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Great Obituary quotes by Rajneesh
#1. Love can never really be a great base for marriage because love is fun and play. If you marry someone for love you will be frustrated, because soon the fun is gone, the newness is gone, and boredom sets in. Marriage is for deep friendship, deep intimacy. Love is implied in it, but it is not alone. So marriage is spiritual. It is spiritual. There are many things which you can never develop alone. Even your own growth needs someone to respond, someone so intimate that you can open yourself totally to him or her. #Quote by Rajneesh
Great Obituary quotes by Jonathan Carroll
#2. The first great real intimacy between two people begins when secrets are told. #Quote by Jonathan Carroll
Great Obituary quotes by Laozi
#3. Great talents ripen late; the highest notes are hard to hear. #Quote by Laozi
Great Obituary quotes by Harold Ramis
#4. It's a great luxury for me to be able to write on the films that I direct, and kind of a nice thing to be able to write enough to get credit, which is difficult for a director. #Quote by Harold Ramis
Great Obituary quotes by John Grisham
#5. And they drank heavily, partied with great enthusiasm, and relished the drug culture; they moved in and out and slept around, and this was okay because they defined their own morality. They were fighting for the Mexicans and the redwoods, dammit! They had to be good people! #Quote by John Grisham
Great Obituary quotes by Mrs. Ernest Ames
#6. C" is for colonies
Rightly we boast
that of all the great nations
Great Britain has most! #Quote by Mrs. Ernest Ames
Great Obituary quotes by I. F. Stone
#7. Victor Serge died in exile and obscurity, apparently no more than a splinter of a splinter in the Marxist movement. But with the passage of the years, he looms up as one of the great moral figures of our time, an artist of such integrity and a revolutionary of such purity as to overshadow those who achieved fame and power. His failure was his success. I know of no participant in Russia's revolution and Spain's agonies who more deserves the attention of our concerned youth. #Quote by I. F. Stone
Great Obituary quotes by Gabor Mate
#8. In attunement, it is the infant who leads and the mother who follows. "Where their roles differ is in the timing of their responses," writes John Bowlby, one of the century's great psychiatric researchers. The infant initiates the interaction or withdraws from it according to his own rhythms, Bowlby found, while the "mother regulates her behaviour so that it meshes with his... Thus she lets him call the tune and by a skillful interweaving of her own responses with his creates a dialogue."

The tense or depressed mothering adult will not be able to accompany the infant into relaxed, happy spaces. He may also not fully pick up signs of the infant's emotional distress, or may not be able to respond to them as effectively as he would wish. The ADD child's difficulty reading social cues likely originates from her relationship cues not being read by the nurturing adult, who was distracted by stress. In the attunement interaction, not only does the mother follow the child, but she also permits the child to temporarily interrupt contact.

When the interaction reaches a certain stage of intensity for the infant, he will look away to avoid an uncomfortably high level of arousal. Another interaction will then begin. A mother who is anxious may react with alarm when the infant breaks off contact, may try to stimulate him, to draw him back into the interaction. Then the infant's nervous system is not allowed to "cool down," and the attunement relationship is hampered #Quote by Gabor Mate
Great Obituary quotes by Richelle E. Goodrich
#9. Happiness is a simple game of lost and found: Lose the things you take for granted, and you will feel great happiness once they are found. #Quote by Richelle E. Goodrich
Great Obituary quotes by Debasish Mridha
#10. I am a great success, not because of what I have, but because, through service, I found enduring happiness. #Quote by Debasish Mridha
Great Obituary quotes by Bill Bryson
#11. When cells are no longer needed, they die with what can only be called great dignity. They take down all the struts and buttresses that hold them together and quietly devour their component parts. The process is known as apoptosis or programmed cell death. Every day billions of your cells die for your benefit and billions of others clean up the mess. Cells can also die violently- for instance, when infected- but mostly they die because they are told to. Indeed, if not told to live- if not given some kind of active instruction from another cell- cells automatically kill themselves. Cells need a lot of reassurance.

When, as occasionally happens, a cell fails to expire in the prescribed manner, but rather begins to divide and proliferate wildly, we call the result cancer. Cancer cells are really just confused cells. Cells make this mistake fairly regularly, but the body has elaborate mechanisms for dealing with it. It is only very rarely that the process spirals out of control. On average, humans suffer one fatal malignancy for each 100 million billion cell divisions. Cancer is bad luck in every possible sense of the term. #Quote by Bill Bryson
Great Obituary quotes by Katy Perry
#12. If you like my music, great, and if you don't, whatever. I'm going to keep making it either way. #Quote by Katy Perry
Great Obituary quotes by Yevgeny Vakhtangov
#13. The first state an actor experiences onstage is the one he just experienced in life. One needs great courage not to portray this experience. One must surrender entirely to the power of one s artistic nature. It will do all the necessary things. Do not impose any solution upon yourself in advance. The quality to develop in an actor is courage. #Quote by Yevgeny Vakhtangov
Great Obituary quotes by Bob Marley
#14. Most people think great god will come from the skies, take away everything, and make everybody feel high. But if you know what life is worth, you will look for yours on earth. #Quote by Bob Marley
Great Obituary quotes by Mary Faustina Kowalska
#15. The soul's true greatness is in loving God and in humbling oneself in His presence, completely forgetting oneself and believing oneself to be nothing; because the Lord is great, but He is well-pleased only with the humble; He always opposes the proud. #Quote by Mary Faustina Kowalska
Great Obituary quotes by Chad Hurley
#16. Google has a great product. They've built a great business. #Quote by Chad Hurley
Great Obituary quotes by Wim Crouwel
#17. The grid is like the lines on a football field. You can play a great game in the grid or a lousy game. But the goal is to play a really fine game. #Quote by Wim Crouwel
Great Obituary quotes by John Gresham Machen
#18. Let us not fear the opposition of men; every great movement in the Church from Paul down to modern times has been criticized on the ground that it promoted scensoriousness and intolerance and disputing. Of course the gospel of Christ, in a world of sin and doubt will cause disputing; and if does not cause disputing and arrouse bitter opposition, that is a fairly sure sign that it is not being faithfully proclaimed. #Quote by John Gresham Machen
Great Obituary quotes by Pedro Almodovar
#19. As a woman Penelope Cruz has changed as she has become an adult. But, as an actress she has not changed that much. She has something great, especially in comedy, and she hasn't been exploited as much as she could be in comedy, but particularly in that mix between comedy and drama. She's got a very special quality about her. You can place her in very extreme situations, especially very painful situations, in terms of how her character interprets it. And sometimes, the deeper and more human that pain is, the better she is at it. #Quote by Pedro Almodovar
Great Obituary quotes by Yves Engler
#20. No great city has an abundance of parking. #Quote by Yves Engler
Great Obituary quotes by Molly Peacock
#21. Robert Phelps, a biographer of Colette, said about watching, 'Along with love and work, this is the third great salvation. For whenever someone is seriously watching, a form of lost innocence is restored. It will not last, but during those minutes his self-consciousness is relieved.' Noticing keeps you alive. #Quote by Molly Peacock
Great Obituary quotes by H.G.Wells
#22. After people have repeated a phrase a great number of times, they begin to realize it has meaning and may even be true. #Quote by H.G.Wells
Great Obituary quotes by Ron Chernow
#23. Of all the founders, Hamilton probably had the gravest doubts about the wisdom of the masses and wanted elected leaders who would guide them. This was the great paradox of his career: his optimistic view of America's potential coexisted with an essentially pessimistic view of human nature. His faith in Americans never quite matched his faith in America itself. It #Quote by Ron Chernow
Great Obituary quotes by Alison Mosshart
#24. I get along great with my family. My parents are really proud of me and my brother, who's a chef here in New York. I don't see my parents often, but they're very supportive, especially as I get older. #Quote by Alison Mosshart
Great Obituary quotes by Mary Todd Lincoln
#25. He (Abraham Lincoln) said he wanted to visit the Holy Land and see those places hallowed by the footprints of the Saviour. He was saying there was no city he so much desired to see as Jerusalem. And with the words half spoken on his tongue, the bullet of the assassin entered the brain, and the soul of the great and good President was carried by the angels to the New Jerusalem above. #Quote by Mary Todd Lincoln
Great Obituary quotes by Neil Gaiman
#26. So, yeah, my people figured that maybe there's something at the back of it all, a creator, a great spirit, and so we say thank you to it, because it's always good to say thank you. But we never built churches. We didn't need to. The land was the church. The land was the religion. The land was older and wiser than the people who walked on it. #Quote by Neil Gaiman
Great Obituary quotes by John Banville
#27. It is a true pleasure to live in a century in which such great events take place, provided that one can take shelter in some little corner and watch the play in comfort. (attributed to N. Poussin) #Quote by John Banville
Great Obituary quotes by Benjamin Zander
#28. I'm so sorry for you; your lives have been so easy. You can't play great music unless your heart's been broken. #Quote by Benjamin Zander
Great Obituary quotes by Nicola Sturgeon
#29. Glasgow is a great city. #Quote by Nicola Sturgeon
Great Obituary quotes by John Amery
#30. It came as a great shock to me when I heard that England and Soviet Russia had become allies. So much so that I thought that the people responsible in London were acting in a manner that no longer coincided with British imperial interests. #Quote by John Amery
Great Obituary quotes by Daniel Defoe
#31. was to prepare more land, for I had now seed enough to sow above an acre of ground. Before I did this, I had a week's work at least to make me a spade, which, when it was done, was but a sorry one indeed, and very heavy, and required double labour to work with it. However, I got through that, and sowed my seed in two large flat pieces of ground, as near my house as I could find them to my mind, and fenced them in with a good hedge, the stakes of which were all cut off that wood which I had set before, and knew it would grow; so that, in a year's time, I knew I should have a quick or living hedge, that would want but little repair. This work did not take me up less than three months, because a great part of that time was the wet season, when I could not go abroad. Within-doors, that is when it rained and I could not go out, I found employment in the following occupations - always observing, that all the while I was at work I diverted myself with talking to my parrot, and teaching him to speak; and I quickly taught him to know his own name, and at last to speak it out pretty loud, "Poll," which was the first word I ever heard spoken in the island by any mouth but my own. This, therefore, was not my work, but an assistance to my work; for now, as I said, I had a great employment upon my hands, as follows: I had long studied to make, by some means or other, some earthen vessels, which, indeed, I wanted sorely, but knew not where to come at them. However, considering the heat of t #Quote by Daniel Defoe
Great Obituary quotes by Albert Camus
#32. All existence for a man turned away from the eternal is but a vast mime under the mask of the absurd. Creation is the great mime ... it is itself an absurd phenomenon. #Quote by Albert Camus
Great Obituary quotes by Joseph Heller
#33. Keep in mind that when we talk of a great painting we are not really talking about anything great. We are talking of only a painting. #Quote by Joseph Heller
Great Obituary quotes by Amy Grant
#34. I never thought getting older would be so great. But when it comes to depression, I have experienced less the older I've gotten. #Quote by Amy Grant

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