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Having The Right Job quotes by Jenny Han
#1. There's our homecoming picture. Last Halloween, when I dressed up as Mulan and Peter wore a dragon costume. There's a receipt from Tart and Tangy. One of his notes to me, from before. If you make Josh's dumb white-chocolate cranberry cookies and not my fruitcake ones, it's over. Pictures of us from Senior Week. Prom. Dried rose petals from my corsage. The Sixteen Candles picture.
There are some things I didn't include, like the ticket stub from our first real date, the note he wrote me that said, I like you in blue. Those things are tucked away in my hatbox. I'll never let those go.
But the really special thing I've included is my letter, the one I wrote to him so long ago, the one that brought us together. I wanted to keep it, but something felt right about Peter having it. One day all of this will be proof, proof that we were here, proof that we loved each other. It's the guarantee that no matter what happens to us in the future, this time was ours.
When he gets to that page, Peter stops. "I thought you wanted to keep this," he said.
"I wanted to, but then I felt like you should have it. Just promise you'll keep it forever."
He turns the page. It's a picture from when we took my grandma to karaoke. I sang "You're So Vain" and dedicated it to Peter. Peter got up and sang "Style" by Taylor Swift. Then he dueted "Unchained Melody" with my grandma, and after, she made us both promise to take a Korean language class at UVA. She and Peter took a ton of se #Quote by Jenny Han
Having The Right Job quotes by L.J.Smith
#2. A voice on the other end squealed and said distinctly, "Kee-kee!"
"Yeah, it's Kee-kee," Keller said, startled. "Um, I'm glad you're okay, kid. And, see, I didn't go bye-bye after all. So you may think you're pretty smart, but you still have something to learn about precognition, hotshot. Right?" Keller added, "You know I thought for a minute once that you might be the Wild Power. But I guess you're just a good old-fashioned witch baby."
Iliana, who was passing by, gave her a very strange look. "Keller, are you having a conversation with my baby brother? #Quote by L.J.Smith
Having The Right Job quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
#3. First of all, you don't want me to get too hungry. Ever. I'm an ever worse bastard than normal and having starved for centuries, I'm not about to deprive myself again when I don't have to. Second, let me tell you something about your 'friends.' Deimos held me down while I was branded and then took me to the human realm where I was left with nothing. No clothes, no money. Not a damn thing to call my own. Hence the aforementioned starvation. A hundred years later, M'Ordant dumped my inside a Spartan prison camp and told the commander I was a traitor to their people. You don't really want to know what the Spartans did to people they thought betrayed them. D'Alerian had me put inside a Turkish prison in the fifteenth century where I was impaled after being tortured for three weeks. So you'll have to excuse me if I have a hard time feeling too sorry for them right now. At least no one's shoving a sharp spike up their asses. (Jericho) #Quote by Sherrilyn Kenyon
Having The Right Job quotes by David Berlinski
#4. If moral statements are about something, then the universe is not quite as science suggests it is, since physical theories, having said nothing about God, say nothing about right or wrong, good or bad. To admit this would force philosophers to confront the possibility that the physical sciences offer a grossly inadequate view of reality. And since philosophers very much wish to think of themselves as scientists, this would offer them an unattractive choice between changing their allegiances or accepting their irrelevance. #Quote by David Berlinski
Having The Right Job quotes by Friedrich Nietzsche
#5. Neither punishment nor reward is anything that comes to one as one's own; they are given from motives of usefulness, without one having a right to claim them. Hence we must say, "The wise man gives no reward because the deed has been well done" just as we have said, "The wise man does not punish because evil has been committed, but in order that evil shall not be committed". If punishment and reward no longer existed, then the strongest motives which deter men from certain actions and impel them to certain other actions, would also no longer exist; the needs of mankind require their continuance; and inasmuch as punishment and reward, blame and praise, work most sensibly on vanity, the same need requires the continuance of vanity. #Quote by Friedrich Nietzsche
Having The Right Job quotes by Frank Beddor
#6. I'm having the weirdest sense of deja vu right now," said the green caterpiller.
Duh!" said the blue caterpiller. "Do you think, just maybe, that's because you predicted this?"
Oh, yeah."
The Looking Glass Wars #Quote by Frank Beddor
Having The Right Job quotes by Ariel Levy
#7. In 2004 our forty-second president, George W. Bush, the leader of the free world, proposed an amendment to the U.S. Constitution to forever ban gay marriage
which was already illegal. In opinion polls, about 50 percent of this country said they thought Bush had the right idea. If half this country feels so threatened by two people of the same gender being in love and having sex (and, incidentally, enjoying equal protection under the law), that they turn their attention
during wartime
to blocking rights already denied to homosexuals, then all the cardio striptease classes in the world aren't going to render us sexually liberated. #Quote by Ariel Levy
Having The Right Job quotes by Spencer W. Kimball
#8. While addressing the Saints from this pulpit in 1948, the late President J. Reuben Clark, Jr., spoke concerning having a prophet and a listening ear. He had read a pamphlet stating, "We need a prophet." In answer he said, "No, we have had modern-day prophets for more than a hundred years, and they have given us the word of the Lord." He continued, "The trouble with the world is they do not want a prophet teaching righteousness. They want a prophet that will tell them that what they are doing is right, no matter how wrong it may be." A prophet has spoken--the prophet is speaking. We do not need another prophet. What we need is a listening ear. (See Conference Report, Oct. 1948, pp. 79-80).

I pray that we may not only heed the words of President Clark, but that we may listen and follow the counsel that is now given as it comes by inspiration and revelation from the Lord himself to the prophets today. #Quote by Spencer W. Kimball
Having The Right Job quotes by Kyoko M.
#9. As we strolled into the hospital, I couldn't help thinking about Maroon 5's "Harder to Breathe" because I was having a difficult time staying calm. I had been kidnapped and beaten senseless by an agent of Lucifer, and yet the white coats the doctors wore scared me just as badly. The men who had taken me from my mother wore those same damned lab coats. Every time I saw one, it awakened a dormant fear inside me - fear that I'd be dragged away from someone I loved again, fear that I'd be placed into the waiting hands of another horrible person. It would never truly go away.
Michael's shoulder bumped mine, which shook me out of my thoughts. I glanced at him. "What?"
"You're frowning."
"Am I supposed to be smiling right now?"
He faced forward, looking at our reflection in the elevator doors. "No, but you look like you're about to bolt at any second."
I watched the digital numbers change one by one as we rose up to the right floor, fiddling with the rosary in the pocket of my leather jacket. Somehow, the beads had a calming effect on me. "I'm fine."
"Hard ass."
A tiny smirk touched my lips. "Stop thinking about my butt. You're an archangel."
He grinned, but didn't reply. #Quote by Kyoko M.
Having The Right Job quotes by Madonna Ciccone
#10. People think that being famous is just about having your picture taken all the time and being rich rich rich, and you know what? ... They're absolutely right. #Quote by Madonna Ciccone
Having The Right Job quotes by Satya Nadella
#11. It's not about asking for the raise but knowing and having faith that the system will actually give you the right raises as you go along. #Quote by Satya Nadella
Having The Right Job quotes by Deb Caletti
#12. You were supposed to have hope, right? You were supposed to respect its power and hold on. And so I did. I held, and held, and let hope fill me. But as the days went on, it seemed I could be holding for a long, long time. Hope could be the most powerful thing or the most useless #Quote by Deb Caletti
Having The Right Job quotes by Gina Lake
#13. What a surprise it is to discover that you have never needed to strive to survive and be happy after all. Like Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz, who discovered that she always had the means for going home, you already have what you need to be happy and safe. You have never really left Home. However, if you don't believe you already have what you need to be happy and safe, it is as if it isn't true: If we don't know the ruby slippers will take us home, it's like not having them. The ego keeps us from seeing the truth about those ruby slippers- it keeps us from seeing the truth about life. Home is right here, right now, but we may not realize it and there for not experience Home, or Essence as much as we might. #Quote by Gina Lake
Having The Right Job quotes by Laurell K. Hamilton
#14. He looked behind me to Bernardo. "Can you think of anything else she needs to know?"
"Only that he brags about the rape and what he did to her."
"All right," I said, "you've both made your point. I only have one question."
Edward just looked at me expectantly, Bernardo said, "Shoot."
"If I kill another one of your backups, do I owe you another favor?"
"Not if he deserves it."
I dumped the bag on the doorsill. "Shit, Edward, if you keep putting me together with fucking crazies and I keep having to defend myself, I'll be owing you favors until we're in our graves."
Bernardo said, "You're serious. You really killed his last backup."
I glanced at him. "Yeah, I'm serious. And I want permission to off Olaf if he gets out of hand, without having to owe Edward another pound of flesh."
"Who'd you kill?" Bernardo asked.
"Harley," Edward said.
"Shit, really?"
I walked up to Edward, invading his space, trying to read past the blank blue of his eyes. "I want permission to kill Olaf if he gets out of hand, without owing you another favor."
"And if I don't give it?" he asked, voice low.
"Drive me to a hotel because I'm not staying in a house with a bragging rapist if I can't kill him."
Edward looked at me for a long slow moment, then gave a small nod. "Done, as long as he's in this house. Outside the house, play nice. #Quote by Laurell K. Hamilton
Having The Right Job quotes by Maureen McCormick
#15. I get it all the time; I just have to laugh and enjoy it. People enjoy it so much, coming up to me saying "Marcia, Marcia, Marcia." If people are having fun, I'm having fun. It used to bother me a lot right after the show. #Quote by Maureen McCormick
Having The Right Job quotes by Milly Taiden
#16. Right now he was having a hell of a time keeping the bear under control. He wanted to roar and tear Massimo limb from limb. He wanted to toss his lifeless body away from Cassie. "Stop the growling, Talen," Gerri snapped. "You scared her into fainting. There's something you don't see every day. #Quote by Milly Taiden
Having The Right Job quotes by Brian L. Roberts
#17. We support an open Internet and having rules - the right kind of rules that are legally enforceable and allow for investment and innovation. #Quote by Brian L. Roberts
Having The Right Job quotes by Valerie Thomas
#18. Sometimes having no script, having no idea what is going to happen next, having no map, might be the way to go. Because life just happens, and when it does, how you handle it will teach you more about who you are than any class or test ever can. The best preparation for the rest of your life is, maybe, no preparation at all. Dive right in. Make mistakes. Break a few rules. Wing it. #Quote by Valerie Thomas
Having The Right Job quotes by Victor Robert Lee
#19. It's a heavy responsibility, having saved someone's life. You feel an allegiance because you saved them, but it's hard to know if you did the right thing. #Quote by Victor Robert Lee
Having The Right Job quotes by Craig Finn
#20. The Catholic influence just comes from being raised Catholic, going to church every Sunday, being confirmed, going to church on holy days. So it's coming from where I am. It serves the purpose of having people who have a base or foundation where they know what's right. #Quote by Craig Finn
Having The Right Job quotes by Friedrich Nietzsche
#21. I keep having the same experience and keep resisting it every time. I do not want to believe it although it is palpable: the great majority of people lacks an intellectual conscience. Indeed, it has often seemed to me as if anyone calling for an intellectual conscience were as lonely in the most densely populated cities as if he were in a desert. Everybody looks at you with strange eyes and goes right on handling his scales, calling this good and that evil. Nobody even blushes when you intimate that their weights are underweight; nor do people feel outraged; they merely laugh at your doubts. I mean: the great majority of people does not consider it contemptible to believe this or that and to live accordingly, without first having given themselves an account of the final and most certain reasons pro and con, and without even troubling themselves about such reasons afterward: the most gifted men and the noblest women still belong to this "great majority." But what is goodheartedness, refinement, or genius to me, when the person who has these virtues tolerates slack feelings in his faith and judgments and when he does not account the desire for certainty as his inmost craving and deepest distress - as that which separates the higher human beings from the lower.
Among some pious people I found a hatred of reason and was well disposed to them for that; for this at least betrayed their bad intellectual conscience. But to stand in the midst of this rerum concordia discors and o #Quote by Friedrich Nietzsche
Having The Right Job quotes by Lee Hyori
#22. I want to tell everyone, 'You're perfectly fine right now.' No one told me that.. I hope people can think, 'I'm great the way I am. I'm doing fine. Even if I can't reach the criteria of success measured and necessitated by society, even if I'm weeded out, I'm beautiful the way I am. I'm pretty, I'm perfectly fine without having to think about other people's opinions and stereotypes.' #Quote by Lee Hyori
Having The Right Job quotes by Ben Amor
#23. Life, I believe, is not about always doing the right thing or never having problems but about learning and about finding ways to fix problems that come your way. #Quote by Ben Amor
Having The Right Job quotes by Rachel Cohn
#24. Fuck me. Fuck me for always getting into situations like this. Fuck me for caring. Fuck me for not knowing the words that would've made her stay. Fuck me for not knowing what I want. Fuck me for wavering. Fuck me for not kissing her back the right way. Fuck me for getting my hopes up. Fuck me for not having more realistic hopes. Fuck me for giving her my fucking jacket. Fuck. #Quote by Rachel Cohn
Having The Right Job quotes by Simon Morden
#25. People like us, we think differently, don't we? We are different. We do all the things that others do. But when it comes down to it, we don't need anyone else. We're happy doing what we do and having obligation interferes with that. And sometimes I think we don't even need ourselves. What's most important is to find out whether we're right or not. #Quote by Simon Morden
Having The Right Job quotes by Forrest Carr
#26. God exists. He has one wicked since of humor, and right now he's having a grand old time punking the planet. #Quote by Forrest Carr
Having The Right Job quotes by Bijou Hunter
#27. I heard you're having dinner with Lark," she said, wiggling her eyebrows. "Hurry up and marry her, so we can double date and annoy Vaughn."
"Can't you double date with Tawny and Judd?"
Cooper and Farah laughed. "Yeah, right," they said in unison, causing me to wonder if their brains had merged from too much sex.
"If I have my way, Lark will be mine."
"He's stalking her," Cooper told Farah. "Draws pictures of her naked too."
Farah laughed and pated my cheek. "Romantic."
"Clearly, I've fucked her brains out," Cooper said and she gave him the pissed wife look.
Sighing, he lowered his gaze and mumbled, "Yes, ma'am. #Quote by Bijou Hunter
Having The Right Job quotes by Ally Carter
#28. Despite having known him for almost a year, there were a lot of things I still didn't know about Zachary Goode. Like how soap and shampoo could smell so much better on him than anyone else. Like where he went when he wasn't mysteriously showing up at random (and frequently dangerous) points in my life. And, most of all, I didn't know how, when he mentioned the jacket, he made me think about the sweet, romantic part of the night last November when he'd given it to me, and not the terrible, bloody, international-terrorists-are-trying-to-kidnap-me part that came right after #Quote by Ally Carter
Having The Right Job quotes by John Graves
#29. Of all the passers-through, the species that means most to me, even more than geese and cranes, is the upland plover, the drab plump grassland bird that used to remind my gentle hunting uncle of the way things once had been, as it still reminds me. It flies from the far Northern prairies to the pampas of Argentina and then back again in spring, a miracle of navigation and a tremendous journey for six or eight ounces of flesh and feathers and entrails and hollow bones, fueled with bug meat. I see them sometimes in our pastures, standing still or dashing after prey in the grass, but mainly I know their presence through the mournful yet eager quavering whistles they cast down from the night sky in passing, and it makes me think of what the whistling must have been like when the American plains were virgin and their plover came through in millions. To grow up among tradition-minded people leads one often into backward yearnings and regrets, unprofitable feelings of which I was granted my share in youth-not having been born in time to get killed fighting Yankees, for one, or not having ridden up the cattle trails. But the only such regret that has strongly endured is not to have known the land when when it was whole and sprawling and rich and fresh, and the plover that whet one's edge every spring and every fall. In recent decades it has become customary- and right, I guess, and easy enough with hindsight- to damn the ancestral frame of mind that ravaged the world so fully and so #Quote by John Graves
Having The Right Job quotes by S.M. Reine
#30. Were preparing to moor a visiting dirigible. With such fantastic zoom, she could see that there were OPA guards in black suits waiting to receive the airship. A lot of them. Whoever was on the dirigible must have been important. She focused on the airship. The sanctuary logo marked the side. Rylie Gresham was arriving for her meeting, just as Stark had said she would. The Godslayer was right there. She'd have all the answers that Deirdre wanted. "Having trouble?" the old tourist asked kindly. #Quote by S.M. Reine
Having The Right Job quotes by Steven Redhead
#31. Life is indeed a gamble, the ultimate game of chance, based purely upon having the ability to make the right choices at the right time. You never win or lose in life if you realise it is all just for the experience. Learn to create your own destiny, don't wait to see what fate throws your way. #Quote by Steven Redhead
Having The Right Job quotes by Portia De Rossi
#32. It's always fun to play the innocent, no matter what you're doing. If you feel like you're doing the right thing, you can get away with a lot comedically. I had definitely missed not having a conscience. #Quote by Portia De Rossi
Having The Right Job quotes by Tali Sharot
#33. It's a curious fact, because Friday is a day of work and Sunday is a day for pleasure, so you would expect people to enjoy Sunday more, right? But we don't. It's not because we really like being in the office and can't stand strolling in the park and having a lazy brunch. We prefer Friday to Sunday because Friday brings with it the thrill of anticipating the weekend ahead. In contrast, on Sunday the only thing to look forward to is work on Monday. #Quote by Tali Sharot
Having The Right Job quotes by Charlotte Bronte
#34. Much I marvelled at the sagacity evinced by waiters and chamber-maids in proportioning the accommodation to the guest. How could inn-servants and ship-stewardesses everywhere tell at a glance that I, for instance, was an individual of no social significance, and little burdened by cash? They did know it evidently: I saw quite well that they all, in a moment's calculation, estimated me at about the same fractional value. The fact seemed to me curious and pregnant: I would not disguise from myself what it indicated, yet managed to keep up my spirits pretty well under its pressure.
Having at last landed in a great hall, full of skylight glare, I made my way somehow to what proved to be the coffee room.It cannot be denied that on entering this room I trembled somewhat; felt uncertain, solitary, wretched; wished to Heaven I knew whether I was doing right or wrong; felt convinced that it was the last, but could not help myself. #Quote by Charlotte Bronte
Having The Right Job quotes by Epictetus
#35. What is a good person? One who achieves tranquillity by having formed the habit of asking on every occasion, "what is the right thing to do now?" #Quote by Epictetus
Having The Right Job quotes by Warren Ellis
#36. The things I have sold to film, I've sold because I was happy to rent out the right to adapt those works. Some things, I haven't sold to film, because I was less interested in having no control over the adaptation. #Quote by Warren Ellis
Having The Right Job quotes by Mike Stud
#37. To be honest, I was unaware of the huge frat-rap scene that was taking over the blogosphere until I found myself right in the middle of it. But there are really a ton of talented dudes out there doing this, and I'm just having a great time making music and being a part of it all. #Quote by Mike Stud
Having The Right Job quotes by Carrie Ryan
#38. When you're young you have such expectations of each other. So many needs. And when you're older ... " He shrugs. "You want someone who understands. We've lived different lives. We've loved different people. But I think that there will always be that ... " He struggles for the right word. "That understanding we share. Of having grown up in the same world, of having live through the same memories. #Quote by Carrie Ryan
Having The Right Job quotes by Liaquat Ahamed
#39. To be the governor of the Bank of England in the nineteenth and early twentieth century was therefore not a mark of any particular merit, but merely a sign of the right pedigree, patience, longevity, and the luxury of having a sufficiently profitable business with partners willing to let one take four years' leave. #Quote by Liaquat Ahamed
Having The Right Job quotes by Maria Edgeworth
#40. The labor of thinking was so great to me, that having once come to a conclusion upon any subject, I would rather persist in it, right or wrong, than be at the trouble of going over the process again to revise and rectify my judgment. #Quote by Maria Edgeworth
Having The Right Job quotes by Michael J. Sullivan
#41. Alric! Stop it!" Pickering snapped at him. "You mustn't let the men see you crying!"
Fury flared in Alric, and he spun on the count. "No? No? Look at them! They are dying for me. They are dying on my order! I say they do have a right to see their king! They all have a right to see their king!"
Alric wiped the tears from his cheeks and gathered his reins. "I'm tired of this. I'm tired of having my face put in the dirt! I won't stand it. I'm tired of being helpless. That's my city, built by my ancestors! If my people chose to fight, then, by Maribor, I want them to know it's me they fight!"
The prince put on his helm, drew his father's large sword and spurred his horse forward, not at the trench but at the castle gate itself. #Quote by Michael J. Sullivan
Having The Right Job quotes by Kody Keplinger
#42. See!" Dad yelled. "Boys don't stay with whores, Bianca. They leave them. And I'm not going to let you turn into a whore. Not my daughter. This is for your own good."
I looked up as he reached a hand down to grab my arm. I squeezed my eyes shut, waiting to feel his fingers clamp around my forearm.
But they never did.
I heard a loud thud, and Dad grunted in pain. My eyes flew open. Wesley moved away from Dad, who was massaging his jaw with a shocked look on his face. "Why you little shithead!"
"Are you all right?" Wesley asked, kneeling in front of me.
"Did you just punch my dad?" I couldn't help but wonder if I was delirious. Had all of this really just happened? Totally bizarre.
"Yes," Wesley admitted.
"How dare you touch me!" Dad screamed, but he was having trouble balancing enough to approach us again. "How dare you fuck my daughter, then hit me, you son of a bitch!"
I'd never heard my father swear like that before.
"Come on," Wesley said, helping me to my feet. "Let's get out of here. You're coming with me." He wrapped an arm around me, pulling me close against his warm body, and ushered me out the open door. #Quote by Kody Keplinger
Having The Right Job quotes by Christophe Deloire
#43. None of them is a Hollywood style hero. They don't have any super-powers. They can't fly or slay dragons.

But they do defend our right to keep our eyes open.

They're very human humans, having built for themselves inner fortresses with their free spirits, deep reserves of courage, curiosity about the world and a thirst for the truth. #Quote by Christophe Deloire
Having The Right Job quotes by Tatyana Tolstaya
#44. Dostoyevsky's indignation at Afanasy Fet's innocent lyrics, "Whispers, timid breath, the nightingales trilled," is well known. This is simply disgraceful, wrote Dostoyevsky indignantly, and he speculated what an insulting impression such empty verses would have made if they'd been given to someone to read during the Lisbon earthquake! Some people protested: Yes, of course, Dostoyevsky is right, but we aren't having an earthquake, and we aren't in Lisbon, and after all, are we not allowed to love, to listen to nightingales, to admire the beauty of a beloved woman? But Dostoyevsky's argument held sway for a long time. It did so because of the way Russians perceive Russian life: as a constant, unending Lisbon earthquake. #Quote by Tatyana Tolstaya
Having The Right Job quotes by Clemence Poesy
#45. I feel so lucky that I live in a society that lets women be. I think that's the one of the biggest fights to keep having, is to fight for women to have the right to live their life the way they want to live it. #Quote by Clemence Poesy

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