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Greedier And Tubbier quotes by Sabrina Jeffries
#1. I don't…believe you," she lied, her blood running wild through her veins.
His gleaming gaze impaled her. "Then believe this." And suddenly his mouth was on hers.
This was not what she'd set out to get from him.
But oh, the joy of it. The heat of it. His mouth covered hers, seeking, coaxing. Without breaking the kiss, he pushed her back against the wall, and she grabbed for his shoulders, his surprisingly broad and muscular shoulders. As he sent her plummeting into unfamiliar territory, she held on for dear life.
Time rewound to when they were in her uncle's garden, sneaking a moment alone. But this time there was no hesitation, no fear of being caught.
Glorying in that, she slid her hands about his neck to bring him closer. He groaned, and his kiss turned intimate. He used lips and tongue, delving inside her mouth in a tender exploration that stunned her. Enchanted her. Confused her.
Something both sweet and alien pooled in her belly, a kind of yearning she'd never felt with Edwin. With any man but Dom.
As if he sensed it, he pulled back to look at her, his eyes searching hers, full of surprise. "My God, Jane," he said hoarsely, turning her name into a prayer.
Or a curse? She had no time to figure out which before he clasped her head to hold her for another darkly ravishing kiss. Only this one was greedier, needier. His mouth consumed hers with all the boldness of Viking raiders of yore. His tongue drove repeatedly inside in a rhythm th #Quote by Sabrina Jeffries
Greedier And Tubbier quotes by Martine Leavitt
#2. Now I will tell you a true thing, child, and if you are wise you will remember it. The soul, it longs for its mate as much as the body. Sad it is that the body be greedier than the soul. But if you would be happy all your days, as I was with your grandfather, subdue the body and marry the soul. Look for a soul-and-heart love. #Quote by Martine Leavitt
Greedier And Tubbier quotes by Martine Leavitt
#3. The soul, it longs for its mate as mas as the body. Sad it is that the body be greedier than the soul. But if you be happy all your days, as I was with your grandfather, subdue the body and marry the soul. Look for the heart-and-soul love. #Quote by Martine Leavitt
Greedier And Tubbier quotes by Lionel Shriver
#4. In truth we are bigger, greedier versions of the same eating, shitting, rutting ruck, hell-bent on disguising from somebody, if only from a three-year-old, that pretty much all we do is eat and shit and rut. The secret is there is no secret. that is what we really wish to keep fom our kids, and it's suppression is the true collusion of adulthood ... #Quote by Lionel Shriver
Greedier And Tubbier quotes by Tatsuhiko Takimoto
#5. I'm greedier than anyone. I don't want some half-assed happiness I
don't need some partial warmth. I want a happiness that goes on forever.
That's impossible, though! I don't know why it is, but in this world,
some interference is sure to come. Important things break right away.
I've been alive for twenty-two years, and I know at least this much. It
doesn't matter what the thing is, but it will break. That's why, from the
beginning, it's better not to need anything. #Quote by Tatsuhiko Takimoto
Greedier And Tubbier quotes by David Halberstam
#6. He did not like Europe, which he regarded as a lesser continent, populated with people significantly greedier and more materialistic than Americans. It was a place, he noted, where #Quote by David Halberstam
Greedier And Tubbier quotes by Luc Sante
#7. The con is a kind of jiu-jitsu that turns the sucker's own greed into its principal weapon. The greedier you are the more likely you are to be conned, and for the greater a sum. Since people regularly dispose of their intelligence in their rush to be swindled, and then turn right around and do it again, humans must want to be duped. Institutionalized wishful thinking - the stock market, religion, advertising - is after all a cornerstone of our system. #Quote by Luc Sante
Greedier And Tubbier quotes by George Saintsbury
#8. Even if the purely personal hardships of "labour" in the 'forties were not exaggerated, they have simply disappeared now...instead of starvation-wages for the individual "hand", elaborate calculations are made - not on comic opera stages, but in solemn Committees and even Commissions - how much it will take to keep him, his wife, and their two or three children, housed, fed, clothed, and amused - education and medical attendance being already provided for at the expense of the upper and middle classes...have all these enormous changes in their favour benefited the morale of the working classes?...Are they not lazier, greedier, more full of hatred, malice, and all uncharitableness towards other classes, readier to put on those classes any burden of which they may relieve themselves? #Quote by George Saintsbury
Greedier And Tubbier quotes by Penelope Lively
#9. The regrets of old age are polarized: you wish you had not done certain things--behaved thus, responded like that--and you wish you had seized more of the day, been greedier, packed more in. #Quote by Penelope Lively
Greedier And Tubbier quotes by Victor Hugo
#10. Time is greedy, man is greedier #Quote by Victor Hugo

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