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Gorgeous Writing quotes by Jordanna Max Brodsky
#1. There are few sounds at night on the frozen sea besides the roar of the wind. No plants to rustle, no waves to crash upon the shore, no birds to caw. The white owl flies on hushed wings. The white fox walks with silent tread. Even Inuit move as softly as spirits, the snow too hard to yield and crunch beneath our boots. We hear little, but what we do hear is vital: the exploding breath of a surfacing seal, the shift and crack of drifting ice. But in the forest there is always sound. The trees, even in their shrouds of snow, are alive, and their voices--groans, creaks, screams--never cease. #Quote by Jordanna Max Brodsky
Gorgeous Writing quotes by Brian K. Vaughan
#2. Even though I was trained in play writing and screenwriting, when I sat down to write a comic book for the first time, Alan Moore was first and foremost in my mind. #Quote by Brian K. Vaughan
Gorgeous Writing quotes by John Steinbeck
#3. The basic rule [of writing] given us was simple and heartbreaking. A story to be effective had to convey something from the writer to the reader, and the power of its offering was the measure of its excellence. Outside of that, there were no rules. #Quote by John Steinbeck
Gorgeous Writing quotes by Sasha George
#4. Another day of vigorous writing. To live the characters adventure, and be a Goddess controlling their fate. I do like days like this. "- Sasha George on Twitter. #Quote by Sasha George
Gorgeous Writing quotes by Ellie Goulding
#5. Even when I'm in quite a happy state of mind, I like writing really sad songs. I think a lot of people do. #Quote by Ellie Goulding
Gorgeous Writing quotes by John Ridley
#6. I love graphic novels - I love reading them, I enjoyed writing them, I would love to go back and do them again. I hope I'm savvy enough to do them in the right way. #Quote by John Ridley
Gorgeous Writing quotes by Andy Serkis
#7. I've been writing and wanting to direct for a long time. #Quote by Andy Serkis
Gorgeous Writing quotes by John Gardner
#8. Sometimes when one cannot stand the story or novel one
is working on, it helps to write something else - a different
story or novel, or essays venting one's favorite peeves, or exercises
aimed at passing the time and incidentally polishing up
one's craft. The best way in the world for breaking a writer's
block is to write a lot. Jabbering away on paper, one gets
tricked into feeling interested, all at once, in something one is
saying, and behold, the magic waters are flowing again. Often
it helps to work on a journal, since that allows the writer to
write about those things that most interest him, yet frees him
of the pressure of achievement and encourages him to develop
a more natural, more personal style. #Quote by John Gardner
Gorgeous Writing quotes by Benjamin Clementine
#9. I wasn't quite used to writing a diary - I didn't understand why people did it - but I wrote down notes and they went into a poem. #Quote by Benjamin Clementine
Gorgeous Writing quotes by Mylo Carbia
#10. No amount of therapy can replace the joy of revenge writing. #Quote by Mylo Carbia
Gorgeous Writing quotes by Irvine Welsh
#11. Writing about drugs is like that though, isn't it? You can just tell when someone is writing about drugs and they've never really done them. It screams out at you. That's something where I believe you have to have been there to really get it, y'know? #Quote by Irvine Welsh
Gorgeous Writing quotes by Nicholas Sparks
#12. In the end, for me, the sole single goal is to write the best novel that I can. Whether or not it gets made or gets purchased. #Quote by Nicholas Sparks
Gorgeous Writing quotes by Emily St. John Mandel
#13. It was gorgeous and claustrophobic. I loved it and I always wanted to escape. #Quote by Emily St. John Mandel
Gorgeous Writing quotes by Lisa See
#14. Then it dawned on me that men throughout the country had to know about nu shu (women's written word). How could they not? They wore it on their embroidered shoes. They saw us weaving our messages into cloth. They heard us singing our songs and showing off our third-day wedding books. Men just considered our writing beneath them.

It is said men have the hearts of iron, while women are made of water. This comes through men's writing and women's writing. Men's writing has more than 50,000 characters, each uniquely different, each with deep meanings and nuances. Our women's writing has 600 characters, which we use phonetically, like babies to create about 10,000 words. Men's writing takes a lifetime to learn and understand. Women's writing is something we pick up as girls, and we rely on the context to coax meaning. Men write about the outer realm of literature, accounts, and crop yields; women write about the inner realm of children, daily chores, and emotions. The men in the Lu household were proud of their wives' fluency in nu shu and dexterity in embroidery, though these things had as much importance to survival as a pig's fart. #Quote by Lisa See
Gorgeous Writing quotes by Stephen King
#15. There should be no telephone in your writing room, certainly no TV or videogames for you to fool around with. If there's a window, draw the curtains or pull down the shades unless it looks out at a blank wall. #Quote by Stephen King
Gorgeous Writing quotes by Hugh Mackay
#16. Yet in our enthusiasm for the idea that everyone should be able to read and write fluently, we may be missing a crucial point: in today's culture, finely honed literacy skills are simply not as important as they once were. #Quote by Hugh Mackay
Gorgeous Writing quotes by Sara Evans
#17. Your mind is an automobile and words are your wheels. #Quote by Sara Evans
Gorgeous Writing quotes by Selena Haskins
#18. My first draft is usually how I meant it, but my second and third drafts is how I want to be understood. #Quote by Selena Haskins
Gorgeous Writing quotes by Richard Patrick
#19. I'm not a perfect song writer, but I am song writing problems with dynamics, instrument change and arrangements. #Quote by Richard Patrick
Gorgeous Writing quotes by Andrew Davies
#20. As a fairly innocent teenager, growing up in a village in Wales, I just thought, "God, I would like to go and hang about Soho and write great poetry and try to avoid drinking myself to death." #Quote by Andrew Davies
Gorgeous Writing quotes by Thomas McGuane
#21. Literature is the ditch I'm going to die in. It's still the thing I care most about. #Quote by Thomas McGuane
Gorgeous Writing quotes by Bob Dylan
#22. That's another way of writing a song, of course. Just talking to somebody that ain't there. That's the best way. That's the truest way. Then it just becomes a question of how heroic your speech is. To me, it's something to strive after. #Quote by Bob Dylan
Gorgeous Writing quotes by Ben Folds
#23. I'm really good at writing 'almost hits'. #Quote by Ben Folds
Gorgeous Writing quotes by Amelie Nothomb
#24. If I knew what I was thinking [ ... ] I would never have become a writer. #Quote by Amelie Nothomb
Gorgeous Writing quotes by GZA
#25. We haven't been on the same page in years. It is what it is. Sometimes that match burns out. So, no, I don't feel bad about it. It's good. I'm grateful for everything we have done throughout our careers and if there's nothing else to put out, then there's nothing to put out. I'm constantly writing and working. It doesn't stop there. #Quote by GZA
Gorgeous Writing quotes by Jose Saramago
#26. Perhaps it is the language that chooses the writers it needs, making use of them so that each might express a tiny part of what it is. #Quote by Jose Saramago
Gorgeous Writing quotes by Tarryn Fisher
#27. Her next words took me by surprise. I lay as still as I could, barely breathing, afraid that if I moved she would stop speaking her heart.
"My mom wanted six children. She only got me, and that sucks for her because I was a total weirdo."
"You were not," I said.
She twisted her head up to look at me.
"I used to line my lips in black eyeliner and sit cross-legged on the kitchen table … meditating."
"Not that bad," I said. "Crying out for attention."
"Okay, when I was twelve I started writing letters to my birth mother because I wanted to be adopted."
I shook my head. "Your childhood sucked, you wanted a new reality."
She snorted air through her nose. "I thought a mermaid lived in my shower drain, and I used to call her Sarah and talk to her."
"Active imagination," I countered. She was becoming more insistent, her little body wriggling in my grip.
"I used to make paper out of dryer lint."
"I wanted to be one with nature, so I started boiling grass and drinking it with a little bit of dirt for sugar."
I paused. "Okay, that's weird."
"Thank you!" she said. Then, she got serious again. "My mom just loved me through all of it. #Quote by Tarryn Fisher
Gorgeous Writing quotes by David Nicholls
#28. ... she was discovering once again that reading and writing were not the same - you couldn't just soak it up then squeeze it out again. #Quote by David Nicholls
Gorgeous Writing quotes by David Foster Wallace
#29. The only way you can communicate at a high level is to be conscious of everything you write - every comma, every pronoun, every word, and all their implications. #Quote by David Foster Wallace
Gorgeous Writing quotes by Donald Michael Kraig
#30. Reading, writing, mathematics, astronomy, chemistry, medicine, physics, and more were all at one time deep occult secrets. Today, many of these things are taught to children before they begin school. THE OCCULTISM OF THE PAST BECOMES THE SCIENCE OF THE FUTURE. #Quote by Donald Michael Kraig
Gorgeous Writing quotes by Walter Dean Myers
#31. I'll never live to write all the stories I have in my head. #Quote by Walter Dean Myers
Gorgeous Writing quotes by Mike Rinder
#32. I fell asleep at my desk many times. This was when working on events - virtually every one I've done in the last 5 years. I was not confronting the writing of speeches. In fact, I was not wanting to confront what I was doing at the time - being irresponsible ... I am now known for falling asleep. This has happened 50 times in the last 5 years and probably 20 times at my desk in the last 2 years. #Quote by Mike Rinder
Gorgeous Writing quotes by Anais Nin
#33. I always run away from the simplest phrases because they never contain all of the truth. To me the truth is something which cannot be told in a few words, and those who simplify the universe only reduce the expansion of its meaning. #Quote by Anais Nin
Gorgeous Writing quotes by Unknown
#34. You write so beautifully
the inside of your mind must be a terrible place #Quote by Unknown
Gorgeous Writing quotes by Scott Adams
#35. The most important thing when you study hypnosis is that you learn that humans are irrational. Until you understand that, hypnosis is hard to do ... For me, it was this great awakening to understand that humans are deeply irrational, and it's probably the greatest influence on me in terms of my writing. #Quote by Scott Adams
Gorgeous Writing quotes by Stephen King
#36. I'm one of those people who doesn't really know what he thinks until he writes it down. #Quote by Stephen King
Gorgeous Writing quotes by Heather Hart
#37. If writing and publishing a book is like giving birth to a child, then book marketing is like rearing it. #Quote by Heather Hart
Gorgeous Writing quotes by Rufus Wainwright
#38. I strive for what you do find in Shakespeare's work - that there is a definite humanity and a definite character behind the writing in the sonnets, and it's very real because it's so deeply personal. I try to aspire to that in what I do. #Quote by Rufus Wainwright
Gorgeous Writing quotes by Andrea Gibson
#39. The nutritionist said I should eat root vegetables.
Said if I could get down thirteen turnips a day
I would be grounded, rooted.
Said my head would not keep flying away
to where the darkness lives.

The psychic told me my heart carries too much weight.
Said for twenty dollars she'd tell me what to do.
I handed her the twenty. She said, "Stop worrying, darling.
You will find a good man soon."

The first psycho therapist told me to spend
three hours each day sitting in a dark closet
with my eyes closed and ears plugged.
I tried it once but couldn't stop thinking
about how gay it was to be sitting in the closet.

The yogi told me to stretch everything but the truth.
Said to focus on the out breath. Said everyone finds happiness
when they care more about what they give
than what they get.

The pharmacist said, "Lexapro, Lamicatl, Lithium, Xanax."

The doctor said an anti-psychotic might help me
forget what the trauma said.

The trauma said, "Don't write these poems.
Nobody wants to hear you cry
about the grief inside your bones."

But my bones said, "Tyler Clementi jumped
from the George Washington Bridge
into the Hudson River convinced
he was entirely alone."

My bones said, "Write the poems. #Quote by Andrea Gibson
Gorgeous Writing quotes by Natalie Goldberg
#40. We always worry that we are copying someone else, that we don't have our own style. Don't worry. Writing is a communal act. Contrary to popular belief, a writer is not Prometheus alone on a hill full of fire. We are very arrogant to think we alone have a totally original mind. We are carried on the backs of all the writers who came before us. We live in the present with all the history, ideas, and soda pop of this time. It all gets mixed up in our writing. #Quote by Natalie Goldberg
Gorgeous Writing quotes by Nina Conti
#41. I think acting is overrated. I'm not sure I enjoyed it. You never get to write your own roles. It's wonderful for some people, but I found it nerve-wracking. I was too busy worrying that no one would give me their words to speak. #Quote by Nina Conti
Gorgeous Writing quotes by David Berlinski
#42. If the calculus is much like a cathedral, its construction the work of centuries, it remained until the nineteenth century a cathedral suspiciously suspended in midair, the thing simply hanging there, with no one absolutely convinced that one day the gorgeous and elaborate structure would not come crashing down and fracture in a thousand pieces. #Quote by David Berlinski
Gorgeous Writing quotes by Amit Kalantri
#43. An artist who works with his hands, his head and his heart at the same time creates a masterpiece. #Quote by Amit Kalantri
Gorgeous Writing quotes by William Zinsser
#44. Every time you look at a blank piece of paper, you're doing something new. You have to step onto that blank territory and remind yourself the sky didn't fall in the last time you wrote. Writing is a question of overcoming your fears-and everybody has them. #Quote by William Zinsser
Gorgeous Writing quotes by Ken Stark
#45. You think writing a book is hard? Wait until you give it to someone to read. #Quote by Ken Stark

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