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Guy Girl Friendship quotes by E. Lockhart
#1. Face it. There's not going to be a happy ending ... at least not with this hero. So don't go mooning around thinking that your breakup is only the crisis before the big romantic scene, because I'm here to tell you that it's not. When you are dumped, you are dumped, and the guy isn't going to change his mind and realize that suddenly he loves you instead of that girl he's flirting with in lunchroom, now that he's free. #Quote by E. Lockhart
Guy Girl Friendship quotes by Taylor Swift
#2. You can draw inspiration from anything. If you're a good storyteller, you can take a dirty look somebody gives you, or if a guy you used to have flirtations with starts dating a new girl, or somebody you're casually talking to says something that makes you so mad - you can create an entire scenario around that. #Quote by Taylor Swift
Guy Girl Friendship quotes by Kathleen Hanna
#3. You guys are seriously missing out unless you all start listening to girls. #Quote by Kathleen Hanna
Guy Girl Friendship quotes by Francine Pascal
#4. He smiled all the way to physics class. He almost laughed out loud when he passed through the door and saw her shadowy, hunched-over form casting around for a seat in the back.
She was in his class; this was excellent. Maybe she'd call him a name if he struck up another conversation. Even curse him out. That might fun. God, he'd probably earn himself a restraining order if he tried to sit next to her.
He was so tired of saccharine smiles and cloying tones of voice. People always plastered their eyes to his face for fear of looking anywhere else. He was fed up with everybody being so goddamned nice.
That's why he'd already fallen in love with this weird, maladjusted, beautiful girl who carried a chip the size of Ohio on her shoulder. Because nobody was ever mean to the guy in the wheelchair. #Quote by Francine Pascal
Guy Girl Friendship quotes by Meaka Kyel
#5. I'm scared, Lane." I let him pull me to his chest and closed my eyes as his arms wrapped around me.

"We'll be ok."

"This isn't one of those Zombie movies. We're not going to find some weird person with a key to the end of this epidemic. If anything, we're probably bunched in with those that are the first to die."

"No way." He pressed his lips to my forehead. "Look. We have the guy who has a girlfriend and a kid, the single handsome guy, when the others get here we'll have the jokers, the one that panics, and the girl who goes off and get herself killed." He frowned. "Only we'll make sure Lizzy doesn't go off on her own." He nodded, satisfied with his analogy. "We have all the key elements of the main cast of characters."

"And what about us? You left us out."
"Well, obviously, I'm the mature and brave one that will keep everyone from panicking." He grinned. "And you'll be the one that ends up rocking in a corner after you lose your mind. #Quote by Meaka Kyel
Guy Girl Friendship quotes by Amy Harmon
#6. You can't do that again, Josie. I don't want you to take care of me. I know you did it because you do care….but don't take my pride from me."

"Is pride more important than friendship?" I said sadly.

"Yes!" Samuel's voice was harsh and emphatic.

"That is so ridiculous!" I threw my arms wide in frustration.

"Josie! You are just a little girl! You don't know how helpless and weak and stupid it made me feel to stand there while you arranged my life like I was some kind of charity case!" Samuel fisted his hands in his hair and growling, turned towards the door.

"I am not a little girl! I haven't been a little girl for years…forever! I don't think like a little girl, I don't act like a little girl. I don't LOOK like a little girl, do I? Don't you dare say I am a little girl!" I pounded down on the piano keys - playing a violent riff, reminiscent of Wagner himself. Now I knew what Sonja meant by letting out the beast! I wanted to throw something, or smash something, and scream at Samuel. He was so impossible! Such a stubborn, mule-headed jerk! I played hard for several minutes, and Samuel stood at the door, dumbfounded.

Suddenly Samuel sat down beside me on the piano bench and put his hands over the top of mine, bringing the din to a halt.

"I'm sorry, Josie," Samuel said softly. I was crying, tears dripping down onto the keys, making them slippery. I was a terrible beast, not fierce at all - just a blubberi #Quote by Amy Harmon
Guy Girl Friendship quotes by Holly Smale
#7. Because it's not the walking away from love that's the hard part: it's the falling in. It's losing yourself to it and not knowing who you are without it. It's needing somebody else more than you need yourself. It's being happier with them than you are on your own. #Quote by Holly Smale
Guy Girl Friendship quotes by Bella Andre
#8. I'm Chloe." Chase was more than a little surprised by how amused she was by the whole thing. Clearly, she was enjoying watching him deal with this predicament. Which was, he suddenly had to admit, pretty funny. "Chase picked me up tonight." She nodded in his direction and added, "You know the story - girl in trouble on the side of the road meets guy in a flashy car. #Quote by Bella Andre
Guy Girl Friendship quotes by Kathy Reichs
#9. I don't get it, man. That dude has zero game, then suddenly he up and jets with a hottie? Meanwhile I can't buy a date."
"Makes no sense." Hi, face serious.
I pressed a fist to my lips, considering. "What'd the girl look like?"
Ben shifted his weight. I heard Hi chuckle behind me.
I choked back my mounting frustration. "Could you be more specific?"
"Oh, right." Cole rubbed his oily chin and squinted at the ceiling. "She had, like, nice hair. It was sorta . . . black? Or maybe brown. Not blonde, for sure. And she was kinda tall. But not really. Oh, and I think she wore a T-shirt. Could be wrong, though."
I stared at the useless witness before me.
What a moron.
"Can you remember anything else, Cole?" Catching his eye, I tried to urge the memory from his brain by force of will. "Anything at all?"
For a moment, Cole's face screwed up in thought, then it bloomed with contentment. "He said I could have his mattress. Solid dude, that Jordan."

Hi snapped on his seat belt. "Not everyone is college material."
Shelton shook his head. "I'm surprised that guy remembers to breathe. #Quote by Kathy Reichs
Guy Girl Friendship quotes by Jill Shalvis
#10. Good girl lesson #2: When your BFF sends you a gorgeous guy, you call her and thank her. That's good manners. Good girl lesson #3: Stop scowling. You'll scare away the aforementioned gorgeous guy. #Quote by Jill Shalvis
Guy Girl Friendship quotes by Stephen Chbosky
#11. Personally, I like to think my brother is having a college experience like they do in the movies. I don't mean the big fraternity party kind of movie. More like the movie where the guy meets a smart girl who wears a lot of sweaters and drinks cocoa. They talk about books and issues and kiss in the rain. I think something like that would be very good for him, especially if the girl were unconventionally beautiful. They are the best kind of girls, I think. I personally find 'super models' strange. I don't know why this is. #Quote by Stephen Chbosky
Guy Girl Friendship quotes by Tammy Cohen
#12. Suddenly Guy appeared in the doorway. Emma was surprised to see he had his jacket on, a black leather biker-style one he wore with the self-consciousness of a girl in her first pre-teen bra. #Quote by Tammy Cohen
Guy Girl Friendship quotes by Stephen Chbosky
#13. More like the movie where the guy meets a smart girl who wears a lot of sweaters and drinks cocoa. They talk about books and issues and kiss in the rain. #Quote by Stephen Chbosky
Guy Girl Friendship quotes by Brett Hull
#14. I bet you there's a lot of guys who dream of having a girl that fine. #Quote by Brett Hull
Guy Girl Friendship quotes by Leo Robin
#15. A kiss on the hand may be quite continental, But Diamonds are a girl's best friend. #Quote by Leo Robin
Guy Girl Friendship quotes by Apryl Baker
#16. Even I can appreciate a cute guy. How can a girl not? It's not the looking part that counts anyway. It's the touching. My theory is you can look at all the eye candy you want and still appreciate what you have at home #Quote by Apryl Baker
Guy Girl Friendship quotes by Jarod Kintz
#17. A brick could be used to separate two types of people. On the left is a guy who loves my writing, and on the right is a girl who loves my writing. Now I love both people, but I love the girl in an entirely different way - the kind of way that involves a blanket. #Quote by Jarod Kintz
Guy Girl Friendship quotes by Simone Elkeles
#18. Listen Chica-" Carlos says when we're driving to my mom's store
"don't call me that anymore" I tell him
"what do you want me to call you, then?"
I shrug "whatever. Just not Chica"
Carlos holds his hand up "what do you want me from me? You want me to tell you lies? Okay. Kara, without you i'm nothin'. Kara, you own my heart and soul. Kara,, i love you. Is that what you to hear?
"No guy who actually says those things really mean them"
"I bet your brother says them to Brittney and means them"
"that's because he's lost all common sense. I though you the one girl who didn't fall for my bull"
"I don't. Consider my wanting you as my real boyfriend a lapse of judgement," I tell him "But i'm over it #Quote by Simone Elkeles
Guy Girl Friendship quotes by Laura Anderson Kurk
#19. Is there one in particular, Tennyson?" Henry said, ducking out from under her arm. "I could arrange a meeting."
"Yeah, the one from Texas ... what's his name?"
"That would be Dylan. But he's a nice guy and you'd break his heart. He dropped out of Texas A&M to come up here and saddle bum around with my horses year-round. Knowing your dad, I think you'd better be looking for a pre-med honors student."
"Leave my dad out of this. #Quote by Laura Anderson Kurk
Guy Girl Friendship quotes by Cassandra Clare
#20. You don't need to worry, though. He's not my type."
"I don't think I've ever heard a girl say that before," said Simon. "I thought Jace was the kind of guy who was everyone's type. #Quote by Cassandra Clare
Guy Girl Friendship quotes by Keegan Allen
#21. I really like playing the bad guy. There are so many more objectives to play when you're mad or villainesque, or when there's some agenda that you have. That's drama, that's where the heart lives. I love playing the bad guy, but especially the bad guy who's still with the girl. #Quote by Keegan Allen
Guy Girl Friendship quotes by Joanna Gaines
#22. I think it's important to reiterate here that I didn't start out wanting to be a gardener, or a designer for that matter. It was all trial and error and figuring things out. And sometimes you've got to try something outside of your comfort zone to figure out what it is that you truly love.

Well, you could say that about you and me right from the start. You were never looking for the loud guy, and I certainly wasn't looking for the quiet girl.

Now I look back and go, "If I would've ended up with that quiet guy or that stable guy or that safe guy, I would never have been able to pursue any of these dreams, because no one would have pushed me to these new places I discovered in myself." Those other types of guys might have allowed me to stay in that safe place.

They wouldn't have drawn you out. That's interesting. And if I had wound up with some cheerleader who was always the life of the party, I don't think I would have found my way, either. I needed you for that.

Nowadays when I think about the name Magnolia, I think about it in terms that refer to much more than the blossoming of our business. I think about the buds on the three, and how they really are just the tightest buds--they look like rocks, almost. And I feel like when Chip and I met, that tight little bud was me. I was risk averse, and in some ways, I don't think I saw the beauty or the potential in myself. Then I wound up with Chip Gaines and--

You bloomed?
#Quote by Joanna Gaines
Guy Girl Friendship quotes by Jussie Smollett
#23. I would love to do a song with Janet Jackson. Janet was, is, forever will be, the ultimate. She's the ultimate dream girl for every guy - and for every girl. #Quote by Jussie Smollett
Guy Girl Friendship quotes by Mark Hoppus
#24. A lot of guys like to fantasize about having sex with 2 girls at the same time ... I like to fantasize about having sex with the same girl twice, thank you. #Quote by Mark Hoppus
Guy Girl Friendship quotes by Shannon Leto
#25. Always know that if you're not happy with yourself, no one else can change that, no girl or guy, no amount of money; only yourself. #Quote by Shannon Leto
Guy Girl Friendship quotes by Cynthia Hand
#26. I won't be that girl who lets the guy treat her like crap and still fawns all over him. #Quote by Cynthia Hand
Guy Girl Friendship quotes by Katie McGarry
#27. Outside the guys' athletic dorms, I attempt to stand in front of Beth as she searches for my brother's room number. Beth wears a cotton T-shirt that hugs her slim form and ends a half inch short of her low-rise jeans. With her smooth skin tempting me in very right, yet wrong, places, I would bet my Jeep that the outfit doesn't have Scott's seal of approval. Don't get me wrong, I love it, and so does every guy walking in and out of the dorms. She's my girl and I prefer to be the only one looking at her. #Quote by Katie McGarry
Guy Girl Friendship quotes by Sydney Landon
#28. You can't win 'em all girl, for every hot guy you're looking for, five creepy and weird guys are looking for you. #Quote by Sydney Landon
Guy Girl Friendship quotes by Cecily Von Ziegesar
#29. She was spoiled, but she wasn't lazy. She knew what she wanted, and because she believed absolutely that she could have everything she wanted if she tried hard enough to get it, she never stopped trying. #Quote by Cecily Von Ziegesar
Guy Girl Friendship quotes by Thomas Bailey Aldrich
#30. A girl does not treat a possible lover with unvarying simplicity and directness. In all its phases, love is complex; friendship is not. #Quote by Thomas Bailey Aldrich
Guy Girl Friendship quotes by Avery Flynn
#31. I'm not the kind of girl who ends up with the good guy. I'm the crime boss's daughter. #Quote by Avery Flynn
Guy Girl Friendship quotes by Rick Riordan
#32. I stared at her. Maybe I wasn't the brightest guy in the world when it came to girls, but I was pretty sure Rachel had just dumped me, which was lame considering we'd never even been together. #Quote by Rick Riordan
Guy Girl Friendship quotes by Aziz Ansari
#33. In recent years behavioral scientists have shed some light on why these waiting techniques can be powerful. Let's first look at the notion that texting back right away makes you less appealing. Psychologists have conducted hundreds of studies in which they reward lab animals in different ways under different conditions. One of the most intriguing findings is that "reward uncertainty" - in which, for instance, animals cannot predict whether pushing a lever will get them food - can dramatically increase their interest in getting a reward, while also enhancing their dopamine levels so that they basically feel coked up.
If a text back from someone is considered a "reward," consider the fact that lab animals who get rewarded for pushing a lever every time will eventually slow down because they know that the next time they want a reward, it will be waiting for them. So basically, if you are the guy or girl who texts back immediately, you are taken for granted and ultimately lower your value as a reward. As a result, the person doesn't feel as much of an urge to text you or, in the case of the lab animal, push the lever. #Quote by Aziz Ansari
Guy Girl Friendship quotes by Libba Bray
#34. What makes a girl a girl? What makes a guy a guy? Do you have to be what they want you to be? Or do you stop and listen to that voice inside you? I know who I am. I'm Petra West. And I'm a girl. You want me to sleep somewhere else, fine. Whatever. But I'm not going to pretend to be somebody I'm not. I've done enough of that. #Quote by Libba Bray
Guy Girl Friendship quotes by Aisha Tyler
#35. I like the company of guys. I have a lot of good girlfriends that I really love, but you know, most of my close friends are men. #Quote by Aisha Tyler
Guy Girl Friendship quotes by Anita Diamant
#36. I had Benia's hands, Meryt's friendship, the feel of newborn flesh, the smiles of new mothers, a little girl who laughed in my kitchen, a house of my own. It was more than enough. #Quote by Anita Diamant
Guy Girl Friendship quotes by J. Lynn
#37. Things got out of hand. It happens."
My brows flew up. "It happens? Often? Do you just walk around and happen to end up kissing girls? Do you slip and fall on girls' mouths? If so, that's got to be an awkward life to live."
"Well ... " The quirk to his lips was mischievous and teasing, but I was so not having it. He sighed. "Tess, you're a beautiful girl and I'm a guy and - "
"Oh, shut up."
His eyes widened.
"Don't even finish what will most likely be the lamest sentence in the history of lame sentences. You're attracted to me. #Quote by J. Lynn
Guy Girl Friendship quotes by Alice Hoffman
#38. When I looked at her, she appeared to be a different person from the one I'd known ... She had rewritten everything, our history together, our friendship. Now I was the girl who'd stolen Andres; the girl who'd lied to her about who I was. Therefore, she owned me nothing. #Quote by Alice Hoffman
Guy Girl Friendship quotes by Gwen Stefani
#39. Oh yea FORTUNATELY the girls are a lot braver then the guys, they flirt all the time. #Quote by Gwen Stefani
Guy Girl Friendship quotes by J.L. Paul
#40. Why don't you write a story for me?"
"Really?" I squeaked. "Um, what about?"
"Well, something with a good guy and a bad guy and a hot chick."
…"Okay, anything else?"
"The hot chick has to have pretty blonde hair and kickass blue eyes,"
…."And the good guy is a musically talented man who is incredibly sexy...?"
He grinned and kissed me. "Not at all – that's the bad guy. And I don't care if he wins or loses – that doesn't make a difference." He shifted and hovered over me, kissing me again – and again and again and again...His lips lingered over mine as he whispered: "I just want the bad guy to get the girl. #Quote by J.L. Paul

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