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Hipwell Motel quotes by Nora Roberts
#1. Given her a suitcase and a motel room in countless cities. She'd made her choice. After ten years he discovered #Quote by Nora Roberts
Hipwell Motel quotes by Elizabeth Gilbert
#2. Time
when pursued like a bandit
will behave like one; always remaining one country or one room ahead of you, changing its name and hair color to elude you, slipping ou the back door of the motel just as you're banging through the lobby with your newest search warrant, leaving only a burning cigarette in the ashtray to taunt you. #Quote by Elizabeth Gilbert
Hipwell Motel quotes by Penny Pritzker
#3. I grew up in the motel business, and it evolved into hotels. #Quote by Penny Pritzker
Hipwell Motel quotes by Dianne Harman
#4. The silver flask called to him.
Blue Coyote Motel #Quote by Dianne Harman
Hipwell Motel quotes by Douglas Adams
#5. Arthur checked himself into a small motel on the outskirts of town, and sat glumly on the bed, which was damp, and flipped through the little information brochure, which was also damp. It said that the planet of NowWhat had been named after the opening words of the first settlers to arrive there after struggling across light years of space to reach the furthest unexplored outreaches of the Galaxy. The main town was called OhWell. #Quote by Douglas Adams
Hipwell Motel quotes by Kristen Ashley
#6. "Fuck! " I shouted and everyone at the espresso counter looked over at us. "Half a million dollars?" Lee dropped his foot and turned to me. "Roxie, calm down."

"Half a million dollars and he bought me cheese puffs and took me to that sleaze bag motel? I'm gonna fucking kill that motherfucker!" I yelled.

"Roxie –"

I slammed my fists on my knees. "The least he could have done was bind my wrists with VELVET ROPE. He sure could have afforded it. Stupid jerk. #Quote by Kristen Ashley
Hipwell Motel quotes by Bill Clegg
#7. Rough as life can be, I know in my bones we are supposed to stick around and play our part. Even if that part is coughing to death from cigarettes, or being blown up young in a house with your mother watching. And even if it's to be that mother. Someone down the line might need to know you got through it. Or maybe someone you won't see coming will need you. Like a kid who asks you to help him clean motel rooms. Or some ghost who drifts your way, hungry. And good people might even ask you to marry them. And it might be you never know the part you played, what it meant to someone to watch you make your way each day. Maybe someone or something is watching us all make our way. I don't think we get to know why. It is, as Ben would say about most of what I used to worry about, none of my business. #Quote by Bill Clegg
Hipwell Motel quotes by Courtney Summers
#8. It's the kind of motel that makes you feel every one of your secrets. The cost of the stay is how much you're willing to live with yourself. That, and almost eighty dollars. I close the door behind me, draw the curtain, lock the door and once I do that last thing, I lean my head against it to release itself from my spent, sore muscles. I let myself get lost in my own hurt. But only for a second. #Quote by Courtney Summers
Hipwell Motel quotes by Step Into The Stereotypes Of Amsterdam
#9. The Netherlands capital of Amsterdam amsterdam cruise is a thriving metropolis and one from the world's popular cities. If you are planning a trip to the metropolis, but are unclear about what you should do presently there, why not possess a little fun and spend time learning about how it's stereotypically known for? How come they put on clogs? When was the wind mill first utilised there? In addition, be sure to include all your feels on your journey and taste the phenomenal cheeses along with smell the stunning tulips. It's really recommended that you stay in a city motel, Amsterdam is quite spread out and residing in hotels close to the city-centre allows for the easiest access to public transportation.

#Quote by Step Into The Stereotypes Of Amsterdam
Hipwell Motel quotes by Barbara O'Connor
#10. And then she got a bad, bad feeling because she realized she had been wrong.
You can fool a person.
You can fool a dog.
You can fool a cat or a horse or a teacher or a friend.
But you cannot ever fool a heart. #Quote by Barbara O'Connor
Hipwell Motel quotes by Richard Ford
#11. It's odd to imagine, of course: you pass a car on a lonely rural highway; you sit beside a man in a diner and share views with him; you wait behind a customer checking into a motel, a friendly man with a winning smile and twinkling hazel eyes, who's happy to fill you in on his life's story and wants you to like him - odd to think this man is cruising around with a loaded pistol, making up his mind about which bank he'll soon rob.' - Richard Ford, Canada #Quote by Richard Ford
Hipwell Motel quotes by James Kavanaugh
#12. If you can't love with your body, who can trust the heart that hangs like a motel door screaming to a houseboy: 'Do not disturb! #Quote by James Kavanaugh
Hipwell Motel quotes by Ken Thompson
#13. SCCS, the source motel! Programs check in and never check out! #Quote by Ken Thompson
Hipwell Motel quotes by Jodi Linton
#14. Gunner's grin widened as he took a single step back. "That
blouse of yours is causing me all kinds of pain in all the right

I gave my blouse a once over and quickly decided that there
was nothing wrong with the dang thing. "Then maybe you should
go back to your motel room, grab a towel, and do something
about it," I told him.

He wrapped a callused hand around my face and tipped my
chin up. Our mouths were way too close. "I could use the help of
a good-looking lady. #Quote by Jodi Linton
Hipwell Motel quotes by Tom Bodett
#15. I'm real. I believe what I'm saying. If Motel 6 wasn't the type of operation they say it is - and I stay at them when I travel - I wouldn't do their commercials. That comes through on the radio, and that's what it's all about. #Quote by Tom Bodett
Hipwell Motel quotes by Michael Perry
#16. I am no sort of art expert. I have only been to the Whitney once before, on a previous business visit that coincided with the Biennial. I enjoyed great swaths of that, although I was tempted to leave a note for several of the artists that said, "Great Start!" I would write it in crayon and add a smiley face so as not to seem rude. And I just do not have the patience for video installations, having yet to encounter one that conveys the absurdity of the human situation more effectively than a night spent channel surfing in a Motel 6 on the outskirts of Rapid City. But I like to look at everything. #Quote by Michael Perry
Hipwell Motel quotes by Mercy Brown
#17. Sunny, I can't believe you and Cole got married before me and Travis."

"Travis married us in the Motel 6 parking lot last night, remember? You were my maid of honor and everything."

"Goddamn, I'm never drinking PBR again," she says and makes a fake retching sound. #Quote by Mercy Brown
Hipwell Motel quotes by Alain De Botton
#18. If we find poetry in the service station and motel, if we are drawn to the airport or train carriage, it is perhaps because, in spite of their architectural compromises and discomforts, in spite of their garish colours and harsh lighting, we implicitly feel that these isolated places offer us a material setting for an alternative to the selfish ease, the habits and confinement of the ordinary, rooted world. #Quote by Alain De Botton
Hipwell Motel quotes by Gary Webb
#19. Freelance investigative reporter Danny Casolaro was looking into the Cabazon/Wackenhut projects as part of a larger conspiracy investigation at the time he was found dead in a West Virginia motel room in 1991, allegedly a suicide victim. He had told friends he was convinced that "spies, arms merchants and others were using the reservation as a low-profile site on which to develop weapons for Third World armies, including the Nicaraguan Contras. #Quote by Gary Webb
Hipwell Motel quotes by Renata Adler
#20. Late-sleeping Utopians, especially, persist like mercury. I am a fanatic myself, although not a woman of temperament. I get nervous at scenes. I stole a washcloth once from a motel in Angkor Wat. The bellboy was incensed. I had to give it back. To promote the general welfare and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity - I believe all that. I go to parties almost whenever I am asked. I think a high tone of moral indignation, used too often, is an ugly thing. I get up at eight. Quite often now I have a drink before eleven. In some ways, I have overshot my mark in life in spades. #Quote by Renata Adler
Hipwell Motel quotes by Lucas Regazzi
#21. It wasn't beautiful. A Winter wedding is a union of elation and depression, red velvet blankets in a cheap motel room stained with semen from sex devoid of meaning, and black mold clinging to the fringe of floral shower curtains like a heap of dead forevers.

You sat down at the foot of the bed, looking at me like I had already
driven away. I was thinking about watching CNN. How fucked up is that? I wanted to know that your second hand, off-white dress, and my black polyester bow tie wasn't as tragic as a hurricane devouring a suburb, or a train derailment in no where, Virginia, ending the lives of two young college hopefuls.

I was naïve. I thought that there were as many right ways to feel love as the amount of

pubic hair, 

belly lint, and

scratch marks abandoned by lovers in our honeymoon suite.

When you looked at me in bed that night, I put my hand on your chest to feel a little more human. I don't know what to call you; a name does not describe the aches, or lack of. This love is unusual and comfortable.
If you were to leave, I know I'd search for days, in newspapers and broadcasts, in car accidents and exposés on genocide in Kosovo.

(How do I address this? How is one to feel about
a love without a name?)

My heart would be ambivalent, too scared to look for you
behind the curtains of the motel window, outside in the abyss of powder and pay phones
because I don't know how to love #Quote by Lucas Regazzi
Hipwell Motel quotes by Jeff Foxworthy
#22. You might be a redneck if motel 6 turns off the lights when they see you coming. #Quote by Jeff Foxworthy
Hipwell Motel quotes by Karen  Erickson
#23. I want you, Sheridan," he whispered near her ear. "I want to fuck you until you can't walk. I want to hear you moan my name when you come, like you did that night in the motel room. I want to lick that swollen little clit of yours until you scream and pull my hair and beg me to stop. #Quote by Karen Erickson
Hipwell Motel quotes by Mitch Hedberg
#24. One time I stayed at a haunted motel. When I checked into my room, there was a sheet on the floor, and I thought it was a ghost that had passed out, so I kicked it. #Quote by Mitch Hedberg
Hipwell Motel quotes by Amelia C. Gormley
#25. Well, look at it this way," Robin reasoned as I sat with him and Geoff at their kitchen table that night, half-plastered from the pitcher of margarita they'd blended up. Was I going to have a tequila hangover in the morning? Oh, honey, you bet your sweet ass I was. And how many fucks did I give?
Not a one.
"Even if you were overreacting to read what you read into this guy's offer - which I don't think you were, though I doubt he actually thought it through enough to intend it to be read that way - you still have to ask yourself: What's in it for you, hanging around some motel room waiting for a married man to make a booty call? What benefit would you get out of that situation, or out of prolonging your relationship with him? He might not have meant it to be an insulting offer, but it was absolutely a one hundred percent selfish offer. There was no upside for you whatsoever, unless the sex really was just that amazing. #Quote by Amelia C. Gormley
Hipwell Motel quotes by Heather Meyer
#26. I'm sure." I smiled and took a sip of coffee. "I don't want to be stranded on the side of the road. Will that old thing even make it that far?" He looked toward his truck. "That old thing hasn't let me down yet." "So how long will it take to get there?" "'bout six, six and a half hours. That should give me time to get settled into my motel room and practice a little before I go to the studio in the morning." I nodded. "Have you had breakfast?" "I ate at Mrs. Wrigley's when I dropped Amy off." "How about a cup of coffee?" I said. "No thanks. It'll just make me have to stop and pee." I laughed. I stood and stepped to him. "Call me when you get there. Okay?" "I'll call. I promise." He turned to look down at Bo, who sat in the yard looking up at us, stick in mouth, waiting. "I asked Mike to keep an eye on you while I'm gone," he said. "The #Quote by Heather Meyer
Hipwell Motel quotes by Emily Rubin
#27. As I walked up the hill to the motel, #Quote by Emily Rubin
Hipwell Motel quotes by Jay London
#28. At Motel 6 in Amish Country I wonder if they leave the light on for you? #Quote by Jay London
Hipwell Motel quotes by Warren Ellis
#29. Really?" Mister Sun said. "You killed a man with the same knife you use to make brunch, and you're suddenly squeamish about a hammer. #Quote by Warren Ellis
Hipwell Motel quotes by Henny Youngman
#30. A motel is where you give up good dollars for bad quarters. #Quote by Henny Youngman
Hipwell Motel quotes by Rod Hundley
#31. We were so happy to be alive. There was a motel there pretty close. We had a big cup of coffee. Everybody had a room to themselves. But nobody wanted to go to bed. Everybody wanted to stay up and drink coffee and have doughnuts. We had made it. The weather was perfect when we woke up the next morning. #Quote by Rod Hundley
Hipwell Motel quotes by Holly Schindler
#32. But I felt like I'd made a journey to the land of fairytales only to find out that the magical world was identical to the real one. Even in fairytales, the sun still burns, sand still works its way into your bikini bottoms, and the diner next door to your motel still scorches toast. #Quote by Holly Schindler
Hipwell Motel quotes by Becca Fitzpatrick
#33. You think the two of us and a slummy motel make for a dangerous combination? #Quote by Becca Fitzpatrick
Hipwell Motel quotes by Alain De Botton
#34. The twenty-four-hour diner, the station waiting room and the motel are sanctuaries for those who have, for noble reasons, failed to find a home in the ordinary world, sanctuaries for those whom Baudelaire might have dignified with the honorific 'poets'. #Quote by Alain De Botton
Hipwell Motel quotes by Amelia C. Gormley
#35. What is it? What is it?!" I began dumping clothes out of the dresser drawers, snatching them on as quickly as I could before hauling my suitcase and large duffel out of the closet. I would not cry. I would not cry! "Brendan, what was the only fucking thing I asked from you that first night? Do you remember?"
He blinked, scrubbing a hand through his tousled hair. "You ... you asked me to respect you. Which I do, I'm just trying to - "
"Oh, really?" I gave him a derisive sneer as I threw wadded clothes into my bags and began slamming about, looking for odds and ends I might have missed. "That's what you call this? You offer to put me up like your personal rent-boy in some no-tell motel and promise to drop by every few days for a booty call while your wife's in town, and you think that's not demeaning? Well, fuck you. #Quote by Amelia C. Gormley
Hipwell Motel quotes by Jo Nesbo
#36. The best brothels in Bangkok seem to have a weakness for Greek names,' [Liz] commented acidly and got out. Harry looked up at a large neon sign proclaiming that the motel was called Olympussy. #Quote by Jo Nesbo
Hipwell Motel quotes by Kurt Vonnegut
#37. I looked through the Gideon Bible in my motel room for tales of great destruction. The sun was risen upon the Earth when Lot entered into Zo-ar, I read. Then the Lord rained upon Sodom and upon Gomorrah brimstone and fire from the Lord out of Heaven; and He overthrew those cities, and all the plain, and all the inhabitants of the cities, and that which grew upon the ground.
So it goes.
Those were vile people in both those cities, as is well known. The World was better off without them.
And Lot's wife, of course, was told not to look back where all those people and their homes had been. But she did look back, and I love her for that, because it was so human.
So she was turned to a pillar of salt. So it goes. #Quote by Kurt Vonnegut

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