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Gulliver quotes by Jonathan Swift
#1. Gulliver describes a royal personage inspiring awe among the tiny Lilliputians because he was taller than his brethren by the breadth of a human fingernail. #Quote by Jonathan Swift
Gulliver quotes by Trina Gulliver
#2. I think spectators and fans are very important. Darts players would be nowhere without them. #Quote by Trina Gulliver
Gulliver quotes by Andy Seven
#3. Big Jason walked into the club, stared at the band beginning their sound check and quickly walked over to the bar. Lily looked up from her rinsing and smiled.
"Big Jason Gulliver, back in town. Raquel said Godzilla returned to Tokyo, I wondered how soon you'd drop by here".

"Front me a soda, Lily. How's the night club racket?" Jason barked over the noisy band.
"Guys still hitting on me, including your stupid friend King Steve", Lily shot a jet of soda pop from her beverage gun into a water glass.
Jason chortled. "He's slow on the draw. You're a fuckin' dyke but a cool fuckin' dyke. I don't even care if you sleep with my girl".
"Why thank you, Caveman", Lily smiled, handing him the soda with a cherry on top. #Quote by Andy Seven
Gulliver quotes by C.J. Tudor
#4. Your world shrinks as you grow older. You become Gulliver in your very own Lilliput. #Quote by C.J. Tudor
Gulliver quotes by Jonathan Swift
#5. The author of these Travels, Mr. Lemuel Gulliver, is my ancient and intimate friend; there is likewise some relation between us on the mother's side. About three years ago, Mr. Gulliver growing weary of the concourse of curious people coming to him at his house in Redriff, made a small purchase of land, with a convenient house, near Newark, in Nottinghamshire, his native country; where he now lives retired, yet in good esteem among his neighbours. #Quote by Jonathan Swift
Gulliver quotes by Anthony Burgess
#6. The trombones crunched redgold under my bed, and behind my gulliver the trumpets threewise silverflamed, #Quote by Anthony Burgess
Gulliver quotes by Mary Karr
#7. Most great writers suffer and have no idea how good they are. Most bad writers are very confident. Be willing to be a child and be the Lilliputian in the world of Gulliver, the bat girl in Yankee Stadium. That's a more fruitful way to be. #Quote by Mary Karr
Gulliver quotes by Mohsin Hamid
#8. America's strength has made it a sort of Gulliver in world affairs: By wiggling its toes it can, often inadvertently, break the arm of a Lilliputian. #Quote by Mohsin Hamid
Gulliver quotes by Anthony Burgess
#9. Then, brothers, it came. Oh, bliss, bliss and heaven. I lay all nagoy to the ceiling, my gulliver on my rookers on the pillow, glazzies closed, rot open in bliss, slooshying the sluice of lovely sounds. Oh, it was gorgeousness and gorgeosity made flesh. #Quote by Anthony Burgess
Gulliver quotes by Erica Bauermeister
#10. She found herself wondering at what point in her life she had ceased to be Gulliver and had become the strings holding him to the ground. #Quote by Erica Bauermeister
Gulliver quotes by Enid Bagnold
#11. I know I feel like Gulliver sometimes, weighed down by little men. There are so many people in this house, I'm a queen bee, with every muscle dragging. I'm the heart of a cluster, black, dripping, sucking, hanging. #Quote by Enid Bagnold
Gulliver quotes by Jonathan Swift
#12. Poor Nations are hungry, and rich Nations are proud, and Pride and Hunger will ever be at Variance. #Quote by Jonathan Swift
Gulliver quotes by Anthony Burgess
#13. What's this for?' I said. And this veck replied, interrupting his like song an instant, that it was to keep my gulliver still and make me look at the screen. 'But,' I said, 'I want to look at the screen. I've been brought here to viddy films and viddy films I shall. #Quote by Anthony Burgess
Gulliver quotes by Trina Gulliver
#14. I am very well known in the world of darts and in my home town of Southam but unfortunately women's darts does not have the high profile of the men's game and so is not featured on TV very much. I think you need to be seen on world wide TV to become really famous. #Quote by Trina Gulliver
Gulliver quotes by Anthony Burgess
#15. Oh it was gorgeousness and gorgeosity made flesh. The trombones crunched redgold under my bed, and behind my gulliver the trumpets three-wise silverflamed, and there by the door the timps rolling through my guts and out again crunched like candy thunder. Oh, it was wonder of wonders. And then, a bird of like rarest spun heavenmetal, or like silvery wine flowing in a spaceship, gravity all nonsense now, came the violin solo above all the other strings, and those strings were like a cage of silk round my bed. Then flute and oboe bored, like worms of like platinum, into the thick thick toffee gold and silver. I was in such bliss, my brothers. #Quote by Anthony Burgess
Gulliver quotes by Marina Warner
#16. There's a whole slew of wonderful speculation of flying in a fanciful way. Gulliver is one of the central examples; Swift has the hum of Arabian Nights in his ear with Gulliver's Travels. The difference is in scale - Gulliver as a kind of Sinbad kind of figure, the way he is picked up and carried. Just to finish up with Scheherazade, I do think that The Arabian Nights could be considered as a great book on women's position in the world. #Quote by Marina Warner
Gulliver quotes by Trina Gulliver
#17. My greatest influences in my sport have been two former number one English lady darts players, Deta Hedman and Mandy Solomons. Deta helped me at international events and both helped me to cope with the big occasion which gave me the confidence I needed to become a champion. #Quote by Trina Gulliver
Gulliver quotes by Sylvia Plath
#18. Over your body the clouds go
High, high and icily
And a little flat, as if they
Floated on a glass that was invisible.
Unlike swans,
Having no reflections;
Unlike you,
With no strings attached.
All cool, all blue. Unlike you
You, there on your back,
Eyes to the sky. #Quote by Sylvia Plath
Gulliver quotes by Helen Eustis
#19. When ... I've thought of madness, it seems most easily explained to me as poetry in action. A life of symbol rather than reality. On paper one can understand Gulliver, or Kafka, or Dante. But let a man go about behaving as if he were a giant or a midget, or caught in a cosmic plot directed at himself, or in heaven or hell, and we feel horror - we want to disavow him to proclaim him as far removed as possible from ourselves. #Quote by Helen Eustis
Gulliver quotes by Jonathan Swift
#20. In answer to which, I assured his honor that in all points out of their [lawyers'] own trade, they were usually the most ignorant and stupid generation among us, the most despicable in common conversation, avowed enemies to all knowledge and learning; and equally disposed to pervert the general reason of mankind, in every other subject of discourse as in that of their own profession. #Quote by Jonathan Swift
Gulliver quotes by Liz Braswell
#21. This is dumb,' her inner voice persisted. 'Lying in this- albeit ridiculously comfy and beautiful- bed when you're in a castle with talking teapots and wardrobes who gossip. Did Gulliver do this when a prisoner at the Brobdingnagian court? Just sulk and lie around? No, he enjoyed the adventure while doing whatever he could to get home! #Quote by Liz Braswell
Gulliver quotes by Jonathan Swift
#22. He asked me, "what were the usual causes or motives that made one country go to war with another?" I answered "they were innumerable; but I should only mention a few of the chief. Sometimes the ambition of princes, who never think they have land or people enough to govern; sometimes the corruption of ministers, who engage their master in a war, in order to stifle or divert the clamour of the subjects against their evil administration. Difference in opinions has cost many millions of lives: for instance, whether flesh be bread, or bread be flesh; whether the juice of a certain berry be blood or wine; whether whistling be a vice or a virtue; whether it be better to kiss a post, or throw it into the fire: what is the best colour for a coat, whether black, white, red, or gray: and whether it should be long or short, narrow or wide, dirty or clean; with many more. Neither are any wars so furious and bloody, or of so long a continuance, especially if it be in things indifferent. #Quote by Jonathan Swift
Gulliver quotes by Pamela Morsi
#23. For her seventh birthday, Mazy Gulliver got a Play Bride set that included a white veil, a plastic bouquet and a rhinestone ring. She immediately organized a wedding celebration under the basketball goal where she married Termy Latham, the boy next door. An argument could be made that the incident was merely the first in a long series of hasty, ill-conceived and unwise decisions about men. #Quote by Pamela Morsi
Gulliver quotes by Daniel C. Dennett
#24. The fundamental core of contemporary Darwinism, the theory of DNA-based reproduction and evolution, is now beyond dispute among scientists. It demonstrates its power every day, contributing crucially to the explanation of planet-sized facts of geology and meteorology, through middle-sized facts of ecology and agronomy, down to the latest microscopic facts of genetic engineering. It unifies all of biology and the history of our planet into a single grand story. Like Gulliver tied down in Lilliput, it is unbudgeable, not because of some one or two huge chains of argument that might–hope against hope–have weak links in them, but because it is securely tied by hundreds of thousands of threads of evidence anchoring it to virtually every other field of knowledge. New discoveries may conceivably lead to dramatic, even 'revolutionary' shifts in the Darwinian theory, but the hope that it will be 'refuted' by some shattering breakthrough is about as reasonable as the hope that we will return to a geocentric vision and discard Copernicus. #Quote by Daniel C. Dennett
Gulliver quotes by Jonathan Swift
#25. And he gave it for his opinion, that whoever could make two ears of corn, or two blades of grass, to grow upon a spot of ground where only one grew before, would deserve better of mankind, and do more essential service to his country, than the whole race of politicians put together. #Quote by Jonathan Swift
Gulliver quotes by Jonathan Swift
#26. But he may please to consider, that the caprices of womankind are not limited by any climate or nation; and that they are much more uniform than can be easily imagined. #Quote by Jonathan Swift
Gulliver quotes by Trina Gulliver
#27. Most important to me is to play well and to win. That is what the fans want to see. #Quote by Trina Gulliver

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