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Had Enough quotes by Christina Aguilera
#1. Fighter"

After all that you put me through,
You think I'd despise you,
But in the end I wanna thank you,
'Cause you've made me that much stronger

Well I thought I knew you, thinkin' that you were true
Guess I, I couldn't trust called your bluff time is up
'Cause I've had enough
You were there by my side, always down for the ride
But your joy ride just came down in flames 'cause your greed sold me out in shame

After all of the stealing and cheating you probably think that I hold resentment for you
But uh uh, oh no, you're wrong
'Cause if it wasn't for all that you tried to do, I wouldn't know
Just how capable I am to pull through
So I wanna say thank you
'Cause it

Makes me that much stronger
Makes me work a little bit harder
It makes me that much wiser
So thanks for making me a fighter
Made me learn a little bit faster
Made my skin a little bit thicker
Makes me that much smarter
So thanks for making me a fighter

Never saw it coming, all of your backstabbing
Just so you could cash in on a good thing before I'd realize your game
I heard you're going round playing the victim now
But don't even begin feeling I'm the one to blame
'Cause you dug your own grave
After all of the fights and the lies 'cause you're wanting to haunt me
But that won't work anymore, no more,
It's #Quote by Christina Aguilera
Had Enough quotes by Colin Angle
#2. Starting out, iRobot was not an economic rocket ship. It took six and a half years before we had enough money in the bank at the beginning of each month to make payroll. We always made it - we paid salaries at the end of the month, and I always had four weeks to figure things out. #Quote by Colin Angle
Had Enough quotes by Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.
#3. Life is an end in itself, and the only question as to whether it is worth living is whether you have had enough of it. #Quote by Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.
Had Enough quotes by Richard Brautigan
#4. He'd had enough suffering right now to last him forever with plenty left over for others if they didn't have enough and wanted to have some more. #Quote by Richard Brautigan
Had Enough quotes by Loula Grace Erdman
#5. When these people stopped, there'd be others to take their jobs over. That was the Lord's plan. He was getting the world's work done through people, and He would see to it that He had enough to keep things going. #Quote by Loula Grace Erdman
Had Enough quotes by George R R Martin
#6. I did not do it. Yet now I wish I had.' He turned to face the hall, that sea of pale faces. 'I wish I had enough poison for you all. You make me sorry that I am not the monster you would have me be, yet there it is. I am innocent, but I will get no justice here. #Quote by George R R Martin
Had Enough quotes by Linda Blair
#7. When I was 13 I asked my mother if it was possible for this to end - I'd had enough of it. And that was right about the time that we got a call for 'The Exorcist' interview. #Quote by Linda Blair
Had Enough quotes by Louisa May Alcott
#8. I told my plan to Fritz once, and he said it was just what he would like, and agreed to try it when we got rich. Bless his dear heart, he's been doing it all his life - helping poor boys, I mean, not getting rich, that he'll never be. Money doesn't stay in his pocket long enough to lay up any. But now, thanks to my good old aunt, who loved me better than I ever deserved, I'm rich, at least I feel so, and we can live at Plumfield perfectly well, if we have a flourishing school. It's just the place for boys, the house is big, and the furniture strong and plain. There's plenty of room for dozens inside, and splendid grounds outside. They could help in the garden and orchard. Such work is healthy, isn't it, sir? Then Fritz could train and teach in his own way, and Father will help him. I can feed and nurse and pet and scold them, and Mother will be my stand-by. I've always longed for lots of boys, and never had enough, now I can fill the house full and revel in the little dears to my heart's content. Think what luxury - Plumfield my own, and a wilderness of boys to enjoy it with me. #Quote by Louisa May Alcott
Had Enough quotes by Rick Riordan
#9. Now, as far as I knew, he (Luke) was still sailing around on his demon-infested cruise ship while the chopped-up Lord Kronos re-formed, bit by bit, in a golden sarcophagus, biding his time until he had enough power to challenge the Olympian gods. In demigod-speak, we call this a "problem."
- Percy, 'The Battle of the Labyrinth #Quote by Rick Riordan
Had Enough quotes by Terry Pratchett
#10. - "Surely you have considered terrorist activity?"
There was another pause. Then the spokesman said, in the quiet tones of someone who has had enough and who is going to quit after this and raise chickens somewhere, "Yes, I suppose we must. All we need to do is find some terrorists who are capable of taking an entire nuclear reactor out of its can while it's running and without anyone noticing. It weighs about a thousand tons and is forty feet high. So they'll be quite strong terrorists. Perhaps you'd like to ring them up, sir, and ask them questions in that supercilious, accusatory way of yours."
The BBC interviews a nuclear spokesperson (Terry Pratchett & Neil Gaiman, Good Omens) #Quote by Terry Pratchett
Had Enough quotes by Jaime Allison Parker
#11. He had not joined in on the laughter or even on the beating. Violence of any sort horrified him. Nevertheless, he stood by while Mike, their leader, drove a boot down on Joe's hand. The hideous cracking sound of breaking bones came into his mind and a helpless shudder ran through him. Joe, whose high piercing scream against the autumn skies of indifference, replayed in his memory with shrill agony. Several times, he had shouted: "He's had enough! Let up on him!" Which earned him looks of contempt from the others. They had left the kid there, screaming in that back alley. He remembered trying to drown those screams out of his mind. #Quote by Jaime Allison Parker
Had Enough quotes by Nick Hornby
#12. After Sophie had scraped the last of the makeup off her face, she was aware of the first sharp pangs of something that felt like homesickness. They'd already been told that the BBC wanted another series, but that was months away; and anyway, the last episode of the first series made her realize that one day there would be a last episode, and she didn't know whether she'd be able to bear it. And it didn't help, telling herself that when it was time for the last episode, she'd have had enough, because she couldn't bear that either. She wanted to stay like this forever. She changed her wish quickly: not like this, not exactly ... She wanted it to be the Monday just gone, with a whole week of rehearsals to look forward to, and then a recording. That's where she would like to stop. She was already afraid that she'd never be happier than now-then-and it was already over. #Quote by Nick Hornby
Had Enough quotes by Orson Scott Card
#13. I've had enough adventures," said Noxon, "to know that boredom is the closest thing to happiness. Boredom means that there's nothing wrong. You're not hungry, you're not in pain. Nobody's making any demands on you. Your mind is free to think whatever you want. The only thing that makes boredom unpleasant is if you're impatient for something else to happen. #Quote by Orson Scott Card
Had Enough quotes by Faina Ranevskaya
#14. I had enough brain to live a stupid life. #Quote by Faina Ranevskaya
Had Enough quotes by Kristin Cashore
#15. Archer always had enough jealousy of his own to turn me off to the feeling of it. #Quote by Kristin Cashore
Had Enough quotes by Barbara Elsborg
#16. Turner didn't have to put up with this. He had enough trouble with George's sarcasm. He held his hand. "Keys please."
Her face fell. "Sorry. I sometimes speak without thinking. Well, not sometimes. Often. Never an unspoken thought, my dad used to say. And my mum. And my employers. #Quote by Barbara Elsborg
Had Enough quotes by Blue Rodeo
#17. Somebody waits for the time I know will never come
You get yourself so high
Then you come down feeling blue
One day you'll wake up and realize you've had enough
There's a thousand shining moments
Waiting just to happen to you #Quote by Blue Rodeo
Had Enough quotes by Anna Jarzab
#18. How many people are we going to lose before the universe decides we've had enough?" Carly asked me. I didn't answer, but if I had known what was coming I would have said, "All of them. #Quote by Anna Jarzab
Had Enough quotes by Damon Hill
#19. Winter testing is essential but there comes a point where you have had enough of all the rehearsals and the pretend racing. You just want to get down to the real action. #Quote by Damon Hill
Had Enough quotes by Charlotte Eriksson
#20. No more blurry memories of nights with strangers but still alone... I'd had enough of homeless travelling just to feed my art and I wanted stability and comfort; a calm sense of existence. I wanted a friend, a hand to hold, arms to fall asleep in. #Quote by Charlotte Eriksson
Had Enough quotes by Abby Sunderland
#21. I was so thankful that my parents trusted me enough and had enough faith in my abilities to let me follow my passion and try to do something great, even if I might fail. #Quote by Abby Sunderland
Had Enough quotes by Martin Gore
#22. I live in Santa Barbara. My wife's American, and she lived in England for 11 years and then told me she'd had enough. #Quote by Martin Gore
Had Enough quotes by Bruce Sterling
#23. But even the Four Horsemen of Kidporn, Dope Dealers, Mafia and Terrorists don't worry me as much as totalitarian governments. It's been a long century, and we've had enough of them. #Quote by Bruce Sterling
Had Enough quotes by Lev Grossman
#24. It was too easy, and he'd had enough of doing things the easy way. #Quote by Lev Grossman
Had Enough quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
#25. Please don't let it be really hot here.' New Orleans in August was about as hot as he wanted to deal with. And he definitely didn't want to smell rotten eggs for eternity. He'd had enough of Kyrian's dirty laundry for that. #Quote by Sherrilyn Kenyon
Had Enough quotes by Charles Obutte
#26. I wish everyone had enough to eat and drink including the poor. #Quote by Charles Obutte
Had Enough quotes by Justin Gatlin
#27. I have had enough rest and enough training, #Quote by Justin Gatlin
Had Enough quotes by Marsha Norman
#28. Mama, I know you used to ride the bus. Riding the bus and it's hot and bumpy and crowded and too noisy and more than anything in the world you want to get off and the only reason in the world you don't get off is it's still fifty blocks from where you're going? Well, I can get off right now if I want to, because even if I ride fifty more years and get off then, it's the same place when I step down to it. Whenever I feel like it, I can get off. As soon as I've had enough, it's my stop. I've had enough. #Quote by Marsha Norman
Had Enough quotes by Steven Moore
#29. 4. You've had enough of the big city and decide to return home. Waiting for a bus, you pick up a discarded copy of Larva and, because you have a long bus-ride ahead of you, begin reading. You quickly discover it is not a conventional novel. Do you:
(a) discard it and stare out the window all the way back home?
(b) #Quote by Steven Moore
Had Enough quotes by Jiji Tharayil
#30. Never belittle someone who's been wronged too many times. When they've had enough, they fight back with a vengeance too hard to tame.

--Finding the Unknown | Jiji Tharayil #Quote by Jiji Tharayil
Had Enough quotes by John Singer Sargent
#31. I hate to paint portraits! I hope never to paint another portrait in my life. Portraiture may be all right for a man in his youth, but after forty I believe that manual dexterity deserts one, and, besides, the color-sense is less acute. Youth can better stand the exactions of a personal kind that are inseparable from portraiture. I have had enough of it. #Quote by John Singer Sargent
Had Enough quotes by Ogden Nash
#32. Very Like a Whale

One thing that literature would be greatly the better for
Would be a more restricted employment by authors of simile and metaphor.
Authors of all races, be they Greeks, Romans, Teutons or Celts,
Can'ts seem just to say that anything is the thing it is but have
to go out
of their way to say that it is like something else.
What foes it mean when we are told
That the Assyrian came down like a wolf on the fold?
In the first place, George Gordon Byron had had enough experience
To know that it probably wasn't just one Assyrian, it was a lot
of Assyrians.
However, as too many arguments are apt to induce apoplexy and thus
hinder longevity,
We'll let it pass as one Assyrian for the sake of brevity.
Now then, this particular Assyrian, the one whose cohorts were gleaming
in purple and gold,
Just what does the poet mean when he says he came down like a wolf
the fold?
In heaven and earth more than is dreamed of in our philosophy there
a great many things,
But i don't imagine that among then there is a wolf with purple
and gold
cohorts or purple and gold anythings.
No, no, Lord Byron, before I'll believe that this Assyrian was actually
like a wolf I must have some kind of proof;
Did he run on all fours and did he have a hairy tail and a big red
mouth and
big white teeth and did he say Woof woof?
Fra #Quote by Ogden Nash
Had Enough quotes by Mary Ellen Hannibal
#33. The sky seemed abruptly to have had enough of my dithering and dramatically lightened up around the glowing moon, which retreated like an aging sovereign before the rising sun. #Quote by Mary Ellen Hannibal
Had Enough quotes by Arundhati Roy
#34. For the first time in her life, Tilo felt that her body had enough room to accomodate all of its organs. #Quote by Arundhati Roy
Had Enough quotes by Lisa Kleypas
#35. As Merripen gave the ribbons to a stableman at the mews, Amelia glanced toward the end of the alley.
A pair of street youths crouched near a tiny fire, roasting something on sticks. Amelia did not want to speculate on the nature of the objects being heated. Her attention moved to a group - three men and a woman - illuminated in the uncertain blaze. It appeared two of the men were engaged in fisticuffs. However, they were so inebriated that their contest looked like a performance of dancing bears.
The woman's gown was made of gaudily colored fabric, the bodice gaping to reveal the plump hills of her breasts. She seemed amused by the spectacle of two men battling over her, while a third attempted to break up the fracas.
"'Ere now, my fine jacks," the woman called out in a Cockney accent, "I said I'd take ye both on - no need for a cockfight!"
"Stay back," Merripen murmured.
Pretending not to hear, Amelia drew closer for a better view. It wasn't the sight of the brawl that was so interesting - even their village, peaceful little Primrose Place, had its share of fistfights. All men, no matter what their situation, occasionally succumbed to their lower natures. What attracted Amelia's notice was the third man, the would-be peacemaker, as he darted between the drunken fools and attempted to reason with them.
He was every bit as well dressed as the gentlemen on either side … but it was obvious this man was no gentleman. He was black-haired and swa #Quote by Lisa Kleypas
Had Enough quotes by Jay Stringer
#36. Her name was Senga. You have to love Glasgow; once everyone figured we had enough people named Agnes, they just reversed the letters and started again. Hillcoat #Quote by Jay Stringer
Had Enough quotes by Hannah Lillith Assadi
#37. I inherited this longing. I was addicted to it. And so I was at home with those who wanted and never had enough. I was at home in the places that could never be. The places found only in dreams. #Quote by Hannah Lillith Assadi
Had Enough quotes by Arthur Koestler
#38. I have already thought it over,' said Rubashov. 'I reject your proposition. Logically, you may be right. But I have had enough of this kind of logic. I am tired and I don't want to play this game anymore. Be kind enough to have me taken back to my cell. #Quote by Arthur Koestler
Had Enough quotes by David Foster Wallace
#39. Mr. Incandenza, this is the Enfield Raw Sewage Commission, and quite frankly we've had enough shit out of you. #Quote by David Foster Wallace
Had Enough quotes by Jay Leno
#40. They said these North Korean missiles had enough range to hit Seattle, but residents in Seattle were not worried. Today Bill Gates said Microsoft has enough missiles to destroy North Korea ten times over. #Quote by Jay Leno
Had Enough quotes by China Mieville
#41. They live beyond the quick ghetto. In hovels. In the shantytown.' He smiled. 'And every night, after the sun's descended, they can crawl safely out from their shacks and shuffle into the town. Stick-figures in rags, leaning against the walls. Exhausted and starving, hands outstretched. Begging.' His voice was soft and vicious. 'Begging for the quick to take pity on them. And every so often one of us will acquiesce, and out of pity and contempt, embarrassed by our soft philanthropy, we'll stand in the eaves of a building and offer up our wrists. And you and your kind will open them, all frantic with hunger and fawning with gratitude, and take a few eager swigs, till we decide you've had enough and take back our hands while you weep and beg for more, and maybe spew because you've gone without a hit so long your stomach can't handle what it craves, and we leave you lying in the dirt, blissed by your little fix. #Quote by China Mieville
Had Enough quotes by Elizabeth Warren
#42. Americans understand that the game is rigged, and they've had enough of it. They're ready to fight back. They want a Washington that works for them, i think that people are getting more engaged, politically, and they're seeing through a lot of the rhetoric that politicians have been throwing out there for a long time. They want to see some real change, and I think that's what we need to work on. #Quote by Elizabeth Warren
Had Enough quotes by John Roberts
#43. If we had enough cadaver organs to go around we wouldn't do living donor liver transplants because one is we don't want to put a donor at risk, but the second is that it's a more difficult surgery for the recipient because you're getting a piece of a liver rather than a whole liver. It takes you longer to recover, and it has more complications related to where we sew together the blood vessels and the bile ducts. #Quote by John Roberts
Had Enough quotes by Anthony De Mello
#44. Because left to its own devices life would never produce love, it would only lead you to attraction, from attraction to pleasure, then to attachment, to satisfaction, which finally leads to wearisomeness and boredom. Then comes a plateau. Then once again the weary cycle: attraction, pleasure, attachment, fulfillment, satisfaction, boredom. All of this mixed with the anxieties, the jealousies, the possessiveness, the sorrow, the pain, that make the cycle a roller coaster. When you have gone repeatedly around and around the cycle, a time finally comes when you have had enough and want to call a halt to the whole process. And if you are lucky enough not to run into something or someone else that catches your eye, you will have at least attained a fragile peace. That is the most that life can give you; and you can mistakenly equate this state with freedom and you die without ever having known what it means to be really free and to love. #Quote by Anthony De Mello
Had Enough quotes by Stanislaw Lem
#45. I should acquaint the reader with the basic principles of the mythology I adhered to then. I believed ... that inanimate objects were no less fallible than people. They, too, could be forgetful. And, if you had enough patience, you could catch them by surprise. #Quote by Stanislaw Lem
Had Enough quotes by Brian Wansink
#46. We overeat because there are signals and cues around us that tell us to eat. It's simply not in our nature to pause after every bite and contemplate whether we're full. As we eat, we unknowingly - mindlessly - look for signals or cues that we've had enough. #Quote by Brian Wansink
Had Enough quotes by Thierry Mugler
#47. The reason I quit fashion was that I had had enough of spending my time always being on my knees, making other people look amazing and fabulous. #Quote by Thierry Mugler
Had Enough quotes by Becca Fitzpatrick
#48. The only thing a boyfriend was good for was a shattered heart. #Quote by Becca Fitzpatrick
Had Enough quotes by Hulk Hogan
#49. After watching wrestling for 20 years, I thought I had enough confidence to do it. There were no wrestling schools at the time. #Quote by Hulk Hogan
Had Enough quotes by Raymond Briggs
#50. Dear sir, Mr. B.J. Thing ... er ... we the people of Britain are fed up with being bombed. We had enough of it last time with old Hitler so will you just leave us in peace, you live your life and we'll live ours, hope you are well ... please don't drop any bombs.
Yours sincerely, Mr. and Mrs. J. Bloggs #Quote by Raymond Briggs
Had Enough quotes by Nick Vujicic
#51. One thing I gained in my life is just the need for more Jesus in my life. You never come to a place in your walk with Jesus where you feel like you've had enough. That's a dangerous feeling to have. #Quote by Nick Vujicic
Had Enough quotes by Nora Roberts
#52. No,her mother was made for the life. Patient,with a rod of steel beneath the fragile skin. Shelby wouldn't choose it, nor would she let it choose her. She'd love no one who could leave her again so horribly.
Letting the conversation flow around her, Shelby tilted back her glass. Her eyes met Alan's. It was there-that quietly brooding patience that promised to last a lifetime.She could almost feel him calmly peeling off layer after layer of whatever bits and pieces made up her personality to get to the tiny core she kept private.
You bastard.She nearly said it out loud. Certainly it reflected in her eys for he smiled at her in simple acknowledgement.The siege was definitely under way. She only hoped she had enough provisions to outlast him. #Quote by Nora Roberts
Had Enough quotes by Ariana Grande
#53. It's great hearing stories of my mum growing up in Brooklyn, then moving to Florida, having me and growing up with this eccentric, fun family. Although I don't eat a lot of Italian things, because I'm vegan. I was raised on meat and cheese, so I've had enough for anyone's normal life span. #Quote by Ariana Grande
Had Enough quotes by Rick Astley
#54. When our daughter was born, a light went on for me - there was more to life than what I was doing. It felt like being famous for being a paint salesman. It wasn't the dream I was sold on. I'd had enough of it. #Quote by Rick Astley
Had Enough quotes by Jonathan  Dunne
#55. Okay, that's it! I've had enough! I'm going to trade in my Biblical Studies PhD for a hot dog! #Quote by Jonathan Dunne
Had Enough quotes by Edward Ruscha
#56. Basically everything I've done in art, I was in possession of when I was 20 years old. I use a waste retrieval method of working. I'll go back and use something that disgusted me 15 years ago but that I had enough sense to think about. Some artists change dramatically. I see my work more like history being written. #Quote by Edward Ruscha
Had Enough quotes by Brian Godawa
#57. Needless to say, Lot kept his faith to himself. He told no one of his family background, for fear of them discovering his religion. He never told anyone who he really was. He also saw that the society that touted itself as the "Cities of Love" was actually quite inhospitable to strangers and visitors. Traveling merchants who came to sell their wares in the cities were usually beat up and run out of town, because they were considered greedy. In reality, it was because their prices were so cheap. But the local workers maintained a greedy control over the marketplace. The city took so much of the workers' income, they barely had enough to live on. So, they did not want anyone else to have what they could not. #Quote by Brian Godawa
Had Enough quotes by Allan R. Cohen
#58. It is an illusion that once upon a time managers could make their direct reports do whatever was needed. Nobody has ever had enough authority - they never have and never will. Organizational life is too complicated for that. #Quote by Allan R. Cohen
Had Enough quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
#59. He'd had enough knifes planted in his spine to make a stegosaurus envious.' – Aiden #Quote by Sherrilyn Kenyon
Had Enough quotes by Liz  Newman
#60. Your heart has always been willing to bleed, to ache, to humble itself for love. And, when you've had enough, your heart will be the last to let go. #Quote by Liz Newman
Had Enough quotes by George Hammond
#61. Darwinian evolution has obviously not had enough time to work. #Quote by George Hammond
Had Enough quotes by Jody Hedlund
#62. Let them go and come back here!" Dirk's voice grew harder with anger. "Or else - " "Or else what?" Carl spun around. He'd had enough of Dirk's threats. Who did the man think he was, anyway, lording over him? Did Dirk relish the fact that for once in his life he had power over a nobleman? "What are you going to do?" he shouted. "What?" Dirk rose from the table. His glare sparked with jealousy. "Are you going to tell them the truth about who I am?" Carl said. "Is that it?" Annalisa stiffened. Peter and Uri stopped eating, their greasy fingers suspended over their plates. "Well, why don't I save you the trouble?" Carl continued. "I'll tell them myself. #Quote by Jody Hedlund
Had Enough quotes by Michael Makai
#63. I won't even try to pretend to know what bugs think about during sex, but right about the time the male praying mantis is probably thinking that he's quite the stud, the female does something pretty surprising. Yes, even for horny, bat-shit-crazy, homicidal copulating bugs. Once she has had enough of copulating, she moves on to the next phase, which is masticating. No, not masturbating ... masticating. This is a fancy-schmancy word for chewing. She chews his head off. And no, I don't mean like, "Why didn't you bring me flowers and chocolate?" Oh, no. She literally bites his head off ... and here's where it gets really interesting: She eats it. #Quote by Michael Makai
Had Enough quotes by Colleen Chen
#64. It is nearly impossible to feel anything negative in here. Because you're really connected, to everything, here… but it's only meant to be a temporary sanctuary, a place to remember yourself. In time you'll want your negative thoughts, your emotional baggage back, and you'll have hopefully bolstered yourself enough with the Sanctum's reminder of your Source that you can come out with fresh perspective. When you've had enough of it, you'll know, and then come and join us outside. #Quote by Colleen Chen
Had Enough quotes by John Scalzi
#65. It was this philosophy that had Harvey taking the hovercraft Sagan had stolen, mounting it, and, after a few moments to glean the fundamentals of navigating it, rocketing on it toward the door of the Obin mess hall. As Harvey approached, the door to the mess hall opened inward; some Obin heading to duty after dinner. Harvey grinned a mad grin, gunned the hovercraft, and then braked it just enough (he hoped) to jam that fucking alien right back into the room.
It worked perfectly. The Obin had enough time for a surprised squawk before the hovercraft's gun struck it square in the chest, punching backward like it was a toy on a string, hurling down nearly the entire length of the hall. The other Obin in the room looked up while Harvey's victim pinwheeled to the ground, then turned their multiple eyes toward the doorway, Harvey, and the hovercraft with its big gun poking right into the room.
"Hello, boys!" Harvey said in a big, booming voice. "The 2nd Platoon sends its regards!" And with that, he jammed down the "fire" button on the gun and set to work.
Things got messy real fast after that. It was just fucking beautiful.
Harvey loved his job. #Quote by John Scalzi
Had Enough quotes by Louis De Bernieres
#66. There comes a point in life where each one of us who survives begins to feel like a ghost that has forgotten to die at the right time, and certainly most of us were more amusing when we were young. It seems that age folds the heart in on itself. Some of us walk detached, dreaming on the past, and some of us realize that we have lost the trick of standing in the sun. For many of us the thought of the future is a cause for irritation rather than optimism, as if we have had enough of new things, and wish only for the long sleep that rounds the edges of our lives #Quote by Louis De Bernieres
Had Enough quotes by Jason Newsted
#67. It all has to do with art - writing, painting, things I've done for a long time but just never had enough time to pursue. I have poetry - things that are designed for songs, but they're always poems first. #Quote by Jason Newsted
Had Enough quotes by Paula McLain
#68. Lower your voice," he warned, but I'd had enough. As he reached for my arm again, I wrenched myself free and nearly flattened Boy Long in the process. I hadn't even seen him. Glancing between Jock and me quickly, gauging the situation, Boy said, "Is everything all right #Quote by Paula McLain
Had Enough quotes by Amy Leach
#69. Thereafter were the stars persuaded to depict compasses and quadrants, stripped of their names, given numbers, all but regimented into a grid, before they had had enough and reverted to their old subjects: dogs, dragons, herdsmen, bears. Take heed, worldly fashion - someone may trust you up to a point, but if you push him too far you will lose all the power you ever had over him and he will blaze up and turn into a bear. #Quote by Amy Leach
Had Enough quotes by Susan Cain
#70. Introverts have wide-open information channels, causing them to be flooded with stimulation and over-aroused, while extroverts have tighter channels, making them prone to under-arousal. Over-arousal doesn't produce anxiety so much as the sense that you can't think straight - that you've had enough and would like to go home now. Under-arousal is something like cabin fever. Not enough is happening: you feel itchy, restless, and sluggish, like you need to get out of the house already. #Quote by Susan Cain
Had Enough quotes by Brene Brown
#71. I am enough (worthiness versus shame). I've had enough (boundaries versus one-uping and comparison). Showing up, taking risks, and letting myself be seen is enough (engagement versus disengagement). #Quote by Brene Brown
Had Enough quotes by Morgan Rhodes
#72. Even paradise could become a prison if one had enough time to take notice of the walls. #Quote by Morgan Rhodes
Had Enough quotes by Bob Filner
#73. Our policy for the last many years has been to deter the Chinese government in Beijing from ever coming into the position where they thought they had enough leverage over the U.S. to cross the Straits of Taiwan. #Quote by Bob Filner
Had Enough quotes by Ed Lynskey
#74. Quote is taken from Chapter 1:
Since Etta could log in her rare Baltimore oriole sighting, she decided she'd had enough birding for one day. It was just a fun hobby, not an obsession. #Quote by Ed Lynskey
Had Enough quotes by John Howard Griffin
#75. Phew!" His small blue eyes shone with repugnance, a look of such unreasoning contempt for my skin that it filled me with despair. It was a little thing, but piled on all the other little things it broke something in me. Suddenly I had had enough. Suddenly I could stomach no more of this degradation - not of myself but of all men who were black like me. #Quote by John Howard Griffin
Had Enough quotes by Jennifer Connelly
#76. I had enough time being single to know I have no regrets about being married! #Quote by Jennifer Connelly
Had Enough quotes by Rick Riordan
#77. We had enough quite enough snobbery in this world without exporting it to the hereafter. #Quote by Rick Riordan
Had Enough quotes by Sarah Manguso
#78. There will come a time when people decide you've had enough of your grief, and they'll try to take it away from you. #Quote by Sarah Manguso
Had Enough quotes by Anna Popplewell
#79. I'm one of those people who really wants to do everything. And if I had enough time, I really would. #Quote by Anna Popplewell
Had Enough quotes by Claire Cook
#80. I had a system, too, though I was pretty sure I'd ever acknowledged it before, even to myself. My closet was arranged by size: Now, Not That Long Ago, Once Upon a Time, Never Again, and In Your Dreams. I didn't even have to check the tags to verify the humiliating range of ever-increasing numerals displayed on them. I wondered what size I'd be when I'd finally had enough. #Quote by Claire Cook
Had Enough quotes by Thomas Hardy
#81. What is it, Angel?" she said, starting up. "Have they come for me?"
"Yes, dearest," he said. "They have come."
"It is as it should be," she murmured. "Angel, I am almost glad - yes, glad! This happiness could not have lasted. It was too much. I have had enough; and now I shall not live for you to despise me!"
She stood up, shook herself, and went forward, neither of the men having moved.
"I am ready," she said quietly. #Quote by Thomas Hardy
Had Enough quotes by Edwin Hodge
#82. The optimistic side of me hopes that the majority of people look at what's going on in politics today and in the world, in general, and just say, "We've had enough." #Quote by Edwin Hodge
Had Enough quotes by Tucker Max
#83. You know that look a cop gives you when he's so confused that he doesn't even know how to respond? If you don't know that look, it means you haven't had enough fun in your life. #Quote by Tucker Max
Had Enough quotes by Daphne Du Maurier
#84. I might say that we have paid for freedom. But I have had enough melodrama in this life, and would willingly give my five senses if they could ensure us our present peace and security. Happiness is not a possession to be prized, it is a quality of thought, a state of mind of course we have on moments of depression; but there are other moments too, when time, unmeasured by the clock, runs on into eternity. #Quote by Daphne Du Maurier
Had Enough quotes by Katja Millay
#85. You didn't get a choice in what happened to you. Neither did
we. But you have a choice in what happens now. We don't. You're the one in control and all we can do is sit on the sidelines and watch, even if you
keep making the wrong calls over and over again." We're obviously veering into sports metaphor territory. "We're not going to force you to do
anything you aren't ready to do. You've had enough forced on you. But you have to make a decision about how long you're going to let this define
your life. #Quote by Katja Millay
Had Enough quotes by Moriah Jovan
#86. I can't be on too long before I have to stop. If she hadn't left, you'd both be home right now."

Victoria's brow wrinkled.

"I don't understand."

"You take energy from people, from crowds, and you expend more. For you, when you're on, you run like a German engine, no?"


"When you go home after the party's over and you haven't had enough attention, you miss it. You crave more."


"I don't take in energy like that. People take energy from me. I can be social, I can be on, but I go home for silence and solitude, not because it's time for the party to end. I don't want to hear another person's voice for three days so I can recharge. Like a battery. #Quote by Moriah Jovan
Had Enough quotes by Meredith Brooks
#87. If a person ever came to me as a fan and tried to go out on a date, I wouldn't. I've had enough kind of crazy experiences in that department. #Quote by Meredith Brooks
Had Enough quotes by Joyce Meyer
#88. Clean Up Let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles, and let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us. Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith. HEBREWS 12:1- 2 NIV Have you ever gone on a cleaning rampage to straighten up your home or office? Did you enjoy pitching junk, straightening objects, and organizing materials so that you could find them when you need them? You may need to get on a Holy Ghost rampage and do the same thing with your life. Say, I've had enough bondage. I've had enough negative thoughts. I've had enough of the lies of the devil. I am not going to have any more bad days. I am not going to be discouraged, depressed, or despondent. I am going to enjoy my life! #Quote by Joyce Meyer
Had Enough quotes by Mary Downing Hahn
#89. Long before I was ready to say good-bye, Hannah rose to her feet and beckoned to Andrew. "We've had enough excitement for one day. It's time to leave."
After making sure Aunt Blythe wasn't looking, Andrew pulled a leather bag out of his pocket. "She thinks you already have these," he said. "They're yours for keeps now."
I clasped the marbles to my heart and stared at him through a blur of tears. "Come back soon, Andrew."
He hugged me so hard he squashed my nose against his bony shoulder. "At my age, I can't promise anything, but I'll do my best to see you again, and that's the truth. After all, Hannah and I aren't that far away. With modern cars and highways, Riverview's a sight closer than it used to be."
Reluctant to let him go, I looked him in the eye. "No matter what happens, I'll always keep you here." I struck my chest with my fist. "Right here in my heart as long as I live."
Andrew smiled. "I fancy you picked up that pretty notion from Hannah." Hugging me again, he said, "I hope your heart lasts as long as mine has, Drew. I want you to have all the time in the world to do whatever you like. #Quote by Mary Downing Hahn
Had Enough quotes by Lisa Papademetriou
#90. What is she doing here? I wondered. Hasn't she had enough green-upping? #Quote by Lisa Papademetriou
Had Enough quotes by Wayne Dyer
#91. When I chased after money, I never had enough. When I got my life on purpose and focused on giving of myself and everything that arrived into my life, then I was prosperous. #Quote by Wayne Dyer
Had Enough quotes by Nick Cole
#92. When is a horror one horror too many? When have you had enough? #Quote by Nick Cole
Had Enough quotes by Karen Kingsbury
#93. Love never had enough time, but what time was left, he would savor. Every single second. #Quote by Karen Kingsbury
Had Enough quotes by Kent Haruf
#94. You're going to die some day without ever having had enough trouble in your life. Not of the right kind anyway. #Quote by Kent Haruf
Had Enough quotes by Julian Barnes
#95. And what percentage of people take up the option to die off?' She looked at me, her glance telling me to be calm. 'Oh, a hundred per cent, of course. Over many thousands of years, calculated by old time, of course. But yes, everyone takes the option, sooner or later.'

'So it's just like the first time round? You always die in the end?'

'Yes, except don't forget the quality of life here is much better. People die when they decide they've had enough, not before. The second time round it's altogether more satisfying because it's willed.' She paused, then added, 'As I say, we cater for what people want.'

I hadn't been blaming her. I'm not that sort. I just wanted to find out how the system worked. 'So … even people, religious people, who come here to worship God throughout eternity … they end up throwing in the towel after a few years, hundred years, thousand years?'

'Certainly. As I said, there are still a few Old Heaveners around, but their numbers are diminishing all the time. #Quote by Julian Barnes
Had Enough quotes by Rachel Gibson
#96. Kiss me, babe."'
"No, really." Beneath the light of a sixty-watt bulb on her porch, Adele Harris placed a hand on the chest of her latest date. "I've had enough excitement for one night. #Quote by Rachel Gibson
Had Enough quotes by Terry Pratchett
#97. If you had enough money, you could hardly commit crimes at all. You just perpetrated amusing little peccadilloes. #Quote by Terry Pratchett
Had Enough quotes by Philip Reeve
#98. In the old days, I'd never given a thought to the future, and not much to the past. I'd lived simply in the now. I'd been happy if I had enough to eat, and nobody was hitting me. I'd been miserable when I was cold and frightened when I was ill, but mostly I gave no more thought than an animal did to what might happen tomorrow, or next week. Just an animal walking about on two legs, that's all I was till Myrddin changed me. It seemd to me sometimes I'd been happier that way. #Quote by Philip Reeve
Had Enough quotes by Rebecca Berto
#99. I'm either with you forever, or I'm not. I'm not into games or fucking around. I've had enough experience to know what to hold onto when I get it. #Quote by Rebecca Berto
Had Enough quotes by Haruki Murakami
#100. I don't care what you do to me, but I don't want you to hurt me. I've had enough hurt already in my life. More than enough. Now I want to be happy. #Quote by Haruki Murakami
Had Enough quotes by George Polya
#101. Hilbert once had a student in mathematics who stopped coming to his lectures, and he was finally told the young man had gone off to become a poet. Hilbert is reported to have remarked: 'I never thought he had enough imagination to be a mathematician.' #Quote by George Polya
Had Enough quotes by Gregory Maguire
#102. Finally the gorilla queen had had enough. She wrote a letter to the editor of Baboons' Home Journal and asked for advice. The editor printed her letter (but in order to protect her privacy, changed her name from 'Gorilla Queen' to 'Worried in the Royal Castle'). The editor suggested hiring a local hunter to take the little troublemaker out into the woods, kill him, and cut his heart out and bring it back. 'Check page 44 of last month's issue for delicious recipes, at just pennies a serving!' she concluded. #Quote by Gregory Maguire
Had Enough quotes by Cy Coleman
#103. Since I was the solo artist as well as the writer for the songs, I figured I had enough credits on it already. #Quote by Cy Coleman
Had Enough quotes by Lauren Kate
#104. I'm tired," she said.
"Rest," Daniel said softly.
"No, I'm tired of being punished simply because I love you, Daniel. I don't want anything to do with Lucifer, with Scale and Outcasts and
whatever other sides there are. I'm not a pawn; I'm a person.
And I've had enough."
Daniel wrapped his hand over Luce's and squeezed. #Quote by Lauren Kate
Had Enough quotes by Henry David Thoreau
#105. But, on more accounts than one, I had had enough of moose-hunting. I had not come to the woods for this purpose, nor had I foreseen it, though I had been willing to learn how the Indian manvred; but one moose killed was as good, if not as bad, as a dozen. #Quote by Henry David Thoreau
Had Enough quotes by Eleanor Catton
#106. The readership of Victorian novels, when they were published, was much less diverse. People were probably white, and had enough money to be literate. Very often, there are phrases in Italian, German and French that are left untranslated. #Quote by Eleanor Catton
Had Enough quotes by George Orwell
#107. But it was also clear that an all-round increase in wealth threatened the destruction - indeed, in some sense was the destruction - of a hierarchical society. In a world in which everyone worked short hours, had enough to eat, lived in a house with a bathroom and a refrigerator, and possessed a motor-car or even an aeroplane, the most obvious and perhaps the most important form of inequality would already have disappeared. If it once became general, wealth would confer no distinction. #Quote by George Orwell
Had Enough quotes by Swami Vivekananda
#108. Strength, strength for us. What we need is strength, who will give us strength? There are thousands to weaken us, and of stories we have had enough ... #Quote by Swami Vivekananda
Had Enough quotes by Bootsy Collins
#109. Catfish is not playing guitar no more, he's doing like a home-front thing. He had been in the business around ten years before I got in it, so I guess he's had enough of it. #Quote by Bootsy Collins
Had Enough quotes by Timur Vermes
#110. I expect you are wondering why I had not considered the possibility of unemployment. The reason being that my mind had a very different recollection of what unemployed men looked like. The jobless man I remembered from the past went out onto the street with a placard around his neck that read "Looking for any type of work". When he'd had enough of drifting fruitlessly around in this manner, he would remove the placard, grab a red flag handed to him by a loitering Bolshevist, and return to the street. #Quote by Timur Vermes
Had Enough quotes by Melody Beattie
#111. I want to thank each person who has the courage to push through and past the set of coping behaviors we've come to label as codependency - who learn what it means to take care of themselves. "Nobody taught me how to take care of myself," a fifty-year-old woman told me recently. "I didn't have enough money to go to therapy, but I had enough to buy a book. #Quote by Melody Beattie
Had Enough quotes by Ebba Haslund
#112. It was more likely the fear of emptiness, of being left alone in a shadow world when everyone else abandoned me, each for his or her own reality, a desperate urge for action, for once in my life to take my fate in my hands. I wanted a place in the real world, wanted something concrete, tangible to cling to - something that was visible to others. I said to myself that I'd had enough of substitutes. #Quote by Ebba Haslund
Had Enough quotes by Elizabeth Boyle
#113. Enough, Aunt Josephine," Jack said, cutting her off, ignoring the stubborn light in her eyes. Oh, she was a Tremont all right, and one of the "mad" Tremonts at that, but she was no longer in charge of this house.
He was. And it was about time he took the reins of this manor and ran it as he saw fit.
"There will be no next time," he told her.
"But Jack, my dear boy--"
He rose from Miranda's side. "There will be no next time. For any of you. I have had enough of seeing my friends, my family, let alone the woman I love risk life, limb, and for what?" He paced the room. "There will never be an end to this if something isn't done, so I am ending it. Here and now."
"But Jack--" Miranda protested.
He swung around on her. "And not a word from you. Do you think I want my wife risking her life on such an improper fashion?"
"You love me?" she whispered.
"Yes," he barked at her.
She grinned up at him. "You want to marry me?"
"Should have years ago." He paced back and forth. "I lost you once, Miranda, I shall not lose you again." He crossed his arms over his chest and glared at everyone in the room, daring them to defy him. #Quote by Elizabeth Boyle
Had Enough quotes by Jennifer Donnelly
#114. I have a surprise for you," the Beast had said, in his usual brusque tone.
Belle had just come in from feeding her horse, Philippe, and was standing by the kitchen's back door, shaking snow from her cloak. She'd taken one look at him - at the scowl on his face, at his clenched paws, at his awkward stance - and said, "No, thank you."
The Beast had blinked, taken aback by her refusal. His scowl had deepened. "I said, I have a surprise for you!"
"And I heard you," Belle had replied, "but I've had enough surprises to last me a lifetime. Including cold, dark cells, packs of wolves, and tantrums."
"Tantrums? Tantrums?" the Beast had sputtered. "I can't believe ... How can you say ... That wasn't a tantrum! And it wasn't my fault! I told you not to go to the West Wing. I told you -"
Belle had given him a sidelong look. "You're right. What was I thinking? You'd never throw a tantrum. Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to hang up my cloak. #Quote by Jennifer Donnelly
Had Enough quotes by Pat Robertson
#115. We have enough votes to run the country. And when the people say, We've had enough, we are going to take over. #Quote by Pat Robertson
Had Enough quotes by Chuck Palahniuk
#116. She says, "I'll swear by the rose tattooed on my ass, that old man raped me."
Here, the funeral parade stops. At this point, Comrade Snarky is a victim among victims. The rest of us - just her supporting cast.
Mrs. Clark, leading us, she looks back and says, "He what?"
And from behind his camera, Agent Tattletale says, "Me, too. He raped me first."
Saint Gut-Free says, "Well what the hell ... He poked me, too."
As if poor skinny Saint Gut-Free had enough ass left to poke.
And Mrs. Clark says, "This is not funny. Not in the least."
"Tough," the Matchmaker tells her. "It's wasn't funny, either, when you raped me."
Shaking his ponytail, the Duke of Vandals tells the Matchmaker, "You couldn't pay to get raped. #Quote by Chuck Palahniuk
Had Enough quotes by J.B. McGee
#117. Turning my head so I can look into his eyes, I strum my fingers across his cheek. You're right. I think we've both had enough darkness. I want to live in light. #Quote by J.B. McGee
Had Enough quotes by Steven Pressfield
#118. The American people... have had enough of sacrificing their sons and daughters in the name of some illusory world order; they want someone else's sons and daughters to bear the burden. The American people are willing to pay for this privilege, in cash and in the circumscription of their own liberty. #Quote by Steven Pressfield
Had Enough quotes by J.K. Rowling
#119. Some say he died. Codswallop, in my opinion. Dunno if he had enough human left in him to die. Some say he's still out there, bidin' his time, like, but I don' believe it. #Quote by J.K. Rowling
Had Enough quotes by Terry Pratchett
#120. There were plotters, there was no doubt about it. Some had been ordinary people who'd had enough. Some were young people with no money who objected to the fact that the world was run by old people who were rich. Some were in it to get girls. And some had been idiots as mad as Swing, with a view of the world just as rigid and unreal, who were on the side of what they called 'the people'. Vimes had spent his life on the streets, and had met decent men and fools and people who'd steal a penny from a blind beggar and people who performed silent miracles or desperate crimes every day behind the grubby windows of little houses, but he'd never met The People.

People on the side of The People always ended up disappointed, in any case. They found that The People tended not to be grateful or appreciative or forward-thinking or obedient. The People tended to be small-minded and conservative and not very clever and were even distrustful of cleverness. And so the children of the revolution were faced with the age-old problem: it wasn't that you had the wrong kind of government, which was obvious, but that you had the wrong kind of people.
As soon as you saw people as things to be measured, they didn't measure up. What would run through the streets soon enough wouldn't be a revolution or a riot. It'd be people who were frightened and panicking. It was what happened when the machinery of city life faltered, the wheels stopped turning and all the little rules broke down. And #Quote by Terry Pratchett
Had Enough quotes by James Baldwin
#121. About my interests: I don't know if I have any, unless the morbid desire to own a sixteen-millimeter camera and make experimental movies can be so classified. Otherwise, I love to eat and drink – it's my melancholy conviction that I've scarcely ever had enough to eat (this is because it's impossible to eat enough if you're worried about the next meal) – and I love to argue with people who do not disagree with me too profoundly, and I love to laugh. I do not like bohemia, or bohemians, I do not like people whose principal aim is pleasure, and I do not like people who are earnest about anything. I don't like people who like me because I'm a Negro; neither do I like people who find in the same accident grounds for contempt. I love America more than any other country in the world, and, exactly for this reason, I insist on the right to criticize her perpetually. I think all theories are suspect, that the finest principles may have to be modified, or may even be pulverized by the demands of life, and that one must find, therefore, one's own moral center and move through the world hoping that this center will guide one aright. I consider that I have many responsibilities, but none greater than this: to last, as Hemingway says, and get my work done. #Quote by James Baldwin
Had Enough quotes by Thomas A. Harris
#122. Three things make people want to change. One is that they hurt sufficiently. They have beat their heads against the same wall so long that they decide they have had enough. They have invested in the same slot machines without a pay-off for so long that they finally are willing either to stop playing, or to move on to others. Their migraines hurt, their ulcers bleed. They are alcoholic. They have hit the bottom. They beg for relief. They want to change.

Another thing that makes people want to change is a slow type of despair called ennui, or boredom. This is what the person has who goes through life saying, "So what?" until he finally asks the ultimate big "So What?" He is ready to change.

A third thing that makes people want to change is the sudden discovery that they can. This has been an observable effect of Transactional Analysis. Many people who have shown no particular desire to change have been exposed to Transactional Analysis through lectures or by hearing about it from someone else. This knowledge has produced an excitement about new possibilities, which has led to their further inquiry and a growing desire to change. There is also the type of patient who, although suffering from disabling symptoms, still does not really want to change. His treatment contract reads, "I'll promise to let you help me if I don't have to get well." This negative attitude changes, however, as the patient begins to see that there is indeed another way to live. A worki #Quote by Thomas A. Harris
Had Enough quotes by Lance Armstrong
#123. There were no shortcuts, I realized. It took years of racing to build up the mind and body and character until a rider had logged hundreds of races and thousands of miles of road. I wouldn't be able to win a Tour de France until I had enough iron in my legs, and lungs, and brain and Heart. #Quote by Lance Armstrong
Had Enough quotes by Sherwood Smith
#124. He dropped the tapestry back into place and stood with his back to it, looking at me across the width of the room. "It seems," he said, "that seeking your opinion will not cease to embroil us in argument, whatever the cause. I apologize. I also realize trying to convince you of my good intentions is a fruitless effort, but my own conscience demanded that I make the attempt."
I couldn't think of any reply to make to that, so I whirled around and retreated into the library, my insides boiling with a nasty mixture of embarrassment and anger. Why did I always have to bring up that war
and pick a fight? What kind of answer was I looking for?
All I do is repeat the humiliations of last year. As if I haven't had enough of those, I thought grimly. And the worst thing was, I wouldn't dare to go near that room again, despite his offer at the beginning of the encounter
an encounter which was thoroughly my own fault. #Quote by Sherwood Smith
Had Enough quotes by Cat Sebastian
#125. Honor was a luxury item, like hair pomade and snuff. Its only purpose was to show the world that you could afford to be impractical, that you had enough money to behave in a way that was compatible with some ludicrous code instead of acting out of self-preservation like the rest of humanity. #Quote by Cat Sebastian
Had Enough quotes by Emma Raveling
#126. In a world of prophecy and war, where so much of my life followed a path laid out by duty and destiny,Tristan had enough strength to give me what no one else could. The one precious thing I needed the most. A choice. #Quote by Emma Raveling
Had Enough quotes by Bob Dylan
#127. I was headed for the fantastic lights. No doubt about it. Could it be that I was being deceived? Not likely. I don't think I had enough imagination to be deceived; had no false hope, either. I'd come from a long ways off and had started from a long ways down. But now destiny was about to manifest itself. I felt like it was looking right at me and nobody else. #Quote by Bob Dylan
Had Enough quotes by Jonathan Safran Foer
#128. I could tell that Mom was dreaming, but I didn't want to know what she was dreaming about, because I had enough of my own nightmares, and if she had been dreaming something happy, I would have been angry at her for dreaming something happy. #Quote by Jonathan Safran Foer
Had Enough quotes by Andrew Solomon
#129. I'm sure that if we had enough sophistication, someone could look at what my changes in brain structure were as I came to feel more deeply in love. #Quote by Andrew Solomon
Had Enough quotes by Michael Grant
#130. Listen, sweetheart. Don't be a hero. [ ... ] If they actually go through with this hare-brained notion and send you into the fighting, there will come a time when you'll have a choice between staying in your trench and crawling out of it to save a buddy. Or maybe you'll have had enough of getting shelled and decide you just have to run out there and shoot someone. That's what I mean. When that moment comes, you stay down. You keep your head down. You hug the ground. #Quote by Michael Grant
Had Enough quotes by Thomas Bernhard
#131. She herself had never had enough money and never enough time and hadn't even been unhappy once, in contrast to those she called refined gentlemen, who always had enough money and enough time and constantly talked about their unhappiness. She #Quote by Thomas Bernhard
Had Enough quotes by Ann Romney
#132. They were not easy years. You have to understand, I was raised in a lovely neighborhood, as was Mitt, and at BYU, we moved into a $62-a-month basement apartment with a cement floor and lived there two years as students with no income ... Neither one of us had a job, because Mitt had enough of an investment from stock that we could sell off a little at a time. #Quote by Ann Romney
Had Enough quotes by Bethenny Frankel
#133. You do what you can, when you can, and only after you've had enough sleep. #Quote by Bethenny Frankel
Had Enough quotes by David Bodanis
#134. An optimist was someone who believed that however complicated or random or odd a stretching curve might seem, if we had enough insight then we could understand the simple guiding principle from which it actually came. The concept then spread from mathematics to mean anyone who believes that such an optimal path can open up in life. #Quote by David Bodanis
Had Enough quotes by Ernest Hemingway,
#135. But perhaps he had enough animal strength and detached intelligence that he could make another start. #Quote by Ernest Hemingway,
Had Enough quotes by Joe Cowley
#136. Even rats can only be kicked around for so long before they've had enough. #Quote by Joe Cowley
Had Enough quotes by Darren Shan
#137. I stop reading after half an hour. I've had enough. Humanity has hit a brick wall. We're facing our end, like the dinosaurs millions of years before us. The only difference is we've got journalists on hand to document every blow and setback, cataloguing our rapid, painful downfall in vibrant, vicious detail. Personally, I think the dinosaurs had the better deal. When it comes to impending, unavoidable extinction, ignorance is bliss. #Quote by Darren Shan
Had Enough quotes by Jessamyn Stanley
#138. At what point would you finally say, 'I've had enough of hating my body. #Quote by Jessamyn Stanley
Had Enough quotes by Kenneth Rexroth
#139. I write for one and only one purpose, to overcome the invincible ignorance of the traduced heart. [ ... ] I wish to speak to and for those who have had enough of the Social Lie, the Economics of Mass Murder, the Sexual Hoax, and the Domestication of Conspicuous Consumption. #Quote by Kenneth Rexroth
Had Enough quotes by Daniel H. Wilson
#140. I wrote six nonfiction books before getting into narrative fiction with 'Robopocalypse,' including 'How to Survive a Robot Uprising.' My goal all along was to start writing fiction, and I guess one day I'd just had enough. #Quote by Daniel H. Wilson
Had Enough quotes by George R R Martin
#141. Nothing but this: I did not do it. Yet now I wish I had ... I wish I had enough poison for you all. You make me sorry that I am not the monster you would have me be, yet there it is. #Quote by George R R Martin
Had Enough quotes by Robert O. Becker
#142. Now I had enough pieces to start on the puzzle. I summarized theobservations in a little matrix:

Extent of injury is proportional to regeneration

Amount of nerve is proportional to regeneration

Extent of injury is proportional to current of injury

Amount of nerve is proportional to current of injury

Ergo: current of injury is proportional to regeneration #Quote by Robert O. Becker
Had Enough quotes by Andrew James Pritchard
#143. Anoop had obviously worked quite hard to earn the money to buy that glitzy little bracelet. He certainly had enough calluses and deep scars on his hands and fingers to show for all his labour, as each was obtained while trying to support his family in the style they were accustom to. Nonetheless she frequently called him a lazy alcoholic, just because he was temporarily out of work, and then left the stupid bracelet out in public as if it were simply a cheap and silly trinket. #Quote by Andrew James Pritchard
Had Enough quotes by Cath Crowley
#144. I escaped onto the wall, a painted ghost trapped in a jar. I stood back to look at it and I knew the sad thing wasn't that the ghost was running out of air. the sad thing was that he had enough air in that small space to last him a lifetime. What were you thinking, little ghost? Letting yourself get trapped like that? #Quote by Cath Crowley
Had Enough quotes by Cynthia Hand
#145. I love that he says heck.
I've totally had enough of hell. #Quote by Cynthia Hand
Had Enough quotes by Alexandra Potter
#146. Maybe I just don't want another rejection," he shrugs. "I've had enough of that in my so-called acting career."
Oh, so this is what it's all about.
"But you're not auditioning for a role," I try to persuade him.
"Aren't I?" he raises his eyebrows. #Quote by Alexandra Potter
Had Enough quotes by Simon Armitage
#147. I wondered if people might not have had enough of Simon Armitage and wondered whether I hadn't had enough of Simon Armitage. #Quote by Simon Armitage
Had Enough quotes by Jasper Fforde
#148. ALBINOS DEMAND ACTION ON MOVIE SLUR The albino community demanded action yesterday to stop their unfair depiction as yet another movie featured an albino as a deranged hitman. "We've had enough," said Mr. Silas yesterday at a small rally of albinos at London's Pinewood Studios. "Just because of an unusual genetic abnormality, Hollywood thinks it can portray us as dysfunctional social pariahs. Ask yourself this: Have you ever been, or know anyone who has ever been, a victim of albino crime?" The protest follows hot on the heels of last week's demonstrations when Colombians and men with ponytails complained of being unrelentingly portrayed as drug dealers. - Extract from The Mole, July 31, 2003 #Quote by Jasper Fforde
Had Enough quotes by Charles Dickens
#149. The same mistake presents itself to me, in one shape or other, at every turn,' said brother Charles. 'Parents who never showed their love, complain of want of natural affection in their children; children who never showed their duty, complain of want of natural feeling in their parents; law-makers who find both so miserable that their affections have never had enough of life's sun to develop them, are loud in their moralisings over parents and children too, and cry that the very ties of nature are disregarded. Natural affections and instincts, my dear sir, are the most beautiful of the Almighty's works, but like other beautiful works of His, they must be reared and fostered, or it is as natural that they should be wholly obscured, and that new feelings should usurp their place, as it is that the sweetest productions of the earth, left untended, should be choked with weeds and briers. I wish we could be brought to consider this, and remembering natural obligations a little more at the right time, talk about them a little less at the wrong one. #Quote by Charles Dickens
Had Enough quotes by Warren Farrell
#150. Just as the Depression left a generation of dads feeling they never had enough money, so father deprivation is leaving a generation of sons and daughters with different psychic wounds. #Quote by Warren Farrell
Had Enough quotes by Eric Bana
#151. By the time I finished comedy, I was really burnt out of it. I had had enough. I don't really have a strong desire to prove myself in that area, or to go back to it in any great way. #Quote by Eric Bana
Had Enough quotes by Samuel R. Delany
#152. You've blotted the rich form of desire from my life and left me only some vaguely eccentric behaviors that have grown up to integrate so much pleasure into the mundane world around me. What text could I write now? It's as though I cannot even remember what I once desired. All I can look for now, when I have the energy, is lost desire itself-- and I look for it by clearly inadequate means. At best such an account as I might write would read like the life of anyone else, with, now and again, a bizarre and interruptive incident, largely mysterious and completely demystified-- at least that's what it has become without the day-to-day, moment-to-moment web of wanting that you have unstrung from about my universe. Without it, all falls apart. In a single gesture you've turned me into the most ordinary of human creatures and at once left me an obsessive, pleasureless eccentric, trapped in a set of habits which no longer have reason because they no longer lead to reward. And if I had enough self-confidence, in the midst of this bland continual chaos into which you've shunted me, for hate, I should hate you. But I don't have it. #Quote by Samuel R. Delany
Had Enough quotes by Gena Showalter
#153. Where is he?" she demanded, though she wasn't too worried about the answer. Paris and Zacharel were friends despite their differences, and Wrath had yet to make a peep.
"I took him to the castle and dropped him on the bridge."
Reevaluation time. Paris and Zacharel were not friends on any level. Wrath, on the other hand, must think angels could do no wrong. "Why would you do that?" Sure, Paris would be carried inside and locked up. Sure, he would escape, and he would be fine. But none of that mattered to her just then. Fury rose, dark and hot and dangerous.
Calm down. Before she whipped out that crystal blade Paris had given her and went to town on angel flesh. She'd so had enough of males and their abuse of supernatural abilities.
Zacharel blinked as if the answer should be obvious to one and all. "That, as you called it, is what one male does to another when they are arguing."
"No. No, it's not."
His lips edged down in the slightest of frowns. "That is what your Paris did to William of the Dark only this morn."
Well, she had no comeback for that, did she? #Quote by Gena Showalter
Had Enough quotes by Christina Aguilera
#154. It's frustrating always being compared to Britney because we are two very different artists ... We both dance and sing but people have not yet had enough time to realise that there is a huge difference between us. If she wants to go and do something, I'll want to do the opposite. #Quote by Christina Aguilera
Had Enough quotes by Frances Hardinge
#155. The world was turning cartwheels, Makepeace realized, and nobody was sure which was was up any more. Rules were breaking, but nobody was certain which ones. If you had enough confidence, you could walk in and at as if you knew what the new rules were, and other people would believe you. #Quote by Frances Hardinge
Had Enough quotes by W. Somerset Maugham
#156. He exulted in the possession of himself once more; he realized how much of the delight of the world he had lost when he was absorbed in that madness which they called love; he had had enough of it; he did not want to be in love anymore if love was that. #Quote by W. Somerset Maugham
Had Enough quotes by Chloe  Benjamin
#157. Varya has had enough therapy to know that she's telling herself stories. She knows her faith--that rituals have power, that thoughts can change outcomes or ward off misfortune--is a magic trick: fiction, perhaps, but necessary for survival. And yet, and yet: Is it a story if you believe it? #Quote by Chloe Benjamin
Had Enough quotes by Gary Shteyngart
#158. My poor Eunice looked so tired when she huffed off the bus with her many bags that I nearly tackled her in a rejuvenating embrace, but I was careful not to make a scene, waving my roses and champagne at the armed men to prove that I had enough Credit to afford Retail, and then kissed her passionately on one cheek (she smelled of flight and moisturizer), then on the straight, thin, oddly non-Asian nose, then the other cheek, then back to the nose, then once more the first cheek, following the curve of freckles backward and forward, marking her nose like a bridge to be crossed twice. The champagne bottle fell out of my hands, but, whatever futuristic garbage it was made of, it didn't break. #Quote by Gary Shteyngart
Had Enough quotes by Vivian Shaw
#159. I suppose that's a valid point. The four of us can hang around a little longer before we leave."

"Five," said Greta. "If you think I'm going to sit around up here while the rest of you go off to battle, you are dead wrong, Varney; I've had enough of that, and I know my way around the lair."

"She does," Grisaille confirmed. "Bits of it anyway."

"Greta," said Varney, ignoring this, "under no circumstances are you to go back under the city. We only just got you out of there again - "

"No you didn't," she said. "I did. Remember? And if you want to murder Corvin, then imagine how I feel. I had to put up with him and his body glitter and his skull goblet and tiresome insinuations for several nights in a row. I get a say in this, okay? #Quote by Vivian Shaw
Had Enough quotes by Akshay Vasu
#160. How does it feel to break a part of you each day and feed to the demons inside the other person in the name of love.
How many days will you do that? Have your ever thought about what happens after those demons had enough of you and decide
to leave you for the taste of new soul? Look at yourself once, How much of you is remaining for yourself? Will ever get that part of you back? #Quote by Akshay Vasu
Had Enough quotes by Death Wish Coffee Co.
#161. When your blood runs black as the blackest night and your heart sounds as the warriors' march, only then may you say, "I've had enough coffee. #Quote by Death Wish Coffee Co.
Had Enough quotes by Susanna Moodie
#162. I have no wish for a second husband. I had enough of the first. I like to have my own way to lie down mistress, and get up master. #Quote by Susanna Moodie
Had Enough quotes by Taylor Dayne
#163. I've had enough boyfriends and enough issues. I'd seen enough train wrecks. #Quote by Taylor Dayne
Had Enough quotes by Timothy Pina
#164. Suffering is one of the greatest spiritual teachers of humanity. Even though none of us really ever welcomes it ... having had enough of it in your life, will cause you to surrender and control your thoughts. It will usually lead you through the doors of spiritual journey in your life. Once you go through these doors of enlightenment ... you will never be the same. #Quote by Timothy Pina
Had Enough quotes by Thomas Hardy
#165. You, and those like you, take your fill of pleasure on earth by making the life of such as me bitter and black with sorrow; and then it is a fine thing, when you have had enough of that, to think of securing your pleasure in heaven by becoming converted! #Quote by Thomas Hardy
Had Enough quotes by Charles Stross
#166. Had enough of my poetry yet? That's why they pay me to fight demons instead. #Quote by Charles Stross
Had Enough quotes by Kamand Kojouri
#167. You keep thinking you're too much for me
that I will say I've had enough.
But I drank all you poured for me
and I'm thirsting to drink some more. #Quote by Kamand Kojouri
Had Enough quotes by John F. Kennedy
#168. The world knows that America will never start a war. This generation of Americans has had enough of war and hate ... we want to build a world of peace where the weak are secure and the strong are just. #Quote by John F. Kennedy
Had Enough quotes by Mike Rogers
#169. The Broadcast Decency Enforcement Act of 2004 helps address the continuing degradation on the broadcast airwaves and helps send a clear message to the broadcast industry that Alabama families, like the rest of American families, have had enough. #Quote by Mike Rogers
Had Enough quotes by Louise Erdrich
#170. Now you listen to me, Joe. You will not badger or harrass me. You will leave me to think the way I want to think, here. I have to heal any way I can. You will stop asking questions and you will not give me any worry. You will not go after him. You will not terrify me, Joe. I've had enough fear for my whole life. You will not add to my fear. You will not add to my sorrows. You will not be part of this. #Quote by Louise Erdrich
Had Enough quotes by Kiki Dee
#171. I'm just a sensitive little soul who's put so much into her career that I haven't had enough energy or time left over to sustain a relationship. #Quote by Kiki Dee
Had Enough quotes by Magda Szabo
#172. When the sands run out for someone, don't stop them going. You can't give them anything to replace life. Do you think I didn't love Polett? That it meant nothing to me when she'd had enough and wanted out? It's just that, as well as love, you also have to know how to kill. It won't do you any harm to remember that. Ask your God - since you're on such good terms with him - what Polett told him when they finally met. #Quote by Magda Szabo
Had Enough quotes by Alice Hoffman
#173. I head a bitterness that hadn't been there before. Something was changing inside him. He'd had enough of following the rules. #Quote by Alice Hoffman
Had Enough quotes by Alex Smith
#174. We had enough chances to win the game. In fact we did win it. #Quote by Alex Smith
Had Enough quotes by Norian F. Love
#175. She was turned on by him - his scent, his smile; he was the manifestation of seduction. Under normal circumstances, she'd be tempted, but might have had enough willpower to resist him. These weren't normal circumstances, however. Tonight, she was certain she wanted him in her bedroom. #Quote by Norian F. Love
Had Enough quotes by R. J. Anderson
#176. I might not be ready to pour out my feelings to the world, but I'd had enough of trying to ignore them. #Quote by R. J. Anderson
Had Enough quotes by Lucy Eyre
#177. Haven't you had enough past to let the future go? #Quote by Lucy Eyre
Had Enough quotes by Danny O'Donoghue
#178. Never judge someone. Especially if you don't know them, because you don't know what they're going through. And for all you know, your words could be the last thing they hear before they decide they have had enough. #Quote by Danny O'Donoghue
Had Enough quotes by Jim Thompson
#179. I finished the ale, started to order a third one, and decided against it. I'd had enough. More than enough. Or I never would have. You take just so much from a bottle, and then you stop taking. From then on you're putting. #Quote by Jim Thompson
Had Enough quotes by Jennifer Cox
#180. I am sick of love, I want power. I have had enough of being Romeo. I want to be Mercutio.
Solimano (Romeo) - to Jennifer #Quote by Jennifer Cox
Had Enough quotes by Kiersten White
#181. Lend stood staring blankly at the shelves of food. Arianna had sneaked upstairs to eat - or rather, drink - in private. "I have no idea what to make. I'm too exhausted to think."
"You have no right to be tired. And I never want to see you asleep ever again. I had enough of that for a lifetime these past few days."
"Allow me to take over," Jack said, striding into the kitchen. He nudged Lend out of the way and started pulling out a huge pile of ingredients.
"Can you even cook?"
"If Lend had let me make him an omelet earlier, that question would already be answered."
Lend sat next to me, leaning over and putting his arm under my head as a pillow against the counter. "Remind me again why we trust him now?"
"Because we need all the help we can get. And I think he really is sorry. And a lot of people are going to depend on him of all the faeries leave."
Jack furiously chopped vegetables. "Captain Dependable! Wait, we vetoed that one. The Divine Door Maker? Too much? Hmm . . . Handsome Hero, but maybe I should move away from alliteration. Something sleek. Our Lord and Master Jack."
Lend rolled his eyes and gave me a seriously-can-I-just-beat-him-to-a-pulp look. #Quote by Kiersten White
Had Enough quotes by Eliezer Yudkowsky
#182. Mr. Malfoy is new to the business of having ideas, and so when he has one, he becomes proud of himself for having it. He has not yet had enough ideas to unflinchingly discard those that are beautiful in some aspects and impractical in others; he has not yet acquired confidence in his own ability to think of better ideas as he requires them. What we are seeing here is not Mr. Malfoy's best idea, I fear, but rather his only idea. #Quote by Eliezer Yudkowsky
Had Enough quotes by Vincent Van Gogh
#183. In the end we shall have had enough of cynicism, skepticism and humbug, and we shall want to live more musically. #Quote by Vincent Van Gogh
Had Enough quotes by Jeff Hardy
#184. I don't think there's a day that goes by that I don't feel like I've had enough and there's nothing left, but desire means ... never quit. #Quote by Jeff Hardy
Had Enough quotes by Donald Miller
#185. Life has a peculiar feel when you look back on it that it doesn't have when you're actually living it. It's as though the whole thing were designed to be understood in hindsight, as though you'll never know the meaning of your experiences until you've had enough of them to provide reference. #Quote by Donald Miller
Had Enough quotes by Joss Stirling
#186. Follow me. Yves held out a hand, expecting me to take it.
I had had enough of being pushed about, towed here,
shoved there. Lead the way, O master.
He raised an eyebrow at my sarcasm. Glad to see you
have seen the light. I only want what's best for you.
Mr Arrogant or what?
I don't mean it like that. He shook his head, telling
himself off. I just want to make this right but I seem to be
doing it all wrong.
Then let me go.
That would be a tragedy. Give me a chance here.
Please. #Quote by Joss Stirling
Had Enough quotes by Charles Bukowski
#187. Miracle I have just listened to this symphony which Mozart dashed off in one day and it had enough wild and crazy joy to last forever, whatever forever is Mozart came as close as possible to that. #Quote by Charles Bukowski
Had Enough quotes by Terri Osburn
#188. ...she had enough experience around testosterone to know the shit going through a man's head at any given moment should never be revealed for public consumption. Especially female public. #Quote by Terri Osburn
Had Enough quotes by Kathleen Baldwin
#189. troubles. Lord Ransley had enough courage and #Quote by Kathleen Baldwin
Had Enough quotes by Veronica Roth
#190. Hello," she says. "My name is Amanda Ritter. In this file I will tell you only what you need to know. I am the leader of an organization fighting for justice and peace. This fight has become increasingly more important--and consequently, nearly impossible--in the past few decades. That is because of this."
Images flash across the wall, almost too fast for me to see. A man on his knees with a gun pressed to his forehead. The woman pointing it at him, her face emotionless.
From a distance, a small person hanging by the neck from a telephone pole.
A hole in the ground the size of a house, full of bodies.
And there are other images too, but they move faster, so I get only impressions of blood and bone and death and cruelty, empty faces, soulless eyes, terrified eyes.
Just when I have had enough, when I feel like I am going to scream if I see any more, the woman reappears on the screen, behind her desk.
"You do not remember any of that," she says. "But if you are thinking these are the actions of a terrorist group or a tyrannical government regime, you are only partially correct. Half of the people in those pictures, committing those terrible acts, were your neighbors. Your relatives. Your coworkers. The battle we are fighting is not against a particular group. It is against human nature itself--or at least what it has become."
This is what Jeanine was willing to enslave minds and murder people for--to keep us all from knowing. To keep us all ig #Quote by Veronica Roth
Had Enough quotes by Saul Bellow
#191. Shall I run back into the desert ... and stay there until the devil has passed out of me and I am fit to meet human kind again without driving it to despair at the first look? I haven't had enough desert yet. #Quote by Saul Bellow
Had Enough quotes by Marquis De Sade
#192. One has always had too much when one has had enough #Quote by Marquis De Sade
Had Enough quotes by Catherynne M Valente
#193. I was happy, the sun was high. I had enough. #Quote by Catherynne M Valente
Had Enough quotes by Charlena E.  Jackson
#194. However, the other side kept asking me over and over again, was it worth it? Was it worth being bitter and angry all the time? It showed me that I was killing myself slowly every single day. My heart was heavy, and my brain felt like it was going to explode. I had had enough."
~Love is respect ♥~ #Quote by Charlena E. Jackson
Had Enough quotes by Seth Shostak
#195. Clearly, enriching the cosmos with heavy elements takes a while. So there's inevitably an interval between the sterile aftermath of the Big Bang and a time when the cosmic chemistry set had enough ingredients to make rocky planets (and squishy biology). #Quote by Seth Shostak
Had Enough quotes by Jose N Harris
#196. If I had enough time left, I'd write a complete encyclopedia based on just the words "love" and "hope."
Don't laugh! Its possible. In a world were everything and everybody can change on you overnight, love will always be love and hope will remain as hope. Those two never change. Love and hope remain eternal.
People change, but love and hope will never change. They are as basic as air and water. #Quote by Jose N Harris
Had Enough quotes by June Carter Cash
#197. I worked with John, but I had enough sense to walk just a little ways behind him. I could have made more records, but I wanted to have a marriage. #Quote by June Carter Cash
Had Enough quotes by Elizabeth Chadwick
#198. Just remember when temptation comes your way that a boy will drink beyond his means and a man will know when he's had enough." "Yes, #Quote by Elizabeth Chadwick
Had Enough quotes by J. Donald Adams
#199. There are times when I think that the ideal library is composed solely of reference books. They are like understanding friends - always ready to meet your mood, always ready to change the subject when you have had enough of this or that. #Quote by J. Donald Adams
Had Enough quotes by John Green
#200. So we gave up. I'd finally had enough of chasing after a ghost who did not want to be discovered. We'd failed, maybe, but some mysteries aren't meant to be solved. I still did not know her as I wanted to, but I never could. She made it impossible for me. And the accident, the suicide, would never be anything else, and I was left to ask, Did I help you to a fate you didn't want, Alaska, or did I jsut assist in your willful self-destruction? Because they are different crimes, and I didn't know wheter to feel angry at myself for letting go.
But we knew what could be found out, and in finding out, she had made us closer- the Colonel adn Takumi and me, anyway. And that was it. She didn't leave me enough to discover her, but she left me enough to rediscover the Great Perhaps. #Quote by John Green
Had Enough quotes by Niels Bohr
#201. All rising curves that show unwelcome trends in human affairs will approach infinity if extended far enough, but it is we who dictate the curve and not vice versa. #Quote by Niels Bohr
Had Enough quotes by Jorge Enrique Ponce
#202. I immediately thought of the stars. Stars. Heavenly bodies formed by huge clouds of dust and gas bumping
into one another, getting bigger, their gravity getting stronger. Once hot enough, nuclear fusion occurs. And then a star is formed.
People are shaped in a similar way - just like stars - excessive amounts of dust and hot gas. And like stars, everyone's life has a turning point prior to their big bang. The shit show before the creation. Y 'know, one of those moments that can fuck you up.
Cleopatra's was when her father named her joint regent at fourteen. Fucked-up.
Bruce Wayne's when he witnessed his parents get murdered. Fucked-up.
Charles Manson's when his mother sold him for a pitcher of beer. Fucked. Up.
Not to mention 'Helter Skelter. #Quote by Jorge Enrique Ponce
Had Enough quotes by Shirley Tallman
#203. Gruffly, he cleared his throat. 'Don't take this as a blanket approval of your tactics, Sarah, but if I'm ever unfortunate enough to get in trouble with the law, I want you to represent me.'

Before I could respond to this startling and totally out-of-the-blue compliment, he opened the door and was nudging me inside. I caught a quick glance of his face before he walked off toward the dining room. He was actually blushing! #Quote by Shirley Tallman
Had Enough quotes by Kele Moon
#204. Can I tell you that in my eyes not even God would be good enough to command you? #Quote by Kele Moon
Had Enough quotes by Richard Powers
#205. Smart enough to see that you're a sack of rotting meat wrapped around a little sewage tube that's going to give out in - what? Another few thousand sunrises? #Quote by Richard Powers
Had Enough quotes by Richard P. Feynman
#206. The most important thing I found out from [my father] is that if you asked any question and pursued it deeply enough, then at the end there was a glorious discovery of a general and beautiful kind. #Quote by Richard P. Feynman
Had Enough quotes by Jeaniene Frost
#207. Spade didn't respond with any useless, comforting cliches, for which she was grateful. She's head enough of those well-meaning phrases after Randy died. Why couldn't people acknowledge that occasionally, life just sucked? Didn't they realize that sometime silence was more comforting than the more sincere expression of sympathy or attempt at showing the deeper meaning behind it all? #Quote by Jeaniene Frost
Had Enough quotes by Amelia LeFay
#208. You both are attracted to me," she said boldly. "I'm attracted to the both of you. Now I thought I could run away from you both but that failed. Then I thought I'd just be a friend, but now that I've seen and touched you both, it wouldn't be enough. So I've decided to make you my lovers. This could end horribly, horribly wrong, but until then I'm going to have the best goddamn sex of my life. Don't hold back, and cheers." She clinked her glass against ours.
God have mercy. #Quote by Amelia LeFay
Had Enough quotes by Ziad K. Abdelnour
#209. Nations with too many laws, endless regulations, just cannot grow or generate enough jobs. Wake up ... #Quote by Ziad K. Abdelnour
Had Enough quotes by Andrew Mason
#210. If you don't have those moments where you go too far, then you're probably not going far enough. #Quote by Andrew Mason
Had Enough quotes by Bear Bryant
#211. I've never recommended anybody go into coaching, 'cause if they have enough on the ball, if they can do without coaching, they should do without it. If they put as much work into it and
spend as much time, the rewards are going to be much better in something else. #Quote by Bear Bryant
Had Enough quotes by Pearl Zhu
#212. CIOs may not be the subject matter expert of all IT domains, but they should understand technology enough to ensure they have a keen sense of judgment on the priorities for IT investment. #Quote by Pearl Zhu
Had Enough quotes by Charles Sanders Peirce
#213. Every work of science great enough to be well remembered for a few generations affords some exemplification of the defective state of the art of reasoning of the time when it was written; and each chief step in science has been a lesson in logic. #Quote by Charles Sanders Peirce
Had Enough quotes by Elin Hilderbrand
#214. I will hold your hand and we will walk across this world, and I will sing to you and our babies, and that will be enough for me. #Quote by Elin Hilderbrand
Had Enough quotes by Phil Knight
#215. It seems wrong to call it "business". It seems wrong to throw all those hectic days and sleepless nights, all those magnificent triumphs and desperate struggles, under that bland, generic banner: business. What we were doing felt like so much more. Each new day brought fifty new problems, fifty tough decisions that needed to be made, right now, and we were always acutely aware that one rash move, one wrong decision could be the end. The margin for error was forever getting narrower, while the stakes were forever creeping higher–and none of us wavered in the belief that "stakes" didn't mean "money". For some, I realize, business is the all-out pursuit of profits, period, full stop, but for use business was no more about making money than being human is about making blood. Yes, the human body needs blood. It needs to manufacture red and white cells and platelets and redistribute them evenly, smoothly, to all the right places, on time, or else. But that day-to-day of the human body isn't our mission as human beings. It's a basic process that enables our higher aims, and life always strives to transcend the basic processes of living–and at some point in the late 1970s, I did, too. I redefined winning, expanded it beyond my original definition of not losing, of merely staying alive. That was no longer enough to sustain me, or my company. We wanted, as all great business do, to create, to contribute, and we dared to say so aloud. When you make something, when you improve something, #Quote by Phil Knight
Had Enough quotes by Rupert Sheldrake
#216. When people see one of these new forms of art for the first time, often they can't make sense of it. Then, if it's around long enough, a lot of people get used to it and it becomes assimilated into culture. So there's a morphic field both for the kind of art and for the appreciation of it. #Quote by Rupert Sheldrake
Had Enough quotes by Salman Rushdie
#217. Sometimes by a woodland stream he watched the water rush over the pebbled bed, its tiny modulations of bounce and flow. A woman's body was like that. If you watched it carefully enough you could see how it moved to the rhythm of the world, the deep rhythm, the music below the music, the truth below the truth. He believed in this hidden truth the way other men believed in God or love, believed that truth was in fact always hidden, that the apparent, the overt, was invariably a kind of lie. #Quote by Salman Rushdie
Had Enough quotes by Craig D. Lounsbrough
#218. Could it that the impossible is compelling because we have just enough God within us to know the impossible to be achievable, and just enough of ourselves within us to know that we have to rely on Him to do it? #Quote by Craig D. Lounsbrough
Had Enough quotes by Abraham Lincoln
#219. No man has a good enough memory to be a successful liar. #Quote by Abraham Lincoln
Had Enough quotes by Glenn Quinn
#220. Not to sound egomaniac or anything, but just to get under people's skin like that, and for them to believe in you and believe strongly enough to write ... it's flattering and it helps you during the day. #Quote by Glenn Quinn
Had Enough quotes by Nassim Nicholas Taleb
#221. Note that I am not relying in this book on the beastly method of collecting selective "corroborating evidence." ...I call this overload of examples naïve empiricism--successions of anecdotes selected to fit a story do not constitute evidence. Anyone looking for confirmation will find enough of it to deceive himself--and no doubt his peers.* The Black Swan idea is based on the structure of randomness in empirical reality.

*It is also naïve empiricism to provide, in support of some argument, series of eloquent confirmatory quotes by dead authorities. By searching, you can always find someone who made a well-sounding statement that confirms your point of view--and, on every topic, it is possible to find another dead thinker who said the exact opposite. Almost all my non Yogi Berra quotes are from people I disagree with. #Quote by Nassim Nicholas Taleb
Had Enough quotes by Peggy Toney Horton
#222. This is October for me: Withdrawing into my own world, blocking out everything except the beauty of the season, my reflections and my relationship with God, I find that this is enough to sustain me through the long, cold, winter - and beyond... #Quote by Peggy Toney Horton
Had Enough quotes by Max Horkheimer
#223. When even the dictators of today appeal to reason, they mean that they possess the most tanks. They were rational enough to build them; others should be rational enough to yield to them. #Quote by Max Horkheimer
Had Enough quotes by Lady Gregory
#224. My husband was in the war of the Crimea. It is terrible the hardships he went through, to be two months without going into a house, under the snow in trenches. And no food to get, maybe a biscuit in the day. And there was enough food there, he said, to feed all Ireland; but bad management, they could not get it. #Quote by Lady Gregory
Had Enough quotes by R.H. Sin
#225. Since the beginning you have always been more than enough. #Quote by R.H. Sin
Had Enough quotes by Alan Sillitoe
#226. I'm a human being and I've got thoughts and secrets and bloody life inside me that he doesn't know is there, and he'll never know what's there because he's stupid. I suppose you'll laugh at this, me saying the governor's a stupid bastard when I know hardly how to write and he can read and write and add-up like a professor. But what I say is true right enough. He's stupid, and I'm not, because I can see further into the likes of him than he can see into the likes of me. #Quote by Alan Sillitoe
Had Enough quotes by Kelly Gardiner
#227. I don't care what he thinks - I don't care what you think. My sins are clear enough to me. I have my own commandments. Thou shalt not break the heart of the one you love (though you could argue I learned that a little too late for it to be useful). Thou shalt not diminish thy life for fear of the wrath of men. Thou shalt not curb thy tongue. And, of course, thou shalt never wear satin in the rain if thou can help it - ruins the fabric. #Quote by Kelly Gardiner
Had Enough quotes by Robert Scoble
#228. It's not enough to have a hacker culture anymore. You have to have a design culture, too. #Quote by Robert Scoble
Had Enough quotes by Nalini Singh
#229. The man she'd glimpsed that morning, and the one who'd cared enough to put his arms around a packmate who was hurting, he was dangerous, someone who spoke to her soul beyond the primitive tug of sex. #Quote by Nalini Singh
Had Enough quotes by George Eliot
#230. The years between fifty and seventy are the hardest. You are always being asked to do things, and yet you are not decrepit enough to turn them down. #Quote by George Eliot
Had Enough quotes by Mignon McLaughlin
#231. We are keenly aware of the faults of our friends, but if they like us enough it doesn't matter. #Quote by Mignon McLaughlin

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