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Hadwig Klemperers Age quotes by James Richardson
#1. Here in the last minutes, the very end of the world, someone's tightening a screw thinner than an eyelash, someone with slim wrists is straightening flowers ... #Quote by James Richardson
Hadwig Klemperers Age quotes by Herman Melville
#2. Did all the lets and bars appear
To every just or larger end,
Whence should come the trust and cheer?
Youth must its ignorant impulse lend
Age finds place in the rear.
All wars are boyish, and are fought by boys,
The champions and enthusiasts of the state #Quote by Herman Melville
Hadwig Klemperers Age quotes by Jan Karon
#3. I have raced against the clock since I went into advertising at the age of eighteen. #Quote by Jan Karon
Hadwig Klemperers Age quotes by Gail Carriger
#4. As to your sister, she is quite a peach, is she not? You have been hiding her from me."
Lady Maccon would not be goaded. "Really, Channing, she is practically" - she paused to do some calculations - "one-twentieth your age. Or worse. Don't you want some maturity in your life?"
"Good God, no!"
"Well, how about some human decency?"
"Now you're just being insulting." Alexia huffed in amusement.
Channing raised blond eyebrows at her, handsome devil that he was. "Ah, but this is what I enjoy so much about immortality. The decades may pass for me, but the ladies, well, they will keep coming along all young and beautiful, now, won't they?"
"Channing, someone should lock you away."
"Now, Lady Maccon, that transpires tomorrow night, remember? #Quote by Gail Carriger
Hadwig Klemperers Age quotes by J.C. Ryle
#5. We live in an age when there is a false glare on the things of time and a great mist over the things of eternity. #Quote by J.C. Ryle
Hadwig Klemperers Age quotes by Thomas Merton
#6. Contemplation in the age of Auschwitz and Dachau, Solovky and Karaganda is something darker and more fearsome than contemplation in the age of the Church Fathers. For that very reason, the urge to seek a path of spiritual light can be a subtle temptation to sin. It certainly is sin if it means a frank rejection of the burden of our age, an escape into unreality and spiritual illusion, so as not to share the misery of other men. #Quote by Thomas Merton
Hadwig Klemperers Age quotes by Laura Marling
#7. I feel increasingly like age is very irrelevant. Quite often, cynicism is confused with wisdom, and my scorn is confused with a knowing, which I don't have. #Quote by Laura Marling
Hadwig Klemperers Age quotes by Bill Bryson
#8. Human beings would split the atom and invent television, nylon, and instant coffee before they could figure out the age of their own planet. #Quote by Bill Bryson
Hadwig Klemperers Age quotes by Ruth Ozeki
#9. True freedom comes from being unknown. #Quote by Ruth Ozeki
Hadwig Klemperers Age quotes by Dolly Parton
#10. When the new country came out ten to 15 years ago, people my age were almost too old. But it never stopped me. I never stopped writing. I never stopped recording. #Quote by Dolly Parton
Hadwig Klemperers Age quotes by William Blake
#11. Man has no Body distinct from his soul; for that called Body is a portion of a Soul discerned by the five senses, the chief inlets of Soul in this age. #Quote by William Blake
Hadwig Klemperers Age quotes by Paulina Porizkova
#12. My first recognition of age setting in was exactly on my 36th birthday. I have no idea why, on this day of all days, I looked in the mirror and realized my face no longer looked young. #Quote by Paulina Porizkova
Hadwig Klemperers Age quotes by Vladimir Nabokov
#13. For me a work of fiction exists only insofar as it affords me what I shall bluntly call aesthetic bliss, that is a sense of being somehow, somewhere, connected with other states of being where art (curiosity, tenderness, kindness, ecstasy) is the norm. There are not many such books. All the rest is either topical trash or what some call the Literature of Ideas, which very often is topical trash coming in huge blocks of plaster that are carefully transmitted from age to age until somebody comes along with a hammer and takes a good crack at Balzac, at Gorki, at Mann. #Quote by Vladimir Nabokov
Hadwig Klemperers Age quotes by Tina Knowles
#14. It was important to me to have a wedding and walk in white, because sometimes we feel that at a certain age you should act a certain way. You can find love at any age. You just have to go for it. #Quote by Tina Knowles
Hadwig Klemperers Age quotes by S.A. Bodeen
#15. Dad brought it home from Paris when Terese was five. What other kid that age had a $10,000 oboe? #Quote by S.A. Bodeen
Hadwig Klemperers Age quotes by Kasey Chambers
#16. I'm not really sure where that comes from, ... Maybe it's because I've lived more than most 25-year-olds. I left school at an early age, traveled a lot ... but I still have a far way to go. #Quote by Kasey Chambers
Hadwig Klemperers Age quotes by Haruki Murakami
#17. Reiko set the ball on the ground and patted my knee. "Look," she said, "I'm not telling you to stop sleeping with girls. If you're O.K. with that, then it's OK. It's your life after all, it's something you have to decide. All I'm saying is that you shouldn't use yourself up in some unnatural form. Do you see what I'm getting at? It would be such a waste. The years nineteen and twenty are a crucial stage in the maturation of character, and if you allow yourself to become warped when you're that age, it will cause you pain when you're older. It's true. So think carefully. If you want to take care of Naoko, take care of yourself too."
I said I would think about it. #Quote by Haruki Murakami
Hadwig Klemperers Age quotes by Kevin Brooks
#18. I used to come here on my own sometimes ... Id' stay down here for ages." Her voice was barely audible. "It's a good place for sadness ... #Quote by Kevin Brooks
Hadwig Klemperers Age quotes by Caroline Sunshine
#19. I started dancing ballet when I was very young, so my background really is dance. But I remember loving the feeling of being on a stage and having a love for performing from a young age. #Quote by Caroline Sunshine
Hadwig Klemperers Age quotes by William Osler
#20. The philosophies of one age have become the absurdities of the next, and the foolishness of yesterday has become the wisdom of tomorrow. #Quote by William Osler
Hadwig Klemperers Age quotes by Roy Acuff
#21. My health is good; it's my age that's bad. #Quote by Roy Acuff
Hadwig Klemperers Age quotes by Ernest Agyemang Yeboah
#22. Blessed are they that have faith for they shall take steps like a blind man! #Quote by Ernest Agyemang Yeboah
Hadwig Klemperers Age quotes by David Crane
#23. Another little known fact about Amazing Tennis - the computer opponents are modeled after real people. In an odd turn of events, I joined a division 3 college tennis team at age 38. #Quote by David Crane
Hadwig Klemperers Age quotes by Chuck Yeager
#24. The secret of my success is that I always managed to live to fly another day. #Quote by Chuck Yeager
Hadwig Klemperers Age quotes by Brandon Flowers
#25. I've definitely got a lot more cautious about my lyrics - I feel I want to be a positive force in the world, and I want to uplift people. That's something that comes with age. #Quote by Brandon Flowers
Hadwig Klemperers Age quotes by Herbert M. Shelton
#26. Old age is not a time of life. It is a condition of the body. It is not time that ages the body, it is abuse that does. #Quote by Herbert M. Shelton
Hadwig Klemperers Age quotes by Henry Rollins
#27. It is instilled in thousands of American males from an early age that one of their requirements is to be able to both dish out and take a lot of pain. They are taught the rules of this road in gyms, rings, backyards and fields all over America. #Quote by Henry Rollins
Hadwig Klemperers Age quotes by Thich Nhat Hanh
#28. Time passes quickly, Great King. If I don't use the strength and energy I now possess as a young man, old age will arrive too soon and I will feel deep regret. #Quote by Thich Nhat Hanh
Hadwig Klemperers Age quotes by Tom Jones
#29. I think teen-age love is a great thing. There's nothing quite like it and never will be for the rest of your life. #Quote by Tom Jones
Hadwig Klemperers Age quotes by Chuck Schumer
#30. When Republicans say, 'The first thing you do when you do deficit reduction is reduce rates,' it would be like Democrats saying, 'The first thing you do when you do deficit reduction is provide free Medicare at age 55.' We'd like to do that! But it won't bring the deficit down. That's for sure. #Quote by Chuck Schumer
Hadwig Klemperers Age quotes by William Gibson
#31. Futurists get to a certain age and, as one does, they suddenly recognize their own mortality. #Quote by William Gibson
Hadwig Klemperers Age quotes by Adriano Bulla
#32. We have the resources to allow everybody to live with dignity,; we have the technology to do it; what we don't have is yet another excuse! #Quote by Adriano Bulla
Hadwig Klemperers Age quotes by Aporva Kala
#33. I was grown up long before the grown ups were the grown ups. #Quote by Aporva Kala
Hadwig Klemperers Age quotes by Judith McNaught
#34. Beside him a tiny elderly woman was leaning on a cane, studying him with curiosity. Since good manners seemed to require that he speak to her, Jon cast about for some sort of polite conversation pertinent to the occasion. "I hate funerals, don't you?" He said.
"I rather like them," she said smugly. "At my age, I regard each funeral I attend as a personal triumph, because I was not the guest of honor. #Quote by Judith McNaught
Hadwig Klemperers Age quotes by Garth Stein
#35. Growing old is a pathetic thing. It is full of limitations and reduction. It happens to us all, I know; but I think that it might not have to. I think it happens to those of us who request it. And in our current mind-set, our collective ennui, it is what we have chosen to do. But one day a mutant child will be born who refuses to age, who refuses to acknowledge the limitations of these bodies of ours, who lives in health until he is done with life, not until his body no longer supports him. He will live for hundreds of years, like Noah. Like Moses. This child's genes will be passed to his offspring, and more like him will follow. And their genetic makeup will supplant the genes of those of us who need to grow old and decay before we die. I believe that one day it will come to pass; however, such a world is beyond my purview. #Quote by Garth Stein
Hadwig Klemperers Age quotes by Stacy Schiff
#36. A capable, clear-eyed sovereign, she knew how to build a fleet, suppress an insurrection, control a currency, alleviate a famine. An eminent Roman general vouched for her grasp of military affairs. Even at a time when women rulers were no rarity she stood out, the sole female of the ancient world to rule alone and to play a role in Western affairs. She was incomparably richer than anyone else in the Mediterranean. And she enjoyed greater prestige than any other woman of her age ... Cleopatra descended from a long line of murderers and faithfully upheld the family tradition but was, for her time and place, remarkably well behaved. She nonetheless survives as a wanton temptress, not the last time a genuinely powerful woman has been transmuted into a shamelessly seductive one. #Quote by Stacy Schiff
Hadwig Klemperers Age quotes by Sandra Cisneros
#37. This is the age of fear and so many of us feel afraid to speak out about what has happened to our lives in the wake of 9/11. Television promotes the world as a scary place for the United States and this justifies peeling away every element of privacy we had before. The media is monopolized so we don't even hear a lot of dissent about this new era. #Quote by Sandra Cisneros
Hadwig Klemperers Age quotes by Ronald Reagan
#38. Hope remains the highest reality, the age-old power. #Quote by Ronald Reagan
Hadwig Klemperers Age quotes by Clive James
#39. Little books are the things to write at my age, I've decided. Avoid the big ones, go for the little ones. #Quote by Clive James
Hadwig Klemperers Age quotes by Seymour Papert
#40. I think we should allow for schools within schools, where 100 out of 500 kids may be organized by the way they work and what they do, and what they do often is more progressive. I would like to see a lot of kids of different ages, maybe even some adults, work together on a project. #Quote by Seymour Papert
Hadwig Klemperers Age quotes by William C. Brown
#41. An aphorism is a synthesis of poetry and prose, it is a narrative precipitate, a didactic parable, an ideological concept, in practice it 's compressed and zipped philosophy . It is literature that adapts itself to the digital age. #Quote by William C. Brown
Hadwig Klemperers Age quotes by Emma Thompson
#42. If you've got to my age, you've probably had your heart broken many times. So it's not that difficult to unpack a bit of grief from some little corner of your heart and cry over it. #Quote by Emma Thompson
Hadwig Klemperers Age quotes by Meg Cabot
#43. But don't you worry," Dad says, after he spends a moment digesting this information, "that if you don't have children, there'll be one one to care for you in your old age?"
"No," I say. "Because I could have children, and they could turn out to hate me. The way I see it, I have friends who care about me now, so I'll probably have friends who'll care about me when I'm old, too. We'll take care of each other. #Quote by Meg Cabot
Hadwig Klemperers Age quotes by Fela Durotoye
#44. Many men have children, but not many children have 'Fathers'. Age releases to you reproductive skills. Fatherhood requires LEADERSHIP skills #Quote by Fela Durotoye
Hadwig Klemperers Age quotes by Brenda Perlin
#45. Somehow, we both got carried away. I don't know exactly how it happened, but before long, I knew nothing was ever going to be the same. #Quote by Brenda Perlin
Hadwig Klemperers Age quotes by Margaret Mead
#46. In each age there is a series of pressing questions which must be asked and answered. On the correctness of the questions depends the survival of those who ask; on the quality of the answers depends the quality of the life those survivors will lead. #Quote by Margaret Mead

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