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Helmert 7 quotes by Suzan Tisdale
#1. Three years later he had another opportunity to see the little girl.
Helmert had been tearing through the keep, bellowing like a mad bull as he searched for his sister. "Josephine , I swear I'll rip yer head off when I find ye!"
'Twas eerily similar to Graeme's first visit.
Remembering his first encounter with the tree sprite, Graeme went in search of Josephine. The first place he looked was the auld oak tree, but she was not there. After a careful search out of doors, he went inside. She was not in the larder or the kitchen. It took more than half an hour before he finally located her in her father's study, hiding under the large desk.
Graeme crouched low so he could see her better. It didn't appear she had grown much in three years, though she had lost the cherubic face. This time she wore a dark green dress and matching slippers.
The last time he'd seen her, she'd been quite terrified of her brother. Now, she looked quite angry.
"I'll nae tell, Josephine," he whispered, offering her a kind smile.
A scrunched brow said she didn't believe him.
"Pray tell, what did ye hide this time?" he asked, hoping his amused tone would help lighten the mood.
Reluctantly, she finally confessed. "His strop."
Graeme raised a confused brow. "Why would ye hide his strop?"
The little girl looked at him as though he were quite daft. "So he will not beat me with it. #Quote by Suzan Tisdale

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