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Hair And Makeup quotes by Carine Roitfeld
#1. The hair and makeup is very important in a fashion picture. When I create a look for a girl, it starts with the makeup. Sometimes it takes an entire day to find the look. #Quote by Carine Roitfeld
Hair And Makeup quotes by Sarah Jessica Parker
#2. I strangely feel better before I go through hair and makeup. Maybe that's just because I feel like me. #Quote by Sarah Jessica Parker
Hair And Makeup quotes by Jessica Hart
#3. A normal modeling job consists of hair and makeup starting at 5:30 a.m. On location, we shoot until theres no light, then drive home. If were lucky, well have a hotel close to the location, which takes out the driving time. Otherwise, its pretty brutal, from airplane, to car, to job, and back again. #Quote by Jessica Hart
Hair And Makeup quotes by Marc Jacobs
#4. I love the entire ritual of getting dressed. When we do a fashion show, we try to send out a message; we couldn't do that without the hair and makeup. The whole is equal to the sum of its parts. #Quote by Marc Jacobs
Hair And Makeup quotes by Victoria Justice
#5. I think there's a perception out there that people know me based on these glamorous photos they see of me in magazines, but I have about two hours of hair and makeup and then people to dress me, to make me look even better, in those pictures. #Quote by Victoria Justice
Hair And Makeup quotes by Jennifer Lopez
#6. I like to maintain a certain sense of fantasy in my life. I am kind of like that at home. Do I have the full hair and makeup? No. But I might have the nice dress on. #Quote by Jennifer Lopez
Hair And Makeup quotes by Kelly Moran
#7. Peachy. Alrighty, then. She'd just get in her car, run home to check her clothes, hair, and makeup, walk across the street to Jason's apartment, knock on his door, stare at his masculine hotness in stupid adoration, probably insert her foot into her mouth fifty-five times in under five minutes, then go back to her place and relive the embarrassment all night long while replaying what she should've done or said had she been a sophisticated woman, instead of a blundering moron.
Done and done. Piece of cake. #Quote by Kelly Moran
Hair And Makeup quotes by Elizabeth Rodriguez
#8. I love being super-tough, but if I need to put on a dress and do my hair and makeup, I can do that, too. #Quote by Elizabeth Rodriguez
Hair And Makeup quotes by Diane Kruger
#9. But quite honestly, personally, I was much more concerned - I mean, there's not much I can do about my appearance obviously other than spending four hours in hair and makeup. #Quote by Diane Kruger
Hair And Makeup quotes by Cherie Colyer
#10. I didn't spend an afternoon doing my hair and makeup to go on demon-duty. #Quote by Cherie Colyer
Hair And Makeup quotes by Debbie Macomber
#11. To her hair and makeup. This #Quote by Debbie Macomber
Hair And Makeup quotes by Fergie
#12. I have my team. Like if you see everyone around me - I have my hair and makeup girl, my assistant. They're very calm, they're all about positive energy. There're no drama queens. Everyone wants everyone else to have a positive experience. There are no agendas. I think it creates a healthy environment and there are no boundaries to cross. #Quote by Fergie
Hair And Makeup quotes by Beth Ditto
#13. I thought to be feminine was to give in to straight culture, or the beauty standard, but in my heart I had a flair for fashion and style. They were passions I kept secret because I didn't understand I could love clothes and hair and makeup and still like girls. #Quote by Beth Ditto
Hair And Makeup quotes by Hilary Swank
#14. It's how you look at beauty. Is it only an outward appearance with hair and makeup and a hot body, or is it something deeper than that? #Quote by Hilary Swank
Hair And Makeup quotes by Dawn Olivieri
#15. It's funny, one of my most solid carpet moments happened in the very beginning, before I started thinking that I needed all these other people to do my hair and makeup, and pick out my clothes. I wore a cheetah sweater and a red hat, and it's one of my favorite looks, even still. #Quote by Dawn Olivieri
Hair And Makeup quotes by Mary Elizabeth Ellis
#16. I have the weirdest job. The hair and makeup people were talking the other day about how weird their job is. And costumes, they have to be in people's faces and have to reach in their skirts to pull their shirts down and stuff. I was like, "You guys, I meet someone, I shake their hand, and then I kiss them. And sober. During midday. For money." #Quote by Mary Elizabeth Ellis
Hair And Makeup quotes by Jennifer Aniston
#17. The media create this wonderful illusion-but the amount of airbrushing that goes into those beauty magazines-the hours of hair and makeup! It's impossible to live up to, because it's not real. #Quote by Jennifer Aniston
Hair And Makeup quotes by Selena Gomez
#18. This is a very superficial job. I sit in a chair for two hours and get hair and makeup done and talk about myself in interviews. That's a very vain thing to do. And I do get caught up in it sometimes. #Quote by Selena Gomez
Hair And Makeup quotes by Krista Ritchie
#19. Do you feel better?" I ask her. She doesn't seem as paranoid or f**king antsy.

"When I talk to you, yeah, I do."

"Then call me. I told you I wouldn't f**king mind if you did."

"I didn't want to bother you…the time difference…"

"I'll answer your call if it's at four in the morning or midnight, Dais. It's just f**king hard for me to call you because I don't know when you're on the runway."

There's a long drawn out pause, and I can tell she's trying to find the right words. She settles on these: "Thanks, Ryke." She says my name with this genuine, heartfelt affection. "I mean it."

"I know you do."

"I have to start heading over for hair and makeup. Call you later?"

"I'll answer."

For you, I always f**king will. #Quote by Krista Ritchie
Hair And Makeup quotes by Elizabeth Banks
#20. I've learned all my hair and makeup tricks on the set, and I incorporate all kinds of things when I'm getting ready, and I'm big on blotting papers. I get a very shiny forehead, which I like to call my inner glow coming out. #Quote by Elizabeth Banks
Hair And Makeup quotes by Victoria Beckham
#21. When I dress in a certain way and do my hair and makeup in a certain way, it's not to get attention. #Quote by Victoria Beckham
Hair And Makeup quotes by Jojo Moyes
#22. Liv sits in the silent cubicle for as long as she can without someone staging an intervention, listening as several women come in, sometimes in pairs, chattering as they check hair and makeup. She checks for nonexistent e-mail and plays Scrabble on her phone. Finally, after scoring "flux," she gets up, flushes, and washes her hands, staring at her reflection with a kind of perverse satisfaction. Her makeup has smudged beneath one eye. She fixes this in the mirror, wondering why she bothers, given that she is about to sit next to Roger again. #Quote by Jojo Moyes
Hair And Makeup quotes by Brooke Elliott
#23. I'd love to go back to Broadway; I'd love to do animation; I'd love to do hair and make-up campaigns because I love hair and makeup - and, I'd love to do film. I mean, there are a lot of doors I'd love to open up! #Quote by Brooke Elliott
Hair And Makeup quotes by K.F. Breene
#24. The doorbell rang before she could get to hair and makeup. She answered to Kate and Jasmine arguing about the best way to get to her house, even though it was already too late since they were, in fact, at her house. "Hey, Kris." Jasmine #Quote by K.F. Breene
Hair And Makeup quotes by Marg Helgenberger
#25. Voicing acting is usually fun. I'm very curious about that world. I'm a fan of documentaries, as well, and the voice kind of makes it right. Mostly for me, though, it's all about the acting -you don't have to get hair and makeup and the whole bit. You just can have fun with the acting. #Quote by Marg Helgenberger
Hair And Makeup quotes by Gwyneth Paltrow
#26. Cameron Diaz is probably my biggest beauty mentor of my friends. She knows how to do her own hair and makeup; she's really good at it. #Quote by Gwyneth Paltrow
Hair And Makeup quotes by Hillary Scott
#27. If I had to name one thing that probably causes more conflict within the band, it's probably the fact that I'm the girl, and it takes much longer with hair and makeup and wardrobe. But they've gotten used to it. It's one of those things I think they realize that when they say she'll be ready in 10 minutes, it normally means 15 or 20. #Quote by Hillary Scott
Hair And Makeup quotes by Julianne Moore
#28. I love it, to have the same crew. I'm not married. I don't have children. My 17-year-old dog died. I'm kind of on my own. So I really like having the same camera guy for four years. I love looking around and seeing the hair and makeup people who have been there from the beginning. #Quote by Julianne Moore
Hair And Makeup quotes by Gigi Hadid
#29. I usually do my hair and makeup in 30 to 45 minutes, and if my hair is dirty, I'll just put it in a bun or a ponytail. If it's in a bun, I'll part it down the middle and do a low bun with a couple pieces in the front coming down. #Quote by Gigi Hadid
Hair And Makeup quotes by Heidi Klum
#30. I love when I go out and I have my hair and makeup done, but I also like it when I'm just with the family because that's real. #Quote by Heidi Klum
Hair And Makeup quotes by Taylor Swift
#31. There's part of our brain that we shut off when we're in the studio. There's part of our brain that we turn on when we are out doing an interview or promoting something or waking up at six in the morning for hair and makeup. #Quote by Taylor Swift
Hair And Makeup quotes by Jennifer Lawrence
#32. I just kind of opened up and said, 'I feel like a rag doll. I have hair and makeup people coming to my house every day and putting me in new, uncomfortable, weird dresses and expensive shoes, and I just shut down and raise my arms up for them to get the dress on, and pout my lips when they need to put the lipstick on.' #Quote by Jennifer Lawrence
Hair And Makeup quotes by Kristen Ashley
#33. Lanie, you live 15 minutes away from your office and you get there at eight. Over two hours every day just to do your hair and makeup. Diana fuckin' Ross in her heyday probably took less time to get ready for a show. Babe, if that isn't high maintenance, I do not know what is. #Quote by Kristen Ashley
Hair And Makeup quotes by Diane Von Furstenberg
#34. I am a fast dresser, 30 minutes max with hair and makeup. I don't have a uniform, but I like to be comfortable. #Quote by Diane Von Furstenberg
Hair And Makeup quotes by Carrie Ann Inaba
#35. When I'm in New York, I have a wonderful hair and makeup team. We've just been laughing all day today. In work, I believe that you really need to choose people that you get along with because work is life, so you may as well enjoy your time. I'm lucky. I have great people around me, and we laugh all day. #Quote by Carrie Ann Inaba
Hair And Makeup quotes by Cassia Leo
#36. When you become a mother, it's easy to believe your life no longer belongs to you. In an instant, your most pressing objective shifts. No longer does it matter whether your hair and makeup are perfect, not when you have to worry about whether the human being you brought into this world is hungry or sick or unhappy. It's easy to lose yourself in the day-to-day needs of others when you become a mother. #Quote by Cassia Leo
Hair And Makeup quotes by Jen Lancaster
#37. If you're anorexic, you're doing it wrong."
I swat him with a dish towel. "No, no, I mean anorexics look in the mirror, and even if they're eighty pounds, they still see a fat girl. I'm a hundred pounds heavier than I was in high school, my veins are full of creme fraiche, and yet I look in the mirror, take in the hair and makeup, and think, Damn, baby, you fiiine. #Quote by Jen Lancaster
Hair And Makeup quotes by Natalie Dormer
#38. Everything that I do to my own hair and makeup I learned from professionals. #Quote by Natalie Dormer
Hair And Makeup quotes by Victoria Pratt
#39. I've been working some really long hours for the last five or six years. Anybody who works on series television knows, and especially women because women spend probably two hours more than the guys with all their hair and makeup crap. #Quote by Victoria Pratt
Hair And Makeup quotes by Maddie Ziegler
#40. I love doing hair and makeup and making 'Video Star' videos with my friend, Kendall. I also love to draw. But my life is dance, dance and more dance. I wouldn't want it any other way. #Quote by Maddie Ziegler
Hair And Makeup quotes by Trisha Yearwood
#41. Nobody who cooks does it with full hair and makeup in front of a TV camera. #Quote by Trisha Yearwood
Hair And Makeup quotes by Caitlin Moran
#42. I see feminism as a massive party. It's cool, the idea that 50% of the population can now start doing things and having fun and experimenting with their hair and makeup. #Quote by Caitlin Moran
Hair And Makeup quotes by Mario Testino
#43. A fashion photographer is nothing without clothes and hair and makeup. And when I speak to other photographers, a lot of them can't reference a picture by the designer. Me, I say, 'The Balenciaga.' And I go to the shows. I feel like it's my business. #Quote by Mario Testino
Hair And Makeup quotes by Kay Panabaker
#44. I went to go see 'Final Destination' which you have to be 17 and over to see and they're like 'Uh, we need to see your I.D.' Here's the really funny thing is that I actually had done my hair and makeup that day. If I don't do my hair and makeup I can understand it but I had actually made an effort to look older. #Quote by Kay Panabaker
Hair And Makeup quotes by Julianna Guill
#45. One of my favorite things about working on 'Glory Daze' is getting to wear amazing '80s outfits coupled with fabulously over-the-top hair and makeup. My wardrobe usually consists of colorful sweaters, denim skirts, high-waisted shorts, crop tops, dangly earrings, jean jackets, and, of course, panty hose and shoulder pads. #Quote by Julianna Guill
Hair And Makeup quotes by Carrie Underwood
#46. I love having my hair and makeup done for red carpets, but to have that done every day would be exhausting. #Quote by Carrie Underwood
Hair And Makeup quotes by R.K. Lilley
#47. While you were off getting hair and makeup done for the wedding, I was planning bondage and debauchery in the woods. #Quote by R.K. Lilley
Hair And Makeup quotes by Zadie Smith
#48. I remember so clearly, in the early days, if I had to do a piece of press, they'd phone for me and say, 'Oh, we're going to bring hair and makeup, it'll take about five hours.' And I said, 'Well, if it was Ian McEwan, would it take about five hours? Would there be hair and makeup? Cause if that's not the case, then don't bring the hair and makeup.' So, it's fascinating that they just assume: it's a young woman, she must want to be photographed for five hours. She must have nothing better to do than delight in trying on all your shoes. But it's not the case. #Quote by Zadie Smith
Hair And Makeup quotes by Jennifer Weiner
#49. I'm not cut out to be a famous person; I can't do my hair and makeup well enough. #Quote by Jennifer Weiner
Hair And Makeup quotes by Jasinda Wilder
#50. You're stunning, Kyrie. Whether you're done up in Dior and jewels, or just woken up in a sundress and messy hair, you are, very honestly, the most lovely woman I've ever know. You don't need fancy hair and makeup to take my breath a way away, Kyire. You just have to be you. #Quote by Jasinda Wilder
Hair And Makeup quotes by Jennifer Lopez
#51. My hair and makeup people and stylists have changed over the years, but they all know sometimes I want to do Marilyn, and on another day I want to do Jackie O. Though sometimes I look back and have to say, "Wow! What were we thinking there?" #Quote by Jennifer Lopez
Hair And Makeup quotes by Poppy Delevingne
#52. I'm normally fairly busy rushing from job to job, so have little time in the mornings for my beauty regime. However, this usually means my hair and makeup is done for me when I get there, which is great! #Quote by Poppy Delevingne
Hair And Makeup quotes by Gugu Mbatha-Raw
#53. At home I wear my own clothes, no makeup and don't do anything exciting with my hair. I get to borrow pretty dresses for the red carpet and have experts do my hair and makeup. #Quote by Gugu Mbatha-Raw
Hair And Makeup quotes by Jessica Ennis
#54. I love getting dressed up for red carpet events and having my hair and makeup done professionally - that definitely helps with nerves of going down the red carpet. #Quote by Jessica Ennis
Hair And Makeup quotes by Alia Shawkat
#55. I go into work and get my hair and makeup done, go into wardrobe. I have to do three hours of school a day. #Quote by Alia Shawkat
Hair And Makeup quotes by Troian Bellisario
#56. On my Instagram, my boyfriend will take pictures of me, or someone else will take a picture of me, and they're like, 'What is wrong with her? She looks sick.' And I'm like, 'No I just don't have two hours of hair and makeup, you guys.' #Quote by Troian Bellisario
Hair And Makeup quotes by Ree Drummond
#57. I'm wondering if I made the right decision about hair and makeup. #Quote by Ree Drummond
Hair And Makeup quotes by Laura Kreitzer
#58. Refusing to listen to him any longer, Julian backs up. "Whenever you realize working together is in Summer's best interest, come find me, Boy Scout. Until then, I'll just pretend you don't exist." Then he walks away.
Gage glares at Julian's retreating form. His hand scrapes through his hair as he fumes. A guttural roar of rage crawls up his throat, and he kicks the sand.
Damn him and his stupid logic. He's right. And Gage knows he's right. But that doesn't mean he has to like it. #Quote by Laura Kreitzer
Hair And Makeup quotes by Adam Fifield
#59. On that day, in jungle hamlets and mountain villages, in cacophonous slums and sprawling refugee camps, on worn concrete floors and under roofs thatched of rice straw and banana leaves, in clay brick homes, on rutted, red dirt roads, and on scorching swaths of sand, children cried and screamed and sang and giggled and toddled and ran and fell and got back up and climbed on their mothers' laps and pulled their siblings' hair and gazed out in wonder at the big, bright world that swirled around them. Millions of boys and girls whose lives were reclaimed whose stories were allowed to continue, who were not mourned or grieved or buried, but instead were loved and held and fretted over and scolded and prepared for the challenges of living, of surviving, all because of a man they had never met and whose name they would likely never know. #Quote by Adam Fifield
Hair And Makeup quotes by Petina Gappah
#60. There is only one illness that pushes both the well-wheeled and the un-wheeled to seek out the prophet. It is the big disease with the little name, the sickness that no one dies of, the disease whose real name is unspoken, the sickness that speaks its presence through the pink redness of lips, the slipperiness of hair, through the whites of the eyes whiter than nature intended. #Quote by Petina Gappah
Hair And Makeup quotes by Logan Pearsall Smith
#61. Fine writers should split hairs together, and sit side by side, like friendly apes, to pick the fleas from each others fur. #Quote by Logan Pearsall Smith
Hair And Makeup quotes by Jahnna N. Malcolm
#62. Kyle agreed. "It would be too weird to see you in makeup and heels and all that hot stuff."
"But you just said guys like that," Hannah said.
"Right," Paul agreed. He stuck his fork back up his nose and added, "But guys are idiots. #Quote by Jahnna N. Malcolm
Hair And Makeup quotes by Meg Cabot
#63. Be like Grace: Wear large, dark glasses and a filmy scarf over your hair next time you go out in public. People will totally wonder who the mysterious beauty is, standing in line behind them at Blockbuster. #Quote by Meg Cabot
Hair And Makeup quotes by Chanel Miller
#64. In the past year, snow had fallen and melted, my hair had been cut and grown, the world kept moving, and I could've continued to move on with it, yet I had returned. What did it mean, that I kept finding myself in this tiny room, abandoning an orderly life to keep fighting. Didn't this count for something? #Quote by Chanel Miller
Hair And Makeup quotes by Karl Wiggins
#65. We got out of our car in Agra to be faced with 150 people and instantly knew that we were their target. We were white (we still are) and wealthy (in comparison). And these people are masters at the art of distraction. You'll spot the one approaching from the left, but not the imminent threat from the right. And if you say no they have ways of making you say yes. We were greeted with, "Give me money" by street urchins, "Give me 20 rupees," by a man in a 'locker room' looking after our camera equipment, and graceful, exquisite and amused smiles by some of the most magnificently beautiful women in the world. Ladies with coconut oil in their hair, eyes the colour of artisan's gold, and spirituality in their hearts. And everywhere we went we were greeted with the Añjali Mudrā gesture and the word Namaste, indicating 'I bow to the divine in you. #Quote by Karl Wiggins
Hair And Makeup quotes by Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.
#66. The foliage has been losing its freshness through the month of August, and here and there a yellow leaf shows itself like the first gray hair amidst the locks of a beauty who has seen one season too many. #Quote by Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.
Hair And Makeup quotes by Debra Holland
#67. In his vision, she picked up a silver-backed brush and stroked the long fall of hair. He imagined himself taking the brush from her hand. As their eyes met in the mirror, he'd sensuously stroke every tress. He could see himself picking up a lavender-scented lock, kissing it, and then kissing her shoulder, her forehead, her lips. #Quote by Debra Holland
Hair And Makeup quotes by J.R. Ward
#68. The princess stood in the center of the cabin, her brilliant red robes and the rubies at her throat and her bloodred eyes all the color of hatred. With her stark hair twisted up off her neck, and her pale skin, and the live albino scorpions she wore as earring, she was an exquisite horror, a Kabuki doll constructed by an evil hand. And she was evil, her darkness coming to him in waves, emanating from the center of her chest even as nothing about her moved and her moonlike face remained unmarred by a frown. #Quote by J.R. Ward
Hair And Makeup quotes by Cindi Madsen
#69. There's this party tomorrow night. The client with all the ex-husbands is throwing it, and I've got to go. I know it's last minute, and that Fridays are really busy for you. I'm also sure it's going to be boring. Anyway, if you can't go, I completely understand. But if you don't come with me, I'll be forced to meet rich, eligible bachelors who may or may not have all their original teeth and hair."
I bit my nail as I waited for his answer, trying to prepare myself for the possibility he couldn't go.
"You're not really giving me much of a choice," Jake said. "Not when I know you've got a weakness for bald men with dentures. #Quote by Cindi Madsen
Hair And Makeup quotes by Jessica Spotswood
#70. Get on with it," Mrs. O'Hare prompts, and I do, wrapping the bandage snugly over Finn's instep and up his calf― which is sinewy with muscle, covered in fine coppery hair and more freckles. I'm fascinated by the pattern they form over his skin. Do they go all the way up his leg?
I flush scarlet at the the thought. #Quote by Jessica Spotswood
Hair And Makeup quotes by Rachel Van Dyken
#71. Brown eyes, blond hair, I can't help but stare. She's got me hypnotized. I need her, like oxygen, I can't explain the way she makes me feel inside. Like rain, washing my fears away, she makes me feel like I can say all those things I'm too scared to say.
Breathe in, breathe out, sometimes you just gotta shout your love. Shout your love. Inhale, exhale, the beauty of your love will always be enough. Enough.
Lost, the feeling I have without you. Like I can't function and don't know what to do. It's like I'm dreaming while I'm waking. Like I'm suffocating. Being with her is my addiction, and I don't want to have to stop. No, I never want to stop. Like rain, washing my fears away, she makes me feel like I can say all those things I'm too scared to say.
Come back to me. Come back to me. I swear I won't ever leave. I don't think I have it in me. I can't fight, I can't fight. If I did, I would lose, if only it meant I could have you. Cause I need you.
Like rain.
Like rain.
Like rain, washing my fears away. #Quote by Rachel Van Dyken
Hair And Makeup quotes by Sabrina Jeffries
#72. It's wonderful," he choked out. "Absolutely wonderful." He smoothed his hand over her belly. "I can't imagine anything better than having a child with you, my love. But are you sure?"
She relaxed. "As sure as anyone can be at this point. Your aunt and I think I may be nearly three months along, so…"
When she trailed off with a blush, he added up numbers in his head, then let out a laugh. "It probably happened that night in the cottage."
"Or the night in my bedchamber."
"Then it's a good thing I came to my senses and gave you that 'proper proposal' you demanded. Or I'd be staring down the barrel of your percussion rifle just about now."
"I doubt that. I would just have married the duke," she teased.
He scowled. "Over my dead body."
She laughed. "You know perfectly well you would have proposed long before I knew I was with child."
"Ah, but would you have said yes? I thought you once told me that a lady never surrenders."
"She doesn't." Eyes sparkling, she buried her fingers in his hair and drew his head down to hers. "Except where love is concerned. I've come to realize that in matters of love, a clever lady always surrenders. #Quote by Sabrina Jeffries
Hair And Makeup quotes by Wil Anderson
#73. But we live in an age, ladies and gentlemen, where we are keeping morons alive in our gene pools by putting warnings on items that should not require warnings. The hotel I am staying in has a hair dryer, on the cord of the hair dryer there is a warning and this is what it says: "Warning! Do not use in shower!" Ladies and gentlemen if you have a friend who wants to use their hair dryer in the shower, you let them. #Quote by Wil Anderson
Hair And Makeup quotes by Sandra Bullock
#74. Being in front of a camera, in a nice dress, getting all dressed up, is extreme. There's a lot of other extreme situations, you know, just getting out of bed sometimes is extreme - but I do it. Just got to do it, just got to get up. Put your sweatpants on, brush off the dog hair and just get out of the house! #Quote by Sandra Bullock
Hair And Makeup quotes by Patrick Rothfuss
#75. I spoke it soft, but close enough to brush against her lips. I spoke it quiet, but near enough so that the sound of it went twining through her hair. I spoke it hard and firm and dark and sweet. #Quote by Patrick Rothfuss
Hair And Makeup quotes by Debra Holland
#76. About Nick:
Trudy thanked him, he gave a shy duck of his head and almost ran out of the room.
Trudy smiled after him, liking his blue-green eyes, the brown hair that waved to his shoulders and the slightly crooked, lightly freckled nose. In a few years with more confidence on him, that young man is going to be a lady killer. #Quote by Debra Holland
Hair And Makeup quotes by Brandon Flowers
#77. 'Hot Fuss' was all based on fantasy. The English influences, the makeup - they were what I imagined rock was. I'm a dreamer, you know? So I dug into that dream and made 'Hot Fuss.' But hearing people call us 'the best British band from America' made me wonder about my family and who I was. #Quote by Brandon Flowers
Hair And Makeup quotes by Marie Rutkoski
#78. It looked like she held a basketful of woven gold.
Arin leap down the stairs. He strode up to his cousin and seized her arm.
"What did you do?"
Sarsine jerked away. "What she wanted. Pull yourself together."
But Arin only saw Kestrel as she had been last night before the ball. How her hair had been a spill of low light over his palms. He had threaded desire into those braids, had wanted her to sense it even as he dreaded that she would. He had met her eyes in the mirror, and didn't know, couldn't tell her feelings. He only knew the fire of his own.
"It's just hair," Sarsine said. "It will grow back."
"Yes," said Arin, "but no everything does. #Quote by Marie Rutkoski
Hair And Makeup quotes by Jodi Picoult
#79. One Easter, when she heard the priest say He is risen, she found herself standing up from the pew and walking out the cathedral door. She left the order, dyed her hair pink, and hiked the Appalachian Trail. It was somewhere on the Presidential Range that Jesus appeared to her in a vision, and told her there were many souls to feed. #Quote by Jodi Picoult
Hair And Makeup quotes by Lisa Kleypas
#80. Merripen emerged from a hallway leading away from the entrance room. He was in his shirtsleeves with no collar or cravat, the neck of the garment hanging open to reveal tanned skin gleaming with perspiration. With his black hair falling over his forehead, and his dark eyes smiling at the sight of them, Merripen cut a dashing figure. "You're three hours behind schedule," he said.
Laughing, Amelia pulled a handkerchief from her sleeve and gave it to him. "In a family of four sisters, there is no schedule. #Quote by Lisa Kleypas
Hair And Makeup quotes by Mohsin Hamid
#81. The poets say some moths will do anything out of love for a flame
[ ... ]
The moth takes off again, and we both step back, because he's circling at eye level now and seems to have lost rudder control, smacking into the wall on each round. He circles lower and lower, spinning around the candle in tighter revolutions, like a soap sud over an open drain. A few times he seems to touch the flame, but dances off unhurt.
Then he ignites like a ball of hair, curling into an oily puff of fumes with a hiss. The candle flame flickers and dims for a moment, then burns as bright as before.
Moth Smoke Lingers. #Quote by Mohsin Hamid
Hair And Makeup quotes by Lorenz Hart
#82. Once I laughed when, I heard you saying
that I'd be playing, solitaire,
uneasy in my, easy chair.
It never entered my mind.

Once you told me, I was mistaken,
that I'd awaken, with the sun
and order orange juice for one.
It never entered my mind.

You have what I lack myself
and now I even have to scratch my back myself.

Once you warned me that if you scorned me
I'd sing the maiden's prayer again
and wish that you were there again
to get into my hair again.
It never entered my mind.
#Quote by Lorenz Hart
Hair And Makeup quotes by A.D. Posey
#83. Some days you live in pajamas, and your hair kind-of has that Albert Einstein look. #Quote by A.D. Posey
Hair And Makeup quotes by Christine Feehan
#84. You grow sleepy,cara mia," Julian whispered, leaning down to kiss her forehea. "We should go to your brother's chamber. I will check him once more before we go to ground."
Desari refused to open her eyes. She made a soft purring sound, completely contented to lie in his arms. "Not yet, Julian," she protested softly. "I do not want to leave this place for a little while longer."
"I can feel how tired you are, my love. I can do no other than-"
"Do not say it!" Deasri thumped his chest. "Just lie there and hold me. That is what I want. Men are such difficult creatures,Julian. I am beginning to realize this."
He rubbed his chin on the top of her head, her hair catching in the shadow along his jaw. "Men are not difficult. They are logical and methodical."
She laughed softly. "You wish it wree so. I must tell you,although I am taking a huge cance that you might become impossible to live with, tha you are an extraordinary lover."
"Keep talking,lifemate. I am listening," he responded with a deep satisfaction. "Magnificent was only a starting place. Extraordinary lover is the perfect description. I see that now."
Her soft laughter washed over him, as gentle as a breeze. Touching him. Just like that. She could touch him with her breath. Julian wrapped his arms around her tightly and buried his face in her ebony hair. "Why is it you always smell so good?"
"Would you want me to smell like a cavewoman?"
"I do not know,cara. I do not know what a #Quote by Christine Feehan
Hair And Makeup quotes by Ian McKellen
#85. I have little routines in the theater. Once I've established something, like the order of putting on makeup and a costume, I have to invariably do it in the same order every time, even if I only did it by chance the first time round. #Quote by Ian McKellen
Hair And Makeup quotes by Jayne Ann Krentz
#86. I love you," he said into her hair. "I've loved you from that first day in your office when you tried to fire me."
"I wasn't trying to fire you," she said into his shirt. "I was simply suggesting that the hotel security business might not be a good fit for you and that you ought to pursue other professional opportunities."
"You tried to fire me. But under the circumstances I'm willing to let bygones be bygones."
"Good. That's good. #Quote by Jayne Ann Krentz
Hair And Makeup quotes by Isaac Bashevis Singer
#87. But I never forgot Shosha. I dreamed of her at night. In my dreams she was both dead and alive. I played with her in a garden which was also a cemetery. Dead girls joined us there, wearing garments that were ornate shrouds. They danced in circles and sang songs. They swung, skated, occasionally hovered in the air. I strolled with Shosha in a forest of gigantic trees that reached the sky. The birds there were different from any I knew. They were as big as eagles, as colorful as parrots. They spoke Yiddish. From the thickets surrounding the garden, beasts with human faces showed themselves. Shosha was at home in this garden, and instead of my pointing out and explaining to her as I had done in the past, she revealed to me things I hadn't known and whispered secrets in my ear. Her hair had grown long enough to reach her loins, and her flesh glowed like mother-of-pearl. I always awoke from this dream with a sweet taste in my mouth and the impression that Shosha was on longer living. #Quote by Isaac Bashevis Singer
Hair And Makeup quotes by Yevgeny Zamyatin
#88. She moved nearer, leaned her shoulder against me - and we were one, and something flowed from her into me, and I knew: this is how it must be. I knew it with every nerve, and every hair, every heartbeat, so sweet it verged on pain. And what joy to submit to this 'must'. A piece of iron must feel such joy as it submits to the precise, inevitable law that draws it to a magnet. Or a stone, thrown up, hesitating a moment, then plunging headlong back to earth. Or a man, after the final agony, taking a last deep breath - and dying. #Quote by Yevgeny Zamyatin
Hair And Makeup quotes by Summer Lane
#89. Chris hops out of the vehicle, wearing a tight black tee. He pulls his hair back and throws his backpack over his shoulder, looking read to punch somebody out. Or maybe that's his happy face. I don't know. #Quote by Summer Lane
Hair And Makeup quotes by Garry Shandling
#90. I met a new girl at a barbecue, very pretty, a blond I think. I don't know, her hair was on fire, and all she talked about was herself. You know these kind of girls: 'I'm hot. I'm on fire. Me, me, me.' You know. 'Help me, put me out.' Come on, could we talk about me just a little bit? #Quote by Garry Shandling
Hair And Makeup quotes by Francine Pascal
#91. What sucked was that her room was on the fourth floor of a four-story house because she hated walking past every other room on her way in and out. She was like a latter-day Rapunzel except her hair was only a few inches below her shoulders, slightly fried, not all that blond, and furthermore, who the hell was ever going to climb up to give her a hand? The guy in the wheelchair from school?
What she - and Rapunzel, frankly - needed was a decent ladder. #Quote by Francine Pascal

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