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Famous Quotes About Hightail Yousendit

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Hightail Yousendit quotes by Joel C. Rosenberg
#1. Jacob remembered it distinctly because it was his twenty-second birthday, and he was annoyed at being awakened by his uncle at 1:17 in the morning. But Avi had no time to be sentimental. He ordered Jacob to hightail it with him through a bone-chilling winter night to get to some safe house they'd never been to before and make it there by the top of the hour. Jacob had been hoping to sleep in a little and maybe eat a half-decent meal before sitting down to plan the sabotage of a radio tower near Antwerp, an operation scheduled for the coming weekend. But none of that was to be. #Quote by Joel C. Rosenberg
Hightail Yousendit quotes by Daniel Younger
#2. Good threat," the woman chuckled. "Here's mine: you've got about twenty minutes to hightail it over to Venetian before your brother becomes a memory wrote in pink mist. Toodles. #Quote by Daniel Younger
Hightail Yousendit quotes by Traci L. Slatton
#3. See ya," I said and turned to hightail it. "Wait!" he grabbed my arm. "Don't you have a faint sense, a vague feeling, that we've met before?" "Nope," I lied, warily. "You must," he said. "Because reality is non-local, and once two particles have interacted, they're forever intimately connected in some way. #Quote by Traci L. Slatton
Hightail Yousendit quotes by Clarissa Pinkola Estes
#4. Fortunately, no matter how many times she is pushed down, she bounds up again. No matter how many times she is forbidden, quelled, cut back, diluted, tortured, touted as unsafe, dangerous, mad, and other derogations, she emanates upward in women, so that even the most quiet, even the most restrained woman keeps a secret place for Wild Woman, Even the more repressed woman has a secret life, with secret thoughts and secret feelings which are lush and wild, that is, natural. Even the most captured woman guards the place of the wildish self, for she knows intuitively that someday there will be a loophole, an aperture, a chance, and she will hightail it to escape. #Quote by Clarissa Pinkola Estes

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