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Famous Quotes About Green Architecture

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Green Architecture quotes by Rem Koolhaas
#1. What is now called 'green architecture' is an opportunistic caricature of a much deeper consideration of the issues related to sustainability that architecture has been engaged with for many years. It was one of the first professions that was deeply concerned with these issues and that had an intellectual response to them. #Quote by Rem Koolhaas
Green Architecture quotes by Nico Tortorella
#2. I went to art school in Chicago for a year at Columbia College. I had this whole master plan of getting into sustainable development and green architecture and construction, so I wanted to go to business school and then get my masters in construction and development. #Quote by Nico Tortorella
Green Architecture quotes by Barack Obama
#3. The issue of climate change is one that we ignore at our own peril. There may still be disputes about exactly how much we're contributing to the warming of the earth's atmosphere and how much is naturally occurring, but what we can be scientifically certain of is that our continued use of fossil fuels is pushing us to a point of no return. And unless we free ourselves from a dependence on these fossil fuels and chart a new course on energy in this country, we are condemning future generations to global catastrophe. #Quote by Barack Obama
Green Architecture quotes by A.C. Williams
#4. I don't think fireflies have friends. They seem to be singular bugs. They travel in packs, I guess, because when you see one, usually you'll see others. but they're never flocking together, like gnats or hornets. They're individuals. They're independent. Maybe that's why I like them. They're okay by themselves. That and their butts glow green. And that's just cool. #Quote by A.C. Williams
Green Architecture quotes by John Green
#5. [This] is very important to remember when reading or writing or talking or whatever: You are never, ever choosing whether to use symbols. You are choosing which symbols to use. #Quote by John Green
Green Architecture quotes by Lauren Groff
#6. It as mathematical, marriage, not, as one might expect, additional; it was exponential. This one man, nervous in a suite a size too small for his long, lean self, this woman, in a green lace dress cut to the upper thigh, with a white rose behind her ear. Christ, so young. The woman before them was a unitarian minister, and on her buzzed scalp, the grey hairs shone in a swab of sun through the lace in the window. Outside, Poughkeepsie was waking. Behind them, a man in a custodian's uniform cried softly beside a man in pajamas with a Dachshund, their witnesses, a shine in everyone's eye. One could taste the love on the air, or maybe that was sex, or maybe that was all the same then.
'I do,' she said.
'I do,' he said.
They did. They would.
Our children will be so fucking beautiful, he thought, looking at her.
Home, she thought, looking at him.
'You may kiss,' said the officiant.
They did, would.
Now they thanked everyone and laughed, and papers were signed and congratulations offered, and all stood for a moment, unwilling to leave this gentile living room where there was such softness.
The newlyweds thanked everyone again, shyly, and went out the door into the cool morning. They laughed, rosy. In they'd come integers, out they came, squared.

Her life, in the window, the parakeet, scrap of blue midday in the London dusk, ages away from what had been most deeply lived. Day on a rocky beach, creatures in the tide pool. #Quote by Lauren Groff
Green Architecture quotes by Simon R. Green
#7. Because when you wear a mask long enough, it gets really hard to take it off. The mask becomes your face. #Quote by Simon R. Green
Green Architecture quotes by John Green
#8. Hating the cool kids takes an awful lot of energy, and I'd given up on it a long time ago. #Quote by John Green
Green Architecture quotes by Lili St. Crow
#9. I love you!" he shouted, his eyes glowing laser green.
"I love you, okay? I'm not some hopeless retard you pull along behind you because you feel sorry for him! I love you and I'm going to prove it! #Quote by Lili St. Crow
Green Architecture quotes by Jarod Kintz
#10. A brick could be placed in the center of a silver platter, surrounded by leafy green garnishes to compliment the red of the brick, and frozen for the next time you have the in-laws over for dinner. I'd recommend eating before they arrive, because I'm not sure you'll want to have any of the "meatloaf" you'll be serving them. #Quote by Jarod Kintz
Green Architecture quotes by Ursula Hegi
#11. Their train speeds through the cities and crosses rivers until it reaches Paris. They leave the station, their arms around each other, and walk to the Jardin des Plantes where the panther paces the length of his cage. The young teacher nods as Hannelore Beier reaches into the cage, and strokes the animal's magnificent neck. The panther arches his back. A curtain lifts from his pupils as the pastor's sister slides aside the bolt that has kept him in captivity. His eyes like sudden, green flames, he recognizes a world beyond the bars of his cage. #Quote by Ursula Hegi
Green Architecture quotes by John Green
#12. Ahhhhhhhggg. Oh sweet Lord Jesus, my hand." He attempted to make a fist and winced. "I think Chuck Parson had a textbook strapped to his stomach."
"Those are called abs", I told him. #Quote by John Green
Green Architecture quotes by Kathryn Stockett
#13. I think if you're president, color goes away completely: you're president and it doesn't matter if you're white, green or purple. #Quote by Kathryn Stockett
Green Architecture quotes by John Green
#14. When yu say nasty things about people, you shouldnever say the true ones, because you can't really fully and honest take those back... #Quote by John Green
Green Architecture quotes by Simon R. Green
#15. Books can be terrible snobs. #Quote by Simon R. Green
Green Architecture quotes by Lev Grossman
#16. To make matters worse, some of the books had actually become migratory. In the nineteenth century Brakebills had appointed a librarian with a highly Romantic imagination who had envisioned a mobile library in which books fluttered from shelf to shelf like birds, reorganizing themselves spontaneously under their own pwer in response to searches. For the first few months the effect was sadi to have been quite dramatic. A painteding the scned survived as a mural behind the circulation desk, with enormaous atlases soaring around the place like condors.
But the system turned out to be totally impractical. The wear and tear o the spines alone was too costly, and the books were horribly disobedient. The librarian had imagined he could summon a given book to perch on his hand just by shouting out its call number, but in actuality they were just too willful, and some were actively predatory. The librarian was swiftly dposed, and his successor set about domesticating the books again, but even now there were stragglers, notably in Swiss History and Architecture 300-1399, that stubbornly flapped around near the ceiling. Once in a while an entire sub - sub-category that had long been thought safely dormant would take wing with an indescribably papery susurrus. #Quote by Lev Grossman
Green Architecture quotes by Jo Brand
#17. The big bad monster wasn't green and hiding under the bed, it wore tasteless floral prints, bright scarlet lipstick and sat in the kitchen smoking and saying 'bollocks' alot. #Quote by Jo Brand
Green Architecture quotes by John Green
#18. She laughed. 'You seem pretty normal.'
'You've never seen Ben snort Sprite up his nose and then spit it out of his mouth,' I said.
'I look like a demented carbonated fountain,' he deadpanned. #Quote by John Green
Green Architecture quotes by Roald Dahl
#19. When I walked to school in the mornings I would start out alone but would pick up four other boys along the way. We would set out together after school across the village green. #Quote by Roald Dahl
Green Architecture quotes by Andrew Peterson
#20. I carry a persistent fear that my thoughts are incorrect, or silly, or so obvious they aren't worth saying. Suddenly I'm a little boy, sitting in class like a solemn ghost. Mrs. Larson asks me a question, all the seven-year-old eyes in the room turn to me with expectation, and I'm frozen in place, terrified by the sudden realization that I'm expected to contribute. My cheeks flush and I want to go away to someplace safe - someplace like the woods or the eternal fields of green Illinois corn where I can watch and experience and listen without any demand to justify my existence. I've always been happy to be alone. God, however, never takes his eyes off me, and on my good days I believe that he is smiling, never demanding an answer other than the fact of myself. I exist as his redeemed creation, and that is, pleasantly, enough for him. #Quote by Andrew Peterson
Green Architecture quotes by John Green
#21. Holding anger is a poison.
Never regret something that made you smile.
Do not do unto others what you do not want others to do unto you. #Quote by John Green
Green Architecture quotes by Penelope Fitzgerald
#22. In 1959 Florence Green occasionally passed a night when she was not absolutely sure whether she had slept or not. This was because of her worries as to whether to purchase a small property, the Old House, with its own warehouse on the foreshore, and to open the only bookshop in Hardborough. The uncertainty probably kept her awake. She had once seen a heron flying across the estuary and trying, while it was on the wing, to swallow an eel which it had caught. The eel, in turn, was struggling to escape from the gullet of the heron and appeared a quarter, a half, or occasionally three-quarters of the way out. The indecision expressed by both creatures was pitiable. They had taken on too much. Florence felt that if she hadn't slept at all - and people often say this when they mean nothing of the kind - she must have been kept awake by thinking of the heron. #Quote by Penelope Fitzgerald
Green Architecture quotes by Jen Hatmaker
#23. The trouble is, we have up-close access to women who excel in each individual sphere. With social media and its carefully selected messaging, we see career women killing it, craft moms slaying it, chef moms nailing it, Christian leaders working it. We register their beautiful yards, homemade green chile enchiladas, themed birthday parties, eight-week Bible study series, chore charts, ab routines, "10 Tips for a Happy Marriage," career best practices, volunteer work, and Family Fun Night ideas. We make note of their achievements, cataloging their successes and observing their talents. Then we combine the best of everything we see, every woman we admire in every genre, and conclude: I should be all of that. It is certifiably insane. #Quote by Jen Hatmaker
Green Architecture quotes by John Green
#24. That's why I love road trips, dude. It's like doing something without actually doing anything. #Quote by John Green
Green Architecture quotes by Iain Banks
#25. Once you get over the simple unpleasantness of it - I suspect most people would gag, the first time - it is easier to wipe somebody else's bum than it is your own, because you can see what you're doing and use both hands at once if necessary. The whole process is much more efficient and uses no more toilet paper than is strictly required, so it's better for the environment, too. If we were really green we'd all have somebody else wipe our bums, though I can't see it catching on. #Quote by Iain Banks
Green Architecture quotes by Charlotte McPherren
#26. Miriam lifted her eyes from her sewing and found a glint of masculine lust in Owen's green eyes. Putting her sewing aside, she smiled nervously and got to her feet. "I...If you don't mind, I'll bid you good night, Mr. Vaughn."
He nodded, not caring to stand. His smile was so youthful in its rakishness that Miriam began to wonder if he'd read her mind. "A gentleman stands when a lady gets up to leave the room, Mr. Vaughn," she snapped, more disgusted with herself than with his lack of manners.
Owen shrugged but stood all the same. "Sweet dreams, Miriam," he taunted, deliberately taking the liberty of using her first name.
Miriam grasped the hem of the little basque jacket she wore over her fashionable two-piece dress of red bombazine, and gave it an indignant tug. "Good night, Mr. Vaughn." #Quote by Charlotte McPherren
Green Architecture quotes by Darrell Green
#27. I think real true success is when, yes, you have reached the goal, reached yours, but it's how many others you have helped along the way. #Quote by Darrell Green
Green Architecture quotes by John Green
#28. Children's hospitals are not designed for teenagers. #Quote by John Green
Green Architecture quotes by Carl Honore
#29. Aficionados of Slow design and Slow fashion use ethical and green materials to make objects - furniture, clothes, jewellery - that lift the spirit and last a lifetime rather than one catwalk season. #Quote by Carl Honore
Green Architecture quotes by John Green
#30. A small olive-skinned creature who had hit puberty but never hit it very hard, Ben had been my best friend since fifth grade, when we both finally owned up to the fact that neither of us was likely to attract anyone else as a best friend. #Quote by John Green
Green Architecture quotes by A. C. Green
#31. No matter how strong a condom is, it won't protect you from a broken heart. #Quote by A. C. Green
Green Architecture quotes by Eric Weiner
#32. line. Creativity is a response to our environment. Greek painting was a response to the complex light (the Greek painter Apollodoros was the first to develop a technique for creating the illusion of depth), Greek architecture a response to the complex landscape, Greek philosophy a response to the complex, uncertain times. The problem with paradise is that it is perfect and therefore requires no response. This is why wealthy people and places often stagnate. Athens #Quote by Eric Weiner
Green Architecture quotes by Barry Green
#33. There's very little to be said for learning a piece note by note, reading the rhythmic markings, practising the fingerings and following your instructor's suggestions, if you haven't any idea how the music will eventually sound and feel. If you learn a piece mechanically, you may have to 'unlearn' it before you can play it with expression and feeling. #Quote by Barry Green
Green Architecture quotes by Celia Green
#34. Physics has never been a comfortable subject for human psychology. The desire to regard everything outside the human race's purview as insignificant, and everything within that purview as firmly under the control of tribal myth and custom, is as strong today as it was in the time of Galileo. #Quote by Celia Green
Green Architecture quotes by Logan Green
#35. We created Lyft because we want to establish a radically different concept of personal transportation. We want people to think of transportation as a service enabled by technology instead of as an expensive and large piece of hardware to own. #Quote by Logan Green
Green Architecture quotes by John Green
#36. While I did not fancy myself a particularly good person, I never thought my first real sexual action would be prostitutional. #Quote by John Green
Green Architecture quotes by Vashti Bunyan
#37. I love your eyes when you look away
Thinking somewhere else of what ought to be
When they're suddenly blue for a moment of time
Then the colour goes when you look at me
I love your hands as a part of you
As they write a word just by staying still
When you talk they move, painting what you say
So I understand more than words can tell

I love your hair in the dark it's soft
In the light it moves, red and green are brown
All the time it takes for a night to pass
And a lifetime grows as the day comes down
I love you now as you don't love me
I can't let you know you're too far away
But I wonder now just what did you see
When you looked at me in that loveless way #Quote by Vashti Bunyan
Green Architecture quotes by Anthony Bourdain
#38. A sampler of England's hottest 'chefs' would include a mostly hairless young blond lad named Jamie Oliver, who is referred to as the Naked Chef. As best as I can comprehend, he's a really rich guy who pretends he scoots around on a Vespa, hangs out in some East End cold-water flat, and cooks green curry for his 'mates'. He's a TV chef, so few actually eat his food. I've never seen him naked. I believe the 'Naked' refers to his 'simple, straightforward, unadorned' food; though I gather that a great number of matronly housewives would like to believe otherwise. Every time I watch his show, I want to go back in time and bully him at school. #Quote by Anthony Bourdain
Green Architecture quotes by Robert Green Ingersoll
#39. Grant others the same rights as you claim for yourself. #Quote by Robert Green Ingersoll
Green Architecture quotes by John Green
#40. Pudge, what you must understand about me is that I am a deeply unhappy person. #Quote by John Green
Green Architecture quotes by Debasish Mridha
#41. Life is full of joy and beauty. Look around and notice it. Notice the little butterfly, a little baby with a smile, and the white rose in the garden. Notice a drop of dew on a green leaf in the morning sun. Touch the wind, smell the rain, and feel the joy. Live your life with beauty and joy. #Quote by Debasish Mridha
Green Architecture quotes by Moshe Safdie
#42. Architecture is not about building the impossible, which we can do if we have enough money and enough tools and enough computers. It is about building what is appropriate and about attaining beauty through such an approach. I describe this premise as 'inherent buildability', and I believe it is central to what I do. #Quote by Moshe Safdie
Green Architecture quotes by Terry Hayes
#43. I was so engrossed by the idea that it took me a moment to register that the drivers behind were laying on their horns and I had a green. I hit the gas, rummaged one-handed through the files Cumali had given me, found a note to the medical examiner with her mobile number attached to it, and pulled out my cell phone. I was halfway through dialing when I realized that a woman with a six-year-old child might not appreciate being woken, and, anyway, what was she going to do that late at night? #Quote by Terry Hayes
Green Architecture quotes by Damien Hirst
#44. But then architects don't build their own houses. #Quote by Damien Hirst
Green Architecture quotes by John Green
#45. The sun was a toddler insistently refusing to go to bed: It was past eight thirty and still light. #Quote by John Green
Green Architecture quotes by Ray Bradbury
#46. And with the trick, much admired by magicians, of sitting in a green velour chair and-vanishing! Turn your head and you forgot his face. Vanilla pudding. #Quote by Ray Bradbury

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