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Happy Playgounds quotes by Peter Nadas
#1. if one could learn the most important things in life, one would still have to learn how to keep quiet about them. #Quote by Peter Nadas
Happy Playgounds quotes by Mohsin Hamid
#2. While they wished to look out for each other, and to keep tabs on each other, staying in touch took a toll on them, serving as an unsettling reminder of a life not lived, and also they grew less worried each for the other, less worried that the other would need them to be happy, and eventually a month went by without any contact, and then a year, and then a lifetime. #Quote by Mohsin Hamid
Happy Playgounds quotes by Torquato Tasso
#3. O happy, golden age!
Not for that rivers ran
With streams of milk, and honey dropped from trees #Quote by Torquato Tasso
Happy Playgounds quotes by Llewellyn Powers
#4. To live as fully, as completely as possible, to be happy ... is the true aim and end to life. #Quote by Llewellyn Powers
Happy Playgounds quotes by Amy Lane
#5. You don't look gay," Joey said suspiciously.
Will blinked. Well, that was new. "Maybe I'm just really, really happy inside," Will responded with a bright smile. #Quote by Amy Lane
Happy Playgounds quotes by Rajneesh
#6. My approach is that we are not searching for experiences here. We are trying to know the one who experiences all experiences. Our search is for the witness. Who is this observer? Who is this consciousness? Sometimes it feels sad, sometimes it feels happy; sometimes it is so high, flying in the sky, and sometimes so down. Who is this watcher of all these games? - high and low, happy, unhappy, in heaven and hell. Who is this watcher? To know this watcher is to know God. And you are already it - just a little awakening is needed ... no search but only awakening. #Quote by Rajneesh
Happy Playgounds quotes by Shane Snow
#7. PRETEND YOU ARE DRIVING a car in the middle of a thunderstorm and you happen upon three people on the side of the road. One of them is a frail old woman, who looks on the verge of collapse. Another is a friend who once saved your life. The other is the romantic interest of your dreams, and this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet him or her. You have only one other seat in the car. Who do you pick up? There's a good reason to choose any of the three. The old woman needs help. The friend deserves your payback. And clearly, a happy future with the man or woman of your dreams will have an enormous long-term impact on your life. So, who should you pick? The old woman, of course. Then, give the car keys to your friend, and stay behind with the romantic interest to wait for the bus! #Quote by Shane Snow
Happy Playgounds quotes by Sofia Johansson
#8. Success is nice, but I'm happy no matter what, #Quote by Sofia Johansson
Happy Playgounds quotes by Lil B
#9. Well, you know what? If that guy can do it, I can be myself too, and if that rapper can be himself and be free and be happy and still hold masculinity and love people and love flowers and just be happy being alive, well then, I can do that too. #Quote by Lil B
Happy Playgounds quotes by Gavin MacLeod
#10. I think when life gets heavy, people look for an escape. "The Love Boat" is an escape. We have happy endings. You don't see many of those around. I think it gave people a vicarious adventure. #Quote by Gavin MacLeod
Happy Playgounds quotes by Gary L. Francione
#11. There is nothing extreme about ethical veganism.

What is extreme is eating decomposing flesh and animal secretions.

What is extreme is that we regard some animals as members of our family while, at the same time, we stick forks into the corpses of other animals.

What is extreme is thinking that it is morally acceptable to inflict suffering and death on other sentient creatures simply because we enjoy the taste of animal products or because we like the look of clothes made from animals.

What is extreme is that we say that we recognize that "unnecessary" suffering and death cannot be morally justified and then we proceed to engage in exploitation on a daily basis that is completely unnecessary.

What is extreme is pretending to embrace peace while we make violence, suffering, torture and death a daily part of our lives.

What is extreme is that we excoriate people like Michael Vick, Mary Bale and Sarah Palin as villains while we continue to eat, use, and consume animal products.

What is extreme is that we say that we care about animals and that we believe that they are members of the moral community, but we sponsor, support, encourage and promote "happy" meat/dairy labeling schemes. (see 1, 2, 3)

What is extreme is not eating flesh but continuing to consume dairy when there is absolutely no rational distinction between meat and dairy (or other animal products). There is as much suffering and d #Quote by Gary L. Francione
Happy Playgounds quotes by W.B. Yeats
#12. The Song Of The Happy Shepherd

The woods of Arcady are dead,
And over is their antique joy;
Of old the world on dreaming fed;
Grey Truth is now her painted toy;
Yet still she turns her restless head:
But O, sick children of the world,
Of all the many changing things
In dreary dancing past us whirled,
To the cracked tune that Chronos sings,
Words alone are certain good.
Where are now the warring kings,
Word be-mockers? - By the Rood,
Where are now the watring kings?
An idle word is now their glory,
By the stammering schoolboy said,
Reading some entangled story:
The kings of the old time are dead;
The wandering earth herself may be
Only a sudden flaming word,
In clanging space a moment heard,
Troubling the endless reverie.
Then nowise worship dusty deeds,
Nor seek, for this is also sooth,
To hunger fiercely after truth,
Lest all thy toiling only breeds
New dreams, new dreams; there is no truth
Saving in thine own heart. Seek, then,
No learning from the starry men,
Who follow with the optic glass
The whirling ways of stars that pass -
Seek, then, for this is also sooth,
No word of theirs - the cold star-bane
Has cloven and rent their hearts in twain,
And dead is all their human truth.
Go gather by the humming sea
Some twisted, echo-harbouring shell.
And to its lips thy story tell,
And #Quote by W.B. Yeats
Happy Playgounds quotes by Brit Bennett
#13. She licked cinnamon sugar off her fingers, sun-heavy and happy, the type of happiness that before might have felt ordinary, but now seemed fragile, like if she stood too quickly, it might slide off her shoulders and break. #Quote by Brit Bennett
Happy Playgounds quotes by Bijou Hunter
#14. JOURNEY: To me, people who care this much about appearances are losers. If they were truly happy and successful, there'd be no need to try this fricking hard. #Quote by Bijou Hunter
Happy Playgounds quotes by Benjamin Stone
#15. It's healthy to periodically self examine your life, your goals, your relationships, and ask yourself honestly, am I happy? Am I on the right track? #Quote by Benjamin Stone
Happy Playgounds quotes by Giuseppe Andrews
#16. I'm always happy when I learn more about communication in the wide free scope of that word. So next is a move, getting the film made and working on more music everyday which is equally large in my being as filmmaking. #Quote by Giuseppe Andrews
Happy Playgounds quotes by Thomas Pynchon
#17. Too many of us have to sit foolishly by while something comes out of the dark, strikes, returns to wherever it came from, as if we are too fragile for a world of happy families, whose untroubled destinies require that the rest of us be sacrificed. #Quote by Thomas Pynchon
Happy Playgounds quotes by Toby Young
#18. I really like the Observer. I think I'd love to have a column with a broad reach that would enable me to do some proper reporting, but keep it on sort of a humorous level. I've always had a very happy experience writing for them. #Quote by Toby Young
Happy Playgounds quotes by Nina Wirk
#19. They say the luckiest people are the ones with happy childhoods. #Quote by Nina Wirk
Happy Playgounds quotes by Olivia Cunning
#20. Eric, this is Isaac. A dear, dear friend."
Isaac looked none too happy to be called her friend. Eric extended his hand. "I'm Eric, Rebekah's very possessive boyfriend."
Isaac's eyes widened.
"And lover," Eric added. "We get it on constantly. #Quote by Olivia Cunning
Happy Playgounds quotes by George Lucas
#21. You can find people who have discovered the fact that it's really helping people, it's really being compassionate toward other human beings that makes you happy, that gives you a spiritual fulfillment - a kind of fulfillment that goes way beyond anything you can buy. #Quote by George Lucas
Happy Playgounds quotes by Fernando Lachica
#22. Life is a continuous feeling wherein something you work for it to be happy in terms of your soul. #Quote by Fernando Lachica
Happy Playgounds quotes by David Eddings
#23. I wrote a novel for my degree, and I'm very happy I didn't submit that to a publisher. I sympathize with my professors who had to read it. #Quote by David Eddings
Happy Playgounds quotes by Francois De La Rochefoucauld
#24. One is never as happy or as unhappy as one thinks. #Quote by Francois De La Rochefoucauld
Happy Playgounds quotes by Nikki Giovanni
#25. Black love is Black wealth and they'll probably talk about my hard childhood and never understand that all the while I was quite happy #Quote by Nikki Giovanni
Happy Playgounds quotes by Srividya Srinivasan
#26. Life is a little like getting on a bus with loads of passengers who are already on when you get on. A bus to nowhere but going with absolute certainty to nowhere or so it seems to you. And, you somehow secure a seat and think as long as you sit quietly, you might be allowed to stay till the destination, whatever it may be. You wonder if you could buy a more secure seat if you become the life and soul of the bus, since then nobody will want you to get off. So, you try.

There are people you like on the bus, some you cannot bear to be around with. People keep getting on. The bus is overcrowded. You watch some who gracefully get down, some who literally jump off the running bus and others who are abruptly forced off the bus. You feel sorry for those who have been forced off, happy you are still there. You must be special then for that privilege.

You sit there thinking if you are quiet and decent, and minding your business or counting your beads, you should be ok, not realising that you could be the next. There is deep down a fear that you could be, but you hope that all what you had done since you got on would guarantee a longer passage to nowhere. Maybe, to a better destination?

Where could the bus be going? Who will be getting off next? Will it be you? What is this strange journey with passengers you cannot choose, stops you cannot decide and destination unknown. Suddenly you cannot bear this torture anymore. This meaningless journey with atroci #Quote by Srividya Srinivasan
Happy Playgounds quotes by Albert Ellis
#27. Even injustice has it's good points. It gives me the challenge of being as happy as I can in an unfair world. #Quote by Albert Ellis
Happy Playgounds quotes by Nadia Comaneci
#28. Of course, I grew up in Communist Romania, but I am happy to say that now our country is democratic, and prospering, since the revolution in 1989. #Quote by Nadia Comaneci
Happy Playgounds quotes by Stephen J. Cannell
#29. I'm generally a very happy guy because I'm doing what I want. I'm willing to tell you that there are people who are much better than I am in writing. I don't have to be the fastest gun in the West. #Quote by Stephen J. Cannell
Happy Playgounds quotes by Sam Lipsyte
#30. Who exactly are we?' I asked.
The American Dreamers. There aren't too many of us left.'
I don't know if I qualify.'
You an American? Or want to be an American?'
I am an American.'
You said you were having a dream.'
It's true, I did.'
Was it the one where you're inside the girl and you are pumping her and pumping her and you are so happy but then it turns out it's not a girl, it's really one of those super poisonous box jellyfish, and it stings you and you are screaming and screaming and the sky rains the diarrhea of babies?'
The ... no, I don't think so.'
I get that sometimes. Anyway, see you around. #Quote by Sam Lipsyte
Happy Playgounds quotes by P. J. Soles
#31. I am so happy that every generation still tunes into most of the classic and cult films I was lucky to be a part of. #Quote by P. J. Soles
Happy Playgounds quotes by J.K. Rowling
#32. Right, you've got a crooked sort of cross ... " He consulted Unfogging the Future. "That means you're going to have 'trials and suffering' - sorry about that - but there's a thing that could be the sun ... hang on ... that means 'great happiness' ... so you're going to suffer but be very happy ... "
"You need your Inner Eye tested, if you ask me," said Ron, and they both had to stifle their laughs as Professor Trelawney gazed in their direction. #Quote by J.K. Rowling
Happy Playgounds quotes by Lee Iacocca
#33. You, my friend, alone are equal to a hundred of such friends. Happy Birthday to you. #Quote by Lee Iacocca
Happy Playgounds quotes by Andrea Dunlop
#34. A part of her could imagine being happy in her solitude. She could work and read and travel alone. It could be a lovely life, in a way. #Quote by Andrea Dunlop
Happy Playgounds quotes by Marissa Meyer
#35. I am not happy with this turn of events.

Captain Thorne #Quote by Marissa Meyer

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