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Gruntles Egg quotes by A.G. Howard
#1. The egg-man looks over my shoulder. "Those wings aren't the only proof of your heritage. You're a traitor, sending us all up river so you could save your petty mortal half. You're nothing short of a - "
"Benedict," I interrupt between clenched teeth.
Hubert's eyes narrow - curious and hate-filled.
"Eggs Benedict." I point to a picture on the menu. "Poached eggs. Canadian bacon. Hollandaise sauce and an English muffin. And I'd like a side of fruit." #Quote by A.G. Howard
Gruntles Egg quotes by Julia Gregson
#2. If you were lucky, very lucky indeed, there were one or two people in your life who you could tell the unvarnished truth too, shell and egg. And that these people held the essence of you inside them. The rest would be conversations that ended when night fell, or the dinner part ended. #Quote by Julia Gregson
Gruntles Egg quotes by Steven Pressfield
#3. He's a sturdy fellow, bald as a hen's egg, and like all engineers, practical as a pensioner. #Quote by Steven Pressfield
Gruntles Egg quotes by Isaac Asimov
#4. You can't just move backward. You can't push the chicken back into the egg, wine back into the grape, the boy back into the womb. If you want the baby to let go of your watch, you don't just try to explain that he ought to do it - you offer him something he would rather have. #Quote by Isaac Asimov
Gruntles Egg quotes by Oliver Herford
#5. I would like to throw an egg into an electric fan. #Quote by Oliver Herford
Gruntles Egg quotes by Haruki Murakami
#6. If there is a hard, high wall and an egg that breaks against it, no matter how right the wall or how wrong the egg, I will stand on the side of the egg. Why? Because each of us is an egg, a unique soul enclosed in a fragile egg. Each of us is confronting a high wall. The high wall is the system which forces us to do the things we would not ordinarily see fit to do as individuals ... We are all human beings, individuals, fragile eggs. We have no hope against the wall: it's too high, too dark, too cold. To fight the wall, we must join our souls together for warmth, strength. We must not let the system control us
create who we are. It is we who created the system. (Jerusalem Prize acceptance speech, JERUSALEM POST, Feb. 15, 2009) #Quote by Haruki Murakami
Gruntles Egg quotes by Heather R. Blair
#7. Karma was giving every evidence of being just a bit pissed with him already. No need to egg the bitch on. #Quote by Heather R. Blair
Gruntles Egg quotes by Jamie Wyeth
#8. From my earliest memories, my aunt was squirting out oil paint. I could just eat it. I would go from her studio and walk down to my father's house, and there he was, working in egg tempera. #Quote by Jamie Wyeth
Gruntles Egg quotes by Yusef Komunyakaa
#9. Putting my hands on.
What April couldn't fix
Wasn't worth the time:
Egg shell & dried placenta
Light as memory.
Patches of fur, feathers,
& bits of skin. A nest
Of small deaths among anemone.
A canopy edged over, shadowplaying
The struggle underneath
As if it never happened #Quote by Yusef Komunyakaa
Gruntles Egg quotes by Thomas Sowell
#10. In short, killing the goose that lays the golden egg is a viable political strategy, so long as the goose does not die before the next election and no one traces the politicians' fingerprints on the murder weapon. #Quote by Thomas Sowell
Gruntles Egg quotes by Michael Foot
#11. A Royal Commission is a broody hen sitting on a china egg. #Quote by Michael Foot
Gruntles Egg quotes by J.L. Austin
#12. Is it true or false that Belfast is north of London? That the galaxy is the shape of a fried egg? That Beethoven was a drunkard? That Wellington won the battle of Waterloo? There are various degrees and dimensions of success in making statements: the statements fit the facts always more or less loosely, in different ways on different occasions for different intents and purposes. #Quote by J.L. Austin
Gruntles Egg quotes by David Chang
#13. The process and organization leading up to cooking the egg can tell you a lot about the cook. #Quote by David Chang
Gruntles Egg quotes by Pablo Picasso
#14. When one starts from a portrait and seeks by successive eliminations to find pure form ... one inevitably ends up with an egg. #Quote by Pablo Picasso
Gruntles Egg quotes by Jen Lancaster
#15. I used to have to hunt for hard-boiled eggs when I was a kid. What was the point of that? Was I supposed to be, 'Yay! I found them! Egg-salad sandwiches for everyone!' I was seven! I wanted chocolate, not bioavailable protein. #Quote by Jen Lancaster
Gruntles Egg quotes by Robert Winston
#16. I don't believe the fertilised egg can be equated with the sort of human life that you and I represent, or our children represent. #Quote by Robert Winston
Gruntles Egg quotes by Brian Francis Slattery
#17. I have been to so many funerals now. We bury them in the gray soil, stand over the mounds, lean on our shovels. Say the same words again and again. But there are pregnancies too, children coming. A woman like a great egg. Another just conceived. They help us dig, then turn and spit into the earth. They will not say it, but they cannot keep it all in either. For their coming children are their hopes embodied, their faith made flesh, that all that is ending is beginning again. For the world will not be fallen to their children. It will only be the world, new as they are. And perhaps if we tell them enough, if we say the right thing, they will see a way out, and know what to do. #Quote by Brian Francis Slattery
Gruntles Egg quotes by Zomick's Bakery
#18. Preparing Zomick's recipes makes me focus. On weighing the sugar, sieving the flour. I find it calming and rewarding because, in fairness, it is sort of magic - you start off with all this disparate stuff, such as butter and eggs, and what you end up with is so totally different. And also delicious. #Quote by Zomick's Bakery
Gruntles Egg quotes by Nancy Boutilier
#19. I Imagine Them

turning some dog-eared page
tapping out a drum beat on the dash
sorting the laundry
digging for a matching sock
buried in deep pockets
breaking an egg on the side of a bowl
fingering guitar strings

Where are they now?

tenderly holding a pen to paper
furiously moving through air
in concert
with your conversation
resting assuredly on the back
of a chair

oh to be the steering wheel
or the spoon
to have your palms
pressed solidly upon me
the full fan of your fingers
curved to the slope
of my shoulders
oh to be warmed
to be wrapped
in hope
to be healed
by the laying on
of your hands #Quote by Nancy Boutilier
Gruntles Egg quotes by Kenneth R. Miller
#20. Although each egg cell produced by a woman carries a single X chromosome, the sperm cells produced by a man carry either an X or a Y. This means, in very simple terms, that the sperm cell determines a baby's sex. #Quote by Kenneth R. Miller
Gruntles Egg quotes by Catherynne M. Valente
#21. I don't have a care what you want, you horrid little insect," she hissed through her smile. "The Crown chose you. You are Queen of Fairyland. It's about as appetizing to myself personally as a pie full of filthy, crawling worms, but it's a fact. You can pull and pry and blubber, but that Crown won't come off until you're dead or deposed. I could cut you down in a heart's-breadth, but the rest of these ruffians would have my head. They take regicide terribly personally. Make no mistake; this present predicament is entirely your fault, you and your wretched Dodo's Egg. You will want my help to sort it limb from limb. You are a stranger in Fairyland - oh, it's charming how many little vacations you take here! But this is not your home. You don't know these people from a beef supper. But I do. I recognize each and every one. And if you show them that you are a vicious little fool with no more head on her shoulders than a drunken ostrich, they will gobble you up and dab their mouths with that thing you call a dress. You may not like me, but I have survived far more towering acts of mythic stupidity than you. I am good. I know what power weighs. If you have any wisdom in your silly monkey head, from this moment until the end of your reign - which I do hope will come quickly - you and I shall become the very best of friends. After all, Queen September, a Prime Minister lives to serve. #Quote by Catherynne M. Valente
Gruntles Egg quotes by Erma Bombeck
#22. I've decided life is too fragile to finish a book I dislike just because it cost $16.95 and everyone else loved it. Or eat a fried egg with a broken yolk (which I hate) when the dog would leap over the St. Louis Arch for it. #Quote by Erma Bombeck
Gruntles Egg quotes by Marilynne Robinson
#23. I've shepherded a good many people through their lives, I've baptized babies by the hundred, and all that time I have felt as though a great part of life was closed to me. Your mother says I was like Abraham. But I had no old wife and no promise of a child. I was just getting by on books and baseball and fried-egg sandwiches. #Quote by Marilynne Robinson
Gruntles Egg quotes by H.P. Lovecraft
#24. Looking desultorily about, his attention had been drawn by a dull glimmering on one of the tables; and he had extricated the queer orblike stone from its shadowy, crowded position between an ugly little Aztec idol, the fossil egg of a dinornis, and an obscene fetish of black wood from the Niger. #Quote by H.P. Lovecraft
Gruntles Egg quotes by Jeff Wheeler
#25. The greatest achievement was at first and for a time only a dream. Just as the oak sleeps in the acorn, and the bird waits in the egg, so dreams are the seedlings of realities. #Quote by Jeff Wheeler
Gruntles Egg quotes by Nadia Janice Brown
#26. Don't give life to regrets and live on ifs and only, when you can no more unscramble an egg than change the past. #Quote by Nadia Janice Brown
Gruntles Egg quotes by Philip Dodd
#27. Remember, this is the time of the cockatrice. It has hatched from its egg. So who now dares say what will be? #Quote by Philip Dodd
Gruntles Egg quotes by Mike Babcock
#28. The main thing is to race over to McDonald's to get an egg McMuffin before they shut down for the morning. #Quote by Mike Babcock
Gruntles Egg quotes by Ricky Gervais
#29. It always comes back to us - why are we here? Well, we just happened to be here, we couldn't choose it. The chance of us being born - that sperm hitting that egg - is 400 trillion to 1. We're not special, we're just lucky; and this is a holiday. We didn't exit for 14 and a half billion years. Then we got 80 or 90 years if we're lucky, and then we'll never exist again. So we should make the most of it. #Quote by Ricky Gervais
Gruntles Egg quotes by Sarah Addison Allen
#30. I make a great fried egg sandwich. Want to try it?"
Chloe stared at her with an encouraging smile until Josey finally laughed and nodded. "Okay."
"Great!" Chloe put on a pair of disposable gloves, then she took butter and two eggs from the under-the-counter fridge. "Go ahead and take a business card. You can call me here if you want. And the bottom number is my cell." She plopped a pat of butter onto the grill. When the butter melted, she cracked the eggs into it, close enough for their whites to merge. While they sizzled, she buttered two slices of sourdough bread and put them on the grill.
"I didn't know this place was called Red's," Josey said, reading the card.
Chloe smiled when she thought of her great-grandfather. "Another family tradition. My great-grandfather had red hair. So did my mother." Chloe sprinkled the eggs with salt and pepper and a pinch of dill, then turned them over with her spatula. She flipped the quickly toasting bread too. She'd spent her childhood watching her great-grandfather do this, and here at the shop was the only time she felt him near anymore. "Do you want this for here or to go?"
"To go."
Chloe sprinkled a little more salt and pepper on the eggs, made sure the yolks had firmed ever so slightly, then topped them with cheese. She let the cheese melt before scooping the eggs up and putting them on the buttered sourdough. #Quote by Sarah Addison Allen
Gruntles Egg quotes by Ekene Onuorah
#31. The rod that beat you is broken but you have no reason to be glad. A snake's egg hatches a flying dragon -- The Rule of Void #Quote by Ekene Onuorah
Gruntles Egg quotes by Sabrina Benaim
#32. my happy is a high fever that will break, my happy is as hollow as a pin-pricked egg #Quote by Sabrina Benaim
Gruntles Egg quotes by Rebecca Warner
#33. How can we talk about the rights of a fertilized egg when we don't care enough to see that every child is born into a stable, safe, and nurturing environment? #Quote by Rebecca Warner
Gruntles Egg quotes by Miranda Hart
Excuse me, but at thirty-eight and over six foot, trying to sit cross-legged on the ground to eat a meal is a total adventure. Have you ever attempted to eat with a plastic knife and fork, off a paper plate, while balancing the plate on your knee? And in company? That's an adventure. I tried to cut into my pork pie and the knife broke, then my Scotch egg rolled off the plate and into some mud. What does one do in that situation? Wipe off the mud, and eat it anyway? Risky. I peeled off the meaty outside and ate the boiled egg. Result. And, once, on the beach, I sat down with fish and chips (not strictly a picnic, but still hardcore al fresco eating) and a seagull swooped down and took the whole fish from my box! It was terrifying. So don't you go telling me that picnics aren't an adventure, thanking you muchly. #Quote by Miranda Hart
Gruntles Egg quotes by Kate Bornstein
#35. There are Easter eggs in every book I've ever written. I think in the first one I called [Scientology] "Diabology," but I was scared, so I didn't tell many people what it really meant. #Quote by Kate Bornstein
Gruntles Egg quotes by Jack Vance
#36. What is peace? Balance three iron skewers tip to tip, one upon the other; at the summit, emplace an egg, so that it too poises static in mid-air, and there you have the condition of peace in this world of men. #Quote by Jack Vance
Gruntles Egg quotes by Cassandra Clare
#37. By the Angel, Bridget's depressing," said Henry, setting down his newspaper directly on his plate and causing the edge to soak through with egg yolk. Charlotte opened her mouth as if to object, and closed it again. "It's all heartbreak, death and unrequited love."
"Well, that is what most songs are about," said Will. "Requited love is nice, but it doesn't make much of a ballad. #Quote by Cassandra Clare
Gruntles Egg quotes by Helena Hunting
#38. Egg whites are full of protein." "So is jizz. You don't see me harvesting yours so I can drink a glass of it. #Quote by Helena Hunting
Gruntles Egg quotes by Yuto Tsukuda
It is made up of a poached egg, cheese, bacon and other ingredients on top of a muffin and seasoned with tangy hollandaise. It is one of the more traditional breakfast dishes served in North America.
However, Eggs Benedict alone can hardly be called an original dish.
Where's the surprise?
Still, faced with such beauty...
... I can't help but want to take a bite.
A perfectly poached egg so soft it melts on the tongue. The refined tang of high-quality hollandaise sauce. Crispy, salty bacon and a sweet, soft muffin! All of these together wrap the tongue in an exquisite harmony of deliciousness!
Wait, no. That isn't all.
There is a greater depth to the flavor than that. But from what?
Hm? What is that golden powder I see?
You've sprinkled karasumi on the muffin! *Karasumi: Dried mullet roe. It is considered a delicacy in Japan*
I see! Karasumi is made of roe, which are fish eggs! It was the salty delicacy of the karasumi mixed with the richness of the egg yolk...
... that created such a deep and robust flavor! #Quote by Yuto Tsukuda
Gruntles Egg quotes by Elena Ferrante
#40. The waves rolled in like blue metal tubes carrying an egg white of foam on their peaks, then broke in a thousand glittering splinters and came up to the street with an oh of wonder and fear from those watching. #Quote by Elena Ferrante
Gruntles Egg quotes by Paul Mitchell
#41. The guard, clearly overdoing it with the steroids, had a head that looked like two old crisps taped to an Easter egg. There #Quote by Paul Mitchell
Gruntles Egg quotes by Jennifer L. Armentrout
#42. Cromwell raised a brow. "You can't even boil an egg, son." He paused. "Or toast bread without burning it."
I couldn't help it, I laughed. "Nice."
Hayden frowned at me. "I can toast bread."
"You tried to shove a fork in the toaster to get your bread out- that was only a few years ago."
"Oh. Wow." I grinned at Hayden.
"Thanks, Dad." Hayden pushed himself off the counter. #Quote by Jennifer L. Armentrout
Gruntles Egg quotes by Beyonce Knowles
#43. I always have breakfast, say, scrambled egg whites, a vegetable smoothie, or whole-grain cereal with low-fat milk. For lunch and dinner, I eat a lot of fish and vegetables. And throughout the day, I try to stay hydrated. #Quote by Beyonce Knowles
Gruntles Egg quotes by Margaret Atwood
#44. May the Lord open, Janine would have replied, tonelessly, in her transparent voice, her voice of raw egg white. #Quote by Margaret Atwood
Gruntles Egg quotes by Clarice Lispector
#45. - How does it feel to have a daughter?
- At times it's like holding a warm egg in my hand. #Quote by Clarice Lispector
Gruntles Egg quotes by Eoin Colfer
#46. He was as lost in this day as a chick wet from the egg. #Quote by Eoin Colfer
Gruntles Egg quotes by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
#47. He thought of nothing. Some thoughts or fragments of thoughts, some images without order or coherence floated before his mind--faces of people he had seen in his childhood or met somewhere once, whom he would never have recalled, the belfry of the church at V., the billiard table in a restaurant and some officers playing billiards, the smell of cigars in some underground tobacco shop, a tavern room, a back staircase quite dark, all sloppy with dirty water and strewn with egg-shells, and the Sunday bells floating in from somewhere.... The images followed one another, whirling like a hurricane. Some of them he liked and tried to clutch at, but they faded and all the while there was an oppression within him, but it was not overwhelming, sometimes it was even pleasant.... The slight shivering still persisted, but that too was an almost pleasant sensation. #Quote by Fyodor Dostoyevsky

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