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Great Gatsbys House quotes by F. Scott Fitzgerald
#1. There was music from my neighbor's house through the summer nights. In his blue gardens men and girls came and went like moths among the whisperings and the champagne and the stars. At high tide in the afternoon I watched his guests diving from the tower of his raft, or taking the sun on the hot sand of his beach while his two motor-boats slit the waters of the Sound, drawing aquaplanes over cataracts of foam. On week-ends his Rolls-Royce became an omnibus, bearing parties to and from the city between nine in the morning and long past midnight, while his station wagon scampered like a brisk yellow bug to meet all trains. And on Mondays eight servants, including an extra gardener, toiled all day with mops and scrubbing-brushes and hammers and garden-shears, repairing the ravages of the night before.

Every Friday five crates of oranges and lemons arrived from a fruiterer in New York--every Monday these same oranges and lemons left his back door in a pyramid of pulpless halves. There was a machine in the kitchen which could extract the juice of two hundred oranges in half an hour if a little button was pressed two hundred times by a butler's thumb.

At least once a fortnight a corps of caterers came down with several hundred feet of canvas and enough colored lights to make a Christmas tree of Gatsby's enormous garden. On buffet tables, garnished with glistening hors-d'oeuvre, spiced baked hams crowded against salads of harlequin designs and pastry pigs and #Quote by F. Scott Fitzgerald
Great Gatsbys House quotes by Chila Woychik
#2. The tides wash up the Pearl of Great Price; I see it clearly. There it is: the secret so secret that even Indiana Jones has yet to discover it. But it's mine.
It's a style pointer, a favorite agent, a best avenue for publication. It's a sure-fire fire-starter, a league of extraordinary information.
Shall we gather at the river and share? No. I found it. It's mine! #Quote by Chila Woychik
Great Gatsbys House quotes by Scott Hawkins
#3. Steve looked through the scope. The house was quiet now. Thin trickles of smoke leaked from the windows. As he watched, Mrs McGillicutty staggered outside. She was bloody and dazed, but very much alive. "Hey, there's the old lady! What's that she's holding?"
Carolyn took the scope and looked for herself, then handed it back. "Muffins. She's got muffins. #Quote by Scott Hawkins
Great Gatsbys House quotes by Bill Maher
#4. Stand-up is great because I can get everything off my chest. #Quote by Bill Maher
Great Gatsbys House quotes by Liane Moriarty
#5. All around her was color - rich, vibrant color. She was the only colorless thing in this whole house. #Quote by Liane Moriarty
Great Gatsbys House quotes by Mitch Kynock
#6. We look wishfully to emergencies, to eventful, revolutionary times ... and think how easy to have taken our part when the drum was rolling and the house was burning over our heads. -Ralph Waldo Emerson #Quote by Mitch Kynock
Great Gatsbys House quotes by Anne Bradstreet
#7. #The Vanity of all Worldly Things.

As he said vanity, so vain say I,
Oh! Vanity, O vain all under sky;
Where is the man can say, "Lo, I have found
On brittle earth a consolation sound"?
What isn't in honor to be set on high?
No, they like beasts and sons of men shall die,
And whilst they live, how oft doth turn their fate;
He's now a captive that was king of late.
What isn't in wealth great treasures to obtain?
No, that's but labor, anxious care, and pain.
He heaps up riches, and he heaps up sorrow,
It's his today, but who's his heir tomorrow?
What then? Content in pleasures canst thou find?
More vain than all, that's but to grasp the wind.
The sensual senses for a time they pleasure,
Meanwhile the conscience rage, who shall appease?
What isn't in beauty? No that's but a snare,
They're foul enough today, that once were fair.
What is't in flow'ring youth, or manly age?
The first is prone to vice, the last to rage.
Where is it then, in wisdom, learning, arts?
Sure if on earth, it must be in those parts;
Yet these the wisest man of men did find
But vanity, vexation of the mind.
And he that know the most doth still bemoan
He knows not all that here is to be known.
What is it then? To do as stoics tell,
Nor laugh, nor weep, let things go ill or well?
Such stoics are but stocks, such teaching vain,
While man is man, he shall hav #Quote by Anne Bradstreet
Great Gatsbys House quotes by Annabel Crabb
#8. Have a look at the results when Australians are asked if they agree or disagree with the statement: 'It is better for the family if the husband is the principal breadwinner outside the home and the wife has primary responsibility for the home and children.' In 1986, just over 55 per cent of men agreed with that proposition. That proportion swan-dived down to about 30 per cent by 2001, but by 2005, it had gone up again, to 41.4 per cent. Women subscribe to that view less enthusiastically than men on the whole, but they too have waxed and waned over the last 30 years. In 1986, 33 per cent of them thought it was better for men to work and women to keep house. By 2001, that had dipped to 19 per cent. But by 2005, it had bobbed back up to 36.4 per cent.17 #Quote by Annabel Crabb
Great Gatsbys House quotes by Dietrich Bonhoeffer
#9. Christian community is like the Christian's sanctification. It is a gift of God which we cannot claim. Only God knows the real state of our fellowship, of our sanctification. What may appear weak and trifling to us may be great and glorious to God. Just as the Christian should not be constantly feeling his spiritual pulse, so, too, the Christian community has not been given to us by God for us to be constantly taking its temperature. The more thankfully we daily receive what is given to us, the more surely and steadily will fellowship increase and grow from day to day as God pleases. #Quote by Dietrich Bonhoeffer
Great Gatsbys House quotes by Colum McCann
#10. The tightrope walk was an act of creation that seemed to stand in direct defiance to the act of destruction twenty-seven years later.
About Let the Great World Spin #Quote by Colum McCann
Great Gatsbys House quotes by Conan O'Brien
#11. Today, former President Bill Clinton met with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Il and convinced him to release two American journalists that have been jailed since March. Isn't that great? This is big, yeah. Or as Clinton calls it, another Asian happy ending. #Quote by Conan O'Brien
Great Gatsbys House quotes by Leo Fitzpatrick
#12. Ray Johnson was a great innovator of mail art and photocopying and sending people photocopies. #Quote by Leo Fitzpatrick
Great Gatsbys House quotes by Thomas Jefferson
#13. The bill for establishing religious freedom, the principles of which had, to a certain degree, been enacted before, I had drawn in all the latitude of reason & right. It still met with opposition; but, with some mutilations in the preamble, it was finally passed; and a singular proposition proved that it's protection of opinion was meant to be universal. Where the preamble declares that coercion is a departure from the plan of the holy author of our religion, an amendment was proposed, by inserting the word "Jesus Christ," so that it should read "a departure from the plan of Jesus Christ, the holy author of our religion." The insertion was rejected by a great majority, in proof that they meant to comprehend, within the mantle of it's protection, the Jew and the Gentile, the Christian and Mahometan, the Hindoo, and infidel of every denomination. #Quote by Thomas Jefferson
Great Gatsbys House quotes by Charlaine Harris
#14. We had sex in every position i could imagine, and some i couldn't. we had sex in every room in my house, and we had sex outdoors. you told me it was the best you'd ever had. #Quote by Charlaine Harris
Great Gatsbys House quotes by Charlene Costanzo
#15. At the wondrous moment you were born, as you took your first breath, a great celebration was held in the heavens and twelve magnificent gifts were granted to you. #Quote by Charlene Costanzo
Great Gatsbys House quotes by Lyle Lovett
#16. I am limited by what I can think of to do-my choices are not so great. #Quote by Lyle Lovett
Great Gatsbys House quotes by Allen R. Hunt
#17. It became obvious why Catholics had built such beautiful cathedrals and churches throughout the world. Not as gathering or meeting places for Christians. But as a home for Jesus Himself in the Blessed Sacrament. Cathedrals house Jesus. Christians merely come and visit Him. The cathedrals and churches architecturally prepare our souls for the beauty of the Eucharist. #Quote by Allen R. Hunt
Great Gatsbys House quotes by Rob Thomas
#18. The world domination plan goal is that I would love Veronica Mars to become a brand like Sherlock Holmes is a brand, like Nancy Drew, in a way, is a brand. When people start listing who are the great fictional detectives, I want Veronica Mars to make that list. That would be the dream scenario. #Quote by Rob Thomas
Great Gatsbys House quotes by Wilhelm Reich
#19. Only a work democracy can create the foundation of genuine freedom. Long experience in sociological disputes leads me to expect that a great many people will take offense at the disclosure of this miscalculation. It makes the highest demands on people's will to veracity; it puts a heavy burden on everyday living; it places all social responsibility on those who work , be it in the factory, in the office, on the farm, in the laboratory, or wherever. #Quote by Wilhelm Reich
Great Gatsbys House quotes by Neale Donald Walsch
#20. Only humans are judgmental, and because you are, you assume that I must be. Yet I am not, and that is the great truth you cannot accept. #Quote by Neale Donald Walsch
Great Gatsbys House quotes by Robert Sean Leonard
#21. I want to read books and go for walks and make dinner. I guess there are people who love working and that's great. I'm not one of them. I love tackling roles and I love theater, but filming, I don't get it. It seems mind-numbing to me. #Quote by Robert Sean Leonard
Great Gatsbys House quotes by Auguste Comte
#22. After Montesquieu, the next great addition to Sociology (which is the term I may be allowed to invent to designate Social Physics) was made by Condorcet, proceeding on the views suggested by his illustrious friend Turgot. #Quote by Auguste Comte
Great Gatsbys House quotes by Pierce Brosnan
#23. The like factor is a great thing. Love cannot burn constantly. It's very hard for it to be so intense. But it's wonderful. #Quote by Pierce Brosnan
Great Gatsbys House quotes by Steven Brust
#24. It is always man's ideas which drive his actions. This has, at times, resulted in great evil; but as we look around us, we cannot doubt that it has resulted in greater good. #Quote by Steven Brust
Great Gatsbys House quotes by Stephen Poplin
#25. Similar to the Bodhisattvas of India, the Buddhist way-showers, I play the role of the guide along the esoteric trail and aim to bring the seeker across the water. There I wait and watch from the shore as the pilgrim continues. This is not my journey; I have brought the sojourner to this place, to this state of grace and divine connection, and I set my intention and prayers that all is well. Great Spirit – be with us now! #Quote by Stephen Poplin
Great Gatsbys House quotes by Rachel Carson
#26. We have looked first at man with his vanities and greed and his problems of a day or a year; and then only, and from this biased point of view, we have looked outward at the earth he has inhabited so briefly and at the universe in which our earth is so minute a part. Yet these are the great realities, and against them we see our human problems in a different perspective. Perhaps if we reversed the telescope and looked at man down these long vistas, we should find less time and inclination to plan for our own destruction. #Quote by Rachel Carson
Great Gatsbys House quotes by Antonio Gaudi
#27. Everything comes from the great book of nature. #Quote by Antonio Gaudi
Great Gatsbys House quotes by Voltaire
#28. Give me the patience for the small things of life, courage for the great trials of life. Help me to do my best each day and then go to sleep knowing God is awake. #Quote by Voltaire
Great Gatsbys House quotes by Jen Kirkman
#29. I have some pretty wonderful friendships, so that's been really good for me. In the past year, I've really worked on that. I think when I was married, I let my friendships go. I think people thought, "Oh, because she's married now, she's so happy all the time." But I really was just isolated in my house. #Quote by Jen Kirkman
Great Gatsbys House quotes by Julio Cortazar
#30. Skill alone cannot teach or produce a great short story, which condenses the obsession of the creature; it is a hallucinatory presence manifest from the first sentence to fascinate the reader, to make him lose contact with the dull reality that surrounds him, submerging him in another that is more intense and compelling. #Quote by Julio Cortazar
Great Gatsbys House quotes by Alex Lifeson
#31. I don't know how many times I heard older people, and not just parents but just older people, say, 'Oh, my God. Your generation is just totally nuts. You have no sense of what it was really like, when it was great.' And every generation has that same feeling, you know? #Quote by Alex Lifeson
Great Gatsbys House quotes by Dick Cheney
#32. We have great information. They're going to welcome us. It'll be like the American Army going through the streets of Paris. They're sitting there ready to form a new government. The people will be so happy with their freedoms that we'll probably back ourselves out of there within a month or two. #Quote by Dick Cheney
Great Gatsbys House quotes by Nikolai Gogol
#33. Tell him the wedding is being prepared, only there won't be any music at our wedding: deacons will sing instead of pipes and mandolins. I won't step out to dance with my bridegroom: they will bear me away. Dark, dark will be my house: of maple wood it will be, and instead of a chimney there will be a cross on its roof! #Quote by Nikolai Gogol
Great Gatsbys House quotes by Thomas Ligotti
#34. His name is...
Will it ever come to me? There is a grand lapse of memory that may be the only thing to save us from ultimate horror. Perhaps they know the truth who preach the passing of one life into another, vowing that between a certain death and certain birth there is an interval in which an old name is forgotten before a new one is learned. And to remember the name of a former life is to begin the backward slide into that great blackness in which all names have their source, becoming incarnate in a succession of bodies like numberless verses of an infinite scripture.
To find that you have had so many names is to lose claim to any one of them. To gain the memory of so many lives is to lose them all. #Quote by Thomas Ligotti
Great Gatsbys House quotes by Frederick Lenz
#35. While I had many friends as a child I aslo kept a great deal to myself. I noticed that adults were drawn to me. They would talk to me for hours at my parents' parties. Strange to find yourself at seven, dressed in pagamas with feet, listening to adults tell you their deepest secrets. #Quote by Frederick Lenz
Great Gatsbys House quotes by Joel Henry Hildebrand
#36. The invention of IQ did a great disservice to creativity in education ... Individuality, personality, originality, are too precious to be meddled with by amateur psychiatrists whose patterns for a "wholesome personality" are inevitably their own. #Quote by Joel Henry Hildebrand
Great Gatsbys House quotes by Hudson Stuck
#37. Walter, who had been in the lead all day, was the first to scramble up; a native Alaskan, he is the first human being to set foot upon the top of Alaska's great mountain, and he had well earned the lifelong distinction. #Quote by Hudson Stuck
Great Gatsbys House quotes by Louise Brooks
#38. The great art of films does not consist of descriptive movement of face and body, but in the movements of thought and soul transmitted in a kind of intense isolation. #Quote by Louise Brooks
Great Gatsbys House quotes by Beckie Stevenson
#39. I huff. I have no intention of going anywhere near the school slut, but I nod at him anyway.

"I hear she lets you fuck her like a dog," he says.

"That's great," I say, "if you're a zoophile."

"Zoophile?" he repeats, frowning at me. "That some stupid English thing again?"

"No, it's someone who likes fucking animals. #Quote by Beckie Stevenson
Great Gatsbys House quotes by Bill Belichick
#40. I think it's relatively easy to play defense against a team that can only do one thing. Unfortunately, that's not what we're talking about here with Seattle. They have a great running back - they have a great group of running backs - but Lynch obviously is really kind of in a class by himself. The quarterback's a problem, the receivers are a problem, they have a good offensive line. #Quote by Bill Belichick
Great Gatsbys House quotes by Thomas Carlyle
#41. There is a great discovery still to be made in literature, that of paying literary men by the quantity they do not write. #Quote by Thomas Carlyle
Great Gatsbys House quotes by Drew Waters
#42. You know, Longmire and all those other great (whodunit) series, I would love to one of those. We just haven't found the right one ... I really am, I think, an old soul, I think, in the acting world. I'm very comfortable in the fifty, sixties era. I love it. #Quote by Drew Waters
Great Gatsbys House quotes by Jake Owen
#43. Some artists will tell you that's all they want to do is write their own music, and that's great, but George Strait, Kenny Chesney, Tim McGraw, Garth Brooks, they didn't write everything they recorded, and they've had major, major careers. I think it's all about the best song. #Quote by Jake Owen
Great Gatsbys House quotes by J.R.R. Tolkien
#44. Hoom, hm, I have not troubled about the Great Wars,' said Treebeard; 'they mostly concern Elves and Men. That is the business of Wizards: Wizards are always troubled about the future. I do not like worrying about the future. I am not altogether on anybody's side, because nobody is altogether on my side, if you understand me: nobody cares for the woods as I care for them, not even Elves nowadays. Still, I take more kindly to Elves than to others: it was the Elves that cured us of dumbness long ago, and that was a great gift that cannot be forgotten, though our ways have parted since. And #Quote by J.R.R. Tolkien
Great Gatsbys House quotes by Rick Mercer
#45. And in Canada we, you know, it costs us three or $400 million to have an election. You know, it's always been my position that we shouldn't complain about that; that's the price of admission for a living in a great democracy. #Quote by Rick Mercer
Great Gatsbys House quotes by Mehmet Murat Ildan
#46. Inconsistency is a great door for the change and for the progression! Never hesitate to be inconsistent! #Quote by Mehmet Murat Ildan
Great Gatsbys House quotes by Margaret Thatcher
#47. There are forces more powerful and pervasive than the apparatus of war. You may chain a man, but you cannot chain his mind. You may enslave him, but you will not conquer his spirit. In every decade since the war Soviet leaders have been reminded that their pitiless ideology only survives because it is maintained by force. But the day will come when the anger and frustration of the people is so great that force cannot contain it. Then the edifice cracks; the mortar crumbles; one day, liberty will dawn on the other side of the wall. #Quote by Margaret Thatcher
Great Gatsbys House quotes by Timothy Pina
#48. My State Motto: Treat Me Good And I'll Be Your Great Friend For Life! #Quote by Timothy Pina

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