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Guindon Cartoonist quotes by David Rees
#1. Nobody could be a professional cartoonist, because you have to do something you don't like to do in order to be a responsible adult and pay the rent. #Quote by David Rees
Guindon Cartoonist quotes by Gene Luen Yang
#2. I general don't color my stuff - I'm pretty horrible with color. Usually, I'll get one of my cartoonist friends to help me out. #Quote by Gene Luen Yang
Guindon Cartoonist quotes by Ralph Bakshi
#3. Sweetheart, I'm the biggest ripped-off cartoonist in the history of the world, and that's all I'm going to say. #Quote by Ralph Bakshi
Guindon Cartoonist quotes by Jonathan Lethem
#4. I'd have been a filmmaker or a cartoonist or something else which extended from the visual arts into the making of narratives if I hadn't been able to shift into fiction. #Quote by Jonathan Lethem
Guindon Cartoonist quotes by Jonathan Shapiro
#5. I see the cartoonist as contributing to the content, being critical, because we do poke holes in some of the dialogue and find new ways of seeing things. #Quote by Jonathan Shapiro
Guindon Cartoonist quotes by Lynda Barry
#7. I started doing cartoons when I was about 21. I never thought I would be a cartoonist. It happened behind my back. I was always a painter and drawer. #Quote by Lynda Barry
Guindon Cartoonist quotes by P. J. O'Rourke
#8. Russian cars are silly. They look like imports drawn by a cartoonist for a UAW newsletter. #Quote by P. J. O'Rourke
Guindon Cartoonist quotes by Edward Ruscha
#9. I knew I wanted to be some kind of artist from about 12. I met a neighbour who drew cartoons, and I had an idea I wanted to be a cartoonist - or something that involved Indian ink, at any rate. #Quote by Edward Ruscha
Guindon Cartoonist quotes by Michael Chabon
#10. Every work of art is one half of a secret handshake, a challenge that seeks the password, a heliograph flashed from a tower window, an act of hopeless optimism in the service of bottomless longing. Every great record or novel or comic book convenes the first meeting of a fan club whose membership stands forever at one but which maintains chapters in every city
in every cranium
in the world. Art, like fandom, asserts the possibility of fellowship in a world built entirely from the materials of solitude. The novelist, the cartoonist, the songwriter, knows the gesture is doomed from the beginning but makes it anyway, flashes his or her bit of mirror, not on the chance that the signal will be seen or understood but as if such a chance existed. #Quote by Michael Chabon
Guindon Cartoonist quotes by Randall Munroe
#11. Do not try any of this at home. The author of this book is an Internet cartoonist, not a health or safety expert. He likes it when things catch fire or explode, which means he does not have your best interests in mind. The publisher and the author disclaim responsibility for any adverse effects resulting, directly or indirectly, from information contained in this book. #Quote by Randall Munroe
Guindon Cartoonist quotes by Marjane Satrapi
#12. I hate this word 'graphic novel.' It is a term publishing houses have created for the bourgeois so they wouldn't be ashamed of buying comics ... I'm not a graphic novelist. I am a cartoonist and I make comics and I am very happy about it. #Quote by Marjane Satrapi
Guindon Cartoonist quotes by Harvey Pekar
#13. I decided I was going to tell these stories. I went around and met Crumb. He was the cartoonist. I started realizing comics weren't just kid stuff. #Quote by Harvey Pekar
Guindon Cartoonist quotes by Oliver Gaspirtz
#14. If you want to be a cartoonist, live the life of a cartoonist. #Quote by Oliver Gaspirtz
Guindon Cartoonist quotes by Jules Feiffer
#15. I've never met a cartoonist who isn't quirky or weird in some ways. #Quote by Jules Feiffer
Guindon Cartoonist quotes by Jean-Michel Basquiat
#16. I wanted to be a cartoonist when I was young. #Quote by Jean-Michel Basquiat
Guindon Cartoonist quotes by John Updike
#17. For whatever crispness and animation my writing has I give some credit to the cartoonist manque. #Quote by John Updike
Guindon Cartoonist quotes by Paul Conrad
#18. There is too much illustrating of the news these days. I look at many editorial cartoons and I don't know what the cartoonists are saying or how they feel about a certain issue. #Quote by Paul Conrad
Guindon Cartoonist quotes by Alan Moore
#19. Way back in the day, when I first started and had delusions of adequacy as a cartoonist, I would listen to music. When I switched to a career as a writer, I would try to listen to music, but if the songs had lyrics they would get in the way of the words I was trying to write. So I switched to listening to purely instrumental pieces. #Quote by Alan Moore
Guindon Cartoonist quotes by Ernest Becker
#20. By the time we grow up we become masters at dissimulation, at cultivating a self that the world cannot probe. But we pay a price. After years of turning people away, of protecting our inner self, of cultivating it by living in a different world, of furnishing this world with our fantasies and dreams - lo and behold we find that we are hopelessly separated from everyone else. We have become victims of our own art. We touch people on the outsides of their bodies, and they us, but we cannot get at their insides and cannot reveal our insides to them. This is one of the great tragedies of our interiority - it is utterly personal and unrevealable. Often we want to say something unusually intimate to a spouse, a parent, a friend, communicate something of how we are really feeling about a sunset, who we really feel we are - only to fall strangely and miserably flat. Once in a great while we succeed, sometimes more with one person, less or never with others. But the occasional break-through only proves the rule. You reach out with a disclosure, fail, and fall back bitterly into yourself. We emit huge globs of love to our parents and spouses, and the glob slithers away in exchange of words that are somehow beside the point of what we are trying to say. People seem to keep bumping up against each other with their exteriors and falling away from each other. The cartoonist Jules Feiffer is the modern master of this aspect of the human tragedy. Take even the sexual act - the most intimate #Quote by Ernest Becker
Guindon Cartoonist quotes by Gideon Amichay
#21. Naturally, my Jewish mother, like all Jewish mothers, wanted me to be a doctor, or a lawyer... or as she used to say, "Be something!" I wanted to be a cartoonist. Oy vey, a cartoonist was not on her list... I #Quote by Gideon Amichay
Guindon Cartoonist quotes by Chuck Jones
#22. The name 'Chuck Jones', according to my uncle, limited my choice of profession to second baseman or cartoonist. #Quote by Chuck Jones
Guindon Cartoonist quotes by Jeff Kinney
#23. I feel lucky I didn't become that newspaper cartoonist I wanted to be because in the U.S. so many newspapers have suffered circulation declines, and some have folded. What's fun about being an author is I reach a much bigger audience, and there is something special about launching a book you've penned. #Quote by Jeff Kinney
Guindon Cartoonist quotes by Jim Toomey
#24. I've been doing the 'Sherman's Lagoon' strip for about 18 years, and I was a political cartoonist before that for my hometown paper in Alexandria, Va. #Quote by Jim Toomey
Guindon Cartoonist quotes by Alan Moore
#25. The trap of reputation, for example. In this scenario, having garnered a considerable reputation or level of acclaim, one becomes paralyzed by the dreadful thought of losing it all by doing something... undignified. Uncool. This is a trap. Reputation is a trap that will turn you into a lifeless marble bust of yourself before you're even dead. And then of courses there is reputation's immortal big brother, Posterity, worrying about which has driven better women and men than you into the asylum. All these things... reputation, posterity, cool... should be tested to destruction by a course of deliberate sabotage. As the often-illuminating Escape and New Musical Express cartoonist Shaky Kane once remarked, "Don't be cool. Like everything." If you find yourself in danger of being taken seriously, then try to do something which undermines or sabotages that perception in some way. If your talent is of any genuine worth, it should be able to weather squalls of unpopularity and audience incomprehensio. The only thing that might seriously endanger either your talent or your relationship with your talent is if you suddenly found yourself fashionable. #Quote by Alan Moore
Guindon Cartoonist quotes by Don Wright
#26. If I were wearing jeans, I'd be wearing the uniform of a cartoonist. #Quote by Don Wright
Guindon Cartoonist quotes by Charles M. Schulz
#27. What's the good of living if you don't try a few things? #Quote by Charles M. Schulz
Guindon Cartoonist quotes by Jonathan Shapiro
#28. I would think a sense of the absurd is more important for a political cartoonist, because that could define things like a sense of hypocrisy or a sense of the things one has to be skeptical about. #Quote by Jonathan Shapiro
Guindon Cartoonist quotes by Jeff Kinney
#29. I really wanted to be a newspaper cartoonist, but nobody liked my work. I didn't have the control or flair that was necessary to create something that didn't look childish. #Quote by Jeff Kinney
Guindon Cartoonist quotes by John Kricfalusi
#30. If you're a kid wanting to be a cartoonist today, and you're looking at Family Guy, you don't have to aim very high. #Quote by John Kricfalusi
Guindon Cartoonist quotes by Adrian Tomine
#31. Without fail, every cartoonist that I asked advice from bent over backward to be helpful and encouraging. It took many forms: some of it was just an implicit acceptance, like being invited along to the dinner with all of the good cartoonists, or sitting down at a drafting table with an artist and him showing me how to draw backgrounds and perspectives. #Quote by Adrian Tomine
Guindon Cartoonist quotes by Ted Rall
#32. The best thing about being a cartoonist is to walk into a bar or someone's apartment and they don't know you, but they've taped one of your pieces up. #Quote by Ted Rall
Guindon Cartoonist quotes by Bill Watterson
#33. I hope some historian will confirm that I was the first cartoonist to use the word 'booger' in a newspaper comic strip. #Quote by Bill Watterson
Guindon Cartoonist quotes by Flemming Rose
#34. The cartoonists treated Islam the same way they treat Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism and other religions. And by treating Muslims in Denmark as equals they made a point we are integrating you into the Danish tradition of satire because you are part of our society, not strangers. The cartoons are including, rather than excluding, Muslims. #Quote by Flemming Rose
Guindon Cartoonist quotes by Shel Silverstein
#35. If you want to find out what a writer or a cartoonist really feels, look at his work. That's enough. #Quote by Shel Silverstein
Guindon Cartoonist quotes by Chris Ware
#36. I don't think of myself as an illustrator. I think of myself as a cartoonist. I write the story with pictures - I don't illustrate the story with the pictures. #Quote by Chris Ware
Guindon Cartoonist quotes by Dr. Seuss
#37. I stay out of politics because if I begin thinking too much about politics, I'll probably ... drop writing children's books and become a political cartoonist again. #Quote by Dr. Seuss
Guindon Cartoonist quotes by Roy Lichtenstein
#38. There is a relationship between cartooning and people like Mir= and Picasso which may not be understood by the cartoonist, but it definitely is related even in the early Disney. #Quote by Roy Lichtenstein
Guindon Cartoonist quotes by Mark Hamill
#39. I never saw myself so much as an actor. I wanted to be a cartoonist like Charles M. Schulz and create my own world and be able to have a studio at home and not commute and be able to be with my family. #Quote by Mark Hamill
Guindon Cartoonist quotes by Robert Mankoff
#40. I am a 'made' cartoonist, but I was born a comic. #Quote by Robert Mankoff
Guindon Cartoonist quotes by Michael Stuhlbarg
#41. I wanted to be a cartoonist. I was one of those kids who sat around and drew in my room all the time. #Quote by Michael Stuhlbarg
Guindon Cartoonist quotes by Michael Ramirez
#42. When people ask me what is an editorial cartoonist, I often say we're kind of a hybrid. We're a cross between Edward R. Morrow, Ted Koppel and the Son of Sam. #Quote by Michael Ramirez
Guindon Cartoonist quotes by Walter Lantz
#43. I'm just a little old cartoonist, tryin' to make a buck. #Quote by Walter Lantz
Guindon Cartoonist quotes by Stephan Pastis
#44. We need more cartoonists to truly retire when they retire, and not run repeats. #Quote by Stephan Pastis
Guindon Cartoonist quotes by Robert Mankoff
#45. As a cartoonist I do what I find funny. As an editor I have a broader approach realizing that humor is inherently subjective and I don't want my preferences to rule out what others might like. #Quote by Robert Mankoff
Guindon Cartoonist quotes by Steve Breen
#46. As an editorial cartoonist now, I live for those moments of inspiration, and it is exhilarating to be inspired by a topic, have an opinion on the topic, come up with a good cartoon on the topic, and to draw it and get it in the paper the next day. That is what I live for. #Quote by Steve Breen
Guindon Cartoonist quotes by Ted Rall
#47. I'm a better editorial cartoonist by default because so many editorial cartoonists out there are so awful. #Quote by Ted Rall
Guindon Cartoonist quotes by Alan Moore
#48. In many ways, my entire graphic novel career was a long diversion. Originally, all I wanted to do was to be an underground cartoonist and maybe bring out a groovy underground mag. #Quote by Alan Moore

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