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Hepatocarcinoma Treatment quotes by Herbert Marcuse
#1. Where these reduced (operational - E.W.) concepts govern the analysis of the human reality, individual or social, mental or material, they arrive at a false concreteness - a concreteness isolated from the conditions which constitute its reality. In this context, the operational treatment of the concept assumes a political function. The individual and his behavior are analyzed in a therapeutic sense - adjustment to his society. Thought and expression, theory and practice are to be brought in line with the facts of his existence without leaving room for the conceptual critique of these facts. #Quote by Herbert Marcuse
Hepatocarcinoma Treatment quotes by David Ssembajjo
#2. A sane person who dwells among the mad will become insane because they will act like the mad. One who cares and treats the insane will have mad traits. A sane man who lives among the mad will be made mad by virtue of his associations and dealings. No sane person can dwell among the mad unless if that person is mad himself/herself. A mad person percieves madness and has no clear object or picture that can come out of his mind. Remember sore grapes can ruin good tasty grapes when taken together.You can't live amongst pigs if you are not a pig yourself. Therefore how can the mad treat their fellow mad. That is vanity too be treated by a mad physician who thinks he is sane. The treatment of a mad person speaks volumes and appears to suggest and show that they are treated in a haphazard way without a clear path in regard to recovering their sanity. #Quote by David Ssembajjo
Hepatocarcinoma Treatment quotes by Laura Bush
#3. In many developing countries, girls don't go to school. They stay home. They are at the water wells, bringing water back and forth to the village. Or they are doing chores, preparing meals, farming. Some cultures think girls and women shouldn't be educated, and those are very often the places where the treatment of women and girls is the worst. #Quote by Laura Bush
Hepatocarcinoma Treatment quotes by Alex Benson
#4. AddressingAddiction.com offers a comprehensive alcohol detox at home service in various parts of the UK. Receive treatment from an experienced psychiatrist as well as support specialists like addiction counsellors and auricular acupuncturists. #Quote by Alex Benson
Hepatocarcinoma Treatment quotes by Debasish Mridha
#5. Respond with love and kindness even to hurtful treatment. #Quote by Debasish Mridha
Hepatocarcinoma Treatment quotes by Chuck Palahniuk
#6. That big glorious mountain. For one transitory moment, I think I may have actually seen it". For one flash, the Mommy had seen the mountain without thinking of logging and ski resorts and avalanches, managed wildlife, plate tectonic geology, microclimates, rain shadow, or yin-yang locations. She'd seen the mountain without the framework of language. Without the cage of associations. She'd seen it without looking through the lens of everything she knew was true about mountains.
What she'd seen in that flash wasn't even a "mountain". It wasn't a natural resource. It had no name.
"That's the big goal", she said. "To find a cure for knowledge".
For education. For living in our heads.
Ever since the story of Adam and Eve in the bible, humanity had been a little too smart for its own good, the Mommy said. Ever since eating that apple. Her goal was to find, if not a cure, then at least a treatment that would give people back their innocence.
"The cerebral cortex, the cerebellum", she said, "that's where your problem is".
If she could just get down to using only her brain stem, she'd be cured.
This would be somewhere beyond happiness and sadness.
You don't see fish agonized by wild mood swings.
Sponges never have a bad day. #Quote by Chuck Palahniuk
Hepatocarcinoma Treatment quotes by K.M. Soehnlein
#7. The biggest problem in the fictional treatment of sex is that it's not treated as part of the story but as a pause from the story. The best sex scenes in fiction are the ones that advance the story. #Quote by K.M. Soehnlein
Hepatocarcinoma Treatment quotes by Joseph B. Wirthlin
#8. Self-control is one mark of a mature person; it applies to control of language, physical treatment of others, and the appetites of the body. #Quote by Joseph B. Wirthlin
Hepatocarcinoma Treatment quotes by Laura Bates
#9. This combination of ageism and sexism was also blatant in the Boston Herald's treatment of sixty-three-year-old Elizabeth Warren, whose 2012 Senate bid it sought to undermine by repeatedly dubbing her "Granny" in its pages, as if to imply that an older woman could not possibly be trusted with political responsibility. #Quote by Laura Bates
Hepatocarcinoma Treatment quotes by Derek Parfit
#10. While reasons are provided by the facts, ... rationality ... depends instead on our beliefs. [ ... ] [I]f I believe falsely that my hotel is on fire, it may be rational for me to jump into the canal. But I have no reason to jump. I merely think I do. And, if some dangerous treatment would save your life, but you don't know that fact, it would be irrational for you to take this treatment, but that is what you have most reason to do. #Quote by Derek Parfit
Hepatocarcinoma Treatment quotes by Toba Beta
#11. Witchcraft had once been widely used before cursed by the society.
I see today the society presumes technology will have a different treatment. #Quote by Toba Beta
Hepatocarcinoma Treatment quotes by Stephen Chbosky
#12. When I did a study of all the coming-of-age movies that meant a lot to me, whether it was 'The Graduate' or 'Rebel Without a Cause' or 'Dead Poet's Society,' they all had that timeless feel. None of them were completely married to the details of their age. They felt timeless in their treatment of it. That's what made them resonate with me. #Quote by Stephen Chbosky
Hepatocarcinoma Treatment quotes by Theodore J. Kaczynski
#13. On the other hand it is possible that human control over the
machines may be retained. In that case the average man may have
control over certain private machines of his own, such as his car of
his personal computer, but control over large systems of machines will
be in the hands of a tiny elite -- just as it is today, but with two
difference. Due to improved techniques the elite will have greater
control over the masses; and because human work will no longer be
necessary the masses will be superfluous, a useless burden on the
system. If the elite is ruthless the may simply decide to exterminate
the mass of humanity. If they are humane they may use propaganda or
other psychological or biological techniques to reduce the birth rate
until the mass of humanity becomes extinct, leaving the world to the
elite. Or, if the elite consist of soft-hearted liberals, they may
decide to play the role of good shepherds to the rest of the human
race. They will see to it that everyone's physical needs are
satisfied, that all children are raised under psychologically hygienic
conditions, that everyone has a wholesome hobby to keep him busy, and
that anyone who may become dissatisfied undergoes "treatment" to cure
his "problem." Of course, life will be so purposeless that people will
have to be biologically or psychologically engineered either to remove
their need for the pow #Quote by Theodore J. Kaczynski
Hepatocarcinoma Treatment quotes by Greg Gutfeld
#14. Magic Johnson links his HIV and treatment to health care as though ObamaCare would provide the same level of care that a mega rich celebrity would get. Is he going to dump his coverage? Is he going to dump it and sign up for ObamaCare? #Quote by Greg Gutfeld
Hepatocarcinoma Treatment quotes by Sarah MacLean
#15. Well, considering I'm in full view of half of London, as you are so quick to point out, what's the worst that could happen?"
"Let's see," he said, his voice dripping with sarcasm, "you could have been abducted, mistreated, revealed..."
Penelope stiffened. "And how would that have been different than my treatment at your hands?" she whispered, keeping her voice low enough so that only he could hear her, knowing she was pushing his limits.
His eyes flashed. "It would be immensely different. And if you can't see that-"
"Oh, please. Don't pretend you care a bit about me, or my happiness. It would be the same cell, a different jailer. #Quote by Sarah MacLean
Hepatocarcinoma Treatment quotes by Michael Ruse
#16. Their [the new atheists] treatment of the religious viewpoint is pathetic to the point of non-being. Richard Dawkins in The God Delusion would fail any introductory philosophy or religion course. Proudly he criticizes that whereof he knows nothing. #Quote by Michael Ruse
Hepatocarcinoma Treatment quotes by Rick Yancey
#17. What?" I ask the back of his head. "Now you're giving me the silent treatment?" His shoulders jiggle up and down. You know, one of those wry, silent chuckles, accompanied by a rueful shake of the head. Girls! So silly. #Quote by Rick Yancey
Hepatocarcinoma Treatment quotes by Reggie Fils-Aime
#18. Attitudes to mental health are slowly changing, there's less stigma among healthcare workers and a greater commitment to provide mental health treatment when doctors and nurses can see people do get better. #Quote by Reggie Fils-Aime
Hepatocarcinoma Treatment quotes by Piper Kerman
#19. ...she was a junkie. But she wasn't locked up for a drug crime, so she wasn't getting any kind of treatment for her addictions. #Quote by Piper Kerman
Hepatocarcinoma Treatment quotes by James E. Lock
#20. In summary, the research literature suggests that two forms of outpatient psychotherapy may be effective for anorexia: family therapy based on the Maudsley approach and EOIT as developed by Robin and colleagues. Up to this point, family treatment has received greater attention and has more evidence to support it. However, the tradition of psychodynamic psychotherapy lends additional credibility to EOIT. #Quote by James E. Lock
Hepatocarcinoma Treatment quotes by James Inhofe
#21. If they're in cell block 1A or 1B, these prisoners - they're murderers, they're terrorists, they're insurgents. Many of them probably have American blood on their hands. And here we're so concerned about the treatment of those individuals. #Quote by James Inhofe
Hepatocarcinoma Treatment quotes by Menander
#22. When a poor man's wronged, he becomes a very difficult customer. To start with, he gets a lot of sympathy: and then he takes his bad treatment not just as an injury, but as a personal insult. #Quote by Menander
Hepatocarcinoma Treatment quotes by James A. Michener
#23. John Whipple did not allow his anger at such treatment to obscure his judgment. In years of trading around the Pacific he had often met obstinate men and the cruel situations which they produce, and he had learned that in such confrontations his only chance of winning lay in doing exactly what in conscience ought to be done. It was by reliance upon this conviction that he had quietly made his way in such disparate jungles as Valparaiso, Batavia, Singapore and Honolulu. #Quote by James A. Michener
Hepatocarcinoma Treatment quotes by Sam Harris
#24. Drug abuse and addiction are very real problems, the remedy for which is education and medical treatment, not incarceration. In fact, the most abused drugs in the United States now appear to be oxycodone and other prescription painkillers. Should #Quote by Sam Harris
Hepatocarcinoma Treatment quotes by Peter Marshall
#25. With their concern for personal autonomy and individual freedom, anarchists more than any other socialists are aware of the inhumanity of both physical punishment and manipulative cure for anti-social members of the community. They look to reasoned argument and friendly treatment to deal with criminals and wish to respect their humanity and individuality. #Quote by Peter Marshall
Hepatocarcinoma Treatment quotes by Carl Sagan
#26. The old exhortations to nationalist fervor and jingoist pride have begun to lose their appeal. Perhaps because of rising standards of living, children are being treated better worldwide. In only a few decades, sweeping global changes have begun to move in precisely the directions needed for human survival. A new consciousness is developing which recognizes that we are one species. #Quote by Carl Sagan
Hepatocarcinoma Treatment quotes by John Stuart Mill
#27. The prevailing tendency to regard all the marked distinctions of human character as innate, and in the main indelible, and to ignore the irresistible proofs that by far the greater part of those differences, whether between individuals, races, or sexes are such as not only might but naturally would be produced by differences in circumstances, is one of the chief hinderances to the rational treatment of great social questions, and one of the greatest stumbling blocks to human improvement. #Quote by John Stuart Mill
Hepatocarcinoma Treatment quotes by William F. Buckley, Jr.
#28. Treatment is not now available for almost half of those who would benefit from it. Yet we are willing to build more and more jails in which to isolate drug users even though at one-seventh the cost of building and maintaining jail space and pursuing, detaining, and prosecuting the drug user, we could subsidize commensurately effective medical care and psychological treatment. #Quote by William F. Buckley, Jr.
Hepatocarcinoma Treatment quotes by Koo Stark
#29. I have no qualms about saying I am more confident in the medical treatment in America. The breast cancer survival rate is 20 per cent higher than in the UK. #Quote by Koo Stark
Hepatocarcinoma Treatment quotes by John Wyndham
#30. But he survived, that radio announcer. His ship and five others out of the flotilla of ten came through, a bit radioactive, but otherwise unharmed. And I understand that the first thing that happened to him when he reported back to his office after treatment
was a reprimand for the use of overcolloquial language which had given offense to a number of listeners by its neglect of the Third Commandment. #Quote by John Wyndham
Hepatocarcinoma Treatment quotes by Malala Yousafzai
#31. I think of it often and imagine the scene clearly. Even if they come to kill me, I will tell them what they are trying to do is wrong, that education is our basic right. #Quote by Malala Yousafzai
Hepatocarcinoma Treatment quotes by Pawan Mishra
#32. Depression is a reality with everyone. What's important is the ability to move on. #Quote by Pawan Mishra
Hepatocarcinoma Treatment quotes by Victor Malarek
#33. From the moment they're recruited to the time they're 'rescued' and deported, trafficked women are terrorized. Every single day they face a world stacked heavily against them. Their only friends are the dedicated women and men who form the thin front line against trafficking--an often thankless job. Those working for nongovernmental aid agencies and organizations are the real heroes in this bleak morass. Still, their work is merely a Band-Aid solution. In the vast majority of cases, NGO workers report that their funding is ad hoc and wholly inadequate to meet even basic needs.

If we truly want a fair shot at saving these women, we need to open not only our minds but also our wallets. We need to focus on programs that care compassionately for the victims and we need to implement them immediately, worldwide. The most urgent priorities are safe shelters and clinics equipped and staffed to offer medical and psychological treatment. We need to understand that most of these women have been psychologically and physically ripped apart. And we need to be prepared for the fac thtat most have been infected with various sexually transmitted diseases. #Quote by Victor Malarek
Hepatocarcinoma Treatment quotes by Apolo Ohno
#34. Early in my career, I had difficulty breathing during workouts and my performance on the ice suffered. It wasn't until I was diagnosed with EIB and received the proper treatment that I was able to reach my peak performance. #Quote by Apolo Ohno
Hepatocarcinoma Treatment quotes by Oscar Wilde
#35. The public like to insult poets because they are individual, but once they have insulted them, they leave them alone. In the case of the novel and the drama, arts in which the public do take an interest, the result of the exercise of popular authority has been absolutely ridiculous. No country produces such badly-written fiction, such tedious, common work in the novel form, such silly, vulgar plays as England. It must necessarily be so. The popular standard is of such a character that no artist can get to it. It is at once too easy and too difficult to be a popular novelist. It is too easy, because the requirements of the public as far as plot, style, psychology, treatment of life, and treatment of literature are concerned are within the reach of the very meanest capacity and the most uncultivated mind. It is too difficult, because to meet such requirements the artist would have to do violence to his temperament, would have to write not for the artistic joy of writing, but for the amusement of half-educated people, and so would have to suppress his individualism, forget his culture, annihilate his style, and surrender everything that is valuable in him. #Quote by Oscar Wilde
Hepatocarcinoma Treatment quotes by Barton Gellman
#36. Iraq has the most extensive petrochemical industry in the Middle East and a wealth of vaccine factories, single-cell protein research labs, medical and veterinary manufacturing centers and water treatment plants. #Quote by Barton Gellman
Hepatocarcinoma Treatment quotes by Charlotte McPherren
#37. Tell you what. Doc Sinclair will attempt to work a special treatment that my father swore helped relieve my mother's headaches."
"Right at this moment you could shoot me and I'd be forever grateful."
He chuckled. "This treatment isn't anywhere near as fateful. #Quote by Charlotte McPherren
Hepatocarcinoma Treatment quotes by Eva Vertes
#38. For so long, the mainstays of cancer treatment have been chemotherapy and radiation. They're toxic and primitive. We need to look at it in a rational way and say, how can we help the body heal itself? #Quote by Eva Vertes
Hepatocarcinoma Treatment quotes by Gary David Goldberg
#39. In 1998, I received treatment for my knee by an Israeli therapist. We spoke about Israel and I mentioned 'Scooterman' and he just froze. It was like he had met Elvis. I thought he was kidding me and then he called his brother, they yelled to each other over the phone, and then I believed him. #Quote by Gary David Goldberg
Hepatocarcinoma Treatment quotes by Anais Nin
#40. The symptoms of hibernating are easily detectable: first, restlessness. The second symptom (when hibernating becomes dangerous and might degenerate into death): absence of pleasure. That is all. It appears like an innocuous illness. Monotony, boredom, death. Millions live like this (or die like this) without knowing it. They work in offices. They drive a car. They picnic with their families. They raise children. And then some shock treatment takes place, a person, a book, a song, and it awakens them and saves them from death. #Quote by Anais Nin
Hepatocarcinoma Treatment quotes by John Wooden
#41. Fairness is giving all people the treatment they earn and deserve. It doesn't mean treating everyone alike. #Quote by John Wooden
Hepatocarcinoma Treatment quotes by Ricky Gervais
#42. I never understood redemption when I was young. Even before I was an atheist, I always thought with the prodigal son, "well, why's he getting the special treatment?". #Quote by Ricky Gervais
Hepatocarcinoma Treatment quotes by Maria Montessori
#43. Our work is not to teach, but to help the absorbent mind in its work of development. How marvelous it would be if by our help, if by an intelligent treatment of the child, if by understanding the needs of his physical life and by feeding his intellect, we could prolong the period of functioning of the absorbent mind! #Quote by Maria Montessori
Hepatocarcinoma Treatment quotes by Suzanne Collins
#44. To set a precedent, I guess. So that if in the future she ever fell from grace, it would be understood that presidents - even the most despicable - get special treatment. #Quote by Suzanne Collins
Hepatocarcinoma Treatment quotes by Philip W. Comfort
#45. But a central message there is, and it is the recognition of this that has led to the common treatment of the Bible as a book, and not simply a collection of books - just as the Greek plural biblia (books) became the Latin singular biblia (the book). #Quote by Philip W. Comfort
Hepatocarcinoma Treatment quotes by Sigmund Freud
#46. But hypnotism had been of immense help in the cathartic treatment, by widening the field of the patient's consciousness and putting within his reach knowledge which he did not possess in his waking life. It seemed no easy task to find a substitute for it. While I was in this perplexity there came to my help the recollection of an experiment which I had often witnessed while I was with Bernheim. When the subject awoke from the state of somnambulism, he seemed to have lost all memory of what had happened while he was in that state. But Bernheim maintained that the memory was present all the same; and if he insisted on the subject remembering, if he asseverated that the subject knew it all and had only to say it, and if at the same time he laid his hand on the subject's forehead, then the forgotten memories used in fact to return, hesitatingly at first, but eventually in a flood and with complete clarity. I determined that I would act the same way. My patients I reflected, must in fact 'know' all the things which had hitherto only been made accessible to them in hypnosis; and assurances and encouragement on my part, assisted perhaps by the touch of my hand, would, I thought, have the power of forcing the forgotten facts and connections into consciousness. No doubt this seemed a more laborious process than putting the patients into hypnosis, but it might prove highly instructive. So I abandoned hypnotism, only retaining my practice of requiring the patient to lie upon a sofa whil #Quote by Sigmund Freud

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