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Henchmen quotes by Czesław Miłosz
#1. In Rome on the Campo dei Fiori
Baskets of olives and lemons,
Cobbles spattered with wine
And the wreckage of flowers.
Vendors cover the trestles
With rose-pink fish;
Armfuls of dark grapes
Heaped on peach-down.

On this same square
They burned Giordano Bruno.
Henchmen kindled the pyre
Close-pressed by the mob.
Before the flames had died
The taverns were full again,
Baskets of olives and lemons
Again on the vendors' shoulders.

I thought of the Campo dei Fiori
In Warsaw by the sky-carousel
One clear spring evening
To the strains of a carnival tune.
The bright melody drowned
The salvos from the ghetto wall,
And couples were flying
High in the cloudless sky.

At times wind from the burning
Would drift dark kites along
And riders on the carousel
Caught petals in midair.
That same hot wind
Blew open the skirts of the girls
And the crowds were laughing
On that beautiful Warsaw Sunday.

Someone will read as moral
That the people of Rome or Warsaw
Haggle, laugh, make love
As they pass by martyrs' pyres.
Someone else will read
Of the passing of things human,
Of the oblivion
Born before the flames have died.

But that day I thought only
Of the loneliness of the dying,
Of how, when Giordano
Climbed to his burning
There were no words
In any h #Quote by Czesław Miłosz
Henchmen quotes by Matt Taibbi
#2. The new America, instead, is fast becoming a vast ghetto in which all of us, conservatives and progressives, are being bled dry by a relatively tiny oligarchy of extremely clever financial criminals and their castrato henchmen in government, whose job is to be good actors on TV and put on a good show. #Quote by Matt Taibbi
Henchmen quotes by Noelle Stevenson
#3. Well, what is there to do around here, anyway?"

"Well, here we have World Domination; it builds strategy skills - you can play as a dog, a boot, or a trebuchet."
Bewilder builds language and observation skills..."

"I said I wanted to play VIDEO games."

"Video games are a waste of time."

"And board games AREN'T?
Why do you even have these? No one lives here but you!"

"I used to have some henchmen. Game night was a big hit."

"Henchmen? What happened to them?"

"I can't work with mercenaries. It's impossible to build trust when they only care about their paychecks. "

"Oooh. Let me guess. The Institution paid them off?"

"I don't want to talk about it. #Quote by Noelle Stevenson
Henchmen quotes by Samantha Keel
#4. I very nearly titled this book Stop Murdering the Henchmen after this trope. If I could wave a magic wand and remove a single BS lie from our annals of storytelling, it would be this one. This trope doesn't just insult a population of the disabled. It doesn't just discount the experiences of family members of loved ones suffering with a disease. This is a trope that kills real people in the real world, every day. The #Quote by Samantha Keel
Henchmen quotes by Theodore Roosevelt
#5. A number of the heads of the offices were slippery politicians of a low moral grade, themselves appointed under the spoils system, and anxious, directly or indirectly, to break down the merit system and to pay their own political debts by appointing their henchmen and supporters to the positions under them. Occasionally these men acted with open and naked brutality. Ordinarily they sought by cunning to evade the law. #Quote by Theodore Roosevelt
Henchmen quotes by Paul Begala
#6. Again and again, I've seen Bush turn a blind eye as his henchmen have leveled zealous attacks against his political enemies - assaults which the president himself has sometimes directly encouraged. #Quote by Paul Begala
Henchmen quotes by Eric Maisel
#7. While artists fervently believe that the art marketplace was invented by the devil and remains in his henchman's hands, they have no choice but to carry long spoons and sup there. #Quote by Eric Maisel
Henchmen quotes by George R R Martin
#8. Thoren Smallwood, a sinewy ranger with a weak chin and a weaker mouth hidden under a thin scraggle of beard, gave Jon and Sam a cool look. He had been one of Alliser Thorne's henchmen, and had no love for either of them. "The Lord Commander's place is at Castle Black, lording and commanding," he told Mormont, ignoring the newcomers, "it seems to me."
"If you are ever Lord Commander, you may do as you please," Mormont told the ranger, "but it seems to me that I have not died yet, nor have the brothers put you in my place. #Quote by George R R Martin
Henchmen quotes by Maureen Dowd
#9. Will Trump, who has scant impulse control and who's willing to say the most insulting, provocative things that people wouldn't say at a dinner party much less a global forum, get into a tweet battle with a madman and start a world war? Will Hillary ever seem on the level? Or will she always be surrounded by a cordon of creepy henchmen and Clinton Inc. sycophants, shrouded in a miasma of money grabs and conveniently disappearing records and emails? Both #Quote by Maureen Dowd
Henchmen quotes by Rudolph Herzog
#10. Most of Hitler's henchmen were not demons. They were overly obedient petty bourgeois who had mutated into murderers. #Quote by Rudolph Herzog
Henchmen quotes by Anonymous
#11. tactical refusal of confrontation is itself only a stratagem of warfare. It's easy to understand, for example, why the Oaxaca Commune immediately declared itself peaceful. It wasn't a matter of refuting war, but of refusing to be defeated in a confrontation with the Mexican state and its henchmen. As some Cairo comrades explained it, "One mustn't mistake the tactic we employ when we chant 'nonviolence' for a fetishizing of non-violence #Quote by Anonymous
Henchmen quotes by Anthony Hulse
#12. The one who called himself the Apostle grinned pleasingly and added his newly acquired snapshots to his dimly lit gallery. The blood red walls were almost totally covered in newspaper cuttings, glossy photographs and assorted memorabilia. Swastikas, Nazi emblems and illustrations of Hitler's infamous henchmen adorned this section of his gallery, and their images wavered with the effects of hundreds of lit candles. #Quote by Anthony Hulse
Henchmen quotes by Maximilien De Robespierre
#13. It has been said that terror is the principle of despotic government. Does your government therefore resemble despotism? Yes, as the sword that gleams in the hands of the heroes of liberty resembles that with which the henchmen of tyranny are armed ... The government of the revolution is liberty's despotism against tyranny. Is force made only to protect crime #Quote by Maximilien De Robespierre
Henchmen quotes by Dave Turner
#14. I wouldn't call us henchmen.'
'Then what's m job title?'
Anne thought this over for a moment. 'Trainee With Afterlife Transition Senses.'
'That spells T.W.A.T.S'
'Does it?' Anne asked innocently. #Quote by Dave Turner
Henchmen quotes by Kirby Larson
#15. I thought about all the fences that get built in this world - the ones that divide folks and tear them up, like the actions of the Kaiser and his henchmen, and the ones that bring folks closer together, like this stretch of fence Karl Mueller had build for me. #Quote by Kirby Larson
Henchmen quotes by Arundhati Roy
#16. Screams died in them and floated belly up, like dead fish. Cowering on the floor, rocking between dread and disbelief, they realized that the man being beaten was Velutha. Where had he come from? What had he done? Why had the policemen brought him here?
They heard the thud of wood on flesh. Boot on bone. On teeth. The muffled grunt when a stomach is kicked in The muted crunch of skull on cement. The gurgle of blood on a man's breath when his lung is torn by the jagged end of a broken rib.
Blue-lipped and dinner-plate-eyed, they watched, mesmerized by something that they sensed but didn't understand: the absence of caprice in what the policemen did. The abyss where anger should have been. The sober, steady brutality, the economy of it all.
They were opening a bottle.
Or shutting a tap.
Cracking an egg to make an omelette.

The twins were too young to know that these were only history's henchmen. Sent to square the books and collect the dues from those who broke its laws. Impelled by feelings that were primal yet paradoxically wholly impersonal. Feelings of contempt born of inchoate, unacknowledged fear - civilization's fear of nature, men's fear of women, power's fear of powerlessness.
Man's subliminal urge to destroy what he could neither subdue nor deify.
Men's Needs.
What Esthappen and Rahel witnessed that morning, though they didn't know it then, was a clinical demonstration in controlled conditions (this was not wa #Quote by Arundhati Roy
Henchmen quotes by George R R Martin
#17. a thin scraggle of beard, gave Jon and Sam a cool look. He had been one of Alliser Thorne's henchmen, and had no love for #Quote by George R R Martin
Henchmen quotes by Jonathan Lethem
#18. The Joker's henchmen break into the museum and empty the display cases; this occurs repeatedly, again and again: finally it can be reckoned upon beforehand and becomes a part of the exhibition. #Quote by Jonathan Lethem
Henchmen quotes by George Will
#19. Stalin's henchman Molotov, 96, died old and in bed, a privilege he helped to deny to millions. #Quote by George Will
Henchmen quotes by Terence McKenna
#20. Because this is the world that science built, with the henchmen of capitalism and Christianity. #Quote by Terence McKenna
Henchmen quotes by Keith Olbermann
#21. Good evening. A President who lied us into a war and, in so doing, needlessly killed 3,584 of our family and friends and neighbors; a President whose administration initially tried to destroy the first man to nail that lie; a President whose henchmen then ruined the career of the intelligence asset that was his wife when intelligence assets were never more essential to the viability of the Republic; a President like that has tonight freed from the prospect of prison the only man ever to come to trial for one of the component felonies in what may be the greatest crime of this young century. #Quote by Keith Olbermann
Henchmen quotes by Travis Langley
#22. [On the subject of Heath Ledger's Joker] This character who attracts psychotic henchmen may have lingering symptoms from his own past psychosis. He keeps making involuntary, repetitive movements - flicking his tongue, smacking his mouth - which suggest tardive dyskinesia, a condition that arises as a consequence of long-term or high-dosage use of antipsychotic (neuroleptic) medication. #Quote by Travis Langley
Henchmen quotes by David Grann
#23. Detectives... were widely seen as surreptitious figures who burglarized other peoples secrets. ( The term "to detect" derived from the latin verb " to unroof" and because the devil, according to legend, allowed his henchmen to peer voyeuristically into houses by removing their roofs, detectives were known as 'The devils disciples #Quote by David Grann
Henchmen quotes by Jung Chang
#24. In 1969 my parents, my sister, my brother Jin-ming, and I were expelled from Chengdu one after another, and sent to distant parts of the Sichuan wilderness. We were among millions of urban dwellers to be exiled to the countryside.

In this way, young people would not be roaming the cities with nothing to do, creating trouble out of sheer boredom, and adults like my parents would have a 'future." They were part of the old administration which had been replaced by Mao's Revolutionary Committees, and packing them off to the sticks to do hard labor was a convenient solution.

According to Mao's rhetoric, we were sent to the countryside 'to be reformed." Mao advocated 'thought reform through labor' for everyone, but never explained the relationship between the two. Of course, no one asked for clarification. Merely to contemplate such a question was tantamount to treason. In reality, everyone in China knew that hard labor, particularly in the countryside, was always punishment. It was noticeable that none of Mao's henchmen, the members of the newly established Revolutionary Committees, army officers and very few of their children had to do it.

The first of us to be expelled was my father. Just after New Year 1969 he was sent to Miyi County in the region of Xichang, on the eastern edge of the Himalayas, an area so remote that it is China's satellite launch base today. It lies about 300 miles from Chengdu, four days' journey by truck, as there was no #Quote by Jung Chang
Henchmen quotes by Markham Shaw Pyle
#25. In answer to 'But violence hasn't solved anything!'
The hell it hasn't. The application of violence - of killing and a willingness to be killed - on a massive scale is responsible for a lot of solutions. The most recent mass application of violence liberated Kuwait. The most recent mass application of violence on a global scale alone cleansed the world of the Third Reich. Nonviolence and passive resistance did less than nothing to stop Hitler and his henchmen. The Atlantic slave trade wasn't stopped by 'dialogue' or 'passive resistance' or conferences, but by the opened gunports of the Royal Navy; Dachau and Chang-I weren't liberated with pamphlets. #Quote by Markham Shaw Pyle

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