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Heavenly Parents quotes by Heber J. Grant
#1. The doctrine of pre-existence pours a wonderful flood of light upon the otherwise mysterious problem of man's origin. It shows that man, as a spirit, was begotten and born of heavenly parents and reared to maturity in the eternal mansions of the Father, prior to coming upon the earth in a temporal body to undergo an experience in mortality. #Quote by Heber J. Grant
Heavenly Parents quotes by Dieter F. Uchtdorf
#2. You are loved. You are dear to your heavenly parents. The infinite and eternal Creator of light and life knows you! He is mindful of you. Yes, God loves you this very day and alwaysHe knows everything about you. He sees you clearly - He knows you as you really are. And He loves you - today and always!He loves you not only for who you are this very day but also for the person of glory and light you have the potential and the desire to become #Quote by Dieter F. Uchtdorf
Heavenly Parents quotes by Dieter F. Uchtdorf
#3. You live in a time of great challenges and opportunities. As spirit sons of heavenly parents, you are free to make the right choices. This requires hard work, self-discipline, and an optimistic outlook, which will bring joy and freedom into your life now and in the future. #Quote by Dieter F. Uchtdorf
Heavenly Parents quotes by Dieter F. Uchtdorf
#4. We are created in the image of our heavenly parents; we are God's spirit children. Therefore, we have a vast capacity for love - it is part of our spiritual heritage. #Quote by Dieter F. Uchtdorf
Heavenly Parents quotes by Dallin H. Oaks
#5. We need to remember the purpose of our service to one another. If it were only to accomplish some part of His work, God could dispatch 'legions of angels.' ... But that would not achieve the purpose of the service He has prescribed. We serve God and our fellowmen in order to become the kind of children who can return to live with our heavenly parents. #Quote by Dallin H. Oaks
Heavenly Parents quotes by Paulo Coelho
#6. We must never make our parents sad, even if this means giving up everything that makes us happy.. #Quote by Paulo Coelho
Heavenly Parents quotes by Andre Aciman
#7. How many of us ever make time to know who our parents really were? How many sunken layers deep are those we thought we knew simply because we loved them? #Quote by Andre Aciman
Heavenly Parents quotes by Nick Hornby
#8. They already knew that they would be telling people about the morning for a long time to come, maybe for the rest of their lives, and the taxi ride was the first attempt at a first draft of a story that would have to satisfy parents, siblings, children, and grandchildren. #Quote by Nick Hornby
Heavenly Parents quotes by Teri Polo
#9. I never got picked on, but I never had a lot of friends. When I talked to my parents about it, they said, 'They're just jealous because you're beautiful and talented.' It was probably one of the worst things they could have told me, because I became self-conscious. #Quote by Teri Polo
Heavenly Parents quotes by Beth Revis
#10. All of them? I ask. I could almost understand her need to awaken her parents, but we don't need to add nearly a hundred frozen people to the cacophony of voices around us. #Quote by Beth Revis
Heavenly Parents quotes by Rachel Hawkins
#11. Archer?" I asked, raising my eyebrows. Hey, you might be able to take away my magical powers, but the power of sarcasm was still at my disposal. "Is your last name Newport or Vanderbilt? Maybe followed by some numbers? Ooh!" I said, widening my eyes, "or maybe even Esquire!"
I'd hoped to hurt his feelings or, at the very least, make him angry, but he just kept smiling at me. "Actually, it's Archer Cross, and I'm the first one. Now what about you?" He squinted. "Let's see ... brown hair, freckles, whole girl-next-door vibe going on ... Allie? Lacie? Definitely something cutesy ending in ie."
You know those times when your mouth moves but no sound actually comes out? Yeah, that's pretty much what happened. And then, of course, my mom took that opportunity to end her conversation with Justin's parents and call out, "Sophie! Wait up."
"I knew it." Archer laughed. "See you, Sophie," he called over his shoulder as he disappeared into the house. #Quote by Rachel Hawkins
Heavenly Parents quotes by Phil Collins
#12. In 1977 we played America and Europe three times, and Japan - my marriage suffered as a result. My then wife took the kids to Canada to be near her parents. #Quote by Phil Collins
Heavenly Parents quotes by Aleigha Siron
#13. A heavenly female with long, russet tresses that drifted over her right shoulder in undulating waves stepped toward him. A bright blue ribbon held her unruly mass of hair. She wore a light blue, snugly fitted shirt that matched the ribbon. It clung to full breasts tapering to a narrow waist. Skin like polished stone with a light kiss from the sun gleamed in the gathering light. Large, round, azure eyes the shade of sea shoals under a noonday summer sun and blanketed with thick lashes assessed him and left him speechless. #Quote by Aleigha Siron
Heavenly Parents quotes by Amartya Sen
#14. Imparting education not only enlightens the receiver, but also broadens the giver - the teachers, the parents, the friends. #Quote by Amartya Sen
Heavenly Parents quotes by Antoine De Saint Exupery
#15. Inside the narrow skull of the miner pinned beneath the fallen timber, there lives a world. Parents, friends, a home, the hot soup of evening, songs sung on feast days, loving kindness and anger, perhaps even a social consciousness and a great universal love, inhabit that skull. By what are we to measure the value of a man? His ancestor once drew a reindeer on the wall of a cave; and two hundred thousand years later that gesture still radiates. It stirs us, prolongs itself in us. Man's gestures are an eternal spring. Though we [may] die for it, we shall bring up that miner from his shaft. Solitary he may be, universal he surely is. #Quote by Antoine De Saint Exupery
Heavenly Parents quotes by Alain De Botton
#16. As adults, we try to develop the character traits that would have rescued our parents. #Quote by Alain De Botton
Heavenly Parents quotes by Joyce Carol Oates
#17. After my parents passed away - in 2000 and 2003 - I felt I could take the time to think about the past and imagine what it would have been like to be my grandmother. #Quote by Joyce Carol Oates
Heavenly Parents quotes by Brian Sutton-Smith
#18. Despite the efforts of some parents, children still tend to act out the traditional sex roles of our culture. The child's peer group may have more of an influence over this than the parents. #Quote by Brian Sutton-Smith
Heavenly Parents quotes by Kristy Swanson
#19. My parents were like the kind of people who read the 'Enquirer' and believed everything it said. #Quote by Kristy Swanson
Heavenly Parents quotes by Frank Pittman
#20. Parents vary in their sense of what would be suitable repayment for creating, sustaining, and tolerating you all those years, andwhat circumstances would be drastic enough for presenting the voucher. Obviously there is no repayment that would be sufficient ... but the effort to call in the debt of life is too outrageous to be treated as anything other than a joke. #Quote by Frank Pittman
Heavenly Parents quotes by Anonymous
#21. Meanwhile, the Mosteks spent a frantic hour trying to comprehend the dire nature of Rece's situation. Then Dr. Sammut entered the waiting room and gave the worried parents a thumbs-up. Inside a plastic vial was the unbelievable item that had nearly taken Rece's life: a popcorn kernel that had been lodged in his left lung. Rece's condition was the result of a perfect storm. Months earlier, he had inhaled a kernel of popcorn, which became lodged in his right lung. This led to infections and breathing problems, including pneumonia. But his excessive coughing earlier that day had thrust the kernel from the right lung and propelled it into his left lung, where it unluckily blocked his airway. #Quote by Anonymous
Heavenly Parents quotes by Jerry Spinelli
#22. Kids still can be said to live in their own little world. Even if their parents are helicoptering around them, assigning play dates and so forth, I think they're still living in some sense of their own little perceptual worlds. #Quote by Jerry Spinelli
Heavenly Parents quotes by Judy Tenuta
#23. Judy, you don't know nothin' about the South. You don't even know the difference between the North and the South.'
I said, 'Oh yes I do. In the North, there's a cutoff age for sleeping with your parents. #Quote by Judy Tenuta
Heavenly Parents quotes by Annie Besant
#24. The worlds in which man is evolving as he treads the circle of births and deaths are three: the physical world, the astral or intermediate world, the mental or heavenly world. #Quote by Annie Besant
Heavenly Parents quotes by Bryce Dallas Howard
#25. My parents would never throw the kids in first class for the flights; they'd be up front, and we'd be economy - we knew we were lucky just to be travelling. #Quote by Bryce Dallas Howard
Heavenly Parents quotes by Sally Mann
#26. The postmortem readjustment is one that many of us have had to make when our parents die. The parental door against which we have spent a lifetime pushing finally gives way, and we lurch forward, unprepared and disbelieving, into the rest of our lives. #Quote by Sally Mann
Heavenly Parents quotes by Patrick Weekes
#27. My name, among our people, means 'slow arrow.' It comes from a story in which the god Fen'Harel was asked by a village to kill a great beast. He came to the beast at dawn, and saw its strength, and knew it would slay him if he fought it. So instead, he shot an arrow up into the sky. The villagers asked Fen'Harel how he would save them, and he said to them, 'When did I say that I would save you?' And he left, and the great beast came into the village that night and killed the warriors, and the women, and the elders. It came to the children and opened its great maw, but then the arrow that Fen'Harel had loosed fell from the sky into the great beast's mouth, and killed it. The children of the village wept for their parents and elders, but still they made an offering to Fen'Harel of thanks, for he had done what the villagers had asked. He had killed the beast, with his cunning, and a slow arrow that the beast never noticed. #Quote by Patrick Weekes
Heavenly Parents quotes by Michael Cunningham
#28. All over China, parents tell their children to stop complaining and to finish their quadratic equations and trigonometric functions because there are sixty-five million American kids going to bed with no math at all. #Quote by Michael Cunningham
Heavenly Parents quotes by Ruth Minshull
#29. If Mom is convinced that ballet lessons are a must, she should
take them.

Although it may look odd to see a thirty-year old woman hang- ing onto a bar and flinging a slightly plump leg in the air, the sight is not as pathetic as seeing her seven-year old daughter grimly going through such motions just to please her mother, when she would prefer to be at home designing new doll clothes.

Although some parents are never quite ready to accept this fact, the child is not one of our possessions. We don't own him; we never will. We gave birth to his body; he may share some of our physical characteristics; but he does not inherit our desires.

He's a different person, a separate entity, with his own likes and dislikes.

It's a grave mistake to try to override a child's power of choice in what he wants to be and do. Some parents do this in an attempt to live their lives through the child. #Quote by Ruth Minshull
Heavenly Parents quotes by Grant Morrison
#30. EMMA: Ah. There you are. You - little
John Sublime: Shhuhh ... Hup. Don't. Please ... My mom met your parents in the Hamptons ... I ... I go through agonies of conscience every time we have to hurt one of you beautiful creatures ... Emma ... I'm doing God's will ...
EMMA: Shut up! I am very cross about this! Very very very cross indeed! I look like a bloody heavyweight boxer! #Quote by Grant Morrison
Heavenly Parents quotes by Jean Nicolas Grou
#31. Your external circumstances may change, toil may take the place of rest, sickness of health, trials may thicken within and without. Externally, you are the prey of such circumstances; but if your heart is stayed on God, no changes or chances can touch it, and all that may befall you will but draw you closer to Him. Whatever the present moment may bring, your knowledge that it is His will, and that your future heavenly life will be influenced by it, will make all not only tolerable, but welcome to you, while no vicissitudes can affect you greatly, knowing that He who holds you in His powerful hand cannot change, but abideth forever. #Quote by Jean Nicolas Grou
Heavenly Parents quotes by Emily Witt
#32. It was as if we had made something very simple incredibly complicated. Here were these bodies, ready to reproduce, controlled against reproduction, then stimulated for an eventual reproduction that was put on ice. My friends who wanted to prolong their fertility did so, now that they were in their thirties and professionally successful, because circumstances in their lives had not lined up as planned. They had excelled at their jobs. They had nice apartments and enough money to comfortably start a family, but they lacked a domestic companion who would provide the necessary genetic material, lifelong support, and love. They wanted to be the parents they had grown up under, but love couldn't be engineered, and ovaries could.

Hanging over all of this was an idea of choice, an arbitrary linking of goals and outcomes, which reduced structural, economic and technological change to individual decision. "The right to choose"―the right to birth control and abortion services―is different from the idea of choice I mean here. I mean that the baby question justified a fiction that one had to conform one's life to a uniform box by a certain deadline. If the choice were only to have a baby or not, then anybody who wanted a baby and was physically able would simply have one (as many people did), but what I saw with my friends was that it wasn't actually about the choice of having a baby but of setting up a nuclear family, which unfortunately could not, unlike making a baby, happen #Quote by Emily Witt
Heavenly Parents quotes by Benjamin Alire Saenz
#33. The problem with parents is that they're adults. #Quote by Benjamin Alire Saenz
Heavenly Parents quotes by Diane Samuels
#34. I didn't bring you up to speak as if your mouth were filled with sewage. #Quote by Diane Samuels
Heavenly Parents quotes by Derek Fisher
#35. My parents didn't have the opportunities that my wife and I have now, from a quality of life standpoint. #Quote by Derek Fisher
Heavenly Parents quotes by Vance Havner
#36. It is one of the ironies of the ministry that the very man who works in God's name is often hardest put to find time for God. The parents of Jesus lost Him at church, and they were not the last ones to lose Him there. #Quote by Vance Havner
Heavenly Parents quotes by Franklin D. Richards
#37. At Christmastime, the whole Christian world stands still to celebrate the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ. Christmas cannot be cut out of the calendar nor out of the heart of the world - it is the supreme festive season of mirth and gladness. Love for God and one another should be the Christmas theme. Such was the divine announcement by the heavenly host that first heralded the good tidings of great joy, 'Glory to God in the highest and on earth peace, good will toward men. #Quote by Franklin D. Richards
Heavenly Parents quotes by Bill Moyers
#38. How can those of us who are parents help our children recognize their bliss? #Quote by Bill Moyers
Heavenly Parents quotes by Anneli Rufus
#39. Often the circumstances in which we lost our self-esteem were relationships distinguished by a steeply unequal power balance.
Our spellcasters were parents. Teachers. Bullies. So-called friends. Strangers. Romantic partners. Cliques. Coworkers. Your spellcaster was the mean first grader. Or the psycho in the dark. Or the town, school, Scout troop, spiritual community, family, neighborhood that did not understand your type, whatever that type was. Your spellcaster could even be society at large, that nameless, faceless "them" with boundless power and a thousand biases.
And it became unbearable to be the bullied one, the hounded one, the outcast and excluded one. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em, the old saying goes. Others hated us, or appeared to. We joined 'em. #Quote by Anneli Rufus
Heavenly Parents quotes by Robert Fogel
#40. Although they arrived in New York penniless, my parents scraped together enough savings to establish the first of several small businesses just after I was born. #Quote by Robert Fogel
Heavenly Parents quotes by Chris Hardwick
#41. Both my parents recognized early on that I wanted to do something in comedy, and they were really supportive. They're the ones who bought me Steve Martin records and let me watch R-rated comedies long before they probably should have. #Quote by Chris Hardwick
Heavenly Parents quotes by Melissa Ordway
#42. I'll always be a Georgia girl at heart, but I live in Los Angeles full time. My parents still live in Georgia, so I go home as often as I can. #Quote by Melissa Ordway
Heavenly Parents quotes by Gillian Flynn
#43. And I don't know, you're at that age, if a bunch of grownups are telling you something or encouraging you, it just ... it started to feel real. That Ben had molested me, because otherwise, why were all these adults trying to get me to say he had? And my parents would be all stern: It's OK to tell the truth. It's OK to tell the truth. And so you told the lie that they thought was the truth. #Quote by Gillian Flynn
Heavenly Parents quotes by Nel Noddings
#44. It still amazes me that we insist on teaching algebra to all students when only about 20 percent will ever use it and fail to teach anything about parenting when the vast majority of our students will become parents. #Quote by Nel Noddings
Heavenly Parents quotes by Sarah Mayberry
#45. You are unbelievable, you know that? You want to throw around blame, how about you take a good hard look at yourself and your stupid, prematurely middle-aged life? This is the 21st century, not the 1800s. People have sex in positions other than missionary, and lots of women like doing it doggy style. And no, they're not all prostitutes or porn stars-they're people who are in touch with their own feelings and wants and desires. Unlike you, Mr. Sick-Up-Your-Ass." Martin flushed a deep red. "Charming, as always, Violet. Your parents must be so proud. #Quote by Sarah Mayberry
Heavenly Parents quotes by Toks Olagundoye
#46. All my friends are funny, witty, fun-loving people. As are my parents, and the people I work with. I get at least a couple of good laughs in every day. #Quote by Toks Olagundoye
Heavenly Parents quotes by Amy Chua
#47. I see my upbringing as a great success story. By disciplining me, my parents inculcated self-discipline. And by restricting my choices as a child, they gave me so many choices in my life as an adult. Because of what they did then, I get to do the work I love now. #Quote by Amy Chua
Heavenly Parents quotes by David A. Bednar
#48. The power of procreation is spiritually significant. Misuse of this power subverts the purposes of the Father's plan and of our mortal existence. Our Heavenly Father and His Beloved Son are creators and have entrusted each of us with a portion of Their creative power. #Quote by David A. Bednar

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