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Good Chuckie Finster quotes by David Blankenhorn
#1. When a man does not live with his children and does not get along with the mother of his children, his fatherhood becomes essentially untenable, regardless of how he feels, how hard he tries, or whether he is a good guy. Almost by definition, he has become de-fathered. #Quote by David Blankenhorn
Good Chuckie Finster quotes by Joanne Harris
#2. And then I saw it. My father's wood: thick by then with twenty years' growth, but still not fully mature. A half-grown wood of oak trees around that little clearing, which, with my new perspective, I could see made the shape of a heart.
I stared down at the clearing. The heart was unmistakable; tapered at the base with the strawberry field in the centre; a stand of trees to form the cleft. How long had it taken my father, I thought, to plan the formation, to plant out the trees? How many calculations had he made to create this God's-eye view? I thought of the years I had been at school; the years I had felt his absence. I remembered the contempt I'd felt at his little hobby. And finally I understood what he'd tried to say to me on the night of my wedding.
'Love is the thing that only God sees.'
I'd wondered at the time what he meant. My father seldom spoke of love; rarely showed affection. Perhaps that was Tante Anna's influence, or maybe the few words he'd had were all spent on Naomi. But here it was at last, I saw: the heart-shaped meadow in the wood, a silent testament to grief; a last, enduring promise.
Love is the thing that only God sees. I supposeyou'dsay that's because he sees into our hearts. Well, if he ever looks in mine, he'll see no more than I've told you. Confession may be good for the soul. But love is even better. Love redeems us even when we think ourselves irredeemable. I never really loved my wife- not in the way that she deserved. My c #Quote by Joanne Harris
Good Chuckie Finster quotes by Eleanor Roosevelt
#3. It is impossible to be a cynic if you live a good deal with young people. Fundamentally, every young person has a feeling that the future is going to hold something of value. #Quote by Eleanor Roosevelt
Good Chuckie Finster quotes by Michael Caine
#4. Acting is not a competition; everything must be done for the good of the film or else everybody loses. #Quote by Michael Caine
Good Chuckie Finster quotes by Ryszard Kapuscinski
#5. From a logical point of view, anyone
who sets out to create a Great Civilization ought to begin with people, with training cadres of experts
in order to form a native intelligentsia. But it was precisely that kind of thinking that was unacceptable. Open new universities and polytechnics, every one a hornets' nest, every student a rebel, a good-for-nothing, a freethinker? #Quote by Ryszard Kapuscinski
Good Chuckie Finster quotes by Tarun Shanker
#6. But this time I was the one cut off as he gave a curt bow and turned, striding down the corridor toward the gardens and, I hoped, off a nearby cliff. Good riddance. #Quote by Tarun Shanker
Good Chuckie Finster quotes by Joseph Heller
#7. The chaplain had sinned, and it was good. Common sense told him that telling lies and defecting from duty were sins. On the other hand, everyone knew that sin was evil and that no good could come from evil. But he did feel good; he felt positively marvelous. Consequently, it followed logically that telling lies and defecting from duty could not be sins. The chaplain had mastered, in a moment of divine intuition, the handy technique of protective rationalization, and he was exhilarated by his discovery. It was miraculous. #Quote by Joseph Heller
Good Chuckie Finster quotes by Neil Gaiman
#8. The best thing - in Shadow's opinion, perhaps the only good thing - about being in prison was a feeling of relief. The feeling that he'd plunged as low as he could plunge and he'd hit bottom. He didn't worry that the man was going to get him, because the man had got him. He was no longer scared of what tomorrow might bring, because yesterday had brought it. #Quote by Neil Gaiman
Good Chuckie Finster quotes by John Wesley
#9. Let me do all the good I can, to all the people I can, as often as I can, for I shall not pass this way again. #Quote by John Wesley
Good Chuckie Finster quotes by Tooru Hayama
#10. By driving Leptonator away, you have started to gain their recognition. Why did you ruined it?'

Yuu turned back and showed Date a smile filled with emotion for the first time. It wasn't like the other smiles. It seems that Date's words were truly odd.

The words that came with the smile were as sharp as a gleaming sword.

'What good would it do to cherish something that can't be taken to the underground? #Quote by Tooru Hayama
Good Chuckie Finster quotes by Pedro Noguera
#11. Teaching in Providence and Oakland, I realized that the first thing is that it wasn't good enough to come in and assume that I had what my students needed in terms of knowledge and skills. I also had to show them that I was their ally. I had to show them that I was concerned about them, wanted to relate to them, and that I was fundamentally on their side. #Quote by Pedro Noguera
Good Chuckie Finster quotes by Suzanne Finnamore
#12. To my amazement and great, bittersweet joy, I can hear in him every reason I feell in love with his father - everything, like a second sonata to a first. All the lovely unspoiled good of N, bubbling forth from his son, unlooked for, oozing up from a well of genealogy and fate. I can manage to misplace my husabnd, but this flesh is chained to mine. I will always be reminded of the marital loss, but I have the benefits of the entire play, the witness of the evolution, the new art. I see the magic every day; I live with the sorcerer in yellow pants. N gets pieces and stems of A, random and marred by guilty. #Quote by Suzanne Finnamore
Good Chuckie Finster quotes by Isaac Asimov
#13. The first law of dietetics seems to be: if it tastes good, it's bad for you. #Quote by Isaac Asimov
Good Chuckie Finster quotes by Robert Adamson
#14. It's just that if you're not disruptive everything seems to be repeated endlessly - not so much the good things but the bland things - the ordinary things - the weaker things get repeated- the stronger things get suppressed and held down and hidden. #Quote by Robert Adamson
Good Chuckie Finster quotes by Jeffrey R. Immelt
#15. In business as in life, sometimes bad things happen to good people, and sometimes good things happen to bad people. But over time, if you play long enough, everybody gets what he deserves.. good and bad. #Quote by Jeffrey R. Immelt
Good Chuckie Finster quotes by Rick Yancey
#16. He lied the way a parent lies to you, the good lie that helps you go to sleep. #Quote by Rick Yancey
Good Chuckie Finster quotes by Lailah Gifty Akita
#17. We can not just live any how. There are consequences for every action, where evil or good. #Quote by Lailah Gifty Akita
Good Chuckie Finster quotes by Joycelyn Elders
#18. It is often easier for our children to obtain a gun than it is to find a good school. #Quote by Joycelyn Elders
Good Chuckie Finster quotes by Yann Martel
#19. But immobilizing darts don't bring on sleep gently, like a good cup of tea; they knock out like a bottle of hard liquor straight up. #Quote by Yann Martel
Good Chuckie Finster quotes by Yuan T. Lee
#20. It's very satisfying to promote science and education and see good results. Setting a good example for young people, being a role model, is very important for me. #Quote by Yuan T. Lee
Good Chuckie Finster quotes by Ida Tarbell
#21. The surprise of the fight on the long day, of the experiments with the shorter one, has been not only that the business could stand it, but that the business thrived under it as surely as the man did. It is but another of the proofs which are heaping up in American industry to-day that whatever is good for men and women - contributes to their health, happiness, development - is good for business. #Quote by Ida Tarbell
Good Chuckie Finster quotes by Paul Goodman
#22. Wrong' training can be a very innocent thing. Consider a father who allows his child to read good books. That child may soon cease to watch television or go to the movies, nor will he eventually read Book-of-the-Month Club selections, because they are ludicrous and dull. As a young man, then, he will effectually be excluded from all of Madison Avenue and Hollywood and most of publishing, because what moves him or what he creates is quite irrelevant to what is going on: it is too fine. His father has brought him up as a dodo. #Quote by Paul Goodman
Good Chuckie Finster quotes by Genevieve Valentine
#23. He was like a song she'd heard years back, played again in a quiet room; there was no telling if the song was any good, or if she only remembered it fondly because of the person she'd been long ago, when she heard it first. #Quote by Genevieve Valentine
Good Chuckie Finster quotes by Ava Dellaira
#24. I mean, words can't be good enough for a lot of things. But, you know, I guess we have to try. #Quote by Ava Dellaira
Good Chuckie Finster quotes by Tennessee Williams
#25. I'm not good. I don't know why people have to pretend to be good, nobody's good. #Quote by Tennessee Williams
Good Chuckie Finster quotes by Benedict Jacka
#26. Whoever had designed the block of flats had obviously worked to a clear set of priorities. Unfortunately, while cost, size, and low-maintenance had made it to the top of the list, aesthetics, good escape routes, and shelter from gunfire hadn't. #Quote by Benedict Jacka
Good Chuckie Finster quotes by Shirley MacLaine
#27. I believe we have neglected to see that terrorism is just a convenient excuse for those in power to gently instruct us to go quietly into that good night of being compliant and unrevolutionary citizens who willingly become subjugated to authority. #Quote by Shirley MacLaine
Good Chuckie Finster quotes by J.J.  Johnson
#28. Don't be too hard on yourself. It's good to know where you're headed. It's good to have goals. As long as you also remember to stop and smell the roses. #Quote by J.J. Johnson
Good Chuckie Finster quotes by J. Sterling
#29. Oh my God! You little slut! You want to have a good date with him and want to have ten thousand of his little baseball babies! Cassie!!! #Quote by J. Sterling
Good Chuckie Finster quotes by Guy Clark
#30. Darrell is really good in the studio. I mean, he has a real working knowledge of how the process works, and what sounds good coming back over tape, and how the stuff works together. #Quote by Guy Clark
Good Chuckie Finster quotes by Huey Newton
#31. I knew how to influence the people, but it's really just one vote. But the party is being handled in a very good way . #Quote by Huey Newton
Good Chuckie Finster quotes by Graham Greene
#32. My two fingers on a typewriter have never connected with my brain. My hand on a pen does. A fountain pen, of course. Ball-point pens are only good for filling out forms on a plane. #Quote by Graham Greene
Good Chuckie Finster quotes by Ken Salazar
#33. For some in Washington, it's become sport to pick on the federal workforce. I think they do so unjustly. The very foundation of a stable America is having a government that functions well. Many countries have dysfunctional governments, because they don't have a good government workforce. #Quote by Ken Salazar
Good Chuckie Finster quotes by Newton Gatambia
#34. We are not good because of the good we do but we are good and so we do good. #Quote by Newton Gatambia
Good Chuckie Finster quotes by Marcel Proust
#35. They say that Death embellishes its victims and exaggerates their virtues, but in general it is actually life that wronged them. Death, that pious and irreproachable witness, teaches us, in both truth and charity, that in each man there is usually more good than evil. #Quote by Marcel Proust
Good Chuckie Finster quotes by Andy Pettitte
#36. I'm not a negative-minded person. But maybe to keep me humble, I look more at my bad games in big situations than good ones. #Quote by Andy Pettitte
Good Chuckie Finster quotes by Christopher Pike
#37. The late hour is such a friend; it has been for so many years. There is not a soul around as I carry Riley downstairs and dump him in my trunk. It is good, for I am not in the mood to kill again, and murder, for me, is very much tied to my mood, like making love. Even when it is necessary. #Quote by Christopher Pike
Good Chuckie Finster quotes by C. JoyBell C.
#38. I am a broken person. And I know exactly where my cracks are and how deep they run. I don't pretend to not be a broken person and therein lies the big difference. Because the truth is, we are all broken in places, but it is those who know exactly where and how they are broken, who also know exactly where and how they are whole! And we may not be whole in all places and in all ways, but we take whatever wholeness that we do have, and we make good of it. And we try hard to work on the broken parts, and we ask for help when we need it. #Quote by C. JoyBell C.
Good Chuckie Finster quotes by Gregory David Roberts
#39. The source of all things, the luminescence, has more forms than heaven's stars, sure. And one good thought is all it takes to make it shine. But a single mistake can burn down a forest in your heart, hiding all the stars, in all the skies. And while a mistake's still burning, ruined love or lost faith can make you think you're done, and you can't go on. But it's not true. It's never true. No matter what you do, no matter where you're lost, the luminescence never leaves you. Any good thing that dies inside can rise again, if you want it hard enough. The heart doesn't know how to quit, because it doesn't know how to lie. You lift your eyes from the page, fall into the smile of a perfect stranger, and the searching starts all over again. It's not what it was, It's always different. It's always something else. But the new forest that grows back in a scarred heart is sometimes wilder and stronger than it was before the fire. And if you stay there, in that shine within yourself, that new place for the light, forgiving everything and never giving up, sooner or later you'll always find yourself right back there where love and beauty made the world: at the beginning. The beginning. The beginning. #Quote by Gregory David Roberts
Good Chuckie Finster quotes by Steve Ballmer
#40. In terms of the public positioning of the company, Satya's [Nadella] done a very good job. He sort of pivoted in a way that I don't think would have been possible for me to do even if I'd seen it that way, to really talk about this mobile-first, cloud-first world. #Quote by Steve Ballmer
Good Chuckie Finster quotes by Charles Haddon Spurgeon
#41. To think that we have offended so kind and good a Lord is more than sufficient reason for being constant weepers. Lord, smite our rocky hearts, and make the waters flow. #Quote by Charles Haddon Spurgeon

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