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He Broke My Heart quotes by Willow Aster
#1. It has been a year, two months, and seventeen days since I last saw him.Two years, ten months and five days since he broke my heart.Technically, he began breaking my heart the moment I met him, five years, eleven months, and one day ago. #Quote by Willow Aster
He Broke My Heart quotes by Kristen Stewart
#2. Everybody says the first cut if the deepest. It's so true. I don't know if it's because it's the best love, but it's the first that you remember. There is one boy that I will remember for the rest of my life, and I wouldn't go as far as to say, 'Oh I was in love with him and he broke my heart'. You hold on to that, just that first experience, it's good to have and you should appreciate it, even if it hurts. #Quote by Kristen Stewart
He Broke My Heart quotes by Alicia Keys
#3. He broke my heart, and now it's raining, just to rub it in ... #Quote by Alicia Keys
He Broke My Heart quotes by Sereana Crowley
#4. I thought i found the love of my life then he broke my heart i thought he was my everything i thought he cared but i guess i was wrong #Quote by Sereana Crowley
He Broke My Heart quotes by Nick Hornby
#5. I don't know you. The only thing I know about you is, you're reading this. I don't know if your happy or not; I don't know whether you're young or not. I sort of hope you're young and sad. If you're old and happy, I can imagine that you'll smile to yourself when you hear me going, he broke my heart. You'll remember someone who broke your heart, and you'll think to yourself, Oh yes, i remember how that feels. But you can't, you smug old git. Oh you'll remember feeling sort of plesantly sad. You might remember listening to music and eating chocolates in your room, or walking along the embankment on your own, wrapped up in a winter coat and feeling lonely and brave. But can you remember how with every mouthful of food it felt like you were biting into your own stomach? Can you remember the taste of red wine as it came back up and into the toilet bowl? Can you remember dreaming every night that you were still together, that he was talking to you gently and touching you, so that every morning when you woke up you had to go through it all over again? #Quote by Nick Hornby
He Broke My Heart quotes by Abbi Glines
#6. Inside I knew he was meant to be the guy that taught me about life. Even if he broke my heart eventually. #Quote by Abbi Glines
He Broke My Heart quotes by Sylvia Day
#7. That you can know what i have in me and still want me as much as i want you. i go to sleep every night afraid i'll wake up and you'll be gone.or that i scared you away ... that i dreamed you-" "no. Gideon." jesus he broke my heart every day. shattered me. #Quote by Sylvia Day
He Broke My Heart quotes by Anna B. Doe
#8. Maybe even all this time, from the time he broke my heart for the first time and I promised myself I'll never forgive him, I was just waiting for him on the other side of the line. #Quote by Anna B. Doe
He Broke My Heart quotes by Christina Lauren
#9. This flirting is all well and good, but I mean it when I tell you, I cant have you leaving me again. It almost broke me."
My ribs seemed to squeeze all of the air out of my lungs at the thought. "I don't think I could. I don't want to be away from you again either."
"But you need to give me a chance to fix things when I screw up. You know I'm an ass sometimes."
Growling, he whispered, "And I tear lingerie."
I pushed a curl off his forehead, "And hoard it. Don't forget the creepy hoarding. #Quote by Christina Lauren
He Broke My Heart quotes by Stephenie Meyer
#10. What can I give you, Wanda?" he insisted.
I took a deep breath and tried to keep my voice steady."Give me a lie, Jared. Tell me you want me to stay."
There was no hesitation this time. His arms wound around me in the dark, held me securely against his chest. He pressed his lips against my forehead, and I felt his breath move my hair when he spoke.
Melanie was holding her breath in my head. She was trying to bury herself again, trying to give
memy freedom for these last minutes. Maybe she was afraid to listen to these lies. She wouldn't
want this memory when I was gone.
"Stay here, Wanda. With us. Withme. I don't want you to go. Please. I can't imagine having you gone. I can't see that. I don't know how to ... how to ... " His voice broke. #Quote by Stephenie Meyer
He Broke My Heart quotes by Meik Wiking
#11. We were all tired after hiking and were half asleep, sitting in a semicircle around the fireplace in the cabin, wearing big sweaters and woolen socks. The only sounds you could hear were the stew boiling, the sparks from the fireplace, and someone having a sip of mulled wine. Then one of my friends broke the silence. "Could this be any more hygge?" he asked rhetorically. "Yes," one of the women said after a moment. "If there was a storm raging outside." We all nodded. #Quote by Meik Wiking
He Broke My Heart quotes by Tariq Ali
#12. I didn't know a thing about Oxford and had never been to Britain. My father suggested it because in 1939 he had been about to take up a place at Wadham College, but the war broke out, and he joined the Army instead. #Quote by Tariq Ali
He Broke My Heart quotes by James Hadley Chase
#13. I'll tell you something: I'll always be broke. It's a tradition in the family. My grandfather was a bankrupt. My father was a pauper. My uncle was a miser: he went crazy because he couldn't find any money to mise over. #Quote by James Hadley Chase
He Broke My Heart quotes by Cambria Hebert
#14. Before I knew what I was doing, I was out of my seat and rushing up toward the railing that divided the seats from the field. I had to make sure he was okay. I couldn't just sit here and watch him lie there in pain.
I heard my name called, but I ignored it as I flung my leg over the top railing and prepared to hoist myself over.
One of the guys working security happened to see me and he rushed over and ordered me to stop.
"I can't. That's my…" My voice broke. I couldn't force the word boyfriend between my lips. It just wasn't enough. It just didn't describe how desperate I was to get to him.
"He's my everything," I finished.
The security guard gave me a grim look. "You can't come on the field."
A lone tear tracked its way down my cheek, and I craned my neck. Frustrated, I glanced up at the big screen to see if it was showing a different angle.
But they weren't playing Romeo. They were focused on me.
I blinked at the site of me half straddling the railing and the security guard standing there with a grim look on his face as he stared me down. My cheeks were red, behind my glasses, my eyes wild.
I turned away from the screen, irritated that they weren't focused on Romeo.
I glanced at the guard. "I'm coming over."
He crossed his arms over his chest as if to say, I dare you.
I flung my other leg over so I was balanced on the bottom rung.
"This is your last warning," the guard shouted.
The crowd st #Quote by Cambria Hebert
He Broke My Heart quotes by Penny Reid
#15. We're not evenly matched." I pointed to his tie then put my hands on my hips and mimicked his stance. I hoped bravado and wine-haze would prop up my resolve. So far so good.

He glared at me, looking resentful, and his voice was steely as he asked, "What, specifically, makes you think so?"

I lifted my chin and indicated his tie again, "Your tie, Quinn. I have on nine pieces of clothing and, assuming you're wearing underwear of some sort, you have on ten. Now I can either put on my hat or you can take off your tie."

His glare morphed into a perplexed frown as I spoke but then, when I reached the end of the last sentence, his features transitioned into something like petulant yet amused understanding and most of the rigidity left his shoulders and neck.

We stared at each other, again almost for a half minute, before I broke the silence.

"Or, you could take off your jacket…?"

Quinn's mouth hooked to the side and he smoothly removed his jacket; he tossed it to the pile created by my discarded clothes. He began unfastening his cufflinks at his sleeves and the breath he released while pinning me with an irritated stare sounded relieved. #Quote by Penny Reid
He Broke My Heart quotes by Karen Hawkins
#16. Perhaps you met my mother-she and I look very similar. She and my father traveled quite a bit before I was born."
"That's possible,I suppose," he said, as if not enitrely convinced.
"Sir Reginald." Dougal broke in on their conversation, entirely against common etiquette. "Perhaps you mistake Miss MacFarlane with a dream." He let his gaze linger over her in a similar fashion. "I often do."
Sophia's face burned. Fiona choked on her wine, and Jack patted her back, glaring at Dougal. The judge let out a snort of laughter, while Mrs. Kent sent dagger glances at Sophia, and Miss Stanton, oblivious to it all, asked for the salt. #Quote by Karen Hawkins
He Broke My Heart quotes by Adrienne Wilder
#17. Love is easy." He traced my eyebrow with his thumb.
"Trust is what's hard. Broken hearts can be fixed. Broken trust?" His touch followed a tear down my cheek to my lips.
"Trust doesn't heal. Your parents broke your trust when you were really young, it changed you, it took something away. Then the one time you let trust grow, you thought it had been broken again. That's where it can be tricky, because sometimes trust feels broken when it's only a little dented up. #Quote by Adrienne Wilder
He Broke My Heart quotes by James Patterson
#18. Max." Fang let go of my hand. "Right now, it's really all about - us."

He swooped down to the right in a big semicircle, ending facing me. Slowly we climbed upward, until we were almost vertical, flying straight up to the sun.

While carefully synchronizing our wings - they almost touched - Fang leaned in, gently put one hand behind my neck, and kissed me. It was just about as close to heaven as I'll ever get, I guess. I closed my eyes, lost in the feeling of flying and kissing and being with the one person in the world I completely,
utterly trusted.

When we finally broke apart, we looked down at the others, who were way far below us now. Angel was shading her eyes, looking up at us with a big smile. She was sitting on a dolphin's back, and I hoped soon someone would explain to the dolphin that he shouldn't let Angel take advantage of his good nature.

Still looking up at us, Angel gave us a big thumbs-up.

"She approves," Fang said with a hint of amusement.
"Jeez," I wondered aloud. "Is that a good thing or a bad thing? #Quote by James Patterson
He Broke My Heart quotes by Melissa M. Futrell
#19. He shrugged. "It's a little too late for that."

"I know, but if you just explained to her, maybe she'd still let you--"

"I already ruined my guitar. I broke it last night. I just...I just don't want to talk about it. #Quote by Melissa M. Futrell
He Broke My Heart quotes by Lauren Barnholdt
#20. Does he know that I called him three times and hung up right after we broke up? (I totally *67'd my number to block it, but with technology these days, you never know when someone's going to invent a way to get around that. Nothing's private anymore, you know?) #Quote by Lauren Barnholdt
He Broke My Heart quotes by Stuart Murdoch
#21. I went to a foot specialist recently and she said:
"You've broken a bone, it's healed funny."
"What can you do?"
"Not much."
She strapped me up though and that's the reason my foot is hurting, because the strapping gave me cramp.
When I'm about to die I'm going to head ti a swamp so I topple in when the time comes. In 50,000 years when they dig me up, pretty well preserved, the scientists will have to work out what sort of life I led from my bone structure, teeth and whatnot. Maybe I'll be clutching a Felt record or something to give them a clue. They'll look at my foot and say: "This man broke a bone and it's healed funny." And they'll look at the Felt record, analysing the grooves with a Groove Analyser and they'll say: "He was obviously in an indie band and one day the pressure got too much, and he booted a wall." And they wouldn't be far from the truth, those crazy scientists. #Quote by Stuart Murdoch
He Broke My Heart quotes by Dani Alexander
#22. I looked at our hands, caked and coated in red, but entwined. The pristine moment when they were clasped like that earlier in the day seemed weeks ago.
"Clean." Peter said.
"Can I get a water bottle or something to clean his hands?" I scanned the crowd. He drew my attention back to him with a pull of my hand.
"No," Peter said. "I'm ... clean."
I had missed who Peter was until that very moment.
I had called him names and treated him callously. I had read every micro expression in a vacuum of how it related to Austin Glass. And in return Peter had cared for my wounds, treated me tenderly and assured me that he was HIV negative while bleeding out in a hallway of strangers.
I broke. It wasn't a visible fracture. I didn't sob or explode into anguish. I didn't give in to my vomitus urge that came from the burst of self-loathing. But I shattered nonetheless. #Quote by Dani Alexander
He Broke My Heart quotes by Vee Hoffman
#23. My lips pursed on the shuddering feather softness of his belly and a sigh broke from Dominic that invaded and destroyed and rebuilt my brain, rebuilt it with a true, unwavering knowledge that I was his now. If he wanted, he could do as he wished, but I knew then that no matter the consequence I would follow his whims, wherever they might lead me. #Quote by Vee Hoffman
He Broke My Heart quotes by Patrick Weekes
#24. He broke into a smile again, a boyish grin. "You know what the best part is? You didn't even steal the real manuscript." He picked up the book again. "I had a forgery placed in my vault, just to be safe. The real elven manuscript is in my library." He tossed the book aside. "After all, young lady, that's where books go. #Quote by Patrick Weekes
He Broke My Heart quotes by Jarod Kintz
#25. I yelled at my cat to knock it off, and sure enough, he did. And it broke. #Quote by Jarod Kintz
He Broke My Heart quotes by Christine Feehan
#26. He felt her shift her weight, felt them both teeter, and then they were tumbling into the pool beneath them.
Locked together, they went to the bottom, their mouths clinging to one another, their shared laughter in their minds. He kicked his legs strongly as she wrapped hers around his waist. Their heads broke the surface, sending rings of ripples skipping over the water.
She was laughing, catching his face in her hands. "You are so incredibly romantic, Jacques, I can barely catch my breath here."
His hands moved up to catch her buttocks, to massage suggestively. He raised one eyebrow. "Are you saying this was my fault? Woman, I never lose my balance. I needed to follow you into the water to keep you from embarrassing yourself. #Quote by Christine Feehan
He Broke My Heart quotes by Kami Garcia
#27. John elbowed me." Isn't there some kind of Cast that can keep our noses working? Like a Stinkus Lessus Cast?
"No but I can think of a few Shutus Upus Casts that I might be applicable right about now."
"Temper, Caster Girl. You're supposed to be Light. You know, one of the good guys."
I broke the mold, remember? On my Seventeenth Moon, when I was Claimed Light and Dark?" I shot him a serious look. "Don't forget. I've got my Dark side."
"I'm scared." He grinned.
"You should be. Very."-Lena Duchannes and John Breed #Quote by Kami Garcia
He Broke My Heart quotes by John Le Carre
#28. It was the most monotonous day of my life," he replied without a second's hesitation. Then his rigid face broke and re-formed itself into the best smile ever, so that for a moment he really did look as if he had slipped through the bars of whatever confined him. "As a matter of fact, I thought you quite excellent," he said. This time she did not object to his choice of adjective. "Will you crash the car now, please, Jose? This will do me fine. I'll die here." And before he could stop her, she had grabbed his hand and kissed him hard on the knuckle of his thumb. #Quote by John Le Carre
He Broke My Heart quotes by Walter Isaacson
#29. At one point I emailed to ask if it was true, as my daughter had told me, that the Apple logo was an homage to Alan Turing, the British computer pioneer who broke the German wartime codes and then committed suicide by biting into a cyanide-laced apple. He replied that he wished he had thought of that, but hadn't. #Quote by Walter Isaacson
He Broke My Heart quotes by Elisabeth Elliot
#30. One morning I was reading the story of Jesus' feeding of the five thousand. The disciples could find only five loaves of bread and two fishes. 'Let me have them,' said Jesus. He asked for all. He took them, said the blessing, and broke them before He gave them out. I remembered what a chapel speaker ... had said: 'If my life is broken when given to Jesus, it is because pieces will feed a multitude, while a loaf will satisfy only a little lad.' #Quote by Elisabeth Elliot
He Broke My Heart quotes by Kresley Cole
#31. Then realization had dawned. "Oh, my God, you're the one who hurt Davis, the boy I was with. You saw us together, and you threw him down a gully. He broke both of his legs!"
"He lived?" Gaze narrowing, Lothaire had murmured, "Not for much Longer. #Quote by Kresley Cole
He Broke My Heart quotes by Simon Cowell
#32. When I was young and we got caught pinching apples, we got a smack from the local policeman. Today if that happened he would be sued. There is a tendency to punish the victim, not the criminal. If someone broke into my house or my mum's house, I worry that the burglar has more rights than me. #Quote by Simon Cowell
He Broke My Heart quotes by Stephenie Meyer
#33. Jacob caught my arm with a shivering hand. "Please, Bella. I'm begging."
His dark eyes were glistening with tears. A lump filled my throat.
"Jake, I have to―"
"You don't, though. You really don't. You could stay here with me. You could stay alive. For Charlie. For me."
The engine of Carlisle's Mercedes purred; the rhythm of the thrumming spiked when Alice revved it impatiently.
I shook my head, tears spattering from my eyes with the sharp motion. I pulled my arm free, and he didn't fight me.
"Don't die Bella," he choked out. "Don't go. Don't."
What if I never saw him again?
The thought pushed me past the silent tears; a sob broke out from my chest. I threw my arms around his waist and hugged for one too-short moment, burying my tear-wet face against his chest. He put his big hand on the back of my hair, as if to hold me here.
"Bye, Jake." I pulled his hand from my hair, and kissed his palm. I couldn't bear to look at his face. "Sorry," I whispered. #Quote by Stephenie Meyer
He Broke My Heart quotes by Jenny Han
#34. We were all pretty quiet until Jeremiah broke the silence like breaking the top of a crème brulee. He said, "This potato salad tastes like bad breath."
"I think that would be your upper lip," Conrad said.
We all laughed, and it felt like a relief. For it to be okay to laugh. To be something other than sad.
Then Conrad said, "This rib has mold on it," and we all started to laugh again. It felt like I hadn't laughed in a long time.
My mother rolled her eyes. "Would it kill you to eat a little mold? Just scrape it off. Give it to me. I'll eat it."
Conrad put his hands up in surrender, and then he stabbed the rib with his fork and dropped it on my mother's plate ceremoniously. "Enjoy it, Laurel."
"I swear, you spoil these boys, Beck," my mother said, and everything felt normal, like any other last night. "Belly was raised on leftovers, weren't you, bean?"
"I was," I agreed. "I was a neglected child who was fed only old food that nobody else wanted."
My mother suppressed a smile and pushed the potato salad toward me.
"I do spoil them," Susannah said, touching Conrad's shoulder, Jeremiah's cheek. "They're angels. Why shouldn't I?"
The two boys looked at each other from across the table for a second. Then Conrad said, "I'm an angel. I would say Jere's more of a cherub." He reached out and tousled Jeremiah's hair roughly.
Jeremiah swatted his hand away. "He's no angel. He's the devil," he said. It was like the fight had been eras #Quote by Jenny Han
He Broke My Heart quotes by Eva Ibbotson
#35. I must go
the aunts will be worried. Guy, I don't know if we will meet again, but
" Her voice broke and she tried again. "Sometimes, when you're alone and you look up at
" Once more, she had to stop. Then she managed, "If I cannot be anything else ... could I be your Star Sister? Could I at least be that?"
Guy dug his nails into his palms. Everything in him rose in protest at the fey, romantic conceit. He did not want her in the heavens, linked to him by some celestial whimsy, but here and now in the flesh and after the death of the flesh, her hand in his as they rose from graves like these when the last trump sounded.
"Yes," he managed to say. "You can be my Star Sister. You can at least be that. #Quote by Eva Ibbotson
He Broke My Heart quotes by Tehmina Durrani
#36. For Sehra who broke the silence of hypocrisy, that Allah consistently says he hates; in the dictionary meaning of Satan out of 3 – 1 is hypocrisy – So – while many misguided people around the world will condemn you – Allah will love you for following his command. I am very proud of you and can assure you that from here on you will find yourself transformed for a greater purpose. My love and prayers. #Quote by Tehmina Durrani
He Broke My Heart quotes by Roshani Chokshi
#37. I don't know how much time passed while we danced, spinning power between us like it was just another game. He tossed the ball of ice my way and I shattered it.
"What were you thinking when you broke that?" he asked. Even though I saw him across the room, I could feel his voice at my ear, low and burning.
He laughed and continued to conjure things out of the air and throw them to me. Amar's movements were graceful, spinning. All his power seemed concentrated and sinewy as the muscle that corded his arms and shoulders. Mine felt strange. Lumbering. But instinctual all the same. I'd never felt this way before, as if there was an unexplored dimension in my body full of silver light, ready to be devastating. The power in my veins terrified me. Not just because I knew it was real, but because I wanted it. I reveled in it even as I glared at Amar across the room.
He must have known because he grinned each time we sparred. He flung a chakra of flames in my direction and I turned it to a great wave of water to rush at him. Without blinking, he flattened the whole wave to a plane of ice and slid forward, graceful and serpentine.
"You enjoy it, don't you?"
"You know the answer."
"I want to hear it from your lips."
"We don't always get what we want," I said. "Tell me, this ability of mine was not something the moon prevented you from revealing, was it?"
This time, he had the grace to look guilty.
"No. But such things need a founda #Quote by Roshani Chokshi
He Broke My Heart quotes by Stephen Richards
#38. At first, we both miss a few sharp bursts of wild punches and then, BANG! I catch him with a full swing left hook and he goes down like a ferret down a hole after a rabbit. When that punch landed, I broke my hand, again, and simultaneously broke his jaw. I wonder if that is an entry into the Guinness Book of records? #Quote by Stephen Richards

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