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Gusturi Urbane quotes by C.S. Lewis
#1. The medieval ideal brought together two things which have no natural tendency to gravitate towards one another. It brought them together for that very reason. It taught humility and forbearance to the great warrior because everyone knew by experience how much he usually needed that lesson. It demanded valour of the urbane and modest man because everyone knew that he was as likely as not to be a milksop. #Quote by C.S. Lewis
Gusturi Urbane quotes by Anonymous
#2. Salutary reminder of the quality of mind that Chaos can steal. The greatest of us, the brightest, the most urbane and learned, can fall prey. #Quote by Anonymous
Gusturi Urbane quotes by Harvey Fierstein
#3. As the book writer for one big smash and one big smelly flop, I always wondered if anyone knows just what goes into making a great musical. When a show is a hit, the critics trip over themselves not knowing who to laud and applaud the loudest. It's that marvelous score, those urbane lyrics, that irreplaceable star. But only when a show is a flop, does anyone notice the book writer. And then it's always our fault. #Quote by Harvey Fierstein
Gusturi Urbane quotes by Karen MacNeil
#4. You could say one wine is like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz while another is like the mature Judy Garland, or that a big voluptuous chardonnay is like Marilyn Monroe -round, bosomy - you can remember that chardonnay, If you say a wine is snappy and lively, like Robin Williams, that's very different than the Anthony Hopkins of wine - urbane, sophisticated, measured, considered. #Quote by Karen MacNeil
Gusturi Urbane quotes by Washington Irving
#5. I am not one of those churlish authors, who do so enwrap their works in the mystic fogs of scientific jargon, that a man must be as wise as themselves to understand their writings; on the contrary, my pages, though abounding with sound wisdom and profound erudition, shall be written with such pleasant and urbane perspicuity, that there shall not even be found a country justice, an outward alderman, or a member of congress, provided he can read with tolerable fluency, but shall both understand and profit by my labours. #Quote by Washington Irving
Gusturi Urbane quotes by Richard E. Rubenstein
#6. These Greek-speaking city folk were no country bumpkins, like those they called pagans - pagani - a term meaning "rustics" or "hicks."18 They inhabited one of the liveliest, most urbane, and culturally diverse regions on earth. Many could read and write; the early Christians, like the Jews, considered themselves People of the Book and prized the ability to read Scripture. #Quote by Richard E. Rubenstein
Gusturi Urbane quotes by Marcel Proust
#7. But all of a sudden the scene changed; it was the memory, no longer of old impressions but of an old desire, only recently reawakened by the Fortuny gown in blue and gold, that spread before me another spring, a spring not leafy at all but on the contrary suddenly stripped of its trees and flowers by the name that I had just murmured to myself: "Venice"; a decanted springtime, which is reduced to its own essence and expresses the lengthening, the warming, the gradual unfolding of its days in the progressive fermentation, no longer, now, of an impure soil, but of a blue and virginal water, springlike without bud or blossom, which could answer the call of May only by the gleaming facets fashioned and polished by May, harmonising exactly with it in the radiant, unalterable nakedness of its dusky sapphire. Likewise, too, no more than the seasons to its flowerless creeks, do modern times bring any change to the Gothic city; I knew it, even if I could not imagine it, or rather, imagining it, this was what I longed for with the same desire which long ago, when I was a boy, in the very ardour of departure, had broken and robbed me of the strength to make the journey: to find myself face to face with my Venetian imaginings, to observe how that divided sea enclosed in its meanderings, like the sinuosities of the ocean stream, and urbane and refined civilization, but one that, isolated by their azure girdle, had evolved independently, had had its own schools of painting and architecture #Quote by Marcel Proust
Gusturi Urbane quotes by Marya Hornbacher
#8. My generation was weaned on subliminal advertising, stupid television, slasher movies, insipid grocery-store literature, MTV, VCRs, fast food, infomercials, glossy ads, diet aids, plastic surgery, a pop culture wherein the hyper-cool, blank-eyed supermodel was a hero. This is the intellectual and emotional equivalent of eating nothing but candy bars – you get malnourished and tired. We grew up in a world in which the surface of the thing is infinitely more important than its substance – and where the surface of the thing had to be "perfect," urbane, sophisticated, blasé, adult. I would suggest that if you grow up trying constantly to be an adult, a successful adult, you will be sick of being grown up by the time you're old enough to drink. #Quote by Marya Hornbacher
Gusturi Urbane quotes by Stephanie Laurens
#9. He collapsed half on top of her, too wrung out to move, his lungs working like bellows, his heart thundering, pounding.
Gradually, it slowed. Sensation, muted awareness returned, enough to register the gentle stroking of her hand, the soothing touch calming, strangely claiming.
He wanted to find his sophisticated armor and put it back on-before he faced her, before she saw...
Before he could move, she did; turning her head to his, pushing back the damp hair from the side of his face, she touched her lips to his jaw, then, her lips curving sleepily, touched those swollen lips to the corner of his.
"Thank you." The words were a sigh, the softest of feminine exhalations. "That was...thrilling. very fine."
He nearly humphed. Fine? The intensity had damned hear killed him, and she labeled the moment "fine?"
She fell back, fully relaxed on her back in the bed.
After a moment, he turned his head and looked at her. Studied the madonnalike expression that had claimed her face, the bliss that infused her features.
He filled his lungs, then managed to summon sufficient strength to disengage and lift from her. Slumping on his back alongside her, he stared up at the ceiling, but there were no hints or clues written there.
For the first time in his extensive career, he didn't feel, even now, in control. He Uncertain. Not his usual polished, urbane, somewhat boredly smug self.
Yet he was the one who was supposedly us #Quote by Stephanie Laurens
Gusturi Urbane quotes by Anita Brookner
#10. The men in my mother's life were like priests, ministering to her. They loved her in a way I hope I am never loved, my father, Sydney Goldsmith, and Dr. Constantine, who looked after her for so many years. It is why I seek the company of the young, the urbane, the polished, the ambitious, the prodigiously gifted, like Nick and his friends. In my mother's world, at least in those latter days, the men were kind, shy, easily damaged, too sensitive to her hurts. I never want to meet such men again. In a way I prefer them to be impervious to me. I can no longer endure the lost look in the eye, the composure too easily shattered, the waning hope. I now require people to be viable, durable. I try to catch hold of their invulnerability and apply it to myself. I want to feel that the world is hard enough to withstand knocks, as well as to inflict them. I want evidence of good health and good luck and the people who enjoy both. These priestly ministrations, that simple childish cheerfulness, that delicacy of intention, that sigh immediately suppressed, that welcoming of routine attentions, that reliance on old patterns, that fidelity, that constancy, and the terror behind all of these things…No more. #Quote by Anita Brookner
Gusturi Urbane quotes by Daisy Goodwin
#11. I was so happy … before.'
'I find that happiness can always be recollected in tranquillity, Ma'am,' said Melbourne.
Victoria put her hands down and looked up at him, her pale blue eyes searching his face. 'You were happy too?'
When Melbourne spoke, it was in the voice not of the urbane Prime Minister, but of a man of advancing years who is facing the loss of the only thing that is still capable of bringing him joy. 'You know I was, Ma'am. #Quote by Daisy Goodwin
Gusturi Urbane quotes by Phyllis McGinley
#12. Who could deny that privacy is a jewel? It has always been the mark of privilege, the distinguishing feature of a truly urbane culture. Out of the cave, the tribal teepee, the pueblo, the community fortress, man emerged to build himself a house of his own with a shelter in it for himself and his diversions. Every age has seen it so. The poor might have to huddle together in cities for need's sake, and the frontiersman cling to his neighbors for the sake of protection. But in each civilization, as it advanced, those who could afford it chose the luxury of a withdrawing-place. #Quote by Phyllis McGinley
Gusturi Urbane quotes by Miguel De Unamuno
#13. Every peasant has a lawyer inside of him, just as every lawyer, no matter how urbane he may be, carries a peasant within himself. #Quote by Miguel De Unamuno
Gusturi Urbane quotes by Siri Hustvedt
#14. I had never seen anything like New York, and its newness held the promise of my future: dense with the experience I craved - romantic, urbane, intellectual. Looking back on that moment, I believe I was saved from disappointment by the nature of my "great expectations." I honestly wasn't burdened with conventional notions of finding security and happiness. At that time of my life, even when I was "happy," it wasn't because I expected it. That was for characters less romantic than myself. I didn't expect to be rich, well fed, and kindly treated by all. I wanted to live deeply and fully, to embrace whatever the city held for me. #Quote by Siri Hustvedt
Gusturi Urbane quotes by Nathan Huggins
#15. For the Afro-American in the 1920's being a 'New Negro' was being 'Modern'. And being an 'New Negro' meant, largely, not being an 'Old Negro', disassociating oneself from the symbols and legacy of slavery - being urbane, assertive militant. #Quote by Nathan Huggins
Gusturi Urbane quotes by Arundhati Roy
#16. In her growing years, Ammu had watched her father weave his hideous web. He was charming and urbane with visitors ... He donated money to orphanages and leprosy clinics. He worked hard on his public profile as a sophisticated, generous, moral man. But alone with his wife and children he turned into a monstrous, suspicious bully, with a steak of vicious cunning. They were beaten, humiliated, and then made to suffer the envy of friends and relations for having such a wonderful husband and father. #Quote by Arundhati Roy
Gusturi Urbane quotes by Sylvia Day
#17. He wasn't just beautiful; he was ... enthralling. He was the kind of guy who made a woman want to rip his shirt open and watch the buttons scatter along with her inhibitions. I looked at him in his civilized, urbane, outrageously expensive suit and thought of raw, primal, sheet-clawing fucking. #Quote by Sylvia Day
Gusturi Urbane quotes by Catharine Arnold
#18. In a policy shift which the historian Guy de la Bedoyere has compared with Western Imperialism, the Romans converted militant Britons to their way of life with consumer entincements, introducing them to the urbane pleasures of hot spas and fine dining, encouraging them to wear togas and speak Latin. #Quote by Catharine Arnold
Gusturi Urbane quotes by Lauren Beukes
#19. This is the Detroit I want to write about," he says, feeling urbane as fuck. "Tattoo seances and nutty street art and text-message millionaires. People don't even know this is happening."
"Of course we know it's happening, shithead," Anorexic Thor says. "You don't know it's happening. #Quote by Lauren Beukes
Gusturi Urbane quotes by Arthur Urbane Dilley
#20. He who wars against the arts, wars not against nations, but against all mankind. #Quote by Arthur Urbane Dilley
Gusturi Urbane quotes by Mervyn Peake
#21. Prunesquallor, as urbane as ever, had nevertheless something in his fish-like eyes that might almost be described as determination. One glance at his sister was sufficient to make him realize that to attempt to reason with her would be about as fruitful as to try to christianize a vulture. #Quote by Mervyn Peake
Gusturi Urbane quotes by Patrick O'Brian
#22. The grey-haired man was obviously the woman's inferior; he sat on the ground at a distance, and although what he said was urbane enough, in the Malayan way, it was nothing like so urbane nor nearly as copious as her conversation, a steady, lively flow, not of anything so coarse as direct enquiry but of remarks that would have elicited information if Stephen had chosen to give it. He did not choose, of course: after so long a course of discretion his mind would scarcely agree to give the exact time without an effort. #Quote by Patrick O'Brian
Gusturi Urbane quotes by Olivia Sudjic
#23. He told me things about himself that should have made him sound urbane but did the opposite. He told me, for example, that he liked Steve Reich's music, modern-art museums, and Beat poetry. These words flew out of his mouth and went boomeranging back as if they knew they weren't meant to take the conversation anywhere but back to him. He also explained that he really liked interacting with different kinds of people. When I didn't immediately respond to this, he repeated it, and so I assured him I believed it. #Quote by Olivia Sudjic
Gusturi Urbane quotes by Geoffrey Household
#24. I distrust patriotism; the reasonable man can find little in these days that is worth dying for. But dying against - there's enough iniquity in Europe to carry the most urbane or decadent into battle. #Quote by Geoffrey Household
Gusturi Urbane quotes by Dan  Fox
#25. Pretentiousness shares with sophistication a lingering sense of "unnaturalness"; something faked, pretending, tampered with. Litvak presses the idea that sophistication is linked to perversion in the sexual sense, and therefore carries with it a latent homophobic charge. The association of sophistication with a form of urbane and knowing behavior gets reinforced "every time advertising and journalism, loathing as they do the pretentious and the trendy, derisively dangle before their audience the perennially unpopular figure of the snooty (i.e., gay) salesman in the upscale boutique." Pretension implies affectation. People are not acting themselves; rather, their lying urbanity is trampling all over your plain-speaking - and presumably heterosexual - truth. #Quote by Dan Fox
Gusturi Urbane quotes by Emo Philips
#26. Some comedians change their style, often to their advantage; but I see no reason why I can't continue with the "urbane sophisticate" 'til the day I die. #Quote by Emo Philips
Gusturi Urbane quotes by Orville Prescott
#27. The Seasons Difference is a suave and urbane comedy about several immense abstractions - faith, innocence, loneliness, and love. #Quote by Orville Prescott
Gusturi Urbane quotes by Andre Dubus
#28. He had made his cowardice urbane, mobile, and sophisticated; but perhaps at its essence cowardice knows it is apparent: he believed David and Kathi knew that their afternoons at the aquarium, the Museum of Fine Arts, the Science Museum, were houses Peter had built, where they could be together as they were before, with one difference: there was always entertainment. #Quote by Andre Dubus
Gusturi Urbane quotes by F Scott Fitzgerald
#29. She walked rather quickly; she liked to be active, though at times she gave an impression of repose that was at once static and evocative. This was because she knew few words and believed in none, and in the world she was rather silent, contributing just her share of urbane humor with a precision that approached meagreness. But at the moment when strangers tended to grow uncomfortable in the presence of this economy she would seize the topic and rush off with it, feverishly surprised with herself
then bring it back and relinquish it abruptly, almost timidly, like an obedient retriever, having been adequate and something more. #Quote by F Scott Fitzgerald

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