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Hang Ups Custom Framing quotes by Billie Joe Armstrong
#1. And for our fans, they're just crazy people anyway. I always look at people in a Green Day shirt, and I think, 'What's wrong with that person? What kind of hang-ups does that person have?' Obviously, it's not just the catchy songs, it goes deeper than that. #Quote by Billie Joe Armstrong
Hang Ups Custom Framing quotes by Doug Stanhope
#2. I couldn't possibly explain why the common person would be against something like that. It's all rooted in sexual hang-ups. The whole institution of marriage itself really has no place in a progressive society. I don't know why anyone would want to get married heterosexually, so why they'd be against homosexual marriage is flummoxing. I only use that word when I'm talking to someone from the British press. #Quote by Doug Stanhope
Hang Ups Custom Framing quotes by John A. Macdonald
#3. A new Member requires the experience of his first session in the House to teach him how to hang up his overcoat and take his seat in a manner befitting a gentlemen. #Quote by John A. Macdonald
Hang Ups Custom Framing quotes by Kimora Lee Simmons
#4. I have a lot of hang-ups in life with men. I'm not very trusting. #Quote by Kimora Lee Simmons
Hang Ups Custom Framing quotes by Nikki Sanderson
#5. I have body hang-ups - but I work the best of what I've got. #Quote by Nikki Sanderson
Hang Ups Custom Framing quotes by Domhnall Gleeson
#6. I think everybody's got their insecurities and hang-ups. Everybody! Unless you're an idiot. #Quote by Domhnall Gleeson
Hang Ups Custom Framing quotes by Dan Lauria
#7. I have no hang-ups. I don't have to go to psychiatrists. #Quote by Dan Lauria
Hang Ups Custom Framing quotes by David Wright
#8. As soon as baseball becomes a job, as soon as I stop caring, as soon as the smile goes away, I'll hang up my spikes and do something else. #Quote by David Wright
Hang Ups Custom Framing quotes by Penelope Ward
#9. She was the one. Our time together seemed to flash before my eyes, all of our many conversations, ranging from our deepest thoughts and hang-ups to the strange and funny. It was her. It had always been her. #Quote by Penelope Ward
Hang Ups Custom Framing quotes by Richard Armour
#10. I've suffered from all of the hang-ups known, and none is as bad as the telephone. #Quote by Richard Armour
Hang Ups Custom Framing quotes by Lisa McMann
#11. The phone rings.
"Asshole," she mutters. She picks it up.
"Will you let me explain?"
"No." She hangs up. #Quote by Lisa McMann
Hang Ups Custom Framing quotes by Anne F. Beiler
#12. To overcome adverse circumstances, you have to learn to overcome your own hang-ups, values, and idiosyncrasies in order to value other people, cultures, and ideas. #Quote by Anne F. Beiler
Hang Ups Custom Framing quotes by Joanna Macy
#13. Of course, even when you see the world as a trap and posit a fundamental separation between liberation of self and transformation of society, you can still feel a compassionate impulse to help its suffering beings. In that case you tend to view the personal and the political in a sequential fashion. "I'll get enlightened first, and then I'll engage in social action." Those who are not engaged in spiritual pursuits put it differently: "I'll get my head straight first, I'll get psychoanalyzed, I'll overcome my inhibitions or neuroses or my hang-ups (whatever description you give to samsara) and then I'll wade into the fray." Presupposing that world and self are essentially separate, they imagine they can heal one before healing the other. This stance conveys the impression that human consciousness inhabits some haven, or locker-room, independent of the collective situation -- and then trots onto the playing field when it is geared up and ready.

It is my experience that the world itself has a role to play in our liberation. Its very pressures, pains, and risks can wake us up -- release us from the bonds of ego and guide us home to our vast, true nature. For some of us, our love of the world is so passionate that we cannot ask it to wait until we are enlightened. #Quote by Joanna Macy
Hang Ups Custom Framing quotes by Rick Yancey
#14. I don't want him to leave, but I also don't want him to talk. He has a habit of going off on rants, one of those guys who has an opinion about everything. But something happens when every person you meet dies within days of your meeting them: You start being a lot less picky about who you hang out with. You can overlook a lot of flaws. And you let go of a lot of personal hang-ups. #Quote by Rick Yancey
Hang Ups Custom Framing quotes by Eric Drooker
#15. Illustrators are usually illustrating something big or commercial if not outright advertising. It's a form of prostitution, but that's cool because we don't have any moral hang-up about it. #Quote by Eric Drooker
Hang Ups Custom Framing quotes by Ben Shapiro
#16. President Obama has continually put off the deadline for implementation of Obamacare thanks to hang-ups in the system. #Quote by Ben Shapiro
Hang Ups Custom Framing quotes by Gordon MacKenzie
#17. To be fully free to create, we must first find the courage and willingness to let go:
Let go of the strategies that have worked for us in the past ...
Let go of our biases, the foundation of our illusions ...
Let go of our grievances, the root source of our victimhood ...
Let go of our so-often-denied fear of being found unlovable. #Quote by Gordon MacKenzie
Hang Ups Custom Framing quotes by Melanie Harlow
#18. So you were looking for a bathroom in the woods?"
"Well, yes." She swallowed. "Sort of. But then I heard a splash and saw you…" Her cheeks were practically purple now.
I played dumb. "Saw me what?"
"Saw you naked, OK?" she blurted, throwing her hands up. "I admit it - I saw you naked."
I had no hang-ups about nudity, but I was damn serious about my privacy, and about people sneaking up on me. But her embarrassment was funny. The two times I'd seen her before, she'd been so polished and poised. It felt good to put her in her place a little. "So you climbed a tree for a better view, is that it? #Quote by Melanie Harlow
Hang Ups Custom Framing quotes by Cathy Guisewite
#19. I've found it's better to talk to the machine and hang up if I get the person. #Quote by Cathy Guisewite
Hang Ups Custom Framing quotes by Riley Redgate
#20. I don't want to read your walls ... I don't want to read your hang-ups. I don't want to read skeletal concepts of people who operate without the influence of a limbic system. You are not an archaeologist excavating and presenting old bones. Your work is the connective tissue. Give me some DNA, or don't bother. #Quote by Riley Redgate
Hang Ups Custom Framing quotes by Steve Martin
#21. I was always very shy but as I get older I think, What am I being shy for? You just grow weary of your own hang-ups. #Quote by Steve Martin
Hang Ups Custom Framing quotes by Tim Fargo
#22. Mistakes should be examined, learned from, and discarded; not dwelled upon and stored. #Quote by Tim Fargo
Hang Ups Custom Framing quotes by Hal Elrod
#23. Unfortunately the ppl who would do the most good w/ a large sum of $ are often the same ppl who have the biggest hang ups about making $. #Quote by Hal Elrod
Hang Ups Custom Framing quotes by Warwick Davis
#24. I do a lot of public speaking and presentations and I'll always start with a self-deprecating joke to make everybody feel comfortable with my size because there can be hang-ups and anxieties. #Quote by Warwick Davis
Hang Ups Custom Framing quotes by Steve Aylett
#25. Hang up the phone on a vampire, the definition of carefree. #Quote by Steve Aylett
Hang Ups Custom Framing quotes by Publilius Syrus
#26. You need not hang up the ivy branch over the wine that will sell. #Quote by Publilius Syrus
Hang Ups Custom Framing quotes by John Green
#27. If he is anything other than a total gentleman, I'm going to gouge his eyes out."
"So you're into it."
"Withholding judgment! When can I see you?"
"Certainly not until you finish An Imperial Affliction." I enjoyed being coy.
"Then I'd better hang up and start reading."
"You'd better," I said, and the line clicked dead without another word.
Flirting was new to me, but I liked it. #Quote by John Green
Hang Ups Custom Framing quotes by Jordan Belfort
#28. Don't hang up until the client either buys or dies. #Quote by Jordan Belfort
Hang Ups Custom Framing quotes by Anne T. Donahue
#29. Compared to his experience, I wasn't an alcoholic -- he'd seen a real rinker, and I didn't look anything like that.

But the older I got, the more complicated my habit became. I started to drink to fall asleep, to feel confident, to write. I began to drink well -- I learned how to make sure nobody ever really knew I'd been drinking at all. I drank to feel included, and I drank if it was offered. I drank to break the ice; I drank to spark real talk. I drank to hit on boys, and I drank to justify kissing them. Drinking could open a strange gateway to vulnerability.

I drank because it gave me the illusion of control. I drank to justify intentional fuckery, knowing I could always circumvent real accountability by blaming it on too much of whatever I'd had the night before. I drank because I could escape from my anxiety and my worries and my hang-ups and everything that held me back.

And I drank because I liked it.

Because that's the thing: I liked it. Drinking was my favorite pastime and my costume. For a few solid hours, I got to convince myself (and everybody I met) that I was really much better than my actual self -- a shiny, full-color version. #Quote by Anne T. Donahue
Hang Ups Custom Framing quotes by Charlaine Harris
#30. I'll deal with your hang-ups if you'll deal with mine, but if you're still too scared to even try, then you're not worth waiting for. I have some goddamn pride left and I won't wait forever. #Quote by Charlaine Harris

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