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H Y M quotes by L.M. Montgomery
#1. Andrew is going to be one of my problems. Dean thinks it's great fun
he knows what is in the wind as well as I do. He is always teasing me about my red-headed young man
my r.h.y.m. for short.
"He's almost a rhyme," said Dean.
"But never a poem," said I. #Quote by L.M. Montgomery
H Y M quotes by Mark Twain
#2. Old Man: The impulse which moves a person to do things - The only impulse that ever moves a person to do things
Young Man: The only one! Is there but one?
O.M. That is all
Y.M. Well, certainly that is a strange doctrine. What is the sole impulse that ever moves a person to do a thing?
O.M. The impulse to CONTENT HIS OWN SPIRIT - the NECESSITY of contenting his own spirit and WINNING ITS APPROVAL. #Quote by Mark Twain
H Y M quotes by Stanley Elkin
#3. ... Because I never found My audience," said God and annihilated, as Mother Mary and Christ and Lesefario and Flanoy and Quiz in their Y.M.C.A. seafront room in Piraeus and all Hell's troubled sighed, everything. #Quote by Stanley Elkin
H Y M quotes by Angelica Hopes
#4. The TRUTH shall always be your unbeatable weapon.
~ Angelica Hopes, an excerpt from P. B. Y. M. Book 1 of Karmic Harvest Trilogy #Quote by Angelica Hopes
H Y M quotes by M Y
#5. True friends are linked heart to heart without any social media. #Quote by M Y
H Y M quotes by Kurt Vonnegut
#6. They didn't think it had anything to do with the war. They were sure Billy was going to pieces because his father had thrown him into the deep end of the Y.M.C.A. swimming pool when he was a little boy, and had then taken him to the rim of the Grand Canyon. #Quote by Kurt Vonnegut
H Y M quotes by H.Y. Hanna
#7. few feet from them, a bag of kibble had fallen off the pile and split open. Biscuit gave a bark of delight and pounced on the bag. In less than a minute, the bag was empty. Biscuit gave a burp and a metallic voice floated out from his stomach: "You have no more messages. #Quote by H.Y. Hanna
H Y M quotes by F Scott Fitzgerald
#8. He had been living in a down-town Y.M.C.A., but when he quit the task of making sow-ear purses out of sows' ears, he moved up-town and went to work immediately as a reporter for The Sun. He kept at this for a year, doing desultory writing on the side, with little success, and then one day an infelicitous incident peremptorily closed his newspaper career. On a February afternoon he was assigned to report a parade of Squadron A. Snow threatening, he went to sleep instead before a hot fire, and when he woke up did a smooth column about the muffled beats of the horses' hoofs in the snow ... This he handed in. Next morning a marked copy of the paper was sent down to the City Editor with a scrawled note: "Fire the man who wrote this." It seemed that Squadron A had also seen the snow threatening - had postponed the parade until another day. A week later he had begun "The Demon Lover." ... In #Quote by F Scott Fitzgerald
H Y M quotes by Julia Stiles
#9. It's fun to stay at the Y! M! C! A! #Quote by Julia Stiles
H Y M quotes by M Y
#10. Color your life and make it shine. #Quote by M Y

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