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Hockey Coach quotes by Fred Shero
#1. Arrive at the net with the puck and in ill humor. #Quote by Fred Shero
Hockey Coach quotes by Paul Coffey
#2. Hockey s a funny game. You have to prove yourself every shift, every game. It's not up to anybody else. You have to take pride in yourself. #Quote by Paul Coffey
Hockey Coach quotes by Brad Park
#3. We get nose jobs all the time in the NHL, and we don't even have to go to the hospital. #Quote by Brad Park
Hockey Coach quotes by Tom McVie
#4. I slept like a baby. Every two hours, I woke up and cried. #Quote by Tom McVie
Hockey Coach quotes by Terry Crisp
#5. The only difference between this and Custer's last stand was that Custer didn't have to look at the tape afterward. #Quote by Terry Crisp
Hockey Coach quotes by Glenn Healy
#6. I was three-quarters down the list of guys I would be facing in my first game when I realized I was looking at our own roster. #Quote by Glenn Healy
Hockey Coach quotes by Scott Abel
#7. Careful in what and how you are learning. Professors specialize in "teaching" knowledge – They do not specialize in organization and application of knowledge. This is often why modern education includes "job placement" for real-world understanding and immersion of what you learn. Listen, you can grow up in Saudi Arabia, or in Kenya, or Bolivia – and study every book available on-line about hockey. But that will NEVER, by itself, lead you to become an adept hockey player or Hockey Coach. Yet, this is exactly the kind of thing going on all across the Fitness Industry, with 'weekend certifications' and the like. Knowledge is more than information gathering– and knowledge is NOT power in and of itself. Knowledge and access to it, is merely the "potential for proper and expert application. #Quote by Scott Abel
Hockey Coach quotes by Miriam Toews
#8. I think Ray might have wanted a son. One night when I was seven or eight I announced to my family that I wanted to play hockey with the boys on Friday nights and Ray became just a little too eager. Okay he shouted. All right We have to get you a stick We have to get tape I'll be waiting in the car #Quote by Miriam Toews
Hockey Coach quotes by Mike O'Malley
#9. I have three kids, and I'm a coach for a lot of their sports, so I'm around them a lot, but I see friends of mine with older kids and they don't really interact so much, other than giving them a place to live. #Quote by Mike O'Malley
Hockey Coach quotes by Gabe Polsky
#10. I don't want to get into being too hockey centered, but I just felt like the late 70's and 80's into the 90's was the right time period to tell the story. #Quote by Gabe Polsky
Hockey Coach quotes by Daniel Coyle
#11. Lamm's system - dubbed the Baron Lamm Technique - worked well. From 1919 to 1930 it brought Lamm hundreds of thousands of dollars from banks around the country; after his death it was taught to John Dillinger, among others.* Lamm's system, still employed today succeeded not only because of its conceptual strength but also because Lamm was able to communicate his ideas and translate them into the seamless performance of an immensely difficult task. He was an innovator who taught with discipline and exactitude. He inspired through information. In short, Baron Lamm was a master coach. #Quote by Daniel Coyle
Hockey Coach quotes by Malcolm Gladwell
#12. That's like being a hockey player born on January I. #Quote by Malcolm Gladwell
Hockey Coach quotes by Chael Sonnen
#13. As soon as you start to get tired, as soon as you start to get behind, as soon as your coach starts yelling at you, a lot of doors open up to quit; you got to find that one reason to stay in that battle, one reason to stay in the fire and fight. #Quote by Chael Sonnen
Hockey Coach quotes by Jon Jones
#14. I think part of what people are responding to with Lambeau Field is that it's a solid culture. There's so much committed to what hockey means and that's how we feel about football. It's just a great connection between the culture of football and the culture of hockey. #Quote by Jon Jones
Hockey Coach quotes by John Leonard
#15. Baseball happens to be a game of cumulative tension but football, basketball and hockey are played with hand grenades and machine guns. #Quote by John Leonard
Hockey Coach quotes by Steve Rushin
#16. By the age of 18, the average American has witnessed 200,000 acts of violence on television, most of them occurring during Game 1 of an NHL playoff series. #Quote by Steve Rushin
Hockey Coach quotes by Wayne Gretzky
#17. A good hockey player plays where the puck is. A great hockey player plays where the puck is going to be. #Quote by Wayne Gretzky
Hockey Coach quotes by Bobby Knight
#18. The structure of your practice is the main reason for your success or lack of success as a coach #Quote by Bobby Knight
Hockey Coach quotes by Alexander Ovechkin
#19. I don't care what people say about me and what they think about me. I care about my team and I care about myself. Lots of people watch hockey, and I think everybody has different thinking. #Quote by Alexander Ovechkin
Hockey Coach quotes by Steve Spurrier
#20. I don't want to coach too far into my 60s. By then, I'll be playing golf four or five times a week. #Quote by Steve Spurrier
Hockey Coach quotes by Marv Levy
#21. Whenever I think of baseball, the first name that comes to mind is Babe Ruth. What the Babe was to baseball, Shula is to football coaching. There are certain figures in sports who are larger than the games they play or coach, and Don Shula is one of those. #Quote by Marv Levy
Hockey Coach quotes by Laurie Halse Anderson
#22. I stand in the center aisle of the auditorium, a wounded zebra in a National Geographic special, looking for someone, anyone to sit next to. A predator approaches: gray jock buzz cut, whistle around a neck thicker than his head. Probably a social studies teacher, hired to coach a blood sport. #Quote by Laurie Halse Anderson
Hockey Coach quotes by Michael Bassey Johnson
#23. Everybody is living for a purpose, you might turn out to be significant or insignificant depending on the kind of message you are feeding the world with. #Quote by Michael Bassey Johnson
Hockey Coach quotes by Urban Meyer
#24. There is a theory about human behavior called the 10-80-10 principle. I speak of it often when I talk to corporate groups or business leaders. It is the best strategy I know for getting the most out of your team. Think of your team or your organization as a big circle. At the very center of it, the nucleus, are the top 10 percenters, people who give all they've got all the time, who are the essence of self-discipline, self-respect, and the relentless persuit of improvement.
They are the elite- the most powerful component of any organization.
They are the people I love to coach.
Outside the nucleus are the 80 percenters. They are the majority- people who go to work, do a good job, and are relatively reliable. The 80 percenters are for the most part trustworthy and dutiful, but they simply don't have the drive and the unbending will that the nucleus guys do. They just don't burn as hot.
The final 10 percenters are uninterested or defiant. They are on the periphery, mostly just coasting through life, not caring about reaching their potential or honoring the gifts they've been given. They are coach killers.
The leadership challenge is to move as many of the 80 percenters into the nucleus as you can. #Quote by Urban Meyer
Hockey Coach quotes by John O. Brennan
#25. A lot of things look good on an academic's blackboard in terms of the actions that need to be taken. It's almost like a football coach, when you draw the X's and O's: Every play that is chalked on that board goes for a touchdown. Well, there are a lot of yards to be made between the line of scrimmage and the touchdown. #Quote by John O. Brennan
Hockey Coach quotes by Jimmy Cannon
#26. Hockey would be a great game ... if played in the mud. #Quote by Jimmy Cannon
Hockey Coach quotes by Peyton Manning
#27. The head coach tells us what to do, and we follow his orders. #Quote by Peyton Manning
Hockey Coach quotes by Joe Sakic
#28. I'm leaving the game of hockey with nothing but great memories. #Quote by Joe Sakic
Hockey Coach quotes by Scotty Bowman
#29. The goal is too small and the goalies are too big. #Quote by Scotty Bowman
Hockey Coach quotes by Bobby Orr
#30. Hockey is a tough game. #Quote by Bobby Orr
Hockey Coach quotes by Adam Raider
#31. In February 1999, my wife, who is also a Rangers fan, gave birth to our first child. We named her Destiny and made sure that she was baptized in a Rangers jersey. At her baptism, my wife, myself, and my stepdaughter all wore our Rangers jerseys. Years later, as Destiny learned about hockey, she came to me and said, 'Daddy, I like the Penguins. They're cool!' I immediately called my lawyer friend, wanting to sue the doctor who delivered her. God does have a sense of humor." James Valenzano, Maricopa, Arizona Rangers fan since 1970 #Quote by Adam Raider
Hockey Coach quotes by George Karl
#32. Who is the ally of the coach? Who's going to write, 'Man, that was a well-coached game.' Players win, coaches lose. #Quote by George Karl
Hockey Coach quotes by Dennis Bergkamp
#33. I don't want to lose myself in football and that's what a coach has to do to be successful. #Quote by Dennis Bergkamp
Hockey Coach quotes by Ivan Ilyin
#34. The whole world knows that American TV companies have monopolized Olympic broadcasts and in order to please the fans in their country they do everything they can to keep American viewers interested in what is going on at the hockey rink in Sochi. According to their logic, Americans should always win, no matter what. It was absolutely obvious that [Fyodor] Tyutin's goal yesterday should have been allowed. This was clear to the whole world except the American referee, American TV and those officials with American passports who rule international hockey, grossly neglecting all Olympic principles. #Quote by Ivan Ilyin
Hockey Coach quotes by Matt Millen
#35. I think every coach has to adapt to what they have, because they're what you get. You can't just go out to the player tree and pick all the great ones. That doesn't happen. You get a Barry Sanders every now and then. You get a Billy Sims every once in a while. And when you have it, you adapt to their strengths. Whoever comes in here and whoever has this job needs to adapt and will do that. #Quote by Matt Millen
Hockey Coach quotes by Jonathan Toews
#36. You've just got to go out there and try to control the things you can control. Deal with things and stay mentally strong. #Quote by Jonathan Toews
Hockey Coach quotes by Randy Carlyle
#37. Obviously, we were fortunate to win the hockey game, and we'll take it, because there have been some games that we haven't been fortunate enough in. I don't think we played exceptionally well from any standpoint, other than our first period. And our goaltender really stole the game for us. In all reality, you have to give him credit for the win. He stole the points. #Quote by Randy Carlyle
Hockey Coach quotes by Avon Gale
#38. What was the problem? Couldn't a guy have a heated argument with his secret billionaire boyfriend at hockey practice with out an audience? #Quote by Avon Gale
Hockey Coach quotes by John Kessel
#39. I am here to give my players the little push they need, just like they needed long ago, when first learning the art of the swing. All you needed then was a little push, and quickly you were pumping away, flying higher and higher, without any more help from the 'coach.' #Quote by John Kessel
Hockey Coach quotes by John Madden
#40. It's been the video game ever since I got out of coaching. Even when I was an announcer, fewer and fewer people remembered me as 'Coach,' and as the years went on, people just started knowing me from the game. #Quote by John Madden
Hockey Coach quotes by Vladislav Tretiak
#41. There is no position in sport as noble as goaltending. #Quote by Vladislav Tretiak
Hockey Coach quotes by Randy Pausch
#42. Coach Graham rode you pretty hard, didn't he?" he said. I could barely muster a "yeah." That's a good thing," the assistant told me. When you're screwing up and nobody says anything to you anymore, it means they've given up on you. #Quote by Randy Pausch
Hockey Coach quotes by Joe Paterno
#43. What is a coach? We are teachers. Educators. We have the same obligations as all teachers, except we probably have more influence over young people than anybody but their families. And, in a lot of cases, more than their families. #Quote by Joe Paterno
Hockey Coach quotes by Steve Yzerman
#44. Playoff hockey is the best way to market your team. It's the best way to grow your fan base and give hope to your players and for them to develop. #Quote by Steve Yzerman
Hockey Coach quotes by Christopher Allsopp
#45. I think that's why I coach.. I used to get up early every morning with a clear goal in mind of how fast I was going to be. When I stopped rowing, there was a void in my daily routine. Now I go to bed at night and get up morning with a clear goal in mind of how fast you are going to be. #Quote by Christopher Allsopp
Hockey Coach quotes by Hope Davis
#46. You know what I have noticed? And this is really sad. Flying first class is less scary than flying coach. They speak to you and they're so nice to you and they want to help you and they know you want a drink before the plane takes off. And they bring it to you without asking. If you're sitting in coach and hoping for a drink, good luck. #Quote by Hope Davis
Hockey Coach quotes by Toni Aleo
#47. Is she worth it though?" he asked and she shrugged.

"That's up to you to decide. Either way, I support you, love you, and will stand beside you," she whispered against his lips. "And when you're ready, I'll Spartan kick her in the face. #Quote by Toni Aleo
Hockey Coach quotes by James Counsilman
#48. It only hurt once, from beginning to end. #Quote by James Counsilman
Hockey Coach quotes by Leo Tolstoy
#49. No, you're going in vain," she mentally addressed a company in a coach-and-four who were evidently going out of town for some merriment. "And the dog you're taking with you won't help you. You won't get away from yourselves. #Quote by Leo Tolstoy
Hockey Coach quotes by Avon Gale
#50. For the first time in his whole life, Laurent played the game out of love instead of hate. But it wasn't his love of hockey that kept him focused in net.
Every time a puck came toward him and he made a save, he thought, "This is for Isaac." Every time one of his dickhead former teammates snarled something insulting or called him names, he ignored them and thought about Isaac calling him Saint. He thought about Isaac's dumb blue hair dye that had left a stain in Laurent's shower and that lip ring that drove Laurent crazy. He thought about the lake and eating a Twinkie on Isaac's floor. He thought about Isaac saying he loved him. #Quote by Avon Gale
Hockey Coach quotes by David Blatt
#51. It was an honor to coach him. He should be proud of what he did this year. #Quote by David Blatt
Hockey Coach quotes by Tony Robbins
#52. Surmounting difficulty is the crucible that forms character. #Quote by Tony Robbins
Hockey Coach quotes by Jennie Finch
#53. When I was 12, I had a coach tell me I would never be a championship pitcher. That devastated me. I was crushed. #Quote by Jennie Finch

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