Alexandre Dumas
#97. Would it be an indiscretion to ask to see those precious pills?" continued Beauchamp, hoping to take him at a disadvantage.
"No, Monsieur," returned the count; and he drew from his pocket a marvelous bonbonniere, formed out of a single emerald, and closed by a golden lid, which unscrewed and gave passage to a small of greenish color, and about the size of a pea."
... "this is a magnificent emerald, and the largest I have ever seen," said Chateu-Renaud ...
"I had three similar ones," returned Monte Cristo; "I gave one to the Grand Signior, who mounted it in his saber; another to our holy father the pope, who had it set in his tiara, opposite to nearly as large, though not so fine a one, given by Emperor Napolen to his predecessor Pius VII. I kept the third for myself, and I had it hollowed out, which reduced its value, but rendered it more commodious for the purpose I intended it for."
Every one looked at Monte Cristo with astonishment ... #Quote by Alexandre Dumas
Hollowed quotes by BinYamin Gulzar
#98. The pain makes you so numb,
At times, you feel as if you are hallucinating,
Seeing things happen to you as if it were happening to someone else like an " out of body experience".

How could life be so cruel?

Is this what perseverance and enduring pain is all about;I ask myself ?
Somehow I have made myself believe that
" jumping off the cliff " or
" drowning myself "
would do nothing to ease this "pain " ! this " numbness "!
Seeing my loved one suffer after I am "gone" , I guess ,will make me more and more anxious ;
Angry "ghosts " don't make good " providers" , I assume.
So I carry on ..
I carry on every day .
It's a weight I have ...
It makes my heart sink to the bottomless pit ,
Then again,
a man like me; a giver & a man with no choice has " literally" no choice" but to " live with this hollowed numb"! #Quote by BinYamin Gulzar
Hollowed quotes by Arthur Nersesian
#99. My last chance had vanished into itself like a snail coiling up into his shell.
Insidiously I had lost my grip, and now this was it. I thought all this without much emotion. I really didn't care anymore. I couldn't hang on anymore. I didn't have the guts to kill myself, but I didn't want it to continue. I walked a couple of blocks, empty, listless, and wished I could cry.
... The diabolic hope, the purposeful pulsing of blood, the flight into coherence allowed for some rationalizing an afterlife. A new theology was evolving, one that had a faith-in-death clause. It was evolved when I kicked a dead waterbug on the pavement. It was dried out, hollowed, emptied, like some kind of shell. Maybe, I thought, its body is a shell, maybe all bodies are shells. We hatch and die. Our spirit or something like that is the yoke: it lives the real life, the true life.
It wasn't comforting. #Quote by Arthur Nersesian
Hollowed quotes by Ta-Nehisi Coates
#100. We stood in the alley where we shot basketballs through hollowed crates and cracked jokes on the boy whose mother wore him out with a beating in front of his entire fifth-grade class. We sat on the number five bus, headed downtown, laughing at some girl whose mother was known to reach for anything - cable wires, extension cords, pots, pans. We were laughing, but I know that we were afraid of those who loved us most. #Quote by Ta-Nehisi Coates
Hollowed quotes by Seneca.
#101. What is harder than rock? What is softer than water? Yet hard rocks are hollowed out by soft water? #Quote by Seneca.
Hollowed quotes by Jeffrey Eugenides
#102. He was like a statue being chiseled away from the inside, hollowed out. As more and more of his thoughts gave him pain, Milton had increasingly avoided them. Instead he concentrated on the few that made him feel better, the bromides about everything working out. Milton, quite simply, had ceased to think things through. #Quote by Jeffrey Eugenides
Hollowed quotes by V.E Schwab
#103. Victor couldn't help but wonder if becoming an EO had hollowed her out the way it had him, had all of them - #Quote by V.E Schwab
Hollowed quotes by Kristen Ashley
#104. Coupla weeks ago, you gave me a fuckin' sweet nightie and words I loved hearing."
I felt my entire body go still as I held his eyes.
"Forgot to mention I feel the same," he stated and my insides hollowed out.
"What?" I breathed.
"Put down the rice and come here, baby, I wanna tell you I love you when you're in my
I didn't move. I stared at him, my internal organs gone but still, my body managed to
produce tears which gathered in my eyes and then promptly and silently slid down my
cheeks. #Quote by Kristen Ashley
Hollowed quotes by Abby Slovin
#105. The apartment was merely a collection of looted, hollowed out shades of paint. #Quote by Abby Slovin
Hollowed quotes by Hannu Rajaniemi
#106. Live on berries in a hollowed-out comet lit by artificial suns long enough, and you start to have delusions about achieving enlightenment. #Quote by Hannu Rajaniemi
Hollowed quotes by Cole McCade
#107. But she looked for the emotions and they weren't there; just scraps and tatters, clinging to the empty place where they belonged. She had no feeling left, hollowed out and lost and wondering how she'd ended up #Quote by Cole McCade

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