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Hartaj Girn quotes by Diana Palmer
#1. Lane," it said curtly.
"I was afraid you were still out of the country," Cecily said with relief. "Are you all right?"
"A few new scars," he said, with lightness in his tone. "How about a pizza? I'll pic you up…"
"I'm in South Dakota."
"It's a long story. Leta has a comfortable sofa. Can you come out here right away?"
There was a pause. "If you miss me that much, maybe we'd better get married," he pointed out.
"I'm not marrying a man who shoots people for a living," she replied with a girn.
"I only shoot bad people," he protested. "Besides…I know what a foramen magnum is."
"Darling!" she exclaimed theatrically. "Get the license!"
He chuckled. "That'll be the day, when you take me on. What sort of mischief are you up to, Cecily?"
"No mischief. Just an artifact-buying trip. But I need you."
"In that case, I'm on the way. I'll rent a car at the airport. See you soon."
He hung up.
"You're not going to marry Colby Lane," Leta said like a disapproving parent.
"But he knows what a foramen magnum is," she said teasingly.
"A who?"
"It's the large opening at the back of the skull," Cecily said.
"Gory stuff."
"Not to an archaeologist," Cecily said. "Did you know that we can identify at least one race by the dentition of a skull? Native Americans are mongoloid and they have shovel-shaped incisors."
This caused Leta to feel her teeth and ask more questions, which kept her from think #Quote by Diana Palmer

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