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Having The World On Your Shoulders quotes by Brandon Speck
#1. if only you could see yourself now,

you're settling back into a quiet autumn
and you've missed the smell of must, rain, and tobacco
kissed into the corners and couches
of the same house you share with seven others.

you miss the girl who used to sleep on your couch
who had the skull of the bird she is named after
tattooed across her arm.
you are glad you stopped drinking.

it's 2am and you're staying up far too late.
you have an interview for a job in the morning
that you will come to hate in 2 months.
you're not in love the way you expected.

some memories turned into broken drawers
that you chose to store all your knives in,
every time you open them, they always come spilling out towards you.
you miss having sex with people you also love.

precariousness is now the pillow you sleep upon,
and you no longer have such structured repeating romance.
you no longer have such a structured repeating life,
and I know it killed you that you knew it wasn't forever.

i know i can't stop you from panicking,
but it will all make sense.
you repeat repeat repeat repeat repeat repeat
until you realized it was too early to build such a life based on repetition.

you're settling back into a quiet autumn,
and you're stone sober at 4am after a Friday night
while the world starts to makes a strange kind o #Quote by Brandon Speck
Having The World On Your Shoulders quotes by Shakti Gawain
#2. This morning take a few minutes to reflect on how you give of yourself to the world. Often we get caught up in the frenzy of buying and giving things. Look at the ways you give appreciation, friendship, energy, time, love, and affection, and give of your own special talents and abilities throughout the year. Acknowledge yourself for having enriched the lives of others. Spend some time loving yourself for the giving light that you are. #Quote by Shakti Gawain
Having The World On Your Shoulders quotes by Robin Romero
#3. If you could step inside my world, here is what you would see......
A lifeless soul who is in constant search of not only someone to love but for someone to please show me how to love myself. Someone whose deepest wish is to feel what it is like to truly be loved for who I am.
You would see a desperate being in a constant battle with her emotions. Praying no person could see the obvious envy that consumes her soul as she longingly observes the happiness and the joy that accompanies family and true friendships. A gathering of those who most certainly care about each other, to create cherished memories that will be forever etched in their hearts. Memories they have created to fondly look back on in the years to come.
You would see the forced insincere smile that must be worn when in the public eye because being pleasant is a requirement amongst your peers, even though you are completely dying inside.
You would see how i wake up every morning alone in the barely inhabitable box i reside in that hides me from having to share my pain and sadness with the world. And when the night skies appear, you would see me grateful that it is once again time for me to be reunited with the lonely, yet welcoming call of my bed in that same inhabitable box.
You would see me, most eager to surrender to the sleep that would soon follow, for that is when my pain ceases to exist.
My world....when most of you fantasize and anxiously anticipate what adventures lie bef #Quote by Robin Romero
Having The World On Your Shoulders quotes by Jane Austen
#4. You are a very warm friend to Mr. Martin; but, as I said before, are unjust to Harriet. ... Waiving that point, however, and supposing her to be, as you describe her, only pretty and good-natured, let me tell you, that in the degree she possesses them, they are not trivial recommendations to the world in general, ... and till it appears that men are much more philosophic on the subject of beauty than they are generally supposed; till they do fall in love with well-informed minds instead of handsome faces, a girl, with such loveliness as Harriet, has a certainty of being admired and sought after, of having the power of chusing from among many, consequently a claim to be nice. Her good-nature, too, is not so very slight a claim, comprehending, as it does, real, thorough sweetness of temper and manner, a very humble opinion of herself, and a great readiness to be pleased with other people. I am very much mistaken if your sex in general would not think such beauty, and such temper, the highest claims a woman could possess. #Quote by Jane Austen
Having The World On Your Shoulders quotes by Seneca
#5. XIX. Do you retire to these quieter, safer, greater things! Think you that it is just the same whether you are concerned in having corn from oversea poured into the granaries, unhurt either by the dishonesty or the neglect of those who transport it, in seeing that it does not become heated and spoiled by collecting moisture and tallies in weight and measure, or whether you enter upon these sacred and lofty studies with the purpose of discovering what substance, what pleasure, what mode of life, what shape God has; what fate awaits your soul; where Nature lays us to rest When we are freed from the body; what the principle is that upholds all the heaviest matter in the centre of this world, suspends the light on high, carries fire to the topmost part, summons the stars to their proper changes - and ether matters, in turn, full of mighty wonders? You really must leave the ground and turn your mind's eye upon these things! Now while the blood is hot, we must enter with brisk step upon the better course. In this kind of life there awaits much that is good to know - the love and practice of the virtues, forgetfulness of the passions, knowledge of living and dying, and a life of deep repose. #Quote by Seneca
Having The World On Your Shoulders quotes by Emily Bronte
#6. At that moment the universe appeared to me a vast machine constructed only to produce evil. I almost doubted the goodness of God, in not annihilating man on the day he first sinned. "The world should have been destroyed," I said, "crushed as I crush this reptile which has done nothing in its life but render all that it touches as disgusting as itself." I had scarcely removed my foot from the poor insect when, like a censoring angel sent from heaven, there came fluttering through the trees a butterfly with large wings of lustrous gold and purple. It shone but a moment before my eyes; then, rising among the leaves, it vanished into the height of the azure vault. I was mute, but an inner voice said to me, "Let not the creature judge his Creator; here is a symbol of the world to come. As the ugly caterpillar is the origin of the splendid butterfly, so this globe is the embryo of a new heaven and a new earth whose poorest beauty will infinitely exceed your mortal imagination. And when you see the magnificent result of that which seems so base to you now, how you will scorn your blind presumption, in accusing Omniscience for not having made nature perish in her infancy.

God is the god of justice and mercy; then surely, every grief that he inflicts on his creatures, be they human or animal, rational or irrational, every suffering of our unhappy nature is only a seed of that divine harvest which will be gathered when, Sin having spent its last drop of venom, Death having l #Quote by Emily Bronte
Having The World On Your Shoulders quotes by Emily Henry
#7. Rachel," I snap, "I don't care if Janelle wants to work at Hooters. I don't care if you and the rest of the world want to go spend your money on dried-out chicken and ketchup-based sauces. And least of all - less than almost anything else I can imagine - I don't care how much sex your sister is or isn't having. That's kind of the deal with the whole uptight feminazi thing - we don't care when other women want to wear stupid orange Soffe shorts with white tennis shoes and have a lot of sex, or when they want to wear habits and live in a convent, or if they want to walk around in pasties and never French kiss, so long as they're allowed to do what they want. And right now, all I want is to go to bed. Okay? #Quote by Emily Henry
Having The World On Your Shoulders quotes by Riitta Klint
#8. We often want quick answers, quick results, instant rewards, and that's normal in our high tech, instant, Google driven world.
To take that first step towards reaching a goal or realizing a dream, knowing that there will perhaps be a thousand more steps to follow in order to make it happen, can be daunting.
It's simple and yet complicated. The simple part of achieving success is that it just takes work. For me, staying focused on my goals and envisioning my dreams every day, makes the work flow almost on its own.
The hard part is the mindset, and to not self sabotage, because you don't believe in yourself. We often think we can't achieve our wildest dreams or that we are somehow incapable, and then we never, ever take that first step.
I never felt that I was a very confident person, but with the support of some wonderful people and my own inner fire, I kept going. The hardest part after working and working, was to actually accept that I deserved success.
Success in itself is kind of scary too, as it comes with having to be responsible, and not flake out. The people who have supported you and invested in you deserve that.
I guess what I am trying to say is that if you want something, you have to take action. A little step towards it every day. Then there is a reason to feel accomplished every day. Match your energy and vibration with what you envision. Believe. You deserve success, so go for it. #Quote by Riitta Klint
Having The World On Your Shoulders quotes by Neville Goddard
#9. deliberately withdrawing your attention from the objective world and of focusing it subjectively. In other words, concentrate on those thoughts or moods which you deliberately determine. Then those things that now restrict you will fade and drop away. The day you achieve control of the movements of your attention in the subjective world, you are master of your fate. You will no longer accept the dominance of outside conditions or circumstances. You will not accept life on the basis of the world without. Having achieved control of the movements of your attention, and having discovered the mystery hid from the ages, that Christ in you is your imagination, you will assert the supremacy of imagination and put all things in subjection #Quote by Neville Goddard
Having The World On Your Shoulders quotes by Allyson James
#10. How much will you change?" Nella asked, uneasy.
"Oh, not too much. Enough so that your signature won't match the bots' programming. Outwardly, you'll never know the difference. Unless, of course, you'd like me to make some modifications." She ran an eye up and down Nella, like a dress designer trying to decide where to put more pleats or frills.
Rio's arms tightened around her. "Don't you dare change a thing. She's perfect the way she is."
Nella's face heated. "Not really."
"You don't believe me?" Rio said, his voice taking on a dangerous note.
"You're very flattering," she said.
His playfulness vanished. "Flattering? You mean I'm lying?"
"I didn't say that. I . . ."
He confused her. All her life Nella had been taught to be banally polite, to have the correct remark for the correct person at the correct time, always. Everything she said to Rio seemed to provoke a reaction opposite of what she'd been taught to expect. But then, Rio was nothing like any male - any human being - Nella had ever met before. He did nothing as expected. Maybe that was part of his attraction - his unpredictability.
Abruptly, Rio spun Nella around and lifted her over his shoulder. She squeaked in surprise as her world went upside down, too startled to do anything but gape at his tight, leather-clad buttocks. "You're still having a problem with trust," he said. "One I'm going to have to cure."
Planting his hand on her backside, Rio hauled N #Quote by Allyson James
Having The World On Your Shoulders quotes by Conan O'Brien
#11. I like being tested. I get as scared as anyone. But the feeling of putting yourself on the line, betting on your talent and having it work; that's the most exhilarating feeling in the world. #Quote by Conan O'Brien
Having The World On Your Shoulders quotes by Lane Moore
#12. So you take physical affection when you can get it, almost feeling guilty when you do. You might sleep with someone just to get to the cuddling part, knowing full well that if cuddling had been on the table, you might not have even slept with them to begin with. You might get super happy when your yoga teachers do adjustments because having someone touch you in a safe, gentle way⁠ - even for two seconds⁠ - feels like it changes your whole world. I know I do. Partly because human beings are designed to be physically comforted by one another. #Quote by Lane Moore
Having The World On Your Shoulders quotes by Tamara Ireland Stone
#13. Ms. Navarro," Mr. Mohr said, and Allie stopped and turned to look at him. "Can I ask you one more thing?"


"Why didn't you just shut your game down when you first realized something was wrong?"

It was a good question. She started to give him all the reasons she'd been telling herself all week. That people were having fun. That she needed big numbers for Saturday. That she needed good stories to prove that Click'd was doing good in the world. But as all those answers passed through in her mind, she knew that none of them had anything to do with the real reason she didn't shut it down.

She locked her eyes on Mr. Mohr and told him the truth. "Everyone knew who I was. #Quote by Tamara Ireland Stone
Having The World On Your Shoulders quotes by Michael D. O'Brien
#14. You are a fertile God. Many seeds are dropped into the soil. Many do not sprout. Yet beneath the appearance of waste nothing is wasted, nothing lost. Giant trees crash to the forest floor, decompose, and become the soil out of which the saplings arise. Similarly, in human affairs, movements are created, rise, do Your work in the world, decline, go back into the soil, and provide the rich humus out of which new life springs. Generations come and go. Sun and rain, winter and summer, seed time and harvest. Always Your Word remains constant. Your people are called over and over, generation after generation, back into this constancy, back to this mysterious fluid stability - the only security worth having. Can You not waste a little more time on us? #Quote by Michael D. O'Brien
Having The World On Your Shoulders quotes by Ariel Dorfman
#15. Never, ever apologize if you haven't done anything wrong. Keep your sorrys and your excuse mes and your please forgive mes, above all keep your please, please forgive mes for the one moment in life when you'll really need them, need those words. And you will be in dire need of entreaties like these, oh you will be praying for those words, blessing yourself for not having wasted them on something spurious and unworthy. You will someday be kneeling, kneeling down in front of a pair of accusing eyes, threatening feet, feet that might kick you or feet that might do something worse. At times what we should dread most are feet that will run away, that will run away and leave us everlastingly alone. Loneliness is what should terrify you most, more than a slap or a kick or hunger even. And that's when those words, please, please forgive me, will be all that separates you from the pit and swamp of the deepest despair. So don't squander them on matters of no consequence. The world is cursed because people do not apologize for theirs sins or crimes or merely their cowardice, but it's even more cursed because people apologize much too much-- they use their regrets as a way of not really probing what the have done, as permission to persevere in their blindness, absolving themselves without having atoned or understood. #Quote by Ariel Dorfman
Having The World On Your Shoulders quotes by Jasper Fforde
#16. There was a day when one could honestly and innocently enjoy the sheer pleasure of a good sticky toffee pudding; when ice cream was nice cream and Bakewell tart really was baked well. Tastes change, though, and the world of the sweet has often been sour, having to go through some dramatic overhaulage in order to keep pace. Whilst a straightforward sausage and a common kedgeree maintain their hold on the nation's culinary choices, the pudding has to stay on its toes to tantalise our taste buds. From low fat through to no fat, from sugar free through to taste free; what the next stage is we can only wait and see ... '
CILLA BUBB. Don't Desert Your Desserts #Quote by Jasper Fforde
Having The World On Your Shoulders quotes by Sidney Sheldon
#17. Life is a cosmic grab-bag. At this moment, somewhere in the world, someone is losing a child, skiing down a mountain, having an orgasm, getting a haircut, lying on a bed of pain, singing on a stage, drowning, getting married, starving in a gutter. In the end, aren't we all that same person? An aeon is a thousand million years, and an aeon ago every atom in our bodies was a part of a star. Pay attention to me, God. We are all a part of your universe, and if we die, part of your universe dies with us. #Quote by Sidney Sheldon
Having The World On Your Shoulders quotes by Timothy B. Tyson
#18. Oxford was as drenched in Dixie as we were, just about as Southern a town as you would ever hope to find, which generally was a good thing, because that meant that the weather was nice, except when it was hot enough to fry pork chops on the pavement, and the food was delicious, though it would thicken the walls of your arteries and kill you deader than Stonewall Jackson, and the people were big hearted and friendly, though it was not the hardest place in the world to get murdered for having bad manners. Even our main crop could kill you. #Quote by Timothy B. Tyson
Having The World On Your Shoulders quotes by Tiffany Reisz
#19. When I'm having good sex, I'm the happiest, least violent person on earth. If people had more and better sex and felt less guilty about it, we'd live in a much better world."
"I am happy to help you in your quest to fuck for world peace."
"I'll take you up on that offer. #Quote by Tiffany Reisz
Having The World On Your Shoulders quotes by Marie Forleo
#20. One way to get a life and keep it is to put energy into being an S&M (success and money) queen. I first heard this term in Karen Salmansohn's fabulous book The 30-Day Plan to Whip Your Career Into Submission. Here's how to do it: be a star at work. I don't care if you flip burgers at McDonald's or run a Fortune 500 company. Do everything with totality and excellence. Show up on time, all the time. Do what you say you will do. Contribute ideas. Take care of the people around you. Solve problems. Be an agent for change. Invest in being the best in your industry or the best in the world!
If you've been thinking about changing professions, that's even more reason to be a star at your current job. Operating with excellence now will get you back up to speed mentally and energetically so you can hit the ground running in your new position. It will also create good karma. When and if you finally do leave, your current employers will be happy to support you with a great reference and often leave an open door for additional work in the future.
If you're an entrepreneur, look at ways to enhance your business. Is there a new product or service you've wanted to offer? How can you create raving fans by making your customer service sparkle? How can you reach more people with your product or service? Can you impact thousands or even millions more?
Let's not forget the M in S&M. Getting a life and keeping it includes having strong financial health as well. This area is #Quote by Marie Forleo
Having The World On Your Shoulders quotes by Chris Crawford
#21. Insanity is an inability to come to terms with reality. Don Quixote was definitely insane, because he couldn't come to terms. But there was a reason: the reality in which Don Quixote lived was a sordid and ugly reality … Don Quixote didn't want that. He wanted to live in a world where there was truth, and human dignity, and, yes, love.… Instead of giving up on it, he imposed his reality onto the real world. Where other people saw a filthy country hostel, he saw a castle! Where other people saw a flock of sheep, he saw a mighty army! Where other people saw a windmill, he saw a dragon. Yes, Don Quixote was a crazy old fool. But, you know, he was more honest about his dream than most people, and for that, I honor him.
I have committed myself, I have dedicated myself, to the pursuit of the dragon. And having made that commitment … all of a sudden, I can see him! There he is, right in front of me, clear as day.… You're so much bigger than I ever imagined, and I'm, I'm not so sure I like this. I mean, yes, you're glorious and beautiful, but you're ugly, too. Your breath reeks of death!… Am I so pitiful that you can sneer in my face like that? Yes, yes, you frighten me! You hurt me! I've felt your claws ripping through my soul! But I'm going to die someday, and before I can do that, I've got to face you, eyeball to eyeball. I've got to look you right in the eye, and see what's inside, but I'm not good enough to do that yet. I'm not experienced enough, so I'm going to #Quote by Chris Crawford
Having The World On Your Shoulders quotes by Julia Serano
#22. My friend, still seemingly perplexed, asked me "So if it's not about genitals, what is it about trans women's bodies that you find so attractive?"
I paused for a second to consider the question. Then I replied that it is almost always their eyes.
When I look into them, I see both endless strength and inconsolable sadness.
I see someone who has overcome humiliation and abuses that would flatten the average person.
I see a woman who was made to feel shame for her desires and yet had the courage to pursue them anyway.
I see a woman who was forced against her will into boyhood, who held on to a dream that everybody in her life desperately tried to beat out of her, who refused to listen to the endless stream of people who told her that who she was and what she wanted was impossible.
When I look into a trans woman's eyes, I see a profound appreciation for how fucking empowering it can be to be female, an appreciation that seems lost on many cissexual women who sadly take their female identities and anatomies for granted, or who perpetually seek to cast themselves as victims rather than instigators.
In trans women's eyes, I see a wisdom that can only come from having to fight for your right to be recognised as female, a raw strength that only comes from unabashedly asserting your right to be feminine in an inhospitable world.
In a trans woman's eyes, I see someone who understands that, in a culture that's seemingly fuelled on male homophobic h #Quote by Julia Serano
Having The World On Your Shoulders quotes by Noam Chomsky
#23. The economic system barely functions as it is - I mean, the contemporary economic system is a complete catastrophe, an absolutely catastrophic failure. For instance, the International Labor Organization recently gave its latest estimate of unemployment worldwide - "unemployment" they define as meaning not having enough work to meet a subsistence level, so maybe you can sell some handkerchiefs at a street corner or something, but you don't have enough work to survive on your own. They estimate that at about 30 percent of the world's population which makes it a lot worse than the Great Depression. Alright? Now, there's a ton of work to be done in the world-everywhere you look there's work that ought to be done. And the people who don't have work would be delighted to do it. So what you've got is a huge number of idle hands, a vast amount of work that ought to be done, and an economic system that is incapable of putting those two things together. Okay, absolutely catastrophic failure. #Quote by Noam Chomsky
Having The World On Your Shoulders quotes by Tricia Springstubb
#24. Being a thinker was a various thing. Sometimes you felt like a turtle, with a nice, private built-in place to shelter. Other times it was like having a bucket stuck on your head, making the world clang and echo and never stop. #Quote by Tricia Springstubb
Having The World On Your Shoulders quotes by Dragos Bratasanu

The greatest mystery in this Universe: the relationship between us and God - is revealed on Earth in the simplest and most beautiful way: our relationship with our own children.

Do you know that "Even before He made the world, God loved you?"
You may say "That's nice" but not really grasp the deep meaning and full revelation of this truth. Think with me.

I don't have kids, but when I think of having my own children in the future, right now, years before they are conceived and born, I love them with my life and heart. Before I prepare their bedroom and their toys, I love them. In the same way God loves you. Before He made the world and anything else for you, He loved you.

Just as you love your children for life, God loves you for eternity. I love Him back. #Quote by Dragos Bratasanu
Having The World On Your Shoulders quotes by Marie Rutkoski
#26. I could stay," he said. "I could leave tomorrow."
"No. I want you to go now."
"Do you?"
"Ah, but what about what I want?"
The softness in his voice made her lift her gaze. She would have answered him--how, she wasn't sure--if Javelin's attention hadn't turned to him. The stallion began nuzzling Arin as if he were the horse's favorite person in the world. Kestrel felt a pang of jealousy. Then she saw something that sent thoughts of jealousy and loneliness and want right out of her head, and just made her mad. Javelin was nibbling a certain part of Arin, waffling around a pocket exactly the right size to hold a--
"Winter apple," Kestrel said. "Arin, you have been bribing my horse!"
"Me? No."
"You have! No wonder he likes you so much."
"Are you sure it's not because of my good looks and pleasing manners?" This was said lightly--not quite sarcastically, yet in a voice that nevertheless told Kestrel that he doubted he possessed either of these things.
But he was pleasing. He pleased her. And she could never forget his beauty. She had learned it all too well.
She blushed. "It's not fair," she said.
He took in her rising color. His mouth curved. And although Kestrel wasn't sure that he could interpret what effect he was having on her simply by standing there and saying the word pleasing, she knew that he always knew when he had an advantage.
He pressed it. "Doesn't your father's theory of war include winning ove #Quote by Marie Rutkoski
Having The World On Your Shoulders quotes by George Orwell
#27. They laid me down again while somebody fetched a stretcher. As soon as I knew that the bullet had gone clean through my neck I took it for granted that I was done for. I had never heard of a man or an animal getting a bullet through the middle of the neck and surviving it. The blood was dribbling out of the comer of my mouth. 'The artery's gone,' I thought. I wondered how long you last when your carotid artery is cut; not many minutes, presumably. Everything was very blurry. There must have been about two minutes during which I assumed that I was killed. And that too was interesting - I mean it is interesting to know what your thoughts would be at such a time. My first thought, conventionally enough, was for my wife. My second was a violent resentment at having to leave this world which, when all is said and done, suits me so well. I had time to feel this very vividly. The stupid mischance infuriated me. The meaninglessness of it! To be bumped off, not even in battle, but in this stale comer of the trenches, thanks to a moment's carelessness! I thought, too, of the man who had shot me - wondered what he was like, whether he was a Spaniard or a foreigner, whether he knew he had got me, and so forth. I could not feel any resentment against him. I reflected that as he was a Fascist I would have killed him if I could, but that if he had been taken prisoner and brought before me at this moment I would merely have congratulated him on his good shooting. It may be, though, that if y #Quote by George Orwell
Having The World On Your Shoulders quotes by Katie Kacvinsky
#28. People annoy the crap out of me," he says. "I think people are nervous and loud and rude and selfish and stupid pretty much all the time."
"If they're beautiful they know it, so they don't bother having a personality or associating with people that don't fit into their league or can't afford their company. And, somehow these people are the most popular, which makes absolutely no sense. People try so hard to be accepted, they turn into a walking stereotype. They're pathetically easy to predict. They're insecure and try to mask it with whatever product corporate America is currently making and they always let you down. Just give them enough time, and they will."
"I think everyone's caught up in these narrow-minded worlds and they think their world exists in the center of the universe. Relationship only happen when it's convenient. You have to walk on eggshells for people because that's how strong they are these days. And you can't confront people, because if you do, that brittle shell of confidence will crack. So we all become passive cowards that carry a fake smile wherever we go because God forbid you let your guard down long enough for people to see your life isn't perfect. That you have a few flaws. Because who wants to see that? #Quote by Katie Kacvinsky
Having The World On Your Shoulders quotes by Sabrina Jeffries
#29. In the course of my discussion with Ravenswood, I tried to get him to tell me how you got your scar, but he wouldn't. He said I'd have to ask you."
Jane's words came suddenly into his head: That's why you haven't shared this with your own family? That's why you keep all of us out? Because you think it was your fault? Oh, my sweet darling, none of it was your fault.
When Dom didn't answer right away, Tristan went on, "I told Ravenswood you'd always brushed off the question with some nonsense about a fight you got into. But that isn't true, I assume."
Dom ventured a glance at his brother and winced to see the hurt on his face. Jane had said, Every time you refuse to reveal your secrets, Dom, I assume that you find me unworthy to hear them. Apparently, that was how he'd made all of them feel. As if he were somehow too important to let them into his life.
Only God could have stopped this disaster, and contrary to what you think, you aren't God.
When she'd said it, he hadn't understood why she would accuse him of such a thing. Why she sometimes called him "Dom the Almighty."
But he understood now. By shielding his guilt from the world, he'd shut himself off from his family. From her. He'd pushed away the very people he should have embraced.
Having just watched Jane retreat into fear and shut him out, he now knew precisely how painful it could feel to be on the receiving end.
If he wanted to change all that, he would have to start opening his #Quote by Sabrina Jeffries
Having The World On Your Shoulders quotes by Jill Bolte Taylor
#30. When a person has a reaction to something in their environment, there's a 90 second chemical process that happens in the body; after that, any remaining emotional response is just the person choosing to stay in that emotional loop.
Something happens in the external world and chemicals are flushed through your body which puts it on full alert. For those chemicals to totally flush out of the body it takes less than 90 seconds.
This means that for 90 seconds you can watch the process happening, you can feel it happening, and then you can watch it go away.
After that, if you continue to feel fear, anger, and so on, you need to look at the thoughts that you're thinking that are re-stimulating the circuitry that is resulting in you having this physiological response over and over again. #Quote by Jill Bolte Taylor
Having The World On Your Shoulders quotes by Alice Walker
#31. The harm that you do to others is the harm that you do to yourself and you cannot think then that you can cause wars in other parts of the world and destroy people and drone them without this having a terrible impact on your own soul and your own consciousness. #Quote by Alice Walker

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