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Guy People quotes by Jerry Rice
#1. People would look at me weird. You know, like, 'Why is this guy's hands always in his pockets?' But I was embarrassed by the size of my hands. #Quote by Jerry Rice
Guy People quotes by Samantha Young
#2. She smiled apologetically. "You're a good person, which makes the fact you don't trust anyone, really hard for the people who care about you. And Braden, when he cares about someone, has to know everything so he can cover all the bases and protect them. He has to be a guy people can trust. It's just who he is. If he started something with you, he'd only be hurt when you refuse to let him in."
I only sort of took that in. Mostly, I just kept hearing 'you're a good person, which makes the fact that you don't trust anyone, really hard for the people who care about you."
"Am I hurting you, Ellie?" I didn't want to admit how scared I was for her answer.
She exhaled, heavily, seeming to weigh her words. "At first I was. But knowing that you don't mean to hurt me helps. Do I wish you'd trust me more? Yes. Am I going to push it? No." She stood up. "Just know that if you ever do decide to trust me, I'm here. And you can tell me anything. #Quote by Samantha Young
Guy People quotes by Brion James
#3. I play out negative fantasies for people. I'm the guy people love to hate. And they always remember the bad guy. #Quote by Brion James
Guy People quotes by Michael Port
#4. Be the guy people want to do things for. #Quote by Michael Port
Guy People quotes by Jerry Greenfield
#5. I'm a pretty laid-back kind of guy. What I've always wanted to do is set up situations in our company where if people who worked there needed help, we would try to help them, and at the same token if the company needed help from people, they would help us. A kind of give and take. #Quote by Jerry Greenfield
Guy People quotes by Deyth Banger
#6. Looked from different aspects hate just cause more problems it doesn't solve. I hate dogs, I hate black people, I hate yellow people, I hate this person, I hate my father, I hate my mother. And in the end what happens??
It gets even more worse, what are you planning better life or a worse life - that's my question?! #Quote by Deyth Banger
Guy People quotes by Bill Sali
#7. If people want go-along, get-along politics, I am not their guy. #Quote by Bill Sali
Guy People quotes by Avery Flynn
#8. I'm just an asshole Marine...I'm not the kind of guy people like you should depend on. #Quote by Avery Flynn
Guy People quotes by Joel Madden
#9. I'm just a really normal, sensitive kind of go-about-my business everyday kinda guy. People see the tattoos, and they either read things or they see things and they don't really know that I'm just this guy that gets up and makes coffee in the morning and hangs out with his friends and walks his dog and reads his Bible and goes about his day. #Quote by Joel Madden
Guy People quotes by Henry Rollins
#10. I mean I appreciate fan mail and that the people like what I am doing but I can't answer it. If I would answer 25 letters a day I would be just a guy answering mail and not an artist anymore. #Quote by Henry Rollins
Guy People quotes by Bryan Colangelo
#11. This pick is going to be one where people look back and say that was the right guy. #Quote by Bryan Colangelo
Guy People quotes by Dave Bautista
#12. People look at me, and they have a certain perception, and they slap a label on me. The guy you saw in a wrestling ring is not who I am. #Quote by Dave Bautista
Guy People quotes by Chris Matthews
#13. Just look at who won the third debate between Bush and Gore. I knew Bush won, because people liked him more. People just didn't like Gore. But all the journalists thought Gore won big, he cleaned the guy's clock. #Quote by Chris Matthews
Guy People quotes by Dave Bautista
#14. For some reason, I'm the guy people love to hate, which I think is weird. People who know me find that very strange, but for some reason, I am. I don't mind being that guy - I have fun with it. #Quote by Dave Bautista
Guy People quotes by Jim Gaffigan
#15. I always seem to be chosen to do very flattering things like the beard comb over or go to the bathroom with the door open on Sex and the City or be the guy people meow at in Super Troopers. It's great for self esteem. #Quote by Jim Gaffigan
Guy People quotes by Joss Whedon
#16. Most people don't see Hamlet as an old bald guy. #Quote by Joss Whedon
Guy People quotes by Aung San Suu Kyi
#17. We want to empower our people; we want to strengthen them; we want to provide them with the kind of qualifications that will enable them to build up their own country themselves. #Quote by Aung San Suu Kyi
Guy People quotes by Patti Smith
#18. When I started making music, we'd lost a lot of our great people. Rock was moving in a direction I didn't like. Rock was my generation's revolutionary, sexual, poetic, and political voice, but it had become corporatized. It was going into stadiums. It was so far removed from its basic roots. #Quote by Patti Smith
Guy People quotes by Eddie Vedder
#19. It's the ones without scars - those are the people you have to watch out for ... #Quote by Eddie Vedder
Guy People quotes by Rob Bell
#20. God gives us what we want. For people who want nothing to do with peace, joy, reconciliation and peace ... God will give you what you want. I see people make unbelievably destructive choices. #Quote by Rob Bell
Guy People quotes by Lailah Gifty Akita
#21. In times of your need, you will know those who really love you. #Quote by Lailah Gifty Akita
Guy People quotes by John Assaraf
#22. I just do not hang around anybody that I don't want to be with. Period. For me, that's been a blessing, and I can stay positive. I hang around people who are happy, who are growing, who want to learn, who don't mind saying sorry or thank you ... and [are] having a fun time. #Quote by John Assaraf
Guy People quotes by Linda Wong
#23. Some people go through life adding years to their life ... others go through life adding life to their years. #Quote by Linda Wong
Guy People quotes by Jack Nicholson
#24. I love the company of people. I always have and always will, it comes with my family. But earlier in life I might have got a little nervous if I was alone for a day or two in a row. I might think, "Where are they?" Now, I just go on doing naturally what I do. #Quote by Jack Nicholson
Guy People quotes by Gabriel Iglesias
#25. TV and film for me are not as exciting as the live stand-up show and getting the immediate reaction of the crowd. TV is a lot of hurry up and wait for your shot and less immediate reaction from people. #Quote by Gabriel Iglesias
Guy People quotes by Elton John
#26. I'd always lived with people - my family, or had people living with me, because I'd never liked being on my own. #Quote by Elton John
Guy People quotes by Mary Alice
#27. When the truth is ugly, people try to keep it hidden, because they know if revealed, the damage it will do. So they conceal it within sturdy walls or they place it behind closed doors or they obscure it with clever disguises but truth, no matter how ugly, always emerges. And someone we care about always ends up getting hurt. And someone else will revel in their pain and that's the ugliest truth of all. #Quote by Mary Alice
Guy People quotes by Virginia Satir
#28. As a therapist, I am a companion. I try to help people tune into their own wisdom. #Quote by Virginia Satir
Guy People quotes by William J. Clinton
#29. There's a big conservative press unabashedly and for the Democrats and even people to the left of the Democratic party, there's almost virtually no outlets that you can compare with the vast array of conservative press that's out there. #Quote by William J. Clinton
Guy People quotes by Bill Simmons
#30. If you had told me in 1997 that even 5 people would be waiting online for me to sign my new book in 2009, I would have jumped around like Joe Carter in the 1993 World Series. I love it. I can't imagine why anyone wouldn't like it. The only thing I worry about is carpal tunnel syndrome - my last tour almost caused it. #Quote by Bill Simmons
Guy People quotes by Naomi Klein
#31. Fury is an entirely appropriate response to a system that sends young people to kill other young people in a war that never should have been waged. Yet the American Right is forever trying to pathologise anger as something menacing and abnormal, dismissing war opponents as hateful and, in the latest slur, wild-eyed. This is much harder to do when victims of wars begin to speak for themselves: no one questions the wildness in the eyes of a mother or father who has just lost a son or daughter, or the fury of a soldier who knows that he is being asked to kill, and to die, needlessly. #Quote by Naomi Klein
Guy People quotes by Susan Forward
#32. Because so much of the needy mother's energies go into her own suffering, she has little left over for her children's needs. Her son doesn't get the constant maternal support, care, protection, guidance, and validation that he requires. All children yearn to feel safe, protected, and loved by their parents. They also need permission to grow up and become independent people. Paridoxically, people can become independent adults only when their own dependency needs were met in childhood. If their dependency needs were not met, there is an aching emptiness created inside them, and this feeling is carried into adulthood. #Quote by Susan Forward
Guy People quotes by Mokokoma Mokhonoana
#33. To some people, employment is a distraction. To all entertainers, distraction is employment. #Quote by Mokokoma Mokhonoana
Guy People quotes by John Kenneth Galbraith
#34. It is possible that people need to believe they are unmanaged if they are to be managed effectively. #Quote by John Kenneth Galbraith
Guy People quotes by Camryn Manheim
#35. I placed over a thousand deaf people in jobs throughout my career working for the deaf. #Quote by Camryn Manheim
Guy People quotes by Virginia Woolf
#36. I see through most people; I'm hardly ever wrong. I see at once what they've got in them. #Quote by Virginia Woolf
Guy People quotes by Yusef Lateef
#37. I started in high school with a teacher there. I also took lessons at the Conservatory of Music in Detroit. Detroit was very motivating. There were a lot of local people who inspired me like Kenny Burrell, Paul Chambers, Roy Brooks, Donald Byrd, etc. #Quote by Yusef Lateef
Guy People quotes by Rebecca Solnit
#38. Globally, as the nation-state becomes increasingly less meaningful - a provider of positive goods and more and more just an army and some domestic enforcement - people are withdrawing to shape and support more localised forms of organisation and power. To the extent that it's part of that civilised and localising world, the same is true of the U.S. #Quote by Rebecca Solnit
Guy People quotes by Demetri Martin
#39. Hot Potato is a very different game when the people playing are starving. #Quote by Demetri Martin
Guy People quotes by Paul Lansky
#40. With a piece of classical music by Haydn, Mozart, or Beethoven, on first listening I'm referencing it with other pieces by them that I know. I think that most people do this - they listen to pieces through the filter of pieces they already know. #Quote by Paul Lansky
Guy People quotes by Bey Deckard
#41. He is lying. That, or he didn't believe any of them to be innocent. It was as clear as day to Jon: the captain had just murdered a castle full of people and didn't care in the least. Jon turned and watched the flames lick the sky. Baltsaros had done this out of revenge. Searching inside himself for the horror and sadness that should have been there, Jon was astounded to find nothing. The captain had done this for him. And it felt glorious. #Quote by Bey Deckard
Guy People quotes by RosettaBooks
#42. Thousands of people could've done what Bill Gates did at that moment, but they didn't. Gates acted upon the moment. #Quote by RosettaBooks
Guy People quotes by John Maus
#43. It seems to me that the best work I've done - and maybe this is something other people can identify with - was because it was an end in itself. It was something other than making ends meet, it was an escape from all that. #Quote by John Maus
Guy People quotes by Chris Lowell
#44. In 'The Big Chill,' those characters are in middle age, thinking, 'Oh, God, I've turned into my parents. I've failed.' And in 'Beside Still Waters,' we're showing the struggles of people who actually want to be like their parents and feel they can't live up to their heights. #Quote by Chris Lowell
Guy People quotes by Alice Cooper
#45. When I moved to L. A. with this little wimpy garage band, the first people we met were the Doors. Then we met Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin. All of the people who died of excess were our big brothers and sisters. So I said to myself: How do you become a legend and enjoy it? The answer is to create a character as legendary as those guys and leave that character on the stage. #Quote by Alice Cooper
Guy People quotes by Aubrey McClendon
#46. Would people cheat on climate science? Sure. Because all it is a model into which there are 2,000 variables, and if I want this outcome, I nudge that one up a little and down a little bit, and there you go. #Quote by Aubrey McClendon
Guy People quotes by Lykke Li
#47. I'm just not interested in getting judged or getting people to love me. Being seen and taking my photo and having to follow this schedule all the time, I don't enjoy it. #Quote by Lykke Li
Guy People quotes by Doug Stanhope
#48. Babies are like poems. They're beautiful to their creator, but to other people, they're silly and they're irritating. #Quote by Doug Stanhope
Guy People quotes by Candice Carty-Williams
#49. That's the thing about people who love to play devil's advocate!' I shouted. 'There's no emotional involvement in it for you, there's nothing at stake! #Quote by Candice Carty-Williams

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