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Heartbroken quotes by Carlos Aleman
#1. I see a lot of love in your heart. Despite the pain it causes. Love is like a stubborn disease. There's no way to cure it. #Quote by Carlos Aleman
Heartbroken quotes by Sara Teasdale
#2. I make the most of all that comes and the least of all that goes. #Quote by Sara Teasdale
Heartbroken quotes by Emma Mills
#3. I pulled out my phone and thought about calling someone, but who was there to call? And what would I even say? It was just the kind of unpleasant surprise you had to share with someone, but I didn't have anybody to share it with. #Quote by Emma Mills
Heartbroken quotes by Spike Jonze
#4. When you're talking about the idea of loving your ex, and being able to hold on to that amidst all the other feelings of being heartbroken or sad or missing something that's gone --something dies when a relationship ends. It is a death because that thing that was the two of you together was alive and now it won't be and the only two people who really knew that thing was alive are the two of you. No one else knows. #Quote by Spike Jonze
Heartbroken quotes by Chris Colfer
#5. Forgive me, I don't mean to be rude," Red said to the twins. "It's just every time I see you two I'm heartbroken, kidnapped, or homeless. #Quote by Chris Colfer
Heartbroken quotes by Helen Rowland
#6. Don't waste time trying to break a man's heart; be satisfied if you can just manage to chip it in a brand new place. #Quote by Helen Rowland
Heartbroken quotes by R.S. Burnett
#7. Do you two have history?"
"We used to friends"
"Used to be?"
"When I left, I never wanted to see him again #Quote by R.S. Burnett
Heartbroken quotes by Andrew Klavan
#8. Joy. The joy of my joy. There through everything. A shocking sense of vitality and beauty present in both happiness and in the midst of pain. The only thing I can think to compare this experience to is the experience of an excellent story - reading a great novel, say, or watching a great movie. The scene before you might be a happy one or a sad one. You might feel uplifted or you might feel heartbroken or you might feel afraid. But whatever you feel, you're still loving the story. Through prayer, I came to experience both pleasure and sorrow in something like that way. In God, the life of the flesh became the story of the spirit. I loved that story, no matter what. During #Quote by Andrew Klavan
Heartbroken quotes by Tom Holt
#9. Not only had he lost the only girl he'd ever loved, he'd lost her in duplicate, like some heartbroken but highly efficient civil servant. #Quote by Tom Holt
Heartbroken quotes by Nina Guilbeau
#10. When you lose someone, you get used to living day to day without them. But you'll never get used to the "10 second heartbreak." That's the time it takes to wake to full consciousness each day and remember ... #Quote by Nina Guilbeau
Heartbroken quotes by Daisy Whitney
#11. Why am I doing this? Because it feels so good to talk like we used to, even though I know this is just a shadow of what we had. But I chase it anyway. #Quote by Daisy Whitney
Heartbroken quotes by Meghan MacLean Weir
#12. No one said this out loud, though. Instead his girlfriend stood between the dead guy's parents and cried as if she really was heartbroken. And maybe she was. Who knows? People are funny that way. They remember only what they want to and manage to forget the rest. #Quote by Meghan MacLean Weir
Heartbroken quotes by Diane Setterfield
#13. Rose waited for the night to bring her the same comfort. It didn't. Her mother was dead ... she was now too exhausted to sleep
and too heartbroken to weep. #Quote by Diane Setterfield
Heartbroken quotes by Renesmee Stormer
#14. and maybe one day, i won't be so broken anymore
and one day, i will find the lost pieces of me again
and then there will be another sunrise where i would glue them back
and the next day, i will stand in front of the mirror, smiling at my repaired soul again

and that will be the day when my night will end
and i will bid the moon a soft goodbye
with a promise to visit sometime again
to the stars shining in that dark sky #Quote by Renesmee Stormer
Heartbroken quotes by Kurt Vonnegut
#15. I was surprised and mawkishly heartbroken. I am always moved by that seldom-used treasure, the sweetness with which most girls can sing. #Quote by Kurt Vonnegut
Heartbroken quotes by Stephen King
#16. Should you go on, you will surely be disappointed, perhaps even heartbroken. I have one key left on my belt, but all it opens is that final door, the one marked. What's behind it won't improve your love-life, grow hair on your bald spot, or add five years to your natural span (not even five minutes). There is no such thing as a happy ending. I never met a single one to equal "Once upon a time."
Endings are heartless.
Ending is just another word for goodbye. #Quote by Stephen King
Heartbroken quotes by Jennifer Donnelly
#17. There is a ghost here. A lonely, heartbroken spirit. The ghost of everything that could've been and never was. #Quote by Jennifer Donnelly
Heartbroken quotes by Heather O'Neill
#18. But although she interacted with so many people during the day, no one could actually say that they were close to her. There is an aloofness to the permanently heartbroken, a secrecy. There was something impenetrable about her. There was a door that she had closed, which no one could get in. #Quote by Heather O'Neill
Heartbroken quotes by Dhiren Prajapati
#19. If you never get your heart broken, you'll never learn to love. #Quote by Dhiren Prajapati
Heartbroken quotes by Karl Pilkington
#20. We seem to live in a world where you have to walk around grinning like a loon. I can't understand all the fuss about Mona Lisa painting, everyone wondering why she's not smiling, if she's depressed or heartbroken. No, she was just normal!
Emotions are always extreme these days: you either have to be crying with laughter or crying in pain. No wonder water levels are rising. It's not global warming, it's all the tears from crying. #Quote by Karl Pilkington
Heartbroken quotes by Amy Poehler
#21. Someday you will wake up feeling 51 percent happy and slowly, molecule by molecule, you will feel like yourself again. #Quote by Amy Poehler
Heartbroken quotes by Sumit D Choudhary C2
#22. MnY reason of b"kup, but it hurts moRe when you don"t know evN a single-1. #Quote by Sumit D Choudhary C2
Heartbroken quotes by Becca Fitzpatrick
#23. The only thing a boyfriend was good for was a shattered heart. #Quote by Becca Fitzpatrick
Heartbroken quotes by Amit Kalantri
#24. After break up we just miss the memories but we mistakenly think we miss the mate. #Quote by Amit Kalantri
Heartbroken quotes by Heather Sellers
#25. Writing a book is exactly like love. You don't hold back. You give it everything you have. If it doesn't work out, you're heartbroken, but you move forward and start again anyway. You have to.
You don't hold some of yourself in reserve. It's all or nothing. There are no guarantees. #Quote by Heather Sellers
Heartbroken quotes by M.F. Moonzajer
#26. Never break the heart, you live in. #Quote by M.F. Moonzajer
Heartbroken quotes by Stephenie Meyer
#27. The piercing, heartbroken howling grew fainter and then disappeared entirely. #Quote by Stephenie Meyer
Heartbroken quotes by Susane Colasanti
#28. Because I still love him. You can't just turn love off. You still feel it. #Quote by Susane Colasanti
Heartbroken quotes by Sylvia Day
#29. His hand reached up to his chest and rubbed at the area over his heart as if it hurt him. #Quote by Sylvia Day
Heartbroken quotes by Karishma Magvani
#30. If you've never gotten your heart broken, you've not used it well. #Quote by Karishma Magvani
Heartbroken quotes by Taya Kyle
#31. It was around this time that a routine medical screening warned that Chris might have tuberculosis.
We talked about it on the phone. I remember the discussion vividly, not because of the disease--I thought further testing would say he was fine, which it did--but because of his attitude.
Namely, that he was replaceable.
"If I die, you could just get a new husband and Bubba can get a new dad," he told me.
It made me furious. Heartbroken. It was as if he didn't understand how irreplaceable he was to me, to our son, and to the rest of the family.
It was as if he didn't know how much I loved him.
I realized later that, in his mind, he was only being realistic. He wanted what was best for me. He had seen death up close and watched the mission go on, lives go on, whether people wanted it to or not. If he couldn't be there, he still wanted me to be happy.
Even so, it was a devastating statement at the time. In some ways, I never got over it. #Quote by Taya Kyle
Heartbroken quotes by Tsering Wangmo Dhompa
#32. This land makes me believe anything is possible. Here lies a gift unraveled as was meant to be: within its many folds are men, beasts, insects and grass. The green goes on and on in relentless beauty. As I look at the land I am heartbroken thinking of the future when I will not be here and when this place, too, will be something else. #Quote by Tsering Wangmo Dhompa
Heartbroken quotes by Bhavya Kaushik
#33. Do you know that feeling - The feeling of being alive and dead, both at the same time? When it seems like you are just going through with different notions of life, without actually living it. I do, I know that feeling very well. I live with it, eat with it and often sleep with it. #Quote by Bhavya Kaushik
Heartbroken quotes by Rick Riordan
#34. I was desperate. I had to keep Annabeth alive. I imagined all the bubbles in the sea - always churning, rising. I imagined them coming together, being pulled toward me. The sea obeyed. There was a flurry of white, a tickling sensation all around me, and when my vision cleared, Annabeth and I had a huge bubble of air around us. Only our legs stuck into the water. She gasped and coughed. Her whole body shuddered, but when she looked at me, I knew the spell had been broken. She started to sob - I mean horrible, heartbroken sobbing. She put her head on my shoulder and I held her. #Quote by Rick Riordan
Heartbroken quotes by Andrew Peterson
#35. She seemed older, no longer shocked that such a thing could happen in the world, but heartbroken because it had. her tears struck Janner as the right kind of tears. #Quote by Andrew Peterson
Heartbroken quotes by Dennis Brown
#36. Certain songs by hearing the rhythm, it tells you that is either a love song or you might be heartbroken or the songs give you the vibes and you just know that certain songs are militant that you have to write. #Quote by Dennis Brown
Heartbroken quotes by Tim Kreider
#37. Because the end of a friendship isn't even formally acknowledged - no Little Talk, no papers served - you walk around effectively heartbroken but embarrassed to admit it, even to yourself. It's a special, open-ended kind of pain, like having a disease that doesn't even have a name. You worry you must be pathetically oversensitive to feel so wounded over such a thing. You can't tell people, "My friend broke up with me," without sounding like a nine-year-old. The only phrase I can think of that even recognizes this kind of hurt - "You look like you just lost your best friend" - is only ever spoken by adults to children. You can give yourself the same ineffectual lecture your parents used to give you as a kid: anyone who'd treat you this way isn't a very good friend and doesn't deserve your friendship anyway. But the nine-year-old in you knows that the reason they've ditched you is that you suck. #Quote by Tim Kreider
Heartbroken quotes by Cassandra Ainsworth
#38. Do you know what hurts the most about a broken heart? Not being able to remember how you felt before... #Quote by Cassandra Ainsworth
Heartbroken quotes by Lauren DeStefano
#39. Through every scenario I could think of. But I never thought that he would be the one to leave me. I never thought being without him could hurt this much. #Quote by Lauren DeStefano
Heartbroken quotes by Dorothy Dunnett
#40. The guiding hand at one's pony; the voice at one's porridge bowl; the splendid athlete one watched from one's books in the cold tower window, while outside in the sunshine he rode at the ring, threw his spears, matched his sword with the master-at-arms. The brother who had cared for him, a grown man in illness, and defended him against calumny, and who at length, heartbroken at his defection, had turned his back on him a year ago in Scotland. #Quote by Dorothy Dunnett
Heartbroken quotes by R.S. Burnett
#41. I'm not going to let you walk out on me again."
"I'm not walking out on you Tucker. I'm walking out on us. #Quote by R.S. Burnett
Heartbroken quotes by Sabaa Tahir
#42. You are cruel, Elias," she whispers against my mouth. "To give a girl all she desires only to tear it away."
"This isn't the end for us, Laia of Serra." I cannot give up what we could have. I don't care what bleeding vow I made. "Do you hear me? This is not our end."
"You've never been a liar." She dashes her hands against the wetness in her eyes. "Don't start now. #Quote by Sabaa Tahir
Heartbroken quotes by Julie Johnson
#43. Being heartbroken doesn't mean you stop feeling. Just the opposite - it means you feel it all more.
With your heart in fragments, every sensation is sharper, every emotion more acute. Your feelings are enhanced, like a blind man with an impeccable sense of smell, or a deaf woman whose eyes can perceive things a normal person would never recognize.
The brokenhearted are the best empaths of all. #Quote by Julie Johnson
Heartbroken quotes by Cassandra Clare
#44. Tessa never could look at him without a tightening in her chest, a painful stutter of her heat. #Quote by Cassandra Clare
Heartbroken quotes by Ellie Goulding
#45. I'd like a male to listen to my music and find it kind of fascinating, what a girl goes through when they get heartbroken or get sad or get hurt by something. #Quote by Ellie Goulding
Heartbroken quotes by Lynn Weingarten
#46. It's natural. Nature is dark and light, birth and death. Everything and its opposite. And in nature there are predators and prey. The hunters and the hunted. The heartbreakers and the heartbroken. The beautiful thing is that Nature lets us choose which we want to be, most people never make the choice though because they don't even know they have it. #Quote by Lynn Weingarten
Heartbroken quotes by Sakshi Narula
#47. Hey lover,
You knock on the door to my broken heart everyday and I don't open
I locked it, for I cannot handle another apocalypse #Quote by Sakshi Narula
Heartbroken quotes by Tom Brokaw
#48. Peter is an old friend. I'm heartbroken, but he's also a tough guy. I'm counting on him getting through this very difficult passage. #Quote by Tom Brokaw
Heartbroken quotes by Joel Osteen
#49. Don't focus on the good old days, look forward towards the good new days. #Quote by Joel Osteen
Heartbroken quotes by Taylor Jenkins Reid
#50. I wish someone had told me that love isn't torture. Because I thought love was this thing that was supposed to tear you in two and leave you heartbroken and make your heart race in the worst way. I thought love was bombs and tears and blood. I did not know that it was supposed to make you lighter, not heavier. I didn't know it was supposed to take only the kind of work that makes you softer. I thought love was war. I didn't know it was supposed to… I didn't know it was supposed to be peace. #Quote by Taylor Jenkins Reid
Heartbroken quotes by Mizuki Nomura
#51. How did we keep getting so lost in a midnight world? Why did we continue lamenting as we wounded our hearts and were cut apart? #Quote by Mizuki Nomura
Heartbroken quotes by Ali Hassan Hasan
#52. Im dying everyday
My breakfast are cigarettes and coffee
My lunch is depression
My snacks are regrets
My dinner are memories and anger
My night is non stoping tears
Sleep is my death
Waking up the next day and here we go again dying everyday #Quote by Ali Hassan Hasan
Heartbroken quotes by Ginette Paris
#53. Heartbreak has an archetypal core, all heartbroken individuals suffer from the same kind of torture. #Quote by Ginette Paris
Heartbroken quotes by Fi.Z
#54. Never knew the word Goodbye could scatter my heart into pieces. Just 1 word, could made me cry over you. #Quote by Fi.Z
Heartbroken quotes by Karen Quan
#55. You've left me with a kaleidoscope of broken smiles and shattered dreams. #Quote by Karen Quan
Heartbroken quotes by Niola
#56. Every time you do something good, and I think that maybe somewhere in deep you have a good heart, but you prove me wrong by doing something so cruel that, I can't help but hate you. Why do you do this? How can you not feel? I can't stop feeling hurt. I can't stop these emotions running through me. So, I'm asking you how can you just shut off?
- Keira #Quote by Niola
Heartbroken quotes by Shia Labeouf
#57. I feel like I'm really honest in my interviews, to a fault. I've lost friends over it. Major friends. And I'm heartbroken about that. #Quote by Shia Labeouf
Heartbroken quotes by Sidonie Gabrielle Colette
#58. I believe there are more urgent and honorable occupations than the incomparable waste of time we call suffering. #Quote by Sidonie Gabrielle Colette
Heartbroken quotes by Judith McNaught
#59. God help me if I ever injure my back," Clayton quipped.
"God help you if you ever turn it," Whitney snapped, "for there'll surely be some heartbroken papa or cuckolded husband ready with a knife
if I don't murder you first. #Quote by Judith McNaught
Heartbroken quotes by Myrtle Reed
#60. Womankind suffers from three delusions: marriage will reform a man, a rejected lover is heartbroken for life, and if the other women were only out of the way, he would come back. #Quote by Myrtle Reed
Heartbroken quotes by Kurt Vonnegut
#61. I froze. It was not guilt that froze me. I had taught myself never to feel guilt. It was not a ghastly sense of loss that froze me. I had taught myself to covet nothing. It was not a loathing of death that froze me. I had taught myself to think of death as a friend. It was not heartbroken rage against injustice that froze me. I had taught myself that a human being might as well look for diamond tiaras in the gutter as for rewards and punishments that were fair. It was not the thought that I was so unloved that froze me. I had taught myself to do without love. It was not the thought that God was cruel that froze me. I had taught myself never to expect anything from Him. What froze me was the fact that I had absolutely no reason to move in any direction. #Quote by Kurt Vonnegut
Heartbroken quotes by Anjali Banerjee
#62. If in this lifetime,
I wont get to have you,
I'll make sure that if
I meet you in my next life
I wont have to think twice on saying that
"I waited a lifetime to say I love you... #Quote by Anjali Banerjee
Heartbroken quotes by Leo Tolstoy
#63. Ah, if everyone was as sensitive as you! There's no girl who hasn't gone through that. And it's all so unimportant! #Quote by Leo Tolstoy
Heartbroken quotes by Alamvusha
#64. And there he was waiting for the song to end, but it started again, like it's on repeat, maybe he is never meant to be happy, maybe this is the only feeling life has for him. #Quote by Alamvusha
Heartbroken quotes by Kimberly Novosel
#65. The voice sang on, "I am ready, I am ready, I am fine. I am fine, I am fine, I am fine." I played it again. I was not fine. #Quote by Kimberly Novosel
Heartbroken quotes by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
#66. They themselves mocked Africa, trading stories of absurdity, of stupidity, and they felt safe to mock, because it was a mockery born of longing, and of the heartbroken desire to see a place made whole again. #Quote by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
Heartbroken quotes by Kristan Higgins
#67. Just once, I'd love to be heartbroken because someone loved me and left me, instead of heartbroken because I never got on that train at all. #Quote by Kristan Higgins
Heartbroken quotes by Tracey Emin
#68. Have you ever longed for someone so much, so deeply that you thought you would die? That your heart would just stop beating? I am longing now, but for whom I don't know. My whole body craves to be held. I am desperate to love and be loved. I want my mind to float into another's. I want to be set free from despair by the love I feel for another. I want to be physically part of someone else. I want to be joined. I want to be open and free to explore every part of them, as though I were exploring myself. #Quote by Tracey Emin
Heartbroken quotes by Ani San
#69. After a while, it all started to fade. No more pain, no more unwanted thoughts and no sound. Just darkness. I welcomed it. I was done. #Quote by Ani San
Heartbroken quotes by Stephen Hawking
#70. My advice to any heartbroken young girl is to pay close attention to the study of theoretical physics. Because one day there may well be proof of multiple universes. It would not be beyond the realms of possibility that somewhere outside of our own universe lies another different universe. And in that universe, Zayn is still in One Direction. #Quote by Stephen Hawking
Heartbroken quotes by Giorge Leedy

Release the toxic and infectious-
Spreaders of misery,
Souls destroying souls-
And poisonous liars.

Awaken from the hallucinations-
And take back your heart.
Reclaim your self-esteem-
And leave the toxic be. #Quote by Giorge Leedy
Heartbroken quotes by Jenim Dibie
#72. I have these knives in my chest that can't become words. #Quote by Jenim Dibie
Heartbroken quotes by Khadija Rupa
#73. I feel the pain - everywhere. #Quote by Khadija Rupa
Heartbroken quotes by W. Somerset Maugham
#74. Sometimes one feels rage and despair that one should know so little the people one loves. one is heartbroken at the impossibility of understanding them, of getting right down into their hearts . sometimes, accidentally or under the influence of some emotion, one gets a glimpse of some emotion , one gets a glimpse of those inner selves , and one despairs how ignorant one is of that inner self and how far away one is from it. #Quote by W. Somerset Maugham
Heartbroken quotes by Katie Kacvinsky
#75. When your time is up, what are your last thoughts going to be?' I asked. 'All of your miserable memories? When you were lonely or scared or heartbroken? The things that almost kill you don't make you stronger. If anything, they make you bitter and closed off and broken.
( ... )
I think what you have to live for makes you stronger #Quote by Katie Kacvinsky
Heartbroken quotes by Florence Welch
#76. When you're heartbroken, you're at your most creative - you have to channel all your energies into something else to not think about it. Contentment is a creativity killer, but don't worry - I'm very capable of making myself discontented. #Quote by Florence Welch
Heartbroken quotes by Emily Bronte
#77. I have not broken your heart - you have broken it; and in breaking it, you have broken mine. #Quote by Emily Bronte
Heartbroken quotes by Boyz II Men
#78. Time made me stronger, you're no longer on my mind #Quote by Boyz II Men
Heartbroken quotes by Amy Plum
#79. I understand it, but I don't like it. I wish we could all be together like before: best friends, not heartbroken strangers. #Quote by Amy Plum
Heartbroken quotes by Gwyneth Paltrow
#80. I always knew I wanted to act, but my parents neverencouraged me. If I was talentless, they didn't want me to be heartbroken. #Quote by Gwyneth Paltrow
Heartbroken quotes by J.P. Delaney
#81. He was heartbroken, I say.

Heartbroken, he repeats. Of course. That's the great myth Edward Monkford's spun around himself, isn't it? The tormented genius who lost the love of his life and became an arch-minimalist as a result.

You don't think that's right?

I know it isn't. #Quote by J.P. Delaney
Heartbroken quotes by John Steinbeck
#82. Don't worry about losing. If it is right, it happens - The main thing is not to hurry. Nothing good gets away. #Quote by John Steinbeck
Heartbroken quotes by Anthony Hamilton
#83. I'm not always a heartbroken guy. I like to laugh, act silly, dance. There are so many more colors to me. I really can be fun. #Quote by Anthony Hamilton
Heartbroken quotes by Donny Jackson
#84. i am evidence of a heart impaled #Quote by Donny Jackson
Heartbroken quotes by Julie Anne Long
#85. So she was to be savagely heartbroken and then poisoned by one of their cook's noxious herbal brews in the space of a few hours? Dante would find inspiration in this day. #Quote by Julie Anne Long
Heartbroken quotes by Anna Todd
#86. What hurts the most?
Rejection.. #Quote by Anna Todd
Heartbroken quotes by FKA Twigs
#87. I don't know if I'm a tortured soul, but I was born heartbroken. I remember feeling it when I was so young. I was like, 'Mum, it hurts.' #Quote by FKA Twigs
Heartbroken quotes by Sylvia Day
#88. You put me through hell. On purpose. Made me suffer. And there's no end in sight. I don't know what the fuck you're doing, ace, but this Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde shit ain't cutting it with me. #Quote by Sylvia Day
Heartbroken quotes by Asghar Farhadi
#89. Classical tragedy was the war between good and evil. We wanted evil to be defeated and good to be victorious. But the battle in modern tragedy is between good and good. And no matter which side wins, we'll still be heartbroken. #Quote by Asghar Farhadi
Heartbroken quotes by Lois Lowry
#90. Thinking of those times as he passed the cemetery on his way to the evening's festivities, Gabe recalled the day Matty's body had been found and carried home. Gabe had been young then, only eight, a rambunctious resident of the Children's House, happiest with solitary adventures and disinterested in schoolwork. But he had always admired Matty, who had tended and helped Seer with such devotion and undertaken village tasks with energy and good humor. It had been Matty who had taught Gabe to bait a hook and cast his line from the fishing rock, Matty who had shown him how to make a kite and catch the wind with it. The day of his death, Gabe had huddled, heartbroken, in the shadow of a thick stand of trees and watched as the villagers lined the path and bowed their heads in respect to watch the litter carrying the ravaged body move slowly through. Frightened by his own feelings, he had listened mutely to the wails of grief that permeated the community. #Quote by Lois Lowry
Heartbroken quotes by Kazuo Ishiguro
#91. You see, because [Norfolk is] stuck out here on the east, on this hump jutting into the sea, it's not on the way to anywhere. People going north and south, they bypass it altogether. For that reason, it's a peaceful corner of England, rather nice. But it's also something of a lost corner.'
Someone claimed after the lesson that Miss Emily had said Norfolk was England's 'lost corner' because that was were all the lost property found in the country ended up.
Ruth said one evening, looking out at the sunset, that 'when we lost something precious, and we'd looked and looked and still couldn't find it, then we didn't have to be completely heartbroken. We still had that last bit of comfort, thinking one day, when we were grown up, and we were free to travel the country, we could always go and find it again in Norfolk. #Quote by Kazuo Ishiguro
Heartbroken quotes by Jocelyn Soriano
#92. Help me O God! The pain of separation seems more painful to me than death itself. I don't know how much longer I can carry on. Help me carry on this day Lord. Help me to let go, I pray. Though I may not forget, help me to remember how you have always carried me through. Though the pain may not yet go away, assist me in carrying this cross with hope in my heart. #Quote by Jocelyn Soriano
Heartbroken quotes by Serena Valentino
#93. Tulip hated this feeling. The last time she had felt this way, she had been utterly humiliated and deeply hurt. She couldn't imagine allowing herself to be charmed by another handsome man only to be heartbroken again. But she was different now, wasn't she? Stronger, bolder, and indeed more worldly. #Quote by Serena Valentino
Heartbroken quotes by J.E. Bolton
#94. Heartbreak comes in many forms: infidelity, lies, or a simple, old fashioned break-up. But, there's another reason no one ever thinks about when it comes to heartbreak. It's something that outweighs the fear of being alone, and tells the brokenhearted individual that he or she will never find love again. #Quote by J.E. Bolton
Heartbroken quotes by Dominic Monaghan
#95. I have been heartbroken once and it has affected all of my relationships from there on. But now I look at it as an occupational hazard. If you are in the meat market at some point you are gonna get mad cow disease. #Quote by Dominic Monaghan
Heartbroken quotes by Santosh Kalwar
#96. Not every love comes to a successful conclusion. #Quote by Santosh Kalwar
Heartbroken quotes by Jodi Picoult
#97. It wasn't her throat, and it wasn't a fever, but it hurt all the same to be heartbroken. #Quote by Jodi Picoult
Heartbroken quotes by Taylor Swift
#98. There's something so beautiful about people who are heartbroken; they think about how they're feeling much more. I think when you're happy and when you're in love, you don't need to think about it, it's just there. Love is one of those things that is so simple, you don't need to think about it when it's good, you only need to think about it when it's bad, so when music is all that you have and you're lonely or you're missing someone and you write a song that says exactly how you feel, there is sort of a gratification you get from that, it almost helps you move on. #Quote by Taylor Swift
Heartbroken quotes by Jennifer Garner
#99. I thought the divorce statistics would never apply to me. I was beyond heartbroken when they did. But I got up and got on with it. I also kept my belief in marriage. #Quote by Jennifer Garner
Heartbroken quotes by Shaa Zainol
#100. Trust me, once your heart learn something, it will works and everything will be better for your own goods. #Quote by Shaa Zainol
Heartbroken quotes by Kurt Vonnegut
#101. It was not guilt that froze me. I had taught myself never to feel guilt
It was not a ghastly sense of loss that froze me. I had taught myself to covet nothing.
It was not a loathing of death that froze me. I had taught myself to think of death as a friend.
It was not heartbroken rage against injustice that froze me. I had taught myself that a human being might as well took for diamond tiaras in the gutter as for rewards and punishments that were fair.
It was not the thought that I was so unloved that froze me. I had taught myself to do without love.
It was not the thought that God was cruel that froze me. I had taught myself never to expect anything from Him.
What froze me was the fact that I had absolutely no reason to move in any direction. What had made me move through so many dead and pointless years was curiosity. #Quote by Kurt Vonnegut
Heartbroken quotes by Laura Kasischke
#102. Heartbreak could be lived with if it weren't accompanied by regret. #Quote by Laura Kasischke
Heartbroken quotes by Kurt Vonnegut Jr.
#103. I was thrilled, heartbroken, hilarious, insane. #Quote by Kurt Vonnegut Jr.
Heartbroken quotes by Tapan Ghosh
#104. Heartbroken? Channelize your sorrow to become worthy of love. The world will be yours. #Quote by Tapan Ghosh
Heartbroken quotes by Lauren Layne
#105. I've tried being someone's second choice. I can't do it again. #Quote by Lauren Layne
Heartbroken quotes by Tim McGraw
#106. I am heartbroken by the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina in my home state. Like so many Americans I am watching the news reports with great sadness. But it's at times like these that each of us must work together to provide lifesaving aid to those in terrible need. #Quote by Tim McGraw
Heartbroken quotes by Rebecca Traister
#107. By the time I walked down the aisle - or rather, into a judge's chambers - I had lived fourteen independent years, early adult years that my mother had spent married. I had made friends and fallen out with friends, had moved in and out of apartments, had been hired, fired, promoted, and quit. I had had roommates I liked and roommates I didn't like and I had lived on my own; I'd been on several forms of birth control and navigated a few serious medical questions; I'd paid my own bills and failed to pay my own bills; I'd fallen in love and fallen out of love and spent five consecutive years with nary a fling. I'd learned my way around new neighborhoods, felt scared and felt completely at home; I'd been heartbroken, afraid, jubilant, and bored. I was a grown-up: a reasonably complicated person. I'd become that person not in the company of any one man, but alongside my friends, my family, my city, my work, and, simply, by myself. I was not alone. #Quote by Rebecca Traister
Heartbroken quotes by Heenashree Khandelwal
#108. I have been ...
To every depth of my heart
To every height of my mind
To every extent of my world
I see only one name
It's yours ... #Quote by Heenashree Khandelwal
Heartbroken quotes by Cassandra Clare
#109. Is Jace with you?"
"Uh, no," said Alec.
He wondered if Aline was asking for a specific reason. Aline and Jace had kissed in Alicante, before the war. Alec tried to think of what Isabelle usually said to girls about Jace.
"The thing is," he added, "Jace is a beautiful antelope, who has to be free to run across the plains."
"What?" said ALine.
Maybe Alec had gotten that wrong. "Jace is home with his, uh, his new girlfriend. You remember Clary." Alec hoped Aline was not too heartbroken.
"Oh right, the short redhead," she said. Aline was tiny herself, but refused to ever admit it. "you know, Jace was so sad before the war, I thought he must have a forbidden love. I just didn't think it was Clary, for obvious reasons. I thought it was that vampire."
Alec coughed. Aline offered him a sip of her latte.
"No," he said when he got his voice back. "Jace is not dating Simon. Jace is straight. Simon is straight."
"I totally saw scars on Jace's neck," Aline said. "He let the vampire bite him. He brought him to Alicante. I thought: classic Jace. Never makes a mess when a total catastrophe will do. Wait, did you think I wanted a ride on that disaster train?"
"Yes?" said Alec. #Quote by Cassandra Clare
Heartbroken quotes by C.L. Stone
#110. At first, he threatened me, saying if I left, you'd be heartbroken. Said that he left and you were crying because you thought I'd run off, and he was going to drag me back to you. Said if I ever left you again, he'd beat the shit out of me."
"The truth is, I almost considered leaving," he said quietly. "When I thought about it, I was sure it wouldn't work. We're young. We've been through a lot of shit. We think we know what we want. I didn't know how I was so stupid before. Thinking we'd just go on like we've been doing."
"The thought of leaving, I hated it. My heart hurt. Bad. I didn't want to. I told him that. He said that's how you know it's the wrong thing to do. If your heart hurts just thinking about leaving, don't leave. He asked me how I felt about staying. I wasn't sure, but it didn't hurt." He pressed his lips to my forehead then and as he spoke, his lips tickled my skin. "He said then it might be because the path isn't clear, but maybe it was still in the right direction." He kissed my forehead. "Motherfucker's a psychologist. #Quote by C.L. Stone
Heartbroken quotes by Jocelyn Soriano
#111. Love doesn't just go away without a sign or a reason. Things have happened along the way that caused it to grieve and to depart. Like all gifts, love has to be taken care of. It has to cherished and protected by those to whom it is given, and not just by one partner but by both. #Quote by Jocelyn Soriano
Heartbroken quotes by Ashly Lorenzana
#112. There will be a time when you are forced to follow your heart away from someone you love. #Quote by Ashly Lorenzana
Heartbroken quotes by Jocelyn Soriano
#113. Wasted laughter. Wasted tears. Wasted love. That's how badly you felt. And yet, is love ever truly wasted? #Quote by Jocelyn Soriano
Heartbroken quotes by Ellen Pompeo
#114. Desire leaves us heartbroken; it wears us out. #Quote by Ellen Pompeo
Heartbroken quotes by Beryl Dov
#115. Romantics [10w] + ]10w]
Romantics feel twice as heartbroken after a they break up,
because they've been betrayed by a lover
and a concept. #Quote by Beryl Dov
Heartbroken quotes by E.J. Cenita
#116. You shouldn't chase people. You should know that you are important enough and deserve the time and attention just like everyone else. You shouldn't run after people to prove that you matter and exist. You are worth it, more than you could ever imagine. You are a star that could sparkle on anyone's night sky. You are everything in someone's eyes. Remember, do not chase, let them know your worth because if you have to chase, it's not real love. It's not worth it. #Quote by E.J. Cenita
Heartbroken quotes by Kiersten White
#117. None of them are real to me." He paused again, placing a hand flat against the door. "You are the only real thing in my life."
Radu gasped with the sheer physical pain the words sent through him. But the sound of his agony was covered by that of the door opening. Mehmed reached in and pulled Lada out to him, and then his mouth was on hers and his hands were in her hair and he was holding her so tightly, so tightly, and they stumbled back into Lada's room and closed the door.
Radu tripped forward, feet dragging, until he stood outside the room. He wanted to be inside it. He wanted to be the only real thing to Mehmed, just as Mehmed was the only real thing to him.
He wanted -
No, please, no.
He wanted Mehmed to look at him the way he had looked at Lada.
He wanted Mehmed to kiss him the way he had kissed Lada.
He wanted to be Lada.
No, he did not. He wanted to be himself, and he wanted Mehmed to love him for being himself. His question, the question of Mehmed, was finally answered, piercing him and leaving him shaking, silent, on the floor.
He did not want this answer. #Quote by Kiersten White
Heartbroken quotes by Rosie Scanlan
#118. people always say that it hurts at night
and apparently screaming into your pillow at 3am
is the romantic equivalent of being heartbroken.
but sometimes
it's 9am on a tuesday morning
and you're standing at the kitchen bench waiting for the toast to pop up

and the smell of dusty sunlight and earl gray tea makes you miss him so much
you don't know what to do with your hands. #Quote by Rosie Scanlan
Heartbroken quotes by Elaine White
#119. As much as he cared for Kaitlin, he knew that the clan's survival was much more important that his own heart. Without her, he would be heartbroken all over again. He would lose her just as he had lost Angela with no hope of ever seeing her again, but he could run the clan with a broken heart. He would be a stronger, more feared leader without her, but he was sure that if Kaitlin had known his reasoning, she would have understood. She was the only one to understand him. #Quote by Elaine White
Heartbroken quotes by Meredith Grey
#120. Too often, the thing you want most is the one thing you can't have. Desire leaves us heartbroken. It wears us out. Desire can wreck your life. But as tough as wanting something can be, the people who suffer the most are those who don't know what they want. #Quote by Meredith Grey
Heartbroken quotes by AVA.
#121. i over love.
i under love.

i am either a flood
or i am nothing. #Quote by AVA.
Heartbroken quotes by Elizabeth Brooks
#122. I deleted your number. Although I know the tired digits by heart, scout's honor, pinky promise.
I am trying to talk myself out of every emotion I'm having, and of course, it is failing to a fault.
I'm still sad, I'm still mad, I'm still heartbroken, I miss you. #Quote by Elizabeth Brooks
Heartbroken quotes by Lauren Oliver
#123. This is the world we live in,
a world of safety and happiness and order, a world without
A world where children crack their heads on stone fireplaces and nearly gnaw off their
tongues and the parents are concerned. Not
heartbroken, frantic, desperate. Concerned, as they are when you fail mathematics, as
they are when they are late to pay their taxes. #Quote by Lauren Oliver
Heartbroken quotes by Jung Chang
#124. The news filled me with such euphoria that for an instant I was numb. My ingrained self-censorship immediately started working: I registered the fact that there was an orgy of weeping going on around me, and that I had to come up with some suitable performance. There seemed nowhere to hide my lack of correct emotion except the shoulder of the woman in front of me, one of the student officials, who was apparently heartbroken. I swiftly buried my head in her shoulder and heaved appropriately. As so often in China, a bit of ritual did the trick. Sniveling heartily she made a movement as though she was going to turn around and embrace me I pressed my whole weight on her from behind to keep her in her place, hoping to give the impression that I was in a state of abandoned grief.

In the days after Mao's death, I did a lot of thinking. I knew he was considered a philosopher, and I tried to think what his 'philosophy' really was. It seemed to me that its central principle was the need or the desire? for perpetual conflict. The core of his thinking seemed to be that human struggles were the motivating force of history and that in order to make history 'class enemies' had to be continuously created en masse. I wondered whether there were any other philosophers whose theories had led to the suffering and death of so many. I thought of the terror and misery to which the Chinese population had been subjected. For what?

But Mao's theory might just be the extension o #Quote by Jung Chang
Heartbroken quotes by Lebo Grand
#125. A truly sensual woman almost never gets heartbroken. Why? Because she doesn't attract heartbreakers in the first place, and not that the men she attracts are perfect, but I think the universe seems to value her a little bit too much. #Quote by Lebo Grand
Heartbroken quotes by Mariah Carey
#126. Heartbroken and in tears over the shocking death of my friend, the incomparable Ms. Whitney Houston. My heartfelt condolences to Whitney's family and to all her millions of fans throughout the world. She will never be forgotten as one of the greatest voices to ever grace the earth. #Quote by Mariah Carey
Heartbroken quotes by Charles Haddon Spurgeon
#127. Blessed be His name that He has arranged that one Person of the Sacred Trinity should undertake this office of Comforter, for no man could ever perform its duties. We might as well hope to be the Savior as to be the Comforter of the heartbroken! #Quote by Charles Haddon Spurgeon
Heartbroken quotes by Yoon Ha Lee
#128. It still hurt her to see their poems before her, printed in the curving Yeged-dai script, using Yegedin forms and the images so beloved of the Yegedin: the single pebble, the grasshopper at twilight, the song of a heartbroken lark sitting in a bent tree. #Quote by Yoon Ha Lee
Heartbroken quotes by Brian Blessed
#129. When I was a child, I wanted to ... go into space! To go to Mars. I wanted to explore and explore and explore. I wanted to go to the Lost World in South America - I was heartbroken to discover there were no dinosaurs; I still don't accept it. #Quote by Brian Blessed
Heartbroken quotes by Charlaine Harris
#130. The sweetest part of being a couple is sharing your life with someone else.
But my life, evidently, had not been good enough to share. #Quote by Charlaine Harris
Heartbroken quotes by Jack London
#131. Stupid women, and all are stupid, think the first winning of the man the final victory. Then they settle down and grow fat, and stale, and dead, and heartbroken. Alas, they are so stupid. But you, little infant-woman with your first victory, you must make your love-life an unending chain of victories. Each day you must win your man again. And when you have won the last victory, when you can find no more to win, then ends love. Finis is written, and your man wanders in strange gardens. #Quote by Jack London
Heartbroken quotes by Taylor Swift
#132. Your feelings so are important to write down, to capture, and to remember because today you're heartbroken, but tomorrow you'll be in love again. #Quote by Taylor Swift
Heartbroken quotes by Michael Murphy
#133. They met at Woodstock, and their love lasted a lifetime. Heartbroken but determined he calls on his two best friends to help him return to where it all began. One last roadtrip. One last chance to say Good-bye, Emily #Quote by Michael Murphy
Heartbroken quotes by Samiha Totanji
#134. But my walls were so high for a coward to climb … #Quote by Samiha Totanji
Heartbroken quotes by Jocelyn Soriano
#135. God's breath is like a fresh wind that renews us. Frail and weak as we are,we have hope. We find healing. #Quote by Jocelyn Soriano
Heartbroken quotes by Trevor Noah
#136. The dogs left with us and we walked. I sobbed the whole way home, still heartbroken. My mom had no time for my whining.
"Why are you crying?!"
"Because Fufi loves another boy."
"So? Why would that hurt you? It didn't cost you anything. Fufi's here. She still loves you. She's still your dog. So get over it."
Fufi was my first heartbreak. No one has ever betrayed me more than Fufi. It was a valuable lesson to me. The hard thing was understanding that Fufi wasn't cheating on me with another boy. She was merely living her life to the fullest. Until I knew that she was going out on her own during the day, her other relationship hadn't affected me at all. Fufi had no malicious intent.
I believed that Fufi was my dog, but of course that wasn't true. Fufi was a dog. I was a boy. We got along well. She happened to live in my house. That experience shaped what I've felt about relationships for the rest of my life: You do not own the thing that you love. I was lucky to learn that lesson at such a young age. I have so many friends who still, as adults, wrestle with feelings of betrayal. They'll come to me angry and crying and talking about how they've been cheated on and lied to, and I feel for them. I understand what they're going through. I sit with them and buy them a drink and I say, "Friend, let me tell you the story of Fufi. #Quote by Trevor Noah
Heartbroken quotes by Gabrielle Zevin
#137. They should tell you when you're born: have a suitcase heart, be ready to travel. #Quote by Gabrielle Zevin
Heartbroken quotes by Cassandra Giovanni
#138. I feel I've lost every part of me ... there's nothing left but the parts I've given to you. I need you to hold those pieces together. Please don't forget who I was ... then ... then there really will be nothing left. #Quote by Cassandra Giovanni
Heartbroken quotes by Tahereh Mafi
#139. So this -
This is agony.
This is what they talk about when they talk about heartbreak. I thought I knew what it was like before. I thought I knew, with perfect clarity, what it felt like to have my heart broken, but now - now I finally understand. #Quote by Tahereh Mafi
Heartbroken quotes by Robin Hobb
#140. I felt a familiar squeezing in what I thought must be my heart. I had heard of being "heartbroken" or "heavy-hearted" but I had never known it was an actual sensation one felt when the whole world abandons you. #Quote by Robin Hobb
Heartbroken quotes by Mike Norton
#141. Mastering the art of seduction gives one a great power, and like any power, it's to be wielded with responsibility; a man who wields the art of seduction without a sense of responsibility and restraint is a walking proximity bomb of viral epidemics, needless procreation, heartbroken families, and shattered dreams. #Quote by Mike Norton
Heartbroken quotes by Elizabeth Berrien
#142. Journeying through grief is one of the most "normal human" experiences you can have. Nevertheless, all too frequently the heartbroken seem to feel alienated by society. Unfortunately in our culture, we are taught to hold our feelings in. If someone asks us, "How are you doing today?" the expected answer is, "I'm okay." But what if you aren't okay? You obviously don't want to go into a monologue of why you're not okay, but sometimes you feel as if you're going to explode if you can't "tell off" that well-meaning person for even daring to ask you such a thing in the first place! #Quote by Elizabeth Berrien
Heartbroken quotes by Susane Colasanti
#143. But if your boyfriend, out of nowhere and with no advance warning whatsoever, dumps you for no apparent reason, is it really about you? Or is it all him? #Quote by Susane Colasanti
Heartbroken quotes by Colleen Hoover
#144. Great. I'm crying now. I'm a purseless, crying, violent, homeless girl. And as much as I don't want to admit it, I think I might also be heartbroken. #Quote by Colleen Hoover
Heartbroken quotes by Taylor Jenkins Reid
#145. Romantic love is a beautiful thing under the right circumstances. But those circumstances are so specific and rare, aren't they?

It's rare that you love the person who loves you, that you love only the person who loves only you. Otherwise, somebody's heartbroken. #Quote by Taylor Jenkins Reid
Heartbroken quotes by Susane Colasanti
#146. In what twisted universe would a girl who's just been dumped still want to be friends with the boy who dumped her? #Quote by Susane Colasanti
Heartbroken quotes by Munia Khan
#147. Smile is the arch of an arrowed heart
Tears are waters to make pain's life start #Quote by Munia Khan
Heartbroken quotes by Kimberly Novosel
#148. I decided I would fill the emptiness in me with God and with paint. #Quote by Kimberly Novosel
Heartbroken quotes by Lemony Snicket
#149. I am heartbroken, but I have been heartbroken before, and this might be the best for which I can hope. #Quote by Lemony Snicket
Heartbroken quotes by Bryn Greenwood
#150. I was moving forward into space, but i would never come home again #Quote by Bryn Greenwood
Heartbroken quotes by Maeve Binchy
#151. I'll understand if you don't want me. But I will be heartbroken. You are all I ever dreamed of and hoped for. You are much, much more. Please know that I didn't think I was mean-minded. But I realize I am. I don't want you to put your arms around me and say it's all right, that you forgive me. I want you to be sure that you do, and my love for you will last as long as I live. I can see no lightness, no humour, no joke to make. I just hope that we will be able to go back to when we had laughter, and the world was coloured, not black and white and grey. I am so sorry for hurting you. I could inflict all kinds of pain on myself, but it would not take back any I gave to you. - David Power #Quote by Maeve Binchy
Heartbroken quotes by Diana Gabaldon
#152. I wept bitterly, surrendering momentarily to my fear and heartbroken confusion, but slowly I began to quiet a bit, as Jamie stroked my neck and back, offering me the comfort of his broad, warm chest. My sobs lessened and I began to calm myself, leaning tiredly into the curve of his shoulder. No wonder he was so good with horses, I thought blearily, feeling his fingers rubbing gently behind my ears, listening to the soothing, incomprehensible speech. If I were a horse, I'd let him ride me anywhere. #Quote by Diana Gabaldon
Heartbroken quotes by Thomas Hardy
#153. The daylight has nothing to show me, since you are not here, and I don't like to see the rooks and starlings in the fields, because I grieve and grieve to miss you who used to see them with me. I long for only one thing in heaven or earth or under the earth, to meet you my own dear! Come to me - come to me, and save me from what threatens me! - Your faithful heartbroken #Quote by Thomas Hardy
Heartbroken quotes by Claire Contreras
#154. She seems to think that running off and leaving me heartbroken is a good idea, so I decided that I'm going to take her home with me every single day to remind her that my heart beats only for her. That my day starts with her running through my mind and ends with her sleeping in my arms. #Quote by Claire Contreras
Heartbroken quotes by Angel Martinez
#155. i did what heartbroken, lost soldiers have done for centuries. I made my way home to my mother."- Richard Von Schaumburg #Quote by Angel Martinez
Heartbroken quotes by Fulton J. Sheen
#156. Sometimes the only way the good Lord can get into some hearts is to break them. #Quote by Fulton J. Sheen
Heartbroken quotes by Jacqueline Simon Gunn
#157. All I wanted was to merge with the same person who had broken me, thinking that he was the only one who could fill in all the little crevices making me feel whole again. #Quote by Jacqueline Simon Gunn
Heartbroken quotes by Maria McCann
#158. The Devil had granted my wish to watch him sleep, but granted it in his usual cruel fashion, making a pain of a pleasure. Yet pleasure there was. I still desired to watch over him, be his dragon against Botts. #Quote by Maria McCann
Heartbroken quotes by Upamanyu Chatterjee
#159. Advances don't fundamentally interest me. It sounds terribly naive, but money doesn't really mean anything to me. If a lot of money came my way, I'm certainly not going to say no. But it hasn't come my way as yet, and I'm not heartbroken. #Quote by Upamanyu Chatterjee
Heartbroken quotes by Kurt Vonnegut Jr.
#160. Here is how I propose to end book-banning in this country once and for all: Every candidate for school committee should be hooked up to a lie detector and asked this question: "Have you read a book from start to finish since high school?" or "Did you even read a book from start to finish in high school?"

If the truthful answer is "no," then the candidate should be told politely that he cannot get on the school committee and blow off his big bazoo about how books make children crazy.

Whenever ideas are squashed in this country, literate lovers of the American experiment write careful and intricate explanations of why all ideas must be allowed to live. It is time for them to realize that they are attempting to explain America at its bravest and most optimistic to orangutans.

From now on, I intend to limit my discourse with dimwitted Savonarolas to this advice: "Have somebody read the First Amendment to the United States Constitution out loud to you, you God damned fool!"

Well--the American Civil Liberties Union or somebody like that will come to the scene of trouble, as they always do. They will explain what is in the Constitution, and to whom it applies.

They will win.

And there will be millions who are bewildered and heartbroken by the legal victory, who think some things should never be said--especially about religion.

They are in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Hi ho. #Quote by Kurt Vonnegut Jr.
Heartbroken quotes by Ama H. Vanniarachchy
#161. You taught me how to live with you, now tell me how to live without you… #Quote by Ama H. Vanniarachchy
Heartbroken quotes by Kandi Steiner
#162. He could leave. I could leave. We could both end up heartbroken, sitting on the floor of our souls and trying to piece together our lives again. But, we could also find forever. We could take the next steps together - toward a year, five, or maybe, forever. And that was a game worth playing. #Quote by Kandi Steiner
Heartbroken quotes by LeeAnn Whitaker
#163. She found her view stuck to him, and it was impossible for her not to melt from within. His beautiful dark brown eyes that used to send her wild as a teen, still had the same effect. His dark unruly hair she used to toy with. And his lips, pink, and in need of her kiss. She was blushing like a beacon with so many passions coming back to her. There was a doubt, that maybe he would recognise her. But now, she could see what an empty man he was. He didn't recognise her at all. #Quote by LeeAnn Whitaker
Heartbroken quotes by Sara Quin
#164. I didn't know someone could cry that much, I thought the tears would run out. They don't. #Quote by Sara Quin
Heartbroken quotes by David James Duncan
#165. As surely as I feel love and need for food and water, I feel love and need for God. But these feelings have nothing to do with Supramundane Males planning torments for those who don't abide by neocon "moral values." I hold the evangelical truth of our situation to be that contemporary politicized fundamentalists, including first and foremost those aimed at Empire and Armageddon, need us non-fundamentalists, mystics, ecosystem activists, unprogrammable artists, agnostic humanitarians, incorrigible writers, truth-telling musicians, incorruptible scientists, organic gardeners, slow food farmers, gay restaurateurs, wilderness visionaries, pagan preachers of sustainability, compassion-driven entrepreneurs, heartbroken Muslims, grief-stricken children, loving believers, loving disbelievers, peace-marching millions, and the One who loves us all in such a huge way that it is not going too far to say: they need us for their salvation. #Quote by David James Duncan
Heartbroken quotes by Emily Henry
#166. ... true love had seemed like the grand prize, the one thing that could weather any storm, save you from both drudgery and fear, and writing about it had felt like the single most meaningful gift I could ever give.
And even if that part of my worldview was taking a brief sabbatical, it had to be true that sometimes, heartbroken women found their happy endings, their rain-falling, music-swelling moments of pure happiness. #Quote by Emily Henry
Heartbroken quotes by Donna Lynn Hope
#167. Why do you think you deserve happily ever after? You were offered it before and tossed it away. #Quote by Donna Lynn Hope
Heartbroken quotes by Cassandra Clare
#168. How could you be heartbroken and happy at the same time? #Quote by Cassandra Clare
Heartbroken quotes by Rumi
#169. Treasure is stored in the ruined places.
Do not break the hearts of the poor and heartbroken people #Quote by Rumi
Heartbroken quotes by Mackenzie Herbert
#170. My heart had been touched by him, battered by him, cradled by him as the days passed. He was cruel without meaning to be yet he was kind, and I needed him too much to let myself want him #Quote by Mackenzie Herbert
Heartbroken quotes by David Levithan
#171. I see Nick's number. I debate whether to assign a name to his number. If I commit to that, then I will truly be heartbroken if he never calls me again; my heart will knot each and every time I use this phone and see his name in there. I would probably end up having to trash the phone entirely. #Quote by David Levithan
Heartbroken quotes by Amanda Hocking
#172. I don't want you to go back to Tove tomorrow."
"I have to."
"I know," he said. "But I don't want you to."
"You can have me for tonight, though." I gave him a small smile, and he lifted his head so his eyes met mine. "That's all I can give you."
"I don't want only one night. I want all of you, forever."
Tears swam in my eyes, and my heart yearned so badly it hurt. Sitting there with Loki, I didn't think I'd ever felt quite so heartbroken.
"Don't cry, Wendy." He smiled sadly at me, and I saw the heartbreak in his eyes mirroring my own. He pulled me to him and kissed my forehead, then my cheeks, then my mouth.
"So, if this is all you'll let me have, then I will take it all," Loki said. "No talking or even worrying about the kingdom or responsibility or anyone else. You're not the Princess. I'm not Vittra. We're only a boy and a girl crazy about each other, and we're naked in bed."
I nodded. "I can do that."
"Good, because I'm determined to make the most of it." He smiled and pushed me down on the bed. "I think we broke the bed a little bit last time. What do you say we see if we can destroy it? #Quote by Amanda Hocking
Heartbroken quotes by Heidi Klum
#173. I've been heartbroken. I've broken hearts. That's part of life, and its part of figuring out who you are so you can find the right partner. #Quote by Heidi Klum
Heartbroken quotes by Heenashree Khandelwal
#174. All lies, freckled vows, crying-weeping on your toes
Expected jelly beans gusto, got yourself a life imperfecto
Too good a gal, too arrogant a gal
Too independent, too in need of Chanel
Took a careless ride, leaped for a perilous dive
Now look who thrived, who gave you a vibe.
- Chicken In Chicken Out #Quote by Heenashree Khandelwal
Heartbroken quotes by Kimberly   Marie
#175. It would have been better if you had broken a bone. Then, at least I would know I would heal. #Quote by Kimberly Marie
Heartbroken quotes by Susane Colasanti
#176. Being aware sucks. #Quote by Susane Colasanti
Heartbroken quotes by M.F. Moonzajer
#177. If you haven't broken any heart yet,you never loved. #Quote by M.F. Moonzajer
Heartbroken quotes by Teresita Fernandez
#178. And lastly, when other things in life get tough, when you're going through family troubles, when you're heartbroken, when you're frustrated with money problems, focus on your work. It has saved me through every single difficult thing I have ever had to do, like a scaffolding that goes far beyond any traditional notions of a career. #Quote by Teresita Fernandez
Heartbroken quotes by Vineet Raj Kapoor
#179. A single heartbreak teaches you more than what a lifetime of schooling can #Quote by Vineet Raj Kapoor
Heartbroken quotes by Kim Harrison
#180. I hadn't wished for Trent in my life, but now that I had him, I was more confused, more heartbroken than I'd ever been. Trent was willing to sacrifice everything for me, but I didn't know if I could let him. #Quote by Kim Harrison
Heartbroken quotes by David Adams Richards
#181. If the poor rabbits knew I was selling their dead bodies for wine, they would be heartbroken. #Quote by David Adams Richards
Heartbroken quotes by Sandra Newman
#182. It was beautiful to be heartbroken, it was as pleasurable as a thing could be. But pointless. #Quote by Sandra Newman
Heartbroken quotes by Leila Sales
#183. Well, you can't have heartbreak without love," Dan pointed out. "If your heart was really broken, then at least you know you really loved him. #Quote by Leila Sales
Heartbroken quotes by Giovannie De Sadeleer
#184. One fine day, someone will help you find, what you have lost inside of you awhile ago. #Quote by Giovannie De Sadeleer
Heartbroken quotes by Scott Mcgoldrick
#185. I think as a society we forget that men also have daddy issues, they've also had bad childhoods, they're vulnerable beings.. They also need love. We are made to think men don't have a hard time, and that's mainly because we've trained them not to show emotion, not to shed a tear.. but I can assure you, we men break down just like every other being. We get depressed. We get heartbroken, we get scared, lonely, butterflies.. We feel every emotion just as women do. #Quote by Scott Mcgoldrick
Heartbroken quotes by Nina LaCour
#186. He is Romeo, and he is heartbroken. Every word is wistful. When he says, 'O, teach me how I should forget to think!' I, for the first time, see what the big deal is about Shakespeare. #Quote by Nina LaCour
Heartbroken quotes by Leila Sales
#187. Because before the time when you're heartbroken, you get to be in love, and that's worth it. #Quote by Leila Sales
Heartbroken quotes by Mia Asher
#188. Love is never supposed to hurt. Love is supposed to heal, to be your haven from misery, to make living fucking worthwhile. #Quote by Mia Asher
Heartbroken quotes by Hamza Aslam
#189. Everyone has a heart, but not everyone listens to another's #Quote by Hamza Aslam
Heartbroken quotes by Rumi
#190. Heartsick, heartbroken - to know love is to know pain. What could be more common? Even so, each broken heart is so singular that with it we probe the divine. #Quote by Rumi
Heartbroken quotes by Sarah J. Maas
#191. "As you wish."
"But I'd like to remain your friend."
He put his hands in his pockets. "Always. #Quote by Sarah J. Maas
Heartbroken quotes by May Vanderbilt
#192. The first time is always the hardest...getting your heartbroken. The first time–it's always coming from outer space. You never see it coming, but it will be easier next time. #Quote by May Vanderbilt
Heartbroken quotes by Thomas Hardy
#193. At first I did not love you, Jude; that I own. When I first knew you I merely wanted you to love me. I did not exactly flirt with you; but that inborn craving which undermines some women's morals almost more than unbridled passion
the craving to attract and captivate, regardless of the injury it may do the man
was in me; and when I found I had caught you, I was frightened. And then
I don't know how it was
I couldn't bear to let you go
possibly to Arabella again
and so I got to love you, Jude. But you see, however fondly it ended, it began in the selfish and cruel wish to make your heart ache for me without letting mine ache for you. #Quote by Thomas Hardy
Heartbroken quotes by Deborah Cox
#194. I'm not supposed to miss you, I'm not supposed to care #Quote by Deborah Cox
Heartbroken quotes by Melina Marchetta
#195. Two best friends traveled from the Burdekin in North Queensland sometime in the 1960s and walked into the Union and fell in love with Grace. Tom finch was the smarter talker of the two and won first round, marrying her before his name came up in the lottery sending him to Vietnam on a tour of duty. He never returned. The heartbroken, patient one, Bill Mackee, grieved a best friend and married the love of his life, adopting the twins when they were four years old. #Quote by Melina Marchetta
Heartbroken quotes by Cassandra Giovanni
#196. I know I'm the one who has shattered the perfection that was our souls as one. #Quote by Cassandra Giovanni
Heartbroken quotes by Emma Chase
#197. Lady Sarah gazes at Henry's shiny shoes, her face heartbroken. "Do you ever think . . . that perhaps you should be with - "
"Do not even think of finishing that fucking sentence," Henry warns.
"Why not?" She lifts her chin. "It's the truth."
"The truth?" Henry mocks. "The truth is I wouldn't even be here if it weren't for you. I don't know where I'd be or what I'd be doing, but I know it wouldn't be pretty."
"He's right, you know, Sarah." Prince Nicholas steps over to them. "Before you, Henry was an unmitigated disaster. Reckless, spoiled, self-destructive - "
"Thank you, Nicholas," Henry says. "I think she gets the picture."
Nicholas smacks his brother on the back and grins cheekily. "Happy to help."
Henry slips his hands into his pockets, rocking on his heels, telling Sarah, "I could say the same thing, you know. You don't think I know you'd be better off with someone whose everyday life doesn't send you reeling into a panic attack?"
Sarah shakes her head. "No, that's not true. I could never be better off with anyone else. I would never want to be. You're mine, Henry, and I'm keeping you. #Quote by Emma Chase
Heartbroken quotes by Sakshi Narula
#198. I am drowning in the silence you left behind #Quote by Sakshi Narula
Heartbroken quotes by Norman Cousins
#199. The eternal quest of the individual human being is to shatter his loneliness. #Quote by Norman Cousins
Heartbroken quotes by Taylor Jenkins Reid
#200. If you are heartbroken right now, then I feel for you deeply, Evelyn says. That I have the utmost respect for. Thats the sort of thing that can split a person in two. But I wasnt heartbroken when Don left me. I simply felt like my marriage had failed. And those are very different things. #Quote by Taylor Jenkins Reid

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