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Greeters Needed quotes by Gabriel Garcia Marquez
#1. The truth is that Juvenal Urbino's suite had never been undertaken in the name of love, and it was curious, to say the least, that A militant Catholic like him would offer her only worldly goods: security, order, happiness, contiguous numbers that, once they were added together might resemble love, almost be love. But they were not love, and these doubts increased her confusion, because she was not convinced that love was what she really needed to live. #Quote by Gabriel Garcia Marquez
Greeters Needed quotes by Christopher Moore
#2. You're right [Joshua], I have taught you nothing. I could teach you nothing. Everything that you needed to know was already there. You simply needed the word for it. Some need Kali and Shiva to destroy the world so they may see past the illusion to divinity in them, others need Krishna to drive them to the place where they may perceive what is eternal in them. Others may perceive the Divine Spark in themselves only by realizing through enlightenment that the spark resides in all things, and in that they find kinship. But because the Divine Spark resides in all, does not mean that all will discover it. Your dharma is not to learn, Joshua, but to teach."
"How will I teach my people about the Divine Spark?"
"You must only find the right word. The Divine Spark is infinite, the path to find it is not. The beginning of the path is the word. #Quote by Christopher Moore
Greeters Needed quotes by Noreena Hertz
#3. Without industry, finance and government consciously and collaboratively ensuring that capital flows to where it is needed in order to ensure the scaling up of climate change solutions, whatever deal is agreed risks never being realised. #Quote by Noreena Hertz
Greeters Needed quotes by Kevin J. Vanhoozer
#4. It is well known that Pentecost reverses Babel. The people who built the tower of Babel sought to make a name, and a unity, for themselves. At Pentecost, God builds his temple, uniting people in Christ. Unity – interpretive agreement and mutual understanding – is, it would appear, something that only God can accomplish. And accomplish it he does, but not in the way we might have expected. Although onlookers thought that the believers who received the Spirit at Pentecost were babbling (Acts 2:13), in fact they were speaking intelligibly in several languages (Acts 2:8-11). Note well: they were all saying the same thing (testifying about Jesus) in different languages. It takes a thousand tongues to say and sing our great Redeemer's praise.

Protestant evangelicalism evidences a Pentecostal plurality: the various Protestant streams testify to Jesus in their own vocabularies, and it takes many languages (i.e. interpretive traditions) to minister the meaning of God's Word and the fullness of Christ. As the body is made up of many members, so many interpretations may be needed to do justice to the body of the biblical text. Why else are there four Gospels, but that the one story of Jesus was too rich to be told from one perspective only? Could it be that the various Protestant traditions function similarly as witnesses who testify to the same Jesus from different situations and perspectives? #Quote by Kevin J. Vanhoozer
Greeters Needed quotes by Tarryn Fisher
#5. I was selfish that way, wanting people to bend and give me the love I needed, not necessarily the love they knew how to give. #Quote by Tarryn Fisher
Greeters Needed quotes by Edmund Bergler
#6. Something in every person objects to acknowledging the fact that he is not even "master in his own house".
The unconscious is un-conscious, and there's no bargaining on that score. The whole analytic therapy is based on the principle of making the unconscious conscious through an emotional therapeutic process, thus changing the unfavorable inner structure. All the misconceptions current about "self-analysis" via book knowledge are empty talk; self-analysis is a fancy word for arriving at wrong conclusions about one's own wonderful self. A psychiatric guide is needed for the descent into one's "inner hell". Psychoanalysis has always had the distinction of presenting unpalatable ideas. This fact is not based on some peculiar predilection of analysts but is inherent in analytic discoveries. Since our science deals with psychic material typically repressed (expelled from consciousness because too painful and shameful to remain conscious) the reaction of the conscious ego is an indignant "no". Facts, however, do not change by simple denial of them. #Quote by Edmund Bergler
Greeters Needed quotes by Osho
#7. just patience is needed and nothing is permanent." And #Quote by Osho
Greeters Needed quotes by Gary Paulsen
#8. Maybe it was always that way, discoveries happened because they needed to happen. #Quote by Gary Paulsen
Greeters Needed quotes by Becky Wade
#9. He loved her with a pursuing love that she could scarcely comprehend. Her mistakes had been paid for. Miracle of miracles, they'd been paid for. And now she needed only to have faith in Him and accept the waterfall of His grace. #Quote by Becky Wade
Greeters Needed quotes by P.G. Wodehouse
#10. The allowance vanished absolutely; and in its place there came into being an arrangement. By this, his lordship was to have whatever money he wished, but he must ask for it, and state why it was needed. If the request were reasonable, the cash would be forthcoming; if preposterous, it would not. The flaw in the scheme, from his lordship's point of view, was the difference of opinion that can exist in the minds of two men as to what the words reasonable and preposterous may be taken to mean. Twenty pounds, for instance, would, in the lexicon of Sir Thomas Blunt, be perfectly reasonable for the current expenses of a man engaged to Molly McEachern, but preposterous for one to whom she had declined to remain engaged. It is these subtle shades of meaning that make the English language so full of pitfalls for the foreigner. #Quote by P.G. Wodehouse
Greeters Needed quotes by Leo Tolstoy
#11. He did not consider himself wise, but he could not help knowing that he was more intelligent than his wife or Agafya Mikhailovna, and he could not help knowing that when he thought about death, he thought about it with all the forces of his soul. He also knew that many great masculine minds, whose thoughts about it he had read, had pondered death and yet did not know a hundredth part of what his wife and Agafya Mikhailovna knew about it. Different as these two women were...they were perfectly alike in this. Both unquestionably knew what life was and what death was, and though they would have been unable to answer and would not even have understood the questions that presented themselves to Levin, neither had any doubt about the meaning of this phenomenon and looked at it in exactly the same way, not only between themselves, but sharing this view with millions of other people. The proof that they knew firmly what death was lay in their knowing, without a moment's doubt, how to act with dying people and not being afraid of them. While Levin and others, though they could say a lot about death, obviously did not know, because they were afraid of death and certainly had no idea what needed to be done when people were dying. If Levin had been alone now with his brother Nikolai, he would have looked at him with horror, and would have waited with still greater horror, unable to do anything else. #Quote by Leo Tolstoy
Greeters Needed quotes by Leonard Cohen
#12. Your faith was strong, but you needed proof... #Quote by Leonard Cohen
Greeters Needed quotes by Priscille Sibley
#13. I'm marrying him because I admire his intelligence and his compassion. I'm marrying him because he's part of me already. Because he's the one person who has always known my heart. Because I could trust him to know what I needed if I couldn't figure it out by myself. Because he loves me, and I love him. And I need him. #Quote by Priscille Sibley
Greeters Needed quotes by Thomas S. Monson
#14. Perhaps there has never been a time when we had greater need to pray and to teach our family members to pray. Prayer is a defense against temptation. It is through earnest and heartfelt prayer that we can receive the needed blessings and the support required to make our way in this sometimes difficult and challenging journey we call mortality. #Quote by Thomas S. Monson
Greeters Needed quotes by Hiroshi Sakurazaka
#15. You were just a piece on the board, and I was the piece that replaced you. Nothing more than the false hero the world needed. And now this good-for-nothing world was going to push me across the same bloodstained, smoke-filled battlefield.

While I live and breathe, humanity will never fall. I promise you. It may take a dozen years, but I will win this war for you. Even if you won't be here to see it. You were the only person I wanted to protect, and you were gone. #Quote by Hiroshi Sakurazaka
Greeters Needed quotes by Wendy Higgins
#16. Shoes. I needed to get on my tennis shoes. I scrambled through my things on the floor and found them, shoving my feet in and tying the knots. Of course Kaidan Rowe would know what freesia smelled like. He probably had to take a flower course during lust training.
"Going somewhere?"
In my peripheral vision I saw him standing in the bathroom door. I wouldn't meet his eyes, afraid they'd be as stormy as they were after our kiss.
I stood and looked at the clock. It was nine. "Yeah, I'm going for a run."
"Mind if I join you?"
I huffed out a determined breath and looked at him now. "Only if you'll do something for me."
He raised his eyebrows in response.
"Teach me to hide my colors. #Quote by Wendy Higgins
Greeters Needed quotes by Chief Joseph
#17. We had a great many horses, of which we gave Lewis and Clark what they needed, and they gave us guns and tobacco in return. #Quote by Chief Joseph
Greeters Needed quotes by Alice Steinbach
#18. Maybe it was I who needed to learn how to be quiet instead of cluttering the moment with too many words. #Quote by Alice Steinbach
Greeters Needed quotes by Penny Reid
#19. I walked into Elizabeth's apartment feeling like a zombie. I needed brains. #Quote by Penny Reid
Greeters Needed quotes by Jennifer Close
#20. Sometimes, she knew, people just needed a little time to be able to picture themselves in a new place, to see possibility in a blank space. #Quote by Jennifer Close
Greeters Needed quotes by Henry Kissinger
#21. Side by side with the limitless possibilities opened up by the new technologies, reflection about international order must include the internal dangers of societies driven by mass consensus, deprived of the context and foresight needed on terms compatible with their historical character. In every other era, this has been considered the essence of leadership; in our own, it risks being reduced to a series of slogans designed to capture immediate short-term approbation. Foreign policy is in danger of turning into a subdivision of domestic politics instead of an exercise in shaping the future. If the major countries conduct their policies in this manner internally, their relations on the international stage will suffer concomitant distortions. The search for perspective may well be replaced by a hardening of differences, statesmanship by posturing. As diplomacy is transformed into gestures geared toward passions, the search for equilibrium risks giving way to a testing of limits. #Quote by Henry Kissinger
Greeters Needed quotes by Michelle Alexander
#22. It is fair to say that we have witnessed an evolution in the United States from a racial caste system based entirely on exploitation (slavery), to one based largely on subordination (Jim Crow), to one defined by marginalization (mass incarceration). While marginalization may sound far preferable to exploitation, it may prove to be even more dangerous. Extreme marginalization, as we have seen throughout world history, poses the risk of extermination. Tragedies such as the Holocaust in Germany or ethnic cleansing in Bosnia are traceable to the extreme marginalization and stigmatization of racial and ethnic groups. As legal scholar John A. Powell once commented, only half in jest, 'It's actually better to be exploited than marginalized, in some respects, because if you're exploited presumably you're still needed. #Quote by Michelle Alexander
Greeters Needed quotes by Michelle K
#23. I didn't need you to fix me. I needed you to love me while I fix myself. #Quote by Michelle K
Greeters Needed quotes by Reza Aslan
#24. Crucifixion was a widespread and exceedingly common form of execution in antiquity, one used by Persians, Indians, Assyrians, Scythians, Romans, and Greeks. Even the Jews practiced crucifixion; the punishment is mentioned numerous times in rabbinic sources. The reason crucifixion was so common is because it was so cheap. It could be carried out almost anywhere; all one needed was a tree. The torture could last for days without the need for an actual torturer. The procedure of the crucifixion - how the victim was hanged - was left completely to the executioner. Some were nailed with their heads downward. Some had their private parts impaled. Some were hooded. Most were stripped naked. It was Rome that conventionalized crucifixion as a form of state punishment, creating a sense of uniformity in the process, particularly when it came to the nailing of the hands and feet to a crossbeam. #Quote by Reza Aslan
Greeters Needed quotes by Miguel Syjuco
#25. Sometimes one waits too long for the perfect moment before snapping the picture. You never realize that you needed was to change perspective. #Quote by Miguel Syjuco
Greeters Needed quotes by Karen Joy Fowler
#26. Poor Elinor! Willoughby on one side, Brandon on the other. She is quite entre deux feux. Prudie had a bit of lipstick on her teeth, or else it was wine. Jocelyn wanted to lean across and wipe it off with a napkin, the way she did when Sahara needed tidying. But she restrained herself; Prudie didn't belong to her. The fire sculpted Prudie's face, left the hollows of her cheeks hollow, brightened her deep-set eyes. She wasn't pretty like Allegra, but she was attractive in an interesting way. She drew your eye. She would probably age well, like Angelica Houston. If only she would stop speaking French. Or go to France, where it would be less noticeable. #Quote by Karen Joy Fowler
Greeters Needed quotes by J. Robert Spencer
#27. The cinematography is as much involved with the physicality of the scene, so a lot of our shots are hand-held. I felt the cinematographer needed to be the fourth-character with the same drive as the actors #Quote by J. Robert Spencer
Greeters Needed quotes by Hayley Williams
#28. Don't be scared to embrace the way that it hurts just to grow. You'll look back and your heart will thank you for not standing still when what you needed the most was to move forward #Quote by Hayley Williams
Greeters Needed quotes by Sandra Bernhard
#29. When I was really little, I was skinny and people laughed at me for being skinny, so, we all pay our dues for the bodies we're in one way or another. But thank god I haven't needed to alter it to feel good about myself. #Quote by Sandra Bernhard
Greeters Needed quotes by Elizabeth Jane Howard
#30. Charity knew she had to begin looking for a job soon. Definitely tomorrow, or the next day. Or perhaps the day after that. Charity didn't believe in procrastination. She just needed to plan her strategy. She was sound asleep on the sofa when Lady Margaret got back from London. #Quote by Elizabeth Jane Howard
Greeters Needed quotes by Terri E Apter
#31. Parents are never forgiven for not giving just the right response at the appropriate moment. Or, rather, there are particular times in the adolescent's or young adult's life, when a certain response is needed, and this need is not met, and the failure to meet this need is forever remembered, and is never forgiven. #Quote by Terri E Apter
Greeters Needed quotes by William Lloyd Garrison
#32. Little boldness is needed to assail the opinions and practices of notoriously wicked men; but to rebuke great and good men for their conduct, and to impeach their discernment, is the highest effort of moral courage. #Quote by William Lloyd Garrison
Greeters Needed quotes by Lucy Mangan
#33. How much more would I have longed for and needed to see myself in my books if I'd been disabled, gay, black, non-Christian or something else outside the mainstream message? By this time – the mid-1980s – writers' and publishers' consciousnesses of matters of sex, race and representation had started to be raised. The first wave of concern had come in the 1960s and 70s, mainly – or perhaps just most successfully – over the matter of heroines. There were some. But not many. And certainly not enough of the right – feisty, non-domestic, un-Meg Marchish – sort. Efforts needed to be made to overcome the teeny imbalance caused by 300 years of unreflecting patriarchal history. It's this memory that convinces me of the importance of role models and the rightness of including (or as critics of the practice call it, 'crowbarring in') a wide variety of characters with different backgrounds, orientations and everything else into children's books. If it seems – hell, even if it IS – slightly effortful at times, I suspect that the benefits (even though by their very nature as explosions of inward delight, wordless recognition, relief, succour, sustenance, those benefits are largely hidden) vastly outweigh the alleged cons. And I'm never quite sure what the cons are supposed to be anyway. Criticisms usually boil down to some variant of 'I am used to A! B makes me uncomfortable! O, take the nasty B away!' Which really isn't good enough. #Quote by Lucy Mangan
Greeters Needed quotes by Molly O'Keefe
#34. His hand touched my leg and I grabbed it. I held it with both of mine, like he was a lifeline and I needed saving. Or maybe I was the lifeline and he needed saving.
Was it possible we could save each other? #Quote by Molly O'Keefe
Greeters Needed quotes by John Leguizamo
#35. T is for me because I needed to do this. I really think actors shouldn't act unless they really need it in their lives. I think it has to be something that is so much a part of your chemistry, such a passion, that you can't live without it. You should not do it just because you are seeking fame or want to get rich. #Quote by John Leguizamo

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