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Grateful Despite quotes by Steven Tyler
#1. I'm grateful for the road. It gets me in shape. I feel like I'm 25 years old after ther first or second week. #Quote by Steven Tyler
Grateful Despite quotes by Tara Westover
#2. There was a boldness in not editing for consistency, in not ripping out the one page or the other. To admit uncertainty is to admit to weakness, to powerlessness, and to believe in yourself despite both. #Quote by Tara Westover
Grateful Despite quotes by Ahmad Faraz
#3. Come

Come, even with anguish, even to torture my heart;
Come, even if only to abandon me to torment again.

Come, if not for our past commerce,
Then to faithfully fulfill the ancient barbaric rituals.

Who else can recite the reasons for our separation?
Come, despite your reluctance, to continue the litanies, the ceremony.

Respect, even if only a little, the depth of my love for you;
Come, someday, to offer me consolation as well.

Too long you have deprived me of the pathos of longing;
Come again, my love, if only to make me weep.

Till now, my heart still suffers some slight expectation;
So come, snuff out even the last flickering torch of hope #Quote by Ahmad Faraz
Grateful Despite quotes by Greg Mortenson
#4. Despite everything that has befallen us, do we not continue to hold the destiny of this shattered and magnificent nation, together with the future of all our children-girls and boys alike-in the palm of our hands? #Quote by Greg Mortenson
Grateful Despite quotes by Peter Ackroyd
#5. It's difficult to know where to begin, sir.'

'Yes, the beginning is the tricky part. But perhaps there is no beginning, perhaps we can't look that far back.' He got up from his desk and went over to the window, from where he could see thin pillar of smoke rising into the clouds. 'I never know where anything comes from, Walter.'

'Comes from, sir?'

'Where you come from, where I come from, where all this comes from.' And he gestured at the offices and homes beneath him. He was about to say something else but he stopped, embarrassed; and in any case he was coming to the limits of his understanding. He was not sure if all the movements and changes in the world were part of some coherent development, like the weaving of a quilt which remains one fabric despite its variegated pattern. Or was it a more delicate operation than this - like the enlarging surface of a balloon in the sense that, although each part increased at the same rate of growth as every other part, the entire object grew more fragile as it expanded? And if one element was suddenly to vanish, would the others disappear also - imploding upon each other helplessly as if time itself were unravelling amid a confusion of Sights, calls, shrieks and phrases of music which grew smaller and smaller? He thought of a train disappearing into the distance, until eventually only the smoke and the smell of its engine remained. #Quote by Peter Ackroyd
Grateful Despite quotes by Susan Forward
#6. As children, because of our dependency, we experience a sense of being powerless in a world of powerful people. If our home environments are unpleasant or painful, we defend ourselves by secretly promising ourselves that when we grow up we will do things better than our parents did. However, because we know only what we learned as children, as adults we continue to seek out experiences and relationships that offer the comfort of familiarity. So, despite our heroic promises to do things differently, we often end up duplicating our childhood situations and relationships. #Quote by Susan Forward
Grateful Despite quotes by Nicholas Sparks
#7. She felt a sudden, unexpected surge of hope. Despite the tragedy they'd all gone through, this was what a happy family looked like; this, she thought, is what a loving family did when they were together. For them, it was nothing but an ordinary day on an ordinary weekend, but for her, there was something revelatory about the notion that wonderful moments like these existed. And that maybe, just maybe, it would be possible for her to experience similar days in the future. #Quote by Nicholas Sparks
Grateful Despite quotes by Michael Chabon
#8. It's a sinking ship," he said. "You ought to be grateful that they just threw you overboard. #Quote by Michael Chabon
Grateful Despite quotes by Robert A. Caro
#9. The Founders' armor had resisted every attempt by others to force them open; the Senate had been designed as the "firm" body; it had become too firm - too firm to allow the reforms the Republic needed. Never had the dam been more firm than during the last decade, the decade since the conservative coalition had learned its strength. During that decade, despite the mandate of three presidential elections, it had stood across and blocked the rising demand for social justice, had stood so solidly that it seemed too strong ever to be breached. In January, 1949, when Lyndon Johnson arrived in it, it was still standing. #Quote by Robert A. Caro
Grateful Despite quotes by Thomas S. Monson
#10. How grateful we are that the heavens are indeed open, that the gospel of Jesus Christ has been restored, and that the Church is founded on the rock of revelation. We are a blessed people, with apostles and prophets upon the earth today. #Quote by Thomas S. Monson
Grateful Despite quotes by Sarah Dessen
#11. Everyone has their weak spot. The one thing that, despite your best efforts, will always bring you to your knees, regardless of how strong you are otherwise. #Quote by Sarah Dessen
Grateful Despite quotes by Samantha Young
#12. Trust me, dahlin', I appreciate the good things in life, and I'm more grateful than I can say when I come across special. Just never thought I'd come across goddamn extraordinary in my life. #Quote by Samantha Young
Grateful Despite quotes by Gabrielle Zevin
#13. And then, despite the fact that A. J. does not believe in God, he closes his eyes and thanks whomever, the higher power, with all his porcupine heart. #Quote by Gabrielle Zevin
Grateful Despite quotes by Alan R. Zimmerman
#14. Despite what you've heard, ignorance is not bliss. Ignorance leads to poverty, illness, poor jobs and broken relationships. #Quote by Alan R. Zimmerman
Grateful Despite quotes by Matthew Quick
#15. He [Alex] was more of an idea than a true friend or a lover. We never got the chance to really know each other or test our compatibility over a significant period of time. I see now that he was sick - that maybe he pushed his needle too far away from the middle of the herd. But being with him for a short time helped push my needle just enough to free me from the life I hated, what everyone expected of me. And even though I have no idea what comes next, I'm grateful that I'm not signed up for a life that would make me miserable. #Quote by Matthew Quick
Grateful Despite quotes by Thomas Piketty
#16. There is one great advantage to being an academic economist in France: here, economists are not highly respected in the academic and intellectual world or by political and financial elites. Hence they must set aside their contempt for other disciplines and their absurd claim to greater scientific legitimacy, despite the fact that they know almost nothing about anything. #Quote by Thomas Piketty
Grateful Despite quotes by Cheryl Strayed
#17. Every time I set foot on that trail, I feel grateful for the PCTA for doing the work it does to protect and preserve it #Quote by Cheryl Strayed
Grateful Despite quotes by S.E. Cupp
#18. For new atheists, the science is settled, the data is conclusive and the book (no, not the "Good Book") has been written. Time for everyone else to pack up and move on to other business, like, presumably, accumulating wealth and fulminating at the sight of the nearest Christmas tree. The militant atheist wants nothing more than to spoil the believer's spiritual journey. That's both mean-spirited and radically unenlightened. Though more than 95% of the world finds some meaning in faith, God-hating comic Bill Maher shrugs this off as a "neurological disorder." His version of a quest for knowledge was a series of scathing jokes at the faithfuls' expense in the documentary "Religulous." The latest incarnation of the thought-eschewing secularist is American Atheists spokesman Dave Silverman, who sums up the argument this way on "Religion is my bitch." He has also tweeted, "Yes it is a myth. Deal with it. All delusions are myths." It's these snarky and condescending rejections, not of faith itself but of those who profess it, that reflect a total unwillingness to learn something new about human nature, the world around us and even of science itself. While the neo-atheists pay only cursory attention to dismantling arguments for God, they spend most of their time painting his followers as uncultured rubes. The fact that religion has inexplicably persisted, even despite Copernicus, Darwin and the Enlightenment, doesn't seem to have much sociological meaning for them. #Quote by S.E. Cupp
Grateful Despite quotes by Thomas S. Monson
#19. None within the sound of my voice should be in any doubt concerning what is moral and what is not, nor should any be in doubt about what is expected of us ... We have been and continue to be taught God's laws. Despite what you may see or hear elsewhere, these laws are unchanging. #Quote by Thomas S. Monson
Grateful Despite quotes by Riley Keough
#20. Life changes so quickly. feeling grateful to be around such wonderful people to strengthen and grow with. #Quote by Riley Keough
Grateful Despite quotes by Julie Anne Long
#21. Perhaps we can discuss this further during the dancing portion of the evening. You'll enjoy waltzing with me later this evening, Miss Eversea. I dance very well, despite the height.:
"Your modesty is as appealing as your sensitivity, Lord Moncrieffe. But perhaps a reel other than the waltz? We differ so in height I shall be speaking to your third buttom throughout the dance. Else you will need to look a great distance down and I will need to look a great distance up. I shouldn't like you to end the evening with an aching neck."
Inevitable at your creaky, advanced age, she left eloquently, palpably unspoken.
He looked down at her for a moment, head slightly cocked, as if he could hear that unworthy thought echoing in her mind.
"My third button is so often a wallflower during balls I doubt it will mind your conversation overmuch."
She blinked. This was so delightfully ... silly... she forgot herself absolutely for a moment. She stole a glance at his third button. It was nacre, of course, as were the rest of them, and looked like an expensive and luminous tiny moon brought down from the sky specifically to button up the duke. A row of snobs, those buttons, all of them.
Lovely gown, it might say to her. But can you trace your ancestry back to the Conqueror? #Quote by Julie Anne Long
Grateful Despite quotes by Kelly Moran
#22. Considering she'd conjured him, she supposed he should be drool-worthy. After all, he was the closest thing to a long term relationship she'd ever had, despite him totally being a figment. #Quote by Kelly Moran
Grateful Despite quotes by Lily King
#23. I try not to return to these moments very often, for I end up lacerating my young self for not simply kissing the girl. I thought we had time. Despite everything, I believed somehow there was time. Love's first mistake. Perhaps love's only mistake. #Quote by Lily King
Grateful Despite quotes by J.M. Robertson
#24. It was about that time [415 BCE] that the poet Diagoras of Melos was proscribed for atheism, he having declared that the non-punishment of a certain act of iniquity proved that there were no gods. It has been surmised, with some reason, that the iniquity in question was the slaughter of the Melians by the Athenians in 416 BCE, and the Athenian resentment in that case was personal and political rather than religious. For some time after 415 the Athenian courts made strenuous efforts to punish every discoverable case of impiety; and parodies of the Eleusinian mysteries were alleged against Alcibiades and others. Diagoras, who was further charged with divulging the Eleusinian and other mysteries, and with making firewood of an image of Herakles, telling the god thus to perform his thirteenth labour by cooking turnips, became thenceforth one of the proverbial atheists of the ancient world, and a reward of a silver talent was offered for killing him, and of two talents for his capture alive; despite which he seems to have escaped. #Quote by J.M. Robertson
Grateful Despite quotes by Kenneth Fisher
#25. Plenty of funds have fine long-term returns despite being tax-inefficient and generally costly. But a dirty secret is this: Average, no-load fund investors do much worse than the funds - or the market. #Quote by Kenneth Fisher
Grateful Despite quotes by Susan Vreeland
#26. I ventured into fiction in 1988 with 'What Love Sees,' a biographical novel of a woman's unwavering determination to lead a full life despite blindness. #Quote by Susan Vreeland
Grateful Despite quotes by L. S. Lowry
#27. I'll always be grateful to rent collecting. I've put many of the tenants in my pictures. #Quote by L. S. Lowry
Grateful Despite quotes by Leah Busque
#28. Hiring's tough. It's not just filtering through hundreds of applications and blocking out big chunks of your day for interviews - those are the simple parts. The difficult thing is the nagging feeling that, despite your best efforts, the perfect candidate will somehow fall through the cracks. #Quote by Leah Busque
Grateful Despite quotes by Chinua Achebe
#29. With unparalleled rapidity, the Igbos advanced fastest in the shortest period of time of all Nigeria's ethnic groups. Like the Jews, to whom they have frequently been likened, they progressed despite being a minority in the country, filling the ranks of the nation's educated, prosperous upper classes. #Quote by Chinua Achebe
Grateful Despite quotes by Alexandre Dumas
#31. Joyful friends, mostly loyal, they hadn't abandoned their protector before the gathering storm; and despite the threatening sky, despite the shuddering earth, they remained, smiling, considerate, and as devoted to misfortune as they had been to prosperity. #Quote by Alexandre Dumas
Grateful Despite quotes by Mark Rubinstein
#32. A writer keeps going despite what awaits the effort, the detours, ruts, curves & unexpected roadblocks. The road is clear. Drive on #Quote by Mark Rubinstein

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