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Famous Quotes About Hausser Orn

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Hausser Orn quotes by Zachary Appleton
#1. Every time I add something I truly believe is original and belonging to myself it ends up being stolen orn taken down.
So No! I will not add any quotes Besides it's considered a Narcissistic act to quote oneself in my book. #Quote by Zachary Appleton
Hausser Orn quotes by John Flanagan
#2. Karina and Tho-orn, sitting in a tree-ee. Kay-eye-ess-ess-eye-en-gee. #Quote by John Flanagan
Hausser Orn quotes by Sharon Lee
#3. It is culture that is the bully.
Orn Ald yos'Senchul to Theo Waitley, Saltation #Quote by Sharon Lee
Hausser Orn quotes by Sabrina Zbasnik
#4. I've always wondered though," Orn mused aloud, "what does God need with a starship?"
"Are you going to make that stupid quip every time we pass a missionary ship?"
"Until they learn a new position. #Quote by Sabrina Zbasnik
Hausser Orn quotes by Neal Shusterman
#5. For weeks Charlie had been singing the same song over and over again.
"Dinah won't you blow…"
He sang it twenty-four hours a day, with the same vacant, cheerful tone.
"Dinah won't you blow your hor-or-orn?"
He kept the beat with his head, endlessly banging it against the hallways bulkhead.
"Dinah won't you blow…"
Johnnie-O, who had very little patience to begin with, would have pulled out his hair, were it possible for an Afterlight's hair to come out.
"Dinah won't you blow…"
Johnnie squeezed his oversized hands into fists, wishing there was something he could bust, but having spent many years trying to break things, he knew more than anyone that Everlost stuff didn't break, unless breakage was its purpose.
"Dinah won't you blow your horn!"
"Dammit, will you shut your hole or I swear I'm gonna pound you into next Tuesday and then throw you out of the stinkin' window where you and your song can drown and sink down to the center of earth for all I care, so you better shut your hole right now!"
Charlie looked at him for a moment, eyes wide, considering it. Then he said, "Someone's in the kitchen with Dinah!"
Johnnie groaned. #Quote by Neal Shusterman
Hausser Orn quotes by Sabrina Zbasnik
#6. Gods take whoever designed this crawlspace and jam them inside a sardine can. Then put that sardine can inside a pill box and shoot both into a black hole. Ugh, and I am having a very long discussion with Orn and his habit of throwing old candy sticks through the grates! #Quote by Sabrina Zbasnik

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