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Famous Quotes About Hennard Searcy

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Hennard Searcy quotes by David Searcy
#1. You see more people walking now. With children, dogs. We always wave from our front porch and think if they just keep on walking that direction, pretty soon they'll find themselves out on the prairie. Think of that. An aerial view of all these kind, goodhearted, small-town people, kids in tow and dogs on leashes, walking across the prairie in a kind of trance, a kind of resignation. #Quote by David Searcy
Hennard Searcy quotes by Nelson Searcy
#2. Never treat your launch team like a core group. It's not. Your launch team is a time-limited, purpose-driven team. It ends with the debriefing session following your launch. At that meeting, release the launch team members to join a ministry team of their choice. Your launch team will not stay with you over the long haul. Many church planters make the mistake of thinking that the people from their launch team (whom they have grown to love) will be the same people who will grow the church with them in the long term. That is seldom, if ever, the case.

While it's sad to see people go, it's part of God's process in growing your church. So, expect it, be prepared for it, and be thankful that you have the opportunity to serve with so many different people at different points along the journey.

Preparing a launch team to maximize your first service is first and foremost a spiritual enterprise. Pray and fast - a lot.

Don't be fooled into thinking that being a solid leader undermines the spirit of teamwork. You can lead a team, hold people accountable and ensure that things get done in a way that fosters teamwork and gives glory to God. So get ready.

show people your heart before you ask for their hand. People want to know that you care, and they want to be part of something bigger than themselves. If you can articulate your vision in a way that excites people, they'll want to be on your team.

The launch team is not a democracy. D #Quote by Nelson Searcy
Hennard Searcy quotes by Suzanna Hupp
#3. Let me make a point here, in case this isn't becoming extremely clear. My state has gun control laws. It did not keep Hennard from coming in and killing everybody! What it did do, was keep me from protecting my family! That's the only thing that cotton pickin' law did! OK! Understand that! That's ... that's so important! #Quote by Suzanna Hupp
Hennard Searcy quotes by Nelson Searcy
#4. A renegade is someone who chooses the narrow way because it's the Jesus way ... the way of life, health and growth. #Quote by Nelson Searcy
Hennard Searcy quotes by Nelson Searcy
#5. They may ultimately form intimate relationships with people they've met in a group, but that will happen outside of the system. #Quote by Nelson Searcy
Hennard Searcy quotes by John Corey Whaley
#6. Cabot Searcy began to care about learning not for the sake of making good grades, but because he still wanted to change the world. #Quote by John Corey Whaley
Hennard Searcy quotes by Nelson Searcy
#7. Again, mercy is literally love in action. #Quote by Nelson Searcy

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