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Heaven Knows What quotes by Peter Mayle
#1. The French don't snack. They will tear off the endo of a fres baguette (which, if it's warm, it's practically impossible to resist) and eat it as they leave the boulangerie. And that's usually all you will see being consumed on the street. Compare that with the public eating and drinking that goes on in America: pizza, hot dogs, nachos, tacos, heroes, potato chips, sandwiches, jerricans of coffee, half-gallon buckets of Coke (Diet, of cours) and heaven knows what else being demolished on the hoof, often on the way to the aerobic class. #Quote by Peter Mayle
Heaven Knows What quotes by Jeff VanderMeer
#2. And one day, out of Heaven knows what material, he spun the beast a wonderful name, and from that moment it grew into a god and a religion. The Woman indulged in religion once a week at a church near by, and took Conradin with her, but to him the church service was an alien rite in the House of Rimmon. Every Thursday, in the dim and musty silence of the tool-shed, he worshipped with mystic and elaborate ceremonial before the wooden hutch where dwelt Sredni Vashtar, the great ferret. #Quote by Jeff VanderMeer
Heaven Knows What quotes by Elliot Richardson
#3. They've got him - credible witnesses, documents, heaven knows what else. In all my years as a prosecutor I have never seen such an open-and-shut case. #Quote by Elliot Richardson
Heaven Knows What quotes by Carmen Dell'Orefice
#4. My mother was harsh and constantly told me I had jug ears and heaven knows what else. But she was devoted and a hard worker. #Quote by Carmen Dell'Orefice
Heaven Knows What quotes by Philip Larkin
#5. Earth never grieves, I thought, walking across the park, watching seagulls cruising greedily above the ground looking for heaven knows what. Don't you think it's a good line? A very good line #Quote by Philip Larkin
Heaven Knows What quotes by Evelyn Waugh
#6. The human soul enjoys these rare, classical periods, but, apart from them, we are seldom single or unique; we keep company in this world with a hoard of abstractions and reflections and counterfeits of ourselves - the sensual man, the economic man, the man of reason, the beast, the machine and the sleepwalker, and heaven knows what besides, all in our own image, indistinguishable from ourselves to the outside eye. We get borne along, out of sight in the press, unresisting, till we get the chance to drop behind unnoticed, or to dodge down a sides treet, pause, breathe freely and take our bearings, or to push ahead, outdistance our shadows, lead them a dance, so that when at length they catch up with us, they look at one another askance, knowing we have a secret we shall never share. #Quote by Evelyn Waugh
Heaven Knows What quotes by Elizabeth Bibesco
#7. Influencing people is dangerous. Their acts and thoughts become your illegitimate children. You can't get away from them and Heaven knows what they mayn't grow up into. #Quote by Elizabeth Bibesco
Heaven Knows What quotes by George Orwell
#8. In Paris, if you had no money and could not find a public bench, you would sit on the pavement. Heaven knows what sitting on the pavement would lead to in London-prison probably. #Quote by George Orwell
Heaven Knows What quotes by Jean-Paul Sartre
#9. I'm going to smile, and my smile will sink down into your pupils, and heaven knows what it will become. #Quote by Jean-Paul Sartre
Heaven Knows What quotes by W. Somerset Maugham
#10. Heaven knows what pains the author has been at, what bitter experience he has endured and what heartache suffered, to give some chance reader a few hours' relaxation or to while away the tedium of a journey. #Quote by W. Somerset Maugham
Heaven Knows What quotes by Miguel Ruiz
#11. If you don't perceive love, if you cannot recognize love, it's because you only recognize the poison inside you. I am responsible for what I say, but I am not responsible for what you understand. I can give you my love, but you can make the interpretation that you are receiving judgments, or who knows? Only your storyteller knows. When we no longer believe our own stories, we find it so easy to enjoy one another. #Quote by Miguel Ruiz
Heaven Knows What quotes by Jane Austen
#12. What one means one day, you know, one may not mean the next. Circumstances change, opinions alter. #Quote by Jane Austen
Heaven Knows What quotes by Hippolyte Taine
#13. His tongue is by turns a sponge, a brush, a comb. He cleans himself, he smooths himself, he knows what is proper. #Quote by Hippolyte Taine
Heaven Knows What quotes by Lilith Saintcrow
#14. And you know, I believed him.
What girl wouldn't? #Quote by Lilith Saintcrow
Heaven Knows What quotes by Albert Szent-Gyorgyi
#15. If I go out into nature, into the unknown, to the fringes of knowledge, everything seems mixed up and contradictory, illogical, and incoherent. This is what research does; it smooths out contradictions and makes things simple, logical, and coherent. #Quote by Albert Szent-Gyorgyi
Heaven Knows What quotes by Mike Singletary
#16. I'm sure there's a right way and there's a wrong way. The bottom line is you have to do what you think is right. #Quote by Mike Singletary
Heaven Knows What quotes by Jeffrey Hunter
#17. I was notified on July 17 to be ready to start August 7 for an October air date. When we reached the screen we did not have a single segment ready. It was done so fast the writers never got a chance to know what it was all about. #Quote by Jeffrey Hunter
Heaven Knows What quotes by Rush Limbaugh
#18. The education system is where young skulls full of mush are programmed and propagandized into the system. They are highly valuable. That's why they're subsidized. You know, universities are approaching the same circumstance we have in health care. What it costs is not related at all to market forces. Meaning what it costs is not related to what people can afford. You get right down to it, how many Americans, how many families can afford 20,000, 30,000, $50,000 a year or semester to send their kids off to college? It has to be subsidized. #Quote by Rush Limbaugh
Heaven Knows What quotes by Arnold Palmer
#19. I talk to golfers, I talk to my grand kids about their game, and tell them to develop a system, Now, when they're young. And if they develop that system, it will be the crutch they need to be good. To know that system and make it work for you, know what it is and make it work. #Quote by Arnold Palmer
Heaven Knows What quotes by Mitch Hedberg
#20. If you don't know a light bulb is a three-way light bulb, it messes with your head. You reach to turn it off, and it just gets brighter! That's the exact opposite of what I wanted you to do! So you turn the switch again, and it gets brighter once more! I will break you, light bulb! #Quote by Mitch Hedberg
Heaven Knows What quotes by Chris Jericho
#21. When you go to the Hollywood world and you wade in the waters out there, you never know who you're going to meet and what meetings you're going to have at some point, somewhere that leads to something else. So you could see somebody years later that comes to fruition. #Quote by Chris Jericho
Heaven Knows What quotes by Aldo Leopold
#22. We classify ourselves into vocations, each of which either wields some particular tool, or sells it, or repairs it, or sharpens it, or dispenses advice on how to do so; by such division of labors we avoid responsibility for the misuse of any tool save our own. But there is one vocation
which knows that all men, by what they think about and wish for, in effect wield all tools. It knows that men thus determine, by their manner of thinking and wishing, whether it is worth while to wield any. #Quote by Aldo Leopold
Heaven Knows What quotes by Mervyn Peake
#23. That night, I hated father. He smelt of cabbage. There was cigarette ash all over his trousers. His untidy moustache was yellower and viler than ever with nicotine, and he took no notice of me. He simply sat there in his ugly arm-chair, his eyes half closed, brooding on the Lord knows what. I hated him. I hated his moustache. I even hated the smoke that drifted from his mouth and hung in the stale air above his head.

And when my mother came through the door and asked me whether I had seen her spectacles, I hated her too. I hated the clothes she wore; tasteless and fussy. I hated them deeply. I hated something I had never noticed before; it was the way the heels of her shoes were worn away on their outside edges - not badly, but appreciably. It looked mean to me, slatternly, and horribly human. I hated her for being human - like father.

She began to nag me about her glasses and the thread-bare condition of the elbows of my jacket, and suddenly I threw my book down. The room was unbearable. I felt suffocated. I suddenly realised that I must get away. I had lived with these two people for nearly twenty-three years. I had been born in the room immediately overhead. Was this the life for a young man? To spend his evenings watching the smoke drift out of his father's mouth and stain that decrepit old moustache, year after year - to watch the worn-away edges of my mother's heels - the dark-brown furniture and the familiar stains on the chocolate-coloured carpet #Quote by Mervyn Peake
Heaven Knows What quotes by Holly Black
#24. You're not the way everyone says you are," Kaye said, looking at him so fiercely that he couldn't meet her gaze. "I know you're not."
"You know nothing of me," he said. He wanted to punish her for the trust he saw on her face, to raze it from her now so that he would be spared the sight of her when that trust was betrayed.
He wanted to tell her he found her impossibly alluring, at least half enchanted, body bruised and scratched, utterly unaware she would not live past dawn. He wondered what she would say in the face of that. #Quote by Holly Black
Heaven Knows What quotes by David Mamet
#25. Consider: for all the gobbledegook [film studio] executives spout about backstory, all that we, the audience, want to know is what happens next. That's the only thing that's going on ... Character is nothing other than action, and character-driven means The plot stinks, and you'd better hope the star is popular enough to open the movie in spite of it. #Quote by David Mamet
Heaven Knows What quotes by Norman Maclean
#26. Each one of us here today will at one time in our lives look upon a loved one who is in need and ask the same question: We are willing to help, Lord, but what, if anything, is needed? For it is true we can seldom help those closest to us. Either we don't know what part of ourselves to give or, more often than not, the part we have to give is not wanted. And so it is those we live with and should know who elude us. But we can still love them - we can love completely without complete understanding. #Quote by Norman Maclean
Heaven Knows What quotes by Rainer Maria Rilke
#27. I rushed to the mirror and with difficulty watched through the mask the working of my hands. But for this the mirror had just been waiting. Its moment of retaliation had come. While I strove in boundlessly increasing anguish to squeeze somehow out of my disguise, it forced me, by what means I do not know, to lift my eyes and imposed on me an image, no, a reality, a strange, unbelievable and monstrous reality, with which, against my will, I became permeated: for now the mirror was the stronger, and I was the mirror. I stared at this great, terrifying unknown before me, and it seemed to me appalling to be alone with him. But at the very moment I thought this, the worst befell: I lost all sense, I simply ceased to exist. For one second I had an indescribable, painful and futile longing for myself, then there was only he: there was nothing but he...
They did not spring forward to the rescue; their cruelty knows no bounds. They stood there and laughed; my God, they could stand there and laugh. I wept, but the mask did not let the tears escape; they ran down inside over my cheeks and dried at once and ran again and dried. And at last I knelt before them, as no human being ever knelt; I knelt, and lifted up my hands and implored them: "Take me out, if you still can, and keep me", but they did not hear; I had no longer any voice.
I sank down and they went on laughing, thinking that was part of it. They were used to that from me. But then I had continued to lie there and had #Quote by Rainer Maria Rilke
Heaven Knows What quotes by Peter Legge
#28. It is not who you know it is what you know - If you don't know anything, you won't know anyone #Quote by Peter Legge
Heaven Knows What quotes by Raghuram Rajan
#29. I think the willingness to listen is really a matter of confidence. You can't be so superconfident in your abilities that you ignore what others say, and you can't be so diffident in your abilities that you think that if they say something, you will be so taken in that you will do the wrong thing. When you are confident about your abilities and also fully aware of what you don't know you are willing to listen to outside experts with the full sense that if you don't find it worthwhile you will ignore it. #Quote by Raghuram Rajan
Heaven Knows What quotes by Anatoli Boukreev
#30. I don't know what being an Everest guide means. I am a coach, not a guide. #Quote by Anatoli Boukreev
Heaven Knows What quotes by Friedrich Nietzsche
#31. The noble type of man feels himself to be the determiner of values, he does not need to be approved of, he judges 'what harms me is harmful in itself', he knows himself to be that which in general accords honour to things, he creates values. #Quote by Friedrich Nietzsche
Heaven Knows What quotes by Kristin Lehman
#32. Yes, it leads people to believe that they have more information than our cops, but then, at some point, before you know it, you're both caught up. Everybody, when they're watching the who-dun-it shows, is making guesses in the first five minutes anyway. We just kind of give them what they want. #Quote by Kristin Lehman
Heaven Knows What quotes by Antoine Fuqua
#33. I'm a product of older filmmakers I guess, the past where you get to make movies and scenes are what they are. You know if you think about Scorsese back in the day when he was making Taxi Driver, or Coppola or Frankenheimer, Sidney Lumet, they're making films where you witness violence in a real way. #Quote by Antoine Fuqua
Heaven Knows What quotes by Ricky Williams
#34. I don't care what people think about me because I know I am more than all the pain and strife they hold inside. #Quote by Ricky Williams
Heaven Knows What quotes by Elena Gorokhova
#35. Look beyond that light,' says my father. 'Look hard and you'll see people filing into the theater. You'll see ushers run up and down the aisles; people talk, programs rustle-you'll hear a murmur. When the lights start to dim, the murmur rises, and then, just a moment before the curtain goes up, the noise stops-everyone in the house holds their breath, everyone knows what is going to happen. This is the moment I've always loved most:the anticipation of magic, the expectation of illusion. #Quote by Elena Gorokhova
Heaven Knows What quotes by Charles Dickens
#36. I never thought before, that there was a woman in the world who could affect me so much by saying so little. But don't be hard in your construction of me. You don't know what my state of mind towards you is. You don't know how you haunt and bewilder me. You don't know how the cursed carelessness that is over-officious in helping me at every other turning of my life WON'T help me here. You have struck it dead, I think, and I sometimes wish you had struck me dead along with it. #Quote by Charles Dickens
Heaven Knows What quotes by Noah Benshea
#37. My heart knows what my mind only think it knows. #Quote by Noah Benshea
Heaven Knows What quotes by Tom Kratman
#38. Picture the poor Arab private. He knows no one in his unit gives a shit about him; after all, he doesn't give a shit about any of them, either. They're not family. What happens when that private is placed in the loneliest position in the world, the modern battlefield? He runs at the first sign things are going badly. (He'll be fine as long as they are going well, though. Note: things rarely go well.) #Quote by Tom Kratman
Heaven Knows What quotes by Dorothee Solle
#39. The story of the Good Samaritan (Luke 1o) can he interpreted mystically in such a way that the question of the knowledge of God becomes its focus. The priest and the Levite, who walk past the man who fell among robbers and was seriously hurt, are pious God-fearing persons. They "know" God and the law of God. They have God the same way that the one who knows has that which is known. They know what God wants them to be and do. They also know where God is to he found, in the scriptures and the cult of the temple. For them, God is mediated through the existing institutions. They have their God - one who is not to he found on the road between Jerusalem and Jericho.

What is wrong with this knowledge of God? The problem is not the knowledge of the Torah or the knowledge of the temple. (It is absurd to read an anti-Judaistic meaning into a story of the Jew Jesus, since it could just as well have come from Hillel or another Jewish teacher.) What is false is a knowledge of God that does not allow for any unknowing or any negative theology. Because both actors know that God is "this," they do not see "that." Hence the Good Samaritan is the anti-fundamentalist story par excellence.

"And so I ask God to rid me of God," Meister Eckhart says. The God who is known and familiar is too small for him. #Quote by Dorothee Solle
Heaven Knows What quotes by Isaac Asimov
#40. The true artist is quite rational as well as imaginative and knows what he is doing; if he does not, his art suffers. #Quote by Isaac Asimov
Heaven Knows What quotes by Christopher Buckley
#41. How many times had those awful words - "I know what I'm doing" - been uttered throughout history as prelude to disaster? #Quote by Christopher Buckley
Heaven Knows What quotes by James Graham
#42. Redditch: Christ, I hadn't even expected to be here. I was only standing in Redditch 'cause I was told it was a no-hoper. They bloody-well lied. Needles everywhere, you know that? Half the world's needles, made in sodding..

I was holding out for Cheam, or Chester. A 'ch' place, a nice little English 'ch' place. Not 'Redditch', listen to that. It's not a name, it's a fucking noise. What is it, 'Redditch'? Sounds like a frog vomiting.

And they told me it was Worcestershire, another lie!

Atkins: It is Worcestershire.

Redditch: Oh Humphrey, it's Birmingham. Everyone knows it is, listen to the sodding accent. I imagined meadows and steeples and farmyards and haystacks. Well, do you know what, shall I tell you something? You can't find a haystack in Redditch cause of all the fucking needles! #Quote by James Graham
Heaven Knows What quotes by Arno Schmidt
#43. If only humankind would soon succeed in destroying itself; true, I'm afraid : it will take a long time yet, but they'll manage it for sure. They'll have to learn to fly too, so that it will be easier to toss firebrands into cities (a pretty sight : a portly, bronze boat perhaps, from which a couple of mail-clad warriors contemptuously hurl a few flaming armored logs, while from below they shoot at the scaly beasts with howling arrows. They could also easily pour burning oil out of steel pitchers. Or poison. In the wells. By night). Well, they'll manage it all right (if I can come up with that much !). For they pervert all things to evil. The alphabet : it was intended to record timeless poetry or wisdom or memories - but they scrawl myriads of trashy novels and inflammatory pamphlets. What do they deftly make of metals ? Swords and arrow tips. - Fire ? Cities are already smoldering. And in the agora throng the pickpockets and swashbucklers, cutpurses, bawds, quacks and whores. And at best, the rest are simpletons, dandies, and brainless yowlers. And every one of them self-complacent, pretending respectability, bows politely, puffs out coarse cheeks, waves his hands, ogles, jabbers, crows. (They have many words : Experienced : someone who knows plenty of the little underhanded tricks. - Mature : has finally unlearned every ideal. Sophisticated : impertinent and ought to have been hanged long ago.) Those are the small fry; and the : every statesman, politician, orator; prince, #Quote by Arno Schmidt
Heaven Knows What quotes by Joseph Wood Krutch
#44. What a man knows is everywhere at war with what he wants. #Quote by Joseph Wood Krutch
Heaven Knows What quotes by Johnny Depp
#45. Thats what a ship is, you know. Its not a keel and a hull and a deck and sails. Thats what a ship needs. But what a ship is. What the Black Pearl really is ... is freedom. #Quote by Johnny Depp
Heaven Knows What quotes by Ayn Rand
#46. Yes! And isn't that the root of every despicable action? Not selfishness, but precisely the absence of a self. Look at them. The man who cheats and lies, but preserves a respectable front. He knows himself to be dishonest, but others think he's honest and he derives his self-respect from that, second-hand. The man who takes credit for an achievement which is not his own. He knows himself to be mediocre, but he's great in the eyes of others. The frustrated wretch who professes love for the inferior and clings to those less endowed, in order to establish his own superiority by comparison. The man whose sole aim is to make money. Now I don't see anything evil in a desire to make money. But money is only a means to some end. If a man wants it for a personal purpose--to invest in his industry, to create, to study, to travel, to enjoy luxury--he's completely moral. But the men who place money first go much beyond that. Personal luxury is a limited endeavor. What they want is ostentation: to show, to stun, to entertain, to impress others. They're second-handers. Look at our so-called cultural endeavors. A lecturer who spouts some borrowed rehash of nothing at all that means nothing at all to him--and the people who listen and don't give a damn, but sit there in order to tell their friends that they have attended a lecture by a famous name. All second-handers. #Quote by Ayn Rand
Heaven Knows What quotes by Sheila Heti
#47. Sometimes you do have people who are great at curating; sometimes you have people curating who don't know what they're do ... #Quote by Sheila Heti
Heaven Knows What quotes by Vicente Del Bosque
#48. No one knows anything about economics. It's the great lie of the economists. By contrast in football people might have contrasting opinions, each of which has some validity. But the economists always speak in conditionals - what a mess. #Quote by Vicente Del Bosque
Heaven Knows What quotes by Michael Lewis
#49. The pleasure of rooting for Goliath is that you can expect to win. The pleasure of rooting for David is that, while you don't know what to expect, you stand at least a chance of being inspired. #Quote by Michael Lewis
Heaven Knows What quotes by Neal Shusterman
#50. What he's really saying is: Please be a human being. With a life so full of rules and regiments, it's so easy to forget that's what they are. She knows - she sees - how often compassion takes a back seat to expediency. #Quote by Neal Shusterman
Heaven Knows What quotes by Debra Messing
#51. I had already just sort of decided okay it's just never going to happen. So when they - when my name was called it was an out of body, you know, just glorious moment. It shouldn't mean that much. But, you know, I'd be lying if I didn't say that it meant the world to know that my peers appreciated what I was doing. #Quote by Debra Messing
Heaven Knows What quotes by Hope Solo
#52. You can predict all you want, but everybody knows what predictions get you. #Quote by Hope Solo

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