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Gowns And Dresses quotes by Myrtle Reed
#1. It always seems to me as if the lavender was a little woman in a green dress, with a lavender bonnet and a white kerchief. She's one of those strong, sweet, wholesome people, who always rest you, and her sweetness lingers long after she goes away. #Quote by Myrtle Reed
Gowns And Dresses quotes by Eve O. Schaub
#2. As I worked I continued to be a bit terrified in the back of my mind that it would be awful in the end, a big mishmash of nothing in particular, and there I would be, having wasted a whole week of my life destroying things I wanted to keep.

But I should have trusted the long history of women who've come before me making rag rugs from everything that wasn't nailed down because it wasn't like that at all. Instead it was like a big, incredible tapestry that just happened to--if you could decipher it--tell a million little stories from my life. I could look at it and see my old lace slip and the girls' party dresses and my high school rainbow tie-dyes, the Irish kilt and the Halloween clown pants and so many, many other things. It was all in there somewhere.

I felt like the miller's daughter in the fairy tale, the one who stays up all night spinning straw into gold. But who needs yellow metal, anyway? The was way better. #Quote by Eve O. Schaub
Gowns And Dresses quotes by Julia Glass
#3. Colorful garments - ball gowns, kimonos, evening pajamas - made from yards upon yards of iridescent silk or velvet. I own an unjustifiable number of such outfits and jump at the chance to wear them. Against the etiquette about which I am otherwise all too conscious, I frequently, and unrepentantly, overdress for the occasion. #Quote by Julia Glass
Gowns And Dresses quotes by Horace Mann
#4. In dress, seek the middle between foppery and shabbiness. #Quote by Horace Mann
Gowns And Dresses quotes by Anthony Marra
#5. Without electricity or gas, the kitchen became a twilight mausoleum of dead appliances. One day, Natasha had an idea. Wearing latex gloves she found in Sonja's room, she scrubbed the innards of the oven and refrigerator with steel wool and bleach. She cut a broomstick to the width of the refrigerator compartment, jammed it in below the thermostat control, and pulled out the plastic shelves. In her bedroom, she gathered clothes from the floor in sweeping armfuls and deposited them before the refrigerator and the oven. Ever since she had begun working for the shuttle trader, her wardrobe exceeded her closet space. She hung silk evening dresses and cashmere sweaters on the broomstick bar, set folded jeans and blouses on the oven rack. When finished, she opened the doors to her new closet and bureau and felt pleased with her ingenuity. This is how you will survive, she told herself. You will turn the holes in your life into storage space. #Quote by Anthony Marra
Gowns And Dresses quotes by Bill Geist
#6. They used to have a fish on the menu that was smoked, grilled and peppered They did everything to this fish but pistol-whip it and dress it in Bermuda shorts. #Quote by Bill Geist
Gowns And Dresses quotes by Walter Raleigh
#7. Give my scallop-shell of quiet, My staff of faith to walk upon, My scrip of joy, immortal diet, My bottle of salvation, My gown of glory, hope's true gage; And thus I'll take my pilgrimage. #Quote by Walter Raleigh
Gowns And Dresses quotes by Joseph Sobran
#8. The prevailing notion is that the state should be neutral as to religion, and furthermore, that the best way to be neutral about it is to avoid all mention of it. By this sort of logic, nudism is the best compromise among different styles of dress. The secularist version of 'pluralism' amounts to theological nudism. #Quote by Joseph Sobran
Gowns And Dresses quotes by Samuel Johnson
#9. The uniform necessities of human nature produce in a great measure uniformity of life, and for part of the day make one place like another; to dress and to undress, to eat and to sleep, are the same in London as in the country. #Quote by Samuel Johnson
Gowns And Dresses quotes by Cassandra Clare
#10. Isabelle drifted over, Jace a pace behind her. She was wearing a long black dress with boots and an even longer cutaway coat of soft green velvet, the color of moss. "I can't believe you did it!" she exclaimed. "How did you get Magnus to let Jace leave?"
"Traded him for Alec," Clary said.
Isabelle looked mildly alarmed. "Not permanently?"
"No," said Jace. "Just for a few hours. Unless I don't come back," he added thoughtfully. "In which case, maybe he does get to keep Alec. Think of it as a lease with an option to buy."
Isabelle looked dubious. "Mom and Dad won't be pleased if they find out."
"That you freed a possible criminal by trading away your brother to a warlock who looks like a gay Sonic the Hedgehog and dresses like the Child Catcher from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang?" Simon inquired. "No, probably not. #Quote by Cassandra Clare
Gowns And Dresses quotes by Brittany Howard
#11. I probably bring four dresses on the road and rotate those. I always wear something light when I go onstage because I move around a whole lot. It's a sweaty business. #Quote by Brittany Howard
Gowns And Dresses quotes by Chasta Schneider
#12. I thought bridesmaid's dresses were supposed to be horrid and ugly to make the bride more stunning," I joked to her in a whisper.
"Yeah right, you marry a gorgeous actor and you want me to show up in a Goodwill special? No way sister! There are bound to be other single, gorgeous actors around, and I intend to land one of them for myself. Or get laid at the very least." ... #Quote by Chasta Schneider
Gowns And Dresses quotes by William Blake
#13. And priests in black gowns were walking their rounds and binding with briars my joys and desires. (from 'The Garden of Love') #Quote by William Blake
Gowns And Dresses quotes by Susan Ee
#14. Both are women dressed in tight dresses and high #Quote by Susan Ee
Gowns And Dresses quotes by Carly Simon
#15. There was a French singer, Francoise Hardy - I used to look at her pictures and try to dress like her. #Quote by Carly Simon
Gowns And Dresses quotes by Francine Pascal
#16. Ella is much younger. Maybe thirty. I don't know. And you certainly can't tell from the way she dresses. Middle of winter she finds a way to show her belly button. And she's got four hundred of these little elastic bands that can only pass for a skirt if you never move your legs. Top that with this unbelievable iridescent red hair and you've got one hot seventeen-year-old. At least that's what she thinks. #Quote by Francine Pascal
Gowns And Dresses quotes by Jessica Knoll
#17. This is Luke's favorite thing to say about me, to remind me. I'm a survivor. It's the finality of the word that bothers me, its assuming implication. Survivors should move on. Should wear white wedding dresses and carry peonies down the aisle and overcome, rather than dwell in a past that can't be altered. The word dismisses something I cannot, will not, dismiss. #Quote by Jessica Knoll
Gowns And Dresses quotes by Beverly Cleary
#18. I think the best teachers had a real interest in the subject they were teaching and a love for children. Some of the teachers were just doing their job, but others had that little extra. They really cared about children and they wore pretty dresses. #Quote by Beverly Cleary
Gowns And Dresses quotes by Robert Benchley
#19. New York - The city where the people from Oshkosh look at the people from Dubuque in the next theater seats and say These New Yorkers don't dress any better than we do. #Quote by Robert Benchley
Gowns And Dresses quotes by John Le Carre
#20. We lie to one another every day, in the sweetest way, often unconsciously. We dress ourselves and compose ourselves in order to present ourselves to one another. #Quote by John Le Carre
Gowns And Dresses quotes by Susan Faludi
#21. That so-called feminine ardor for clothes shopping had been flagging for some time. Between 1980 and 1986, at the same time that women were buying more houses, cars, restaurant dinners, and health care services, they were buying fewer pieces of clothing-from dresses to underwear. #Quote by Susan Faludi
Gowns And Dresses quotes by Thornton Wilder
#22. Emily: Oh, Mama, look at me one minute as though you really saw me. Mama, fourteen years have gone by. I'm dead. You're a grandmother, Mama! Wally's dead, too. His appendix burst on a camping trip to North Conway. We felt just terrible about it - don't you remember? But, just for a moment now we're all together. Mama, just for a moment we're happy. Let's really look at one another!...I can't. I can't go on.It goes so fast. We don't have time to look at one another. I didn't realize. So all that was going on and we never noticed. Take me back -- up the hill -- to my grave. But first: Wait! One more look. Good-bye , Good-bye world. Good-bye, Grover's Corners....Mama and Papa. Good-bye to clocks ticking....and Mama's sunflowers. And food and coffee. And new ironed dresses and hot baths....and sleeping and waking up. Oh, earth,you are too wonderful for anybody to realize you. Do any human beings ever realize life while they live it--every,every minute?
Stage Manager: No. (pause) The saints and poets, maybe they do some.
Emily: I'm ready to go back. #Quote by Thornton Wilder
Gowns And Dresses quotes by Nanette Lepore
#23. I think I would like to have lived in the 1930s and worn beautiful bias cut dresses all the time. #Quote by Nanette Lepore
Gowns And Dresses quotes by Nadia Bolz-Weber
#24. I told them that when I heard Billy was bright, an artist and musician, and when I heard that he loved his family and loved people through difficulty in relationships, and when I heard that he struggled with heroin and booze addictions and an unhelpful brain chemistry, and when I heard that he was beautifully queer and passionate and sometimes played piano in his sister's dresses, I knew. I knew that Billy was pretty much exactly the kind of person Jesus would hang out with. #Quote by Nadia Bolz-Weber
Gowns And Dresses quotes by Valerie June
#25. As I try to get around with a guitar, a banjo and a suitcase of high heels and dresses, I treasure that little ukulele. #Quote by Valerie June
Gowns And Dresses quotes by Frank Zappa
#26. No change in musical style will survive unless it is accompanied by a change in clothing style. Rock is to dress up to. #Quote by Frank Zappa
Gowns And Dresses quotes by Alan Bleasdale
#27. I've got a group who can't play music, one bad comedian plus boyfriend, a nervous breakdown calling himself a magician, two coachloads of 70-year-old religious maniacs looking for a fight and a fancy-dress contest that nobody knew about. #Quote by Alan Bleasdale
Gowns And Dresses quotes by Jennifer Chiaverini
#28. 'What I would give,' I thought, 'to have been present as Elizabeth Keckley measured Mary Lincoln for a new gown, to overhear their conversations on topics significant and ordinary, to observe the Lincoln White House from such an intimate perspective.' #Quote by Jennifer Chiaverini
Gowns And Dresses quotes by RuPaul
#29. I do not impersonate females! How many women do you know who wear seven inch heels, four foot wigs, and skintight dresses? #Quote by RuPaul
Gowns And Dresses quotes by Lauren Bush
#30. My friends and I are collecting prom dresses to give to girls who can't afford them for their proms. #Quote by Lauren Bush
Gowns And Dresses quotes by Sania Mirza
#31. I'm partial to stilettos. Stilettoes and long, flowing dresses are my new favourites. #Quote by Sania Mirza
Gowns And Dresses quotes by Samuel Laman Blanchard
#32. Give me to live with Love alone And let the world go dine and dress; For Love hath lowly haunts ... If life's a flower, I choose my own 'T is "love in Idleness". #Quote by Samuel Laman Blanchard
Gowns And Dresses quotes by Diana Vreeland
#33. Vogue always did stand for people's lives. I mean, a new dress doesn't get you anywhere; it's the life you're living in the dress, and the sort of life you had lived before, and what you will do in it later. #Quote by Diana Vreeland
Gowns And Dresses quotes by Peggy Orenstein
#34. Children weren't color-coded at all until the early twentieth century: in the era before Maytag, all babies wore white as a practical matter, since the only way of getting clothes clean was to boil them. What's more, both boys and girls wore what were thought of as gender-neutral dresses. When nursery colors were introduced, pink was actually considered the more masculine hue, a pastel version of red, which was associated with strength. Blue, with its intimations of the Virgin Mary, constancy, and faithfulness, symbolized femininity. #Quote by Peggy Orenstein
Gowns And Dresses quotes by Angelique Kidjo
#35. If you're on stage and you're more concerned about your dress, and then you think that the public is accessory, you got nothing to do there. #Quote by Angelique Kidjo
Gowns And Dresses quotes by Alber Elbaz
#36. I adore women, and the one thing I want to do more than anything is to see a transformation of personality when someone puts on one of my dresses. #Quote by Alber Elbaz
Gowns And Dresses quotes by Merrill Markoe
#37. Some people know that they are so adorable looking, all they have to do is smile and dress up and they get plenty from that. Then there are some of us who, early on, see that that doesn't work. So we joke about it. #Quote by Merrill Markoe
Gowns And Dresses quotes by F Scott Fitzgerald
#38. We walked through a high hallway into a bright rosy-colored space, fragilely bound into the house by French windows at either end. The windows were ajar and gleaming white against the fresh grass outside that seemed to grow a little way into the house. A breeze blew through the room, blew curtains in at one end and out the other like pale flags, twisting them up toward the frosted wedding-cake of the ceiling, and then rippled over the wine-colored rug, making a shadow on it as wind does on the sea.
The only completely stationary object in the room was an enormous couch on which two young women were buoyed up as though upon an anchored balloon. They were both in white, and their dresses were rippling and fluttering as if they had just been blown back in after a short flight around the house. I must have stood for a few moments listening to the whip and snap of the curtains and the groan of a picture on the wall ... #Quote by F Scott Fitzgerald
Gowns And Dresses quotes by Michael Pena
#39. I lived in Chicago, in a shady part of town, and the cops would always stop me since I'm Mexican and I look like the other dudes. Style played a part in it. You're not really going to dress in a suit in a tie. #Quote by Michael Pena

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