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Godfather Fredo quotes by Francis Ford Coppola
#1. 'Godfather' was very classical - the way it was shot, the style - the whole driving force of it was more classical, almost Shakespearean. #Quote by Francis Ford Coppola
Godfather Fredo quotes by Maria Borges
#2. There are amazing designers like Riccardo Tisci (whom I consider like my godfather in the industry), who are aware that beauty isn't defined by being just one thing or perceived in a single way. Today we hear people's voices, thanks to social media, and that can change things. This change is happening right now! #Quote by Maria Borges
Godfather Fredo quotes by Christine Zolendz
#3. Hey, and the rock star is here too! How you doing, son?"
"Hey, Mr. Rossi. Thanks for having me today. I'm doing great. How have you been?" I answered.
He lowered his gaze and stepped closer to me. "Good, good, son. I'm sure glad that everything was settled and you didn't have anything to do with hurting our Gracie. Lea told me that you were the one to help her when that son of a bitch got his hands on her. We're forever in your debt, Shane. I knew you couldn't have hurt her." He slid in front of the dining room chair at the head of the table, and sat down, leaning back with his arms folded across his chest. A serious expression crossed his features, "So did anybody get the son of a bitch, yet? Or am I going to have to make some calls ... " Holy shit, it's like the Godfather. #Quote by Christine Zolendz
Godfather Fredo quotes by Matt Reeves
#4. I remember watching the Blu-ray, and also when they first released it on DVD in the collection of all three movies of 'The Godfather,' and seeing all of those scenes that they cut out, and there wasn't a single one of them that I wished they had kept it, but they were the most exciting thing to watch anyway. #Quote by Matt Reeves
Godfather Fredo quotes by Marlon Brando
#5. I'm going to make him an offer he can't refuse. #Quote by Marlon Brando
Godfather Fredo quotes by Noam Chomsky
#6. Quite generally, international affairs have more than a slight resemblance to the Mafia. The Godfather does not take it lightly when he is crossed, even by a small storekeeper. #Quote by Noam Chomsky
Godfather Fredo quotes by Osunsakin Adewale
#7. Do not trust and depend on someone as a godfather but accept God the father of all fathers. #Quote by Osunsakin Adewale
Godfather Fredo quotes by Eli Roth
#8. Lucio Fulci is such a massively underrated director. Everyone knows him as the Godfather of Gore. #Quote by Eli Roth
Godfather Fredo quotes by Eddie Vedder
#9. I was starting to play the ukulele at the same time I was having all these conversations with [the late Ramones guitarist] Johnny Ramone, these intense tutorials staying up late and listening to the music he grew up on, and picking up what's a great song and what makes a great song. He was all about lists and dissecting songs, like what's a better song by Cheap Trick: "No Surrender" or "Dream Police"? Sometimes you'd be surprised by the answer. It was an interesting dichotomy between hanging out with the godfather of punk rock and starting to play the ukulele. They came together. #Quote by Eddie Vedder
Godfather Fredo quotes by Catherine Stock
#10. My fabulous architect godfather and mentor told me once that striving toward a goal - or perfection - gives one focus and direction, which is a helluva lot better than chasing one's tail. #Quote by Catherine Stock
Godfather Fredo quotes by Carina Chocano
#11. ...She recalls talking to her 'about how there were no women in The Godfather.' Or rather, that the women only served to reaffirm that it was a man's space, that they were only there to serve drinks and be shut out. In classic Hollywood cinema, a woman walks on-screen; She is there to be looked at. She interrupts the action. Diane Keaton in The Godfather is a foil for Al Pacino: She whines, she interrupts, and at the end, she's put in her place. She makes drinks and gets the door shut in her face. #Quote by Carina Chocano
Godfather Fredo quotes by Jacques Audiard
#12. Do we root for Michael Corleone in the 'Godfather' films? I think so, even if he is a monster. #Quote by Jacques Audiard
Godfather Fredo quotes by Mario Puzo
#13. In this world there comes a time when the most humble of men, if he keeps his eyes open, can take his revenge on the most powerful. #Quote by Mario Puzo
Godfather Fredo quotes by Orson Welles
#14. 'The Godfather' was the glorification of a bunch of bums who never existed. #Quote by Orson Welles
Godfather Fredo quotes by Mario Puzo
#15. Tom, don't let anybody kid you. It's all personal, every bit of business. Every piece of shit every man has to eat every day of his life is personal. They call it business. OK. But it's personal as hell. You know where I learned that from? The Don. My old man. The Godfather. If a bolt of lightning hit a friend of his the old man would take it personal. He took my going into the Marines personal. That's what makes him great. The Great Don. He takes everything personal Like God. He knows every feather that falls from the tail of a sparrow or however the hell it goes? Right? And you know something? Accidents don't happen to people who take accidents as a personal insult. #Quote by Mario Puzo
Godfather Fredo quotes by Laurence Shames
#16. Dog's constipated," said Bert the Shirt.

"Who isn't?" said the Godfather. #Quote by Laurence Shames
Godfather Fredo quotes by J.K. Rowling
#17. What's that?' he snarled, staring at the envelope Harry was still clutching in his hand. 'If it's another form for me to sign, you've got another-'
'It's not,' said Harry cheerfully. 'It's a letter from my godfather.'
'Godfather?' spluttered Uncle Vernon. 'You haven't got a godfather!'
'Yes, I have,' said Harry brightly. 'He was my mum and dad's best friend. He's a convicted murderer, but he's broken out of wizard prison and he's on the run. He likes to keep in touch with me, though ... keep up with my news ... check I'm happy ... #Quote by J.K. Rowling
Godfather Fredo quotes by Victoria Gotti
#18. The public saw my father right out of central casting. He looked the part, acted the part ... he was the part! The real life Godfather. #Quote by Victoria Gotti
Godfather Fredo quotes by John Cusack
#19. I think that Poe is so resonant because he represents that part of us that is in misery or sorrowful or wants to explore the darkness. He wrote a great story called 'The Imp of the Perverse' about the instinct towards self-destruction. Poe is the godfather of Goth literature and that whole movement. #Quote by John Cusack
Godfather Fredo quotes by Camille Paglia
#20. Our liberal, New York/Washington-based media would never in a million years put Liberal Godfather Ted Kennedy on the spot about his clan's bad behavior, to whose lurid history he himself has contributed so much. #Quote by Camille Paglia
Godfather Fredo quotes by Mario Puzo
#21. Time erodes gratitude more quickly than it does beauty! #Quote by Mario Puzo
Godfather Fredo quotes by Theodore White
#22. It is almost nicer being a godfather than a father, like having white mice but making your nanny feed them for you. #Quote by Theodore White
Godfather Fredo quotes by Sarah Vowell
#23. Looking back, I wonder why a gangster movie kidnapped my life. The Godfather had nothing to do with me. I was a feminist, not Italian, and I went to school at Montana State. I had never set foot in New York, thought ravioli came only in a can, and wasn't blind to the fact that all the women in the film were either virgins, mothers, whores, or Diane Keaton. #Quote by Sarah Vowell
Godfather Fredo quotes by Mitt Romney
#24. If I'm the godfather of [Obamacare], then it gives me the right to kill it. #Quote by Mitt Romney
Godfather Fredo quotes by J.K. Rowling
#25. And Harry remembered his first nightmarish trip into the forest, the first time he had ever encountered the thing that was then Voldemort, and how he had faced him, and how he and Dumbledore had discussed fighting a losing battle not long thereafter. It was important, Dumbledore said, to fight, and fight again, and keep fighting, for only then could evil be kept at bay, though never quite eradicated. . . .

And Harry saw very clearly as he sat there under the hot sun how people who cared about him had stood in front of him one by one, his mother, his father, his godfather, and finally Dumbledore, all determined to protect him; but now that was over. He could not let anybody else stand between him and Voldemort; he must abandon forever the illusion he ought to have lost at the age of one, that the
shelter of a parent's arms meant that nothing could hurt him. There was no waking from his nightmare, no comforting whisper in the dark that he was safe really, that it was all in his imagination; the last and greatest of his protectors had died, and he was more alone than he had ever been before. #Quote by J.K. Rowling
Godfather Fredo quotes by Serge Ibaka
#26. The Godfather has, maybe, one good scene. #Quote by Serge Ibaka
Godfather Fredo quotes by Ellen Burstyn
#27. Bob Duvall is a great actor because each time out, he creates a whole, complete character. You have the feeling that you're not seeing an actor at all, but a fully realized human being. Think of how he was in The Godfather. If you didn't know Bobby, you'd think that he really was Tom, the consigliere. Then you see him in Santini, and he's completely different. He's not only a personality, he's a consummate actor. #Quote by Ellen Burstyn
Godfather Fredo quotes by Mario Stinger
#28. I don't get you people. You watch the Godfather on television and tons of people are getting shot and stabbed to death, blood splattering everywhere and it is entertaining. But, when they killed a horse, people were outraged. #Quote by Mario Stinger
Godfather Fredo quotes by Gary Ross
#29. Obviously I love 'The Godfather' movies. I think they're phenomenal. #Quote by Gary Ross
Godfather Fredo quotes by Mario Puzo
#30. Take the gun. Leave the cannoli. #Quote by Mario Puzo
Godfather Fredo quotes by Francis Ford Coppola
#31. I have always credited the writer of the original material above the title: Mario Puzo's The Godfather, Bram Stoker's Dracula, or John Grisham's The Rainmaker. I felt that I didn't have the right to Francis Coppola's anything unless I had written the story and the screenplay. #Quote by Francis Ford Coppola
Godfather Fredo quotes by Garret Dillahunt
#32. You know one scene I always think about is in 'The Godfather', when Marlon Brando's in the hospital. Al Pacino arrives there and enlists the help of the baker to protect his father. The two of them stand outside and the baker fiddles with a cigarette lighter, but Pacino's hands are rock steady. That's when we sort of realize that he can do this. #Quote by Garret Dillahunt
Godfather Fredo quotes by Bill Sienkiewicz
#33. Like Godfather, you look at a movie like that, or something that James Gray has directed, a film with minimal or pin lighting as opposed to everything being lit bright and flat, where everything is evident. #Quote by Bill Sienkiewicz
Godfather Fredo quotes by Mario Puzo
#34. But let me say this. I am a superstitious man, a ridiculous failing but I must confess it here. And so if some unlucky accident should befall my youngest son, if some police officer should accidentally shoot him, if he should hang himself while in his jail cell, if new witnesses appear to testify to his guilt, my superstition will make me feel that it was the result of the ill will still borne me by some people here. Let me go further. If my son is struck by a bolt of lightning I will blame some of the people here. If his plane show fall into the sea or his ship sink beneath the waves of the ocean, if he should catch a mortal fever, if his automobile should be struck by a train, such is my superstition that I would blame the ill will felt by people here. Gentlemen, that ill will, that bad luck, I could never forgive. But aside from that let me swear by the souls of my grandchildren that I will never break the peace we have made. After all, are we or are we not better men than those pezzonovanti who have killed countless millions of men in our lifetimes? #Quote by Mario Puzo
Godfather Fredo quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
#35. You mean there's someone out there better than your father? (Quills) No, idiot. My father trained him. Just FYI, my father is also his godfather. So you want to be real nice to Dev. All of us take it personally when people aren't. (Adron) #Quote by Sherrilyn Kenyon
Godfather Fredo quotes by Arthur Laffer
#36. My godfather was a man named Justin Dart. Some of you may remember Justin Dart. My younger son's name is Justin, named after Justin Dart. I was executor of his estate, and he was my godfather. I first really got time to spend with Ronald Reagan with Justin Dart personally, one-on-one. #Quote by Arthur Laffer
Godfather Fredo quotes by Kendare Blake
#37. I should've known Gideon would spill. He's like a surrogate parent. Not like a stepfather, exactly - more like a godfather, or a sea horse who wants to stuff me into his pouch. #Quote by Kendare Blake
Godfather Fredo quotes by Roland Martin
#38. I can't talk about the education of black children if I ignored two of my nieces who were a couple of grade levels behind. I believe that charity begins at home, and I take seriously the role of a godfather to fill the gap when the parents aren't doing their job. #Quote by Roland Martin
Godfather Fredo quotes by Juan Marichal
#39. We are all so close. We are godfather to each others' kids. I was the best man at Jesus' wedding. #Quote by Juan Marichal
Godfather Fredo quotes by Jacob Grimm
#40. Take me as godfather." The man asked, "Who art thou?" "I am Death, and I make all equal." Then said the man, "Thou art the right one, thou takest the rich as well as the poor, without distinction; thou shalt be godfather." Death answered, "I will make thy child rich and famous, for he who has me for a friend can lack nothing. #Quote by Jacob Grimm
Godfather Fredo quotes by Francis Ford Coppola
#41. I had to get a job, and of course, the job was 'The Godfather.' That made me be something I didn't know I was going to be. I became a big-shot director. #Quote by Francis Ford Coppola
Godfather Fredo quotes by Will Durst
#42. Budget cuts if you're not rich, tax cuts if you are. Less money for those who don't have any and more to those who do. That's how President Fredo says we're going to get out of the giant deficit hole he's dug. You can't put it any more simply. Rich people richer. Poor people poorer. #Quote by Will Durst

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