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Famous Quotes About Hannity Youtube

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Hannity Youtube quotes by John Battelle
#1. Google+ was, to my mind, all about creating a first-party data connection between Google most important services - search, mail, YouTube, Android/Play, and apps. #Quote by John Battelle
Hannity Youtube quotes by Sean Hannity
#2. Everyone knows Bob Beckel views, radical left wing, socialist. He says he's a Democrat. But what may surprise you is that he actually has a conservative brother. #Quote by Sean Hannity
Hannity Youtube quotes by Barack Obama
#3. When I see Ann Coulter and Sean Hannity baying across the television screen, I find it hard to take them seriously. I assume that they must be saying what they do primarily to boost book sales or ratings, although I do wonder who would spend their precious evenings with such sourpusses. #Quote by Barack Obama
Hannity Youtube quotes by Seinabo Sey
#4. It's so crazy to see people singing along to songs that aren't even released yet. I'm like, 'How do you even know the lyrics? Have you been watching YouTube?' #Quote by Seinabo Sey
Hannity Youtube quotes by Dave Eggers
#5. I've never had WiFi at home. I'm too easily distracted, and YouTube is too tempting. #Quote by Dave Eggers
Hannity Youtube quotes by Rebecca Black
#6. I don't really use YouTube that much. I am a very Internet-oriented person, but I'm more of a Twitter freak - I'm always on Twitter. Or chatting with friends. #Quote by Rebecca Black
Hannity Youtube quotes by Matt Mullenweg
#7. When you look at things like Flickr and Youtube, they are specialised blogging systems, so why hasn't blogging encompassed that ease of functionality? #Quote by Matt Mullenweg
Hannity Youtube quotes by Kevin Shields
#8. Even I just listen to some bands on YouTube. I'll think, "Oh, I quite like that, I should buy it someday," but I don't get around to buying half the stuff I liked. #Quote by Kevin Shields
Hannity Youtube quotes by Sean Hannity
#9. I've been able to read people my entire life, because I've interviewed people now for 20-some-odd years. So you can read people that way. #Quote by Sean Hannity
Hannity Youtube quotes by Sean Hannity
#10. And the other issue is Gore, $4.6 trillion - the single largest expansion of government in American history, from universal preschool, now, to prescriptions to health care - it is Socialism 101. #Quote by Sean Hannity
Hannity Youtube quotes by Kirk Hammett
#11. Technology has given us convenience, but at the same time it's making musicians work harder in that if you really want to make money making music and selling albums, you have to go out there and perform. And hope you sell stuff like merch, and get on YouTube, and all the other ancillary sort of things that go along with that. #Quote by Kirk Hammett
Hannity Youtube quotes by Connor Franta
#12. YouTube is so quick and so instant, and you make a video, and you can upload it the same day, whereas with a book, you have to go through a lot of time and a lot of people and a lot of processes. So it was weird to sit down and work with other people on projects, because I'm so independent with YouTube. #Quote by Connor Franta
Hannity Youtube quotes by Brian Hollins
#13. Inspire others to make Youtube videos #Quote by Brian Hollins
Hannity Youtube quotes by Tim Gunn
#14. As long as we have Netfix, Turner Classic Movies, Amazon, YouTube, and bookstores, there is no excuse ever to lack inspiration. #Quote by Tim Gunn
Hannity Youtube quotes by Shane Dawson
#15. I think it's cool that people kind of look at me as one of the originators of online video and one of the pioneers of YouTube because I've worked really hard to build an audience and make content that I'm proud of. #Quote by Shane Dawson
Hannity Youtube quotes by Tom Brokaw
#16. In 1989, a lone and still-anonymous Chinese student stood unarmed in front of a Chinese tank and gave the world an enduring image of the determination of China's young to change their nation. He didn't text message the tank or share a video on YouTube. #Quote by Tom Brokaw
Hannity Youtube quotes by Al Franken
#17. There's no comparison between NPR and the propaganda that you hear from Rush or from Sean Hannity, the news movement conservatives that are just laying out, slathering out the disinformation and the lies, as I discuss in my book, 'Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them: A Fair and Balanced Look at the Right.' #Quote by Al Franken
Hannity Youtube quotes by Sean Hannity
#18. Obama's rhetorical overtures to democracy, it turned out, were just a decoy to conceal his unwavering determination to govern from the far left. #Quote by Sean Hannity
Hannity Youtube quotes by Nolan Sotillo
#19. I'm going to continue posting on my YouTube, which is youtube.com/nolansotillo. So I mean, if I get signed and come out with an album, it would be just another ... that is a goal of mine. #Quote by Nolan Sotillo
Hannity Youtube quotes by Tyler Oakley
#20. There's no Hollywood tradition of maybe not telling people that you're gay to protect your future ambitions. The YouTube world is a little unprecedented. I think what people are seeing is that the more true to yourself you are, the more an audience will connect with you. #Quote by Tyler Oakley
Hannity Youtube quotes by Recep Tayyip Erdogan
#21. I cannot understand how sensible people still defend Facebook, YouTube and Twitter #Quote by Recep Tayyip Erdogan
Hannity Youtube quotes by Moises Naim
#22. Established politicians are also bumping into a new cast of characters within corridors of legislative power. In 2010 parliamentary elections in Brazil, for example, the candidate who won the most votes anywhere in the country (and the second-most-voted congressman in the country's history) was a clown - an actual clown who went by the name of Tiririca and wore his clown costume while he campaigned. His platform was as anti-politician as it gets. "I don't know what a representative in congress does," he told voters in YouTube video that attracted millions of voters, "but if you send me there I will tell you". He also explained that his goal was "to help needy people in this country, but especially my family". #Quote by Moises Naim
Hannity Youtube quotes by Ben Aaronovitch
#23. It's a sad fact of modern life that sooner or later you will end up on YouTube doing something stupid. The trick, according to my dad, is to make a fool of yourself to the best of your ability. #Quote by Ben Aaronovitch
Hannity Youtube quotes by Damien Fahey
#24. Forget the Bible, the greatest argument against human evolution is a YouTube comment thread. #Quote by Damien Fahey
Hannity Youtube quotes by Ed Sheeran
#25. I think YouTube has destroyed the genre barrier. People can be into Justin Bieber and Eminem at the same time. It's a good thing. #Quote by Ed Sheeran
Hannity Youtube quotes by Howard McDowell
#26. ESCAPING REALITY Whether it's watching YouTube videos, porn, or reaching for drugs or sex - constantly distracting yourself is a sign that you're not willing to deal with reality. #Quote by Howard McDowell
Hannity Youtube quotes by Melissa Jensen
#27. There was no doorman outside Harrison Kinuye's house, just a Phillite senior leaning into a huge stone urn. He extricated himself as I reached the door. "Hey," he greeted me, sending out plumes of condensed breath and beer fumes. "Thought I was gonna heave."
"Okay," I said. Apparently,that satisfied them, because he opened the front door for me with a clumsy flourish.
I was in.That simple. I'd spent the entire walk over worried that I wasn't going to get past the door,I'd watched Harrison's YouTube video (cleverly posted under the complicted name "Harrison Kinuye's Party") three times to be sure of the password. The whole video consisted of Harrison holding a piece of paper with the address, date, and time of the party. Of course,it read backward, but that wasn't much of a challenge, and I suspected it wasn't deliberate on his part. At the eighteen-second mark, he opened his mouth and let out a massive, echoing belch.Fade to black. I'd been afraid that was the password and that I would have to burn for admittance. #Quote by Melissa Jensen
Hannity Youtube quotes by Jonathan King
#28. My YouTube videos have literally millions of views ... Yet I'm still airbrushed out of the BBC Stalinist revision of history; the chart shows have been instructed not to play my music! #Quote by Jonathan King
Hannity Youtube quotes by KSI
#29. They should just open lots of YouTube schools ... as well as, like, a games school, where you can play all types of games. Like, if you want to play racing games, you go there and become a pro at that. Same for football or a shoot 'em up. #Quote by KSI
Hannity Youtube quotes by John Green
#30. I love making YouTube videos. I love Tumblr, I love Twitter. I love talking with people I find interesting about stuff I find interesting, and the Internet is a great way to do that. #Quote by John Green

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