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Guitar Player quotes by David Bromberg
#1. I enjoy listening to Olla Bell. There is also this young guitar player, John Duke Lippincott, he sometimes goes by Johnny Duke. He is the most brilliant guitar player from right here in Wilmington, DE. #Quote by David Bromberg
Guitar Player quotes by Joe Pass
#2. You can't think and play. If you think about what you're playing the playing becomes stilted. You have to just focus on the music I feel, concenctrate on the music, focus on what you're playing and let the playing come out. Once you start thinking about doing this or doing that, it's not good. What you are doing is like a language. You have a whole collection of musical ideas and thoughts that you've accumulated through your musical history plus all the musical history of the whole world and it's all in your subconscious and you draw upon it when you play #Quote by Joe Pass
Guitar Player quotes by Wes Borland
#3. I could have probably gone on and still played the part of the guitar player of Limp Bizkit, but musically I was kind of bored. If I was to continue, it would have been about the money and not about the true music, and I don't want to lie to myself, or to them or to fans of Limp Bizkit. #Quote by Wes Borland
Guitar Player quotes by J.J. Cale
#4. Basically, I'm just a guitar player that figured out I wasn't ever gonna be able to buy dinner with my guitar playing so I got into songwriting, which is a little more profitable business. #Quote by J.J. Cale
Guitar Player quotes by John Williams
#5. I find that musically, looking back, I have learned much more from those relationships, people I have bumped into that I have admired, that's the way I feel musically I have learned most in life. #Quote by John Williams
Guitar Player quotes by Adam Schlesinger
#6. Yeah, Jody [Porter] left. He's a great guitar player. We have a guy named Phil Hurley who is going to go out on tour with us now. I'm not sure if he'll end up as the permanent guitar player, but he's the type of guy who can kind of step in and play anything. He was with the Gigolo Ants before, and he's really good. #Quote by Adam Schlesinger
Guitar Player quotes by Rick Derringer
#7. I took the rhythm place, which a lot of people didn't know how to do the way I could, and this was really the first time that Johnny had a rhythm guitar player. #Quote by Rick Derringer
Guitar Player quotes by Lynne Rae Perkins
#8. This was the danger of sharing your dreams with your parents. If you told them you wanted to learn to play the guitar, all they heard you say was, "I want to learn to play the guitar," and then they found some practical, convenient, cheap way, often involving a church basement, for you to do it. But Hector had not come up with any plan of his own. And owning a guitar seemed like an important stepping stone on the way to being a guitar player. So he pawned his soul and said he would take the lessons from the Presbyterian youth minister. What the hell, he thought. Or heck, he thought. What the heck. #Quote by Lynne Rae Perkins
Guitar Player quotes by Paul Banks
#9. I didn't come in and say: "I'm a singer." I came into the band as a second guitar player and a vocalist, but not the songwriter. I had been writing poetry for years, so I sort of had the nature of the words. I felt like no one else could sing my lyrics, so I took a crack at it. #Quote by Paul Banks
Guitar Player quotes by Sara Gran
#10. Karma," he said once, "is not a sentence already printed. It is a series of words the author can arrange as she choses."
Love. Murder. A broken heart. The professor in the drawing room with candlestick. The detective in the bar with the gun. The guitar player backstage with the pick.
Maybe it was true: Life was a series of words we'd been given to arrange as we pleased, only no one seemed to know how. A word game with no right solution, a crossword puzzle where we couldn't quite remember the name of that song. #Quote by Sara Gran
Guitar Player quotes by David Gilmour
#11. My technique is laughable at times. I have developed a style of my own, I suppose, which creeps around. I don't have to have too much technique for it. I've developed the parts of my technique that are useful to me. I'll never be a very fast guitar player. I don't really know what to say about my style. There's always a melodic intent in there. #Quote by David Gilmour
Guitar Player quotes by Ryan Adams
#12. It was never my first choice to be a singer/guitar player. I really wanted to play drums. #Quote by Ryan Adams
Guitar Player quotes by Vonda Shepard
#13. James Ralston, my guitar player, has performed with Tina Turner for about 22 years. Jim Hanson on bass has played with Johnny Cash, Rodney Crowell and Bruce Springsteen, and they're fantastic musicians and amazing singers they get a really cool vocal sound together. #Quote by Vonda Shepard
Guitar Player quotes by Nuno Bettencourt
#14. If you play music for no other reason than actually just because you love it, the skills just kinda creep up on you. #Quote by Nuno Bettencourt
Guitar Player quotes by Dolly Parton
#15. My music is so mine, it's hard to turn it over to someone else. I have to be really involved in the production. It's like someone else taking care of your kids - if they don't treat them well, you're going to be pissed off. I'm actually co-producing [Backwoods] with my guitar player of 20 years, Kent Wells. We make a good combination ... I think we're going to have a real good record. #Quote by Dolly Parton
Guitar Player quotes by Les Paul
#16. I don't know of a guitar player that has only one guitar. They're never happy with one. I'm never happy with just one of them. I woke up and ended up with six, even if you can only play one at a time! #Quote by Les Paul
Guitar Player quotes by Gregg Allman
#17. Duane Allman was the best guitar player I ever heard who didn't read a note. #Quote by Gregg Allman
Guitar Player quotes by Zakk Wylde
#18. Without a doubt, Eddie Van Halen is the greatest guitar player who has ever lived. #Quote by Zakk Wylde
Guitar Player quotes by Larry Carlton
#19. People ask me to describe how I play, and the most obvious answer is that I'm a jazz influenced guitar player. But I'm not a jazz guitar player. Wes Montgomery was a jazz guitarist, Joe Pass was a jazz guitarist (laughs). #Quote by Larry Carlton
Guitar Player quotes by Joe Perry
#20. There are guys in country music who are wizards on the guitar. If you're a country fan, you're used to it. But as a rock guitar player, you listen. #Quote by Joe Perry
Guitar Player quotes by John Petrucci
#21. I do a lot of the stuff that I started out doing that I think any guitar player that's concerned about the craft needs to do. It's basic practicing of the basic elements. I try to practice like a well rounded regiment of things where I can kind of do whatever I wanna do and I also have to practice the actual songs to keep that under my fingers as well. #Quote by John Petrucci
Guitar Player quotes by George Benson
#22. The greatest guitar player in the world today for me is Paco de Lucia, who is actually Spanish. #Quote by George Benson
Guitar Player quotes by Scott Stapp
#23. There comes a point with any collaboration like that where you start having other interests creatively. I was moving in one direction musically, and as a guitar player, Mark wanted to move in another direction. That was essentially the reason we broke up. #Quote by Scott Stapp
Guitar Player quotes by Brad Paisley
#24. As a guitar player, it's harder for me to impress somebody than it is to write a song that they like. #Quote by Brad Paisley
Guitar Player quotes by Billy Bragg
#25. I never met a politician who didn't want to be a guitar player in a rock band. I've got the opportunity to say what I believe in. #Quote by Billy Bragg
Guitar Player quotes by Jeff Beck
#26. By far the most astonishing guitar player ever has got to be Django Reinhardt ... Django was quite superhuman, There's nothing normal about him as a person or a player. #Quote by Jeff Beck
Guitar Player quotes by Gary Burton
#27. It keeps me in touch with younger musicians who are constantly saying, 'Have you heard this new artist, or this new guitar player?' It keeps you reaching. #Quote by Gary Burton
Guitar Player quotes by E.A. Andrews
#28. Hi. I'm Nikki. Best friend and personal stylist for Harper Deacon."
Smith grinned at her, those stupid dimples making a reappearance. "Nice to meet you, Nikki I'm Smith. I aspire to be second-best friend and guitar player for Harper Deacon."
"You must enjoy a challenge," Nikki said, batting her ridiculously long eyelashes.
"Oh, I do," Smith said, and aimed his grin at me. #Quote by E.A. Andrews
Guitar Player quotes by Ric Ocasek
#29. I've been in a band, so I understand the politics. Sometimes the bass player doesn't like what the guitar player is doing, and you have to sort of even that out. #Quote by Ric Ocasek
Guitar Player quotes by James Vincent McMorrow
#30. All the really good guitar players - Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page, or even Bert Jansch or John Martin - I love all those people. But I didn't start out thinking that I would be a guitar player. In the beginning, I played the guitar so I could sing. I mainly concentrated on my voice. #Quote by James Vincent McMorrow
Guitar Player quotes by Alice Cooper
#31. Johnny Depp already seen how alcohol and drugs can get in the way of a career. And you have to remember one thing: Johnny was a guitar player and a rock-and-roller way before he was an actor. When he came to Los Angeles, he came with his band. #Quote by Alice Cooper
Guitar Player quotes by Larry Carlton
#32. I want to figure out how I can make the most important statement with the least amount of information, so I don't run out of ideas by the time I get to my second or third chorus. #Quote by Larry Carlton
Guitar Player quotes by Jimi Hendrix
#33. I just hate to be in one corner. I hate to be put as only a guitar player, or either only as a songwriter, or only as a tap dancer. I like to move around. #Quote by Jimi Hendrix
Guitar Player quotes by Phillip Phillips
#34. I'm a guitar player first. So my first hero was Angus Young from AC/DC. I used to copy every move that he did, play every lick that he would. I knew I wanted to be some kind of a rocker, back in the day. #Quote by Phillip Phillips
Guitar Player quotes by Dave Mustaine
#35. Buckethead [former GUNS N' ROSES guitarist] is probably twice as good a guitar player as me and Slash combined, and can stand having fried chicken rubbed up against his face all night for a couple of hours. #Quote by Dave Mustaine
Guitar Player quotes by Johnny Winter
#36. T-Bone Walker was a big influence on just about every guitar player around. #Quote by Johnny Winter
Guitar Player quotes by Bob Dylan
#37. When it came time to hire a guitar player ... I didn't even have to think about it ... Mike Bloomfield was the best guitar player I'd ever heard ... #Quote by Bob Dylan
Guitar Player quotes by Bert Jansch
#38. I'd always had an interest in guitar from about seven years old. But I first actually had lessons when I was about fifteen in Scotland, in Edinburgh. There was a folk club there and a girl called Jill Doyle taught me the guitar, who happened to be Davey Graham's sister. Davey Graham is one of my heroes and always has been. Fantastic guitar player. And he's had a strong influence on me all the way through. #Quote by Bert Jansch
Guitar Player quotes by Bill Frisell
#39. I spend a lot of time copying saxophone players and trumpet players. Not to say that it is not important to listen to guitar players, but there's so much music out there and so many possibilities. I like anyone who plays any instrument. #Quote by Bill Frisell
Guitar Player quotes by Lenny Kravitz
#40. If you go to Japan, they're still buying vinyl, and they want the education. They know who's playing on what tracks from the '60s and the '70s - who the guitar player is, who the drummer is, who the producer was, what studio it was recorded in. That's how I grew up listening to music. We bought albums. We read the liner notes. It was important to know the whole history behind it. #Quote by Lenny Kravitz
Guitar Player quotes by Scott Ian
#41. I could care less about sitting around and practicing the guitar for hours a day and trying to be the best guitar player on the planet. #Quote by Scott Ian
Guitar Player quotes by Robbie Robertson
#42. I feel so lucky to have been in a group where it was a real band. This wasn't a singer and guitar player and some other guys. #Quote by Robbie Robertson
Guitar Player quotes by Steve Jones
#43. I wasn't planning on being a guitar player; I was going to be a singer. And I was for a little bit in the Sex Pistols - that is, until we got John Lydon. And then I realized I wasn't really suited as a front guy. #Quote by Steve Jones
Guitar Player quotes by Dave Mustaine
#44. David Gilmour can do more with one note than most other guitar players can do with the whole fretboard #Quote by Dave Mustaine
Guitar Player quotes by Orianthi
#45. At school I had a really hard time being a guitar player. It's like being a male ballerina in a way. It's not the norm. #Quote by Orianthi
Guitar Player quotes by Gavin DeGraw
#46. You can be a singer, and you can be a guitar player, but putting them together is another animal. #Quote by Gavin DeGraw
Guitar Player quotes by George Benson
#47. My stepfather met my mother when I was seven years old, and he was a guitar player. So he caught me messing with his guitar, his electric guitar, and he tried to show me some chords, but my hands were too small. #Quote by George Benson
Guitar Player quotes by Bootsy Collins
#48. My brother was very important to me. And he played guitar. So that's what I wanted to be. I wanted to be a guitar player. So he was the first one to inspire me to do something with my life. And I was so glad that he was there. #Quote by Bootsy Collins
Guitar Player quotes by Holly George-Warren
#49. and I learned more at the hands of Carl Wilson than I learned from anybody else. He taught me a fuck of a lot of guitar playing. That man is a good guitar player. #Quote by Holly George-Warren
Guitar Player quotes by Kelly Hogan
#50. It's not like you're being fake, it's just the way you color it, like a guitar player uses pedals or different effects. That's why I get so mad about people who are down on vocal reverb. It's not a crutch, people, it's an aesthetic choice! #Quote by Kelly Hogan
Guitar Player quotes by John Lee Hooker
#51. I don't play a lot of fancy guitar. I don't want to play it. The kind of guitar I want to play is mean, mean licks. #Quote by John Lee Hooker
Guitar Player quotes by John Mayer
#52. I wanted to be a blues guitar player. And a singer. And a songwriter. Not a shock jock. #Quote by John Mayer
Guitar Player quotes by Colin Hay
#53. I just want to be a better guitar player, really. #Quote by Colin Hay
Guitar Player quotes by Wes Borland
#54. I've never really been schooled in music theory. I'm a guitar player, and I attack the guitar in a certain way that it not fully unique to me, but it's more unique that some other people. #Quote by Wes Borland
Guitar Player quotes by Ryan Ross
#55. You don't have to be the best guitar player, or have the best voice, or even be the best looking person - writing a song that moves people is worth more than all the other nonsense. (Just look at Bob Dylan - he's got almost no vocal range at all, but his songs are deeply moving and iconic.) If I had to offer one piece of advice: Write a song that moves people, and write it from within yourself. Your personal narrative is more engaging and moving than anything else you can imagine in your mind. #Quote by Ryan Ross
Guitar Player quotes by B.B. King
#56. My mother was a very beautiful lady, I thought. She was very good to me. I guess - she died when I was nine and a half, but if she had lived, I probably wouldn't be trying to play guitar. She wanted me to be known, but as something else. Not a guitar player. #Quote by B.B. King
Guitar Player quotes by Laurent Brancowitz
#57. I thought it was too 'glam rock' to practice. The problem is that now I'm a pretty bad guitar player. #Quote by Laurent Brancowitz
Guitar Player quotes by Sammy Hagar
#58. To stay a great singer or guitar player, you've got to do it 24/7. That's what I do. #Quote by Sammy Hagar
Guitar Player quotes by Doug Martsch
#59. For me, I'm more of a songwriter than a guitar player or singer. And not having things to work on was really kind of nice. #Quote by Doug Martsch
Guitar Player quotes by John Frusciante
#60. Anybody who's a guitar player that's spent that time with another guitar player, there's nothing better than that. #Quote by John Frusciante
Guitar Player quotes by Gregg Allman
#61. People always lean toward who's the best guitar player, who's the best singer? I don't see it that way. They're all the best, you know? They've all gotten your attention, you've admired them, you've tried to sing like them. That makes them the best, each and every one of 'em. #Quote by Gregg Allman
Guitar Player quotes by Cat Patrick
#62. Yeah," he says. "We've been friends since kindergarten. Funniest guy I know," Matt says with a chuckle. "He's a great guitar player, too. He's in a band with some guys from Omaha South. He keeps trying to get me to join."
"What do you play?" I ask.
"Baseball," Matt jokes. #Quote by Cat Patrick
Guitar Player quotes by Gail Zappa
#63. You can't get a guitar player like Dweezil without his commitment to the work that it takes A) to be the musician that he is and B) to the music itself. #Quote by Gail Zappa
Guitar Player quotes by John Mayer
#64. I came from the last couple of years in a generation where we didn't have a computer around so we didn't waste as much time on the internet as we do now so I had large chuncks of time which to devote to doing something. #Quote by John Mayer
Guitar Player quotes by Sam Andrew
#65. Shortly before she died Janis Joplin gave me the Gibson Hummingbird she recorded "Me and Bobbby McGee" on ... Janis was a good guitar player, for her purposes .. she just wanted to play along with her songs, and she had a real pure and nice style for that ... #Quote by Sam Andrew
Guitar Player quotes by Ed Sheeran
#66. It's cool. One of the dudes who I made my album with who I'm a very good friend of for quite a while, I lived on his sofa for a while. And he's a professional guitar player, and he played for One Direction. And so I'd wake up on a sofa sometimes with Harry from One Direction on the other sofa, and I'd kind of be like 'you alright?' #Quote by Ed Sheeran
Guitar Player quotes by Jeff Baxter
#67. Another guitar player who had a tremendous influence on my life was Howard Roberts ... I'd listened to a lot of Tal Farlow, Johnny Smith and Kenny Burrell, and I was certainly into those guys, but I was awestruck at the intensity and fire in Howards' guitar playing ... for me, it became a roadmap ... #Quote by Jeff Baxter
Guitar Player quotes by Jonny Lang
#68. I think you have to know exactly what you want. Whether you want to be a guitar player or a musician, you have to be really focused on it if you really want to do it. #Quote by Jonny Lang
Guitar Player quotes by Henry Garza
#69. A lot of guitar players get stuck on a person ... before they find out who they really are ... every guitar player should remember be yourself - just let it rip ... #Quote by Henry Garza
Guitar Player quotes by Tom Verlaine
#70. I always hated jazz guitar. I loved jazz saxophone but I hated jazz guitar. If I would buy an organ trio record I would make sure I'd buy one that did not have a guitar player on it. The sound was awful! #Quote by Tom Verlaine
Guitar Player quotes by Laurent Brancowitz
#71. My heroes, I couldn't imagine them practicing. Like Bob Dylan, you know? Bob Dylan's a very, very good guitar player, but it's like he's trying to hide it. I always loved this attitude. When you're very good ... it's like being an athlete - and I always hated sports! #Quote by Laurent Brancowitz
Guitar Player quotes by Boz Scaggs
#72. I was a guitar player first off. #Quote by Boz Scaggs
Guitar Player quotes by Sam Endicott
#73. When I was about 12, I wanted a CD player for Christmas, but instead my parents gave me a really crappy electric guitar. #Quote by Sam Endicott
Guitar Player quotes by Ted Templeman
#74. I've worked with such legendary guitar players as Allan Holdsworth, Ronnie Montrose, Eric Clapton, Lowell George and Steve Vai, but none of them come close to having Ed's [Eddie Van Halen's] fantastic combination of chops and musicianship. I rank him along with Charlie Parker and Art Tatum as one of the three greatest musicians of my lifetime. Unfortunately, I don't think Ed puts himself in that class. #Quote by Ted Templeman
Guitar Player quotes by Jess Margera
#75. We've done every record on our own. Its produced by our guitar player and sometimes we'll have some help mixin' it and have some outside engineers but for the most part, it's done by the band and I think that's the reason why CKY sounds like no other band, 'cause we make our own albums. #Quote by Jess Margera
Guitar Player quotes by James Iha
#76. And they kind of left to find a guitar player at the very end, so you know, I don't really take it as any slight that I wasn't able to play on the record. It's flattering just to play with them period. #Quote by James Iha
Guitar Player quotes by Glenn Tipton
#77. In my first bands I was a singing guitar player, but if you heard any of those songs you wouldn't describe me as a singer. But I can make it work. #Quote by Glenn Tipton
Guitar Player quotes by Jason Aldean
#78. I only took about five guitar lessons in my life from an actual teacher. I learned fast that that wasn't for me. I didn't have the attention span to learn that way. So I learned the basics from my dad, then just from playing on stage, and watching other guitar players. #Quote by Jason Aldean
Guitar Player quotes by Krist Novoselic
#79. In Utero is a testament to the artistic vision of Kurt Cobain. It's kind of a weird record, and it's strangely beautiful at the same time. And if you look at Kurt's paintings and his drawings - he even did a sculpture for me - it's a rising, tortured-spirit person. It's kind of weird. It's done well, but it's like what Dave was saying about having your own sound. Kurt was a great songwriter. He knew he had a good ear for a hook [and was] a great singer, great guitar player, and In Utero is a good representation of what he liked in art and how he expressed himself. #Quote by Krist Novoselic
Guitar Player quotes by Ronnie Wood
#80. I will miss a good friend who was so talanted. He was such agreat performer/ guitar player. Sleep well Prince. #Quote by Ronnie Wood
Guitar Player quotes by Tom Verlaine
#81. The whole reputation of being a rock guitar player, I could really care less about it. Still, when I hear new groups today I do occasionally hear something where I think ... ahh, I've heard that lick before. #Quote by Tom Verlaine
Guitar Player quotes by Henry Rollins
#82. Too bad that Paul Ryan confessed to being a fan of Rage Against The Machine. By doing so, he not only begged for a bucketing by many of their fans but actually got one from the band's guitar player, Tom Morello. #Quote by Henry Rollins
Guitar Player quotes by Albert King
#83. A guitar player goes on the road, and he misses his girlfriend for a while, but he manages to get along. A horn player gets out on the road, plays two or three towns, and then he'll get lonely, and next thing you know, he's packed up and left. It's better not to hire him in the first place. #Quote by Albert King
Guitar Player quotes by Brian Setzer
#84. My D'Angelico is a jazz archtop guitar. That guitar was made for Glenn Miller's guitar player in 1939. It's a '39 D'Angelico New Yorker. #Quote by Brian Setzer
Guitar Player quotes by Avicii
#85. I guess I think like deep inside, I know that it's like, it's a different kind of performing, it's not really ... You're not performing like a guitar player or a singer is performing, you know what I mean? So it's weird to be in the same type setup as one of those. 'Cause I'm not really doing much, you know, like technically it's not that hard. #Quote by Avicii
Guitar Player quotes by Pat Metheny
#86. Listening is the key to everything good in music. #Quote by Pat Metheny
Guitar Player quotes by George Harrison
#87. Badfinger was pretty good. It was a very sad story, though, because the guy, he ended up killing himself, Pete Ham, who was a lovely fellow, he was a good guitar player and a great singer, he wrote, the most famous tune I would imagine is "Without You", you know the Harry Nilsson record. #Quote by George Harrison
Guitar Player quotes by Chrissie Hynde
#88. I don't know any guitar player, any of the real greats, who don't rate Joni Mitchell up there with the best of them. #Quote by Chrissie Hynde
Guitar Player quotes by John Frusciante
#89. And this whole period of time of gradually working at being a better guitar player and songwriter have gradually led me to the point where I feel I'm doing a clearer representation of the thing that I've been feeling inside me since I was four years old. #Quote by John Frusciante
Guitar Player quotes by Robin Trower
#90. Oddly enough, Hendrix is not my favorite guitar player. There are very few guitar players I get feeling from. #Quote by Robin Trower
Guitar Player quotes by Jimi Hendrix
#91. Technically, I'm not a guitar player, all I play is truth and emotion. #Quote by Jimi Hendrix
Guitar Player quotes by Annie E. Clark
#92. I don't even wanna say female guitar-players, just guitar-players, because music of all things doesn't need to be gendered and stratified, that's so boring. #Quote by Annie E. Clark
Guitar Player quotes by Zach Condon
#93. My dad is obsessed with music, so I was raised around this guitar player that really wanted me to be a guitar player. #Quote by Zach Condon
Guitar Player quotes by B.B. King
#94. When you heard Jimi Hendrix, you knew it was Jimi Hendrix. He introduced himself with his instrument. His attack to a guitar man, was, oh, something else! You think of one of the great American ball players, or one of the great fighters of the world, you know, that's the way he would attack any note on his guitar. #Quote by B.B. King
Guitar Player quotes by Little Richard
#95. I invented rock & roll. Jimi Hendrix was my guitar player. James Brown was my vocalist. #Quote by Little Richard
Guitar Player quotes by Meredith Brooks
#96. When I was a kid in Eugene, Oregon, there was this fantastic guitar player who went out on the tables, chairs, out in the audience and played. So I started taking my guitar in the audience. I tripped, fell backwards and ripped my pants. #Quote by Meredith Brooks
Guitar Player quotes by Bill Mallonee
#97. I tend to prefer the band thing. I think playing solo is good for about 45 minutes. I remember when I was on my solo tour that I got a chance to play with Martin Stephenson of the Daintees. He's now refashioned himself as almost a delta blues guitar player and he's got all the technique, all the persona and the charisma on stage. I think I do too, but I'm more of a first position strummer guy with a little bit of filigree work. I could listen to him for hours; I could listen to myself playing solo for about half an hour! #Quote by Bill Mallonee
Guitar Player quotes by Stevie Jackson
#98. I'm the guitar player in Belle & Sebastian. #Quote by Stevie Jackson
Guitar Player quotes by Charley Pride
#99. Chet Atkins ... is probably the best guitar player who ever lived. #Quote by Charley Pride
Guitar Player quotes by Mirel Wagner
#100. There's a lot of women in blues music, lots of strong women and that sort of stuff. It's not the first thing that comes to mind when you think about blues. There were a lot of powerful blues guitar players in the olden times that were women. It's just that when you think about blues, you have this one image in your mind. #Quote by Mirel Wagner
Guitar Player quotes by Chuck Lorre
#101. I'm an old guitar player who has fallen into television and is so happy he did. #Quote by Chuck Lorre
Guitar Player quotes by Ted Nugent
#102. Look what venison does to a goofy guitar player from Detroit? I'm going to be 54 this year and if I had any more energy I'd scare you. #Quote by Ted Nugent
Guitar Player quotes by Scott Weiland
#103. I was just a kid in 1987 when I heard of the Pixies, the year after I graduated high school. But I had my band together, and my best friend at the time, Corey Hickock, who was the guitar player in the band that would become STP, Mighty Joe Young, turned me on to the Pixies. #Quote by Scott Weiland
Guitar Player quotes by Billy Corgan
#104. My father was a guitar player, and I was raised with a super high standard of what good guitar playing was. #Quote by Billy Corgan
Guitar Player quotes by Merrell Fankhauser
#105. I think there are quite a few new Instro/Surf groups that are really great. The Mermen are good and there doing something different. The Space Cossacks, Penetrators, The Fathoms, I really like The Falcons from Canada, Mike Beddoes is a really fine guitar player. I like Nokie Edwards of The Ventures, who gave me a guitar lesson once when we were playing opposite them in 1962 at The Rose Garden Ballroom in Pismo Beach. That's were The Impacts started and got signed to Del Fi in 1962. #Quote by Merrell Fankhauser
Guitar Player quotes by Jessica Hische
#106. To be a good artist / letterer / designer / guitar player it takes practice. A lot of it. More than you can even fathom when you're starting out. #Quote by Jessica Hische
Guitar Player quotes by Bert Jansch
#107. I think I come under the singer/songwriter badge. I've always written songs right from the very beginning. Because of my style of playing people tend of me more of a guitar player than a singer sometimes. #Quote by Bert Jansch
Guitar Player quotes by Wes Montgomery
#108. To me, all guitar players can play, because I know they're getting to where they're at. It's a very hard instrument to accept, because it takes years to start working with it, that's first, and it looks like everybody else is moving on the instrument but you. Then when you find a cat that's really playing, you always find that he's been playing a long time, you can't get around it. #Quote by Wes Montgomery
Guitar Player quotes by Paco De Lucia
#109. Every July, August and part of September I escape of the guitar, I escape of Paco de Lucia and I go to Mexico to the Carrabian. I have a little house there where I spend two months listening to music, no playing because I don't bring the guitar with me, fishing and cooking my fish and charging the batteries for new concerts. #Quote by Paco De Lucia
Guitar Player quotes by Charlie Worsham
#110. My earliest musical memory was getting to watch my dad play drums in a local band. He's a banker by trade, but a drummer at heart. I remember seeing the guitar player do the solo from "Werewolves of London" with his teeth, and that was the moment that had me hooked. #Quote by Charlie Worsham
Guitar Player quotes by Callie Thorne
#111. So, it's like: I'm an OK singer; I'm an OK guitar player and you put them together and ... it's just OK. #Quote by Callie Thorne
Guitar Player quotes by Ray Flacke
#112. When I heard Apache by the Shadows, that was it ! ... then there was a guitar player named Steve Gordon, he was "the player" in town ... I still remember him saying to me 'Is there any reason you're not using your little finger?' ... #Quote by Ray Flacke
Guitar Player quotes by James Iha
#113. It's much easier to work on other people's music and play in other people's bands as a guitar player instead of being the main songwriter and singer. That's a really big job to do that. #Quote by James Iha
Guitar Player quotes by Zooey Deschanel
#114. Most of my music theory knowledge is based on piano. But I write on guitar a lot, too. I'm not a great guitar player by any means. I'm not a great instrumentalist. I play piano on stage. I don't play guitar on stage, but I use it to write quite a lot. #Quote by Zooey Deschanel
Guitar Player quotes by Dick Dale
#115. Guitar Player Magazine says Dick Dale is the father of Heavy Metal, blowing up 48 amplifiers, creating the first power amplifier. #Quote by Dick Dale
Guitar Player quotes by Hunter Hayes
#116. I am, by nature, a guitar player ... I learned all of these other instruments around that, and around the theory that I built learning the guitar. #Quote by Hunter Hayes
Guitar Player quotes by Roy Choi
#117. I bet a chef could get more pussy than a guitar player right now. #Quote by Roy Choi
Guitar Player quotes by Steve Vai
#118. Still to this day, I am deeply satisfied when watching a guitar player who is connected with their art and instrument. GuitarTV helps you tap into that connection, and to each other. #Quote by Steve Vai
Guitar Player quotes by Paul Stanley
#119. One thing I had figured out by then was that talent, like everything else, was just a starting point. What counted was what you did with it. I knew I wasn't the most talented guitar player or the best singer or the best writer, but I could do all of those things, and I had a complete vision of what it was going to take to succeed---a vision that included working, working, working. #Quote by Paul Stanley
Guitar Player quotes by Keith Richards
#120. I firmly believe if you want to be a guitar player, you better start on acoustic and then graduate to electric. Don't think you're going to be Townshend or Hendrix just because you can go wee wee wah wah, and all the electronic tricks of the trade. First you've got to know that fucker. And you go to bed with it. If there's no babe around, you sleep with it. She's just the right shape. #Quote by Keith Richards
Guitar Player quotes by George Harrison
#121. Barney Kessel is definitely the best guitar player in this world, or any other world. #Quote by George Harrison
Guitar Player quotes by Richard Betts
#122. It hit the damn papers that I was being chased through the woods with dogs and choppers. I mean, who the hell are we after here, John Dillinger? For Chrissakes, I'm just a lowly guitar player. #Quote by Richard Betts
Guitar Player quotes by Hunter Hayes
#123. A bass player has to think and play like a bass player. A drummer has to play and think like a drummer, and stay out of the way of the vocalist. The guitar player has to respect everybody else. #Quote by Hunter Hayes
Guitar Player quotes by Boz Scaggs
#124. As a guitar player, you can gravitate to the blues because you can play it easily. It's not a style that's difficult to pick up. It's purely emotive and dead easy to get a start with. #Quote by Boz Scaggs
Guitar Player quotes by Keith Richards
#125. What interested me about Chuck Berry was the way he could step out of the rhythm part with such ease, throwing in a nice, simple riff, and then drop straight into the feel of it again. We used to play a lot more rhythm stuff. We'd do away with the differences between lead and rhythm guitar. You can't go into a shop and ask for a "lead guitar". You're a guitar player, and you play a guitar. #Quote by Keith Richards
Guitar Player quotes by Chuck Klosterman
#126. At the apex of Prince's career, I listened almost exclusively to metal. My sister actually purchased 'Purple Rain' on cassette, which I write about in my anthology ["Chuck Klosterman IV: A Decade of Curious People and Dangerous Ideas"]. And I felt ashamed that I liked Prince so much. A typical rock fan would be embarrassed that they liked Warrant or Ratt at the time, but I had the exact opposite experience. And I had this overwhelming fear that Prince was actually a better guitar player than any of the metal gods. #Quote by Chuck Klosterman
Guitar Player quotes by Neil Young
#127. Pegi just recorded "I Don't Want to Talk About," written by Danny Whitten, the original Crazy Horse guitar player and singer who's all over Early Daze, an album of songs from the beginning of Crazy Horse that I have been working on compiling recently. Danny was every bit the artist I am, but he died of a heroin OD in the early seventies. Every time I hear Pegi sing that song, it makes me tremendously sad. She sings it so beautifully, phrasing it to break my heart. She does it justice. You can see I have some unfinished business with Danny. #Quote by Neil Young
Guitar Player quotes by Gene Tierney
#128. We Irish don't really need thousands of people surging behind a big brass band to have a parade. One guitar player and a few people whistling will do the job. #Quote by Gene Tierney
Guitar Player quotes by Jimmy Page
#129. The gut-strung guitar, the classical guitar, that is a whole different world on its own. When you think what the guitar can do and what every individual player does with a guitar, everyone has their own identity coming through the guitar. #Quote by Jimmy Page
Guitar Player quotes by John Petrucci
#130. Guitar players get inward and analytical about their playing but when you start to get positive feedback from other players it makes you think that it is coming together. #Quote by John Petrucci
Guitar Player quotes by Flea
#131. Later in high school, I met Hillel Slovak, who was the original guitar player of the Chili Peppers, and we became really close. We had a band, and we didn't like the bass player, so I started playing bass, and I got a bass two weeks later. #Quote by Flea
Guitar Player quotes by Steve Vai
#132. It's always funny to me when people use the phrase 'Best guitar player in the world'. There are too many variables such as technique, uniqueness, emotional investment in the notes, etc. But If I had to pick one, it would be Tommy Emmanuel. Watching him perform can be a study in artistic and virtuosic human achievement. #Quote by Steve Vai
Guitar Player quotes by Billy Corgan
#133. I always thought Kurt Cobain was the perfect embodiment of the great alternative guitar player. #Quote by Billy Corgan
Guitar Player quotes by Duff McKagan
#134. At the end of the European leg, our lead guitar player pulled a knife on our bus driver in England. I #Quote by Duff McKagan
Guitar Player quotes by Cody Johnson
#135. Once we get out on the road, my tour manager who is also my guitar player does a great job of taking weight off of my shoulders where I can just focus on playing the shows.About two hours before every show, the pacing starts and the anticipation builds. I prepare for it just like I would when I used ride bulls, slap yourself in the face, wake yourself up and get your heart going. #Quote by Cody Johnson
Guitar Player quotes by Dave Liebman
#136. Phil Robson is a disturbingly good jazz guitar player! #Quote by Dave Liebman
Guitar Player quotes by Jimmy Page
#137. I believe every guitar player inherently has something unique about their playing. They just have to identify what makes them different and develop it. #Quote by Jimmy Page
Guitar Player quotes by Duke Robillard
#138. And a lot of the technique and the little T-Bone phrases that define his style, Chuck Berry, when he rearranged the beat, they became rock 'n roll guitar licks. So in essence, T-Bone was not only the first electric blues guitar player, but he was the first electric rock 'n roll guitar player, really. #Quote by Duke Robillard
Guitar Player quotes by Benni McCarthy
#139. The World Cup in 2010 is going to be the most inspirational thing ever to hit the streets in South Africa. For the first time, the World Cup won't just be something that is happening on the other side of the world think about the excitement-the biggest players, from all over the world, will be playing football in a stadium just round the corner from home. #Quote by Benni McCarthy
Guitar Player quotes by Vikrmn
#140. Time spent for temporary happiness like movie or outing or weekend on a beach is all synthetic; with shelf life of a day or two. Work for your bigger dreams that should last for whole life. Then movie and beach would seem more interesting, realising that you have done something. #Quote by Vikrmn
Guitar Player quotes by Bruce Springsteen
#141. Yeah, my son likes a lot of guitar bands. He gave me something the other day which was really good. He'll burn a CD for me full of things that he has, so he's a pretty good call if I want to check some of that stuff out ... The other two aren't quite into that yet. #Quote by Bruce Springsteen
Guitar Player quotes by Jose Mourinho
#142. A player who dives and wins a penalty in Portugal, or Spain or Italy is considered clever, experienced, cunning, someone who understands the game. In England a player who wins a penalty like that is a cheat. #Quote by Jose Mourinho
Guitar Player quotes by Phil Mickelson
#143. The object of golf is not just to win. It is to play like a gentleman, and win. #Quote by Phil Mickelson
Guitar Player quotes by Tony Levin
#144. I'm a player and I do it because I love playing whether it's for my album or someone else's. #Quote by Tony Levin
Guitar Player quotes by Zoltan Andrejkovics
#145. After making all the mistakes, every player has a chance to turn the outcome of the game around by making the right moves next. #Quote by Zoltan Andrejkovics
Guitar Player quotes by Justin Tuck
#146. I know what I need to work on; I know my weaknesses, but I have that work ethic to improve every day. I have that want to be the best player at my position, and I have the belief in myself that one day that will come true. #Quote by Justin Tuck
Guitar Player quotes by Sonny Terry
#147. So I went out and bought Hard Again by Muddy Waters. That was a big learning curve. I listened to that album again and again and again. James Cotton was the harmonica player on that album. #Quote by Sonny Terry
Guitar Player quotes by Marcel Dzama
#148. P.I.L. has been a favorite of mine since high school especially there metal box album. The guitarist Keith Levine gets some of the best sounds ever to come out of a guitar. The songs are really free form and experimental and have a heavy dub influence. #Quote by Marcel Dzama
Guitar Player quotes by Frank Brady
#149. Bobby Fischer's current state of mind is indeed a tragedy. One of the worlds greatest Chess players - the pride and sorrow of American Chess #Quote by Frank Brady
Guitar Player quotes by Oscar Robertson
#150. I played when I played, and played, I think, against the greatest players in the greatest time in the history of basketball. #Quote by Oscar Robertson
Guitar Player quotes by Bud Wilkinson
#151. You can motivate players better with kind words than you can with a whip. #Quote by Bud Wilkinson
Guitar Player quotes by John McEnroe
#152. I want to be remembered as a great player, but I guess it will be as a player who got angry on a tennis court. #Quote by John McEnroe
Guitar Player quotes by Rick Moranis
#153. Like all teenagers in the early '60s, I put down my hockey stick when the Beatles got big and picked up a guitar. We all thought we'd be rock stars. Then I got into comedy, but I'd always find a way to use my guitar, such as writing songs and doing musical parodies. #Quote by Rick Moranis
Guitar Player quotes by Gary Mack
#154. The pattern of your breathing affects the pattern of your performance. When you are under stress, deep breathing helps bring your mind and body back into the present.Over the years I have handed out thousands of little stickers to athletes that read 'Breathe and Focus.' A baseball player will place the bright orange circle on the shoulder of his uniform or underneath the bill of his cap, or on the barrel of his bat. A hockey player might affix it to his stick. Firefighters I have worked with place the stickers on their self-contained breathing apparatus. The stickers serve as a reminder. Whenever they feel themselves growing anxious, breathe in energy. Breathe out negativity. Breathe in relaxation. Breathe out stress. #Quote by Gary Mack
Guitar Player quotes by Abby Wambach
#155. Today was about execution, period. Every single player, all of us in the dressing room right now, we're embarrassed because that's not the way we want to play soccer. #Quote by Abby Wambach
Guitar Player quotes by Barbara Ehrenreich
#156. That's free enterprise, friends: freedom to gamble, freedom to lose. And the great thing - the truly democratic thing about it - is that you don't even have to be a player to lose. #Quote by Barbara Ehrenreich
Guitar Player quotes by Phil Janelle
#157. How do you decide what video game to choose in the vast ocean of online gaming nonsense? There are 100s if not thousands of options permeating the internet. They range from honestly free, pay to win, and all the way up to an actual subscription based model. One of the first decisions you need to make is quite simply, what kind of game do I enjoy?

Are you more of a first person shooter type person? If so you will most likely want to ignore role playing games or real time strategies. conversely if you are more of a role playing or real time strategy fan perhaps first person shooters are not for you. Once you have the type of game you are looking for nailed down games the next step: do you want to pay money?

This is a big one and a tricky one. So many games out there present themselves as 'free'. I assure you, they are most certainly not free. Think a simple little game like Candy Crush is free? Next time you are in the Google Play or iTunes store Improve WoW PvP check on top grossing apps. You will very quickly change your mind on that. On a more relevant note some games are both free and pay, but maintain a respectful balance. By this I mean you do not HAVE to fork out hard earned cash in order to compete. League of Legends is an amazing example of this. A player cannot obtain any upgrade which will make their character better through monetary expenditures. What you can do; however, is purchase cosmetic items or other no stat gain frill. On the othe #Quote by Phil Janelle
Guitar Player quotes by Sergio Ramos
#158. If you dont live, eat, breathe, football, then youre not a true football player. You just wear the jersey. #Quote by Sergio Ramos
Guitar Player quotes by Arjen Robben
#159. I am a big admirer of Paul Scholes, he is one of the best players of his generation. #Quote by Arjen Robben
Guitar Player quotes by Maggie Stiefvater
#160. I'm bored. I need to be entertained. Sam is moping. I may kill him with his own guitar. It would give me something to do and also make him say something. Two birds with one stone! #Quote by Maggie Stiefvater
Guitar Player quotes by Malcolm Gladwell
#161. That's like being a hockey player born on January I. #Quote by Malcolm Gladwell
Guitar Player quotes by Andrew Luck
#162. It's none of our business, the sexual preference of people. So, I hope if someone's thinking about it, that if they do come out as gay and are a professional football player, and it makes them happy, and it makes their life easier, then I think they should do it. #Quote by Andrew Luck
Guitar Player quotes by Fabio Capello
#163. He will be England captain one day. Jack Wilshere is a real leader. I saw how he spoke with the referee and the other players [against Denmark]. It is difficult to find someone so young with such a big personality. I remember two defenders, Paolo Maldini and Franco Baresi, and one attacker, Raul, but for personality and confidence on the pitch he is the best young midfielder I have seen for his age. #Quote by Fabio Capello
Guitar Player quotes by Ritchie Blackmore
#164. I'm not into that Keith Richard trip of having all those guitars in different tunings. I never liked the Rolling Stones much anyway. #Quote by Ritchie Blackmore
Guitar Player quotes by John Kessel
#165. You can be harsh on your players and still coach, but it is easier when you are kind to them. #Quote by John Kessel
Guitar Player quotes by Frank Rijkaard
#166. I can't fault my players. We created a lot of chances but we missed out on a victory because of the woodwork and goalkeeper Bonano, who did very well. #Quote by Frank Rijkaard
Guitar Player quotes by Colin Hay
#167. I suppose ever since I was about 14, I remember listening to "Sgt. Pepper's," and I remember thinking, "how do you possibly write songs like that?" I remember starting to try and write songs around that age, but just sitting around with an acoustic guitar, and try to come up with ideas for songs, and that's just what I've done ever since. I just never really stopped doing that, I suppose. #Quote by Colin Hay
Guitar Player quotes by Honus Wagner
#168. I never have been sick. I don't even know what it means to be sick. I hear other players say they have a cold. I just don't know what it would feel like to have a cold - I never had one. #Quote by Honus Wagner
Guitar Player quotes by Taylor Hawkins
#169. I don't like guitar solos that are like, 'Look at me, look at me!' I like guitar solos that are little songs within the songs. #Quote by Taylor Hawkins
Guitar Player quotes by Marvin Barnes
#170. I'm a basketball player, not a monk. #Quote by Marvin Barnes
Guitar Player quotes by Ned Colletti
#171. Do I use VORP? I may be using it and not even know it, and if I am, it's nobody's business. There are a lot of different criteria in judging players. I think I use, um, esoteric qualitative mathematical review times five. That's one of them. #Quote by Ned Colletti
Guitar Player quotes by Cameron Monaghan
#172. I do play the guitar, and I can sing, but just enough to carry a tune. #Quote by Cameron Monaghan
Guitar Player quotes by Tupac Shakur
#173. We don't need no more rappers, we don't need no more basketball players, no more football players. We need more thinkers. We need more scientists. We need more managers. We need more mathematicians. We need more teachers. We need more people who care; you know what I'm saying? We need more women, mothers, fathers, we need more of that, we don't need any more entertainers #Quote by Tupac Shakur
Guitar Player quotes by Lynn Swann
#174. If a player demonstrated that he is the best, and a team decides, even so, we don't want to pay him, as in any other business, he should be able to play elsewhere. #Quote by Lynn Swann
Guitar Player quotes by Sania Mirza
#175. You want to try and win as many slams as possible in your career. As a tennis player, that's what we always dream of as a kid, wanting to play slams, wanting to win them. #Quote by Sania Mirza
Guitar Player quotes by Ernest Cline
#176. Anonymity was one of the major perks of the OASIS. #Quote by Ernest Cline
Guitar Player quotes by Madison Smartt Bell
#177. John Fahey, thought during his lifetime to be possibly more than a little crazy, was the author of some thirty albums of gnomically introverted droning guitar instrumentals, which I listened to heavily in my teens and twenties; I even produced an hour or so of banjo music in an imitative John Fahey style. #Quote by Madison Smartt Bell
Guitar Player quotes by Spike Milligan
#178. The width of neck and shoulder suggested a rugby player, the broken nose confirmed it. Which shows just how wrong you can be as he never played the game in his life. #Quote by Spike Milligan
Guitar Player quotes by Caroline Wozniacki
#179. It's very expensive to be a professional tennis player with all the travel and the flights and the hotels and everything. #Quote by Caroline Wozniacki
Guitar Player quotes by Dave Mustaine
#180. Mogami cable is durable and flexible enough to practically build a suspension bridge with but I'll settle for using it for my guitars and amps! #Quote by Dave Mustaine

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