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Graphik Promotional Products quotes by Sabine Baring-Gould
#1. On many accounts, Cornwall may be regarded as one of the most interesting counties of England, whether we regard it for its coast scenery, its products, or its antiquities. #Quote by Sabine Baring-Gould
Graphik Promotional Products quotes by Bruce Barton
#2. An election goes on every minute of the business day across the counters of hundreds of thousands of stores and shops where the customers state their preferences and determine which company and which product shall be the leader today and which shall lead tomorrow. #Quote by Bruce Barton
Graphik Promotional Products quotes by Indra Nooyi
#3. Market growth alone doesn't give you enough tailwind. You have to create your own. The way to do that is by designing products for consumers that wow them. #Quote by Indra Nooyi
Graphik Promotional Products quotes by Jonathan Ive
#4. Very often design is the most immediate way of defining what products become in people's minds. #Quote by Jonathan Ive
Graphik Promotional Products quotes by W. Edwards Deming
#5. The customer invents nothing. New products and new services come from the producer. #Quote by W. Edwards Deming
Graphik Promotional Products quotes by Jerry Della Femina
#6. Good products win out. #Quote by Jerry Della Femina
Graphik Promotional Products quotes by B.F. Skinner
#7. Does a poet create, originate, initiate the thing called a poem, or is his behavior merely the product of his genetic and environmental histories? #Quote by B.F. Skinner
Graphik Promotional Products quotes by Margot Asquith
#8. My father's nature turned out no waste product; he had none of that useless stuff in him that lies in heaps near factories. He took his own happiness with him. #Quote by Margot Asquith
Graphik Promotional Products quotes by Lawrence A. Cunningham
#9. Opportunities for growth maximize the benefits derived from high returns on capital. Such opportunities can arise from market growth, either cyclical or structural, or through a firm grabbing share from rivals in existing markets or expanding geographically. The very best companies enjoy a diversified set of growth drivers through ingenuity in the design of products, pricing, and product mix. #Quote by Lawrence A. Cunningham
Graphik Promotional Products quotes by Sarah Schulman
#10. Breezy journalistic sentences about wealthy white people unaware that other human beings are real became the rubber stamp product of the elite MFA programs. #Quote by Sarah Schulman
Graphik Promotional Products quotes by Julian Assange
#11. There is an uncomfortable willingness among privacy campaigners to discriminate against mass surveillance conducted by the state to the exclusion of similar surveillance conducted for profit by large corporations. Partially, this is a vestigial ethic from the Californian libertarian origins of online pro-privacy campaigning. Partially, it is a symptom of the superior public relations enjoyed by Silicon Valley technology corporations, and the fact that those corporations also provide the bulk of private funding for the flagship digital privacy advocacy groups, leading to a conflict of interest.

At the individual level, many of even the most committed privacy campaigners have an unacknowledged addiction to easy-to-use, privacy-destroying amenities like Gmail, Facebook, and Apple products. As a result, privacy campaigners frequently overlook corporate surveillance abuses. When they do address the abuses of companies like Google, campaigners tend to appeal to the logic of the market, urging companies to make small concessions to user privacy in order to repair their approval ratings. There is the false assumption that market forces ensure that Silicon Valley is a natural government antagonist, and that it wants to be on the public's side - that profit-driven multinational corporations partake more of the spirit of democracy than government agencies.

Many privacy advocates justify a predominant focus on abuses by the state on the basis that th #Quote by Julian Assange
Graphik Promotional Products quotes by Paul Bloom
#12. It might feel, at least to some of us, that our opinions about issues such as abortion and the death penalty are the products of careful deliberation and that our specific moral acts, such as deciding to give to charity or visit a friend in the hospital - or for that matter, deciding to shoplift or shout a racist insult out
of a car window - are grounded in conscious decision-making. But this is said to be mistaken. As Jonathan Haidt argues, we are not judges; we are lawyers, making up explanations after the deeds have been done. Reason is impotent. "We celebrate rationality," agrees de Waal, "but when push comes to shove we assign it little weight. #Quote by Paul Bloom
Graphik Promotional Products quotes by Juliette Lewis
#13. Success is a nice by-product but what I really want is work. #Quote by Juliette Lewis
Graphik Promotional Products quotes by Myron Scholes
#14. Innovation must lead infrastructure for a simple but compelling reason: Innovation produces new types of products and markets, and it is virtually impossible to know how to run those markets efficiently before they are created. #Quote by Myron Scholes
Graphik Promotional Products quotes by Annie Dillard
#15. I like to be aware of a book as a piece of writing, and aware of its structure as a product of mind, and yet I want to be able to see the represented world through it. I admire artists who succeed in dividing my attention more or less evenly between the world of their books and the art of their books ... so that a reader may study the work with pleasure as well as the world that it describes. #Quote by Annie Dillard
Graphik Promotional Products quotes by Winston Churchill
#16. This wicked man Hitler, the repository and embodiment of many forms of soul-destroying hatred. this monstrous product of former wrongs and shame. #Quote by Winston Churchill
Graphik Promotional Products quotes by Seymour Papert
#17. The word constructionism is a mnemonic for two aspects of the theory of science education underlying this project. From constructivist theories of psychology we take a view of learning as a reconstruction rather than as a transmission of knowledge. Then we extend the idea of manipulative materials to the idea that learning is most effective when part of an activity the learner experiences as constructing a meaningful product. #Quote by Seymour Papert
Graphik Promotional Products quotes by Jay Samit
#18. Instagram, Swiffer, and Nest had to compete with consumer habits and perceptions. Breakout products face competition from the formidable inertia powering the status quo. #Quote by Jay Samit
Graphik Promotional Products quotes by Jason Fried
#19. Customers don't just buy a product - they switch from something else. And customers don't just leave a product - they switch to something else #Quote by Jason Fried
Graphik Promotional Products quotes by Ed Holder
#20. Our government's providing record investments necessary to push the boundaries of knowledge, create jobs, and improve the quality of life of Canadians. Our government is committed to creating the conditions that will allow entrepreneurship to thrive in this country. The collaboration between colleges and local industrial partners generates new products and ideas, creating long-term prosperity for the benefit of all Canadians. #Quote by Ed Holder
Graphik Promotional Products quotes by Haile Selassie
#21. Peace is a day-to-day problem, the product of a multitude of events and judgments. Peace is not an 'is,' it is a 'becoming.' #Quote by Haile Selassie
Graphik Promotional Products quotes by Sean Parker
#22. I suffer from the delusion that every product of my imagination is not only possible, but always on the cusp of becoming real. #Quote by Sean Parker
Graphik Promotional Products quotes by Sam Farber
#23. The most common misperception is the word 'design'. People think of primarily pretty pictures or forms. They don't understand the depth to which design goes-not only in products, but in every aspect of our life. Whether it is the design of a program, a product or some form of communication, we are living in a world that's totally designed. Somebody made a decision about everything. And it was a design decision. #Quote by Sam Farber
Graphik Promotional Products quotes by Craig Kelly
#24. For Oakley, I'm basically a media vehicle for them to promote the product. For me, it's both, I get a salary from them, but I also get great products so it just kind of works, continues on. #Quote by Craig Kelly
Graphik Promotional Products quotes by Thich Nhat Hanh
#25. I vow to ingest only items that preserve well-being, peace, and joy in my body and my consciousness ... Practicing a diet is the essence of this precept. Wars and bombs are the products of our consciousness individually and collectively. Our collective consciousness has so much violence, fear, craving, and hatred in it, it can manifest in wars and bombs. The bombs are the product of our fear ... Removing the bombs is not enough. Even if we could transport all the bombs to a distant planet, we would still not be safe, because the roots of the wars and the bombs are still intact in our collective consciousness. Transforming the toxins in our collective consciousness is the true way to uproot war (72-73). #Quote by Thich Nhat Hanh
Graphik Promotional Products quotes by David Milne
#26. We opened a design center in the South of England last year as part of our strategy for being close to our customers and developing innovative products for exciting new markets. #Quote by David Milne
Graphik Promotional Products quotes by John Redwood
#27. Most agree, whatever their party political position, that the West can and should open its agricultural markets more fully to the products of the poorer countries of the globe. They are agricultural societies that need our markets more than our charity. #Quote by John Redwood
Graphik Promotional Products quotes by Cindy Sherman
#28. We're all products of what we want to project to the world. Even people who don't spend any time, or think they don't, on preparing themselves for the world out there - I think that ultimately they have for their whole lives groomed themselves to be a certain way, to present a face to the world. #Quote by Cindy Sherman
Graphik Promotional Products quotes by Pope John Paul II
#29. Man cannot relinquish himself or the place in the visible world that belongs to him; he cannot become the slave of things, the slave of economic systems, the slave of production, the slave of his own products. A civilization purely materialistic in outline condemns man to such slavery, even if at times, no doubt, this occurs contrary to the intentions and the very premise of its pioneers. #Quote by Pope John Paul II
Graphik Promotional Products quotes by Tristan Prettyman
#30. Honestly I think that the internet is one of the most amazing promotional tools out there. And I think it promotes music getting heard in a grass roots way, where people aren't being force fed to listen to something. #Quote by Tristan Prettyman
Graphik Promotional Products quotes by Gary Wright
#31. We lived on a farm in the English countryside, where we wrote a lot of our music. You really were treated like an artist during those days-not like product, which is now the mode. #Quote by Gary Wright
Graphik Promotional Products quotes by Martin Naughton
#32. We recognised from the start that we couldn't just stay in the U.K. and Ireland markets. We have always looked to the products of the future. I've always said, 'If you don't innovate, you'll evaporate.' #Quote by Martin Naughton
Graphik Promotional Products quotes by Richard Dawkins
#33. [W]e may now be on the threshold of a new kind of genetic takeover. DNA replicators built 'survival machines' for themselves - the bodies of living organisms including ourselves. As part of their equipment, bodies evolved onboard computers - brains. Brains evolved the capacity to communicate with other brains by means of language and cultural traditions. But the new milieu of cultural tradition opens up new possibilities for self-replicating entities. The new replicators are not DNA and they are not clay crystals. They are patterns of information that can thrive only in brains or the artificially manufactured products of brains - books, computers, and so on. But, given that brains, books and computers exist, these new replicators, which I called memes to distinguish them from genes, can propagate themselves from brain to brain, from brain to book, from book to brain, from brain to computer, from computer to computer. #Quote by Richard Dawkins
Graphik Promotional Products quotes by John Yudkin
#34. Directors of a large food-manufacturing firm ( ... At one extreme (: one) said it was not his job to protect people from themselves; he was not forcing people to eat his products, and if they chose to do so at the risk of harming themselves, it was of their own free choice. #Quote by John Yudkin
Graphik Promotional Products quotes by Alejandro Junger
#35. The problem is we are not eating food anymore, we are eating food like products. (Hungry For Change Film) #Quote by Alejandro Junger
Graphik Promotional Products quotes by Augusten Burroughs
#36. After Olestra (may cause anal leakage), people are a tad suspicious about products that do things that are too good to be true in the natural world.
I tell this to the account people, and they say, "But it comes from trees!"
To which I reply, "Yes and so does napalm and rubber cement. But that doesn't mean I'm going to spread them on my English muffin. #Quote by Augusten Burroughs
Graphik Promotional Products quotes by Tim Berners-Lee
#37. Technology innovation is starting to explode and having open-source material out there really helps this explosion. You get students and researchers involved and you get people coming through and building start ups based on open source products. #Quote by Tim Berners-Lee
Graphik Promotional Products quotes by Alan J. Heeger
#38. In 1990, Paul Smith and I decided that conducting polymers as materials had developed to a level of maturity that commercial products were possible. With this as a goal, we founded UNLAX Corporation. #Quote by Alan J. Heeger
Graphik Promotional Products quotes by Wendell Berry
#39. Rural poverty happens because people aren't being paid to take adequate care of their places. There's lots of work to do here. And you can't afford to pay anybody to do it! If you depress the price of the products of the place below a certain level, people can't afford to maintain it. And that's the rural dilemma. #Quote by Wendell Berry
Graphik Promotional Products quotes by Gary Wolf
#40. Our experience in fooling around with the genes of mice has taught us that many of the traits that interest us are not definite products of specific mutations but emergent phenomena arising from extremely complex interactions between genes, environment, and life experience. #Quote by Gary Wolf
Graphik Promotional Products quotes by Scott Cowdell
#41. As every barrier to the constraint of individualism is removed - as 'I' and 'my' appear in the names of more and more software applications and IT products - nevertheless today's rampant mimeticism ensures that 'I' and 'my' become less and less differentiated from 'you' and 'yours'...We crave differentiation, and deprived of it we blame the failing institutions that once might have delivered it. #Quote by Scott Cowdell
Graphik Promotional Products quotes by David Milne
#42. There is a wide range of opportunities for us and we see a main part of our strategy as being a company that supplies products across a range of different end applications and indeed we have quite a wide product portfolio which we enhance each year. #Quote by David Milne

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