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Half Done quotes by Horace
#1. He who has begun has half done. Dare to be wise; begin! #Quote by Horace
Half Done quotes by Mariella Frostrup
#2. While we women dilly-dally, making decisions, leaving jobs half done, forgetting where we've put the house keys while we water the Hoover and leave the laundry in the dishwasher, men, like blinkered horses, look straight ahead, oblivious to peripheral vision, where a discarded pile of wet towels might have caught their eye. #Quote by Mariella Frostrup
Half Done quotes by Orrin Woodward
#3. Many lose through never starting. A job well begun is half done. #Quote by Orrin Woodward
Half Done quotes by Claire Danes
#4. I love sitting in the makeup trailer and getting my makeup done in 15 minutes as opposed to an hour and a half. #Quote by Claire Danes
Half Done quotes by Luke Granger
#5. A job half done is as good as none. #Quote by Luke Granger
Half Done quotes by Edwin Muir
#6. See him, the gentle Bible beast, / With lacquered hoofs and curling mane, / His wondering journey from the East / Half done, between the rock and plain. #Quote by Edwin Muir
Half Done quotes by Henry Van Dyke
#7. The proverb says that 'well begun is half done.' But the other half is harder and more necessary,-to get a thing well ended. #Quote by Henry Van Dyke
Half Done quotes by LindaAnn LoSchiavo
#8. Clocks ticking, wasted time, reminded [Poe]
The coffin waits and pages lie half done
In desolation. Anonymity's
Curse frightens writers more than Roderick
Encountering his sister's open crypt.

- - from my poem "Poe and His Women" - - #Quote by LindaAnn LoSchiavo
Half Done quotes by Jesse Ventura
#9. My attitude when I'm in Mexico is I wake up in the morning with nothing to do and I go to bed half done. I don't wear a watch. When I live down there, I do nothing according to time. I eat when I'm hungry and go to sleep when I'm tired. #Quote by Jesse Ventura
Half Done quotes by Mitch Albom
#10. When he went blundering back to God,
His songs half written, his work half done,
Who knows what paths his bruised feet trod,
What hills of peace or pain he won?
I hope God smiled and took his hand,
And said, "Poor truant, passionate fool!
Life's book is hard to understand:
Why couldst thou not remain at school?"
A poem by Charles Hanson Towne #Quote by Mitch Albom
Half Done quotes by Michael Bassey Johnson
#11. Concentration is a powerful force, it is the mark of seriousness that attracts certain energies to complete your half-done work. #Quote by Michael Bassey Johnson
Half Done quotes by Orison Swett Marden
#12. It is difficult to estimate the influence upon a life of the early formed habit of doing everything to a finish, not leaving it half done, or pretty nearly done, but completely done. Nature completes every little leaf, even every little rib, its edges and stera, as exactly and perfectly as though it were the only leaf to be made that year. Even the flower that blooms in the mountain dell, where no human eye will ever behold it, is made with the same perfection and exactness of form and outline, with the same delicate shade of color, with the same completeness of beauty, as though it were intended for royalty in the queen's garden. "Perfection to the finish," is #Quote by Orison Swett Marden
Half Done quotes by Louis Untermeyer
#14. From compromise and things half done, Keep me with stern and stubborn pride; And when at last the fight is won, God, keep me still unsatisfied. #Quote by Louis Untermeyer
Half Done quotes by Richard Rider
#15. Still, Lindsay stops getting dressed, even though he's only half-done, because he gets this urge to ambush the kid with a hug. Just that, nothing else. He wraps his arms around Valentine's skinny body and pulls him close and rests his cheek on the still-damp hair and inhales the cherry-almond scent of his shampoo, and Valentine says, "Oh!" in a really odd way, like he's just read a particularly interesting fact on the back of a Penguin biscuit wrapper. Lindsay's got his eyes shut but he can feel the kid's hands creeping up his bare arms, over his shoulders. One stays there and the other comes to rest on the back of his neck, fingers playing idly with the ends of his hair, and several minutes pass without sound or movement, just the gentle thud of heartbeats.
"What's that for?" Valentine asks, when Lindsay finally lets him go.
"Don't know. Nothing. Just seemed the kind of thing you'd like. BAM, surprise ninja cuddles. #Quote by Richard Rider
Half Done quotes by Horace
#16. He has the deed half done who has made a beginning. #Quote by Horace
Half Done quotes by Horace
#17. What's well begun is half done. #Quote by Horace
Half Done quotes by Adolf Hitler
#18. Uncertainty cripples any serious and firm resolve and results in opinions swaying from one side to the other, leaving any decision that is made weak and half done, even when it comes to the most essential measures of self-preservation. #Quote by Adolf Hitler
Half Done quotes by Horace
#19. Dimidium facti qui coepit habet: sapere aude" ("He who has begun is half done: dare to know!"). #Quote by Horace
Half Done quotes by John Keats
#20. There is an old saying "well begun is half done" - 'tis a bad one. I would use instead, "Not begun at all till half done;" so according to that I have not begun my Poem and consequently (a priori) can say nothing about it. #Quote by John Keats
Half Done quotes by Polybius
#21. When the ancients said a work well begun was half done, they meant to impress the importance of always endeavoring to make a good beginning. #Quote by Polybius
Half Done quotes by F. R. Scott
#22. Do nothing by halves which can be done by quarters. #Quote by F. R. Scott
Half Done quotes by Louis L'Amour
#23. A move well planned is a move half-done, and I tried to think through every phase. We #Quote by Louis L'Amour
Half Done quotes by Charles Spurgeon
#24. If you are saved, the work is only half done until you are employed to bring others to Christ. #Quote by Charles Spurgeon
Half Done quotes by Joey Reiman
#25. It wasn't enough to be positive, focused and fearless, I had to take action! Musicians say that the hardest part of practicing is taking the instrument out of the case. To begin is to be half done! #Quote by Joey Reiman
Half Done quotes by Israel Nathan Herstein
#26. Very often in mathematics the crucial problem is to recognize and discover what are the relevant concepts; once this is accomplished the job may be more than half done. #Quote by Israel Nathan Herstein
Half Done quotes by Pierre Bonnard
#27. And after drawing comes composition. A well-composed painting is half done #Quote by Pierre Bonnard
Half Done quotes by Robin Hobb
#28. Six Wisemen came to Jhaampe-town
Climbed a hill, and never came down
Found their flesh and lost their skins
Flew away on stony wings.

Five Wisemen came to Jhaampe-town
Walked a road not up nor down
Were torn to many and turned to one,
In the end, left a task half-done

Four Wisemen came to Jhaampe-town
They spoke in words without a sound
They begged their Queen to let them go
And what became of them, no one can know.

Three Wisemen came to Jhaampe-town
They'd helped a king to keep his crown.
But when they tried to climb the hill
Down they came in a terrible spill.

Two Wisemen came to Jhaampe-town
Gentle women there they found.
Forgot their quest and lived in love
Perhaps were wiser than ones above.

One Wiseman came to Jhaampe-town.
He set aside both Queen and Crown
Did his task and fell asleep
Gave his bones to the stones to keep.

No wise men go to Jhaampe-town,
To climb the hill and never come down.
'Tis wiser far and much more brave
To stay at home and face the grave. #Quote by Robin Hobb
Half Done quotes by Ian Westall
#29. Half done is not done at all #Quote by Ian Westall
Half Done quotes by Syama Prasad Mukherjee
#30. Whatever work you undertake, do it seriously, thoroughly and well; never leave it half-done or undone, never feel yourself satisfied unless and until you have given it your very best. Cultivate the habits of discipline and toleration. Surrender not the convictions you hold dear but learn to appreciate the points of view of your opponents. #Quote by Syama Prasad Mukherjee
Half Done quotes by Abraham Lincoln
#31. If you are resolutely determined to make a lawyer of yourself, the thing is more than half done already. #Quote by Abraham Lincoln
Half Done quotes by Heather Meyer
#32. I'm sure." I smiled and took a sip of coffee. "I don't want to be stranded on the side of the road. Will that old thing even make it that far?" He looked toward his truck. "That old thing hasn't let me down yet." "So how long will it take to get there?" "'bout six, six and a half hours. That should give me time to get settled into my motel room and practice a little before I go to the studio in the morning." I nodded. "Have you had breakfast?" "I ate at Mrs. Wrigley's when I dropped Amy off." "How about a cup of coffee?" I said. "No thanks. It'll just make me have to stop and pee." I laughed. I stood and stepped to him. "Call me when you get there. Okay?" "I'll call. I promise." He turned to look down at Bo, who sat in the yard looking up at us, stick in mouth, waiting. "I asked Mike to keep an eye on you while I'm gone," he said. "The #Quote by Heather Meyer
Half Done quotes by Philipp Meyer
#33. Life throws up enough road blocks to keep you from writing; you can't be adding to them yourself by saying you can only write in one specific place. I'm in New York half the time and Texas half the time, and I work wherever - in my computer bag I have some foam ear plugs that I can put in. #Quote by Philipp Meyer
Half Done quotes by A.J. Darkholme
#34. When you're looking for a needle in a haystack, don't afraid to burn the haystack to save yourself from spending half your life picking through strands of straw. #Quote by A.J. Darkholme
Half Done quotes by Naomi Novik
#35. Rankin put down his glass and stared at him coldly. "I beg your pardon?" he said. "I gather this is some more of your officious - "
Laurence paid no attention, but seized the back of his chair and heaved. Rankin fell forward, scrabbling to catch himself on the floor. Laurence took him by the scruff of his coat and dragged him up to his feet, ignoring his gasp of pain.
"Laurence, what in God's name - " Lenton said in astonishment, rising to his feet.
"Levitas is dying; Captain Rankin wishes to make his farewells," Laurence said, looking Lenton squarely in the eye and holding Rankin up by the collar and the arm. "He begs to be excused."
The other captains stared, half out of their chairs. Lenton looked at Rankin, then very deliberately sat back down. "Very good," he said, and reached for the bottle; the other captains slowly sank back down as well. #Quote by Naomi Novik
Half Done quotes by Thomas E. Woods Jr.
#36. what remotely educated or even half-conscious living being could consider John McCain a fit candidate for anything? #Quote by Thomas E. Woods Jr.
Half Done quotes by John W. Vessey, Jr.
#37. We have two companies of Marines running rampant all over the northern half of this island, and three Army regiments pinned down in the southwestern corner, doing nothing. What the hell is going on? #Quote by John W. Vessey, Jr.
Half Done quotes by Mary Oliver
#38. Do you love this world? Do you cherish your humble and silky life? Do you adore the green grass, with its terror beneath? Do you also hurry, half-dressed and barefoot, into the garden, and softly, and exclaiming of their dearness, fill your arms with the white and pink flowers, with their honeyed heaviness, their lush trembling, their eagerness to be wild and perfect for a moment, before they are nothing, forever? #Quote by Mary Oliver
Half Done quotes by J.K. Rowling
#39. Harry uttered an inarticulate yell of rage: In that instant, he cared not whether he lived or died. Pushing himself to his feet again, he staggered blindly toward Snape, the man he now hated as much as he hated Voldemort himself
"Sectum - !"
Snape flicked his wand and the curse was repelled yet again; but Harry was mere feet away now and he could see Snape's face clearly at last: He was no longer sneering or jeering; the blazing flames showed a face full of rage. Mustering all his powers of concentration, Harry thought, Levi
"No, Potter!" [ ... ] Snape's pale face, illuminated by the flaming cabin, was suffused with hatred just as it had been before he had cursed Dumbledore.
"You dare use my own spells against me, Potter? It was I who invented them - I, the Half-Blood Prince! And you'd turn my inventions on me, like your filthy father, would you? I don't think so ... no! #Quote by J.K. Rowling
Half Done quotes by James Balwin
#40. And the summer came, the New York summer, which is like no summer anywhere. The heat and the noise began their destruction of nerves and sanity and private lives and love affairs. The air was full of baseball scores and bad news and people, made more hostile by the heat. It was not possible in this city, as it had been for Eric in Paris, to take a long and peaceful walk at any hour of the day or night, dropping in for a drink at a bistro or flopping oneself down at a sidewalk cafe- the half-dozen grim parodies of sidewalk cafes to be found in New York were not made for flopping. It was a city without an oasis, run entirely, insofar, at least as human perception could tell, for money; and its citizens seemed to have lost any sense of their right to renew themselves. Whoever, in New York, attempted to cling to this right, lived in New York in exile- in exile from the life around him; and this, paradoxically, had the effect of placing him in perpetual danger of being forever banished from any sense of himself. #Quote by James Balwin
Half Done quotes by Stewart Hennessey
#41. Some men say get them crying on your shoulder and you have the sheets half-unfurled already. Other fellows say get them laughing. I say get them drunk. I ordered up more Riesling ... #Quote by Stewart Hennessey
Half Done quotes by Valerie Simpson
#42. We have been playing to a 70-30 black to white audience. And we are just doing what should come next, trying to attract a larger house, trying to reach an audience that's half black and white. #Quote by Valerie Simpson
Half Done quotes by Erika Swyler
#43. She is half a soul, hungry or another...

The girl, she may not know, but she will drink your soul. She cannot help it. Half a soul will kill to be whole. #Quote by Erika Swyler
Half Done quotes by John Steinbeck
#44. Look," said the man. "It don't make no sense. This fella wants eight hunderd men. So he prints up five thousand of them things an' maybe twenty thousan' people sees 'em. An' maybe two-three thousan' folks gets movin' account a this here han'bill. Folks that's crazy with worry." "But it don't make no sense!" Pa cried. "Not till you see the fella that put out this here bill. You'll see him, or somebody that's workin' for him. You'll be a-campin' by a ditch, you an'fifty other famblies. An' he'll look in your tent an' see if you got anything lef' to eat. An' if you got nothin', he says, 'Wanna job?' An' you'll say, 'I sure do, mister. I'll sure thank you for a chance to do some work.' An' he'll say, 'I can use you.' An' you'll say, 'When do I start?' An' he'll tell you where to go, an' what time, an' then he'll go on. Maybe he needs two hundred men, so he talks to five hundred, an' they tell other folks, an' when you get to the place, they's a thousand', men. This here fella says, 'I'm payin' twenty cents an hour.' An' maybe half the men walk off. But they's still five hundred that's so goddamn hungry they'll work for nothin' but biscuits. Well, this here fella's got a contract to pick them peaches or - chop that cotton. You see now? The more fellas he can get, an' the hungrier, less he's gonna pay. An' he'll get a fella with kids if he can, 'cause - hell, I says I wasn't gonna fret ya. #Quote by John Steinbeck
Half Done quotes by Michael Graves
#45. On the first day I got my wheelchair, I was also given all my clothes for the next day, a little pile on the chair. I was so proud of myself for getting it all on - the socks and everything. Dressing is a struggle, and it can take up to an hour and a half. #Quote by Michael Graves
Half Done quotes by E. M. Forster
#46. Rickie had a young man's reticence. He generally spoke of "a friend," "a person I know," "a place I was at." When the book of life is opening, our readings are secret, and we are unwilling to give chapter and verse. Mr. Pembroke, who was half way through the volume, and had skipped or forgotten the earlier pages, could not understand Rickie's hesitation, nor why with such awkwardness he should pronounce the harmless dissyllable "Ansell. #Quote by E. M. Forster
Half Done quotes by William Crookes
#47. If you had come to me a hundred years ago, do you think I should have dreamed of the telephone? Why, even now I cannot understand it! I use it every day, I transact half my correspondence by means of it, but I don't understand it. Think of that little stretched disk of iron at the end of a wire repeating in your ear not only sounds, but words - not only words, but all the most delicate and elusive inflections and nuances of tone which separate one human voice from another! #Quote by William Crookes
Half Done quotes by Pamela Freeman
#48. The desire to know the future gnaws at our bones. That is where it started, and might have ended, years ago.
I had cast the stones, seeing their faces flicker and fall: Death, Love, Murder, Treachery, Hope. We are a treacherous people - half of our stones show betrayal and violence and death from those close, death from those far away. It is not so with other peoples. I have seen other sets that show only natural disasters: death from sickness, from age, the pain of a broken heart, loss in childbirth. And those stones are more than half full with pleasure and joy and plain, solid warnings like "You reap what you sow" and "Victory is not the same as satisfaction."
Of course, we live in a land taken by force, by battle and murder and invasion. It is not so surprising that our stones reflect our history. #Quote by Pamela Freeman
Half Done quotes by Lisa Birnbach
#49. Cynicism is more than a pose; it's also a handy time saver. By deflating your companion's enthusiasm, you can cut conversations in half. #Quote by Lisa Birnbach
Half Done quotes by Lisa Kleypas
#50. He forced himself to face the truth. The fact was, Amelia was his, whether he stayed or left, whether they walked the same path or not. They could live on opposite sides of the world, and she would still be his.
The Roma half of him had seen that from the beginning.
And it was that side of himself he would listen to. #Quote by Lisa Kleypas
Half Done quotes by Tracy Guzeman
#51. Facts swooped like swallows, darting across her mind; there was a rush of pride in things still remembered. Singing was limited to the perching birds, the order Passeriformes. Nearly half the birds in the world didn't sing, but they still used sound to communicate- calls as opposed to song. Most birds had between five and fifteen distinct calls in their repertoire; alarm and territorial defense calls, distress calls from juveniles to bring an adult to the rescue, flight calls to keep the flock coordinated, even separate calls for commencing and ending flight. Nest calls. Feeding calls. Pleasure calls. Some chicks used calls to communicate with their mothers while they were still in the egg. #Quote by Tracy Guzeman
Half Done quotes by Elizabeth Gilbert
#52. But Alma thought it would kill her, this profundity of sorrow. She could not sound out the bottom of it. She had been sinking into it for a year and a half, and feared she would sink forevermore. She cried herself out on Hanneke's neck, sobbing forth the harvest of her long-darkened spirits. She must have poured a tankard of tears down Hanneke's bosom, but Hanneke did not move or speak, except to repeat, There, there, child. It will not kill you. #Quote by Elizabeth Gilbert
Half Done quotes by Ransom Riggs
#53. I wouldn't leave her behind for anything. And not because I was noble or brave or chivalrous. I'm not any of those things. I was afraid that leaving her behind would rip me in half. And #Quote by Ransom Riggs
Half Done quotes by Alfred North Whitehead
#54. Democracy ... is a society in which the unbeliever feels undisturbed and at home. If there were only a half dozen unbelievers in America, their well-being would be a test of our democracy. #Quote by Alfred North Whitehead
Half Done quotes by R.C. Ryan
#55. Do you remember the time we tied a lasso to a tree limb and decided to swing across the creek like Tarzan?" Wyatt tipped up his frosty bottle and took a long pull.
"Yeah." Zane was already laughing. "As usual,you two decided that I'd be the one to try it out first.That way,if it broke,I'd be the one tossed into the creek."
"It stands to reason." Jesse chuckled. "You were the youngest. That's just the price you had to pay to hang out with us."
"And," Wyatt added, "you were always willing to go along with whatever we decided."
Zane shook his head. "Not when I used it to fly across the creek."
"And not when I followed him," Wyatt said with a laugh. "But Jesse, assured that it was safe,grabbed hold and was flying through the air when the branch snapped."
Amy looked over at her husband. "You landed in the creek?"
"Yeah? On the day after one of our biggest storms,with the water spilling over its banks and rushing so fast it carried me downstream half a mile or more."
She put a hand to her mouth to cover her shock and saw Cora do the same.
Wyatt laughed. "He was lucky Zane and I had our horses tethered nearby.We chased along the banks of the creek until we could get far enough ahead to toss him a tree branch to catch. By the time we hauled him out,he looked like a drowned rat and was spitting mad."
"I had a right to be.I swallowed half the creek."
Zane laughed. "But think how lucky we were that it happened to you instead of me. #Quote by R.C. Ryan
Half Done quotes by Elena Ferrante
#56. We walked for a long time. We kissed, we embraced on the Lungarno, I asked him, half serious, half joking, if he wanted to sneak into my room. He shook his head, he went back to kissing me passionately. There were entire libraries separating him and Antonio, but they were similar. #Quote by Elena Ferrante
Half Done quotes by Cassandra Clare
#57. It felt like being shot with an arrow, and Will jerked back. His wineglass crashed to the floor and shattered. He lurched to his feet, leaning both hands on the table. He was vaguely aware of stares, and the landlords anxious voice in his ear, but the pain was too great to think through, almost too great to breathe through. The tightness in his chest, the one he had thought of as one end of a cord tying him to Jem, had pulled so taut that it was strangling his heart. He stumbled away from his table, pushing through a knot of customers near the bar, and passed to the front door of the inn. All he could think of was air, getting air into his lungs to breathe. He pushed the doors open and half-tumbled out into the night. For a moment the pain in his chest eased, and he fell back against the wall of the inn. Rain was sheeting down, soaking his hair and clothes. He gasped, his heart stuttering with a misture of terror and desperation. Was this just the distance from Jem affecting him? He had never felt anything like this, even when Jem was at his worst, even when he'd been injured and Will had ached with sympathetic pain.
The cord snapped.
For a moment everything went white, the courtyard bleeching through as if with acid. Will jackknifed to his knees, vomiting up his supper into the mud. When the spasms had passed , he staggard to his feet and blindly away from the inn, as if trying to outpace his own pain. He fetched up against the wall of the stables, beside the horse #Quote by Cassandra Clare
Half Done quotes by Bernie Sanders
#58. What the Des Moines Register said - you know, there were coin - I think there were half a dozen coin flips - a fairly chaotic type situation. At the end of the day, no matter how it's recounted, it will break roughly even. I love and respect the caucus process in Iowa. See, and I don't have to say it, because they voted already. #Quote by Bernie Sanders
Half Done quotes by Gina Barreca
#59. Not only do women hold up half the sky; we do it while carrying a 500-pound purse. #Quote by Gina Barreca
Half Done quotes by Michael Bloomberg
#60. I was the one of those students who made the top half of the class possible. #Quote by Michael Bloomberg
Half Done quotes by Thomas Merton
#61. Because there is happiness only where there is coordination with the Truth, the Reality, the Act that underlies and directs all things to their essential and accidental perfections: and that is the will of God. There is only one happiness: to please Him. Only one sorrow, to be displeasing to Him, to refuse Him something, to turn away from Him, even in the slightest thing, even in thought, in a half-willed movement of appetite: in these things and these alone, is sorrow, in so far as they imply separation, or the beginning, the possibility of separation from Him Who is our life and all our joy. And since God is a Spirit, and infinitely above all matter and all creation, the only complete union possible, between ourselves and Him, is in the order of intention: a union of wills and intellects, in love, charity. #Quote by Thomas Merton
Half Done quotes by Hermann Hesse
#62. How I used to love the dark, sad evenings of late autumn and winter, how eagerly I imbibed their moods of loneliness and melancholy when wrapped in my cloak I strode for half the night through rain and storm, through the leafless winter landscape, lonely enough then too, but full of deep joy, and full of poetry which later I wrote down by candlelight sitting on the edge of my bed! #Quote by Hermann Hesse
Half Done quotes by Deanna Raybourn
#63. To walk away from something is only half the picture. What are you walking towards? #Quote by Deanna Raybourn
Half Done quotes by Charles Dickens
#64. They asked me a good many questions; as, what my name was, how old I was, where I lived, how I was employed, and how I came there. To all of which, that I might commit nobody, I invented, I am afraid, appropriate answers. They served me with the ale, though I suspect it was not the Genuine Stunning; and the landlord's wife, opening the little half-door of the bar, and bending down, gave me my money back, and gave me a kiss that was half admiring and half compassionate, but all womanly and good, I am sure. #Quote by Charles Dickens
Half Done quotes by Sanjay Gupta
#65. Sleeping only six hours a night for a week in a row will make you feel on that eighth day as if you'd gotten no sleep at all. Seven and a half to eight hours remains the sweet spot. #Quote by Sanjay Gupta
Half Done quotes by Mooji
#66. I come to call you Home.
Those who resonate with my words and follow them internally, will find that place and know It's completeness, its joy and fullness.
I have come to call you away from suffering, from fear and from a life of sorrow and into your own, divine Being.
I did not come here to give you decorative stories, to excite your imagination, or sign you up for some long program but to show you how available Truth is, and to remind you that you are never separate from It.
No person on this planet is apart from the Truth in the Heart and yet the world is so vast and varied in expression.
The greatest good and greatest evil is here.
In this forest of duality and complexity you must find your way Home.
You must win your Self back. Wisdom and trust will be your compass.
Many voices came to call us but we are here today because we are freshly called by the voice of God, Love, Truth.
Do not come half way home, but fully home.
I know the voice that called you is true and Truth and that where you are being called to is also Real.
It is inside your own Heart.
It is what gives me the strength to be here.
I love to see the beings being set free from the hypnosis of conditioning; from fears, false projection and the grip of ego.
And I know that to be liberated is not difficult.
It requires only openness and the sincere desire to be free.
I don't need to hear anything about your past.
Your stories a #Quote by Mooji
Half Done quotes by Josh Billings
#67. Fuss is half-sister to hurry, and neither of them can do anything without getting in their own way. #Quote by Josh Billings
Half Done quotes by Joe Cocker
#68. When I used to put an album out, I knew everyone on the charts. There weren't that many bands. Now, I couldn't even name half the new groups. #Quote by Joe Cocker
Half Done quotes by George R R Martin
#69. Will holding a secret in your heart make it any less true? If you never tell, never speak of it, will it become only a dream, less than a dream, a nightmare half-remembered? Oh, if only the gods would be so good. (Catelyn) #Quote by George R R Martin
Half Done quotes by Kim Holden
#70. Puzzles don't work when you only have half of the pieces. Same goes for hearts. #Quote by Kim Holden
Half Done quotes by Thomas Lennon
#71. Who is writing these screenwriting books? Not actually writing for the studios in Hollywood. These are people that have one or a half of a credit on maybe one movie, or none. So they're all theoretical. #Quote by Thomas Lennon
Half Done quotes by J.R. Ward
#72. When the coffee had finished brewing, he took the pot out from under, poured the entire sugar bowl into it, and followed that up with as much of the half-and-half as he could fit in. Then he took a test sip. #Quote by J.R. Ward
Half Done quotes by M.A. Church
#73. Let me put it this way. Kirk was human. Lawson was human. You didn't belong to a group or a pack. Each of you was willing to join our clowder."
"Okay, and…?"
"He's an Alpha. A werewolf Alpha, like I said. Just like Dolf, Alpha Lovelock has a group of shifters he's responsible for. He isn't going to join our clowder."
"No, I wouldn't," said Carter.
"So that means if they mate, Aidric would join them." Dolf's tone said he clearly didn't relish the thought.
Marshell raised an eyebrow. "Really?"
"I'm afraid so," I said.
"Then there's the fact he's a cat," Temple added, lips pursed. His gaze danced between Marshell and Dolf.
I crossed my arms over my chest. "Just what exactly does that mean?"
"It means cats and dogs" - Dolf paused at a low growl - "sorry. Cats and wolves go together about as well as oil and water." Dolf pushed the plate of food away from him. "So what now, Carter?"
"I… I wasn't expecting…." Carter picked up his drink and swallowed half of it in one gulp. "We don't worship the same goddess as you, but we do understand the importance of mates. We feel they are a gift from Fenrir #Quote by M.A. Church
Half Done quotes by Martial
#74. He who prefers to give Linus the half of what he wishes to borrow, rather than to lend him the whole, prefers to lose only the half. #Quote by Martial
Half Done quotes by Nathan Yocum
#75. What the Piece Work [brothel] lacked in respectability, it made up for in discretion. I'd met the doorman and clerk on half a dozen occasions, but never exchanged names. The sign-in ledger read like a SmithJones family reunion. Ever the contrarian, I signed myself in as "Hugh Jarse"... #Quote by Nathan Yocum
Half Done quotes by Jay Ryan
#76. I was shooting a mini-series for Sundance/BBC, called 'Top of the Lake,' that was shot by Jane Campion, who's a beautiful native New Zealander and famous film director. The role I was playing was very intense, and they shaved half my hair off. So, I looked like this post-apocalyptic character. #Quote by Jay Ryan
Half Done quotes by Edison McDaniels
#77. Hundreds of men crowded the yard, and not a one among them was whole. They covered the ground thick as maggots on a week old carcass, the dirt itself hardly anywhere visible. No one could move without all feeling it and thus rising together in a hellish contortion of agony. Everywhere men moaned, shouting for water and praying for God to end their suffering. They screamed and groaned in an unending litany, calling for mothers and wives and fathers and sisters. The predominant color was blue, though nauseations of red intruded throughout. Men lay half naked, piled on top of one another in scenes to pitiful to imagine. Bloodied heads rested on shoulders and laps, broken feet upon arms. Tired hands held in torn guts and torsos twisted every which way. Dirty shirts dressed the bleeding bodies and not enough material existed in all the world to sop up the spilled blood. A boy clad in gray, perhaps the only rebel among them, lay quietly in one corner, raised arm rigid with a finger extended, as if pointing to the heavens. His face was a singular portrait of contentment among the misery. Broken bones, dirty white and soiled with the passing of hours since injury, were everywhere abundant. All manner of devices splinted the damaged and battered limbs: muskets, branches, bayonets, lengths of wood or iron from barns and carts. One individual had bone splinted with bone: the dried femur of a horse was lashed to his busted shin. A blind man, his eyes subtracted by the minié ball that had #Quote by Edison McDaniels

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