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Famous Quotes About Haruna Ai

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Haruna Ai quotes by Amit Ray
#1. AI winters were not due to imagination traps, but due to lack of imaginations. Imaginations bring order out of chaos. Deep learning with deep imagination is the road map to AI springs and AI autumns. #Quote by Amit Ray
Haruna Ai quotes by Abhijit Naskar
#2. Artificial intelligence will not destroy this planet, irresponsible human intelligence will. #Quote by Abhijit Naskar
Haruna Ai quotes by Ai Weiwei
#3. I think Chinese leadership is trying to tell the world they have another set of logic or reasoning or values which are different from yours. Of course, I don't think they believe that. It's just an argument that's made when you can't confront the truth and facts. They really want to maintain power. #Quote by Ai Weiwei
Haruna Ai quotes by Ai Weiwei
#4. If I walk on the street, if I go to a restaurant, people come to me and say: "Can we take a photo together? Can you give me your autograph?" They would bring their expensive Armani or Prada wallet to sign. Other people who are desperate show me a photo of their dead daughter and ask: Can you support me? I tell them: How can I? Morally, of course, I sympathize with you. But I cannot support you and you cannot support me. This is the condition of this society. We are separated. #Quote by Ai Weiwei
Haruna Ai quotes by Amit Ray
#5. Compassionate Artificial Superintelligence or "AI 5.0", empowers humanity and machine with super-intelligence, super-creativity and super-compassion, which will help humanity and machine to reach new levels of evolution of consciousness. #Quote by Amit Ray
Haruna Ai quotes by Yuval Noah Harari
#6. There are simply several different paths leading to high intelligence, and only some of these paths involve gaining consciousness. Just as airplanes fly faster than birds without ever developing feathers, so computers may come to solve problems much better than mammals without ever developing feelings. True, AI will have to analyse human feelings accurately in order to treat human illnesses, identify human terrorists, recommend human mates and navigate a street full of human pedestrians. But it could do so without having any feelings of its own. An algorithm does not need to feel joy, anger or fear in order to recognise the different biochemical patterns of joyful, angry or frightened apes. #Quote by Yuval Noah Harari
Haruna Ai quotes by Ai Weiwei
#7. Every day I'm learning something new from the practice. It's very rewarding. #Quote by Ai Weiwei
Haruna Ai quotes by Khang Kijarro Nguyen
#8. To make robots practical, flaws must be removed.
To make robots endearing, flaws must be added. #Quote by Khang Kijarro Nguyen
Haruna Ai quotes by Ai Yazawa
#9. Don't do stuff that freaks him out, like what you're doing now. Do something that makes him happy. #Quote by Ai Yazawa
Haruna Ai quotes by Neil Kirby
#10. It doesn't matter if you are not 'good' at creative activity. You do not have to be 'good' at pushups before they strengthen your arms. You have to do them to get them to strengthen your arms, and so it is with creative activities: you have to do them to exercise those parts of your brain. Those creative activities that easily integrate with daily life are best because, as with atheltic exercise programs, thoses that intrude on busy schedule are not likely to get done #Quote by Neil Kirby
Haruna Ai quotes by Ai Weiwei
#11. All the auction houses care about is the selling of luxury goods. #Quote by Ai Weiwei
Haruna Ai quotes by G.S. Jennsen
#12. In the corner of her eye she caught her daughter's shoulders drop as Alex exhaled with uncommon soberness. "So you trust me, and you understand that I will never do anything I think might hurt you."

Miriam stopped outside the armory and pivoted to her daughter. "Alex, what have you done? #Quote by G.S. Jennsen
Haruna Ai quotes by Ai Weiwei
#13. You need a purpose to express yourself, but that expression is its own purpose. #Quote by Ai Weiwei
Haruna Ai quotes by Ai
#14. To me, the ideological high wire
is for fools to balance on with their illusions.
It is better to leap into the void.
Isn't that what we all want anyway? -
to eliminate all pretense
till like the oppressed who in the end
identifies with the oppressor,
we accept the worst in ourselves
and are set free. #Quote by Ai
Haruna Ai quotes by Cassandra Clare
#15. Will's eyes met Tessa's as she came closer, almost tripping again over the torn hem of her gown. For a moment, they were in perfect understanding. Jem was what they could still look each other straight in the eye about. On the topic of Jem, they were both fierce and unyielding. Tessa saw Will's hand tighten on Jem's sleeve. "She's here," he said.
Jem's eyes opened slowly. Tessa fought to keep the look of shock from her face. His pupils were blown out, his irises a thin ring of silver around the black. "Ni shou shang le ma, quin ai de?" he whispered. #Quote by Cassandra Clare
Haruna Ai quotes by Pedro Domingos
#16. People worry that computers will get too smart and take over the world, but the real problem is that they're too stupid and they've already taken over the world. #Quote by Pedro Domingos
Haruna Ai quotes by Kazune Kawahara
#17. Yoh: ...I watched the video of your match...The one where you lost and cried so much. When I saw that, I thought that I wouldn't mind coaching you. You face everything head-on, and when you're down, you always get back up, looking straight ahead...I'm glad that I'm the one you asked to coach you...I'm glad I'm the one you bumped into, that day we met........I must still have a fever. I'm not making sense...

Haruna: Can I kiss you!? I know it's not the best time!! But what you said was so sweet!! #Quote by Kazune Kawahara
Haruna Ai quotes by Ai Weiwei
#18. This world should be much more open and should be much more free, so the young people would have the chance to exercise the quality of their lives. #Quote by Ai Weiwei
Haruna Ai quotes by Amit Ray
#19. Primary aim of quantum artificial intelligence is to improve human freedom, dignity, equality, security, and total well-being. #Quote by Amit Ray
Haruna Ai quotes by Wallace Stevens
#20. Sombre as fir trees, liquid cats
Moved in the grass without a sound.
They did not know the grass went round.
The cats had cats and the grass turned gray
And the world had worlds, ai, this-a-way:
The grass turned green and the grass turned gray. #Quote by Wallace Stevens
Haruna Ai quotes by Ai Yazawa
#21. Why... is human desire so unsatisfying? #Quote by Ai Yazawa
Haruna Ai quotes by Amit Ray
#22. Every elderly people needs genuine love and concern. They need sensitivity, understandings and food for emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. Compassionate AI aims to provide that service with integrity and love #Quote by Amit Ray
Haruna Ai quotes by Ai Weiwei
#23. Freedom of speech implies the world isn't defined. It is meaningful when people are allowed to see the world their way. #Quote by Ai Weiwei
Haruna Ai quotes by Francoise Sagan
#24. Il arrive un âge où ils ne sont plus séduisants, ni «en forme», comme on dit. Ils ne peuvent plus boire et ils pensent encore aux femmes; seulement ils sont obligés de les payer, d'accepter des quantités de petites compromissions pour échapper à leur solitude. Ils sont bernés, malheureux. C'est ce moment qu'ils choisissent pour devenir sentimentaux et exigeants… J'en ai vu beaucoup devenir ainsi des sortes d'épaves.

"A time comes when they are no longer attractive or in good form. They can't drink any more, and they still hanker after women, only then they have to pay and make compromises in order to escape from their loneliness: they have become just figures of fun. They grow sentimental and hard to please. I have
seen many who have gone the same way. #Quote by Francoise Sagan
Haruna Ai quotes by Melissa Jensen
#25. Pretty,eh?"
I jumped a foot. "Nonna!"
She was standing in my doorway, beaming like a demented gnome. "For your underwater dance."
"It looks like....a toga."
"Toga," she sniffed as she stalked across the room to lift the dress from its hanger, "is for boys at silly parties. This is for a goddess." She held it up to me. "You will be Salacia, Roman goddess of water."
It still looked like a toga, and not a very big one, although it did almost reach the floor. My legs would be covered, which was all well and good, except that, other than going a little too long without defuzzing, I didn't have much of a problem with my legs. I did know this wasn't going to work. I just had no idea at the moment how I was going to make it not happen.
"This is awfully...pagan of you, Nonna."
She rolled her eyes. "Ai, sixteen, with the smart mouth and such certainty. You think I just read the Bible? A goddess, she has more fun than a saint."
"Ah!" She poked me in the center of the chest with her middle finger. "Fun, si, but a bad end if she thinks to hold the heart of a boy who wants only to play. Salacia, she let Neptune chase her and chase her and prove his heart was true."
I didn't argue. My grasp of Greco-Roman mythology is shaky at best, and derived mostly from the Percy Jackson books. I had my doubts about Neptune's heart, but figured it would only be smart-assy to mention that to my grandmother. #Quote by Melissa Jensen
Haruna Ai quotes by Sam Altman
#26. AI will probably most likely lead to the end of the world, but in the meantime, there'll be great companies. #Quote by Sam Altman
Haruna Ai quotes by Marvin Minsky
#27. There are three basic approaches to AI: Case-based, rule-based, and connectionist reasoning. #Quote by Marvin Minsky
Haruna Ai quotes by Ai Weiwei
#28. The practice of photography is no longer a means for recording reality. Instead, it has become reality itself #Quote by Ai Weiwei
Haruna Ai quotes by Ai Yazawa
#29. That overflowing feeling became love. But I don't sing for Ren's sake. I sing for myself everyday. #Quote by Ai Yazawa
Haruna Ai quotes by Ai Weiwei
#30. I think everybody deserves freedom. Freedom is such an abstract word, but it's all we need. #Quote by Ai Weiwei
Haruna Ai quotes by Ai Yazawa
#31. But even when the moon looks like it's waning ... it's actually never changing shape. Don't ever forget that. #Quote by Ai Yazawa
Haruna Ai quotes by Ai Yazawa
#32. Forgetting about our mistakes and our wounds isn't enough to make them disappear. #Quote by Ai Yazawa
Haruna Ai quotes by Cassandra Clare
#33. He dropped his voice, so low that Tessa wasn't sure if what he said next was real or part of the dream darkness rising to claim her, though she
fought against it.
"I've never minded it," he went on. "Being lost, that is. I had always thought one could not be truly lost if one knew one's own heart. But I fear I may
be lost without knowing yours." He closed his eyes as if he were bone-weary, and she saw how thin his eyelids were, like parchment paper, and
how tired he looked. "Wo ai ni, Tessa," he whispered. "Wo bu xiang shi qu ni."
She knew, without knowing how she knew, what the words meant.
I love you.
And I don't want to lose you. #Quote by Cassandra Clare
Haruna Ai quotes by Kazune Kawahara
#34. Fumi: So, what happened Asami-chan?

Asami: Onii-chan's(big brother)... always said mean stuff and he's always been cold. He couldn't get along well with his ex-girlfriend and I thought that he wouldn't be able to get along with anyone else either. I'd always thought that he'd always be by my side. But it's different with Haruna! He's getting along so well with her! And on top of that, they might be OO and XX and they might get married!! He won't be only my Onii-chan anymore!!

Fumi: Wow! You really approve of Haruna-chan, huh? I see!! Asami-chan really likes Haruna-chan!!

Asami: Fumi-kun... were you even listening...? #Quote by Kazune Kawahara
Haruna Ai quotes by Simone Puorto
#35. It shouldn't be easy. It should be good. #Quote by Simone Puorto
Haruna Ai quotes by Ai Weiwei
#36. If there is no freedom of expression, then the beauty of life is lost. Participation in a society is not an artistic choice, it's a human need. #Quote by Ai Weiwei
Haruna Ai quotes by Ai Yazawa
#37. Right now I am working to polish the shards of my dreams. #Quote by Ai Yazawa
Haruna Ai quotes by Nick Bostrom
#38. We would want the solution to the safety problem before somebody figures out the solution to the AI problem. #Quote by Nick Bostrom
Haruna Ai quotes by Daniel Crevier
#39. The deep paradox uncovered by AI research: the only way to deal efficiently with very complex problems is to move away from pure logic ... Most of the time, reaching the right decision requires little reasoning ... Expert systems are, thus, not about reasoning: they are about knowing ... Reasoning takes time, so we try to do it as seldom as possible. Instead we store the results of our reasoning for later reference. #Quote by Daniel Crevier
Haruna Ai quotes by Og Mandino
#40. AI will make love my greatest weapon and none on whom I call can defend against its force. #Quote by Og Mandino

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