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Hambleden Mill quotes by John Stuart Mill
#1. Proposed Roads to Freedom
In this book Russell weighs the respective advantages and disadvantages of Socialism, Marxism and Syndicalism. #Quote by John Stuart Mill
Hambleden Mill quotes by Rashida Jones
#2. I think there is this thing where people are impressed - it gives you a leg up in the sense that people won't treat you like a run-of-the-mill actress. They'll assign "smart" to your word bank, your adjective bank. #Quote by Rashida Jones
Hambleden Mill quotes by Gustave Flaubert
#3. Speech is a rolling mill which always stretches out the feelings that go into it. #Quote by Gustave Flaubert
Hambleden Mill quotes by John Stuart Mill
#4. Among the facts of the universe to be accounted for, it may be said, is Mind; and it is self evident that nothing can have produced Mind but Mind. #Quote by John Stuart Mill
Hambleden Mill quotes by John Stuart Mill
#5. Any society which is not improving is deteriorating, and the more so the closer and more familiar it is. Even a really superior man almost always begins to deteriorate when he is habitually king of his company. #Quote by John Stuart Mill
Hambleden Mill quotes by Karen Armstrong
#6. The new atheists show a disturbing lack of understanding of or concern about the complexity and ambiguity of modern experience, and their polemic entirely fails to mention the concern for justice and compassion that, despite their undeniable failings, has been espoused by all three of the monotheisms.

Religious fundamentalists also develop an exagerrated view of their enemy as the epitome of evil. This tendency makes critique of the new atheists too easy. They never discuss the work of such theologians as Bultmann or Tillich, who offer a very different view of religion and are closer to mainstream tradition than any fundamentalist. Unlike Feurerbach, Marx and Freud, the new atheists are not theologically literate. As one of their critics has remarked, in any military strategy it is essential to confront the enemy at its strongest point; failure to do so means that their polemic remains shallow and lacks intellectual depth. It is also morally and intellectually conservative. Unlike Feurerback, Marx, Ingersoll or Mill, these new Atheists show little concern about the poverty, injustice and humiliation that has inspired many of the atrocities they deplore; they show no yearning for a better world. Nor, like Nietzsche , Sartre or Camus, do they compel their readers to face up to the pointlessness and futility that ensue when people lack the resources to create a sense of meaning. They do not appear to consider the effect of such nihilism on people who do not have priv #Quote by Karen Armstrong
Hambleden Mill quotes by Bryant McGill
#7. You will either have value, or be grist for the mill - nothing more. #Quote by Bryant McGill
Hambleden Mill quotes by Eric Weiner
#8. The biophilia hypothesis is not your run-of-the-mill Berkeley/Al Gore/Eat Your Spinach environmentalism. It does not appeal directly to our sense of stewardship or responsibility. It appeals to a much more base, and common, human proclivity: selfishness. It says, in effect, protect the environment because it will make you happy. For a country like the United States, with the word "happiness" in its founding document, you'd think environmentalists would have latched on to biophilia a long time ago. #Quote by Eric Weiner
Hambleden Mill quotes by John Stuart Mill
#9. Whether moral and social phenomena are really exceptions to the general certainty and uniformity of the course of nature; and how far the methods, by which so many of the laws of the physical world have been numbered among truths irrevocably acquired and universally assented to, can be made instrumental to the gradual formation of a similar body of received doctrine in moral and political science. #Quote by John Stuart Mill
Hambleden Mill quotes by Rebecca West
#10. [On Jane Austen:] To believe her limited in range because she was harmonious in method is as sensible as to imagine that when the Atlantic Ocean is as smooth as a mill-pond it shrinks to the size of a mill-pond. #Quote by Rebecca West
Hambleden Mill quotes by Meek Mill
#11. My first songs were energetic because I liked their energy. When I used to battle people every day, I had to go hard. If someone went harder than me, they left with the win. I haven't lost since I was 12 years old. #Quote by Meek Mill
Hambleden Mill quotes by Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz
#12. If you could blow the brain up to the size of a mill and walk about inside, you would not find consciousness. #Quote by Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz
Hambleden Mill quotes by Rachel Hawkins
#13. So I sat on the grimy floor of an eighteenth-century corn mill and watched my fiance heal the guy I loved.
"Wow," I muttered. "I'm gonna have one messed-up 'How I Spent My Summer Vacation' essay when I get back to Hex Hall. #Quote by Rachel Hawkins
Hambleden Mill quotes by Millicent Fawcett
#14. Just as radical heirs apparent are said to lay aside all inconvenient revolutionary opinions when they come to the throne, it was believed that Mr. Mill in Parliament would be an entirely different person from Mr. Mill in his study. #Quote by Millicent Fawcett
Hambleden Mill quotes by Iain M. Banks
#15. As you say, DeWar, our shame comes from the comparison. We know we might be generous and compassionate and good, and could behave so, yet something else in our nature makes us otherwise." She smiled a small, empty smile. "Yes, I feel something I recognise as love. Something I remember, something I may discuss and mill and theorise over." She shook her head. "But it is not something I know. I am like a blind woman taking about how a tree must look, or a cloud. Love is something I have a dim memory of, the way someone who went blind in their early childhood might recall the sun, or the face of their mother. I know affection from my fellow whore-wives, DeWar, and I sense regard from you and feel some in return. I have a duty to the Protector, just as he feels he has a duty to me. As far as that goes, I am content. But love? That is for the living, and I am dead. #Quote by Iain M. Banks
Hambleden Mill quotes by John Stuart Mill
#16. Yet the love of money is not only one of the strongest moving forces of human life, but money is, in many cases, desired in and for itself; the desire to possess it is often stronger than the desire to use it, and goes on increasing when all the desires which point to ends beyond it, to be compassed by it, are falling off. It may, then, be said truly, that money is desired not for the sake of an end, but as part of the end. From being a means to happiness, it has come to be itself a principal ingredient of the individual's conception of happiness. #Quote by John Stuart Mill
Hambleden Mill quotes by John Stuart Mill
#17. He who cannot by his labor suffice for his own support has no claim to the privilege of helping himself to the money of others. By becoming dependent on the remaining members of the community for actual subsistence, he abdicates his claim to equal rights for them I other respects. #Quote by John Stuart Mill
Hambleden Mill quotes by Dada Bhagwan
#18. The whole world's effort of working hard goes to waste. Just as the bull [that turns the wheels on the oil mill] gets a piece of oil-cake (as a reward), the wife gives the husband a piece of handvo (savory lentil and rice cake), and so the work continues. All day long, one is producing like the bull in the oil mill. #Quote by Dada Bhagwan
Hambleden Mill quotes by Meek Mill
#19. I know all I really wanna do is get money and take care of my family. #Quote by Meek Mill
Hambleden Mill quotes by John Stuart Mill
#20. What is really inspiriting and ennobling in the doctrine of freewill, is the conviction that we have real power over the formation of our own character; that our will, by influencing some of our circumstances, can modify our future habits or capabilities of willing. #Quote by John Stuart Mill
Hambleden Mill quotes by John Stuart Mill
#21. Any participation, even in the smallest public function, is useful. #Quote by John Stuart Mill
Hambleden Mill quotes by John Stuart Mill
#22. To understand one woman is not necessarily to understand any other woman. #Quote by John Stuart Mill
Hambleden Mill quotes by John Stuart Mill
#23. Pleasure and freedom from pain, are the only things desirable as ends. #Quote by John Stuart Mill
Hambleden Mill quotes by Meek Mill
#24. I gotta keep hustling. I know when it comes to the Internet, we move units. I grew up on the Internet. #Quote by Meek Mill
Hambleden Mill quotes by John Stuart Mill
#25. It is not because men's desires are strong that they act ill; it is because their consciences are weak. #Quote by John Stuart Mill
Hambleden Mill quotes by Meek Mill
#26. One night I prayed to God, I asked could he please remove my enemies from my life, and before you knew it I started losing friends. #Quote by Meek Mill
Hambleden Mill quotes by Rick Bragg
#27. In the Mountains, they cooked, too.
Joe Godwin made liquor in Muscadine. Moe Shealey made it in Mineral Springs. Junior McMahan had a still in ragland. Fred and Alton Dryden made liquor in Tallapoosa, and Eulis Parker made it on Terrapin Creek. Wayne Glass knew their faces because he drove it, and made more money hauling liquor than he ever made at the cotton mill. He loaded the gallon cans into his car in the deep woods and dodged sheriffs and federal men to get it to men like Robert Kilgore, the bootlegger who sold whiskey from a house in Weaver, about ten minutes south of Jacksonville. "I could haul a hundred and fifty gallons in a Flathead Ford, at thirty-five dollars a load," he said. Wayne lost the end of one finger in the mill, but he was bulletproof when he was running liquor, and only did time once, for conspiracy. "They couldn't catch me haulin' liquor," he said, "so they got me for thinkin' about it. #Quote by Rick Bragg
Hambleden Mill quotes by Meek Mill
#28. I just do whatever I feel. Whatever the beat makes me say, I do that and I run with that. #Quote by Meek Mill
Hambleden Mill quotes by John Stuart Mill
#29. This, however, only shows that there is an ambiguity in the word is; a word which not only performs the function of the copula in affirmations, but has also a meaning of its own, in virtue of which it may itself be made the predicate of a proposition. #Quote by John Stuart Mill
Hambleden Mill quotes by William C. Bryant
#30. The press, important as is its office, is but the servant of the human intellect, and its ministry is for good or for evil, according to the character of those who direct it. The press is a mill which grinds all that is put into its hopper. Fill the hopper with poisoned grain, and it will grind it to meal, but there is death in the bread. #Quote by William C. Bryant
Hambleden Mill quotes by Naomi Novik
#31. How are you giving it magic?" he said, through his teeth.

"I already found the path!" I said. "I'm just staying on it. Can't you - feel it?" I asked abruptly, and held my hand cupping the flower out towards him; he frowned and put his hands around it, and then he said, "Vadiya rusha ilikad tuhi," and a second illusion laid itself over mine, two roses in the same space - his, predictably, had three rings of perfect petals, and a delicate fragrance.

"Try and match it," he said absently, his fingers moving slightly, and by lurching steps we brought our illusions closer together until it was nearly impossible to tell them one from another, and then he said, "Ah," suddenly, just as I began to glimpse his spell: almost exactly like that strange clockwork on the middle of his table, all shining moving parts. On an impulse I tried to align our workings: I envisioned his like the water-wheel of a mill, and mine the rushing stream driving it around. "What are you - " he began, and then abruptly we had only a single rose, and it began to grow.

And not only the rose: vines were climbing up the bookshelves in every direction, twining themselves around ancient tomes and reaching out the window; the tall slender columns that made the arch of the doorway were lost among rising birches, spreading out long finger-branches; moss and violets were springing up across the floor, delicate ferns unfurling. Flowers were blooming everywhere: flowers I had never seen, s #Quote by Naomi Novik
Hambleden Mill quotes by Rebecca McNutt
#32. The prints shop manager, a balding man of about thirty years old, dressed in a plaid work shirt and faded jeans, looked very shocked when he saw the headline text. "Sydney Tar Ponds, Is It As Dangerous As People Say? Well," he exclaimed, glancing at the front photo, which featured the Sydney Steel Corporation, along with its plumes of orange smog. "You know, most people your age are really against that mill, as if it's a disease. We have university students protesting every few weeks or so… strangely enough, the ones who have parents who rely on that steel mill to pay the bills."

"What about the pollution?" Wendy questioned, almost accusingly, as if it was his fault. "What if dangerous chemicals are in the environment?"

"Hey kid, I don't even work at the mill, never have, but my father, my uncle, their father, cousins, all worked there," the prints shop man argued, placing the newspapers in a cardboard box and taping it shut. "When it comes down to all that 'go green' crap, you have to ask yourself, is it worth risking a person's income, their job, their family… their life? I'm not saying you're wrong, but these newspapers might have a point. #Quote by Rebecca McNutt
Hambleden Mill quotes by Johannes Kepler
#33. I also ask you my friends not to condemn me entirely to the mill of mathematical calculations, and allow me time for philosophical speculations, my only pleasures. #Quote by Johannes Kepler
Hambleden Mill quotes by John Stuart Mill
#34. That the principle which regulates the existing social relations between the two sexes
the legal subordination of one sex to the other
is wrong in itself, and now one of the chief hindrances to human improvement; and that it ought to be replaced by a principle of perfect equality, admitting no power or privilege on the one side, nor disability on the other. #Quote by John Stuart Mill
Hambleden Mill quotes by Jane Austen
#35. Perfectly, perfectly right, my dearest Harriet; you are doing just what you ought. While you were at all in suspense I kept my feelings to myself, but now that you are so completely decided I have no hesitation in approving. Dear Harriet, I give myself joy of this. It would have grieved me to lose your acquaintance, which must have been the consequence of your marrying Mr. Martin. While you were in the smallest degree wavering, I said nothing about it, because I would not influence; but it would have been the loss of a friend to me. I could not have visited Mrs. Robert Martin, of Abbey-Mill Farm. Now I am secure of you for ever. Harriet #Quote by Jane Austen
Hambleden Mill quotes by John Stuart Mill
#36. Persons of genius, it is true, are, and are always likely to be, a small minority; but in order to have them, it is necessary to preserve the soil in which they grow. #Quote by John Stuart Mill
Hambleden Mill quotes by John Stuart Mill
#37. With equality of experience and of general faculties, a woman usually sees much more than a man of what is immediately before her. #Quote by John Stuart Mill
Hambleden Mill quotes by Marcus Samuelsson
#38. I think that if you grind your spices and keep them in small batches, you can use them in endless ways. The key thing is to have a spice mill or a coffee grinder, and to keep your spices cold and in tightly lidded boxes. #Quote by Marcus Samuelsson
Hambleden Mill quotes by Robert Louis Stevenson
#39. As for my damned literature, God knows what a business it is, grinding along without a scrap of inspiration or a note of style. But it has to be ground, and the mill grinds exceeding slowly though not particularly small ... The treadmill turns; and, with a kind of desperate cheerfulness, I mount the idle stair. #Quote by Robert Louis Stevenson
Hambleden Mill quotes by John Stuart Mill
#40. Most boys or youths who have had much knowledge drilled into them, have their mental capacities not strengthened, but overlaid by it. They are crammed with mere facts, and with the opinions and phrases of other people, and these are accepted as a substitute for the power to form opinions of their own. And thus, the sons of eminent fathers, who have spared no pains in their education, so often grow up mere parroters of what they have learnt, incapable of using their minds except in the furrows traced for them. #Quote by John Stuart Mill
Hambleden Mill quotes by John Stuart Mill
#41. In every respect the burthen is hard on those who attack an almost universal opinion. #Quote by John Stuart Mill
Hambleden Mill quotes by John Stuart Mill
#42. The principle itself of dogmatic religion, dogmatic morality, dogmatic philosophy, is what requires to be booted out; not any particular manifestation of that principle. #Quote by John Stuart Mill
Hambleden Mill quotes by John Stuart Mill
#43. When a thing is bought not for its use but for its costliness, cheapness is no recommendation. As Sismondi remarks, the consequence of cheapening articles of vanity, is not that less is expended on such things, but that the buyers substitute for the cheapened article some other which is more costly, or a more elaborate quality of the same thing; and as the inferior quality answered the purpose of vanity equally well when it was equally expensive, a tax on the article is really paid by nobody: it is a creation of public revenue by which nobody loses. #Quote by John Stuart Mill
Hambleden Mill quotes by Henepola Gunaratana
#44. View all problems as challenges. Look upon negativities that arise as opportunities to learn and to grow. Don't run from them, condemn yourself, or bury your burden in saintly silence. You have a problem? Great. More grist for the mill. Rejoice, dive in, and investigate. #Quote by Henepola Gunaratana
Hambleden Mill quotes by John Stuart Mill
#45. All that makes existence valuable to any one depends on the enforcement of restraints upon the actions of other people. #Quote by John Stuart Mill
Hambleden Mill quotes by Oliver Burkeman
#46. Ask yourself whether you are happy', observed the philosopher John Stuart Mill, 'and you cease to be so.' At best, it would appear, happiness can only be glimpsed out of the corner of an eye, not stared at directly. #Quote by Oliver Burkeman

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