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Happy Things quotes by Dodie Smith
#1. ...[H]e's so good and good people are usually happy. But do happy things happen to the good, or can the good make happiness out of unhappiness? #Quote by Dodie Smith
Happy Things quotes by Susan Cain
#2. Try to think of happy things," he says, caressing my forehead. I stare at the ceiling, tears welling. What happy things? Who could be happy in a world of podiums and microphones? "There are a billion people in China who don't give a rat's ass about your speech," Ken offers sympathetically. #Quote by Susan Cain
Happy Things quotes by Sara Hammel
#3. It's your entire story that makes you who you are, not just the happy things" -Beth #Quote by Sara Hammel
Happy Things quotes by Kyle Cease
#4. False. When things change, I will be happy. True. When I am happy, things will change. #Quote by Kyle Cease
Happy Things quotes by Zoe Sugg
#5. For every sad thing you think of, you should think of three happy things to chase it away. #Quote by Zoe Sugg
Happy Things quotes by Eminem
#6. I like happy things, I'm really calm and peaceful. I like birds, bees, I like people. I like funny things that make me happy and gleeful ... like when my teacher sucked my wee-wee in pre-school! #Quote by Eminem
Happy Things quotes by Luci Swindoll
#7. Life is a happy thing, a festival to be enjoyed rather than a drudgery to be endured. #Quote by Luci Swindoll
Happy Things quotes by Kiersten White
#8. I think happy thoughts and feel happy things and I do not let myself near the swirling black edges of the hole that is my soul when I look at them. #Quote by Kiersten White
Happy Things quotes by Rainer Maria Rilke
#9. But suppose the endlessly dead were to
wake in us some emblem:
they might point to the catkins hanging
from the empty hazel trees, or direct
us to the rain
descending on black earth in early
And we, who always think of happiness
rising, would feel the emotion
that almost baffles us
when a happy thing falls. #Quote by Rainer Maria Rilke
Happy Things quotes by Rhonda Byrne
#10. If you have been living your life saying to yourself, "I will be happy when I have a better house," "I will be happy when I get a job or promotion," "I will be happy when the kids are through college," "I will be happy when we have more money," "I will be happy when I can travel," or "I will be happy when my business is a success," you will never have those things because your thoughts are defying the way love works. They're defying the law of attraction. You have to be happy first, and give happiness, to receive happy things! It can't happen any other way, because whatever you want to receive in life, you must give first! You are in command of your feelings, you are in command of your love, and the force of love will give back to you whatever you give out. #Quote by Rhonda Byrne
Happy Things quotes by Rachel Van Dyken
#11. Boys are told since they're little that pretty things are good. Pretty things equal happy things. So when we grow up and see a shiny pretty thing, we're drawn like moths to a flame. We keep flying toward the light until it's too late. You know, like that Sleeping Beauty chick with the spinning wheel? #Quote by Rachel Van Dyken
Happy Things quotes by Bjorn Borg
#12. As tennis players, we work and we sacrifice many things. To lose, that's not a happy thing - I mean sure, I was disappointed. You have to come back strong. But to win the last point in a grand slam tournament, that's the most beautiful and most satisfying feeling you can get as a tennis player. It's worth it. #Quote by Bjorn Borg
Happy Things quotes by John Hay
#13. The Light of Love Each shining light above us Has its own peculiar grace; But every light of heaven Is in my darling's face. For it is like the sunlight, So strong and pure and warm, That folds all good and happy things, And guards from gloom and harm. And it is like the moonlight, So holy and so calm; The rapt peace of a summer night, When soft winds die in balm. And it is like the starlight; For, love her as I may, She dwells still lofty and serene In mystery far away. #Quote by John Hay
Happy Things quotes by Lemony Snicket
#14. In this book, not only is there no happy ending, there is no happy beginning and very few happy things in the middle. #Quote by Lemony Snicket
Happy Things quotes by Grant C. Holland
#15. Go ahead and cry. This is a happy day, and happy things make you cry. #Quote by Grant C. Holland
Happy Things quotes by Sonia Sotomayor
#16. So many people grew up with challenges, as I did. There weren't always happy things happening to me or around me. But when you look at the core of goodness within yourself - at the optimism and hope - you realize it comes from the environment you grew up in. #Quote by Sonia Sotomayor
Happy Things quotes by Arundhati Roy
#17. He held his mundu spread above his head to dry. The wind lifted it like a sail. He was suddenly happy. Things will get worse he thought to himself. Then better. He was walking swiftly now, towards the Heart of Darkness. As lonely as a wolf.
The God of Loss.
The God of Small Things.
Naked but for his nail varnish. (274) #Quote by Arundhati Roy
Happy Things quotes by Lilly Pulitzer
#18. We focus on the best, fun, and happy things, and people want that. Being happy never goes out of style, #Quote by Lilly Pulitzer
Happy Things quotes by Elizabeth Noble
#19. mum's dress. mum loved big parties. she loved dressing up and champagne bubbles tickling her nose, and dancing with her arms above her head, shoes thrown to the edges of the dance floor, and shouting inane happy things at people. #Quote by Elizabeth Noble
Happy Things quotes by F Scott Fitzgerald
#20. Afterwards, he just sat, happy to live in the past. The drink made past happy things contemporary with the present, as if they were still going on, contemporary even with the future as if they were about to happen again. #Quote by F Scott Fitzgerald
Happy Things quotes by Elizabeth Scott
#21. Try to live. Try to be happy. [ ... ] Things end, people leave, and life goes on. You need the bad things to feel the good ones. #Quote by Elizabeth Scott
Happy Things quotes by Luke Jensen
#22. I don't have time to worry about the things that could happen. I am too busy thinking of all the happy things that have happened. #Quote by Luke Jensen
Happy Things quotes by Dave Eggers
#23. Because secrets do not increase in value if kept in a gore-ian lockbox, because one's past is either made useful or else mutates and becomes cancerous. We share things for the obvious reasons: it makes us feel un-alone, it spreads the weight over a larger area, it holds the possibility of making our share lighter. And it can work either way - not simply as a pain-relief device, but, in the case of not bad news but good, as a share-the-happy-things-I've-seen/lessons-I've-learned vehicle. Or as a tool for simple connectivity for its own sake, a testing of waters, a stab at engagement with a mass of strangers. #Quote by Dave Eggers
Happy Things quotes by William Shakespeare
#24. Tis a happy thing To be the father unto many sons. #Quote by William Shakespeare
Happy Things quotes by Paul Mosier
#25. Lots of things that are worth seeing aren't happy things" -Rydr #Quote by Paul Mosier
Happy Things quotes by Chaim Potok
#26. Come, let us have some tea and continue to talk about happy things. #Quote by Chaim Potok
Happy Things quotes by Kiersten White
#27. Let's talk about happy things.What should I be for Halloween? I can't decide between a sexy vampire or a sexy fairy.I've got a whole tub of glitter body gel for either costume,if you want to be the one I'm not!
Faeries and vampires were glittery now?
Honestly. #Quote by Kiersten White
Happy Things quotes by Lois Lowry
#28. With her toddler playing on the floor by her feet, his widow now nursed her new baby on the porch of her homeplace, attended by comforting women who sat with their knitting and embroidery and spoke only of happy things. #Quote by Lois Lowry
Happy Things quotes by Rachel Van Dyken
#29. It goes like this," Max interrupted. "Boys are told since they're little that pretty things are good. Pretty things equal happy things. So when we grow up and see a shiny pretty thing, we're drawn like moths to a flame. We keep flying toward the light until it's too late. You know, like that Sleeping Beauty chick with the spinning wheel?" I chuckled. "Are you seriously comparing us to a Disney princess? #Quote by Rachel Van Dyken
Happy Things quotes by Delano Johnson
#30. I think people should put more emphasis on love, family, and caring for other people. We focus so much on the negative and bad in life, we need to focus more on the positive and happy things. #Quote by Delano Johnson
Happy Things quotes by Alberto Caeiro
#31. And sometimes if I want
To imagine I'm a lamb
(Or a whole flock
Spreading out all over the hillside
So I can be a lot of happy things at the same time),
It's only because I feel what I write at sunset,
Or when a cloud passes its hand over the light
And silence runs over the grass outside.
When I sit and write poems
Or, walking along the roads or pathways,
I write poems on the paper in my thoughts,
I feel a staff in my hand
And see my silhouette
On top of a knoll,
Looking after my flock and seeing my ideas,
Or looking after my ideas and seeing my flock,
With a silly smile like someone who doesn't understand what somebody's saying
But tries to pretend they do. #Quote by Alberto Caeiro
Happy Things quotes by Natsuki Takaya
#32. I know that happy things and fun things eventually come to an end. But things that are scary and sad come to an end too ... they always do. Even if you can't always believe that , please don't give up. Live. #Quote by Natsuki Takaya
Happy Things quotes by Jojo Moyes
#33. I worked out what would make me happy, and I worked out what I wanted to do, and I trained myself to do the job that would make those two things happen'
'You make it sound so simple.'
'It is simple,' he said. 'The thing is, it's also a lot of hard work. And people don't want to put in a lot of work. #Quote by Jojo Moyes
Happy Things quotes by Lemony Snicket
#34. If you are interested in happy endings, you would be better off reading some other book. In this book, not only is there no happy ending, there is no happy beginning and very few happy things in the middle. This is because not very many happy things happened in the lives of the three Baudelaire youngsters. #Quote by Lemony Snicket
Happy Things quotes by Gordon B. Hinckley
#35. Be believing, be happy, don't get discouraged. Things will work out. #Quote by Gordon B. Hinckley
Happy Things quotes by Ishmael Beah
#36. We must strive to be like the moon.' An old man in Kabati repeated this sentence often ... the adage served to remind people to always be on their best behavior and to be good to others. [S]he said that people complain when there is too much sun and it gets unbearably hot, and also when it rains too much or when it is cold. But, no one grumbles when the moon shines. Everyone becomes happy and appreciates the moon in their own special way. Children watch their shadows and play in its light, people gather at the square to tell stories and dance through the night. A lot of happy things happen when the moon shines. These are some of the reasons why we should want to be like the moon. #Quote by Ishmael Beah
Happy Things quotes by Chata
#37. Dango, dango, dango, dango, a big dango family
Dango, dango, dango, dango, a big dango family

The naughty fried dango, the kind red bean dango
The Mid-Autumn Festival dango tends to dream a little
The prim sesame dango, the four dango on a skewer
Everyone, everyone comes together and it's a family of 100s

The baby dango is always within happiness
The aged dango has its eyes narrowed

The chummy dango hold their hands together and make a big, round ring
They build a town on the dango planet and everyone laughs together
The rabbit is trying to wave in the sky; the huge moon
Is rounding up everything, happy things and sad things, too

The chummy dango hold their hands together and make a big, round ring
They build a town on the dango planet and everyone laughs together
The rabbit is trying to wave in the sky; the huge moon
Is rounding up everything, happy things and sad things, too

Dango, dango, dango, dango, a big dango family
Dango, dango, dango, dango, a big dango family

Dango, dango, dango, dango, a big dango family
Dango, dango, dango, dango, a big dango family #Quote by Chata
Happy Things quotes by Saul Bellow
#38. He believed that he must, that he could and would recover the good things, the happy things, the easy tranquil things of life. He had made mistakes, but he could overlook these. He had been a fool, but that could be forgiven. The time wasted
must be relinquished. What else could one do about it? Things were too complex, but they might be reduced to simplicity again. Recovery was possible. #Quote by Saul Bellow
Happy Things quotes by Elizabeth Von Arnim
#39. I don't believe there was ever anybody who loved being happy as much as I did. What I mean is that I was so acutely conscious of being happy, so appreciative of it; that I wasn't ever bored, and was always and continuously grateful for the whole delicious loveliness of the world. #Quote by Elizabeth Von Arnim
Happy Things quotes by Common
#40. Me being able to be acting and doing other things has opened me as an artist, and I think even more from a visual standpoint. #Quote by Common
Happy Things quotes by Rose McGowan
#41. When I get my feelings hurt, or when things scare me, or freak out my sensibilities, or when my feathers get ruffled, it takes me aback, of course, but then I think, I'm grateful that I have a mind that can want more for people and want more for the planet. It's not that hard. It's really quite simple. #Quote by Rose McGowan
Happy Things quotes by Margot Robbie
#42. There are things in life that don't come to me naturally, and social media and the Internet and all those things are some of them, somewhere between taxes and cooking! #Quote by Margot Robbie
Happy Things quotes by Sebastian Junger
#43. The problem is that it's hard to aim a rifle when your heart is pounding, which points to an irony of modern combat: it does extraordinarily violent things to the human body but requires almost dead calm to execute well. #Quote by Sebastian Junger
Happy Things quotes by Xenophanes
#44. The gods did not reveal, from the beginning,
All things to us, but in the course of time
Through seeking we may learn and know things better.
But as for certain truth, no man has known it,
Nor shall he know it,neither of the gods
Nor yet of all the things of which I speak.
For even if by chance he were to utter
The final truth, he would himself not know it:
For all is but a woven web of guesses #Quote by Xenophanes
Happy Things quotes by Stephen Fry
#45. I was at a dinner party many years ago,sitting along from Tom Stoppard, who in those days smoked not just between courses,but between mouthfuls. An American woman watched in disbelief.
"And you so intelligent!"
"Excuse me?" said tom
"Knowing those things are going to kill you" she said "and still you do it."
"How differently I might behave" Tom said, "if immortality were an option #Quote by Stephen Fry
Happy Things quotes by John McEnroe
#46. Be happy. If you're successful but unhappy, that's emptiness. #Quote by John McEnroe
Happy Things quotes by Colson Whitehead
#47. I write the books that I'm compelled to and I definitely learn things about the world when I write them, and I hope that other people get something out of them, enjoy them, see the world differently when they're done. #Quote by Colson Whitehead
Happy Things quotes by Henry Rollins
#48. I remain hopeful that science, innovation and kindness will come to the fore as things become more and more tense in parts of the world. I think what you are seeing in the world right now is kind of a leveling or an attempt to level the playing field. #Quote by Henry Rollins
Happy Things quotes by Joel Osteen
#49. No matter what may be happening today, God has good things in store for your future! It may not be easy to see now, but God has already lined up a new beginning, new friendships and new opportunities for you. #Quote by Joel Osteen
Happy Things quotes by Matshona Dhliwayo
#50. The eye, though small, sees remarkable things.
The ear, though small, hears remarkable things.
The hand, though small, carries remarkable things.
The foot, though small, transports remarkable things.
The tongue, though small, utters remarkable things.
The mind, though small, perceives remarkable things.
The heart, though small, contains remarkable things.
The soul, though small, experiences remarkable things. #Quote by Matshona Dhliwayo
Happy Things quotes by Julie Brown
#51. I was always trying to do things to make school fun. #Quote by Julie Brown
Happy Things quotes by Billy Porter
#52. All you need to do is turn on the news, and in five minutes, you're depressed with the state of the world. Choosing joy is a completely active choice. It doesn't just happen. You can't just say, 'I want to be happy.' You have to take action. #Quote by Billy Porter
Happy Things quotes by Robin LaFevers
#53. You are a blade that has been brutally forged, painfully hammered, and wickedly honed. You are steel, not poison. You are deadly, not depraved. They are very different things, Sybella. #Quote by Robin LaFevers
Happy Things quotes by Heather Havrilesky
#54. Adults are not always so fun. Sometimes I go to parties filled with mature people who know things and act their age and I"m quickly filled with despair. I walk in the door and greet the host and mill about, but in the pit of my stomach I know that leaving home was a mistake. I will not be surprised and delighted. I will not learn something new. I will not even enjoy the sound of my own voice. I will be lulled into a state of excruciating paralysis and self-hatred and other-people hatred. #Quote by Heather Havrilesky
Happy Things quotes by Susan Downey
#55. If there was no Hollywood, no next movie, no deal at Warner Brothers, no place in Malibu or Venice, I would still be really happy. #Quote by Susan Downey
Happy Things quotes by Shari Lapena
#56. He stares at her back and thinks about how much she has changed since the baby was born. It was entirely unexpected. They'd looked forward to the baby so much together--decorating the nursery, shopping for baby things, attending the birth-preparation classes, feeling the baby kick in her tummy. They had been some of the happiest months of his life. It had never occurred to him that it would be hard afterward. He hadn't seen it coming. #Quote by Shari Lapena
Happy Things quotes by James Ryerson
#57. How did Wittgenstein get to this point? The Tractatus is concerned with a disarmingly basic question: How is language possible? When we consider the world around us, everything seems to interact with everything else causally, in accordance with the laws of nature. The exception is a certain strange thing we call language, which somehow manages to interact with other things in the world in an entirely different way: it represents them meaningfully. The ability to represent things allow us to communicate, enables us to deal with things that are not actually present to us, and provides the fabric of our mental life, our daily thoughts. But how is it, exactly, that language produces meaning? #Quote by James Ryerson
Happy Things quotes by Virginia Woolf
#58. Nobody sees any one as he is, let alone an elderly lady sitting opposite a strange young man in a railway carriage. They see a whole
they see all sorts of things
they see themselves ... #Quote by Virginia Woolf
Happy Things quotes by Cora Carmack
#59. I just ... this wasn't my life. Things like this didn't happen to me, and if they did, it never lasted. Girls like me didn't get guys like Cade. #Quote by Cora Carmack
Happy Things quotes by Fyodor Dostoevsky
#60. Every member of the society spies on the rest, and it is his duty to inform against them. All are slaves and equal in their slavery ... The great thing about it is equality ... Slaves are bound to be equal. #Quote by Fyodor Dostoevsky
Happy Things quotes by Jayce O'Neal
#61. You will never be truly happy until you are grateful for what you already have. #Quote by Jayce O'Neal
Happy Things quotes by Lauren Oliver
#62. Are you a girl or a boy?' Liesl was wearing the same thin nightshirt she had been wearing since Tuesday, when her father died, and it occurred to her that if the ghost was a boy, she should cover up.
'Neither,' the ghost replied.
Liesel was startled. 'You have to be one or the other.'
'I don't have to be anything,' the ghost replied, sounding irritated. 'I am what I am and that's all. Things are different on the Other Side, you know. Things are ... blurrier. #Quote by Lauren Oliver
Happy Things quotes by Alan Rickman
#63. You try to find things that are challenging and interesting and hopefully it will be the same to the audience. #Quote by Alan Rickman
Happy Things quotes by Adele
#64. I have never been insecure, ever, about how I look, about what I want to do with myself. My mum told me to only ever do things for myself, not for others. #Quote by Adele
Happy Things quotes by Armistead Maupin
#65. Nobody's happy. What's happy? Happiness is over when the lights come on."
The older woman poured herself a glass of sangria. "Screw that," she said quietly.
"Screw that. Wash your mouth out. Who taught you that half-assed existential drivel? #Quote by Armistead Maupin
Happy Things quotes by Greg Bear
#66. You seem to like helping, taking care of people," he said. "That is admirable."
"You enjoy being nurtured?"
"Well, that isn't all you promise. When you touch me, I feel a fire at my center. You want me to grow and find my true story, my purpose. You seem to want to be there when I see new things. You want to share and enjoy my discoveries. #Quote by Greg Bear
Happy Things quotes by Tony Dungy
#67. You should never be defined by what you do, by the things you have; you've got to define yourself by who you are and who you impact and how you impact people. And that's the thing I try to get across to my players. #Quote by Tony Dungy
Happy Things quotes by Lemony Snicket
#68. I looked at the poor, sickly plant, trying to grow in the coffee grounds instead of the earth, where it belonged. I wondered what happened to things that grew up in the wrong place. #Quote by Lemony Snicket
Happy Things quotes by Aaron Starmer
#69. I'm a storyteller, and it's a storyteller's job to take on other people's voices. To present as real a picture of things as possible. Every storyteller will write a different story. #Quote by Aaron Starmer
Happy Things quotes by Lauren Miller
#70. So you believe in fate," I say.
Dr. Mann pauses thoughtfully before answering. "I believe each of us was uniquely created for a specific purpose designed by the Creator, and that, because of that, there are certain things in our lives that we are destined by Him to do. The rest, I think, is soft clay: left entirely to the defining influences of choice, chance, and circumstance. And luck! Don't forget luck. #Quote by Lauren Miller
Happy Things quotes by Becky G
#71. I love Shakira - she is such a beautiful person. She does so many good things for the world on top of making good music. And she is an awesome mom. When you are Latina, it is all about family, and to see that she prioritizes family and her career at the same time is really nice. #Quote by Becky G
Happy Things quotes by Megan Keith
#72. She's happy and I'm glad she is. Everyone deserves to be happy, even girls who break your heart. #Quote by Megan Keith
Happy Things quotes by Ralph Waldo Emerson
#73. The whole character and fortune of the individual are affected by the least inequalities in the culture of the understanding; for example, in the perception of differences. Therefore is Space, and therefore Time, that man may know that things are not huddled and lumped, but sundered and individual. A bell and a plough have each their use, and neither can do the office of the other. Water is good to drink, coal to burn, wool to wear; but wool cannot be drunk, nor water spun, nor coal eaten. The wise man shows his wisdom in separation, in gradation, and his scale of creatures and of merits is as wide as nature. The foolish have no range in their scale, but suppose every man is as every other man. What is not good they call the worst, and what is not hateful, they call the best. #Quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson
Happy Things quotes by Seth Rogen
#74. All my friends are talented enough to get nominated for awards. I just am always surprised when things and people I like are also liked by things like the Oscars. #Quote by Seth Rogen
Happy Things quotes by Rabindranath Tagore
#75. According to the true Indian view, our consciousness of the world, merely as the sum total of things that exist, and as governed by laws, is imperfect. But it is perfect when our consciousness realizes all things as spiritually one with it, and there #Quote by Rabindranath Tagore
Happy Things quotes by John Steinbeck
#76. The ways of sin are curious ... I guess if a man had to shuck off everything he had, inside and out, he'd manage to hide a few little sins somewhere for his own discomfort. They're the last things we'll give up. #Quote by John Steinbeck
Happy Things quotes by Jeremy Hardy
#77. I think we mistake sadness for depression, because life is basically sad, and its the failure to recognize that that leads to this sort of resentment and bewilderment [...] It is, it is, and [..] you know, people just suddenly think that the world owes it to them to be happy, and they're not happy and then they think well, why aren't I happy, and makes 'em angry and then they're depressed about the fact that they're angry and they're bitter about the fact that they're depressed, and this downward cycle; why don't they just accept that life is sad and cheer up, it's not forever. #Quote by Jeremy Hardy

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