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Hadley Sullivan quotes by Jennifer E. Smith
#1. Hadley grabs the laminated safety instructions from the seat pocket in front of her and frowns at the cartoon men and women who seem weirdly delighted to be bailing out of a series of cartoon planes. Beside her, Oliver stifles a laugh, and she glances up again.
"I've just never seen anyone actually read one of those things before,"
"Well," she says, "then you're very lucky to be sitting next to me."
"Just in general?"
She grins. "Well, particularly in case of an emergency."
"Right," he says. "I feel incredibly safe. When I'm knocked unconscious by my tray table during some sort of emergency landing, I can't wait to see all five-foot-nothing of you carry me out of here. #Quote by Jennifer E. Smith
Hadley Sullivan quotes by Rosemary Sullivan
#2. But sex as a physical act is merely athletics, a momentary relief. What it needs to be powerful is desire, and the strongest element of desire is longing. It's in the work. Desider-, sidus: from the stars. The longing that reaches beyond space and time. #Quote by Rosemary Sullivan
Hadley Sullivan quotes by Jennifer E. Smith
#3. You say you can be honest with me?" Hadley asks after a moment, addressing Oliver's rounded shoulders, and he twists to look at her. "Fine. Then talk to me. Be honest."
"About what?"
"Anything you want.
To her surprise, he kisses her then. Not like the kiss at the airport, which was soft and sweet and full of farewell. This kiss is something more urgent, something more desperate; he presses his lips hard against hers, and Hadley closes her eyes and leans in, kissing him back until, just as suddenly, he breaks away again, and they sit staring at each other.
"That's not what I meant," Hadley says, and Oliver gives her a crooked smile.
"You said to be honest. That was the most honest thing I've done all day. #Quote by Jennifer E. Smith
Hadley Sullivan quotes by Chloe Neill
#4. He has to pay people who have a sense of humor. Since he's lacking one," I added, when Ethan didn't laugh. "I understood the joke, Merit," he quietly said, sparkling emerald eyes on me as we began to sway. "I didn't find it funny." "Yes, well, your sense of humor leaves something to be desired." Ethan spun me out and away, then pulled me back again. Stuck-up or not, I had to give him props - the boy could move. "My sense of humor is perfectly well developed," he informed me when our bodies aligned again. "I merely have high standards." "And yet you deign to dance with me." "I'm dancing in a stately home with the owner's daughter, who happens to be a powerful vampire." Ethan looked down at me, brow cocked. "A man could do worse." "A man could do worse," I agreed. "But could a vampire?" "If I find one, I'll ask him." The response was corny enough that I laughed aloud, full and heartily, and had the odd, heart-clenching pleasure of watching him smile back, watching his green eyes shine with the delight of it. #Quote by Chloe Neill
Hadley Sullivan quotes by Ginger M. Sullivan
#5. He would tell you to go in there and kick his ass! #Quote by Ginger M. Sullivan
Hadley Sullivan quotes by Louis Sullivan
#6. The feudal concept of self-preservation is poisoned at the core by the virulent assumption of master and man, of potentate and slave, of external and internal suppression of the life urge of the only one - of its faith in human sacrifice as a means of salvation. #Quote by Louis Sullivan
Hadley Sullivan quotes by Don DeLillo
#7. Sullivan filled the moody silence by announcing that my digression on numbers was somewhat less than Euclidean in its sweep and purity; that one of my main faults was a tendency to get blinded by the neon of an idea, never reaching truly inside it; that to follow a number to infinity was not necessarily to arrive at God. With her fork she bisected a crisp slice of bacon, a piece so brittle the fork barely had to touch it; she then halved the two fragments, then the smaller four, then the resulting eight, and so on, working with the quietly fanatical precision of all those people whose job it is to divide small things into smaller things, who live on the rim of insanity; finally there was nothing left of the slice but a hundred decimal points. Did the bacon represent the insignificance of numbers; the futile quest for infinity; the indivisible nature of God as opposed to the fractional promiscuity of numbers? Was it all a lesson in prime matter and substantial form: Were the bits of bacon supposed to be numbers and the fried egg God? #Quote by Don DeLillo
Hadley Sullivan quotes by Michael J. Sullivan
#8. The gods don't give a gift that precious to someone so undeserving."

"Are you my priest now?"

Hadrian stared at him.

Royce looked back down at the stream below. "She doesn't even know me. What if she doesn't like me? Few people do."

"She might not at first. Maribor knows I didn't. But you have a way of growing on a person." He smiled. "You know, like lichen or mold."

Royce looked up and scowled. "Okay, forget what I said. Definitely steer clear of the priesthood. #Quote by Michael J. Sullivan
Hadley Sullivan quotes by John Jeremiah Sullivan
#9. When certain individuals feel severely threatened - emotionally, financially, physically - the lights on the horizon they use to orient themselves in the world might easily wink out. Life can then become a series of fear-driven decisions and compulsive acts of self-protection. People start to separate what is deeply troubling in their lives from what they see as good. #Quote by John Jeremiah Sullivan
Hadley Sullivan quotes by Faith Sullivan
#10. I'd rather have weeks, days, hours with you happy and content than a lifetime filled with regret. #Quote by Faith Sullivan
Hadley Sullivan quotes by Mark T. Sullivan
#11. Faith is a strange creature," Schuster said. "Like a falcon that nests year after year in the same place, but then flies away, sometimes for years, only to return again, stronger than ever. #Quote by Mark T. Sullivan
Hadley Sullivan quotes by John Jeremiah Sullivan
#12. If we put aside the self-awareness standard -- and really, how arbitrary and arrogant is that, to take the attribute of consciousness we happen to possess over all creatures and set it atop the hierarchy, proclaiming it the very definition of consciousness (Georg Christoph Lichtenberg wrote something wise in his notebooks, to the effect of: only a man can draw a self-portrait, but only a man wants to) -- it becomes possible to say at least the following: the overwhelming tendency of all this scientific work, of its results, has been toward more consciousness. More species having it, and species having more of it than assumed. This was made boldly clear when the 'Cambridge Declaration on Consciousness' pointed out that those 'neurological substrates' necessary for consciousness (whatever 'consciousness' is) belong to 'all mammals and birds, and many other creatures, including octopuses.' The animal kingdom is symphonic with mental activity, and of its millions of wavelengths, we're born able to understand the minutest sliver. The least we can do is have a proper respect for our ignorance.

"The philosopher Thomas Nagel wrote an essay in 1974 titled, 'What Is It Like To Be a Bat?,' in which he put forward perhaps the least overweening, most useful definition of 'animal consciousness' ever written, one that channels Spinoza's phrase about 'that nature belonging to him wherein he has his being.' Animal consciousness occurs, Nagel wrote, when 'there is something that it #Quote by John Jeremiah Sullivan
Hadley Sullivan quotes by Michael J. Sullivan
#13. His Majesty is in a state meeting. He's requested that he not be disturbed."
"The man is already disturbed. I'm just here to beat some sense into his feeble little brain. #Quote by Michael J. Sullivan
Hadley Sullivan quotes by Louis Sullivan
#14. The architect who combines in his being the powers of vision, of imagination, of intellect, of sympathy with human need and the power to interpret them in a language vernacular and time
is he who shall create poems in stone. #Quote by Louis Sullivan
Hadley Sullivan quotes by Hadley Freeman
#15. Pubic hair is proof of sexual maturity and if your partner finds that a turn-off, you should probably reconsider that partner. #Quote by Hadley Freeman
Hadley Sullivan quotes by Andrew Sullivan
#16. I think if someone is writing continuously for 10 years and has not changed their mind about something - there's something wrong with them. They're not really thinking. #Quote by Andrew Sullivan
Hadley Sullivan quotes by Nicole Sullivan
#17. I'm friends with Hank Azaria. We were on a show together 800 years ago, and we laugh every single time. #Quote by Nicole Sullivan
Hadley Sullivan quotes by Michael J. Sullivan
#18. I'm not going to kill these people," Hadrian said. "They're nice people."

"How do you know?"

"I talked to them."

"You talked to me too."

"You're not nice people."

"I know, I know, I have those wolf eyes that good old Sebastian warned you about. Remember him? The nice man who, along with his nice lady friend, was planning to slit your throat?"

"He was right about you at least. #Quote by Michael J. Sullivan
Hadley Sullivan quotes by Andrew Sullivan
#19. Blogging is to writing what extreme sports are to athletics: more free-form, more accident-prone, less formal, more alive. It is, in many ways, writing out loud. #Quote by Andrew Sullivan
Hadley Sullivan quotes by Michael J. Sullivan
#20. I hope you're planning on heading to the kitchens. I'm starved - practically eating my fingers here. He chuckled. #Quote by Michael J. Sullivan
Hadley Sullivan quotes by Edward Bennett Williams
#21. These newspaper reporters ... ever since Sullivan versus New York Times ... have got a license to lie. #Quote by Edward Bennett Williams
Hadley Sullivan quotes by John Jeremiah Sullivan
#22. I've come to think that one reason for the oppressive predictability of polemical essays can be found in today's polarized social and political climate. To paraphrase Emerson: "If I know your party, I anticipate your argument." Not merely about politics but about everything. Clearly this acrimonious state of affairs is not conducive to writing essays that display independent thought and complex perspectives. Most of us open magazines, newspapers, and websites knowing precisely what to expect. Many readers apparently enjoy being members of the choir. In our rancorously partisan environment, conclusions don't follow from premises and evidence but precede them. #Quote by John Jeremiah Sullivan
Hadley Sullivan quotes by John Jeremiah Sullivan
#23. Freaky things happen all the time in the world. I suppose everything has to happen for the first time at some point. #Quote by John Jeremiah Sullivan
Hadley Sullivan quotes by Michael J. Sullivan
#24. I want to know how long we have before he rises. If I cut off his head, will he stay down longer?"
The servant rolled his eyes. "He's not getting up! You killed him."
"My Tetlin ass! That's a god. Gods don't die. They're immortal."
"Really not so much," ... #Quote by Michael J. Sullivan
Hadley Sullivan quotes by Faith Sullivan
#25. The only one I want, the only one I'll ever want, is you. #Quote by Faith Sullivan
Hadley Sullivan quotes by Andrew Sullivan
#26. The relationship of black Americans to Obama is sociologically riveting. #Quote by Andrew Sullivan
Hadley Sullivan quotes by Anne Sullivan
#27. The wrong things are predominantly stressed in the schools - things remote from the student's experience and need. #Quote by Anne Sullivan
Hadley Sullivan quotes by Rick Yancey
#28. Bear proves that true love doesn't have to be complicated - or even reciprocated. #Quote by Rick Yancey
Hadley Sullivan quotes by Faith Sullivan
#29. Better to fail at what you love than succeed at what you hate. People have strange ideas about success ... too much to do with money, not enough to do with joy. #Quote by Faith Sullivan
Hadley Sullivan quotes by Tom Petty
#30. Most magic is a trick, an illusion. But [when The Beatles played the Ed Sullivan Show], this was real. Man oh man, was it real. #Quote by Tom Petty
Hadley Sullivan quotes by Jazmine Sullivan
#31. What's kind of weird is that when I'm writing I don't know where I'm going to go. #Quote by Jazmine Sullivan
Hadley Sullivan quotes by Michael J. Sullivan
#32. Pain, fear, drudgery, boredom, lots of boredom - these are the things that build character. And you need to experience loss and remorse because falling down gives you the opportunity to rise once more. Overcoming challenges turns a self-centered infant into a caring adult. Empathy - the ability to understand and appreciate the feelings of others - is the cornerstone of civilization and the foundation of our relationships. Lack of it . . . well, lack of empathy is as close to a definition of evil that I can come up with. #Quote by Michael J. Sullivan
Hadley Sullivan quotes by Andrew Sullivan
#33. What gay culture is before it is anything else, before it is a culture of desire or a culture of subversion or a culture of pain, is a culture of friendship. #Quote by Andrew Sullivan
Hadley Sullivan quotes by Albert Hadley
#34. Design is about discipline and reality, not about fantasy beyond reality #Quote by Albert Hadley
Hadley Sullivan quotes by Chloe Neill
#35. I'm here," he said. "Be still. #Quote by Chloe Neill
Hadley Sullivan quotes by Bella Andre
#36. If Marcus hadn't already faced the fact that he was head over heels in love with Nicola, he would have fallen right then ... along with five thousand other people in the sold-out concert hall in San Francisco. #Quote by Bella Andre
Hadley Sullivan quotes by Faith Sullivan
#37. He found me when I was at my lowest point. #Quote by Faith Sullivan
Hadley Sullivan quotes by Jonathan Leaf
#38. Take just one well-known event: The Beatles' 1964 appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show. This has been depicted with astonishing regularity as a pivotal cultural moment; in fact an entire movie -- I Wanna Hold Your Hand -- was built around it. And that Sullivan episode was indeed a major event in popular culture. But did you know that in 1961, 26 million people watched a CBS live broadcast of the first performance of a new symphony by classical composer Aaron Copland? Moreover, with all the attention that sixties rock groups receive, it may come as a surprise to learn that My Fair Lady was Columbia Records' biggest-selling album before the 1970s, beating out those of sixties icons Bob Dylan, Janis Joplin and The Byrds. #Quote by Jonathan Leaf
Hadley Sullivan quotes by Tyler  King
#39. My Hadley didn't live atop a pedestal. Neither of us was under any misconception that we were anything but flawed individuals with extensive backgrounds in mistakes and bad decisions. We'd both inflicted pain on each other and suffered our fair share. Despite all of that, and maybe because of it, her lips joined with mine felt like salvation. #Quote by Tyler King
Hadley Sullivan quotes by Mark T. Sullivan
#40. Sometimes happiness comes to us. But usually you have to seek it out. #Quote by Mark T. Sullivan
Hadley Sullivan quotes by Faith Sullivan
#41. It's a good and rare thing to realize when we're happy. #Quote by Faith Sullivan
Hadley Sullivan quotes by J. Courtney Sullivan
#42. She remembered how she had felt cleaning out her father's clothes, wanting at once to hold on to every dirty handkerchief and musty page of sheet much, and yet wishing she were anywhere else on earth, free of it all. #Quote by J. Courtney Sullivan
Hadley Sullivan quotes by James Hadley Chase
#43. My desk clock told me it was five past ten, early for a drink, although I wanted one. After a little hesitation, I decided the bottle wouldn't know it was too early, hoisted it out of the desk drawer and gave myself a small, rather shamefaced nip. #Quote by James Hadley Chase
Hadley Sullivan quotes by David Baldacci
#44. He had started to forget what it was like to hit one out of the park. After Sullivan #Quote by David Baldacci
Hadley Sullivan quotes by Michael J. Sullivan
#45. Do you see the butterfly?" Suri grinned with enthusiasm.
"Yes, I see it, but - "
"So stunning and delicate; it's marvelous. No one can see a butterfly and not stop to admire it. I'd love to be one. To go to sleep and wake up a season later with such beautiful wings and the ability to flutter about. That's the most wonderful sort of magic, don't you think? To change, to grow, to fly. But ... " She paused. "I wonder what the cost would be." The smile diminished once more. "There's always a cost when it comes to magic. I suspect there is a great price to go from lowly caterpillar to glorious butterfly. #Quote by Michael J. Sullivan
Hadley Sullivan quotes by Taylor Sullivan
#46. It only takes one moment, Samantha. One twinge of doubt. One single disagreement for someone to cheat. #Quote by Taylor Sullivan
Hadley Sullivan quotes by Victoria Vane
#47. (Hadley and Mary in the carriage)
"Might I repeat how utterly charming you look?"
"You are very kind," she replied, down casting her eyes as a flash of heat invaded her cheeks. "But even if I were dressed in the finest of gowns, I could never be a lady of fashion."
"Never let that disturb you, my pet." He fingered a mass of curls that had settled over her shoulder just above the expanse of her modestly covered bosom. "I find fashion and beauty are rarely synonymous."
When he caressed a stray lock between thumb and fore!nger and raised it to his lips, Mary felt the dizzying sensation from the roots of her hair to the tips of her toes. #Quote by Victoria Vane

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