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Handsome Fireman quotes by Victor Hugo
#1. Boaz Asleep

Boaz, overcome with weariness, by torchlight
made his pallet on the threshing floor
where all day he had worked, and now he slept
among the bushels of threshed wheat.

The old man owned wheatfields and barley,
and though he was rich, he was still fair-minded.
No filth soured the sweetness of his well.
No hot iron of torture whitened in his forge.

His beard was silver as a brook in April.
He bound sheaves without the strain of hate
or envy. He saw gleaners pass, and said,
Let handfuls of the fat ears fall to them.

The man's mind, clear of untoward feeling,
clothed itself in candor. He wore clean robes.
His heaped granaries spilled over always
toward the poor, no less than public fountains.

Boaz did well by his workers and by kinsmen.
He was generous, and moderate. Women held him
worthier than younger men, for youth is handsome,
but to him in his old age came greatness.

An old man, nearing his first source, may find
the timelessness beyond times of trouble.
And though fire burned in young men's eyes,
to Ruth the eyes of Boaz shone clear light #Quote by Victor Hugo
Handsome Fireman quotes by Lois Greiman
#2. In 50 years it won't matter if he's handsome, ugly, or dumb as a post, just try to find someone who don't make you want to shove a pitchfork up his nose. #Quote by Lois Greiman
Handsome Fireman quotes by Anthony Robbins
#3. When you seek Significance, you're always comparing yourself with someone else. And there's always someone bigger, taller, stronger, faster, richer, funnier, younger, more handsome, more beautiful, with a bigger yacht, a nicer car, a nicer home. #Quote by Anthony Robbins
Handsome Fireman quotes by Morris Chestnut
#4. I am just another fireman because the story focuses on Joaquin Phoenix's character, but I play Joaquin's close friend and I get burned up a little bit, but I don't die. #Quote by Morris Chestnut
Handsome Fireman quotes by Julianne Donaldson
#5. He held my gaze for a long moment. I realized that the fire was very warm, and that I was standing very close to a very handsome gentleman who held my hand in his. Philip looked down. "You brave girl," he murmured, running a light finger along my palm. It was so soft a touch that it did not hurt at all. But it did send a wave of feeling through my hand, up my arm, all the way to my heart. I had never experienced such a sensation before, and I found it completely unnerving. #Quote by Julianne Donaldson
Handsome Fireman quotes by Marika Christian
#6. He was my age and in my imagination he was a fireman, not the kind that actually fights fires but the kind who travels the country shirtless posing for calendars. #Quote by Marika Christian
Handsome Fireman quotes by Judith McNaught
#7. A-Actually, the flower that sprang up would have been the iris or larkspur, not the modern hyacinth, but that is how it earned its name."
"Fascinating." His unfathomable eyes locked onto hers.
Elizabeth knew he was referring to her and not the history of the hyacinth, and though she commanded herself to move out of his reach, her legs refused to budge.
"Absolutely fascinating," he murmured again, and in slow motion she watched his hands reach out and gently grasp her shoulders, rubbing lightly. "Last night you were ready to do battle with a roomful of men because they dared believe I'd cheated, yet now you're afraid. Is it me you fear, sweetheart? Or something else?"
The endearment spoken in his rich baritone voice had the same stirring effect on her as the touch of his lips. "I'm afraid of the things you make me feel," she admitted desperately, trying to get control of herself and the situation. "I realize that this is merely a-a little weekend dalliance-"
"Liar," he teased, and he took her lips in a sweet, swift kiss. Her mind reeled from the brief touch, but the moment he lifted his mouth from hers she rushed into frightened speech. "Thank you," she blurted inanely. "H-Hyacinths are not the only flower with an interesting history. There are lilies, too, which are also part of the genus-"
A lazy, seductive grin swept across his handsome face, and, to Elizabeth's helpless horror, her gaze fastened on his mouth. She couldn't still the shiver of a #Quote by Judith McNaught
Handsome Fireman quotes by Jojo Moyes
#8. I didn't know my dad in person and I never got to say goodbye to him at his funeral and I thought it would be nice to say a few words now that I sort of feel I know him a bit better.' She gave a nervous smile, and pushed a strand of hair from her face.

'So. Will … Dad. When I first found out you were my real father, I'll be honest, I was a bit freaked out. I'd hoped my real dad was going to be this wise, handsome man, who would want to teach me stuff and protect me and take me on trips to show me amazing places that he loved. And what I actually got was an angry man in a wheelchair who just, you know, killed himself. But because of Lou, and your family, over the last few months I've come to understand you a bit better.

'I'll always be sad and maybe even a bit angry that I never got to meet you, but now I want to say thank you too. ". You gave me a lot, without knowing it. I think I'm like you in good ways – and probably a few not-so-good ways. You gave me blue eyes and my hair colour and the fact that I think Marmite is revolting and the ability to do black ski runs and … Well, apparently you also gave me a certain amount of moodiness – that's other people's opinion, by the way. Not mine.'

'But mostly you gave me a family I didn't know I had. And that's cool. Because, to be honest, it wasn't going that well before they all turned up.' Her smile wavered.

' So, um, Will … Dad, I'm not going to go on and on because speeches are bo #Quote by Jojo Moyes
Handsome Fireman quotes by Lili Wilkinson
#9. Sam sighed. "Let's just say that I'm a terminal disappointment. And a ranga."

I frowned. "What is that? The others keep saying it."

Sam hesitated for a moment. "It's...Greek. It means debonair and handsome and generally made of awesome."

I regarded him skeptically. "It's short for orangutan, isn't it?" I said. "Because you're a redhead."

Sam looked disappointed. "Maybe. #Quote by Lili Wilkinson
Handsome Fireman quotes by Jane Austen
#10. till it appears that men are much more philosophic on the subject of beauty than they are generally supposed; till they do fall in love with well-informed minds instead of handsome faces, a girl, with such loveliness as Harriet, has a certainty of being admired and sought after, of having the power of chusing from among many, consequently a claim to be nice. #Quote by Jane Austen
Handsome Fireman quotes by Abbi Glines
#11. Jason Stone is your Logan. He's wealthy and impressive and handsome. He's a fairy tale. But don't get serious. Guard your heart." I let out a frustrated sigh and dropped my arms. "Why are you calling him my Logan?" I asked. "Gilmore Girls, sweetheart. Gilmore Girls. If you had bothered to watch it with me like I asked you several times, you would know what I mean. Hank is your Dean. He wasn't meant for you either. He was just the first heartbreak you keep going back to. Now you've met your Logan. It's a shame, though. I wish you'd met your Jess next. #Quote by Abbi Glines
Handsome Fireman quotes by Cassandra Clare
#12. You look ill," Matthew observed. "Is it my dancing? Is it me personally?"
"Perhaps I'm nervous," she said. "Lucie did say you didn't like many people."
Matthew gave a sharp, startled laugh, before schooling his face back into a look of lazy amusement. "Did she? Lucie's a chatterbox."
"But not a liar," she said.
"Well, fear not. I do not dislike you. I hardly know you," said Matthew. "I do know your brother. He made my life miserable at school, and Christopher's, and James's."
"Alastair and I are very different," Cordelia said. She didn't want to say more than that. It felt disloyal to Alastair. "I like Oscar Wilde, for instance, and he does not."
The corner of Matthew's mouth curled up. "I see you go directly for the soft underbelly, Cordelia Carstairs. Have you really read Oscar's work?"
"Just Dorian Gray," Cordelia confessed. "It gave me nightmares."
"I should like to have a portrait in the attic," Matthew mused, "that would show all my sins, while I stayed young and beautiful. And not only for sinning purposes - imagine being able to try out new fashions on it. I could paint the portrait's hair blue and see how it looks."
"You don't need a portrait. You are young and beautiful," Cordelia pointed out.
"Men are not beautiful. Men are handsome," objected Matthew.
"Thomas is handsome. You are beautiful," said Cordelia, feeling the imp of the perverse stealing over her. Matthew was looking stubborn. "James is beautiful too, #Quote by Cassandra Clare
Handsome Fireman quotes by Shannon Hale
#13. In movies, we are accustomed to seeing handsome actors. It's so commonplace on the screen, large or small, that we barely note it as extraordinary. But in life, rarely do we encounter an onslaught of beauty, entire a hive of handsomeness, find ourselves awash in an ocean of attractiveness, drowning in a miasma of hotness. #Quote by Shannon Hale
Handsome Fireman quotes by Kerri Maniscalco
#14. Focus on how handsome I am. How much you want to press your lips against mine. And definitely do not panic, Wadsworth. If you scream, I'm going to join you, and then we're both in trouble. #Quote by Kerri Maniscalco
Handsome Fireman quotes by Jenny Han
#15. I wanna see the dance!"
"Forget about it," I tell him. We're in the living room; each of us has our own couch or armchair. I poured us iced teas and put out a bowl of potato chips, which we've already finished.
"Come on," he pouts. "Show me the dance. Please, please show me the dance."
"That's not going to work on me, Peter."
"What's not going to work?"
I wave my hand in his Handsome Boy face. "That. I'm immune to your charms, remember?"
Peter lifts his eyebrows like I've dared him. "Is that a challenge? 'Cause I'm warning you, you do not want to step into the ring with me. I'll crush you, Covey." He doesn't take his eyes off mine for several long seconds, and I can feel my smile fade and my cheeks heat up.
"Come on, Lara Jean!"
I blink. Kitty. I'd forgotten she was still in the room. #Quote by Jenny Han
Handsome Fireman quotes by Sarah J. Maas
#16. I skipped between the dancers, twirling my skirts. The seated, masked musicians didn't look up at me as I leaped before them, dancing in place. No chains, no boundaries - just me and the music, dancing and dancing. I wasn't faerie, but I was a part of this earth, and the earth was a part of me, and I would be content to dance upon it for the rest of my life.
One of the musicians looked up from his fiddling, and I halted.
Sweat gleamed on the strong column of his neck as he rested his chin upon the dark wood of the fiddle. He'd rolled up the sleeves of his shirt, revealing the cords of muscle along his forearms. He had once mentioned that he would have liked to be a traveling minstrel if not a warrior or a High Lord - now, hearing him play, I knew he could have made a fortune from it.
"I'm sorry, Tam," Lucien panted, appearing from nowhere. "I left her alone for a little at one of the food tables, and when I caught up to her, she was drinking the wine, and - "
Tamlin didn't pause in his playing. His golden hair damp with sweat, he looked marvelously handsome - even though I couldn't see most of his face. He gave me a feral smile as I began to dance in place before him. "I'll look after her," Tamlin murmured above the music, and I glowed, my dancing becoming faster. "Go enjoy yourself." Lucien fled.
I shouted over the music, "I don't need a keeper!" I wanted to spin and spin and spin.
"No, you don't," Tamlin said, never once stumbling over his play #Quote by Sarah J. Maas
Handsome Fireman quotes by Jade Chang
#17. How good it made them feel, these well-meaning Upper West Side transplants, buying organic produce they didn't even have to wash from a handsome black man who would greet them with an exotic fist bump! An attractive, articulate chap, not unlike the young senator from Illinois they had just congratulated themselves for nominating, who would show the world that slavery was behind us and that we could appreciate Hip Hop. Yes! So many pretty boxes to check all at once! #Quote by Jade Chang
Handsome Fireman quotes by Michele Sinclair
#18. I hope Lily told you how happy I was by the offer to marry your commander."
"She mentioned it," Ranulf grimaced.
"Who knows? Maybe Rolande and I will meet and decide to stay together, forgoing the annulment."
Ranulf rocked back on his feet, picking up the basin, and stood up, causing water to slosh on to the floor from the abrupt movement. She sounded so damn happy. He plopped the water bowl back on its table. And why shouldn't she be? "You will like my commander. He is as handsome as Lillabet is beautiful."
Pain flashed in Bronwyn's eyes, turning them dark, almost black. If Ranulf's aim had been to hurt,he had struck true, resulting in a desire to inflict similar anguish. "As long as he doesn't lie to me and make me out the fool, I will be content."
"I suspect he won't if you don't lie to him first."
Bronwyn pushed herself out of the chair as a frisson of anger shot up her spine. "Maybe I won't if he doesn't order me away from my home without the courage to look me in the eye when he does so."
"I never pretended to be someone else."
"In that you are correct, my lord.You made it very clear from the beginning that you were a hateful man," she seethed.
"Didn't seem to bother you when you used your female wiles to entice me to your bed," Ranulf hissed back.
Bronwyn marched over to the door and swung it wide open. "I wonder just how my sister will deal with your barbarism. She is sweet,beautiful, and innocent,but she also knows no #Quote by Michele Sinclair
Handsome Fireman quotes by Louise Erdrich
#19. They moved in dance steps too intricate for the noninitiated eye to imitate or understand. Clearly they were of one soul. Handsome, rangy, wildly various, they were bound in total loyalty, not by oath, but by the simple, unquestioning belongingness of part of one organism. #Quote by Louise Erdrich
Handsome Fireman quotes by Anonymous
#20. Princes are not supposed to be handsome! They're sniveling, stupid, repulsive creatures! This one ... this ... How unfair of him to be royal and beautiful #Quote by Anonymous
Handsome Fireman quotes by Sara Humphreys
#21. Do you have any idea how much I love you?" Jordan curled her hands around the lapel of his jacket and tugged him closer. In her heels, she was almost his height, and when she pressed her body against his, her mouth was a scant inch away. Jordan flicked her tongue over his lower lip and whispered. "It might even border on obsession. #Quote by Sara Humphreys
Handsome Fireman quotes by Judith McNaught
#22. What hap­pens to me if this slip­per fits?"
"I turn you into a hand­some frog. #Quote by Judith McNaught
Handsome Fireman quotes by Maggie Stiefvater
#23. The story of the Lynch family was this: Once upon a time, a man named Niall Lynch had three sons, one of whom loved his father more than the others. Niall Lynch was handsome and charismatic and rich and mysterious, and one day, he was dragged from his charcoal-gray BMW and beaten to death with a tire iron. It was a Wednesday. On Thursday, his son Ronan found his body in the driveway. On Friday, their mother stopped speaking and never spoke again.
On Saturday, the Lynch brothers found that their father's death left them rich and homeless. The will forbade them to touch anything in the house - their clothing, the furniture. Their silent mother. The will demanded they immediately move into Aglionby housing. Declan, the eldest, was meant to control the funds and their lives until his brothers reached eighteen.
On Sunday, Ronan stole his deceased father's car.
On Monday, the Lynch brothers stopped being friends. #Quote by Maggie Stiefvater
Handsome Fireman quotes by Tessa Dare
#24. Today, all her mother's judgements had been proved false. She wasn't plain, but pretty. She wasn't distracted and awkward, but confident and a crack shot.
Most of all, Minerva was not hopeless. She had twenty pounds. She had an important scientific discovery.
And she had Colin, the most handsome, charming devil in England, coming fast on her heels. Save for the ransom-minded highwaymen and angry magistrate's son chasing after them...
Life had never been so good. #Quote by Tessa Dare
Handsome Fireman quotes by William Makepeace Thackeray
#25. A woman may possess the wisdom and chastity of Minerva, and we give no heed to her, if she has a plain face. What folly will not a pair of bright eyes make pardonable? What dullness may not red lips are sweet accents render pleasant? And so, with their usual sense of justice, ladies argue that because a woman is handsome, therefore she is a fool. O ladies, ladies! there are some of you who are neither handsome nor wise. #Quote by William Makepeace Thackeray
Handsome Fireman quotes by Leo Tolstoy
#26. It's not those who are handsome we love, but those we love who are handsome. #Quote by Leo Tolstoy
Handsome Fireman quotes by Jeroninio Almeida
#27. Sometimes I feel that the only concept of fairness in our society is creams like fair & lovely or fair & handsome. #Quote by Jeroninio Almeida
Handsome Fireman quotes by Keri Lake
#28. Thank you, miss ... ?"
"Annabelle." She dropped a napkin onto his lap and smiled. "And might I say you are a handsome gent. Beautiful green eyes! I can see why Miss Ayden fancies your company!"
Kane frowned. "Miss Ayden? Is this the same creepy woman with the gray eyes and weapons arsenal dangling from her hips?"
"Why yes, sir. Although, she's not so scary, once you get to know her." Anna backed away and clasped her fingers together. "Bit of a sweet spot she has." She winked.
"Yeah. I noticed. #Quote by Keri Lake
Handsome Fireman quotes by Charlaine Harris
#29. Was I just curious about what the agenda might be at a vampire summit? Did I want the attention of more undead members of society? Did I want to be known as a fangbanger, one of those humans who simply adored the walking dead? Did some corner of me long for a chance to be near Bill without seeking him out, still trying to make some emotional sense
of his betrayal? Or was this about Eric? Unbeknownst to myself, was I in love with the flamboyant Viking who was so handsome, so good at making love, and so political, all atthe same time?
This sounded like a promising set of problems for a soap opera season. #Quote by Charlaine Harris
Handsome Fireman quotes by Will Oldham
#30. Frank Sinatra's never been handsome, but he's one of my favorite singers. Who needs looks when you have a voice and power? #Quote by Will Oldham
Handsome Fireman quotes by Jay Bell
#31. He was so handsome, so beautiful. Inside and out. #Quote by Jay Bell
Handsome Fireman quotes by J.K. Rowling
#32. The sort of happiness that did not enhance his handsome features, but made them, somehow, less human. . . . #Quote by J.K. Rowling
Handsome Fireman quotes by Kurt Vonnegut
#33. Mackay had a low opinion of all Crusades. The Children's Crusade struck him as only slightly more sordid than the ten Crusades for grown-ups. O'Hare read this handsome passage out loud: History in her solemn page informs us that the crusaders were but ignorant and savage men, that their motives were those of bigotry unmitigated, and that their pathway was one of blood and tears. Romance, on the other hand, dilates upon their piety and heroism, and portrays, in her most glowing and impassioned hues, their virtue and magnanimity, the imperishable honor they acquired for themselves, and the great services they rendered to Christianity. #Quote by Kurt Vonnegut
Handsome Fireman quotes by Mark Twain
#34. Custom is, to think a handsome thing in private but tame it down in the utterance. #Quote by Mark Twain
Handsome Fireman quotes by C.P. Cavafy
#35. He came to read; two or three books
are lying open: history and poetry.
But after just ten minutes of reading
he lets them drop. There on the sofa
he falls asleep. He truly is devoted to reading-
but he is twenty-three years old, and very handsome.
And just this afternoon, Eros surged
within his perfect limbs and on his lips.
Into his beautiful flesh came the heat of passion,
and there was no foolish embarrassment
about the form that pleasure took.. #Quote by C.P. Cavafy
Handsome Fireman quotes by Evie North
#36. 1150 AD, the north of England

Melina avoided the eyes of her bodyguard. It was something she was becoming adept at, since her father had brought him into the household and given him the task of keeping watch over her all day, every day, and sleeping across the threshold to her chamber every night. But it was no use. Even with her head turned she could feel his dark eyes upon her.
Deep dark pools that drew her into their depths, making her skin burn and her heart flutter. The one and only time she'd made the mistake of gazing into those eyes she'd paid the price, losing her wits entirely for several heartbeats. The man was handsome in a rugged way, his body hard and strong like a warrior's should be, but it was more than that.
There was something . . . Was it the look of him, the scent of him, the taste of him? Not that she'd touched his skin with her tongue yet, but she'd thought about it. At night, in her chamber, in her luxurious bed with its furs and curtains, all alone with him outside her door.
Oh yes, Melina had the makings of a sensual woman and that was the trouble. #Quote by Evie North
Handsome Fireman quotes by Bernard Cornwell
#37. He was a startlingly handsome young man, and that, too, distracted him for girls were attracted to him like priests to gold. #Quote by Bernard Cornwell
Handsome Fireman quotes by Leigh Bardugo
#38. Back in the sitting room, Wylan was lighting the lamps. "Are you hungry?"
"Famished," said Jesper. "But Da's asleep. I'm not sure we're allowed to ring for food." He cocked his head to one side, peering at Wylan. "Did you have her make you better-looking?"
Wylan pinked. "Maybe you forgot how handsome I am."
Jesper raised a brow.
"Okay, maybe a little. #Quote by Leigh Bardugo
Handsome Fireman quotes by Martin Filler
#39. The Frankfurt Museum of Decorative Arts is a handsome building, which takes its cues from the riverside Biedermeier villa next to it, and it is well-integrated into an overall scheme for a group of small museums. #Quote by Martin Filler
Handsome Fireman quotes by Chris Cleave
#40. I think my ideal man would speak many languages. He would speak Ibo and Yoruba and English and French and all of the others. He could speak with any person, even the soldiers, and if there was violence in their heart he could change it. He would not have to fight, do you see? Maybe he would not be very handsome, but he would be beautiful when he spoke. He would be very kind, even if you burned his food because you were laughing and talking with your girlfriends instead of watching the cooking. He would just say, 'Ah, never mind'. #Quote by Chris Cleave
Handsome Fireman quotes by Malcolm Lowry
#41. - I am the chief steward of my fate, I am the fireman of my soul. #Quote by Malcolm Lowry
Handsome Fireman quotes by Judith McNaught
#42. To her complete bafflement, instead of continuing his attack, Ian Thornton turned around and met her stormy eyes, an odd expression on his handsome face. "I apologize, Elizabeth," he said grimly. "My remarks were uncalled for." And on that amazing note he strode off, saying that he intended to spend the day hunting.
Elizabeth tore her startled gaze from his departing back, but the vicar continued staring after him for several long moments. Then he turned and looked at Elizabeth. An odd, thoughtful smile slowly dawned across his face and lit his brown eyes as he continued gazing at her. "Is-is something amiss?" she asked.
His smile widened, and he leaned back in his chair, beaming thoughtfully at her. "Apparently there is," he answered, looking positively delighted. "And I, for one, am vastly pleased."
Elizabeth was beginning to wonder if a tiny streak of insanity ran in the family, and only good manners prevented her from remarking on it. Instead she stood up and began clearing the dishes. #Quote by Judith McNaught
Handsome Fireman quotes by Lisa Kleypas
#43. Severin wasn't handsome in comparison to the Challons- of course, what man would be?- nor was he handsome by strictly conventional standards. But there was something about him that women seemed to like. West was damned if he knew what it was. Severin's face was lean and angular, his build lanky and almost rawboned, his complexion librarian pale. His eyes were an unevenly distributed mixture of blue and green, so that in strong lighting they appeared to be two entirely different colors. #Quote by Lisa Kleypas
Handsome Fireman quotes by Woolsey Scott
#44. You cannot save every bird, even the handsome ones. #Quote by Woolsey Scott
Handsome Fireman quotes by Antoine Francois Prevost D'Exiles
#45. The girl arrived; I thought her handsome; and as I doubted not that you would be mortified by my absence, I did most sincerely hope that she would be able to dissipate something of your ennui: for it is the fidelity of the heart alone that I value. #Quote by Antoine Francois Prevost D'Exiles
Handsome Fireman quotes by Dorothea Benton Frank
#46. David Harper was Hollywood handsome but he had a Conan the Barbarian temper to go with his looks. #Quote by Dorothea Benton Frank
Handsome Fireman quotes by L.M. Montgomery
#47. I don't believe Old Nick can be so very ugly,' said Aunt Jamesina reflectively. 'He wouldn't do so much harm if he was. I always think of him as a rather handsome gentleman. #Quote by L.M. Montgomery
Handsome Fireman quotes by C.L. Wilson
#48. Now back to the p - Sealord. Reports aside, what do we really know about this Dilys Merimydion?"

"We know that he's wealthy, he's a skilled warrior, he's handsome, charming, and helped save the world from a dread god who would have plunged the whole of Mystral into unending winter," Autumn added. "Not to ruin your determination to find something wrong with him, Viviana, but that last one tells me all I need to know. The man literally helped save the world." She shrugged. "I can spend three months of my time being nice to him for that."

Spring sighed. "Yes, yes, but in the reports I've read, there isn't one bad thing about him listed. Not one, and that's just not normal."

"You're complaining because the reports say Dilys Merimydion is a good man?" Summer shook her head.

"Not just good. Too good. As in too good to be true. I'm just saying, something smells fishy to me."

Autumn laughed. "You know, there's a good joke in that remark."

Spring rolled her eyes. "Don't. Please. Spare us." In addition to her addiction to food, Autumn possessed a terrible love for pranks, puns, and bad jokes. Which, of course, she took inordinate glee in inflicting on her family.

Autumn sniffed with mock indignation. "As if I would cast my pearls before swine. What were we talking about again? Oh, yes, Dilys Merimydion. The Scrumptious Sealord."

"Oh, dear gods," Spring groaned. "You've nicknamed him. Alliteratively. #Quote by C.L. Wilson
Handsome Fireman quotes by Stella Gibbons
#49. What a pleasant life could be had in this world by a handsome, sensible old lady of good fortune, blessed with a sound constitution and a firm will #Quote by Stella Gibbons

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