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Gold Where Does It Come quotes by Bob Goff
#1. A life where love does. It doesn't come in an envelope. It's ushered in by a sunrise, the sound of a bird, or the smell of coffee drifting lazily from the kitchen. #Quote by Bob Goff
Gold Where Does It Come quotes by Clarence Darrow
#2. If there is a soul, what is it, and where did it come from, and where does it go? Can anyone who is guided by his reason possibly imagine a soul independent of a body, or the place of its residence, or the character of it, or anything concerning it? If man is justified in any belief or disbelief on any subject, he is warranted in the disbelief in a soul. Not one scrap of evidence exists to prove any such impossible thing. #Quote by Clarence Darrow
Gold Where Does It Come quotes by Donna Tartt
#3. What if - is more complicated than that? What if maybe opposite is true as well? Because, if bad can sometimes come from good actions - ? where does it ever say, anywhere, that only bad can come from bad actions? Maybe sometimes - the wrong way is the right way? You can take the wrong path and it still comes out where you want to be? Or, spin it another way, sometimes you can do everything wrong and it still turns out to be right? #Quote by Donna Tartt
Gold Where Does It Come quotes by Hilary Mantel
#4. You come to this place, mid-life. You don't know how you got here, but suddenly you're staring fifty in the face. When you turn and look back down the years, you glimpse the ghosts of other lives you might have led; all houses are haunted. The wraiths and phantoms creep under your carpets and between the warp and weft of fabric, they lurk in wardrobes and lie flat under drawer-liners. You think of the children you might have had but didn't. When the midwife says, 'It's a boy,' where does the girl go? When you think you're pregnant, and you're not, what happens to the child that has already formed in your mind? You keep it filed in a drawer of your consciousness, like a short story that never worked after the opening lines. #Quote by Hilary Mantel
Gold Where Does It Come quotes by James Runcie
#5. I was wondering about the origin of the word hat trick. Where does it come from? Cricket doesn't have much to do with hats, does it?' 'I think it was at Sheffield's Hyde Park ground in 1858. An All-England cricket team was engaged in a cricket match against the Hallam XI. During the match, H.H. Stephenson of the All-England XI took three wickets in three balls. As was customary at the time for rewarding outstanding sporting feats, a collection was made. The proceeds were used to buy a white hat, which was duly presented to the bowler.' 'And was Stephenson grateful?' 'History is, I fear, silent on this important subject, Geordie. But Mr Ali's hat trick certainly made our own little contribution to cricketing statistics.' 'Although #Quote by James Runcie
Gold Where Does It Come quotes by A.E. Via
#6. Where does that door lead to?" Day pointed at a door which opened out onto the dark alley.

"I looked it up. It appears to be a small film studio," the other officer finally stopped staring at God long enough to add to the conversation. "Porn films."

Day looked up in amusement. "Shut the fuck up."

The two cops nodded. "That's what we pulled up in the system. We went around to the front. It's locked and no one's inside. We called the number registered to the address, but got no answer."

"Who's the owner of the company?" God asked.

The officer flipped a couple pages on his notebook. "Illustra is owned by Johnathan Mack. We also have a list of all the performers and staff."

Day looked at God. "I bet that little vixen we just apprehended has a recurring role here. Wonder what made her so mad that she wanted to kill someone as soon as she finished fucking."

"Maybe she didn't get to come." Ronowski chuckled, joined by several of the team members.

Syn grimaced.

"Yeah, that might make you homicidal alright," Day added. "But I wouldn't know."

"Day, shut the fuck up," God barked at his lover's usual inappropriateness. It seemed Day had never met a boundary he didn't stomp right over. #Quote by A.E. Via
Gold Where Does It Come quotes by Oksana Zabuzhko
#7. Where exactly does it come from, I'd like to know, this ineradicable attitude of superiority toward the past? This stubbornly dumb, can't-kill-it-with-an-ax conviction that we, the now, critically and categorically know better than they, the past. Is it from the mere fact that their future is known to us, that we know what happens? (Nothing good.) It's much the way we treat small children - pedantic and permissive at the same time. And we always think of the people of the past - just as we do of children - as being naïve in everything from their clothes and hairstyles to their thoughts and feelings. #Quote by Oksana Zabuzhko
Gold Where Does It Come quotes by John Steinbeck
#8. Now discontent nibbled at him - not painfully, but constantly. Where does discontent start? You are warm enough, but you shiver. You are fed, yet hunger gnaws you. You have been loved, but your yearning wanders in new fields. And to prod all these there's time, the bastard Time. The end of life is now not so terribly far away - you can see it the way you see the finish line when you come into the stretch - and your mind says, "Have I worked enough? Have I eaten enough? Have I loved enough?" All of these, of course, are the foundation of man's greatest curse, and perhaps his greatest glory. "What has my life meant so far, and what can it mean in the time left to me?" And now we're coming to the wicked, poisoned dart: "What have I contributed in the Great Ledger? What am I worth?" And this isn't vanity or ambition. Men seem to be born with a debt they can never pay no matter how hard they try. It piles up ahead of them. Man owes something to man. If he ignores the debt it poisons him, and if he tries to make payments the debt only increases, and the quality of his gift is the measure of the man. #Quote by John Steinbeck
Gold Where Does It Come quotes by Norton Juster
#9. Dictionopolis is the place where all the words in the world come from. They're grown right here in our orchards."
"I didn't know that words grew on trees," said Milo timidly.
"Where did you think they grew?" shouted the earl irritably. A small crowd began to gather to see the little boy who didn't know that letters grew on trees.
"I didn't know they grew at all," admitted Milo even more timidly. Several people shook their heads sadly.
"Well, money doesn't grow on trees, does it?" demanded the count.
"I've heard not," said Milo.
"Then something must. Why not words?" exclaimed the undersecretary triumphantly. The crowd cheered his display of logic and continued about its business. #Quote by Norton Juster
Gold Where Does It Come quotes by Daniel Ionson
#10. How does evil arise? Where does it come from? We think of malevolent men- - murderers, rapists, tyrants - and somehow believe they are different creatures from us. They are not. All evil men were once innocent babes, once lovable children. Men make choices, some consistently bad. But those who choose the worst kinds of evil were typically guided into it. #Quote by Daniel Ionson
Gold Where Does It Come quotes by Margaret Atwood
#11. What possessed them, these young girls with a talent for self-immolation? Is it what they do to show that girls too have courage, that they can do more than weep and moan, that they too can face death with panache? And where does the urge come from? Does it begin with defiance, and if so, of what? Of the great leaden suffocating order of things, the great spike-wheeled chariot, the blind tyrants, the blind gods? Are these girls reckless enough or arrogant enough to think that they can stop such things in their tracks by offering themselves up on some theoretical alter, or is it a kind of testifying? Admirable enough, if you admire obsession. Courageous enough, too. But completely useless. #Quote by Margaret Atwood
Gold Where Does It Come quotes by Patricia A. McKillip
#12. Can you call a man?"
"If I choose to," she said, surprised. "I have never done it."
"Then if you ever have anything to fear from any man who comes here, will you call me? I will come. Whatever I am doing will remain undone, and I will come to you. Will you?"
"But why? You know I will do nothing for you. Why would you ride all the way from Sirle to help me?"
He looked at her silently. Then he shrugged, the snow melting in his fiery hair. "I do not know. Because. Will you?"
"If I need you, I will call."
He loosed her hand, smiling. "And I will come."
"But I probably will not. Anyway, if I want you, I can call you, and you will come without choice."
He sighed. He said patiently, "I choose to come. It makes a difference."
"Does it?" Then her eyes curved slightly in a smile. "Go home to your world of the living, Coren. That is where you belong. I can take care of myself."
"Perhaps." He gathered the reins in his hands, turned his mount toward the road that wound downward to Mondor. Then he looked back at her, his eyes the color of clear mountain water. "But one day you will find out how good it is to have someone who chooses to come when you call. #Quote by Patricia A. McKillip
Gold Where Does It Come quotes by Adam Johnson
#13. I wonder of what you must daily endure in America, having no government to protect you, no one to tell you what to do. Is it true you're given no ration card, that you must find food for yourself? Is it true that you labor for no higher purpose than paper money? What is California, this place you come from? I have never seen a picture. What plays over the American loudspeakers, when is your curfew, what is taught at your child-rearing collectives? Where does a woman go with her children on Sunday afternoons, and if a woman loses her husband, how does she know the government will assign her a good replacement? With whom would she curry favor to ensure her children got the best Youth Troop leader? #Quote by Adam Johnson
Gold Where Does It Come quotes by Lucy Treloar
#14. And then we came here, all through Papa's choices, his risks, because of him. One day I will leave here, and it will not be with another man or because of a man. Men make so free with the lives of others and judge themselves so little when things go awry. Where does it come from? How could I respect such a person? #Quote by Lucy Treloar
Gold Where Does It Come quotes by Melissa Jensen
#15. Nonna tucked each of her hands into the opposite sleeve, a wizened Confucius in a leopard bathrobe. "Michelangleo, he goes. For days and days he stays away from Elisabetta. The other girls, the prettier girls, have hope again. And then, there he goes once more, carrying only his nonno's ugly old glass-his telescope-and a bag of figs. These he lays at her feet.
"'I see you,' he tells her. 'Every day for months, I watch. I see you. Where you sit, the sea is calm and dolphins swim near you. I see your mended net looks like a lady's lace. I see you dance in the rain before you run home. I see the jewel mosaic you leave to be scattered and remade again and again, piu bella than gold and pearls. You are piu bella than any other, queen of the sea.
"'You do not need silk or pearls. I see that. But they are yours if you wish. I am yours if you wish.If you like what you see.' He gives her the glass. She takes it. Then she asks, 'What about the figs? My bisnonno, he laughs. 'It might take time, your looking to see if you like me. I bring lunch.'" Nonna slapped her knee again, clearly delighted with little Michelangelo's humor. "There is the love story. You like it?"
I swallowed another yawn. "Si, Nonna.It's a good story." I couldn't resist. "But...a talking seagull? A dolphin guide? That kinda stretches the truth, dontcha think?"
Nonna shrugged. "All truth, not all truth, does it matter? My nonno Guillermo came to Michelangelo and Elisabetta, then my papa Euplio to h #Quote by Melissa Jensen
Gold Where Does It Come quotes by Richelle Mead
#16. Where are you guys getting all of this?" I asked. "What does it matter if I - oh come on."
We'd reached the lobby and found Eddie and Micah sitting on a bench together. They at least had the decency to look embarrassed.
"Not you guys too," I said.
"I was just here to see Jill," said Micah unconvincingly.
"And I was here to, um ... " Eddie faltered, and I held up a hand to stop him. #Quote by Richelle Mead
Gold Where Does It Come quotes by Art Hochberg
#17. What about when you miss someone? Where does that come from? It comes from love. #Quote by Art Hochberg
Gold Where Does It Come quotes by Daniel Handler
#18. What does it mean? Where does something like this come from? How can you find it again,just what you wanted at just the right time? Never,probably. It's empty and nothing now, I don't even know why I kept it, and I'll keep it no more. #Quote by Daniel Handler
Gold Where Does It Come quotes by Marina Tsvetaeva
#19. Where does such tenderness come from
And what do I do with it, you, sly,
Adolescent, vagabond singer,
Whose lashes couldn't be longer? #Quote by Marina Tsvetaeva
Gold Where Does It Come quotes by Scott Klusendorf
#20. Here's the problem for the secularist: where does the right to an abortion come from? If it comes from the state, he really can't cry foul if the state decides to revoke that right. After all, the same government that grants rights can take them away. However, most abortion-choice advocates thing the right to abortion is fundamental, meaning women have that right even if it's not respected by the state. Yet how can fundamental rights of any kind exist without a transcendent source of authority that grants them? #Quote by Scott Klusendorf
Gold Where Does It Come quotes by Jeff Goins
#21. Where does motivation come from? "It starts with a spark," Daniel Coyle told me in an interview. "You get a vision of your future self. You see someone you want to become ... It's a very mysterious process. #Quote by Jeff Goins
Gold Where Does It Come quotes by Carl Zimmer
#22. Researchers keep identifying new species, but they have no idea about the life cycle of a given species or its other hosts. They cut open an animal and find a new species. Where did it come from? What effect does it have on its host? What is its next host? They don't know and they don't have time to find out, because there are too many other species waiting to be discovered and described. #Quote by Carl Zimmer
Gold Where Does It Come quotes by Nora Sakavic
#23. Speaking of, one of these days I want you to tell me how you roped her into it." "I asked," Neil said. "There goes that 'asked' thing again," Matt said. "Does it mean something different where you come from?" "Most of the time, yes," Neil said. The unexpected honesty startled a laugh from Matt. #Quote by Nora Sakavic
Gold Where Does It Come quotes by Eric Davis
#24. Come on, when does it come to the point where your name can't come up in trade talks? Willie Mays got traded. Pedro Martinez got traded. So what? That's part of the game. #Quote by Eric Davis
Gold Where Does It Come quotes by Duvert  Summers
#25. Not many boys like boys; but they like being a boy, showing it, being it together" (22)

(rbt: where does this come from? this being a boy, which is also a doing -- this being wrapped in desire? who teaches it? how? when?) #Quote by Duvert Summers
Gold Where Does It Come quotes by Susanna Clarke
#26. There is nothing else in magic but the wild thought of the bird as it casts itself into the void. There is no creature upon the earth with such potential for magic. Even the least of them may fly straight out of this world and come by chance to the Other Lands. Where does the wind come from that blows upon your face, that fans the pages of your book? Where the harum-scarum magic of small wild creatures meets the magic of Man, where the language of the wind and the rain and the trees can be understood, there we will find the Raven King. #Quote by Susanna Clarke
Gold Where Does It Come quotes by Paul Brunton
#27. The mysterious manner in which this growing sense of unity commingles with a sense of utter goodness is worth noting. It arises by no effort of mine; rather does it come to me out of I know not where. Harmony appears gradually and flows through my whole being like music. An infinite tenderness takes possession of me, smoothing away the harsh cynicism which a reiterated experience of human ingratitude and human treachery has driven deeply into my temperament. I feel the fundamental benignity of Nature despite the apparent manifestation of ferocity. Like the sounds of every instrument in an orchestra that is in tune, all things and all people seem to drop into the sweet relationship that subsists within the Great Mother's own heart. #Quote by Paul Brunton
Gold Where Does It Come quotes by Ray Bradbury
#28. Why the Egyptian, Arabic, Abyssinian, Choctaw? Well, what tongue does the wind talk? What nationality is a storm? What country do rains come from? What color is lightning? Where does thunder goe when it dies? #Quote by Ray Bradbury
Gold Where Does It Come quotes by Jennifer Lopez
#29. We as human beings do this thing where we stuff down our feelings until they find a way to manifest themselves. We try to avoid them until there's no more room and they come bubbling up like a pot of boiling-hot water that overflows. And when it does, it burns. #Quote by Jennifer Lopez
Gold Where Does It Come quotes by Zhuangzi
#30. Master Dongguo asked Zhuangzi, "This thing called the Way - where does it exist?"
Zhuangzi said, "There's no place it doesn't exist."
"Come," said Master Dongguo, "you must be more specific!"
"It is in the ant."
"As low a thing as that?"
"It is in the panic grass."
"But that's lower still!"
"It is in the tiles and shards."
"How can it be so low?"
"It is in the piss and shit! #Quote by Zhuangzi

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