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He Make Me Smile quotes by Laurell K. Hamilton
#1. My answer seemed to please him, and he let it go. Matthew was teaching me not to over explain, to explain just enough to make him happy, and not dig the verbal hole deeper. Talking to children is like testifying in court, answer just what's asked, don't elaborate, and don't volunteer information. #Quote by Laurell K. Hamilton
He Make Me Smile quotes by Sylvia Day
#2. Now I'm hot and bothered, and wondering why my new neighbor isn't putting the moves on me." "Maybe he doesn't want to push you too far, too fast and scare you off." Gideon's eyes glittered in the light of the television. "Is that so?" He nuzzled his nose against my temple. "If he has half a brain, he'd know not to let you get away." Oh ... "Maybe I should make the first move," I whispered, wrapping my fingers around his wrist. "But what if he thinks I'm too easy?" "He'll be too busy thinking he's damned luck. #Quote by Sylvia Day
He Make Me Smile quotes by Tahereh Mafi
#3. I cling to him, wishing I could ease his pain. I wish I could take his burdens and make them mine.
"It's weird, isn't it?" he says.
"What is?"
"If we were naked right now, I'd be dead."
"Shut up," I say, laughing against his chest. We're both wearing long sleeves, long pants. As long as my face and hand don't touch his skin, he's perfectly safe.
"Well, it's true."
"In what alternate universe would I ever be naked with you?"
"I am just #Quote by Tahereh Mafi
He Make Me Smile quotes by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
#4. Oh, it's normal," he said, and she remembered how he had always been quick to reassure her, to make her feel better. "I was away for a much shorter time, obviously, but I was very surprised when I came back. I kept thinking that things should have waited for me but they hadn't. #Quote by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
He Make Me Smile quotes by Dick Van Dyke
#5. Jon Stewart kills me. I love him. And Bill Maher. He does an hour on HBO. But entirely political. It is awfully rough, but he does make me laugh. #Quote by Dick Van Dyke
He Make Me Smile quotes by John Cage
#6. I certainly had no feeling for harmony, and Schoenberg thought that that would make it impossible for me to write music. He said, 'You'll come to a wall you won't be able to get through.' So I said, 'I'll beat my head against that wall.' #Quote by John Cage
He Make Me Smile quotes by Suzanne Collins
#7. Peeta crouches down on the other side of her and strokes her hair. When he begins to speak in a soft voice, it seems almost nonsensical, but the words aren't for me. With my paint box at home, I can make every color imaginable. Pink. As pale as a baby's skin. Or as deep as rhubarb. Green like spring grass. Blue that shimmers like ice on water. #Quote by Suzanne Collins
He Make Me Smile quotes by Karen Hawkins
#8. Bloody hell, what did he hit me with? An anvil?"
"His fist."
"You should put that fool in a bear-baiting pit. You'd make a fortune." Dougal struggled to rise.
Sophia helped him on one side, Mary slipping under his other arm.
The wind swirled a bit harder, sending dust into the air.
"Heavens!" Mary said, glancing over their heads at the sky. "That's the third thunderhead as has passed this way today."
Sophia turned. A huge bank of thunderclouds hung overhead, roiling as if alive.
"We should get inside," she said uneasily.
Dougal didn't even glance at the clouds as he held a hand over his bruised eye and cheek. "Bloody hell, I can barely see. #Quote by Karen Hawkins
He Make Me Smile quotes by Mal Peet
#9. Let me tell you something. When there is a penalty kick, most people think that the penalty taker is in control. But they are wrong. The penalty taker is full of fear, because he is expected to score. He is under great pressure. He has many choices to make, and as he places the ball and walks back to make his run, his mind is full of the possibility of failure. This makes him vulnerable, and it makes the keeper very powerful. #Quote by Mal Peet
He Make Me Smile quotes by Andrea Gibson
#10. I know David argued with the chisel. I know he said, 'Make me softer. #Quote by Andrea Gibson
He Make Me Smile quotes by Jenny Downham
#11. I didn't understand that when you make love, you actually do MAKE love. Stir things. Affect each other. The breath that escapes from me is dazzled. He breathes it in with a gasp. #Quote by Jenny Downham
He Make Me Smile quotes by Mia Sheridan
#12. Tenleigh," Kyland said, his voice gravelly. "Please don't cry." He stepped toward me. "Anything but that. Please." He sounded desperate. "This is what I've been trying to avoid. This. I don't want either of us to feel this way.
He'd been pulling away from me to make it easier. And yet pulling away only made it hurt more.
"Well, I do! And you don't get to take that from me. I love you, and you don't get to say anything about it. The love I feel for you is mine. And I'll feel it if I want to. #Quote by Mia Sheridan
He Make Me Smile quotes by Jolene Perry
#13. I inhale deeply and hold it. Every time I do this lately, I feel like I need to see how long I can hold it. See if I can understand how Eamon must have felt. But I know nothing would make me understand that king of agony. The fear. Did he know he was taking his last breath when he gasped that last time ? #Quote by Jolene Perry
He Make Me Smile quotes by Jill Shalvis
#14. You told me I shouldn't fall in love with you. Remember?" "Yeah, that's because I'm insanely stubborn. I've always thought I was so damn brave. I mean I put myself on the line every single day on the job." He laughed, and it was not in amusement. "But not my heart. Never my heart. And that doesn't make me brave at all. It makes me a coward. #Quote by Jill Shalvis
He Make Me Smile quotes by Theodore Roosevelt
#15. Right here let me make as vigorous a plea as I know how in favor of saying nothing that we do not mean, and of acting without hesitation up to whatever we say. A good many of you are probably acquainted with the old proverb: 'Speak softly and carry a big stick
you will go far.' If a man continually blusters, if he lacks civility, a big stick will not save him from trouble; and neither will speaking softly avail, if back of the softness there does not lie strength, power. In private life there are few beings more obnoxious than the man who is always loudly boasting; and if the boaster is not prepared to back up his words his position becomes absolutely contemptible. So it is with the nation. It is both foolish and undignified to indulge in undue self-glorification, and, above all, in loose-tongued denunciation of other peoples. #Quote by Theodore Roosevelt
He Make Me Smile quotes by Daniel Keyes
#16. Seeing Charlie huddled beneath the covers I wish I could give him comfort, explain to him that he has done nothing wrong, that is beyond him to change his mother's attitude back to what it was before his sister came. There on the bed, Charlie did not understand what they were saying, but now it hurts. If I could reach out into the past of my memories, I would make her see how much she was hurting me. #Quote by Daniel Keyes
He Make Me Smile quotes by Linda Weaver Clarke
#17. He strummed a few chords and then sang:
You are my sunshine, my only sunshine.
You make me happy when skies are gray.
You'll never know dear, how much I love you.
Please don't take my sunshine away.
Rick sang one more verse, and when he was done, he winked at Amelia and smiled. #Quote by Linda Weaver Clarke
He Make Me Smile quotes by Molly Harper
#18. I was just settling into the salons of Austenian Bath when Gabriel muttered, "This is strange."
I looked up to see him pulling a long blue-gray thread from between the nearly translucent pages. My jaw dropped, and I was kneeling on the chaise in a flash. "Is the binding coming loose? No, don't pull it! I can take it to my book doctor tomorrow night."
"Stop hyperventilating, sweetheart. I think it's a bookmark," he said, pulling on the thread until he stretched it to my hand. "Here."
I wound the thread around my finger. "What passage was it marking?"
He scanned the page and lifted an eye. "It's an Edward and Jane scene. I know how you love those. Edward's saying, 'I sometimes have a queer feeling with regard to you---especially when you are near me, as now: it is as if I had a string somewhere under my left ribs, tightly and inextricably knotted to a similar string situated in the corresponding quarter of your little frame.'"
I was so caught up in watching his lips as they formed the words that I barely noticed the sudden tension on the fiber wound around my finger. I realized now that Gabriel had slipped a ring onto the thread and was sliding it toward me. I watched as the respectable diamond twinkled in the light of the oil lamp.
"I'm not Edward, " Gabriel promised. "I'm not afraid the thread will break and leave me bleeding. Our thread's already been tested. And it will hold up. I'm asking you to make the link permanent. Please, marry me. #Quote by Molly Harper
He Make Me Smile quotes by Harper Lee
#19. Mr. Stone set a watchman in church yesterday. He should have provided me with one. I need a watchman to lead me around and declare what he seeth every hour on the hour. I need a watchman to tell me this is what a man says but this is what he means, to draw a line down the middle and say here is this justice and there is that justice and make me understand the difference. I need a watchman to go forth and proclaim to them all that twenty-six years is too long to play a joke on anybody, no matter how funny it is. #Quote by Harper Lee
He Make Me Smile quotes by Penny Reid
#20. My type has a romantic soul. He'll make my heart and my brain fight over who gets him first. He does what's right, even when it's not easy - actually, especially when it's not easy. He knows the value of discipline, education, honor, and restraint. And his strength of character is the only thing that out weighs the strength of his love for me. #Quote by Penny Reid
He Make Me Smile quotes by Jacquelyn Frank
#21. Destiny has chosen me for the Wind," he said in resonant tones as he swept out his hands in a showman's gesture, even while he winked at her. "Atmospheres, temperature, air, these are mine to beckon." And he did, sweeping a breeze through the room just strong enough to make Legna's gown ruffle. Suddenly, without even a flash of light or warning, Elijah's form dissipated into thin air, becoming the air. His voice swirled all around her as he playfully lifted her hair up from her shoulders, drawing it into a banner that fluttered high above her head, making her laugh. "The weather sways to my will, the tempests and pressures of it mine to manipulate. I can infuse a place with life-giving oxygen or remove it completely. The Wind is the breath of life, and She breathes through me. #Quote by Jacquelyn Frank
He Make Me Smile quotes by Pepper Winters
#22. I'll give you everything, Zel. Everything that I am." He kissed my jaw, my temple, my cheek. He worshipped me in kisses. "Please. Don't make me beg. I can't do this. I can't be apart from you. I can't. I need you so fucking much. #Quote by Pepper Winters
He Make Me Smile quotes by Ta-Nehisi Coates
#23. I do not long for those days. I have no desire to make you "tough" or "street," perhaps because any "toughness" I garnered came reluctantly. I think I was always, somehow, aware of the price. I think I somehow knew that a third of my brain should have been concerned with more beautiful things. I think I felt that something out there, some force, nameless and vast, had robbed me of ... what? Time? Experience? I think you know something of what that third could have done, and I think that is why you may feel the need for escape even more than I did. You have seen all the wonderful life up above the tree-line, yet you understand that there is no real distance between you and Trayvon Martin, and thus Trayvon Martin must terrify you in a way that he could never terrify me. You have seen so much more of all that is lost when they destroy your body. #Quote by Ta-Nehisi Coates
He Make Me Smile quotes by Margaret Atwood
#24. One young fellow pointed to another steamer in the distance, and said it was the Lady of the Lake, a United States vessel which until recently was thought to be the fastest boat on the Lake; but she had just lost a trial-of-speed race to the new Royal Mail Standard boat, the Eclipse, which outran her by four minutes and a half. And I said didn't that make him proud, and he said no, because he had bet a dollar on the Lady. And all present laughed.

Then something came clear to me which I used to wonder about. There is a quilt pattern called Lady of the Lake, which I thought was named for the poem; but I could never find any lady in the pattern, nor any lake. But now I saw the boat was named for the poem, and the quilt was named for the boat; because it was a pinwheel design, which must have stood for the paddle going around. And I thought that things did make sense, and did have a design to them, if only you pondered them long enough. And so perhaps might be with recent events, which at the moment seemed to me entirely senseless; and finding out the reason for the quilt pattern was a lesson to me, to have faith. #Quote by Margaret Atwood
He Make Me Smile quotes by Martha Beck
#25. There's a Chinese word that means "soul sister," and that is the word I would use to address you in my heart. Listen to me, soul sister: Fate or luck or destiny already put you through hell once. Please don't make it worse by condemning yourself. There is no choice that would have left you feeling no guilt. Every time I watch Adam struggle to speak, every time I see another child laugh and point at him, every time I watch his face fall as he realizes he is not going to be treated like the other kids, I feel wrenched by guilt just as you did when you heard my story. Life is hard. We make the best choices we can. Condemnation, whether it comes from around you or inside you, only robs the world of another dram of compassion. God knows, we need all the compassion we can get. If you promise to try to forgive yourself, I'll try to forgive myself as well. I think, in my heart of hearts, that there is nothing for either one of us to forgive. #Quote by Martha Beck
He Make Me Smile quotes by Mary Balogh
#26. You have become as necessary to me as the air I breathe," he said. "Your beauty and your smiles wrap themselves about me and warm me to the heart - to the very soul. You have taught me to trust and to love again, and I trust and love you. I love you more than I have ever loved anyone. More than I knew it was possible to love. And if you think I am making an ass of myself with such romantic hyperbole just because I want to make you feel better about admitting that you are happy, then I am going to have to take drastic measures. #Quote by Mary Balogh
He Make Me Smile quotes by Marcia Lynn McClure
#27. First you term me pretty ... and then dub me terrifying in the next breath," he said. "I do not know what to make of it."
"Make of it that you are ... pretty terrifying, Sir Broderick Dougray," Monet said, smiling at the warmth of his breath in her hair. #Quote by Marcia Lynn McClure
He Make Me Smile quotes by Anne Waldman
#28. I've multiplied, I'm 2.
He was part of me
he came out of me,
he took a part of me
He took me apart.
I'm 2, he's my art,
no, he's separate.
He art one. I'm not
done & I'm still one.
I sing of my son. I've
multiplied. My heart's
in 2, half to him & half
to you,
who are also a part
of him, & you & he
& I make trio of
kind congruity. #Quote by Anne Waldman
He Make Me Smile quotes by Robert Kraft
#29. The greatest decisions I've made in my life are by instinct. I remember when I hired Bill I had a lot of people telling me it was a mistake. But he and I had established a rapport in '96 when he coached the secondary. You need a coach that understands economics, that understands the impact of the salary cap and how to make those difficult decisions that allow you to sustain success over the long term. I don't think there's anyone better than Bill at doing that. #Quote by Robert Kraft
He Make Me Smile quotes by Mia Sheridan
#30. You drive me crazy," he murmured. He brushed his lips across mine lightly and I shivered. "And you make the darkness go away. You bring me some kind of peace." He let out a harsh exhale of breath and I drank it in. "I don't know what to do with it."
"Take it, Ky," I whispered. "You deserve some peace. Let me give it to you. #Quote by Mia Sheridan
He Make Me Smile quotes by Florence Aadland
#31. It was inevitable that Flynn would notice her. It wasn't her figure that attracted him, because Beverly is a small-bosomed girl. It was her legs, of course - her long legs in those black net stockings. Later, when Errol and I became good friends, he told me why: "I'm not a breast man," he said. "I'm a leg man. You can't make love to a breast. #Quote by Florence Aadland
He Make Me Smile quotes by Colleen Hoover
#32. Theodore," Ben says, interrupting him. " You seem like a... nice guy."
"Thanks," Theodore says, smiling.
"Let me finish," Ben says, holding up a finder in warning. "Because you're about to hate me. I lied. I'm not writing a paper." He points at Glenn. "This guy told me earlier today where to show up tonight so that I could find the girl I'm supposed to spend the rest of my life with. And I'm sorry, but that girl just so happens to be your date. And I'm in love with her. Like, really in love with her. Crippling, debilitating, paralyzing love. So please accept my sincerest apologies, because she's coming home with me tonight. I hope. I pray." Ben shoots me an endearing look. "Please ? Otherwise this speech will make me look like a complete fool and that won't be good when we tell our grandkids about this. #Quote by Colleen Hoover
He Make Me Smile quotes by Rafael Alvarez
#33. Suenos. Dulces Suenos.
He must be painting upstairs.
I can feel it.
I remember when his father was just a baby and I called her Mama for the first time and she became Mama for all of us; Mama de la casa and his father would wake up in the middle of the night and scream in his crib and nothing would make him stop, nada, and Mama would get so exhausted she would turn her back to me and cry in her pillow.
I would smooth her hair-it was black, Basilio, as black as an olive-and I would turn on the radio (electricity, Basilio, in the middle of the night), to maybe calm the baby and listen to something besides the screaming.
Mama liked the radio, Basilio, and we listened while your father cried-cantante negra, cantante de almas azules-and it made us feel a little better, helped us make it through.
I had to get up early to catch the streetcar to the shipyard, but when the crying finally stopped sometimes the sun would be ready to pop and Mama's breathing would slow down and her shoulders would move like gentle waves, sleeping but still listening, like I can hear her now on this good bed, and Basilio-Mira, hombre, I will not tell you this again-if I moved very close and kissed her shoulders, she would turn to face me and we would have to be quiet Basilio, under the music, very, very quiet....
So this I want to know, Basilio.
This, if you want to live on Macon Street for another minute.
Can you paint an apple baked soft in the oven, an apple #Quote by Rafael Alvarez
He Make Me Smile quotes by Nora Ephron
#34. The next man I was involved with lived in Boston. He taught me to cook mushrooms. He taught me that if you heat the butter very hot and put just a very few mushrooms into the frying pan, they come out nice and brown and crispy, whereas if the butter is only moderately hot and you crowd the mushrooms, they get all mushy and wet. Every time I make mushrooms I think of him. There was another man in my life when I was younger who taught me to put sour cream into scrambled eggs, and since I never ever put sour cream into scrambled eggs I never really think of him at all. #Quote by Nora Ephron
He Make Me Smile quotes by Gena Showalter
#35. Stridey-Man' asked, Want 2 vacay w/me?
William snorted as he typed. Romantic getaway for 2? UR not my type, dickwad.
Fuck U. i'm everybody's types. So U in or out?Last chance in or out?
Knew U couldn't resist me. B ready in 5.
Right on. Make it 10. I want 2 style my hair for U. U know, just how U like it.
ASSHOLE. #Quote by Gena Showalter
He Make Me Smile quotes by Grace Paley
#36. I unknot his tie and offer him a cold sandwich. He raps my backside, paying attention to the bounce. I walk around him as though he were a Maypole, kissing as I go.
"I lost my cuff link, goddamnit" he says, and drops to the floor to look for it. I go down too on my knees, but I know he never had a cuff link in his life. Still I would do a lot for him.
"Got you off you feet that time," he says, laughing. "Oh yes, I did." And before I can even make myself half comfortable on that polka-dotted linoleum, he got onto me right where we were, and the truth is, we were so happy, we forgot the precautions. #Quote by Grace Paley
He Make Me Smile quotes by Gianno Caldwell
#37. Fine people on both sides? I was disgusted.

Here was the same man I'd gone on television to defend when I believed it was appropriate. While I hadn't been a supporter at the start of his campaign, he'd eventually convinced me he could be an effective president. Trump had proved to be a disrupter of the status quo during the primary and general election. Especially when he began to talk about issues of concern to black Americans. Dems have taken your votes for granted! Black unemployment is the highest it's ever been! Neighborhoods in Chicago are unsafe! All things I completely agreed with. But now he was saying, 'I'm going to change all that!' He mentioned it at every rally, even though he was getting shut down by the leaders of the African American community. And what amazed me most was that he was saying these things to white people and definitely not winning any points there either. I'd defended Trump on more than one occasion and truly believed he could make a tangible difference in the black community. (And still do.) I'd lost relationships with family members, friends, and women I had romantic interest in, all because I thought advocating for some of his positions had a higher purpose.

But now the president of the United States had just given a group whose sole purpose and history have been based on hate and the elimination of blacks and Jews moral equivalence with the genuine counterprotesters. My grandfather was born and raised in Helena, Arkan #Quote by Gianno Caldwell
He Make Me Smile quotes by William T. Vollmann
#38. So then, in a pleading tone, he whispers: Why did you make me? I never wanted to be made ...
For propaganda, of course. It's all in your own book. How can we persuade others to be good, without evil we can point to? #Quote by William T. Vollmann
He Make Me Smile quotes by G.L. Tomas
#39. He pulled his mouth from mine, and it confused me. Hell, looking into his eyes now baffled me. "Greene, you're gonna make me ruin you." "So ruin me. #Quote by G.L. Tomas
He Make Me Smile quotes by Andrea Randall
#40. I love you," he says as he meets me in the doorway.
"Just because you say it doesn't make it true, you know. #Quote by Andrea Randall
He Make Me Smile quotes by Herta Muller
#41. The hunger angel looks at me from the sky and says: Ride back.
I say: But then I'll die.
If you die, I'll make everything orange, and it won't hurt, he says.
And I ride back, and he keeps his word. As I die, the sky over every watchtower turns orange, and it doesn't hurt. #Quote by Herta Muller

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