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Hands You Hot quotes by Scott Pelley
#1. You have to take risks on policy. You can't be a politician, wringing your hands, worried about what the public opinion polls are saying or worried about the negative attacks. If you believe in something, go fight for it. #Quote by Scott Pelley
Hands You Hot quotes by Jus Accardo
#2. Poking his head back through the bars, he kissed me. Not a quick peck on the cheek, either. No, kisses from Kale were enough to make a porn star blush.
Just part of the awesome that was my boyfriend.
My über hot, strangely innocent-yet-could-kill-you-with-a-bar-of-soap boyfriend. #Quote by Jus Accardo
Hands You Hot quotes by Michelle Hodkin
#3. Noah was no longer at my side when I turned. He had Kent from algebra pinned against the car. "I should injure you considerably," he said in a low voice
"Dude, chill." Kent was completely calm.
"Noah," I heard myself say. "Its not worth it."
Noah's eyes narrowed, but apon hearing my voice, he released Kent who straightened his shirt and brushed the front of his khakis.
"Get fucked, Kent," Noah said as he turned away.
The idiot laughed, "Oh, I will."
Noah whirled around and I heard the unmistakable impact of knuckles meeting face. Kent was on the concrete, his hands clutching his nose. When he started to get up, Noah said, "I wouldn't. I'm barely above kicking the shit out of you on the ground. Barely."
"You broke my nose!" Blood streamed down Kents shirt and a crowd formed a small circle around the three of us. A teacher parted the throng and called out, "Principals office NOW, Shaw."
Noah ignored him and walked over to me, inordinately calm. He placed his good hand on the small of my back and my legs threatened to dissolve. The bell rang and I looked at Noah as he leaned in and brushed his lips against my ear.
He whispered into my hair, "It was worth it." - The Unbecoming Of Mara Dyer #Quote by Michelle Hodkin
Hands You Hot quotes by Bud Grant
#4. Being cold is not debilitating. We learned that from the Eskimos. They could be cold, and they could function. And you could function better when you're cold than when you're hot. I mean, hot, you become overheated, and, you know, you lose energy. If you're cold, you could function being cold. Now, frozen is different. #Quote by Bud Grant
Hands You Hot quotes by Peggy Martinez
#5. I don't want you to be happy for me, Sage."
His voice was rougher and closer than when he'd spoken before. I kept my eyes on my hands as they continued their relentless cleaning.
"I want you to need me like you did before. I want you burning up on the inside from desire. I want you to kiss me like you did that day on the beach, without a care, without reservation, and without anyone else claiming any of your affections. I want you to burn like I do. #Quote by Peggy Martinez
Hands You Hot quotes by T.J. Klune
#6. I'm sorry I made an oath. I did it because I thought it was the right thing to do. And I'm sorry that I can't break it. But you have to believe me that it's always been you. I promise. I promise." His voice cracked and my hands shook. "I promise, because when I look upon these stars, there is nothing I wish for more than you. #Quote by T.J. Klune
Hands You Hot quotes by Kristen Houghton
#7. When you get to Hell look for me; I'll be sitting in the hot-tub waiting."
Cate Harlow
by Kristen Houghton
A Cate Harlow Private Investigation
due out in August, 2014 #Quote by Kristen Houghton
Hands You Hot quotes by Keith Ablow
#8. As if you don't already know all this, men who beat up on women are different than the rest of us. Okay? They're unhinged. Out there. Without feelings. And anyone arrogant enough to violate an order of the court, when it could get him a year or more in jail, is different, too. He doesn't get the idea of boundaries – like, where his life stops and other people's start.' He let his hands settle back to his coffee cup.

If you or I were the subject of a restraining order, we'd be twenty miles from ground zero at all times. We're not gonna screw with the justice system once it buries its teeth in us.' He paused, sipped his coffee. #Quote by Keith Ablow
Hands You Hot quotes by James Patterson
#9. I was breathless, talking as fast as I could. I was afraid if I stopped talking, even for a second, I'd start sobbing again.
"Whoa, there." Fang smiled and reached up, tracing a hand down the side of my face, winding strands of my hair around his fingers. "Stop talking and let me just tell you how great it is to wake up staring at your face. Okay? #Quote by James Patterson
Hands You Hot quotes by Nayyirah Waheed
#10. You are a flood in my hands. #Quote by Nayyirah Waheed
Hands You Hot quotes by David Duchovny
#11. The only episode which was completely my idea was for Mitch Pileggi, the actor who portrays Skinner, the Assistant Director of the FBI. He appears often in the series, but only for a few scenes. You know virtually nothing about him. I wanted him to have an episode that was his alone, so I wrote Avatar for him. He even has a scene that's pretty ... hot [knowing smile]. He was very happy. #Quote by David Duchovny
Hands You Hot quotes by Diana Gabaldon
#12. You're the best man I ever met," I said. "I only meant...it's such a strain, to try and live for two people. To try to make them fit your ideas of what's right...You do it for a child, of course, you have to, but even then, it's dreadfully hard work. I couldn't do it for you - it would be wrong even to try."
I'd taken him back more than a little. He sat for some moments, his face turned half away.
Do ye really think me a good man?" he said at last. There was a queer note in his voice, that I couldn't quite decipher.
Yes," I said, with no hesitation. Then added, half jokingly, "Don't you?"
After a long pause, he said, quite seriously, "No, I shouldna think so."
I looked at him speechless, no doubt with my mouth hanging open.
I am a violent man, and I ken it well," he said quietly. He spread his hands out on his knees; big hands, which could wield a sword and dagger with ease, or choke the life from a man. " So do you - or ye should."
You've never done anything you weren't forced to do!"
I don't think so." I said, but even as I spoke, a shadow of doubt clouded my words. Even when done from the most urgent necessity, did such things not leave a mark on the soul?

{Claire Fraser & Jamie Fraser. Drums of Autumn} #Quote by Diana Gabaldon
Hands You Hot quotes by Alice Childress
#13. dear little baby of the folks I work for, I got a present for you .. my whole damn life! I'm handin' it over to you & your ma & pa. if you got no money to pay, I wanna stay anyhow, my pleasure is to wait on you forever. to hell with my children & hooray for you!.. you stayin' up all night fixin' up Character Parts for me! givin' 'em what you call dignity! dignity! you know what your dignity is? a black straw hat with a flower stickin' up in front, hands folded cross my stomach, sayin' the same damn fool things .. only nice & easy & proper!" --trouble in mind (1955) #Quote by Alice Childress
Hands You Hot quotes by Kaede Kouchi
#14. If you don't remove your hands immediately, I will render you unable to biologically maintain life. #Quote by Kaede Kouchi
Hands You Hot quotes by Lisa Kleypas
#15. The silky swirl of his tongue in the hollow of her navel sent fire licking through her veins. Hazily aware of the area his mouth was traversing, she stirred beneath him.
Not seeming to realize just where he was kissing her, Matthew persisted, sliding lower until Daisy let out a muffled yelp and pushed hard at his encroaching head.
"What is it?" he asked, rising to his elbows.
Crimson with mortification, Daisy could hardly bring herself to explain. "You were too close to my…well, you accidentally…"
As her voice faded, understanding dawned in Matthew's eyes. Quickly he bent his head to hide his expression, and a tremor ran through his shoulders. He replied with great care, still looking away from her. "It wasn't accidental. I meant to do that."
Daisy was astonished. "But you were going to kiss me right on my - " She broke off as his gaze met hers, laughter dancing in his blue eyes.
He wasn't embarrassed at all - he was amused.
"You're not shocked, are you?" he asked. "I thought you were well read."
"Well, no one would ever write about something like that."
He shrugged, his eyes glowing. "You're the literary authority."
"You're making fun of me," she said.
"Just a little," he whispered, and kissed her stomach again. Her legs jerked against his restraining hands. #Quote by Lisa Kleypas
Hands You Hot quotes by Tori Amos
#16. I just hand shoes on the wall. They're architecture you know. #Quote by Tori Amos
Hands You Hot quotes by Kelley Armstrong
#17. He bent, lips coming to mine and
'Derek? Chloe?' It was Kit, opening the back door. Derek let out a low growl.
'Never fails.' I turned to Kit. 'How is she?'
'We're going to take her back to the house now. She's unconscious again.'
'Then we'll walk back,' Derek said. 'Give you room in the van to lay her down.'
His dad agreed and went back inside. As we walked toward the steps, I looked down at Derek's hand, holding mine.
'No one's around,' he said. 'And we can take the back way.'
'Good,' I said, and entwined my fingers with his. #Quote by Kelley Armstrong
Hands You Hot quotes by Jenny Han
#18. So why don't you eat meat, Cam?" Jeremiah asked, stuffing half his burger into his mouth.
Cam swallowed his water and said, "I'm morally opposed to eating animals."
Jeremiah nodded seriously. "But Belly eats meat. You let her kiss you with those lips?" Then he cracked up. Susannah and my mother exchanged a knowing kind of smile.
I could feel my face getting hot, and I could feel how tense Cam was beside me. "Shut up, Jeremiah."
Cam glanced at my mother and laughed uneasily. "I don't judge people who choose to eat meat. It's a personal choice."
Jeremiah continued, "So you don't mind when her lips touch dead animal and then touch your, um, lips?"
Susannah chuckled lightly and said, "Jere, give the guy a break."
"Yeah, Jere, give the guy a break," I said, glaring at him. I kicked him under the table, hard. Hard enough to make him flinch.
"No, it's fine," Cam said. "I don't mind at all. In fact-" Then he pulled me to him and kissed me quickly, right in front of everyone. It was only a peck, but it was embarrassing.
"Please don't kiss Belly at the dinner table," said Jeremiah, gagging a little for effect. "You're making me nauseous."
My mother shook her head at him and said, "Belly's allowed to kiss." Then she pointed her fork at Cam. "But that's it."
She burst out laughing like it was the funniest thing she'd ever said, and Susannah tried not to smile and told her to hush. I wanted to kill my mother and then myself. "Mom, ple #Quote by Jenny Han
Hands You Hot quotes by Sarah Castille
#19. Tell me the truth," he rasps. "Admit it made you hot. It made you wet. You are coiled so tight I could slide my hand down your panties and make you come before you could tell me to stop. #Quote by Sarah Castille
Hands You Hot quotes by Jacob Liberman
#20. Free Yourself helps you learn to tenderly hold your heart with your own loving hands. #Quote by Jacob Liberman
Hands You Hot quotes by Sydney Croft
#21. This is what you wanted, bebe."

He took her bottom lip between his teeth and let his hot tongue rasp slowly over it before releasing her.

"You wanted me to make love to your mouth. Imagine me doing this between your legs."

~Remy #Quote by Sydney Croft
Hands You Hot quotes by Jim Gaffigan
#22. You know what it's like having five kids? Imagine you're drowning. And someone hands you a baby. #Quote by Jim Gaffigan
Hands You Hot quotes by Pierre Coupey
#23. The light is really the most important thing, so if you don't have skylights and if you don't have north light, this is like having a natural skylight. Light is the crucial factor. With wet oil paints, you don't want any hot spots or bounce. #Quote by Pierre Coupey
Hands You Hot quotes by Winston S. Churchill
#24. War is a game that is played with a smile. If you can't smile, grin. If you can't grin, keep out of the way till you can. #Quote by Winston S. Churchill
Hands You Hot quotes by Peter Irabor
#25. A blessed hands touches sand and it becomes gold and a curse hand touches gold and it become sand.
with Jesus Christ in you,you are blessed. #Quote by Peter Irabor
Hands You Hot quotes by John Gardner
#26. Don't be fooled by clever hands, sir" the Sunlight Man said. He'd be lying with the back of his head on his hands, as he always lay. "Entertainment's all very well, but the world is serious. It's exceedingly amusing, when you think about it: nothing in life is as startling or shocking or mysterious as a good magician's trick. That's what makes stagecraft deadly. Listen closely, friend. You see great marvels performed on the stage - the lady sawed in half, the fat man supported by empty air, the Hindu vanishing with the folding of a cloth - and the subtlest of poisons drifts into your brain: you think the earth dead because the sky is full of spirits, you think the hall drab because the stage is adazzle with dimestore gilt. So King Lear rages, and the audience grows meek, and tomorrow, in the gray of old groceries, the housewife will weep for Cordelia and despair for herself. They weren't fools, those old sages who called all art the Devil's work. It eats the soul. #Quote by John Gardner
Hands You Hot quotes by Shelly Laurenston
#27. Well, actually what I said was - "
Ski had to stop talking, completely distracted by a silent Bear suddenly walking around Jace, with Lev in his hands. He held the puppy out in front of him and, after moving the dog around Jace's head and face a few times, he began to slowly walk backward, the dog still held out in front of him.
"What . . . what's Bear doing?" Jace asked softly
Ski blew out a breath. "Luring you with your puppy."
"He wants you to get to work. #Quote by Shelly Laurenston
Hands You Hot quotes by Jen Frederick
#28. I didn't realize how angry and jealous it would make me to see you being held by another man, and when he dropped his hands to your ass and thrust his leg between yours I wanted to rip his fucking head off and then spin around the room holding it up like a warning sign. #Quote by Jen Frederick
Hands You Hot quotes by Sloane Kennedy
#29. I let my hands brush over his chest and paid close attention to his nipples before spying the pool of semen on his belly. A need I couldn't explain went through me and I found myself pulling my aching dick from the depths of his body. I felt Dante's eyes on me as I shifted over him. I maneuvered my cock so I could rub it in his cum, drenching the crown in the cooling, sticky fluid. I gathered the rest of it as best I could with my shaft and then levered back on my heels. Dante's pretty hole was open and waiting and I didn't even think twice before pushing back inside of him. He gasped and I looked up to see him watching me with a mix of shock and wonder. He clearly hadn't been expecting the move. I thrust into him hard and then dropped my body down on his. "What you do to me," I murmured. "I can't fucking get enough of you." Dante's #Quote by Sloane Kennedy
Hands You Hot quotes by Alyssa Cole
#30. Excuse me?"
The librarian looked up again.
"I need help now. I need to print this article and . . . do you have any books about dukes?"
The librarian's eyes went wide and she rubbed her hands together with glee. "We have a fantastic romance section," she said. "Do you need recommendations? How do you like your dukes? Grumpy? Tortured? Alpha, beta, or alpha in the streets, beta in the sheets?"
"Actually, I meant nonfiction," Portia said glumly.
The librarian sighed. "Aye. Just a warning, love - the non-fic dukes are not nearly as fun. #Quote by Alyssa Cole
Hands You Hot quotes by Gemma Files
#31. It amazed Chess how he'd really believed, almost all along, that there was nothing he'd miss, leaving this world. Only the whole of it, you ass-stupid fool.

Every bit, the living and the dead, and then some; hot sun on his back, the wind and the rain, full-out galloping into battle, feel of his guns in hand, a good hard fuck. Getting drunk - on absinthe, anger, blood. Stomping twice on some enemy's face for good measure, and laughing while he did it; the sound of Asher Rook's voice preaching, or Yancey's, singing. Ed's heartbeat under his cheek. #Quote by Gemma Files
Hands You Hot quotes by Tessa Dare
#32. What are you doing abovedecks, anyhow?"
"The cry went up for all hands."
"You're not a hand. You're a passenger."
"I may not be a hand, but I've got two perfectly good hands, and if I sit on them a second longer, I'll go mad."
Joss stared at Gray's open collar, where his cravat should have been knotted. "She's really getting to you, isn't she?"
"You have no idea," Gray muttered.
"Oh, I think I do."
Gray ignored his brother's smug tone. "Damn it, Joss, just put me to work. Send me up to furl a sail, put me down in the hold to pump the bilge…I don't care, just give me something to do."
Joss raised his eyebrows. "If you insist." He lifted the spyglass to his eye and began scanning the horizon again. "Batten the hatches, then."
Gray tossed a word of thanks over his shoulder as he descended to the quarterdeck and went to work, dragging the tarpaulins over the skylights and securing them with battens. As he labored, the ship's motions grew more violent, hampering his efforts. He saved the vent above the ladies' cabin for last, resisting the urge to peer down through the grate. Instead, he first secured one end, then blanketed the entire skylight with one strong snap on the canvas.
"Ahoy! Ahoy!" Wiggins leaned forward over the prow, hailing the approaching ship, its puffed scudding sails a stark contrast against the darkening sky.
Gray moved to cover the companion stairs, reaching inside the gaping black hole and groping for the #Quote by Tessa Dare
Hands You Hot quotes by Koichi Tohei
#33. Pour some water into a tub and stir it up. Now try as hard as you can to calm the water with your hands; you will succeed in agitating it further. Let it stand undisturbed a while, and it will calm down by itself. The human brain works much the same way. #Quote by Koichi Tohei

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